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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 13, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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cars to talk to one another, wireless technology that would avoid tens of thousands crashes every year. four years to comply, it would require all vehicles to speak the same language and it would be up to the trump administration to finalize the proposals. >> what about the imports from the countries? martha: you can sit back and text your friend. jenna: sound like there's more conversation about that. president-elect trump settling on nominee for the most important job in his administration. mr. trump announcing on twitter that he is choosing exxon ceo rex tillerson to be secretary of state. hello, welcome to happening now. i'm jenna lee. >> nice to be at home with you, i'm in for jon scott. at ceo of the multinational company, tillerson raising
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questions about close ties to vladimir putin and views on climate change this as congressional leaders call for investigations into whether russia meddled on the election on behalf of donald trump and also learning this morning mr. trump has chosen a critic for the energy department, former texas governor rick perry to lead the department. jenna: our chief white house correspondent john roberts is following the president elect, of course, we will see him at the white house. he's in -- >> you were at trump, where are you, john? why are you in wisconsin? >> we are back in the snow cold yet again. seems like it was a year ago. donald trump is going to be here, part of the thank you tour later on. all the focus in new york city, you heard leland talk about
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potential problems. guess how close relationship he has with russian vladimir putin? earlier today reince priebus said it's not a bad thing to have relationships an sometimes with relationships that you wouldn't normally think of right out of the box, as long as you put america first, that's fine to have those relationships around the world. he says donald trump is going to put america first and every member of his cabinet will as well. at trumper -- at trump tower with his reaction. >> we continue be more grateful that someone of rex's leadership and accomplishments is willing to step forward and serve our next secretary of state. i think represent the caliber of experience the american people are coming to expect from the cabinet coming together around our president elect and we are
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looking forward to more announcements this week. jenna: well, looks like we lost john roberts. what we were trying to underscore that. >> john: roberts now is our chief white house correspondent and that's what we do when we get people in new positions, we send them to freezing temperatures. >> congratulations. jenna: there are some questions but we do have long waited names for big positions within the administration. john is in a warm studio, john, great to have you on the program, associate editor for the wall street journal, we are sort of running through some of the developments. what stands out most to you, rex tillerson, rick perry, how do you see them playing out? >> well, they are both interesting. rex tillerson, of course, is sort of the more dominant position, it's the u.s. face to
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the world along with the president of the united states and so he's going to be under a lot of scrutiny about kind of his views on issues around the world as well as as you pointed out earlier his relationship with vladimir putin, the head of russia, no great friend of the united states, that country, and you already have congress people expressing concern about his ties both in joint ventures with companies, exxon mobile which he was part of for four decades and remains part of, having joint ventures with russian companies and great particular financial interest in the country as well. jenna: it's interesting to know that he run it is publicly-traded company in the entire world and stayed with that company from day one and he stayed with the company for more than 40 years. the new editorial board is here with the criticism as a choice. their article entitled flawed
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choices, they ran through several of the criticisms. rex tillerson has worked in a state. >> it's a big company. >> parallel clausey state, john. >> you can understand why trump might be interested in him. it's a large enterprise with kind of fingers in every pie around the world. as a result, you have to sort of learn the geopolitics in the region that you work w. his friendship with -- his affiliation and closeness with vladimir putin and with russia, on the wasn't hand benefits exxon mobile and you can admire a person for navigating
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difficult political around the world. russia is pushing against its borders in a variety of directions and intimidating its neighbors, is this the individual that you want representing those interests of the united states? that will be -- that will be the point of contention. jenna: he has done well by shareholders according to some by exxon mobile so if all citizens, shareholders in the united states, can he represent us in the same way not necessarily making us a whole bunch of money but representing us well so that we are successful as a nation state, whether you buy into that analogy might -- the division whether or not this is a good choice or not. i'm curious what you think of rick perry for energy selection, what do you think about that?
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>> what you articulated is a great way to look at it andic that's the way trump is going to be presented to the public as well. whether or not you believe he can do that effectively after four decades of doing something else, that would be a big issue. rick perry is a fascinating choice in which this is an individual that campaigned for the elimination, he was running for president of the united states, he said three departments should be eliminated, one of them was the energy department, he couldn't remember, that was the oops moment. he's not a big fan of the energy department and you have seen in this other trump selection that is these are individuals who are often critics of the agencies that they are now being asked to run. he's not a particular advocate for climate change, you know, concern about human involvement in climate change, he is
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interestingly somebody who comes from texas, which is a big oil-producing state and individual who believes in forms of renewable energy including wind. jenna: representative in the cabinet. obviously president-elect trump elected by the american people but we have something call the electoral college which i'm sure our viewers are totally exhausted about hearing about at this point in the year and in this point in the process, but there's something percolating and we covered the story about russia hacking that has affected the election process in some way. we don't have any specifics on that, of course, congress wants to look into it. the clinton campaign came out and said that the representatives of our electoral college should get a briefing about this before they cast their official ballots on 19th, the wall street journal, they are essentially saying that the clinton campaign is asking for
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an electoral college coup. where could this go, john, based on requests from the clinton campaign and russian's involvement? >> this is john podesta, had asked for intelligence briefing be given one. it's all the electoral college. who knows what happens as a result of this. the electoral college has traditionally voted the way that the public asked them to vote in the final step of selecting a president, but separate from whatever defections if there are any, separate from that, this is going to hang over the trump administration for some time. what was russia up to? the cia feels it was trying to affect the election, whether or not it did, did it sway any
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votes, who knows, would that be determined. congressional hearings are about to and republicans that want that to happen now, this is going to hang over the administration. the legitimacy of the american faith in the electoral process has got to be maintained and if an outside power, russia, tinkered with that that's a great concern. jenna: we have no indications that russia hacked in and cast ballots, but there's question of what actually happened. >> that for sure we didn't cast ballots. we don't know that at all, if it what happened. it could have been that they hired somebody to do that. this is unclear at this point. the cia is going to ask to come out with the data. the public will have an
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opportunity to judge for themselves. jenna: open it up to the public so we have more answers because right now it is confusing and that could be dangerous as well. >> absolutely. jenna: great to have you in the program. thank you so much. >> breaking news out of syria where government forces are nearly in control of the city of aleppo, that is the last significant stronghold for antiassad rebels. this comes after amid entering homes and killing civilians on sight. colin following the story where it's late tuesday evening. high, conner. >> since assad regime began campaign to retake aleppo several weeks they've been accused of brutal campaign not only against rebels in aleppo but also the larger civilian population, syrian ground forces and backed by russian air
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strikes have decimated the syrian opposition there. they are bombing not only military targets but also infrastructure, things like hospitals, schools, there have been thousands of people killed in recent weeks, now that they control 98% of aleppo with only a few small conclaves still under the control of opposition forces, the un and other observers are saying that the assad forces are killing people on the spot that they are torturing people and rounding up anybody of military age fighting sort of ages and killing them there. there's report that at least 80 people have been shot on the spot. others have been arrested and being tortured and the international community is pointing the finger at russia for enabling the assad regime and the larger fear as aleppo has gone in terms of decimating opposition that we are going to see this repeated in other places and that's the real fear, is that this war while it's probably winding down, could
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still be very, very bloody, leland. >> connor powell in jerusalem. jenna: an update on that case. next, it's back, the polar vert vertex in for a visit. we will get you caught up next. your insurance company
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>> right now following up on crime stories that we have been following. the man who shot up a washington, d.c. pizza parlor is expected in court today. nobody was hurt, he told police at the time he read online that the place was running a child sex slivering and he we wanted to investigate. the prosecution could soon rest in the federal murder trial of dylann roof. the last witnesses will include law enforcement officers and survivor of that massacre. and joanne, a pennsylvania woman who pleaded guilty to killing her husband robert with rat poison has been released of prison after serving 20 years. prosecutors said she did it for the life insurance money. jenna: fox weather alert.
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get ready for wintery weather. 10 to 20-degrees normal as arctic air moves in and the northeast will be feeling bitter cold temperatures. senior meteorologist joins us live from the fox extreme weather center. look at the windchills. i'm kidding, leland. all the cold air is subzero in chicago. combined with the winds making it feel dangerously cold. you factor in the wind. it gets dangerous, minus 24, minus 26, you get the picture. it's all moving south. we have windchill advisories, they do extend across the
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northern plains and northern plains. friday morning, these are actual air temperatures, zero in chicago, 14 in new york, 6 in buffalo, we could actually break record cold lows, maybe the coldest air that we have felt in years and saturday morning things warm up a little bit, look what is behind it, another plunge of arctic air. we are potentially going to look at the storm system riding out the east coast on saturday and sunday. stay tune for that. last 24 hours warm water. big snow total, downwind of the popular great lakes, taking a look at your snowfall forecast in the next couple of days, the great lakes are going to hit hard and then watch the system this weekend what originates from the west. feet of snow. energy from the west that we are
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going to have to watch as we head into saturday and sunday. jenna, i want to make my first official snow angel of the season so i'm kind of hoping for a little snow. jenna: i see. let me ask you, is it too early to talk about a white christmas? janice: i don't like going past five days however since we have cold air in place f we have any winter system it's going to provide snow and could stick, there's a good chance of a white christmas in a lot of place this is year. jenna: okay, we are not going to say anything for sure. [laughter] janice: nicely done disclaimer. jenna: janice, thank you. >> we have new information on the deadly oakland warehouse fire. atf wrapped up work at the scene there and we are going to tell you why first responders are still struggling to come to terms with that tragedy. plus, president-elect trump taking on defense contractors
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jenna: right now we are waiting a news conference from the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearm from the deadly oakland warehouse fire, devastating fire that killed 36 people. that terrible life of loss with many victims being young people made it extremely tough on the first responders. many gathered at a vigil last night as they struggled to move on from that >> as the adrenaline of the incident wares off and the days go on, there's the feeling of
8:25 am
what just happened here, i mean, what just happened here. i don't think any of us have really gotten a sense of how immense this is, how truly this is affecting us. jenna: high death toll made the oakland fire the worst since 2003 when 100 people died in a night fire at rhode island. >> president-elect trump taking on defense contractors hitting boeing over billion dollar price tag of air force one. mr. trump tweeting, f-35 program and cost is out of control. billions of dollars can be saved on military and other purchases after january 20th. marcus writes, it would be nearly impossible for president-elect donald trump to kill the f-35 joint strike
8:26 am
fighter or any other expensive pentagon weapon that he inherits after taking office on january 20th but could shake down defense contractors for billions of dollars and marcus joins us now. global business editor for defense. nice to see you, marcus. >> thanks for having me. >> billion dollars here and billion dollars there, sooner or later we start talking about some real money? >> exactly. what he has done is firing warning shots, taking on the top two defense companies. he took on air force one and boeing last week, this week he's going after the f-35. last week when he tweeted about the cost of air force one, everyone kind of shook their head, this project hasn't really started those costs or estimated and they could be changed, why doesn't he go after something if he wants to go after defense companies a project that is well documented for over judge because there are a lot of them so this week he ditches that and
8:27 am
went after the biggest one of them all. >> being the f-35 and lockheed martin has made a lot of must be and has used money to hire pr, already had this ready to roll out. this is from the website, they have an entire website dedicated to showing everyone and congressman exactly how much of an impact the f-35 program in each state, so you quick on your state, there's x number of jobs here, x numbers of billions of dollars there. that's 950 senator who is have skin in the game and that's a whole lot of congressman who don't want to see any cuts coming to their homes. >> exactly. and that's the thing. it'll be very difficult for him to kill a program of such magnitude, but he can do a lot, for instance, now lockheed got this f-35 contract more than a decade ago to build the three
8:28 am
very distinct planes for the army, air force, excuse me, for the air force, navy and marine corps and international allies and by having that -- by having that contract it's very -- overturning can be very difficult. this is what he can do, every year the.gone signs new contracts with lockheed for a number of planes. they just signed for 57 of them. $6.1 billion contract. what he can do is go through negotiations and if he doesn't like what lockheed is proposing he can say we feel that we should give you x amount of must be and the company has 90 days to say okay, we take or or take to court. president obama and pentagon just did with lockheed. >> a lot of people would argue
8:29 am
that the defense department has never done this. even john mccain, the senator of armed committee services, the pentagon most bloated inefficient yet still we have got 4 billion-dollar destroyers that need tug boats to go places and we have the f-35. >> the overruns are going down. sure, they are going down but they're still there. what should the pentagon do? a lot of people say they just overreach. when they come up with the concepts with the multibillion dollar programs, they're looking at technology and types -- >> star wars. >> exactly. stuff that's not proven. they need to dial back down their technology. >> real quick, we have 30 seconds. he went after boeing and lockheed martin, both stocks
8:30 am
took a real hit when it happened. what are the next couple of programs do you think donald trump is going to start going after or for that matter should? >> the air force has a new bomber that it's building. it's a classified project. it's estimated to cost anywhere of $80 billion, each plane is going to cost more than $500 million, so it's got a big target, a lot of people are calling to be out in the open and it'll be a test if he's actually shed some light of what's happening behind the scene. >> a lot of talk about the navy's new destroyers. i appreciate you being here. thanks so much. jenna. jenna: a big story we will continue to watch. in the meantime questions raised for secretary of state. will ties to russia hurt his chances for confirmation in the senate? we will talk a little bit more about that. the dow flirting closer to
8:31 am
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jenna: a look at wall street now. dow and s&p both hitting record highs this morning as dow closer to 20,000 mark. right now you see trading upwards of 80 points.
8:35 am
the investors are keeping a sharp eye on the fed this week. cheryl: the trump rally is continuing right now. let's take a look at the big board. we are looking for the dow 20,000 number. we shall see if we get it. certainly the fed is a big part of the story. right now investors aren't worried about that. ever since november 8th, what we have seen on the promises of deregulation, lower corporate tax rates, markets that keep going higher, we did have highs today for the dow and the s&p, of course, it's all about it closes 4:00 p.m. eastern time. but certainly one of the things that we are looking at in particular with the fed, pretty much 100% analysts expect fed to hike rates. will it affect consumers, particularly mortgage, rates go up. you will see that happen. we have been seeing the hotter housing markets like new york,
8:36 am
san francisco, boston, for example. prices are starting to fall down a little bit. well, all americans will be affected if the fed does raise rates. now, we are also looking at the big defense companies, of course, the big story, i heard leland talking about a few moments ago, companies like lockheed martin. that is a stock that we watched yesterday. the company last 24 and a -- 2 a half percent after trump comments and tweet that came out monday morning. the company lost on monday. lockheed is down about half a percent. still not really anybody looking to jumping to shares of lockheed market as we see how the f-35 plays out. boeing is still going to have relations and agreements that are going to be hammered out with the new administration
8:37 am
after january 20th, iran air deal and political backlash on that, we talked about it but at the same time they announced a dividend increase. the stock is down 1%. boeing started higher in the day today in the session but down now. so even though it was a big dividend hike, jenna, there's concern about all the defense companies, lockheed martin, boeing, how they're going to play in the sand box with the new administration. all to be determined. jenna: cheryl, thank you. cheryl: you bet. >> we need to integrate our cyber capabilities and our overall war-fighting doctrine. the obama administration for eight years attempt today reset relations with russia and sat back while russia expanded its fear of influence, intervened in crimea, eastern ukraine, syria and attempt today bully the
8:38 am
baltic countries. it defies believes that somehow republicans are reluctant to review russian tactics or ignore them. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the trump team dismissing the conclusion while nominate secretary of state with close ties. senior fellow at the atlantic counsel, james, fellow with the foreign policy initiative. gentlemen, nice to see you, good morning. >> good morning. >> ariel, first to you, we seem to have the first two opposing ideas, one is russia is somebody that we can negotiate, we need to make better deals. on the other side, that's coming from the president elect's office and you have senate
8:39 am
republicans and be in the old cold warmont -- war montra. >> i just came from moscow a few weeks ago and had meetings with politicians, business people and this is what i think. first of all, russia would like to try and open a new page in relations with the united states. they view donald trump positively. they view rex tillerson positively. their list of demands is huge. they want everything. guess what, guys, don't get big eyes, you're not going to get this vast list of demands and you're getting a team that is going to be hard-nosed, realist and which is going to put
8:40 am
america's interests first. >> you're saying that, but james, are they excited about vladimir putin -- vladimir putin excited about donald trump and rex tillerson because he thinks he can take advantage of them or good negotiating partner, where does the excitement in moscow come from in your viewpoint? >> comes from the fact that donald trump is most openly prokremlin president, the president elect, presidential candidate in modern history. this is a president who attacks nato. when do you hear attack nato, saying that nato allies aren't paying enough and we shouldn't defend, questioning article 45 of the nato alliance. he had nothing but wonderful positive things to say about vladimir putin who is a murderist kgb dictator. it's obvious why the russians would be thrilled about this man being president and clear to
8:41 am
anyone that was u.s. stock market futures was paying for six months that they were working actively to get them elected. >> it's more complicated than that, if i may. >> i want to let the trump team respond. they did this morning on cnn. take a listen. >> call it what it is. do you see -- >> one question. did you see vladimir putin as enemy as the in the u.s. government? >> i don't think we have to view him as enemy immediately. there are areas that we can work together. >> immediately, he just hacked u.s. elections. >> it would bish sane to come on day one before we start sitting down negotiating with people and started taking people off the table. >> ariel, you came back from russia as you said. is vladimir putin an enemy of the united states? >> let me put it this way and i met putin ten times for long periods of time. putin has a very negative view
8:42 am
of the united states. he thinks we are pushing everybody around. he thinks we are lecturing russia how to do its business, which we do and we do it around the world with different results. look at the middle east. look at the mess the middle east has become in the last 12 years. but i will say this, you have to get your priorities straight. you get your national interests lined up and if your national interests are china, isis and iran, you want to have an open channel of communication with russia and hopefully not to get russia on the side of china and iran. >> james, you get the last word in the sense that can russia been seen as honest broker on our side helping us counter enemies that ariel brought up? >> no, i think it's amnesia that we get every four years when a new administration comes to power. remember president george w. bush he looked into his soul and
8:43 am
saw a good man and realized he wasn't a good man. president obama wanted a reset with after the russians invaded an occupied georgia, now finally it seems that obama and the democrats realizing, maybe we shouldn't have made fun of mitt romney in 2012. so we know what this regime is in moscow. it's implacable hostile to the united states and there's no -- there's no point in having another reset come january. >> clearly the reset with the obama administration didn't work, we can all agree on that. appreciate it, gentlemen, thank you so much. jenna: the murder for hire case of dalia goes to the jury today after some high courtroom drama. we will take a look at the closing arguments next.
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8:47 am
the case against her is slimsy at best. >> ladies and gentlemen, you must find dalia not guilty in this case. there's mountains of reasonable doubt in this case. >> live from new york city news room. let's talk about the prosecution case against mrs. depolido. what is it essentially that they are arguing? >> undercover reportings and explicit and incriminateing. dictating time and manner and when the undercover cops might you change your mind, she says
8:48 am
i'm positive like 5,000% sure. it is a, jenna, a 23-minute conversation damming. she uses language and brags about how tough she is and not alleged motive is not just greed but hatred of her spouse comes through in the tapes. jenna: defense attorney is somebody who viewers might recognize and joins us in legal panel. how does the defense try to counter all of that? >> they put the police on trial accusing them of gross misconduct, pressuring into consenting to something that she didn't really intend to do and the judge said, well, i don't know about that, i'm not going to give jury an instruction on open trapment, the defense argued it anyway and they called the police, corrupt, evil, abusive, manufacturing a fake crime scene because they we wanted to gain tv fame by airing videos in episode of cops.
8:49 am
they posted the video on youtube immediately and they e-mail the show producers of cops to find out an air date. they were really anxious for same, here is part of the closing argument by the defense. >> this was the police department in love with publicity and by virtue of that, they tossed dalia under the boss. they made this way more than it ever was. and they could care less of constitutional rights. >> police work egregious and there is, jenna, this missing tape which the defense suggested could have exonerateed dippolito. where is the tape? that's a real problem for the prosecution. jenna: we will see what the jury deciding. >> coming up to a new trial bill cosby back in court today for
8:50 am
hearing in sexual assault case and there's word he's looking for a special kind of plea deal, the terms he reportedly wants when we go live to the courthouse.
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8:53 am
>> it's that time of day as we get ready for outnumbered at the top of the hour. sandra, harris, ladies, what's coming up. harris: just how tough a confirmation faces president's secretary of state pick? are such relationships necessarily a bad thing? sandra: democrats fearing a leadership vacuum once obama
8:54 am
leaves office, could they get steam-rolled again in president-elect trump's first one hundred days. harris: outnumbered at the top of the hour, you will love it. >> if everybody was so excited to see me. harris: they are. jenna: new development of the sexual assault case with bill cosby with hearing on the case today as we get word that cosby is looking for a plea deal that would allow him to avoid prison time. rob in pennsylvania with more. rob. >> on both sides, both denying that any deal is in the works at this point. it'll be a wait and see at this point. cosby entered a few hours ago, before 9:00 o'clock this morning looking chippered today, a little bit more pep in his step, his eye is looking better, he's looking better, the 79-year-old is, don't taze, bro.
8:55 am
cosby may want the deal. last week judge ruled that recorded statements that cosby made back in 2005 in civil case could be used in the criminal case now and that was a tough blow for the cosby team. those statements cosby admitting giving having sex with her and he says that the sex was consensual in the statements. cosby also went to philadelphia. he was also on the board of a trustee, mentor. the andrea civil case settled out of court, money kept confidential. cosby charged with aggravated indecent assault.
8:56 am
today in court it's been rather testy, we understand. the judge could decide if 13 of those dozen of other women will testify in the case and it's been a back and forth between the prosecution and the defense on that. it turned into a shouting match at one point, we understand. prosecutors looking to establish this kind of behavior as a pattern of abuse by cosby. again, both sides denying that there is any kind of plea deal in the works, the trial scheduled for june at this point. new york post reporting that the family doesn't want cosby to die in prison so they are looking for proation -- probation in a me bargain. >> next hour of happening now. here is what's happening now. we could look more about the final moments to have doom freighter, transcript of what they found on the ship's black
8:57 am
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jenna: we will see you back in an hour, outnumbered starts right now. harris: we are awaiting president-elect trump where he will make another stop multistop thank you tour. this is outnumbered, i'm harris faulkner, here today sandra smith, megan mccain and today #oneluckyguy. he never believes that. >> i'm outnumbered happily. i wore my holiday tie.


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