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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 12, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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victory? let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. see you back here tomorrow night. mean tweets tomorrow night. send them to us. bill o'reilly next. don't miss it. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> whatever force russia that is in control of this information now stands in a position to exert some leverage if it is true over the future president. >> rampant speculation about russian hackers and the election. talking points has some advice for donald trump about this matter. >> over the last few decades, we have also locked up more and more nonviolent drug offenders than ever before than ever before. >> is there a correlation between barack obama's were position on soft drugs. >> term make america great again. >> right. >> what does make canada again a little above
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average? >> watters going up to canada to talk a little politics. >> leave your opinions at the border and you are welcome here. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. submit to ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. evaluating president-elect trump so far. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. a few months ago we suggested that president obama might want to take action against russia for waging cyber warfare against the u.s.a. russia has been hacking into the american system for years. mr. obama done absolutely nothing about it. now, the situation has reached critical mass because hillary clinton lost the pres
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>> telling chris wallace, might not be a good thing. china didn't like that. again, might be better if mr. trump postpones this confrontation when he's in office and fully briefed on the consequences of a war of words with the chinese. finally, donald trump's appointments were fine. it's not like any of these cabinet members have tremendous power, they don't. they do what they're told to do. fox news is reporting that ceo of exxon is trump's pick for secretary of state. reports are that he has a good relationship with vladimir putin. maybe tillerson can neutralize
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putin's bad behavior. i expect him to be confirmed in the senate despite the whining. coming up, russian hacking happened. president obama should have to deal with it. he did not. if it continues, president trump will have to. on trump's appointment, they look good. and maria knows all of the big shots. every big shot in the world, maria knows them. so you, and tillerson go way back, right? >> i interviewed him a lot at cnbc. i did a lot on the oil industry and ended up speaking with him about production and growth many times. i feel like this is a smooth
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operator. look at the hair. >> the buck stops with tillerson at exxon mobile. he has had to deal with two major energy crisis when oil prices went from $147 to $20. twice. he one of the biggest deals of his career was with the russians. so he did a deal with the government controlled oil company with russia. he gets an deal in place to drill. what happens that year? russia invades crimea. president obama, angry at hell, puts sanctions on russia. tillerson almost loses the deal and goes to the white house 20 times, tries to convince then,
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sanctions don't work and tells investors don't worry. this is not going to impact our major deal. it did impact the deal. he had to stop drilling. one of the wells in place off the siberia was expected to bring in $100 billion. >> putin told exxon shove it. >> it was america. >> okay. okay. just telling me putin didn't win, that exxon got hurt and america got nothing out of it. some might say, and john mccain being one of them, this is a businessman. he is not tough enough to do it. >> once you institute sanctions, all business is off.
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>> right. >> if tillerson buddies he says look. come back a little bit. this is hurting her country and didn't get the deal done. >> i thought the relationship with putin and relationship with the prime minister, qatar has done huge business in canada. i think the relationship with putin could end up being a ps tiff thing like you said in talking points. >> could be. could be. >> but not every business guy is good for government business. >> china needs oil. >> rex got a lot of oil. >> he's done. he's done deals with bad hombres as donald trump would say. one. two look at the top story in the jurn today, iran and boeing. boeing just with a $17 billion deal not every business decision is going to be good for america. so that is why there are questions. i welcome an investigation and
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challenge. >> if you're in the senate could. >> is the obama administration partially responsible for the drug activity in the usa. >> and an illegal criminal deported eight times, allegedly kills two innocent women. we'll be back with those reports. coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the only brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp.
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does everybody make everybody i know.s? how does he eat them all? he's working hard all night... he gets hungry. why do you spray that? well, it magically keeps the dough from sticking to our cookie cutter. with pam nothing gets stuck. ♪ according to the federal government, drug overdose deaths surging. especially among those using opioids like heroin and pharmaceuticals. last year more than 33,000 people died from using open oiteds including nearly 13,000 who odd.ed on heroin. by comparison gun homicides killed nearly 13,000 people.
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traffic fatalities 32,000. some believe the reason for all that hard drug use is that the obama administration has played down the danger. >> but here's the thing. over the last few decades, we have also locked up more and more nonviolent drug offenders than ever before for longer than ever before. >> mr. obama pleefing those who sell heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine are not, are not committing violent acts. even though the poison they sell is obviously killing tens of thousands of people every year. that message from the president has gotten through and many in this country it's not a big deal anymore to become involved with hard drugs. also as you know there is a move to legalize marijuana all over the nation. over the weekend i saw an anticigarette smoking commercial that was devastating. showing the horrors of what tobacco do to the human body. very effective ad. where is the antimarijuana
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ad? where is the message that intoxicating yourself even with a soft drug? it's not a great thing. those ads don't exist the because the media largely glorifies marijuana use. and if you think that hundreds of thousands of people have not graduated from pot to hard drugs, you're an idiot. they have. so what we have in america is a soft policy toward hard drug involvement. and that's why drug overdose deaths are surging or am i wrong? joining us from washington charles krauthammer. and you say? i think you are generally right. as much as i would like to lay every social i will of the country at the feet of barack obama, i'm not sure this is an act of commission on his part. it's more an act of omission. i think obama simply reflects the general feeling over the last 10, 15, 20 years that drugs are a personal choice, that we destigmatize it i think he
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is right. you don't want to lock up marijuana users. but i'm not sure that we're doing that anyway. >> we're not. >> i think that's excuse. >> we're not. >> the real issue is in the 1980s we had a first lady who unashamedly she was laughed at by the sophisticates in the media but unashamedly she had a campaign just say no. in other words, it's very important to stigmatize certain things and when you destigmatize certain things, you get more of it for example, you know, when we were growing up in the 50's and 60's. single parenthood illegitimacy was considered something that stigmatized you and it was a social norm against it. you can do all you want with laws but when social norms erode. >> that's right. >> that's exactly the way i feel about it you are referring to nancy reagan on the just say no thing. you didn't mention her name. here's the deal. president obama has made it
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a cause to go out and try to convince measures that number one selling heroin is not a violent crime. that's insane to me. i have seen what heroin does to people. all right? and number two, he does this because he believes that the justin systethe -- justice systs unfair to black heroin dealers because more of them are around. the black heroin dealers and crack dealers who are out on the streets actually pedaling on the streets and easier to arrest. he sees this as racial thing. he has tied this in to permissive thing about narcotics and what do we have? an explosion, an edge explosion of heroin use. kids wanting to try it thinking it's cool. and that comes from the top. the leadership of this country so it is his fault. >> well, look you are not to go there because i think that's an
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exaggeration. look, let me give you an example. the spread of the number of states where marijuana is now legal ha has nothing to do with with obama. you can say he should have been crusading or should have been making a case against it, but the fact is i had other priority. he wasn't particularly interested in that issue one way or the other. he reflects the left liberal view of allowing people to do their own thing. the problem is that when they do their own thing they off end up dead like with heroin. on the crack cocaine thing, i think the racial part was that crack tended to be more in the inner cities and there was the idea that they were getting treated more harshly by the legal system than people using other forms of cocaine. >> because crack was a violent industry. it was run by people who were destroying
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neighborhoods whereas the powdered cocaine was up the noses of these wall street idiots. >> exactly. >> and -- >> -- more suburban. >> crisis was in the crack precincts as we saw in new york city. i'm surprised you are giving obama a pass on this. the two big things that he did, blunders, was ignores the rise of isis and enabling it with drawing our troops in iraq. that was a blunder almost beyond compare. and, his la zay fair attitude about hey, you know, hard drugs, you want to go deem them. go deal them. we gave you the stat on the dead people. 34,000. do you know how many people are enslaved, have aids prostituting themselves. this guy doesn't care about it? he doesn't care about it? give me a break, charles. >> there is one other thing. one other factor that you may not want to recognize because it isn't as -- doesn't have anything to go with obama. and that is in the late
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1990s, doctors began prescribing legal opioids. >> i know. >> no. but this is not a trivial thing. you have gotten millions of these pills sitting in the cabinets of houses all over america. >> i know. >> where kids and the adults get edicted and kids also they find them. they trade them. they get hooked. >> at least they are doing something about that. >> once you are hooked on the drugs, you end up in the street buying heroin. >> yeah. all right. charles. thank you. good i do bat. directly ahead the factor continues. investigation into the massive welfare state that has evolved under president obama's leadership. former chicago police chief has been here. that's why the windy city is the murder capital of the u.s.a. up ahead.
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factor follow-up segment tonight. the divided states of america. last week we told you about new york city where 8.5 million people reside. and where the city government spends billions on means tested welfare. disability, direct payments to people who can't or won't make a living. we also told you that in new york city the vote for hillary clinton was 80%, donald trump 20%. it's the same thing in los angeles county. second largest area in the u.s.a. there hillary clinton defeated donald trump 72% to 23%. and the welfare situation in l.a. is almost as bad as it is here in new york. first the ethnic break down in los angeles county. 26% white. 48% hispanic. 8% black. 14% asian. 35% of those in the county are foreign-born. nearly half that number not american citizens.
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about 11% of the 10 million people who live in l.a. county receive food stamps. that cost the county about $2 billion a year. 4% of the entire l.a. county population is on disability. cost 3.2 billion every year. and northeasterly 300,000 people have their housing subsidized by the county. joining us now from boston, marianne march and from washington indicate are pavlick. the reason we are giving the l.a. county and stats, indicatey. to show it's almost impossible for any politician to bring the country together as donald trump says he is going to do. when so many people are dependent on welfare and republican party doesn't approve of that. what say you? >> well, do i think that you are right about the term bringing the country together is a broad overgeneralization of where we are. but i do think that this brings up the fact that the electoral college is very important so we don't have places like california and new york putting their consequences of their own
8:24 pm
welfare states on to the rest of the country. and 2012, mitt romney got in a lot of trouble for saying exactly what you just did that 40% of the country is somehow dependent on some kind of welfare and therefore is he never requesting to get those votes. democrats have an interest in keeping the welfare state going because those are the kind of people who vote them back into office. so when we talk about welfare reform. when we talk about work requirements for getting government benefits, taxpayer funded benefits. democrats aren't upset that those benefits are going to be taken from people. they're upset because their power is being threatened. >> all right. and on the other side marianne, do you believe any politician, doesn't have to be donald trump can bring the country together with stark division of philosoph philosophy? >> of course you can simple way to do it is make work pay again. in los angeles, minimum wage is $10.50. $3.25 better than the federal minimum wage. you can work 52 weeks a year.
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full time and only make $22,000. yet, a single mother with two kids in los angeles can make $35,000 being on welfare. so, in the median average income in l.a. is only $42,000. so this whole election was about making sure that people could get jobs to get ahead. you need to raise the minimum wage and create better jobs manufacturing jobs so people get paid more. donald trump said he would do that he doesn't have a plan to do it. >> even if there is a massive creation of jobs in energ --manufacturing, i believe there will be some. even if it is so intense and engrained in some precincts even if you raise the minimum wage maybe i will make extra five grand it's not worth it. i can do whatever i want now and get this kind of money. that's what you are facing if you are a politician, katie? >> let's not forget that raising the minimum wage in places like california and
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new york and washington, d.c. has actually cost thousands of jobs because businesses now can't afford to higher. >> they're auto mating like crazy. >> right, one more issue on this. >> argument for a different time. we're talking about mind set here. that's what we're talking about. i believe most americans want to work. i believe most americans don't want to be on the dole. i believe that significant number are faking injuries and they are on disability. we all know that and a significant number are saying, you know what? i can add up all my entitlements it's 5 50 grand and i'm not going to go out and look at anything anything. >> you are focusing on the wrong people. there are always people want to game the system. focus on people work hard and get ahead. donald trump doesn't want to raise the minimum rage. >> create jobs so people will get ahead. that's what he said. >> okay. here's the problem, bill.
8:27 pm
two things one the carrier deal doesn't look so great this week does it when they are using that money to auto mate the jobs. two, the guy he put in to run labor wants to auto mate the people who give you hamburgers on top of it all. denying the people work hard every day to get ahead. >> you are into theoretical and speculation. >> no. those are facts. >> we have so see how many jobs come back and are created. but i'm telling you the mind set here is what is going to stop the coming together of the united states. >> i just want to say that trump tapped into that by turning over hundred counties that obama won in 2012. he brought that message. >> people are hopeful that there will be better paying jobs. they are hopeful. but this welfare state deeply entrenched. en another outrageous situation. this one kentucky. illegal alien criminal deported 8 times. allegedly kills two women. also, we'll talk to the former head of the chicago
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police department about all the murders in the windy city. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. credit score like right now. wait, does this mean you're going to have to get a job where you like, tuck in your shirt? and carpool to work with people who are all like, "good morning"? and go to meetings where you pitch brilliant ideas and win the respect of your peers? and have to try to fix that annoying copy machine? dude! did you check your credit score? yeah, i signed up for credit karma. see. but i was thinking... if we both work on our credit, we could by our own record shop. so down! so down. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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personal story segment tonight. gun violence in chicago. through thursday december 1st, more than 4,000 people have been shot in the windy city this year. a 50% jump from 2015. 742 of those people have died. no question there is an epidemic of gun violence in
8:32 pm
chicago. but why? joining us now from that city, gary mccarthy, former superintendent of the chicago police department who left the job under pressure one year ago. so mr. mccarthy reports are that drug gangs are mostly responsible for the gun violence. is that true? >> no, i don't think so. we have different ilk of gangs here in chicago if you will. i call them generational gangs. it depends where you are born and where you grow up. the grand father is a gang member, the father is a grand member and the child in the crib is going to be a gang member based on their geography and they shoot each other. of course they are on other teams. i sailed probably 20% to 30% of our shootings we can tie to narcotics. it's not the vast majority of them. there is some of that. but there is no big mr. big making money here in chicago. >> okay. so it is gang-driven violence. gangs in other cities, i
8:33 pm
assume chicago as well. most of that is distortion and robbery and drug-dealing. is it the same in chicago in the gangs are organized to commit crimes. get money. >> you know what? bill? yeah, but they are not really making money here. it is not my experience here in chicago that these guys are that organized. they are low level criminals. they go out and commit crime to get money. of the violence is about the rival gang. they shut each other of course they are on the other team. they shoot each other. >> get caught in the crossfire that little kids and old ladies and stuff like that. >> correct. >> i assume in the chicago pd's intelligence unit you know who these gang members are i assume you know who they are. am i wrong? >> no. you are absolutely correct. as a matter of fact, one of the things that we put together was a top-to-bottom assessment of what gangs we have. who is in them. and who they are in conflict
8:34 pm
with. we put together a gang violence reduction strategy that has it if a gang member gets shot here and we identify what gang he is a member of, where thegoing to happen here so that all the police don't go to the spot where the shooting actually occurred. we go to the rival gang territory and interrupt and stop the retaliatory shooting. >> that's reactive based upon a crime. i have said here that the governor of illinois should put the national guard in the 11th district and few other neighborhoods to stabilize it and to at least impose order on the streets. some people in the communities agree with me. some people don't. but i haven't seen the governor or rahm emanuel the mayor take any concrete action. they don't even go down to these neighborhoods. they don't do anything. am i wrong? >> bill, i could tell you this, and i can't speak to what's happening today because i'm not running the department for almost 13 months. >> department so far this year have been shot.
8:35 pm
4,000. that's more than kabul, afghanistan. >> so crime reduction is about arresting the right person at the right place for the right reason. and that's data driven policing which we were doing based upon who we know the criminals are what crimes they are committing and when they commit it the problem is proactive policing and not just here in chicago, across the country, has come under fire. the antipolice political environment that we are in has it that we are emboldening criminals and hamstringing police. those methods that we know work. >> other organizations like them have caused the chicago police to pull back from aggressive policing? >> they're probably part of the mix. it's a much broader brush than that i can use, bill. at the end of the day, there's a number of accountability sessions or folks who should be held accountable but the bottom line is proactive policing
8:36 pm
has slowed down traumatically, stops are down 95%. you know, this is. >> frisk for guns and to make sure that there is no potential violence walking around, right? that's the stops? >> exactly right. >> you know what? i'm tell you, i'm laying it on the politicians. i'm not laying continue othe cops. i'm laying it on the politicians. i don't think the governor of illinois or the mayor of chicago gives a hoot, i think that's racist. because it's blacks who are getting killed mostly. go ahead. >> add department of justice in there also, bill. >> that's a federal beef. >> the department of justice is assisting in embolden criminals. >> okay. we're going to continue this report. mr. mccarthy we appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> thanks, bill. >> illegal criminal alien deported 8 times. allegedly kills two women. is he at large right now. right back with it.
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now's your chance at completely clear skin. why are you checking your credit score? you don't want to drive old blue forever, do you? [brakes squeak] credit karma, huh? yep, it's free. credit karma. give yourself some credit. >> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the unresolved problem segment tonight, another horrifying illegal criminal alien situation. kentucky two women struck and killed in by a pickup
8:41 pm
truck by a man never should have been in this country. >> the standing looking at the damage when officers say miguel hit the women with his pickup truck. police say the undocumented immigrant ran from the scene leaving the women to die. online documents obtained by whas 11 obtained four deportations in 2012 and 2012. in the paperwork he told border patrol officers that he rafted across the rio grande in texas. >> that man's at large right now. police and ice are hunting him. joining us from louisville, chris williams, investigative reporter for whastv. in addition to the four deportions you got we have four more going all the way back to 2008 in chicago, brownsville, texas, del rio, texas and california. this guy has been a serial deporter. but what i want to know is how can he still be running around when he is caught 8
8:42 pm
times? it's just inconceivable. >> it is. that's what many in the people in our community have asked. we have been searching for those answers. it's unclear whether he has been in the country illegally back to 20 years ago. we uncovered documentation today out of shelby county, kentucky showing 1998 dui in which, bill, did he 10 days in jail and paid a fine. at that point the documentation i had seen in shelby county shows that he had a drivers license out of mexico. it's unclear in 1998 whether he was in the country illegally. we know then just a few years later in 2003 and 2004. he was also picked up for a dui. this time in jefferson county. the documentation there is unclear whether he did any time or whether he was in the country illegally. bill, as you pointed out it, would be another three or four years before he would be deported. >> all of this is "on the record." it's not like they pick him up and they don't know his past history, they being ice. deport him and comes back. there is no law. i think you know, this
8:43 pm
mr. williams recommendation yeah. >> if he convicted of violating u.s. immigration law by come back 8 times, he gets less than two years in a federal penitentiary. that's the toughest citizen he can get. now, if he is convicted of vehicle homicide in the deaths of these poor women, then he can get a lot. but it is just on the deportation beef. it's less than two years. what about the women? >> i have been doing. >> tell me about the women. >> i have been doing digging on both of those factors. let me tell you the heart breaking information we learned about the one woman we learned about. her son said she was a cuban immigrant. came here three years ago and she was an american citizen. i spoke to immigration agents and they say they cannot confirm she was an american citizen or her status but because she had been in the u.s. three years and knowing her situation that seemed logical. her son said she was the only living relative he had in the united states came here to chase the american dream. she was the only one able to
8:44 pm
escape cuba and now he is broken hearted wondering what happened. how this could have happened to his mother. >> sure. >> he is working hard. he is in another state. he didn't have a whole lot of time to talk to me. is he working. is he trying to keep his lively hood going waiting to find out if this other people is going to be caught. >> were go ahead. real quick. >> unclear whether local authorities we have known whether the suspect was in the country illegally at the time of his dui arrests. it's unclear whether state law allows you to ask someone their status, their immigration status when you arrest them. >> it depends where you are. in the sanction sear counties they won't do it. he defied deportation 8 times. we need new laws. kate law's on that. we appreciate your good work. thank you. watters on deck. he went up to canada to talk some politics. tip of the day. freedom tower in new york city.
8:45 pm
i was up there on friday. right back. (vo) where will you find that perfect holiday gift? x marks the box! helzberg diamonds will give you this xbox one s with your purchase of $999 or more. helzberg diamonds. here's to love.
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>> back of the book segment tonight, watts world, the entire world watching the transition from president obama to president-elect donald trump. we sent watters up to canada to find out how their processing the whole thing. ♪ how are canadians processing the trump victory. >> canadians dislike donald trump. >> that's president-elect trump to you sir. >> sorry. >> sorry? >> trump says he wants to make america great again. >> right. >> what's that make america a little above average. >> obviously.
8:49 pm
>> as a middle eastern i'm actually terrified to a little degree but i have faith in the american system. >> they made their bed so now america has to lie in it. >> a publish, beautiful gold bed. >> i love gold. >> i like him. >> you do? >> yeah, i like him. >> wow, are you canadian. >> i'm canadian. >> donald trump elected president in the united states. how do you like that? >> i still don't quite believe it. >> neither does hillary. [ laughter ] >> emotional guy like him mealg making huge decisions that can be somehow dangerous. >> i would say so. we might nuke canada next. >> what? >> he is such a fool. ♪ ♪ >> do you think trudeau and donald trump have anything in common? >> neoliberal economic policy? >> nerd alert. >> do you think donald trump and trudeau have anything in common?
8:50 pm
>> trudeau and donald trump? , do they have anything in common? >> they're both men. >> are you sure about trudeau? [ laughter ] >> what a good call. >> trudeau in a little trouble for praising a little t for kcastro. how does that make you feel. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> clearly his pr people aren't doing their job. >> no matter how you look at it historically, there was a lot of benefits that came to the canadian people. >> death and poverty? fidel castro, good gie or bad guy. >> as a student, a history major or my own opinion? >> time's up. you lost. bieber is from canada. do you feel guilty in. >> not as guilty as i feel for celine dion. >> trump said he's going to roip up nasa and renegotiate it. >> free tad has don so profoundly negative things to
8:51 pm
local movements. >> you and trump agree on something? >> no, sweet jesus, no. >> do you play hockey? >> no i don't. >> do you like maple syrup? >> no, i don't. >> how are things under canada with trudeau. >> about how things would have been had you electeds bernie sanders. >> is that terrible? >> that's on attention getter. >> as a canadian are you upset that we focus all of our attention on mexico in. >> no. i like mexico. i'm going there for new year's. >> better get there quick before we build a wall. >> how do i say hey. >> a. >> am i doing it right? >> eh? >> get it right, moron. ♪ >> do they even get fox news in
8:52 pm
canada? >> fox news, no. >> bill o'reilly my boss, do you think he should move his show to con treel? >> definitely. >> why do you say that s? >> bill o'reilly is great. >> i think i found the only factor fan in montreal. >> you're putting me on. >> that was harsh watters. i get e-mail from there all of the time. >>.e going to be mad at you for the eh business, you know that, right? >> what are they going to do about it? >> there will be a group, they will write a letter. we don't say say eh and all of that. what were you doing in montreal? >> for my own show i wanted to find some celebrities if they had ever traveled up there. we were looking for whoopi. >> montreal is a nice town. >> a little chilly >> you can get a nice apartment there.
8:53 pm
do you speak a little french? >> oui, oui. >> there's watters, he'll be back some day. quick reminder, ticket to the spin stops here live show starring miller, watters and me, almost sold out. redding, pennsylvania sold out. tulsa is where we'll be on january 15th, omaha march 24th, 85%, tacoma march 25th, 95% sold out. wes bury june 17th, 99% sold out. if you want a fantastic christmas gift go to bill o' get there soon. factor trip of the day, the freedom tower has replaced the world trade center. i was there on friday. ti i'll tell you all whatcha doin'? just checking my free credit score at credit karma. what the? you're welcome. i just helped you dodge a bullet. but i was just checking my...
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. factor trip of the day, a journey to the freedom tower.
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more great news for the factor literary machine. "killing the rising sun" remains the best selling adult book in the world, after three months in the marketplace. "give please a chance" for kids 3 to 7, best selling book in his category. my coauthor deserves most of the credit for that. if you purchase premium member gift certificates, you get free books for each one you purchase. get five gift certificates, get five separate books. what a deal, come on. check it out on the mail, ken smith, bermuda, bill, great segment about carrier and george will charging socialism. i agree that trump's action is not socialism. but if i have a company that can cut labor costs by half
8:57 pm
overseas, vi a obligation to maximize profits. >> you have a responsibility to run your company in a responsible way. that does not mean squeezing every penny out of the operation. maryland, imposing terrorists is not socialism. you are wrong, tariffs always hurt americans. disagree, tom there is a place for protectionism. i don't like it generally speaking but targeted, yes. paul, sacramento, california, bill, worst talking points ever. what works is creating an environment to make it attractive for companies to stay. hasn't worked in decades. we've all suffered because it hasn't worked. now it eats time to ask companies to do what's right for their country. >> deerfield beech, florida. president-elect trump shouldn't may much attention to the media
8:58 pm
that hates him. there are some media outlets that flat out lie, flat out dishonest, they should be denied credentials. others are clearly anti-trump but shouldn't be punished unless they violate journury lis ticjo trumps. i'm donating 50 copies of "give please a chance" here. very nice to do. ohio, "killing the rising sun" is shocking and portrays the horror of war. book should be required reading in high school. maybe some day the school will wise up and get history books in that kids will learn from them. terrorists brought down the
8:59 pm
twin towers of the world trade center on september 11 w 111th, 2001. the freedom tower, the sixth tallest structure in the world. on friday i took a tour of the freedom tower. it's magnificent. not only are the views the best in the country, but there's a 9/11 museum and historicaldy plays associated with new york city. cost about $4 billion to put up there. it's well worth your time when you come to new york city. the one world observatory is open 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. please check out fox news website. o'reilly at name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be
9:00 pm
invidious when writing to the factor. again, thanks for watching us tonight. nice of you to do it. iep bill o'reilly, please remember that the spin stops right here, we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the clinton campaign now seeming to challenge the results of the 2016 election. trying to get the results overturned after campaign chairman john podesta goes on the record saying they should be briefed on russian interference. welcome to "the kelly file." this could be the single biggest development on the 2016 election since hillary clinton conceded to donald trump. exactly one week before the electoral college is scheduled to formalize the vote for donald trump as our next president, the bombshell from the man who ran clinton's campaign. john


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