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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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you are welcome. actually i disagree with you,e1 karen. butxd i enjoy the thought. ralm pus thinbpíave you evert heardkmj4(p&c@ >> the roirld factor son. tonight: >> >> the vice9w3 president. most anti-gay inok thisñi count. andçó so weok are in forok a dit time. >> critical mass has been reached as nutty college professors all over the country infantry aret( insulting and indoctrineating their students with ideological jibberw3 irish. we will have a special report.w3 >> incompetent. i willxd prepared to be preside. curious enough to become a seek@ continuing to hamu-u president-elect trump. does it3w really mean anything? we'll take a hardq look at that question. alsox how w/u#q you like ai] make america great again hat signed
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by donald trump? wounded vets. and theiru famasjes. details up ahead. caution. you are about to enter the no siu zone. >>xd hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching usçó tonigh. should something be donexd about ourñi out-of-control college professors? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we have been reporting manyt( dominated by far left teachers who are now hysterical about th( election elections of donald trump. okfáñrçóa5ñiçós73wajf
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>> that was said in the classroom at the orange coast college in costa mesa, california. irish, slander interelectric actually observed. to insult, use are her word. who wants to hear that kind of diatribe in a psychology class? that womanokçó needs a psycholo. so the question then becomes what should be done to stopt( te many college professors have fired no matter what they do. there is the freedom of speech issue. becomes a point when the nation has to know exactly what's happening in itsé@nb institutiof higher learning. if you know your
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every!u singlexd totalitarian r@ control the schools. 1930s germany. in the soviet unionçóxdñiñgoçñrr
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test i in the back office. let her push some paper around the back office. i certainly wouldn't want my son. >> you are going to get sueded if you do that get a lawyer, aclu and say you are punishing me because of my
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speech and blah blah blah blah blah. >> i understand the penal code i assistant understand the code in the penal system. remove somebody for cause. it's in most contracts. >> tied up four or five years. go ahead. >> first of all, eric bolling playing the role of governor jerry brown the most liberal governor in the country. >> even jerry brown is not going to sign on to this. i don't think jerry brown is going to sign on to this. >> complaining about liberal teachers and liberal media is like complaining about the weather. that's the way it. >> >> far beyond liberal. if that teacher, she is free to say anything she wants about any subject she wants. but if that teacher then grades her students based on their ideology, in other words, if she singles out the conservative students and says i'm going to give you a c and the liberal students an a, that is actionable. even her tenure would not protect her in that
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circumstance. in the classroom, it is illegal to record a teacher. that is the fact. it is a two-party. you need -- but the courts have ruled that a teacher cannot have a reasonable expectation of privacy in a classroom. if i'm teaching, i'm teaching something controversial, of course the kids are going to talk about it maybe they will record it. so you don't have a right. >> she wasn't teaching anything. she was slandering. slander. >> all true. but first of all, you are not going to get past the teacher's unions. not going to be able to fire her unless she was vindictively punishing. >> if i were the governor i would certainly have her removed from the classroom and i would. >> can i give you another alternative? >> sure. >> somewhere around 4 million students in the college system in california alone. what is that 4 times 3. four parents and the student itself 12 million votes. enough people who find this offensive and say i'm not going to vote for you, governor brown, or whoever or what's the other guy's
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name gavin newsom wants to run for governor we're not going to vote for you if you think this is okay. >> i'm trying to organize here. >> would you both agree that critical mass has been reached on college campuses now with the safe zones and you can't dress up like a mexican for halloween. would you all agree that it's out-of-control now? >> i dress up like a mexican all the time. >> you get a busines dispensatin because of your mustache. would you say it is out of control. >> i would. 1968. >> the focused situation with a legitimate issue this is just insane. you are a terrorist if you voted for donald trump. that's what that woman said. if you're an american and you cast your vote for donald trump, you're a terrorist. that's what she told her students. >> i think the only problem with your analysis is it's the flip side of what the liberals are saying about the people that voted forever donald trump that
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they're reactionary, that they are closed minded they are uneducated. if you are a governor in a state. okay? and now i'm targeting states like texas and idaho and states that actually care about the quality of their education. you have the power to go to that costa -- that orange coast president, chancellor and say you're abusing the state's largess because we are giving you money and you have this nut in the classroom who is slandering and not teaching. she is either removed like your suggestion or i, jerry brown, am going to cut off 30% of your funds. governor can do it. >> the only problem with that analysis is that i think that you under estimate and understate the power of the unions that protect. >> who cares about the unions? who cares? >> the california teacher's union, for example. >> why does the governor care? >> since the middle of the
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19th century. >> so what? are you calling jerry brown a coward. >> he is going to pick fights he can win. >> sure can he. >> there is fallout from donald trump's victory is that he is pushed so hard against the pc culture people have to realize he got 65 million votes. >> what does that have to do with the poor college students who have to sit through garbage. >> here is how this goes and you know this more. >> 30 seconds, go. >> it starts there in politics. it goes to the media you are talking about it finally trickle down into culture and then lastly academia. >> i will send watters out there. >> that's a great idea. >> put them in the classroom. >> don't have them videotape. >> last time we sent geraldo to a college amherst, the next day. the flag back up. >> get the media on board and you may get some change. >> next on the rundown, far left press growing even more hysterical as donald trump puts together his cabinet.
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>> impact segment tonight. ever since donald trump was elected president. the far left media has been bitter. they just cannot accept what happened. >> i mean do we have to wait until the hammer and sickle is on the american flag before we stand up to this guy. >> what we have are ignore raignorant. you have people never been in government and don't understand the difference between business and government. >> we have a president-elect now who has basically matched some of these key talking points in russian propaganda to undermine our system. >> we are talking about candidate lost in historic way in terms of a popular vote but clearly won in the electoral college is this
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something of a national emergency? call out the national guard to surround the inauguration. unbelievable. >> with us to provide perspective ebonie williams and trish williams from the fox business network. changing my opinion on this used to bother me, ebony, and i used to react to some of it. and now i think what has happened is these people are so overwrought that almost every fair-minded american doesn't listen to them anymore. doesn't -- it doesn't matter what they say about trump, they just turn them off or walk away or cancel their newspaper subscription. >> i think a lot of people are with you, bill. a lot of people do listen. i will tell you why. there are a lot of people in this country, bill, who not only didn't vote for donald trump but they feel that the media not doing what you just showed there, and accepting the result of a trump presidency are what they call legitimizing it they find that dangerous. they say that any time the media is willing to accept and move forward, business as usual on the presidency
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of donald trump, they are complicit in the rhetoric that was displayed on the campaign trail. >> do you realize how insane that position is? we had an election. >> we did. >> won the election. >> votes were counted. >> now, if you don't try to undermine him, you're unamerican. that's just crazy. but hammer and sickle. sick sickle. i don't want to mention name. she thinks trump is going to make communist nation out of america. the other guy fascist, generals going to take over seven days in may tanks are going to roll down the boulevard in l.a. okay? they are hysterical. i'm thinking nobody is listening to. this nobody is listening. >> they certainly didn't listen during the election, right? because donald trump isn't going to be president. the media would have had you thought something entirely different that he didn't have any shot at yo all. what's interesting as a journalist it seems there
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used to be a school of thought that you should at least pretend you were unbiased. now there is a school of thought in the media that is completely biased and so much so that god forbid you actually say something in defense of donald trump. they will pile on in a really extreme way. >> i think that's broken down now. the rules of journalism and that's because of the internet where there are no rules. so that traditional -- they do it, we can do it and lay it off on them. >> the "new york times," right? , with their recent hire? they heard a guy self-described hack, actually. >> people don't know at this point what you are getting when you read the "new york times," i can't help you. if you watch msnbc, if you don't know what you're getting, i can't help you. but the ratings for msnbc and cnn have plummeted, plummeted. >> sure. >> after the election. which, again, says to me people, you know, they just have had it.
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they would rather watch the andy griffith show. opie by the way is still 8. that's like 50 years ago. still 8. >> you are making an important point which is i don't know that american, bill, no long kerr make the distinction between traditional objective news, the journalism that trish is referring to or opinion shows. i don't have a problem with joy on "the view," bill. she is paid to give her opinion on "the view." so that's okay. the woman how would not name on "the view." >> look. the reason i don't mind the opinion. >> it's masquerading. >> am i going to watch the david duke show on some kind of cable access? no i am not. is he hater. >> some people would watch that bill. absolutely would watch that. >> i wouldn't and most people wouldn't because is he a hater. what's the difference? >> if you want to reinforcement of your point of view, bill, people will watch you, absolutely. >> it's the hatred i object to. not the point of view.
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it's the hatred. i'm not going to watch it. >> you see that. there are pockets of that on the right. for example, david duke. and what you are equating that too basically is seeing some kind of similarity there on the left that there are members of the left right now in the media that hate donald trump so much they want to see him fail and they are doing everything to delegitimize him and with the hope that somehow he doesn't make it to the white house january 20th. >> like guerrilla warfare. like the viangchan. so now you have a guy who is elected president and we are just going to attack, attack, attack, no rules. we are going to say anything. we are going to make stories up. >> irresponsible. i look at paul krugman the economic columnist at the "new york times." >> why would you read him? >> i read it all. all of it that's out there. in other words, he was saying the market is going to tank. it's never going to recover. when donald trump. >> he was a little wrong about it. just a little. >> he was writing this the night of the election look where we are up 8%. he was wrong. >> what if there is a piece
5:19 pm
of media that speaks to the right and confirms that. a piece of the media. in the middle is actual journalism. actual objective. >> it's almost disappearing. >> would that satisfy you if we could go back to those good old times. >> you can't go back. it's all over. the media will never go back. >> that make me sad. >> to the days of walter cronkite where there was a semblance of fairness. now there is not. directly ahead. new fox news poll about president-elect trump. very interesting findings. miller on kanye west and other unusual visitors to the trump tower. also, would you like a make america great hat signed by the president-elect. i will tell you how you can get one while helping vets at the same time. those reports after these messages. ♪ ♪
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>> personal story segment tonight. brand new fox news poll out dealing with president-elect donald trump. question number one, opinion of donald trump. 47% favorable. 51% unfavorable. trump's cabinet selects 44% approve. 46% disapprove. do you believe trump will repeal obamacare? 68% say yes. deport illegal aliens, 39% believe that. build a border wall just 34% believe the wall is going up. 34% defeat isis. finally trump's involvement with carrier. 41% say it's appropriate. 41% inappropriate. 19% don't know anything. karl rove joins us now. what's the headline of the poll to you, mr. rove. >> headline is getting better for him and has way to go. take that favorable, unfavorable number. it is today 47 favorable, 51 unfavorable. the election, basically five
5:24 pm
weeks ago, 38% 60%. is he up 9 on the favorable side. down 9 on the unfavorable side. that's good movement in six weeks. but he has still got some way to go. his approval rating in december is 47%. for president obama in december of 2008 it was 68%. for president bush in 2000, remember, it was slightly contentious election, his was 60. he has got some room to go. now, who can he persuade? we just got through with the media. never going to persuade him. do you agree with that? never going to persuade. no matter how many jobs he creates, no matter what he does, the media is never going to go over and give him credit. do you agree with that? >> i largely agree with that local press will give him a fair shot when he goes out around the country. the "new york times" is not going to change. >> it's bad and is he a communist or a fascist or whatever they want him to be that day. so, he has got to persuade
5:25 pm
people nonideological never going to persuade him in the middle who don't particularly like him. that he is competent. now, i believe his favorability went up after the carrier thing was a pr koop for him. some in november and december show him moving up. your point is he needs to demonstrate is he getting things done. you are right. if there was a subhead to this poll it would be zelena was right. you may remember her, writer for the pittsburgh gazette. now writes for "the washington examiner." trump voters take him seriously but not literally and the press takes him literally but not seriously. but they didn't necessarily think build a wall. they didn't necessarily think that was going to happen. >> going to build a wall. interesting point. >> let me finish. when he said i'm going to deport all the bad guys.
5:26 pm
they said that's a tough task to feel. what they did feel was at the end of the day he would be serious about doing better on securing the border. same with isis as you saw in the poll the number -- the percentage of the people who think he is going to defeat isis are significantly less than the percentage who voted for him. they thought he is going to do better than president obama did. may not be able to get rid of him entirely next four years but by god he dual better. >> let's take a look at the wall. because that number surprised me in the fox news poll. he has been adamant on his thank you tour. that the wall is going to go up. he has to build a wall. is he going to build a wall san diego. >> that's a point. 1,000 sure he is. going to be -- is he not going to be build a wall on the 1260-mile border of texas and mexico that's a river. he will build it along a couple hundred miles there but not 1200 miles. that's the point.
5:27 pm
people didn't expect him to. they expected him to be tough on the border. it's good news for him. is he getting better. people are moving. that's a pretty big movement in five weeks. particularly after this election. do you think he has the temperament to be president? it is 44% 52%. it was 36% 61%. it's approved since the election. got to be careful about that twitter. think about this. is his use of twitter appropriate? 27% say yes? 63% say no. remember, he has got 47% approval rating. he has got nearly one out of every two people who think well of him knock that out. are his twitter feeds feeds, twitter knee jerk or thought out. 69% say they are knee jerk reactions only 19% thought out. >> people don't like him using twitter. he himself sees twitter as a way around the media that
5:28 pm
hates him is there any solution to that problem? >> yeah. i think there is. that is use the twitter feed like he did between october 22nd and election day where they sort of took control of it away from him and made him talk to somebody about what it is that he wanted to tweet. it is a great way for him to communicate. he has done well during the announcement of his -- some of his cabinet choices and so forth by using twitter. let him keep doing it be careful what you say and comes across as thoughtful and presidential not knee jerk. is he president now. >> don't let anybody tell him what to do. all right. mr. rove. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. donald trump and the factor joining together to help some wounded vets. we have 10 make america great again hats signed by mr. trump. we will tell you how to get one. miller watching closely. who is showing up to trump tower. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. if a denture were to be
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>> fact for follow-up segment tonight. is donald trump rubbing it in by doing a thank you tour that kind of mocks his opposition? last night in wisconsin mr. trump spoke for about an hour and he was all over the place. >> speaker paul ryan, honestly, he is like a fine wine. kanye, that's right. [cheers and applause] they like kanye. look at all those cameras. look at all that live television. look at that who has to do
5:33 pm
this every night with all those live cameras up. you can imagine if we made a mistake? would it be a disaster? melania, right? do we love the melania? the escalator. i wanted to be a wise guy so i offered them 5 cents on the dollar for their fireworks, okay? we never heard back. >> the firework line was hillary clinton's campaign that ordered fireworks and then cancelled them. the question are these speeches good for the country? with us now fox news analyst and former governor of arkansas mike huckabee are they good? >> they are great. perfect way for him to bypass the media and do two things very important for him right now. one, get out of the bubble. get away from all of the insular environment that politicians get wrapped in. number two, go out there and rub shoulders with the people who elected them he needs it not so much as for hitheir sake as for his sake. one of the most powerful things that donald trump is
5:34 pm
doing is getting out of trump tower. away from his meetings and going out there and being reminded of who was for him and taking the energy. it's like gasoline in the tank. and, bill, i hope he continues to do it after is he sworn in as president. >> all right. so, when he goes out and he thanks the people who supported him. and repledges, which he always does, that he going to look out for them. no matter what, i'm working for you are and all of that that energizes his base again and makes people like him who supported him. the other people, and you saw it in the fox news poll, you still have more unfavorable, favorable who are a little skeptical. he might come across as like this isn't really presidential. i mean, we have never seen a president make a speech like donald trump makes a speech. >> never. >> and that's good. that's good. is he a disruptive president. this was a disruptive election. we need disruption in the political world. and one of the things that i believe donald trump will do that will salvage all of these negative polls is when he gets results. when people start going back
5:35 pm
to work at carrier and ford, that's what it is. good policy is great politics and that's what salvages. >> shomanship that he brings and entertainment value he brings, you don't feel that's a negative in any way for the country? >> not for the country. here's the fact. the fact that is he going out there and being entertaining, guess what? every cable newser is going to carry his speech. he bypasses the "new york times." why would you ever load a gun that's pointed at your own head? why we let the news media be his filter? why we allow them to carry his water when they are going to taint it before they deliver it? >> so you agree with me that no matter what he does that the national news media will hate him and never going to give him credit no matter what it is? >> no matter what it is. >> okay. >> i think this man could walk across the hudson river and the "new york times" would say donald trump can't swim. that's how bad it is.
5:36 pm
>> okay. and then eboni williams earlier says she hopes it comes back. it's not coming back? >> no. i think journalism is dead as we once knew it now everybody is a journalist. you can go on and blog and you can tweet. there is no editor. the difference between now and each just a few years ago, there is no editor. >> nobody in charge. >> the polls show that most americans are getting their information on facebook. >> yeah. >> facebook. >> yeah. >> that's a bleak situation. we are here for a few more years anyway. i think we'll be okay. finally, are you going to do anything for trump? do you anticipate helping him out? >> you know, he offered me a cabinet position. i did not think it was a great fit for me. i told him at this point in my life. >> what was it? >> i can't say. >> secretary of, what? >> it was a secretary of. the reason i'm not saying yes is because i feel like that that is information that he and he alone owns. and only he should disclose
5:37 pm
it. >> you offered you a job and didn't feel it was a right job. >> what do you like doing. >> i'm talking to you. what could be better than that. >> you need to earn a living. that isn't really working. >> i have still got campaign debt to pay off. federal jobs are not that lucrative. >> that's true. governor huckabee thanks very much as always when we come right back, miller time. d mans that thoughts on kanye west and high tech titans meeting with donald trump. miller is next. ♪ ♪ try...duo fusion duo fusion goes to work in seconds and lasts up to 12 hours. tums only lasts up to 3. for longer lasting one chewable tablet try duo fusion from the makers of zantac
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. donald trump holding court. today in new york city high tech titans, many from california, met with the president-elect at his office. most of these folks supported hillary clinton big time. joining us now from santa barbara, dennis miller. now, yesterday, kanye west, he showed up at the trump tower. today the high tech pinheads. but before we get to that something just struck me miller, you know the little goatee you have going on here, you are looking like colonel sanders. you could be the next chicken commercial guy. you know? >> i would take that in a second. but i hear already they are
5:42 pm
going with the first female colonel sanders. it's hillary and they don't even have to spring for the white suit, she can wear the one she wore at the convention. the convention that started her on her road to the presidency. >> hillary clinton as colonel sanders. very interesting image. all right. kanye west, he is a pal of yours. i guess you guys go river rafting together. what do you think of his meeting with trump? >> well, listen, let's face facts. between kanye -- i'm rereading andrew breitbart's book. controlling the narrative. i miss andrew. is he very smart in that regard. if trump can turn black america towards him through kanye and ray lewis and jim brown who has massive cred in the black community, it is a nuclear winter for the democratic party. and it should be. when you look at baltimore, detroit, chicago, new orleans, the way that the great society has run down
5:43 pm
the single parent rate in inner cities from 23% i believe in 1965 to 73%. now, democrats should be ashamed and if i was a black american, i would be pissed off. if they are going to flip that vote to get something done, good for them. >> so you thought it was a well thought out political move to bring in high profile african-americans to try to convince the general population, black population to give trump a look. >> i don't even know if it was that political. kanye west seems like -- kid is having trouble. i hoped he talked to him as a friend. jim brown being if you are going to speak credential black community you have to speak to jim brown. he has been there since the get two. it's not all perfect. whose life is? he has been there since the get go. i don't think it was savvy
5:44 pm
or cagey. i think he knows where to go to get this fixed. >> the pinheads from silicon valley. all, all hillary clinton supporters, big money flow into the democratic party. here they are with the president-elect. and having a good old time. free water. lock at the free water, miller. they each got free waters. okay. what's this all about? >> well, listen, if you're going -- if you are about to rub people's faces in it, it's nice to see their face up close. isn't it? do you imagine how delicious this is for trump to sit in a room full of visionaries who didn't see it coming. and you know even did a little business today. i see where he asked elon musk if you would like to have a fragrance named after him. trump's elon musk and they are going to sell it down in the gift shop of trump tower. he had a bunch of people up. he had bill gates up who
5:45 pm
said he was kennedyesque. i'm going to love watching the pundits on the left now try to refer to gates as stupid because he called him kennedyesque. de blasio came over. you know why de blasio came, bill. he was delivering a pizza. and gore came over. the reason gore was there because he gets so revved up trump talking to all these bright people all day he brings in gore later in the day as a sleep aid because after you talk to gore for a half hour, you have a flat line elect central enself low graph and then romney came over, they are trying to patch it up the two of them. i think it's like hockey teams at the end of a seven game series where they shake hands. i think trump feels a little guilty about flaming romney like he did. the "new york times" came over. that wasn't about anything except the trump has a foreign friend who is an acrobat and he wants to climb the front of the "new york times" building. and that's the only thing pinch salzburger can sign off on anymore. carlos slim makes all the
5:46 pm
heavy decisions. it's been a parade over there i love it. >> do you know what i think? there is a little stuff going on. i could be wrong here. i could be absolutely wrong. trump is a power guy. he likes power. and he understands power. that's why tillerson got secretary of state. trump thinks he is really powerful and he is going to be able to one-on-one it with putin. i think trump brought all of these people in, including romney, so they could kiss his ring. that's what it was. hey, here's the ring, man. you have got to kiss it and they all did. they all smooched it. >> i love that billy, i would tell you the only thing i would quibble with in your breakdown there was that he doesn't think he is the most powerful man in the world. he is the most powerful man in the world. >> but that's what i think it was all about. and the people watching from the outside go woo, better not mess with. >> billy, i think he is going to be great at this. because i can see already he wants to get things done.
5:47 pm
and you know what? a lot of people, if they have an open mind, they will say wow, it's starting to work. chicago is starting to get better on the weekends it's not a slaughter house. if that starts to work. only a hard core con continue jent of people out there never give it up. if he does well, they will even hate him more. and that's on them. it's not on him. that's on them. >> miller, everybody. a quick reminder, only three of the spin stops here show starring miller, watters and me still have tickets available. tulsa january 13th. now that's the first show that watters is going to do. anything could happen i'm going to be interested to see that tacoma at the dome march 25th. omaha the day before century link. go over to bill o' tickets make fabulous christmas gifts. on deck, would you like a make america great again hat signed by president-elect trump? we'll tell you how to get one in just a few moments. ♪
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>> back of the book segment tonight, helping american vets, you may have heard of issuissue
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if you win, you'll make the check out to fisher house so you can get the tax deduction. we expect bidding to be spirited because these hats are now a piece of presidential history. it is a tremendous cause as you all know. bidding stops midnight sunday. we will announce winners on monday's factor. we did this kind of fund-raiser for the independence fund which has high-tech wheel chairs for wounded vets and we were successful raising millions. president obama and four other presidents helped us out with that endeavor. now president trump stepped up and we thank him. go to and submit your bid and get that signed hat, a center piece of any historical collection. in other factor business, brand-new legends and lies will air this sunday at 8:00 p.m.
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here's a preview. >> occupy the building along the street, from the upper windows you should have clear shots of the enemy. >> yes, your excel ency. >> go, go, go. >> now that episode chronicles a turning point of the revolutionary war, american victory at trenton, the day after christmas, 1776. brilliant strategy by washington. he knew that the mercenaries, germ answers, wou ger germans would be drunk. sew moved his troops that night
5:54 pm
and surprise attacked the next day, wiped them out. so finally, if you watch legends and lies, you will learn the true story of how the u.s. won the revolutionary war. one more thing. if you check out the rachel ray show tomorrow, there is a special mystery guest involved with that. someone who might get you riled up. you'll want to check that out. back with the tip of the day. the tip, moments away. we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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factor tip of the day, nice suggestion for elves in a moment. checking in on a new year's day report, selling boxed sets of my killing books. great price on those. dvds of legend and lies. very nice gift. we say merry christmas door mats, love those.
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handmade america ties. factor worthy. air worthy. guys will like them. and stocking stuffers, pens, hats, mugs, shirts, all with our logos. please remember the money i get from donated to charity. aaron from battle creek, michigan. bill, i am a nurse practitioner in an emergency room and i see firsthand the opioid epidemic. o'reilly, in the drug segment, you interrupted him over and over again. stop. good grief. it is a back and forth dialogue. if you want the doctor uninterrupted, have a special report. wise up. david from oklahoma. charles was spot on. president obama is somewhat right of the incar raciceration users but i believe punishment for sellers should be. you have to deal drugs which
5:58 pm
many of the users do. also low-level dealers are almost always offered plea bargains that many turn down. if you have sympathy for the devil, pushers, then you join the president in the land of the misguided. helen taylor, from michigan. my daughter died from heroin use. ai gree that obama's point on it is wrong. i believe trump will stop the madness and drug dealers will be harshly punished going forward. >> i am making time to read the killing books. should i read them in any particular order? not necessarily, they all stand alone. all will sell close to 2 million copies each. hope you enjoy them. michael in thailand. happy 100th birthday to kirk douglas, i just watched spartacus again. very interesting guy. i was lucky enough to core responsibility with him. 100 years old, kirk douglas.
5:59 pm
>> i ordered three copies of "give please a chance" for my grandchildren. excellent, bruno. remember if you sign up for membership or give certificates, get any of the books free. great deal. finally tonight, factor tip of the day. all of us should do something charitable this christmas season. great teacher in my town at st. mary's elementary school organized some students to visit a senior citizen facility bringing gifts and good cheer with them. converse with the seniors, some of whom don't have folks who care about them. mr. griffin sets a strong example for all of us. so get creative. think about how you can help folks in your town. then do it. it's what christmas is all about. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. check out fox news factor website, different from also, spout off from anywhere in the world. if you wish to eoe pine topine f
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the day, don't be pendantic. thanks for watching. i'm bill o'reilly, and please remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. we have a big story breaking tonight as an intense fight takes an ugly new turn. with u.s. spy agencies refusing to use the intel used to attack thely j the legitimacy of the 2016 election, to some extent. good evening. i'm megyn kelly. the election took a couple of explosive turns in the last 24 hours. first, the republicans started questioning why they were seeing media stories of russian involvement that went well beyond what they had been told by these agencies. then the house intel committee


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