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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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fair, balanced and unafraid. i can hear the doors. so that means "tucker carlson tonight" is getting ready for his show. starts right now next door. ♪ ♪ >> well, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" the trump transition has made 12 cabinet picks so far. some have been widely lauded some have now. perhaps some none fiercer on the left than nominee for secretary of state rex tillerson. big business pawn of vladimir putin. tillerson is likely to have boisterous nomination hearings. among the upset is environmental groups for what tillerson does for a living. environmental defense fund reacted to the news this way trump's nomination of exxon mobile ceo of secretary of state is another sign he is putting the interest of the
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oil and gas industry ahead of the interest of the american people. mr. krupp joins you now. thank you for coming on. >> glad to be here. >> i think of you market oriented that seemed like a knee jerk response to the nomination of rex tillerson. maybe more aimed at your donors idonors in west l.a. thae rest of the country. you really think trump appointed him so he could increase the fortunes of the oil and gas business? >> tucker, we should take a step back from mr. tillerson, the question is the entire slate of nominees from the president-elect. >> this was mr. tillerson you were referring, to i think. >> yes. >> but is he part of a slate. i don't october to having a business voice in the cabinet that makes a lotted of sense. but when you look at the fact that it's mr. perry who railroaded through fast tracked 13 permits to build coal fired power plants in texas. when you look at the fact that scott pruitt head of
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e.p.a. has also sided with the oil and gas industry and tried to rip down every air pollution safeguard. >> okay. >> that's the issue. it's a question of balance. this cabinet is way out of balance on these issues. >> okay. but with respect, this is what guests always do when they don't want to answer a direct question. they deflect it to something much large are. not about this it's a larger question. i'm asking you to respond to a quote from you about rex tillerson saying this is a sign that trump is putting the interests of the oil and gas business ahead of america. i'm saying it's a pretty heavy charge. do you have any evidence for it? >> well, the evidence is when you look at the cabinet there are three people that i just mentioned all representing one point of view. good policy, tucker, is when you have a diversity of views. i appreciate you mentioned that the environmental defense fund is market-oriented. we zorkd with president reagan and his cabinet. we have worked with president bush father and son. just this past year we
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passed a toxic safety bill 403 votes to 12 in the house of representatives. we don't have a knee jerk response. but what we would like to see is balance and especially, especially at the e.p.a. mr. pruitt is outside of the mainstream. >> okay. you don't like mr. pruitt. okay. this is the secretary of state. and what i found so dishonest about this statement is that you're actually not on a completely different page from rex tillerson. he has come out for carbon tax. he was supportive of the paris agreement this spring. those are positions you have. you have lost audio. you can hear me? mr. krupp? unfortunately, he can't. we will come back to fred krupp. i think we are working on the audio right now. the point is, look, if you can hear me, mr. krupp, that rex tillerson is not on the opposite side of you on these issues. the guy is for carbon tax. he has been on the bunch of sides of the carbon issues.
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you don't say that at all and nor do you point out co 2 has gone down to other countries in part by exploration of exxon mobil made gas more affordable as opposed to coal for electricity generation. that's a real point you ignore because it's not serving your interest in fundraising. >> no. actually, tucker, we don't make judgments on the basis of fundraising. i will tell you right now i appreciate the fact that mr. tillerson has acknowledged that climate change is a real problem. i appreciate the fact that he has voiced support for not only a carbon fee but also the paris agreement. and i think it's good for america that the price of national guard has gone down -- natural gas has gone down. it does concern me that mr. tillerson, as head of exxon and part of the american petroleum institute has been against safeguards to make sure that we don't waste natural gas by throwing it into the air. it does concern me that he
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is part of a slate of candidates that represents just one view and getting, you know, pack to my major concern about the selection and the nominee that we are opposing, scott pruitt. we are putting him in charge of an agency when he has build his career out of tearing down protections of the american public from clean air. the good neighbor rule is a rule designed to prevent bad air from wafting into states. it saves 34,000 lives a year. mr. pruitt has been against that he has been against protections on mercury. >> well, to say that it saves 34,000 lives a year. look, we are getting into the realm of speculative when you start saying things like that. you have a point of view and that's fine. that's what makes honest dialogue impossible when you and others use the term denier to describe people who are asking in some cases entirely legitimate questions about climate science. and isn't the essence of
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science that you form hypothesis based on observation and then you test and retest the ohio pot sis. you are basically saying people who ask questions should be shut down and you espouse using the power of government to crush those people in encouraging -- >> -- tucker, i don't think that's fair. first of all, i haven't used the term denier in talking to you. >> your group does. i was just on the environmental defense fund website and you are calling people deniers who are in some cases actually credible questions. isn't that science? >> science is based on questioning and we are for that. >> okay. >> but putting climate science to one side, the concern about scott pruitt is he has been out of the mainstream on american health protection. >> you are not answering my questions. you are instead diverting. i'm asking you about the specific united states of the term denier it's use antiscience. people committed to the method would never use the
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term denier. science is welcoming and open-minded. so will you pledge now to stop using that word and to ask your employees to do the same? >> i that science is settled by a vast majority of scientists. >> since you believe the science is settled. we can agree that the earth appears to be warming to. what extent is that the result of human activity and to what extent is that the result of natural cycles over which we have no control? >> tucker, there is no question. >> the science is settled? >> there is no question that natural cycles play a part.
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there is no question. >> how big a part since science is settled you would know the proportion how big a part? >> of the incremental warming that we have seen since the industrial revolution less than 10%. and the models tease this out. so human caused warming is the overwhelming cause. >> less than 10%. what's the number since do you this for a living and you are familiar with the science? i just want to hold you to it if i could. >> yeah. i can't give you the percentage off the top of my head, tucker, but it is a minor component. >> it's a minor component. all right. my last question to you is if i questioned that and i said look, i'm not denying all of climate science but a lot of the models have been wrong as you know over the past 60 years. they have been. and you would concede that. maybe it's 50%. would you call me a denier or skeptic or would you say no that's the people in science ought to be asking. >> tucker, i want to get my people in science together with people you want to have
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debate this and let's have a conversation. >>. no i'm asking you as someone who represents settled science. what's the answer? >> i welcome the questioning. i think when you look at the evidence, you'll come to the same conclusion i have. >> all right. fred, thanks a lot for joining us tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> sorry about the audio. once again, very high profile guests inside trump tower today. trump mogul sat down with president-elect. john roberts is outside trump tower with an update. hey, john. >> tucker. good evening to you. this was about the highest profile summit that donald trump has had since the election. probably the highest dollar as well gathering together here on the 26th floor. high tech billionaires. a lot of whom boy the way had actively campaigned against him. tim cook from apple raised millions of dollars for hillary clinton. jeff bezos said trump had been eroding democracy during the campaign. ceo of facebook.
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tesla and space exall of whom were hillary clinton supporters. trump saying basically look, the election is over. let's move forward. let's go through this transition process and everybody get on the same page and pull together for jobs and economy. these companies have a lot at stake with the trump presidency because a lot of them have billions of dollars parked overseas. they would probably like to bring that back to the united states. donald trump is promising them that they can repatriot it under a trump presidency lower tax rate than obama presidency. lower to 15%. by the way your stocks have been doing pretty well since the election. listen to what trump said. >> you're doing well right now. and i'm very honored by the bounce. they are all talking about the bounce. everybody in this room has to like me at least a little bit. but we're going to try to have that bounce continue. and perhaps even more importantly we want you to keep going with the incredible innovation. >> now last night we told you that montana congressman
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ryan zinke is going to be named as interior secretary. leaves agriculture and veterans affairs. for agriculture trump really wants heidi heitcamp. she is a democrat. would like to have her in the cabinet. because of the fact if she leaves to become a member of his cabinet, it's likely that a republican would replace her upping the balance of power in the senate. democrats really are kind of twisting her arm say level and federal level hey, don't do it. resist the temptation to go into the cabinet. the backup would be south dakota congresswoman kristi noem. she has also said that she doesn't really want the job. she would like to remain in congress. has her sights on one day running for governor in south dakota. likely if she were offered a job. if the president comes calling it would be difficult to say. no one of the most difficult positions they are having to fill is veterans affairs. a very strong manager basically restructure the way that the bureaucracy operates. change the entire culture at
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v.a. and right now they are having problems finding exactly the right candidate. it could be days if to the a couple of beaks until we hear who is going to fill those two positions. it's coming down to the last strokes here and proving that two of those positions they got he tend protocol the protest difficult to fill. tucker? >> thanks, john. appreciate it. a group in california is working to succeed from the union. it's not going to fall off in the ocean just going to become its own country. this is all spurred by the election of donald trump. wants a vote in the next two to three years. plan to kick off the effort with a ballot initiative. joining us is marcus. group behind the i cession movement. the last time a group tried this was in 1861 when south carolina made a move and it
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didn't end well. is it going to end better for california, do you think? >> yeah. because we are fundamentally trying for says session from america they were against equal rights for minorities. yes, california is saying that california is the most diverse place in the world. and that we want to have more minorities, more immigrants, more international connection. and essentially reject the values espoused by the confederacy and whatever state formed it texas vs. white which is the only federal supreme court case ever in america's to look at secession they said you can't do that but you can and this is the literal
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phrase in that court case that you won't see repeated in the news for whatever reason. i'm sure it's an accident is that states literally can leave through con sents of the states. consent of the states is in there. >> i think that's all true. i guess, in reading your materials, you say that basically it's an ideological move. this has accelerated since the' election of trump. you want to move out and make it utopia. immigration is one of the issues that you mentioned. would you open the southern border with mexico. why? and let all of central america, to the extent it already hasn't move to california? would you have any closed bshed at all and if so why? >> every nation has to have borders. and border controls and a functioning border. yes, california wants a more open immigration system and a working immigration system and the fact is that when we're talking about border patrol, who is in charge of
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immigration? who is energy n. charge of the visas? who is in charge of the border? who has always been in charge of those things. the federal government. and they have totally failed. >> to be fair, that's true it hasn't but california does encourage people to come by issuing, for example, drivers license for illegal immigrants. among other things. but, one of the results of massive immigration into california is when i was growing up it was the richest state and now it has more poverty than any state. almost a third of the state is in poverty. l.a. is the poorest big city in america. if you were to let millions and millions more of low skilled laborers come into the state, how would it get richer? >> right. so the poverty is not because of the undocumented immigrants. it's because we lose 15 to $32 billion a year. it's because silicon valley is one of the major economic drivers of california it loses about $3 billion a year because america's foreign image is so horrible that foreign countries will not buy technology products
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from california. >> it's because your middle class moved to denver. >> if the federal government impeding california from making money in the billions of dollars that actually allows us to be impoverished and not keep people employed. >> okay. i don't love the federal government either but that does seem like blaming the russians for the election results maybe a little bit of denial. >> i saw the interview with you and the guy who called you a russian spy. now you know what it's like. they can just accuse you of anything. >> yes, they can. so california has 11. i think it's 11 military bases. would you keep those and would california have nuclear weapons as its own country? >> so, yes, california has been very specific to say that we're only going to do four things. if you believe that california would be better off as a nation, not perfect but better off, great. if you believe that we can only use legal mechanisms to get there, peaceful mechanisms to raise the argument and that california is about diversity and there is no room to argue for that, against that, then you
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are in. we don't really take policy distances on a bunch of other things, so we haven't taken stance on those issues. what we said is that it would be negotiated. >> but what do you think? as one of the driving forces, as one of the driving forces behind this? and as someone who is not speak going to move back to california under any circumstances? should i have something to worry about? are you going to be a nuclear armed left wing power like venezuela, for example but with nuclear weapons? >> so, i'm going -- i will answer the question. i absolutely believe in not deflecting. i get it but, yes, california has not taken a stance and we're not going to. because we only ask people for four things. but, in my opinion, obviously you look at the history of california and you can see where the characters are. california does not like nuclear war. it doesn't like nuclear anything. so likely that may be gone. it's also the number one place for foreign direct investment, tourism,
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international students, and trade. so, we don't think it's actually a target for being invaded. it doesn't go around telling countries what it can do. bossing them around. invading them and. >> you hav an international border. why wouldn't california become satellite parking for tijuana in about 20 minutes if it didn't have means to defend itself in the only reason it doesn't happen now is because the federal government is protecting. let's be honest. >> there is a difference between border patrol and military. and we would always have the border. the california highway patrol provides a second line of border deterrence a few miles north of the mexico-california border. we would continue to use the existing freezing rain structure that california had and make it more robust through better partnership with mexico. we would not open the flood gates and let everybody from latin america in. our movement has been about good economics. >> too late. you already did.
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i'm sorry. >> i was just back home the other day. i think you did. [ laughter ] but marcus, we can debate it back when we are in the golden state. >> federal government rubs the border we don't have the ability to open the gates they do. >> it hasn't improved in california. >> that's a fact. ♪ ♪ >> now it's time for twitter storm nightly forecast of socialed me qups post powerful weather patterns. tonight singer john legend is back for political pronouncements. he can't stop and this time kanye west is caught in the eye of the storm. legend said in an interview that he was disappointed with west for saying he would vote for donald trump and he slammed the rapper's meeting with the president-elect as a, quote, publicity stunt. twitter had a lot to say about this. first up, that guy, so he identifies himself, i thought everyone knew it was a publicity stunt. was there a person in la la land that didn't have a clue
4:20 pm
or was it two if more than two? sad. j.w. twooted this everything kanye does is a publicity stunt. true. andrew singerson says because we should never talk to people we disagree with. yes. a man called fu tweeted this being open-minded and listening to others is very important. john building walls? and finally anthony jean said would you say the same thing if he was doing it with hillary? great question. that's tonight's twitter storm. up next, upset about hillary clinton's loss? cut off your hair in mourning. one woman did just that we will cut her next. dark muttering in washington about interference. secret agents in wisconsin. voting machines programmed by vladimir putin himself. maybe. we'll talk to maybe of congress who is trying to mount an independent investigation into all of that. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ last week. just 1 pill each morning. 24 hours and zero heartburn,
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>> well, the weeks since donald trump's election, we have seen a lot of sadness on the left. according to new york magazine, the liberals of in the five brew rows are making their own statements of rebellion by did challenging traditional notions of beauty. hernandez a professor at george washington here in d.c. when she heard the news of trump's victory she headed directly to the hair salon with revenge in mind and she joins us now. great to sigh. >> thank you. >> i should concede i cut my hair too after trump was elected. >> i know. i found that out. >> that was by force. i had no choice. tell us the political statement that you believe your hair is sending? >> so have you ever been fearful before? what's your biggest fear?
4:24 pm
>> oh, i don't know. getting fired again. >> right. >> so we all have different fears, right? regardless of your political leaning or your race or gender, we all have fear. i really think this election was rooted in fear for a lot of people. so whether you are fearful of being judgment or fearful of poverty or fearful that someone is going to judge you because of your gender, a lot of people were voted out of fear in this election. for me my hair was a symbolism of me living fearlessly. so lock i was nervous to wear my hair the way it naturally grew out of my hair. i wasn't sure if i would fit into the mainstream of america. >> there is a before and after shot. >> so i kept my hair in a way that i thought would fit into society. so for me this was not about trump or some political statement. this was me saying i'm no longer going to live in fear and i want the rest of us to also. >> you are wearing the hair you the way you want to wear it now. >> exactly. >> that makes a ton of sense. i'm before that by the way. i'm not allowed to do it but i'm not against it let me
4:25 pm
ask you this, in the piece in the new york magazine piece in which you were quoted there are women in there saying i shaved my hair off. i got a crew cut. as really an expression of rage toward this. should your appearance should be used as a political instrument and like where would you stop? would you get a tattoo? would you get a nose piercing? would you get plastic surgery? is this a good way to profit politics? >> it's a hard way for me to tell someone how to protest politics or not. i think it's really important for women to feel comfortable adjusting their look in whatever way they deem fit, particularly if you have been wearing your hair or makeup in a certain way because of the way that society has told you need to live. i'm all for people living free. and doing whatever feels right in their soul and not having to connect it to politics per se. >> it does say maybe there is irony trapped at the center of this. if you don't like trump, and you don't like trump, fine. in some sense you are giving him control of your hair,
4:26 pm
right? >> no. >> you are actually empowering someone you don't like. >> i don't think it's about liking or disliking or empowering trump. to me it had nothing to do with trump. it might be difficult for me to tell you about something change my look it nothing to do with a man. it had nothing to would with donald trump. it was about me not wanting to live in fear anymore. i'm not going to complain. i'm going to do something about me. and i'm going to enter the world in a fearless place so that i can be a better person and help bring us together as a country. >> what's your next move in fearlessness. >> i'm in the process of building a platform to help other people live fearless as well. i write a blog and give speeches and do speeches like this and empower people to be fearless and and to start have conversations across the aisle and recognize that we have to show up from day-to-day and not be pulled in different directions. >> wait a second is, if i were going to go like fully fearless and the concept. i probably wouldn't take a shower or comb my hair.
4:27 pm
>> then take your tie off. >> maybe that's gross. maybe it's not fearless maybe it's nasty. >> not taking a shower is definitely yes, sir -- gross. i would not encourage you to do that. go ahead and take off your tie if you want to take it off. >> i'm not sure i'm going to sign up for your class any time soon but i appreciate you coming on to explain it. >> thank you. >> my heart beats one hundred thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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>> there is no bigger story in washington right now than the question of russian interference with the presidential election. people calling for investigations. making allegations. but according to that you poll by fox news voters are less interested. a new poll that we put out asked registered voters what they thought of russia's attempts, whether they helped sway the outcome. 32 percent said donald trump benefited. just 1 percent said hillary clinton. 59% meanwhile said it didn't have any effect at all. joining us now is one of the congress who demanded an investigation into all of this california congressman eric swofl. >> thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me on. >> i know you are abroad right now. you may have missed it at the white house briefing today josh earnest said something pretty striking. he said this about trump, trump was obviously aware and concluded based on whatever facts and sources he had available to him that russia was involved in swaying the election. that's pretty close to charging trump with
4:32 pm
colluding with russian intelligence. do you believe that? do you believe that trump had an early heads up about this and was colluding with the russians? >> we don't know enough right now, tucker. that's why i'm calling for an independent commission. you know, when the president-elect is disavowing what 17 intelligence agencies have said, that russia was responsible for the hacking and what the cia is apparently now leaking out that they had a premier candidate in donald trump. i think the best way to take the politics out of this is to have an independent commission. have them look at who was response sick. how we were so vulnerable and then most importantly because i don't think we need to relitigate the last election. look forward at what we can do to make sure this never happens to our democracy again. >> right. that's not quite right though, congressman. really the key info dump in the election was the hacking of john podesta's clinton campaign chairman john podesta's immplet mail account. there is no consensus how that happened. 17 agencies are not saying the russians were behind it
4:33 pm
that. they are saying it was done with a simple phishing hack that you or i could have done. it's not that clear and director of national intelligence. clapper has not weighed in definitively on this either way. it's not a settled question in the way you are presenting it is. >> no. actually dni clapper has said the hacks that did occur against the dnc, the dccc, the podesta emails came from the russian government. i have seen, also, in my oversight role as the cia senior democrat this evidence. it's overwhelming and donald trump should first start taking his intelligence briefings. taken fewer than anyone who has been the president-elect before him and two, he should have base on the intelligence community and want an independent commission. >> if it's settled as you are saying it is. why is the fbi saying there is in consensus on why this is done? >> i don't want to speak for the fbi. the leaks that i have seen
4:34 pm
many out apparently there is a question that if the russians had a preferred candidate. overwhelming evidence that was dumped through wikileaks and -- something woe should look at. i don't want to prejudge the results of an investigation. >> you are obviously prejudging them now because you left open the possibility that -- >> -- tucker, the way i look at in. >> let me finish. >> go ahead. >> trump colluding with foreign agents pretty strong thing to say. if the piece you wrote yesterday for the hill you said we need 12 member bipartisan group interview witnesses, obtain documents, issue subpoenas. who would subpoenas be issued to? >> sure. i think subpoenas would be issued to anyone in the intelligence community who had access to the information they were looking at to support the hack. tucker, the way i look at this, i was a prosecutor for seven years. any case that you are prosecuting you move forward when you have what's called probable cause. right know woul we at least have
4:35 pm
enough evidence that the russian government was involved. final independence sign justify especially when the president-elect is undermining the intelligence of intelligence community. once and for all who did this and how they did this and make recommendations so it never happens again. >> i have lived here long time to belief it's entirely inbounds and patriotic to question the called community. it's a bunch of different agencies, often at war with each other often reaching controversy. why is it out-of-bounds. show me the evidence, everybody. maybe you don't buy what they say. what is this anyway? >> you should be allowed to say it from perspective of being informed. there is no evidence that donald trump has even taken the briefing behind the evidence behind. >> i haven't taken the briefing either and i have all kinds of questions about
4:36 pm
it i actually don't believe. i think there is quite a bit of subjective analysis in here. let me ask the question i have asked ever night for the last week there is no doubt that russians want to influence our election and everyone else's election. i'm not a russia guy. i'm not a fan. however, i don't see any evidence whatever they did or didn't do had a material on the election. tell me what specific piece of information they got into wikileaks, moved enough votes to make hillary r?inton the loser and trump >> and, tucker, this is why i'm not trying to relitigate what happened. what i believe is whether you are a democrat or you are a republican, you should not tolerate a foreign government trying to influence the election. whether they did or did not. the evidence is that they tried to. >> i get it. it could be the republicans next time. and i'm against tacking. but we know the russians have been breaks into giewrts exiewrpts many years. it was shut down for weeks
4:37 pm
over this. and i don't remember any kind of independent blue ribbon commission issuing subpoenas to the obama people to ask why they allowed that to happen. right? so basically you are alleging it had a material effect. but if it didn't have an effect, then who cares? >> this is the presidential election that i certainly believe that when you dumping on a major property's candidate and you are trying to influence the you can of the election. we don't stand up to this. these are our fights. >> yes. i guess i would want to see any evidence that it had an effect. you could say well the russians, you know, want america's military to disarm. okay. i'm sure they do. until they get us to do that it's not a problem. you haven't demonstrated that they actually had an i will effect on our country, have you? >> tucker, i think you are moving my point independent commission should look at this to answer all of your questions. >> being. well, maybe it. will and i hope it does. >> i don't think, thanks for having me on?
4:38 pm
>> the embassy in washington has languished an empty husk for decades. guess who is maintaining if you guessed you? you are right. we will investigate that next. king for a day, absolute power to do anything. obviously you would misuse that power. what would you do to improve our country. we have been getting lots of smart answers and we will have that when we come back. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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4:43 pm
smoking. [ laughter ] this is a long time back. >> that's actually false. saint nick is a middle aged man, a taxpayer. can still smoke if he feels like it. this is america. just to get that clear. did you know that your money could be used to maintaining the old iranian embassy right in the middle of washington, d.c. hasn't been used for four decades since the hostages were grabbed. here to tell us what she found. what's it like. >> turk, first of all, i became interested in this building because i drove past it all the time. i know you did, too. it's a big beautiful structure right in the middle of d.c.'s famed embassy row. but it's been vacant for the last 36 years. ever since diplomatic relations with iran were severed after the hostage crisis of 1979. now, both countries continue to be legally bound by the vienna convention to protect each other's diplomatic property against damage or impairment of its dignity.
4:44 pm
but, iran clearly violated that treat back in 1979 and since then the former ambassador in tehran has been turned into the kennel of spies museum complete with anti-american gravity and statues as you can see there used as a training center for the revolutionary guard. but here in washington, d.c., the u.s. government continues to protect and maintain the former embassy of iran. in fact, a few years ago the state department under the obama administration repurchase gished it and repaired the building's signature blue dome. i went out there today to ask people what they thought. should the u.s. continue to respect the old embassy of the current loading state sponsor of terrorism? do you all know what this building is behind you? >> no idea. >> it is the former embassy of iran. >> wow. >> yeah. >> pretty cool. >> it has been abandoned for the last 30 plus years. wow. okay. i live up the road. and i have never known that. >> i'm not sure if it's been
4:45 pm
abandoned but i know it's empty. >> it is empty. >> right. >> does it bother me that bailing has been let go and not used, yes. >> do you think we should be making repairs and investing time and money on this building? >> it seems kind of pointless if it is just sitting there resting. >> if they are going to maintain it maybe they can rent to be used. >> it doesn't seem quite fair we are doing all this work and they are not doing the same for us. >> what would you like this building to be turned into? >> as an avid sports lover and a guy from texas, a basketball. >> like a tex-mex restaurant. >> you don't have that here in washington, d.c. >> if they gave us the building we will get a good tex-mex restaurant going. >> another embassy i have seen in even worse shape. and it's an eyesore. >> pakistan, you think? >> i think it's pakistan. >> we have to go check that out. >> i'm sure some of are you wondering where all the money comes from to maintain
4:46 pm
and repurchase bish the former iranian embassy. according to article on state department website i want to read it to you. this embassy is one of one of 11 properties owned by the iranian government across the united states all of which are now in u.s. government custody. some of iran's property stands empty, others are rented. rental income from the property helps pay for the maintenance of others. so helps pay is really the key word there we don't know if that covers all of the cost to maintain these buildings but it certainly possible that your tax dollars help foot the bill. and tucker, what i want to know is what would you turn it into? if that whole vienna convention wasn't there? >> honestly i would turn it into a museum of feminism. i'm not for that or rent it to the pork producers. rent to t. to the museum of feminism. >> iranian culture center, perhaps? >> i would. >> some said basketball court. >> you are a nicer person. a lot of ton of nice persons. >> i don't know if i'm that
4:47 pm
nice. >> you are very nice. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. trump hotel pennsylvania avenue in d.c. plan to inhabit another pennsylvania avenue building. ed henry joins us in just a second with that question. ♪ ♪
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4:50 pm
>> time now for the after dinner mint we call the friend zone where we bring our friends from within the building here at fox onto the set and tonight one of our favorites ed henry. okay. the president-elect, donald trump, he has got a new hotel here in washington that could be a problem once is he in office. house democrats say the general services administration told them mr. trump must fully divest from that property or be in violation of the lease. is that true? >> that part is true. there is obviously a bigger question about what he
4:51 pm
should do in terms of conflict of interest. the reason why this part narrowly is true is that remember donald trump got the lease from the government. old post office in washington. very historic building. been run down become like a food court basically and it was ridiculous. he has turned it into a beautiful hotel. you see those pictures. but the lease with the general services administration says this no government official can oversee this property. can own this hotel because this is before he was a presidential can cat number one and number two they figured they wanted to make sure president obama or president trump didn't pick some son-in-law or uncle to own the hotel through a government contract. make sure no nepotism. reasonable thing to do. now you have this odd position someone who is a businessman for the first time has become president and someone who has a hotel just blocks from the white house and it's obviously odd because the commander-in-chief owns the hotel. >> yeah. >> the lease is held by the government that he overseas. if they want to negotiate the terms set boss. he helps control the gsa's
4:52 pm
budget. in all likelihood what's going to happen donald trump as president will have to get off the lease, technically. and sell that property to one or both of donald jr. and eric. my broader point is this is going to be part of whatever he does with his news conference that was supposed to happen this week. does he divest completely? does he get his kids more involved? these are going to be big questions. >> i walked by your office the other night and it was really really late. you are sitting in there and hunting and pecking and typing with two fingers i noticed. i said what are you doing? you said finishing up a book. what is it? >> jackie robbison april 49 timing of the jackie's first game april 15th. you see his picture here. is he a hero of mine. my son happens to have the same birthday april 15th. patrick. nice coincidence. i was at a dinner party in washington. 2008. one of the worst parties. >> i think i may have been
4:53 pm
there. >> you may have been there. >> it's about jackie robison facing god. the belgium o ambassador threw it you have to read the book to get what else happened there. >> get me the french fries. >> i tried to leave early i said i wanted to watch a baseball game. you are a baseball fan my father-in-law had a major role in history. i sat back down. the story has never been told. late father-in-law was a minister in brook hundred had rookie knock on the door basically didn't say if he would go through with dining jackies are robison with the first contract. why did he go see a minister was my question and what did the manipulatester say? i was able to track all of this down, it's in the book. >> did she help you with the peculiar this woman you met? >> she did donna shore i give her great credit in the book. of the minister told his wife before he died that this secret meeting had happened in a church in brooklyn. the minister's wife told it
4:54 pm
in the 1960's. at the church in brook lynn. puts it in the bulletin. she wanted jackie robison to know that ricky sought a higher power. he reached beyond himself to get the first african-american to play. i thought it was really profound. and i wanted to know since she revealed this in a church bulletin in the 1960s did jackie robison who sadly died so early in 1972 did he know about this before he died? i go on a journey and i start with one of the only surviving members of brooklyn dongers almost 90 years old at i hop in indiana and end with rachel robison office in new york. widow. r
4:55 pm
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tittabawassee test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test candy replacingf4 with
5:00 pm
solid milk chocolate.#8 you are welcome. actually i disagree with you,e1 karen. butxd i enjoy the thought. ralm pus thinbpíave you evert heardkmj4(p&c@ >> the roirld factor son. tonight: >> >> the vice9w3 president. most anti-gay inok thisñi count. andçó so weok are in forok a dit time. >> critical mass has been reached as nutty college professors all over the country infantry aret( insulting and indoctrineating their students with ideological jibberw3 irish. we will have a special report.w3 >> incompetent. i willxd prepared to be preside. curious enough to become a seek@ continuing to hamu-u president-elect trump. does it3w really mean anything? we'll take a hardq look at that question. alsox how w/u#q you like ai] make


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