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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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video. so we will end the show with that thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" from miami. fair, balanced and unafraid. here comes tucker. >> i want to start with a fox news alert tonight. president-elect donald trump getting ready for another rally. tonight it's in wisconsin. you will see this here live as soon as he sta as we wait, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." in the first weeks after donald trump's surprise election win, democrats tried to make sense of the inexplicable, the unthinkable. how did this man become president? was it racism? was it sexism? a rogue fbi and ungrateful middle class? the long term effects of oxycontin? well none of those explanations answer the question adequately. a new culprit was found theft. the election must have been stolen by russian sabators. thpapers in full panic mode
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the media more hysterical. here is how keith olbermann opened internet show last night. not going to show you pictures just going to quote it. we are going to quote it, here it is: >> the best i object difference to the republican party and donald john trump, a man who to borrow a phrase from another december long ago will live in infamy. is that intense enough for you? are might be under stated. robert is professor at college. huffington post. he has been writing a lot about russia in recent days and he joins us now. thank you for coming on. >> happen to be with you. >> i want to quote something a couple days allege that i read in the huffington post. you said there is substantial evidence that
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russia stole the election for donald trump. what is that evidence that they stole the election? >> first of all, i do not go beyond keith olbermann, in fact, a lot of that is certainly hyperbole. >> well, russia stole the election. >> clearly didn't affect the election. that's ridiculous. we hardly ever hear mention in the media that hillary clinton won by 2.8 million votes in the real vote. the three states that put trump over the top in the electoral college by a total of a little over 80,000 votes. and if anyone thinks that the -- what the russians were doing in terms of the emails released through wikileaks intended to damage hillary and they obviously did and to a great extent were not enough to get 80,000 votes moved in the direction of trump away from hillary, i don't know what they're thinking. >> hold on. i want to get back to what you wrote.
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you wrote something very specific. i want to read it to you again in case you don't remember writing it there is substantial evidence that russia stole the election for donald trump i'm not contesting it's a close election. i'm familiar with the numbers. how did shah steal the election. please be precise. >> the way i just said, by doing things that were intended to help him and to hurt hillary clinton. i don't think initially that was what the russians were expecting to happen they thought like almost everyone else including trump himself that hillary would win the election. they were trying to damage her. make it closer. make her weaker. as it got closer to the end they saw the possibility of it winning do you special access to the thinking of vladimir putin? how would you know that? and again for the third time, how did they steal the election? you say they stole the election. i'm open-minded but i want to know how they did that specifically. >> i told you twice.
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i know you like to argue. what i'm trying to get at here is the fact that the russians are going to have enormous influence in trump administration this is not something that should only bother democrats or liberals. it's a patriotic issue. >> you wrote on one of the biggest web sights in the world "the washington post that they stole the election, i'm quoting the survival of the american republic is at stake. we have 10 days to save the republic hostile takeover by billionaire ollie darks and russian backers. i want to know how this happened? how did they specifically influence the election? by releasing emails? do you have evidence that emails suede the election results? if so, what is that evidence? >> are you seriously suggesting that the emails did not have an influence on the election? i mean, everyone knows that. >> how does everyone -- let's say. >> say they didn't he is the ones that kept telling the russians to go ahead and release them. >> come on. you are making specific
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claims. you wrote that three days ago and you won't say how. >> i answered it repeatedly. what i would like to, instead of getting into an argument over that would like to ask why everyone in the country is not seriously upset not only about the russian intervention in the election but the fact of the national security advisor is very close to putin. the incoming secretary of state is very close to putin. mr. trump himself throughout the campaign continued to talk about putin and the most glowing terms. this is crazy. i mean,. >> then let me ask you. i'm sorry. in the. >> in the other direction what people like you would be saying. you would be saying if hillary clinton had been helped by the russians. >> is aia say everything. i don't want to keep talking over you. i have to say i would ask the exact same question. which is if you are going to claim that a foreign government influenced the outcome of elections in this country be very specific
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about how they did it. do you think they altered the count from the voting machines? do you think a specific piece of propaganda repeatedly frustrated then name one. >> knowing what he did. >> stop talking for someone second and hear my question. which is there. >> let me talk for just a moment, it's interesting that mr. trump focused in on the claim that was in one of the news stories over the weekend that the rnc was also hacked and insisted that wasn't true. well, let's think about why he would want to insist that. because if in fact the rnc was hacked. >> i have you on here to offer evidence to support something that you wrote. and i'm giving you air time in front o of a a lot of people. >> i offered you evidence of that. >> then let me ask you one last time before i cut you. >> an b. an american government behold ton vladimir putin. >> i am having you on and literally the last guest i'm ask you.
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asked last five days and not one person answered. name one email or false information that was false that got into the bloodstream of america that you think was sufficient to influence the election for donald trump. >> did i say that they were false? no, i didn't say they were false. >> then name a real one and show some evidence that it influenced voter behavior. >> expressed purpose of helping trump. >> but name one piece of information from wikileaks that you can show influenced voter behavior on a scale sufficient to pull the election for trump. you can't. >> remember, we just talked about a moment ago a failed succession. the number of votes that gave trump the lead in the electoral college. >> you are saying irresponsible things to mislead people and i think it's wrong. robert, i'm cutting you off. i gave you a chance and you refused to be real with me and i'm sorry about that. >> >> president-elect's trump thank you tour stops in west allis, wisconsin tonight. it's going to begin. we're going to take it. right now go to national correspondents john roberts live inside the arena right now. john? >> tucker, good evening to
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you. they are just whelm warming up the crowd in west dallas. the crowd inside is hot tonight. donald trump just landed. should be here on time 8:00 eastern start. news to pass along to you. according to four now sources inside the transition, ryan zincky, the congressman from montana is donald trump's pick for the interior secretary. a long military career. he was a member of seal team 6. he held the rank as commander. we also have learned that rick perry, the former governor of texas will get the nod as the nnk secretary. neither one of those announcements at the moment at least is eminent. who knows donald trump could get up on stage and announce them tonight. unpredictable. pick for secretary of state was announced rex tillerson who was the ceo and president of exxon mobil getting some head winds on capitol hill even from republicans like marco rubio said he has, quote, serious concerns about tillerson's nomination saying quote the next secretary of state must be someone who views the
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world with moral clarity. it's free of potential conflicts of interest, has a clear sense of america's interest and will be a forceful advocate for american's foreign policy goals to the president. contrast that with what the former secretary of state in the bush administration condoleezza rice said today quote he will bring to the post remarkable and broad international experience a deep understanding of the global economy and a belief in america's special role in the world and robert gates who was the secretary of defense under both the bush and obama administration say quote is he a person of great integrity whose only goal in office would to be protect and advance the interest of the united states. now, of course, keep in mind that gates and rice are partners in rice gates consulting and exxon mobil is a client of theirs. full disclosure. but also former secretary of state james baker said glowing things about tillerson as did the former vice president dick cheney. so while there may be some
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scrutiny. trump transition is confident they will be able to get him confirmed. press conference was snow to happen on thursday where donald trump was going to radio veal to the world how he was going to separate himself from business interest. that is not going to be delayed until the beginning of january. transition officials told me they bit off more than they can chew with trying to fill out all of these cabinet position and some of these others. they are delaying it reince priebus basically said give us time. we will get it done. listen to this. >> what president-elect trump is doing with a lot of lawyers and a lot of people involved is just making sure that all government ethics are followed. that the i's are dotted and its are crossed. is he going to make sure that nothing is compromised. that's all this is it's going to take a little time. we're going to get it right. >> now delaying this press conference though does give donald trump, tucker on two fronts. more time to get all of his affairs in order. lay that plan out at the beginning of january. plus, there is a very important date coming up next week. december the 19th. that's when the electors get
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together and they vote for who is going to be president. donald trump gets over 270, gets to 306 or whatever he will basically roll onto the inauguration there is a move afoot to try to get some of those electors to vote against donald trump and if he doesn't have to answer a lot of difficult questions about the controversial issues at a press conference before the electors, there is probably an advantage to him there, tucker. >> super interesting. thanks a lot, john. appreciate it? >> early this morning as john just noted. president-elect trump announced he is nominating long time ceo rex tillerson to be his secretary of state. nominating someone with no government experience to the nation's top diplomat offended many in washington. the city where government experience is valued for its own sake. considered far more important than, say, succeeding at something or being wise or impressive. >> i think it's a good choice. it's certainly different and shakes things up. >> he has already stated he likes putin better than he likes obama.
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so it's obvious he likes russia. and that's failure concerning t -- fairlyconcernin. >> someone who is not ideological which someone in foreign policy is important. >> i'm concerned about his relationship with vladimir putin. vladimir putin is a thug, a murderer, a kgb guy who only wants to restore the russian empire. >> is he a dealmaker. >> tillerson? >> absolutely. >> new secretary of state pick rex tillerson has major and professional, personal relationships in russia. >> at the end of the day, it's putting america first and donald trump and rex tillerson had a connection on that issue. >> joining me now from trump tower kellyanne fitzpatrick from -- kellyanne conway. thanks a lot for joining us. >> 15 years i have been married, tucker. that means we go way back. that's all right, darling. >> it does. great to see you. you just heard john say something we already know
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that ryan zink will be the interior secretary. it was announced in the press cathy mcmorris rogers the press woman was going to get that job. people lining up to replace her. transition didn't back down those reports. what happened? >> well, today the president-elect offered the spot to congressman zink. it was a very competitive process h wonderful candidates. yesterday. congregation: woman catherine mcmorris rogers came back to the tower. highest ranking woman in the congress. given birth three times a record. other people interviewed for the position. this is a decision that the president-elect and vice president elength makes a elect. four people vying for the spot and that was the case here. >> today, obviously, the story that got the most press was kanye west showing up. i'm sure have you been talking about all day. what was that about? >> well, i'm glad he has gone blonde because we have
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more fun apparently. kanye west i understand called mr. trump or called his office and requested a meeting. the meeting was brief. but it was spirited. i know they both enjoyed it they both came down trump tower afterwards to the lobby and took a picture and maybe made a brief comment. mr. west and the president-elect have known each other for a while. i know kanye west very recently said did he not vote in this election he had voted his vote would have been for donald trump. i know that shocks the conscience of many people who say they are free thinkers tucker but like to tell everybody how they should vote especially if they are in music or of a certain race or a certain money cast if you will. but they had a good conversation. i mean, donald trump meets with many people in a given day. and today was no different. i think between yesterday and today it was a whirlwind of activity. he and mike pence have met with probably 90 men and women outside of performers who, you know, will give advice and counsel for this next government who all love
4:15 pm
america and not most of whom will be in the cabinet. >> so, i assume that all of this is taking place in public right on fifth avenue. obviously the president-elect could call any of these people, but is he having them. in each one seconds a message that the rest of can you say kind of decode or interpret so today you had omarosa, kanye west, bill gates. wilbur ross. mark burnted. it's like a vanity fair oscar party. what's the message that meeting with this diverse of group of people sends or that you seek to send with meetings like this? >> this is donald trump. is he a man who has lived a very full life. has many friends and colleagues across many different industries. before he became president of the united states. tucker, he was already the big e. man in the room. larger than life personality as you know. wildly successful. brilliant businessman. and someone who has been able to cross pollenate against many different industries and create many different friendships. yesterday also and today he had senator joe manchin, democrat of west virginia.
4:16 pm
he had the rah forementioned members of congress. we also had obviously there were other senators and governors stopped by. governor perry stopped by and secretary of energy nominee. it would be wanting to just be hosting people and having a showcase of men and women. but that's not what this is. is he actually forming his cabinet. tremendously conservative and sharp cabinet of qualified, capable men and women from diverse background. is he doing that in record time. which is a very donald trump thing. right? when he opened up the old post office two months ago he called it under budget and on schedule. that's also the way we look at his cabinet selections which are really taking some people by surprise. how differently he has looked at some of these positions like the secretary of state position. fourth highest ranking individual in our nation's government. rex tillerson is a very trumpian pick. when he met rex tillerson
4:17 pm
they clicked immediately. i'm not surprised. they are accomplished people. employed tens of thousands of people. special league. somebody who could negotiate deal and somebody who has relationships across the globe. somebody who told vladimir putin no. >> so senator manchin was in the running apparently or he was in the running for energy secretary you just said that has obviously gone to governor perry. what would mr. trump be talking to senator manchin about? what position? >> senator manchin has been very helpful and welcoming to president-elect trump since he it was erected five -- elected five weeks ago tonight. who is counting? he is ♪ is orthodox. he believes it's the right thing to do for the people of west virginia to whom is he beholden. we think we can rely upon him as a critical vote for some of these common sense reforms that the president-elect has said he will put forward in the
4:18 pm
first 100 days. hopefully we can rely upon him for infrastructure, for tax reform and repealing and replacing reform. bihealthcare across state lines the way they buy their auto insurance insurance and other goods and services. >> i bet you will be able to. kellyanne conway. great to see you, thanks. >> thank you, tucker. congratulations on the show. >> thanks a lot. >> now it's time for twitter storm. nightly forecast of intense media patterns. "star wars" movie. posted this link to the piece rogue is one of the first "star wars" movies to acknowledge the whole franchise is about drum role pleasdrum rollplease war. this is something others had noted before. roll them's, please. first much up.
4:19 pm
richard arnold wrote if you look carefully wars is in the title. alan tweeted this the franchise isn't called star negotiations, geniuses. you guys ought to have said spoiler alert first. next you will claim it was all set among the stars. that would rock your world. season five episode 11 of the great brady bunch first episode to acknowledge the series was about the bradies. and that's tonight's twitter storm from a very sarcastic place. many calling for new cold war with russia. talking with one democratic whether that's a wise idea. donald trump's speaking tour continues tonight in wisconsin. his plane has landed. we are waiting for the president-elect to take the stage in just a short period of time. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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>> is there a new cold war underway. massive outcry today over reports of russian interference in the presidential election. even twitter comedians getting involved. ian bremmer tweeted this pink with a caption someone is practicing for the next u.s./russian summit. long time democratic consultant to the bernie sanders campaign. i'm hardly a suck-up to russia. i have never been pro-russia. but when people are saying adults, too, not just crazy people on twitter. adults are saying return shah stole the election from hillary clinton i think it's fair to ask how exactly did they do that? i'm open-minded do you have any idea how they did that. >> i saw your segment
4:23 pm
earlier, i think that this did have a role. i honestly feel that way. i do have an answer for your first question. one of the roles i think was when the wikileaks put out the emails are and for somebody like me who supported bernie sanders i got to see behind the curtain of things i assumed were going on at the dnc. >> these were dnc emails. >> confirmed that affected enough votes that maybe they stayed home and didn't vote for her. that could have affected the election. i don't have any facts. i just assume that as a consultant and professional. >> okay. >> i think a lot of democrats were brought back on their heal their heels. enemy in russia. who is pro-russia. who is proa country has no democracy. tie that together and look at trump. look who he is friends with wanted and we just got lost and there is the boogie man. we have told you all along. >> i think that's right except the problem is there are real world consequences for taking that posture toward an actual country which plays a keel role in say europe and one of the
4:24 pm
world's largest energy producers. not like beating up on fossa or chad. played a role in world events for centuries. guided by our anger over the election seems nuts and irresponsible. >> absolutely. i also think when the cia cia came out and said there were proof there was some kind of ammunition there gave them the ammo something is going on. pivot like all politicians do or consultants or operatives say look it is the bad guys. they can say our democracy is pure and whole as it should be. free and fair elections. nobody would argue that but then you can actually say our cia, somebody can say that russia had a role in trying to hack to influence the election. but where the proof will come out in the pudding is when the facts are presented schroll, right? >> now is the time to at least speculate with precision. okay. they stole the election. how did they do that? i have asked that question night after night. can't get one person to
4:25 pm
answer that specific. exercise in displacement. look at their own short comes. put up elitist. lots of explanations. they are ignoring all of that to blame russia. it seems like textbook denial to me. >> i, as a democratic operative, have always blamed russia as one of many spokes in the wheel to blame with everything that you have listed. i think that the biggest influence that russia had on the election were the emails that reinforce add narrative that was already if she had been a stronger and better and more trustworthy candidate and she would have won, that i. >> would you conceive that that narrative as you future was also true? those emails were verbatim true. >> think about the bernie guy who was sitting back watching my guy go out and support her and be stallworth in his support somebody i had worked for for 13 months and always assumed that things will woo have been tilted toward us. we were fighting the establishment. we took all of that and accepted all of that. to see that spelled out in emails, even though i still
4:26 pm
voted for her because i was very much not trump, think about the thousands of grass roots supporters who have the same position as donald trump on trade who got to see that exposed, which could have literally cost her the election because it was just 80,000 votes. i can think of 80,000 young people in throw states could have been bad that one issue to cost the election. >> i can't just be mad as i am about hacking. foreign governments shouldn't interfere in any way. informed. i'm not losing sleep over people having more information. >> reinforced a narrative. >> which was accurate. >> i ran a primary against her. i understand that piece and we have got to be that way. >> i can't believe you voted for her. i don't believe you. i think you are making that up. >> it's a private decision. >> it is. >> thanks for having me. >> group of socialists have a plan for election day. it's a big plan. we will tell what you it is next. president-elect trump is about to speak to part of his ongoing thank you tour. we will hear him suspects he begins live on fox. stay tuned.
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4:31 pm
at northeastern university and on the socialist students organizing committee. elon, thanks a lot for coming on. >> thanks so much for having me, tucker. >> the question, if you are a socialist, and by the way i take your views seriously. i don't agree with them. a lot of people agree with you. if you are a socialist and care about working people but also hate trump. how do you square the fact that the majority of private sector union members, the very people you exist to help and stand up for voted for trump? >> yeah. that's a great question. i mean, the reality is there is a lot of people had to vote for trump for him to get elected. i don't question that and, you know, is he now the president of the united states of america. and we have to deal with that from our perspective and socialist students, we are calling for a national day of student walkouts on january 20th on inauguration day. in order toe send the strongest possible message starting on day one that we reject his agenda of, you know, a attacks on women and not letting women have the right to choose what to do
4:32 pm
with their body. his agenda of deporting millions of hard working class immigrants. working people like you are talking about. his agenda of forcing muslims, millions of peaceful, you know, genuine muslims to register in this registry so the government can him. corporate agenda hurt a lot of working class people and really the whole 99% as a whole. we are calling for students to walk out of classes and join protests this their cities on january 20th to send that message that and build, you know, step one in the process to building a movement to resist trump. >> i'm confused about the message. if you are a socialist, you are primarily interested in changing economic policy. i have read your website and you say young people who see student debt, declines living standards are based on capitalism, the system that exploits the many for the benefit of few. i get it people were largely overwhelmingly working class people. the very people you say you are here to represent and
4:33 pm
help. have you thought at all about why that is? >> absolutely. yeah. i mean, in my opinion, the dominant feature of this whole election, not just the general election, but going back, i mean, this election has been longer than i think a lot of us would have preferred it to be about a year and a half. i think the dominant feature of this was a mood, you know, antiestablishment mood. people are upset with the way things are going, including myself and certainly a lot of working people young people and students. i think people were looking for a change and a lot of people voted for trump because they thought he was saying weighs going to drain the swamp. change the system. he is talking about washington insiders. right? he is talking about the political establishment. and these are a lot of things that i agree with i do think there is washington insiders. from my point of view, what we need is anticorporate candidates. anti-racist candidates. antisexist candidates. put forward not a message of division but a message of unity based on the 99% opposing our common enemy which we in social students
4:34 pm
sees a 1%. >> who did the 1% support in this election? who did every ceo the entire tech community, all of finance, all of them were against trump. and by the way, who is in favor of the mass immigration that you claim to support? it's businesses? because they want cheaper labor. they don't want immigrants to come in to make america more diverse. they want them to come in and work for cheap wages. do you see that at all and why you are abetting that. >> certainly a lot of corporate ceos endorsed hillary. >> all of them. >> wall street friendly candidate. that's actually not true what you are saying. if you look at trump's appointments on the past two days. he just appointed the ceo of exxon mobil one of the major gas companies in the country and actually the world, too. he just appointed him as secretary of state. you know, the ceo of goldman sachs is now on the cabinet. what you are saying isn't totally true. >> what is true he has appointed a bunch of corporate people for sure. >> yes. they support him.
4:35 pm
>> math low skilled low wage immigration, business is for that you are for it, too. why do you think they are for it? because they want to see a more complicated at that tapest? no. because their labor costs decline when they import low skilled people who will work for less whom they can exploit. >> that's one of the key things that socialist students calls for is the $15 an hour minimum wage for all workers. anybody who works. anybody who contributes to society deserves to have a living wage. i don't accept this argument that if workers come from another country that should allow corporations to drive down wages. the reality is every single person who works whether you are a student or working person with a family that you should have lafing wage. >> okay. that's fine and no one disagrees with that but there is massive unemployment in the middle of the country. massive. higher wait than during the great depression. if you bring in more workers there will be less employment. more people competing for lesser jobs. how you can as a socialist
4:36 pm
be for that. >> what we need is jobs programs. the reality is. >> oh, come on. >> appointing a ceo. the reality is appoint ago ceo of gold map sak's as our financing advisor. >> i'm taking you seriously and you are repeating dumb liberal social points. be you are not a socialist. you are a lifestyle liberal upset about the same boring rich people topics. look at the economics of it. >> i'm looking at the economics. i feel like you are trying to get us distracted the key message is that young people. >> oh, come on. >> majority of high schoolers couldn't even vote for donald trump because they weren't old enough but donald trump's policies of deporting immigrants, making muslims register, attacking women's rights these things are going to effect high schoolers. >> those are just talking points. one thing they are kind of interesting. elon, open your mind. we're out of t told we are out f time. i appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> i appreciate it, too. >> buzz feed targeting christians to create a cull
4:37 pm
turn of fear some say. it's a trend. what's it about? tammy bruce here to explain next. plus president-elect trump is expected to speak as we told new wisconsin. we're told that speaker paul ryan and governor scott walker will both join him on stage. we will find out soon when they go live and we will too. ♪ ♪ does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection or have symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to.
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pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe ... and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. >> and here's something new. something that looks like voter fraud has benefited democrats and has been uncovered in michigan. rah cording to the detroit news officials found that voting machines in 37% of detroit's districts reported more votes than the number of people who actually cast ballots, which according to the laws of physics is impossible. those precincts were not part of a recent michigan recount due to a state law that prohibits recounts in unbalanced recounts. hillary clinton garnered 9 5% of the vote in the detroit while donald trump. state government run by republicans is planning to audit the election results
4:42 pm
in detroit. sounds like they might want to. we will continue to mop tore that story as it develops. well, up next, if you read buzz feed, you may have noticed a piece recently why kate arthur. a reporter there. and she wrote it about chip and joanna gains. the couple behind the popular hgtv show. attacked for christian faith against gay marriage. more precisely their church is against same sex marriage. the title of the piece chip and joanna's church against same sex marriage. tammy bruce has written a lot about this story and she joins us now. great to he sue. i was a little confused when i saw this piece. i don't watch the show or the channel i know they are big in the hgtv world. they didn't seem public enough figures to attack in buzz feed. what is this about? >> look, i think that people say that you learn about individuals when they are successful. for the left in the last eight years we have learned that their fascists. and i think what we are seeing now after a decade of
4:43 pm
cultural success, i think the left is now looking for a new tact and, of course, we have always seen christians are the target in general as we have seen with bakers that won't bake cakes for weddings, et cetera. now since gay marriage is the law of the land and americans generally are open to more of a fluid dynamic culturally, the left needs to find some other thing to argue. in this case i think it's a portend something very difficult. and that they now want christians to preemptively prove that they pay allegiance to conforming and to secular society. it's a new attack on christians to let them know that effectively you are guilty until proven innocent. the great news is here, tucker, is that this attack failed. and i think that the election itself was a message about our rejecting political correctness and the culture of intimidation. this couple had support across the poured. premier in the midst of this smear had a recording
4:44 pm
breaking premier. no matter who we are enough is enough with the culture of intim dating. enough of attacking individuals because of their faith. especially coming from the gay community as a gay woman, i find it outrageous that we are attacking people simply because of who they are. >> it also seems like part of the left's relentless politicizing of everything. my first thought is i have my views, you have yours, they have theirs. what does that have to do with their hgtv show. kind of selective considering their views, whether you agree with them or not are not exactly out of the mainstream for sincere religious people and they are not just christians. most muslim imams would have roughly the same views. sharia law prohibits homosexuality itself. they would never go after imam. >> it was not about them but it was about their church and pastor. here was an argument that they were somehow supposed to prove and answer inquisition questions about who they are and what they stand for. the fact is i only care about the choice she makes for the back splash.
4:45 pm
with the houses she is updating. i don't care what they think. and as a gay person, as an american, i want it's about individual liberty. individual freedom. that's what this election is about. i hope americans are standing up against bullies and in this case that means we have to stand up against the american left. >> and that website particularly which is really dishonest. tammy, thanks a lot. you have explained that better than anyone i have heard. thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> why was kanye west at trump tower meeting with the president-elect. herald knows. of course he does. he will tell you next. donald trump getting ready to step to the microphone in wisconsin. we are on the scene and take it live when he arrives. ♪ ♪ ch remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> time now for the friend zone. we invite our pals from been within the building on the show. tonight we are joined by geraldo rivera. we have seen a ton of people going up and down the elevator at trump tower. yet this morning kanye west shows up. afterwards the two spoke to reporters. watch this. >> kanye. >> mr. trump, kanye, what did you discuss in your meetings today? >> just friends. just friends. and he's a good man. >> did you discuss cabinet positions? >> we have been friends for a long time. life. we discussed life. >> 20/20. still want to do it in light of this meeting? >> kanye, are you considering supporting [inaudible] >> no comment about your meeting with the president-elect. he is the president-elect of the united states. nothing to say? >> i just want to take a picture right now.
4:50 pm
>> you take care of yourself. i will see you soon. okay? >> kanye west about 20 minutes out of the hospital. >> weird. >> what was that about. >> if the president-elect, tucker, wants to project kind of stability and sanity as this part of the transition, he picked the absolute worst person in public life in america. as you suggest, he just got out of hospital for the psychiatric emergency that he invoked, you know, so-called dehydration and exhaustion. he cancelled his san pablo tour. his life has been a mess. he had kim, his wife, kardashian with that robbery in paris. so many different crazy stuff has been going on in kanye's life. i thought when i saw this. >> wait, wait, wait. you are not against this. you couldn't be against this, could you? >> wait.
4:51 pm
if donald trump wants to meet with kanye west it's great. >> outreach to unserved community of rappers with psychiatric problems. why is this bad? >> you know, in contrast to the billionaires in the cabinet. kanye west 5 million dollars in debt. so maybe that's the kind of antidote there he wanted to counter balance. >> don't you think it's a little weird for the press to be jumping on? i actually think this is pretty strange. i don't know what it means. but i do know the press didn't say anything when beyonce went to camp david this past labor day and the presidency is always sucking up to celebrities and the press never says anything. >> this is an indication that the president-elect is having trouble getting a list performers at the inauguration. i mean, why would you have kanye? kanye is such a troubled person right now. you know, he was hospitalized. invoked the insurance policy to pay for the san pablo tour. tens of thousands of disappointed fans and vendors and coliseums that were booked and so forth and
4:52 pm
so on. he comes marching in with entourage. there is so much about the kardashians, generally, i have nothing against them. i mean, kanye,. >> you have got to have something against the kardashians, come on. >> in 2005, kanye west actually had impact on the second george w. bush term when he said that hurricane katrina that george w. bush doesn't care about black people. >> so unfair, stupid. >> disgusting moment. but kanye did indicate this past spring apparently that he wasn't endorsing trump but he sort of supported him, you know, in a couple of weeks ago he said is he leading the give trump a chance movement. i was actually already the co-chairman of that. but, you know, why he came and why the president-elect spent so much time it's unusual, listen, i hang out with unusual people. >> i know you do. i read your books. i was looking for you in the building the other day. and one of your producers said he is gone. is he on some -- his island or an island.
4:53 pm
where were you exactly? >> i had this dream years ago when i was a pennyless kid, struggling to get along that i would own some day my private island. a private island in the tropics and you know, 15 years ago or so i bought one five miles south off the coast of puerto rico. i love it my wife doesn't like going there anymore. she is afraid it's too remote and zika virus and the financial crisis and this and that and the other thing. so i hang out there. i bring in a lot of buddies and we go fishing. and this time i was with a guy who happens to be a shrink good friend of mine dr. gonzalez. not that i needed it. >> but you retreated. so trump gets elected and did you go to remote island with zika virus and your shrink. >> you can summarize it that way. [ laughter ] >> holiday chocolates, also. >> i know you do. >> renaissance man picture round it's all out. >> you are that for sure. and i ate your chocolates
4:54 pm
i'm embarrassed to say. thank you for the chocolate. >> thank you. >> we're ready to take the criticism. you sent a awful lot of mean tweets at at tucker carlson. as we told you, trump in wisconsin live coming up. stay tuned.
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>> time now for mail bag segment, we used to call it mean tweets. they are all this way. just kidding. actually a lot of them are nice. not all of them are nice though. black wrote this. listening to you say again and again i'm not here to attack you, and then you do just that. such a horrible journalist! they are big now. i like how tucker tilted
4:59 pm
head like lab does he is trying to understand what i'm saying. like a dog whistle only can i hear it james wrote this you can imagine taking tucker carlson seriously? >> what happens when you feed a spoil brat, nothing but rance said mayonnaise and creepy erotic reagan fan-fiction. i have never seen in my life. if you have some, send it. don't that i can this personally tucker, you are the salute person ever. that is in fact super personal. tomorrow it's your turn to be king for a day. one of the best signaturements ever. if you had had absolute power and could do one thing to improve it what would it be. tweet us or email at "tucker carlson tonight" at tune in to the show. don't forget to dvr us.
5:00 pm
bill o'reilly up next. is he going to have the trump rally the minute it starts. good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we're awaiting donald trump, speaking to a crowd in wisconsin. president-elect continuing his thank you tour of states that supported him. when he begins speaking, we'll go live to the badger state for all the action. but first the talking points memo. christmas in america. you may remember about 10 years ago the factor began spotlighting companies that refused to say the words "merry christmas." in fact, some of those businesses actually ordered their employees not to say that well, that culture war issue ignited.


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