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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 14, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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and just go over to and let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left this evening. we'll see you back here tomorrow night.
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>> that is in costa mesa, california. it is slander and the college pays that instruck year to assault her student. that woman needs a psychologist. so, the question then becomes, what should be done to stop the madness? it's a tough one, many college professors have tenure, meaning they cannot be fired no matter what they do. there is a freedom of speech issue. there is a point the nation needs to know what's happening in it's institutions of higher
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learning. if you know your history, every single totalitarian regime controlled the schools. it was propaganda across the board in the classroom. and they were fired or worse. if you don't see it their way, you're attacked and if you're a student, you can punished. it's up to each individual state to monitor what happens in schools. schools. ate has a right to know what is going on. it's time for governors to hold college administrators responsible for what's happening in the classrooms. that is the memo. now, reaction, here in new york
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city, geraldo riviera. so it's illegal to record a teacher. a student recorded that teacher. it's illegal to do that. so this is a two party state. but that aside, if you're the governor of the state and heard that, what would you do? >> we don't know if the teacher has tenure. >> then remove the teacher from the classroom. >> suspend her? >> no. put her on administrative -- put her in the back office. >> you know you're going to get sued. the teacher is going to get a lawyer saying you're punishing
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me because of my teach. >> there must be somewhere. i understand the penal code and code within the education system. there must be something for cause. >> eric bowling playing a role of governor jerry brown -- >> even jerry brown, i don't think is going to sign on to this. >> i think complaining about liberal teachers and liberal media -- >> if that teacher, she's free to take anything she wants about any subject, but if that teacher grades her students based on their ideology, in other words if she singles out conservative students and says i'm going to give you a c and liberal students an a, that is
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actionable. in the classroom, it is illegal to record a teacher, that is a fact. you need consent. the teacher ruled a teacher cannot have a reasonable expectation in the classroom. of course kids are going to talk about it. she wasn't teaching anything. she was slandering, slander. >> you're not going to be able to fire her. >> if i were the governor i can remove her from the classroom. >> there are around 4 million students in the college system in california alone. if you get enough people who find this offensive and say i'm not going to vote for you, governor brown, or whoever it
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was, or what is the other guy's name? gavin newsom, we're not going to vote for you if you think this is okay. >> would you both agree critical mass has been reached now? with these safe zones and you can't dress up like a mexico on halloween? >> i dress up like a mexican all the time. >> would you agree it's out of control? >> i would unless you compare it to years that you're. >> the situation was focused with a legitimate issue. okay? this is just insane. you're a terrorist if you vote for donald trump? that is what they want to say. if you're an american and you cast your vote for donald trump, you're a terrorist.
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>> it's saying for the people that they're reactionary and closed minded. >> you're a governor and i'm targeting you have the power to go that orange coast president, chancellor and say you're abusing the state's largest because we're giving you money. and there is a nut in the classroom that is slandering. >> they under state the power of the unions. >> california teacher's union?
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why does the governor care? >> i think he's going to pick fights he can win. >> there is good news. there is fallout from donald trump's victory. it's that he pushed so hard against the pc culture, he -- people have to realize he got $65 million votes. >> it's going to go back toward. >> put them in the classroom. >> i did. i did. >> last time you sent watters to college was amhurst. and the next day, hey. >> get the media on board. maybe get some change. >> next on the run down, far left press growing more
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>> is this something of a natural emergency? >> it's unbelievable. with us now to provide perspective, ebony williams from the fox business network. changing my opinion on this used to bother me. and i used to react to some of it. and now, i think these people are so overwrought that almost every fair minded american doesn't listen to them anymore. it doesn't matter what they say about trump. they just walk away or cancel newspaper subscriptions. >> i think people are with you but there are people that do listen. there are people in this country, bill, who not only didn't vote for donald trump but feel the media not doing what you just showed there, and accepting the result of a trump presidency what are they call legitimizing it. they find that dangerous and say any time the media is going to
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accept the move forward business as usual they're complicit in the rhetoric. >> do you realize how insane that is? an election. >> he did. votes were counted. >> sure. >> if you don't try to undermine him, you're un-american. that is just crazy. b but -- i don't want to mention her name, she thinks trump is going to make -- taking over, tents are going to roll down la brea boulevard in l.a. okay? they're hysterical. i'm saying nobody is listening. >> they didn't listen during the election. right? because donald trump is going to be the president. yet, the media has you thought something different. that he didn't have any shot at all. i think what is interesting to me, as a journalist is that it
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seems there used to be a school of thought that used to pretend you were unbiassed. new there is a school of thought that is biassed and you know, god forbid you say something in defense of donald trump. they'll pile on in an extreme way. >> the rules of journalism, so that the traditional, oh, they do it, we can do it and lay it off on them. >> yes. "new york times," right? with their recent hire. they hurt a guy from politico. >> if people don't know at this point what you're getting when you read the "new york times," i can't help you. if you watch msnbc and don't know, i can't help you. but ratings for msnbc and cnn plummeted. >> sure. which again says to me people
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had it. they'd rather watch "the andy griffith show". opie is still eight. it was 50 years ago. he's still eight. >> i don't know that america can make the distinction between journalism or opinion shows. i don't have an opinion with joy on the view. she's paid to give her opinion. the woman you would not name on the "the view". >> i don't mind the opinion. am i going to watch the david duke show? on a cable access? no. i'm not. >> why? >> but some people would watch that, bill. >> i don't care about that. most people won't. because a hater. what is the difference? >> you want -- you want to reenforcement of your point of view, bill? >> it's the hatred i object to.
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not the point of view. >> there are pockets of that on the right. for example, david duke. you're equating that to seeing a similarity on the left that there are members of the left in the media that hate donald trump so much, they want to see him fail. they're doing everything to delegitimize this. and the hope is that somehow, he doesn't make it to the white house. >> it's like guerrilla warfare, all right? like the viet kong. >> it's not responsible. i look at the new york times. >> why would you read it? >> he was saying the market is going to tank. it's never going to recover when donald trump, you know -- >> it's a little long. >> saying he was writing this and look at where we are. >> here is what is interesting.
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what if there is a piece of media speaking to them and confirms that? i mean, in the middle is actual journalism. actual objective, fast-paced journalism. would that satisfy you? >> it's all over. it's all over. >> that makes me sad. >> media will never go back to the days of walter cronkite and all that have where there is a semblance of fairness, now, there is none. ladies, thank you very much. directly ahead, new fox news poll about president-elect trump. and miller on kanye west and other unusual visitors to trump tower, also, would you like a make america great again hat signed by the president-elect? how you can get one. those reports, after these messages.
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>> joining us now from austin, texas, carl rove. >> headline is things are getting better and he has a way to go. take that favorable, unfavorable number. it is 47 favorable, 51
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unfavorable. the election, five weeks ago, 38-60. so he's up nine on the favorable side. down nine on unfavorable side. it's good movement in six weeks but he's got a way to go. his aproufal rating in december is 47. for president obama in december, 2008 it was 68. for president bush in 2000, remember, his was 60. >> who can he persuade? we got through with the media. never going to persuade him. >> what he does, media is never going to go over and give credit. do you agree with that? >> i largely agree with that. i think local press will give him a fair shot. yes. >> so no matter what is done, he's bad. or whatever they want to know. so he's got to persuade people,
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far left, in the middle that he's competent. i believe his favoribility went up after the carrier thing. this are polls in late november and early december showing him moving up. the point is that you're right. there is a subhead to the poll. and you may remember her, she was the writer for the pittsburgh gazette, now, writing for the washington examiner said trump voters take him seriously but not literally. and the press takes it literally. and trump voters believed in him and i think he's going to build a wall, though.
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>> he said i'm going to deport the bad guys, he said that is a tough task to do. the other day, he said he would be serious about securing the border. the number of the percentage are less significantly less than the percentage who voted for him. he may not be able to get rid of them entirely. but let's take a look at the wall. in a number surprised me. he's been adamant the wall is going to go up. he has to build a wall. he has to. now, is he going to build from brownsville to san diego? no. >> that is the point. that is the point. >> yes. sure he is. >> he's not going to build a wall on 1264 mile border of texas and mexico that is a
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river, but people didn't expect him to. do you think he has the temperament to be president? it is 44-52. it was 36-61. so again, it's improved but they've got to be careful about the twitter. think about this. is his use of twitter appropriate? 27% say yes. 63% say no. he's not nearly one out of every two people saying no. no. knock that out. are his twitter feeds knee jerk? or thought out? 69% say knee jerk reaction. >> folks don't like him seeing twitter, but he sees it as a way
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around the media that hates him. is there a solution? >> yes. that is use the twitter feed like he did between october 22nd and election day with they made him talk to somebody about what it is he wanted to tweet. it's a great way to communicate. he's done well during the announcement of his cabinet choices and so forth by using twitter. let him keep doing it, but be careful about what you say. >> but he's president. >> meanty more ahead. donald trump and the factor joining together. wounded vets we have 10 hats signed by mr. trump. and miller, who is showing up to trump tower, stay tuned for the reports. as a control enthusiast,
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the fire works line was hillary clinton's campaign. the question, are the speeches about for the country? now, joining us, mike huckabee. >> they're great. it's a perfect way to bypass the media and get out of the bubble. and get away from all of the environment politicians get wrapped up in. two, go out and rub shoulders. he needs to see that connection and to feel it.
8:34 pm
and he's being reminded of who is for him and taking the energy, like gasoline in the tank. bill, i hope he continues to do it. >> so when he thanks the people who supported him and repledge that's he's going to look out for them and that that makes people like him. you have those who are skeptical. we've never seen a president make a speech like donald trump makes a speech. >> never. >> that is good and this is a disruptive election. one of the things i believe trump will do is when he gets
8:35 pm
results from people starting to go back to work, at carrier and that is the results. >> that is what it is. >> good policy is great politics. >> so you don't feel it's a negative? >> no. here is the fact. the fact he's going out there and being entertaining guess what? every cable user is going to carry his speech. why would you load a gun pointed at your own head? why would he allow the niece media to carry his water when they're going to taint it? >> so you agree no matter what he does the national news media is never going to get in no matter what it is? >> no matter what it is. i think this man could walk across the hudson river and the
8:36 pm
"new york times" would say donald trump can't swim. >> ebony williams says she hopes it comes back. it's not coming back. >> no. everybody is a journalist and there is no editor. the difference between now and just years ago, there is nobody in charge and polls show most americans are getting there and so that is a bleak situation. i think it will be okay. >> finally, are you going to do anything for trump? are you anticipating helping him out? he offered me a cabinet position. i did not think it was a great fit and i told him -- >> what was it? >> i can't say. >> secretary of what? >> secretary of, but the reason i'm not saying is because i feel like that that is information that he and he alone owns.
8:37 pm
only he should disclose it. >> what are you doing? >> i want to earn a living. this is working. >> i have campaign debt. federal jobs are not that lucrative. >> that is true. >> governor huckabee. thank you. good to see you. when we come back, it will be miller time. miller is next.
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>> the convention started her on her read to the presidency. >> hillary clinton as colonel sanders. an interesting image. kanye west, i guess you go river rafting together. what do you think of his meeting with trump? >> let's face facts between kanye. i'm rewriting breitbart's book. if trump can turn black america towards him through kanye and ray lewis and jim brown, who has massive cred in the black community it is a nuclear winter for the democratic party and it should be. when you look at baltimore owe, chicago, new orleans, the way
8:43 pm
the great society run down the single parent rate from 23% to 73% now, democrats should be ashamed. if i was a black american, i'd be pissed off. i'd want to flip. if these three guys are going to help flip that boat, well, then, good for them. >> you thought it was a well thought out political move to bring in high profile african americans to try to convince the general population to give trump a look? >> kaun way west seems like he's friends with the kids having trouble. i hope he talked to him as a friend. ray lewis, yes. more of that with ray. jim brown, if you're going to speak with any kind of credential with the black community, you have to speak through jim brown. it's not perfect. whose life is? he's been there since the get
8:44 pm
go. i think he knows where he has to go to get this fixed. >> okay. now, the pin heads from silicon valley, all hillary clinton supporters big money flowing through the democratic party. here they are with the president-elect having a good old time. free water. look at free water, they got free waters. >> yes. >> what is this about? >> well, if you're going to, if you're about to rub people's faces in it, it's nice to see up close. imagine how delicious this for trump to sit in a room full of visionaries who didn't see it coming? and the little business today, i see where he asks elon musk if he would like to have a fragrance after him? and they're going to sell it in the gift shop.
8:45 pm
we have bill gates up, said he was kennedy-esque. i would love to hear them refer to gates. the reason gore was there he gets so reved up, trump talking to great people it brings in gore as a sleep aid because after you talk to gore you have a flat line. dicaprio came over but just to hit on melania. then, romney came over. it's like hockey teams, they shake hands. i think trump feels guilty and the "new york times" came over. that wasn't about anything except the trump with a foreign friend who is an acrobat and wants to climb the front of the "new york times" building.
8:46 pm
because carlos swim makes the heavy decisions. >> it's been a parade over there and i love it. >> trump likes power and understands power. that is why, he thinks he's really powerful and he's going to be able to one on one it with putin. i think trump brought these people in to kiss his ring. here is the ring, man. you've got to kiss it and they did. they all did. >> i love that. billy, the only thing i would quibble within your breakdown there was that he doesn't think he's the most powerful man in the world. he is the most powerful man in the world. >> you know, the people watching from the outside go oh. better not -- >> billy i think he's going to be great at this.
8:47 pm
he wants to get things done and people are saying it's starting to work. and if that starts to work this will be a hard core contingent out there. that is on them. >> and only three of the spin stops here shows still have tickets available. so go to tickets make fabulous christmas gifts. and would you like a make
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factor tip of the day, check in and here is the report. this season, box sets make a great price on those. dvds, very nice gift. we say merry christmas door mats, love those and pens, hats,
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shirts with our logos. now, from battle creek, michigan, bill i'm a nurse practitioner and see damage of the opoid-heroin epidemic. your assessment is on. >> it's a debate program. if you want unenter rupted special report provides that. wise up. mr. mr. obama knows very few
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drug dealers are in prison. >> i believe you, and i believe so moving forward. >> thank you, and enjoy them. >> i was very lucky to correspond with him.
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pedantic when writing to the factor and remember, the spin stops right here, we're definitely looking out for you. we're definitely looking out for you. we have a big story breaking tonight as an intense fight takes an ugly new turn. with u.s. spy agencies refusing to use the intel used to attack thely j the legitimacy of the 2016 election, to some extent. good evening. i'm megyn kelly. the election took a couple of explosive turns in the last 24 hours. first, the republicans started questioning why they were seeing media stories of russian involvement that went well beyond what they had been told by these agencies. then the house intel committee


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