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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  December 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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now, they spent 10-1, 10-1 on north carolina. i love that state. we won south carolina easily. north carolina was something to be something that's very hard to win. very, very hard to win. ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking news. and you see these people. they go to like, oh, one of the networks is going ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking news, donald trump -- they're like in a state of absolute like getting sick. one of them they say broke down and started to cry, but i don't think she did really. i don't think she did. th they go ladies and gentlemen,
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donald trump has won the state of north carolina. now they're going oh, my. we're running up the east coast. it's like a marathon. and now we hit pennsylvania and they don't want to call it. right? you saw that. they don't want to call it. i'm left with 1%. if they got 100 percent of that 1%, they still get killed in pennsylvania. pennsylvania was tough because every republican forever thought they were going to win the great state of pennsylvania. right? they say, that i have said, not me. the bride that got away. it's always the bride that got away. pennsylvania, great state. we're going to win pennsylvania, but i keep thinking about every time you see the republicans for 38 years hadn't won pennsylvania. it's one of those states. very, very tough to win. i just felt so good. we're getting massive crowds. in fact we're going there in two days to celebrate.
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hershey, pennsylvania. we're going to hershey. big crowd. so pennsylvania, they don't want to call it. they don't want to call it. there's 1% left and there's no way they can catch it. i'm looking and starting to do interviews now because now i'm thinking this is fun. this is great. i can't lose pennsylvania. they refused to call it because they're dishonest people. okay. [ crowd boos ] >> it's all right. then we go up the coast and then it happened. right? number one, the audience they had that night was massive. the debates, did i win those debates folks? the debates had a massive -- over 100 million people. by the way, did mike pence, did he win his debate?
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mike pence. that wasn't even a contest. in fact, mike had actually got boring. that was not even a contest. then it happened folks, out of nowhere. they got sick -- he was throwing up. you know with the map, boy, that map was getting red as held. that map, that map was bleeding red. florida, south carolina, even if your a lousy candidate you win texas. texas is republican and the people are great. i had massive crowds. for three months it's like texas
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is in play and next week it is very close, texas is in play. georgia, remember georgia. georgia is in play. i'm saying man, can you imagine if i lose texas or georgia. it's in play. texas is in play. georgia in play. this is going to be a disaster. then they said, utah. i don't think a republican has ever lost. have they ever lost utah. i don't think so. utah is in play against some guy that i look at them and say, there's no way. my wife looked at him and said you're not going to lose to him. telling you, she's good at this stuff. i said, yeah, but that i have say he's tied with me. and she said, no, no, he's not tied. you're not going to lose to him don't worry about it. so they said utah is in play. so now it's like whatever time. 8, 9:00. goes on. first thing, donald trump has
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won the state of georgia. donald trump has won the state of utah. i love utah. utah. this guy that was put up there to fight me, he was down, hillary even beat him, okay. all of a sudden i'm saying, wow, what happened. so now we win all these states. and they're holding pennsylvania. ladies and gentlemen, donald trump has won the state of wisconsin.
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right. donald trump. so they said donald trump has won the state. i tell you what. i give a lot of credit to them. to your governor, a lot of credit. how to give a lot of credit to paul ryan. give a lot of credit to vice president mike pence because they stood up here. they campaign like you never saw before. that was out of the blue. we picked up a state we weren't really expecting. it was close, but we didn't know that was going to happen. then after that michigan was announced and the greatest was when pennsylvania came in because that's a big big big beautiful state. donald trump has won the state of pennsylvania. and they're going even before pennsylvania, but they're doing all this red and that map was so
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beautiful looking. i'll never forget the guy who was saying for months there is no path to 270 for donald trump, but there was a path to 306. there was no path. in fact they couldn't get me up. they continue get me up. i went back to maine four p times for one. the beauty is i was going to 17 different states. i was going all over. the other would be easier, just a popular vote would be easier and go to new york, california, texas, go to florida. that's it. iteasier, but the
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electoral college is genius. it's genius. you go everywhere and unless you see it, unless you see it, it's a very different way of campaigning. it's sort of like if you play golf. match play versus stroke play. very different. unless you see how this works up close and personal, so we ended up winning and i'll never forgot when they were on the map and they put up wisconsin and he said there is no path for hillary clinton to become president. donald trump is your next president of the united states. because of you. so i want to thank -- i want to thank p people of wisconsin. you're incredible people. you're incredible people.
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really truly. i can tell you this, we are going to work so hard for you, we're going to work so hard. we're going to have the best people in the world and you see the people we're getting. if you don't mind, we won't be totally politically correct, if you don't mind. is that all right? all right. we are going to work so hard for you and we're going to bring back your jobs and we're going to terminate obamacare. we're going to come up with a great great health plan that paul ryan is working on right now. and we're going to cut your taxes and we're going to have strong borders and we're going to have the wall. going to have the wall. going to have that wall. and we're going to stop the drugs for pouring into our country. and we're going to build up our military big league and we're going to take care of those vets. take care of them.
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and we are going to make -- look. he's the bottom line. we are going to make you so proud of your country again. so proud. [ crowd chanting usa ] >> we are never, ever going to let you down. we are never going to let you down. believe me. i'm saying this from the heart. this is me to you. this is not reading anything. no speeches, no nothing. this is me to you. i say it to the heart. and maybe even more so, i know how hard you worked in this
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state and my people were so incredible in this state, the people that got out the vote, and they said they didn't even have to work to get out the vote. it's so incredible. we're never going to let you down, wisconsin. and i just want to tell you in the truest sense of the words, it's a theme that we started right from the beginning, we're going to make america strong again. we're going to make america powerful again. we're going to make america rich again, wealthy again. we are going to make america great again. [ crowd cheers ] so i want to thank you wisconsin. god bless you, merry christmas. god bless you. thank you, wisconsin. thank you. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ great song and great great
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night from president elect trump. favorite songs of wisconsin including house speaker paul ryan and governor scott walker. vice president elect was also there, mike pence, who you saw giving him -- speaker paul ryan giving him the jersey 45 as in
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the president. what a night for donald trump as he continues his victory tour. welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly back after a few days off. i am on cough medicine so bear with me. mr. trump made one of his most important cabinet selections to date. nominating exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson to be his secretary of state. and just you think about the significance of this song for donald trump. just you've heard it a million times, but you can't always get what you want, but the you try sometimes you get what you need. which is really his message to that half of the country that didn't vote for him and including some never trumpers who he's been touting cabinet picks saying can you ask for better than this. we'll get to that later in the show, but begin tonight in wisconsin. where moments ago, donald trump wrapped up his latest rally. wisconsin is a state that
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narrowly went his way after voting d.c. in the last seven presidential elections. so somebody said the other day, now that trump won, he's not going to build the wall. i said what are you -- we're going to build the wall. believe me. my administering will follow two simple rules. buy america and hire america. because from now on it's going to be america first. >> in moment s we'll be joined y trump transition team and we'll ask him what's next. we begin tonight with newly named chief white house correspondent john robert live in wisconsin where mr. trump just wrapped up speech. john, congratulations and what's happening? >> reporter: megan. thanks so much. looking forward to joining you many times in the future. a significant moment just there. that's the first time donald trump and speaker paul ryan appeared on stage in this whole election together when he gave
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him the green bay packers jersey with 45 on it. you might remember it's about four weeks before the election, reince priebus had gone where paul ryan was going to view on stage and news of tape recording broke and paul ryan cut himself off from donald trump saying i'm going to work to get as many republicans elected as i can in the house. that looked like it was a division. even here tonight, with speaker paul ryan took the stage and said, he didn't even have his driver's license the last time a republican candidate won the state of wisconsin. there was a spattering of boos. when donald trump mentioned paul ryan the boos went louder. said wait a minute, i've come to appreciate paul ryan. he's like a fine wine. every day i get to appreciate his genius even more. donald trump went along himself to try to repair the rift that has existed between he and
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speaker ryan. the two of them have to work together if they hope to get the agenda past. replaying the whole election night from the time he said i thought i was going to lose based on what i was hearing from the exit polls to finally winning. the christmas trees on stage tonight significant as well because donald trump said the very first time he appeared in wisconsin, he said i'm going to come back here again and we're going to say merry christmas. mentioned the recount that just wrapped up in wisconsin. saying they spent all those billions of dollars for me to get the votes. i guess that shows you every vote does count. he also mentioned, megan, that president obama and michelle obama have been very kind to him and melania as they head towards the transition of power. the inauguration on january 20. >> that's good to hear. john, thank you. joining us now, jason miller. jason, great to see you. now we do have a couple of names into us. tillerson for secretary of
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state. reck perry at the department of energy. there's been some controversy over tillerson. some of the so-called neo cons like dick chanyz. he has the relationship with finance ministers and business leaders. has a unique experience to come into this new age we're talking about. the new world, the problems that we're facing. he has that ability to come in and realize what the gee owe political issues are. o political issues are.
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cheney someone who had a unique skill set and worked in russia and middle east and south america and southeast asia. if you spent any time with him, you realize how impressive this guy is and deep understanding. he's a tough negotiator. >> what about rick perry for the department of energy, which is he's being mocked because this was one of the agencies he wanted to eliminate when he was running for president although he couldn't remember that when he was asked about the free agencies. this is the one he forgot. he had said many times he wanted to eliminate this department he's now going to be running. >> rick perry if you know anything about his time as governor of the state of texas. really had energy and revival in the state. really helped them move and just started blowing up in a huge way. he is someone who has a lot of experience in the energy sector. i would say stay tuned tomorrow morning for additional news on this front. >> we will.
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there's no time like the present here on the kelly file. anything you want to tell us. >> stay tuned tomorrow. check your inbox. >> fascinating. i want to ask you about epa. does not believe in climate change. basically going to rewind undue all of the things that the obama administration has done for the environment during their eight years in office. do you believe in climate change? >> i think what he's going to regulation and restrictions being put on business of really hurt or economy. he's going to bring a little bit more of an even playing field to it we're going to make sure the economy can move ahead. sure we have clean air and clean water and we're looking out for the environment. was there has to be some kind of balance. i think the federal government has gotten too big and overencroaching at that pointen
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they say it's lawful, but don't say they have to do it. does he believe in climate change. >> i think we want to see sound science. we want to see take a look at what's really going on and this is when equity talk about regulations. this is one thing the president elect talked about on the campaign trail. >> you're not really answering. is that a hard question. >> it's a straight forward answer in we want to see sound science and see people go through and make sure we're keeping the country safe. also too we've seen a lot of science start running amuck. ichk the left wants to pull us into the debate. >> do you think there's a debate about whether there's climate change versus what causes it. obviously the world is continuously changing. we're going to do is make sure the government doesn't get in the way of stopping the economic growth. >> tomorrow there's a tech conference at trump tourer.
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my friend and others from the tech world are coming to see you from silicon valley. not you personally. what can we expect there. why are they doing that? >> i have big league names i can read to you here. or cal, kim cook from happenle. alex cart. intel, elon musk from tesla. microsoft, larry page and eric hit aschmit from google. >> what are they going to tell donald trump. >> the president elect wants to get all these folks together and talk about what we have to do to bring back tech jobs to america. what we have to do to get the economy going. these are the economic engines. the creators making our economy happen right now. getting them all together in one place to talk about what we can do to make sure tech is here and
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not overseas. bringing impressive people together at one time is really something. as you saw today, some of the folks coming through. jim brown to kanye west to bill gates. >> confuses me. okay. we'll get to that in a minute. stop i'm on cough medicine. i can't go from cheryl and bill gaits to kanye 30 second span. also tonight, new reports u.s. intel agencies are not on the same page when it comes to the russian hacking allegations. we have former fbi assistant james next on what's really happening here. plus, president elect donald trump was joined by a slew of high profile stars today as you just heard. including kanye west. wasn't he in the hospital? it's so confusing. when we come back, we'll speak with the presidential transition team on why she arranged this meeting and what happened
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cartels, militias, terrorist groups. they all need a place to park their cash and cherna is their dirty little piggy bank. we're going to insert into the country while nobody is looking. we're going to steal their money, sir? no, we are going to destroy it. we're going to finish this mission. anything we find is ours. do you want to trust a bunch of black water marks? i mean the rush, i've never felt anything like it. if we stay here we're going to die. then we die. breaking reports suggest disagreement between thele intelligence community between the cia decision that russia tended to sway the election in favor of donald trump. the office of the director of national intelligence says while
6:27 pm
it does not dispute the cia's reported findings, it is not exhale standing behind them. in just a moment, we will hear from former fbi director on what's really going on here, but first catherine has the new developments. the house and senate minority leaders calling for the creation of 9/11 commission to investigate the hacks. telling her position is not political. even if it didn't succeed. even if hillary clinton had won, it's still very important for us to have an investigation. i prefer an outside nonpartisan. bipartisan commission to review it. >> the director of national intelligence james clap ard and john brennen are not on the same page. comes down to the hacker's intent and whether there's strong evidence the russian
6:28 pm
government got involved to ensure a trump victory. after the u.s. publicly blamed russia in october, the hacks dropped off. pressed by a senior democratic. the russian links to dnc and releases by wikileaks was in fact more tenuous. >> as far as the wikileaks connection, evidence there is not strong and we don't have good insight into sequencing of releases. or when the data may have been provided. >> the fbi director had reservations in october about publicly blaming russia. they have until friday. turning now with more on this, former director in charge of fbi. the cia didn't release the stuff publicly, but the reports came out they believe russia had these e-mails and done so to p
6:29 pm
interfere, had interfered with the presidential election. now we find out the fbi is not on board with that conclusion and the director of national intelligence says look, i can't say the cia is wrong. only that they can't prove intent. so do you think some of our friends in the media in particular got ahead of their skis saying russian wanted trump to bin and interfered with the election to make it so. >> first off, this hacking is a terrible things. it's been going on for what, decades, a long, long time. all of my government records were disclosed by the opposite management. very weak security. obviously the democratic national dehcommittee had weak security and the plethora that are hacked and continue to be hacked. was it is russians, i don't know. does it surprise me the fbi doesn't agree with the agency. no. they have different standards for releasing these types of opinions. >> right. >> the director of national
6:30 pm
security, i think probably is the explanation point here, but whether or not i mean, i don't agree with foreign countries involveding themselves in our elections. what we're talking about here, you know, the notion that the russians swayed the election. how about the fact the information that was released might have swayed it. in other words, the major media was in bed with the democratic national committee. john podesta and others were sending questions over to the press to be answered. they were people hired by the democratic national committee to go and disrupt trump events. these are maybe the facts that might have had an opinion with certain people and how they voted, but the notion and the public should understand this is not about hacking into the voting systems per se. this isn't about the actual total votes. what they're talking about here is the russians put a thumb on the scale, but why would --
6:31 pm
think about this. i don't know if they did or not. why would the russians pick somebody who the odds maybe had a 10% chance of winning the election sgls the hacks occurred back in spring of 15. they didn't know donald trump was going to with the republican nominee then. when were the e-mails leaked to wikileaks. that's the question. what they seem to be saying. these are not reports that have been made public. what they seem to with saying. there were perhaps hacks of republicans as well. john mccain seemed to be suggesting that today, but the only ones that got given to wikileaks to be made public were of the dems. as you know, while those leaks made the democrats look terrible, who knows what would have been in the republican ones? could have been just as bad. who the heck knows. >> it could have been just as bad or maybe they weren't bad at all. we have no idea. >> that's to your point. that's why it's -- if russia wanted trump to win, that's why it tells you something. they only released to wikileaks
6:32 pm
the democrat leaks. >> megan, who knows. the democrats just can't get over the fact they lost this election. they ought to be looking at the fact that the democrats and the republicans for that matter, have ignored the middle class of the united states for the last four decades. >> or just be a better person. i was saying 2016, you actually have to be a good person. no longer enough to pretend. don't give the questions to donna brazil. just be better and maybe you won't worry about the hack. >> conduct yourself in an honorable manner and maybe nobody would have any really methodology to release anything that's nasty because you haven't been a nasty person, but you know, what is so hard to understand that our middle class has been driven into, you know, economic state of depression. you know and who nobody really cared about for many, many years. the plumbers, the carpenters, the people that work with their
6:33 pm
hands, all these people out there. you knnoknow what is so unusual so surprising that these people would finally want a change and what goes on in washington? i don't think that's the least busy surprising. >> gym, itjim, it's great to se >> great to see you. critics are sharpening na e knives for recollection tillerson. next on why this matters. plus president elect trump was joined by a slew of high profile stars today, including kanye west. when we come back, we will speak with the presidential transition team about the story behind some of these meetings. if you have a typical airline credit card, you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop?
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a strong man. a man whose already earned an avenue lavrge of endorsements. with the leaders of the world that we don't get along with. some people don't like that. they don't want him to be friendly. that's why i'm doing the deal with rex because i like what this is all about. >> more tonight on russia. possibly playing a part in mr. trump's road to the white house. this time comes and picks the secretary of state. that was president trump moments ago on the thank you tour praising rex tillerson. others are not sure about the exxon mobile ceo saying his tie to russia are just too tight for him to with able to get this job done without major strings attached. gallagher details the story live from la newsroom.
6:39 pm
>> megan, if democrats voted no on rex tillerson for secretary of state. it would then take three republicans to sink the nomination. have already made negative comments. rubio saying he had serious concerns about tillerson and graham saying quote, mr. tillerson so close to vladimir putin he can't push back when he needs to. the fajt tillerson has cultivated ties with the russian president. including working a $3 billion deal to drill for oil in the arctic. and being awarded the russian order of friendship. one of the highest honors russia bestows upon foreign citizens. here's rudy giuliani addressing that point on cnn. >> i do know he received an award from russian government, but so did restaurants and other notable americans. it's something you have though
6:40 pm
take look at. >> when it comes to pushing back against putin, didn't roll over and give the russian president what he wanted. instead, the exxon crow is noted for being a tough negotiator with a history of grinding out very lucrative deals. tillerson is also being recommended by former secretaries of state james baker, condoleeza right and. he has vast experience ability and judgment to deal with the very dangerous world we find confronting us. though we began by mentioning some concerns gop rex tillerson it is worth noting only nine cabinets in history have been rejected by senate. and south korecretary of state r been rejected. joining us now. house to house and chair intelligence committee. also here democratic analyst
6:41 pm
julie. congressman, let me start with you. bob gates. secretary of defense. james baker. both said this is the guy. do you think his ties to russia are going to be so controversial given this other story about whether russia interfered to help trump win, you know, no one is alleging that trump knew that. do you think that's going to defeat him and ruin his chances? what we already know is number one, that this whole story about russia is even in dispute within the intelligence community where the dni and cia are in disagreement. it's being deflated. >> they don't say they disagree. they don't feel it's been proven. they can't get there. >> yes. it is unproven in length that the cia has made to get to that story. are rather tenuous. so that story is going away.
6:42 pm
what rex tillerson did is exactly what he's supposed to do as ceo of global energy company. cut deals for benefit of shareholder dealers, customers and employees that enable company to be very, very successful and did that with people like putin. and i have no doubt that he has the background and the backbone to stand up to putin if he's our next secretary of state. >> this is what trump reportedly president elect trump says about him. he's a strong man. a tough man. and he likes that about him. i think most of you may not know rex tillerson. let's just listen to him. here's a sound bite about him talking about his relationship with vladimir putin. >> i have a very close relationship with him. i don't agree with everything he's doing. i don't agree with everything a lot of leaders are doing, but he understands that i'm a businessman. and i've invested a lot of money. my company has invested a lot of money in russia very successfully and he knows us
6:43 pm
being there has caused good things to happen for them. he understands that's -- i'm going to comply with the sanctions. >> doesn't sound like a bad thing to have a secretary of state having a close relationship with the head of russia. >> rex tillerson is a very easy answer to give. does he or does he not support sanctions on russia. he didn't support them in the past. because his company was losing tons of money as a result of not being able to drill in the arctic. >> and he said they don't make sense unless their comprehensive. >> listen, nobody would love to have more sanctions on russia than me. i would love to hear him expand on that as well. secondly, it is in his personal economic interest for sanctions to be lifted. pension fund depends on the shares of exxon going up. if he continues to cut deals, vladimir putin and his cronies
6:44 pm
run that mask raid with the russian oil company. >> i hadn't heard anybody raise that. can you address that, pete, about the value of his relations with russia. >> i think there's a very easy thing for rex tillerson to cut his ties to his pension to take the cash out and make sure it goes into a blind trust. you can cut these conflicts of interest. the bottom line is we need a new strate what we've been doing with russia for the last eight years doesn't work. we have to execute the reset button that hillary clinton proposed on 2009. >> let me just say this congressman. this is a country that's invaded ukraine. seized a great chunk of their land. that still has soldiers despite their denials. there's no disagreement that among the intelligent agencies they've hacked they're only disagreeing they were doing it to elect donald trump. after all this you want to establish a friendship and not
6:45 pm
punish. >> we need to recognize exactly who russia is and those things all happened on obama's watch and we need a strong secretary of state that knows how to deal with people like putin and knows how to deal with them successfully. >> okay. we'll leave that. leave it at that. great to see you both. >> also tonight, donald trump, kanye wst, and omar rosa. afootd i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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kanye west stopped by this morning to discuss multicultural issues and bullying. also on hand, nfl jim brown and ray lewis. first we check in with trace gallagher. it's unclear who called the kanye meeting. e news says it's trump who reached out to kanye. the team says it was held at kanye's requests. it was positive and protective, but would not talk content. >> mr. trump, what did you discuss in your meeting today. >> just friends.
6:50 pm
just friends and he's a good man. >> are you considering him for a cabinet position. >> we've been friends for a long time. >> what did you guys discuss? >> life. >> west was recently treated for exhaustion and very outspoken. >> i on twitter put out i wanted to meet with trump today to discuss multiple issues. nfl greats ray lewis and jim brown met with trump to talk about curbing gang violence. jim brown said he loved meeting trump. ray lewis said he talked with trump about helping gang members change their live. lewis has questioned the black lives movement saying the bigger issue is black on black crime. >> black and white is irrelevant. the bottom line is job creation
6:51 pm
and economic development to change the whole scheme of what our kids see for the next future. >> lewis also supports ben carson to lead the department of housing and urban development. >> thank you. joining me now is a woman at trump tower for some of these meetings today. omarosa man gold is part of the transition team. jim brown, i know he did some things after syracuse university. what was really the purpose here? we've had eight years under president obama where many people felt he start this my brother's keeper program it didn't go far enough and he didn't do enough to help what we've seen in the inner cities. >> the president mapped out a program that's aimed to help the african-americans in the community. a lot of the meetings are what
6:52 pm
we've already done and talked about in the campaign. he's going to fulfill the promises. kanye west is very concerned about what's happening in chicago. there's no excuse for how many murders we've experienced since january in chicago. kanye was very very concerned and she wanted to reach out to the president to make sure we could do something. you'll continue to see mr. trump reaching out to people who traditionally would not have an opportunity to sit down with the president-elect and try to gear and focus and direct what he is going to do for the least of these. >> kanye west is controversial for a number of reasons. him speaking about bullying -- people remember what he did to taylor swift. he may not be the spokesperson for that. but he does have an audience of millions and guys in chicago might listen to kanye west as
6:53 pm
opposed to some elite lecturing to them on how they need to do better. >> i have to say a completely different topic. you dealt with a really good well in a bully during the luncheon we were at. someone started booing and throwing out profanities. you knew how to shut it down. >> you were there. i told her, i said something nice about donald trump and she booed. and i said omarosa is going to get you. then she was quiet. >> and we were at the table next to each other. but i have to tell you that kanye has an influence over so many people. this generation responds to him and his messages. he was very passionate with the president-elect about the changes that he wants to see but more importantly he's ready to serve the country. >> he needs rest. he just got out of the hospital on january 30th for exhaustion >> it wasn't that stressful coming to trump tower. they got to have a good time.
6:54 pm
>> why didn't he bring kim kardashian. can you imagine that? donald trump, he missed a television opportunity. >> he gets so criticized for being involved in entertainment. but this president-elect is focused on carrying out his vision particularly for what's happening in inner cities. >> those are voices -- and ray lewis what he was saying, a lot of people will listen to him. not a history of lecturing to us all of the time. we'll see. omaro omarosa, great to see you. >> good to see you. feel better. >> we were at the hollywood reporter swa ray and i was saying nice things about donald trump and kathie finger gave me the one finger salute and i told her that wasn't nice. and things went downhill from there. when we come back we'll say good wo bye to one of tv's most famous and beloved dads.
6:55 pm
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look inward, can i be more. richard from louisiana, should be required reading for all high school students and on it goes. thank you all for reading it. we'll see you tomorrow at 9:00. good night. tonight -- >> russia is trying to influence our elections dates back to the so yet union. >> sore liberals are pushing the narrative that russia helped donald trump win the election. president-elect trump officially taps exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson to be secretary of state. lou dobbs is here to way in. and president obama plays up racial division while donald trump meets with african-american leaders, the reverend darrell scott and jim brown met with the president-elect today. all of that and ain


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