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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 15, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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so today governor huckabee and megyn kelly. [laughter] [applause] that's how it works. thank you for being here. >> thank you. harris: and congrats on "settle for more." outnumbered overtime, for us online. now, "happening now." who is to blame? the heart break addiction that kills more people with gun violence.
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and arming america's teachers. >> it is a matter of being proactive. another school district taking safety in l own hands. it is all "happening now". you have a lot of great stories to get to and we begin with a new nominee for the president-elect's cab be net. nice to be with you at home. i am leland vitter in for john scott. president chose ryan ziki to be interior secretary. he talks passionately about mining and dwiling. it is part of the thank you, tour. and also messages for the voters, hi, john. >> reporter: sweetest thing about hershey, pennsylvania.
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he won the state by 44000 vote. there is million more registered democratses in pennsylvania tlan republicans. the latest on the search to fill out the final two candidates. agriculture and veteran's affair. peth, hezik was in to see donald trump in morning. he is the front runner for that position. but a senior transition source said that he was not offered the job at least not at that meeting. and a couple of other candidates remain in the running, massachusetts senator scott brown who was a cornell in the military and chairman of the house veteran affair's committee. there is a lot of veterans. he is have announced a veterans
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affair secretary and agriculture is hanging out there. the campaign manager said they have plenty of time to get it all done. this is what she said on fox and friends this morning. >> we are really happy with the pace and execution. this is a donald trump project. under budget and ahead of schedule. we are ahead of the past and present last 40 or 50 years. this was the first day donald trump was to lay out a press conference and separate himself from the vast business empire. that is post owned until january. donald trump hit the media on it saying that the media tries to make our move to the white house pertaining to it my business complex when it actually isn't. but kellian an conway said it is
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convoluted and complex. he said they bit off more than they could chew. and still trying to fill out the cab be net. and one of the thorniest issues is what it is to cocan with the old post office. the contract signed stipulates that no elected official can hold an ownership roll in that hotel. and trying to figure if they can do that. >> we understand that the transition is planning a family office in the east wing of the white house which is where the first lady's office is typically housed. kelli ann said ivanka trump and
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jared kushner likely to it hold a position in the administration. if that is a family office. that could be ivanka's office and jared would hold one in where the president and his office are. >> more things unprecedented. john roberts is covering it all for us. >> another story amid growing accusation that russia tried to interfere in the election. john brennan decloined to brief p the house on this matter. critics say it is too many politics at play and point to the administration for things like this. >> we want to it reset our relationship. >> we'll do it together. >> so we'll do it together.
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okay. after my election i have more flexibility. governor romney i am glad you recognize al-qaeda was a threat. you were asked what was the biggest threat to america you said russia and not al-qaeda and now the 1980s are asking for the foreign policy back. the cold war has been over 24 hours. >> a piece that said russia influenced the election and obama, not trump. they are joining us via skype and the picture is great and and we appreciate the time today. looking at the sound we played for our viewers, this is what you zeroed in on in your piece. it is the sudden outrage by the administration on russia. tell us more as the story progresses.
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>> we'll start with a question. if the russians are to blame if president obama and intelligence community argue, really believe it was the russians, why is he not punishing russians? right now, even though we read in the press reports that they identified some unidentified individuals there is no visible move to do anything against russia. it is only aimed at damaging president donald trump and the republicans. what is that about? >> and the incoming trump administration. what is the affect? >> if the russians were running what the white house was doing and this information designed to at a point and smear a president-elect of the united states. that seems to be be where this is going. if indeed the russians hacked
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into the election in a major way and we haven't seen the evidence on which this whole thing is based. it is all leak and innuendo and anonymous sources. who is responsible for protecting the united states? whose job was it? not of trump or hillary for that matter, but president obama. it is the sitting president. and you just showed in the clips. and now suddenly in the final moments just before leaving, he's presenting us with russia as the unpunished arch villian tainting the guy he didn't want to win. jenna, the whole thing is something out of a novel. it shouldn't happen in american politic its. >> we haven't had that
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perspective very often. it is all about the campaign and not stepping back for a bigger picture in all of this. >> what could donald trump done? hacked and released his own e-mails? his twitter feed put it all out there. yes, people should protect themselves against hacking best they can can. but the job of defending the integrity of the american elections as long as the candidateses are running, that is the president and his administration. he has a multimillion massive bureaucracy to do this and right now, what seems to be happening, leaks come out from anonymous cian official and the president said there must be an investigation before he leaves office. >> that's an important point. we don't have evidence yet. and we don't have evidence of retaliation from the administration to russia. and even the members of congress that are representatives and allowed to it see the classified
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information are not getting supposed classic information. and claudia, we are going to have a new administration and so what can we learn from the last eight years to make sure the russians if they are indeed acting badly and misbehaving, that they stop it. >> it is a good idea for the american president to stand up to dictator and thugs such as vladimar put and i know make it clear to them early and often. not erase redline and makes it clear that it you do not push the united states around and you don't do things that america doesn't like. >> that is a sobering thought. and we'll see if it is it put in practice. >> it was a terriblic piece. thank you. fox news alert.
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and kelli ann convey. and they are addressing the media. >> ivanka is committed to women in the work place and the women in the economy. and she has had a wonderful platform during the campaign and certainly she and her father announced child care and it was a highlight of our campaign and her outreach to women. >> what about the track record in regard to terrorism? [inaudible] >> i was not in their meeting and i wouldn't disclose it anyway. but congressman peking was a tremendous asset and offered counsel. you can see him on tv and he is emphatic about p keep canning america, americans. and interest in her home save.
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and we know he has an opinion about the latest cia, information and he's always welcome here. [inaudible] >> i can see where basically the president-elect is entertaining people from all over the country. they are up to 92 meetings from people all over the country. and 55 world leaders on the phone, so, it is just a very exciting time and he's fully engaged! there was no new's conference. and we heard from kelly ann be conway. we'll work to get audio set up. also her comments underscores someone else we don't know. we don't know the position for the press secretary for the
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administration. we'll continue to watch the news out of trump tower. in the meantime, we'll turn overseas. >> speaking of overseas, civilians in the syrian war might finally get out of the cross fire. they have been trapped for years in the city of aleppo. 50,000 people are able to love that embatt rescuers are starting with the wounded. a teenious cease fewer is holding for now. the evacuation ends the four year occupation by rebel forces and john hutty has followed it live. >> reporter: we are hearing 1000 people were evacuated from eastern aleppo. now that number could be higher because this has been going on since early this morning, the evacuation process. we are waiting for more detail and word on that.
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if you look at the video this afternoon, a convoy of 20 bus and 13 ambulances, shuttled people out of aleppo. shortly after that, the evacuation of the first wave started. u.n. officials say the sick and wounded left first including children and other civilian and vulnerable seniors and then the rebel fighter are and their families, they are granted safe passage to syrian north and west of aleppo. the evacuation process is supposed to start yesterday. but the ceasefire fella part and it was stalled because of continued fighting. but the ceasefire is holding leland, so we'll wait to see if that continues. >> we hope it does for those trying to get out. thanks, john.
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back here at home. the electorial college will cast the official vote for president p. what some of them say they want first, that's next.
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s being ed
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>> some members of the electoral college are requesting an intelligence briefing. 69 electors asked the intel community for more information about russian intferrance. and they want that briefing before they vote next monday. mr. wallace, good to see you, sir. >> how are you, leland. >> and you want it to be nice and sunny and 80 this weekend. are they going to get an intelligence briefing before they vote? >> i don't think so. one of the big problems is that
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i can't imagine any of them have security clerrance. it is all classified information. and i don't see the obama administration rushing to do this. they can't brief congress at this point, how will they brief uncleared civilians who are electors. you point out 69 elector and they are the people who elect the president they are putting out a letter calling for a briefing and 68 of them is democrat and only one of them is republican and they have two leading theories on what is going on. some democrats are try to overturn the information and get damaging information on donald trump and persuade trump electors to turn even though they are legally bound to vote and they would turn and not vote for donald trump and turn to
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hillary clinton. and then they would delegitimize donald trump for president. >> to that point, if they say all right. unless i get my intelligence briefing, i will not vote. and bloomburg politic and long shot to block trump on monday f. it they say i am not going to vote. all you you need 270 they can vote as they so choose, right? >> i don't know if it would impact at all. if hillary clinton don't want to it vote for her, i don't know that that hurts donald trump and if you get 270 plus trump electors voting, it doesn't stop anything. talk about cutting your nose off to stop your face. it is getting political and even one democratic congressman in
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virginia who is now suggesting they should delay. the vote is supposed to take place on monday and they should postpone it for monday so they can get classified briefing. all of this is an attempt to overturn or damage the donald trump victory in the election. >> and you are going to it talk to christine pelosi, both elector college members. the speaker's daughter. you can imagine that it this is not shall we say a nonpartisan effort on her part? >> no. we are going to talking to her about that. i saw an interview and a heated interview she had with neal cavuto and she said we are trying to get the facts and i suspect that she has her own views about donald trump and hoping to persuade the republican electors to change
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their vote. >> we talked about that interview with neal. and mr. wallace, appreciate it, sir, see you on sunday. >> america is struggling with a growing heroin epidemic. opoids are the leading cause of death. generosity is its own form of power.
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you can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood?
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i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. >> this campaign season we talked about it now. heroin and opyoid a dikdz is reaching epidemics. every 19 minutes a person dies with the addiction. heroin deaths topped the members of homicides in this case can. here's texas ranger stadium and check this out. imagine that stadium with every seat filled and that's the
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number of people who die of drug overdoses in one year. joining me now is former house speaker newt gingrich and patrick kennedy. when someone is thinking about the issue they might put the two of you together. how did they come together on this issue? >> we worked on health information, technology & then i have been working on times ti s times -- alzheimer's issues. patrick can talk for himself. but he asked me to come up a couple of years to his annual forum and it was a great experience. he does great work. we said gee, we ought to find a way to work together on this. opyoid epidemic is a crisis and it is it a natural partnership.
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>> tell our viewers about the work you are attempting to do. >> this is bipartisanship. the solution says are out there, we are not applying them. both democrat and republicans should approach it like they would other chronical issues. if someone is suffering from the disease of the addiction. we had a surgeon general report that it is it a disease. we have known it for a years. it really is a public health issue. >> the solutions are easy but what are they? >> the solutions need to be multiprong just like for cancer or other illness and all of the tools and need to be reimbursed and if we don't treat addiction, the added cost of health care are enormous. and it pays terror us to pay for
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the addiction and we save on criminal justice cost and health care can costs and save lives. these lives are our family member and co-worker and we have to address this in a way we know upon how. >> i am sure our viewers are familiar with. and that is a war on the addict and the war on mexico. who ever is bringing the drugs in it. and what is different about your oproach. there is prevention and we treat people in such a way they don't become an addict. and there is, what do you do with someone who has a treatable condition and then the problem of how to reduce the supply. >> people need to appreciate that opyoid addiction is different than alcoholism. opyoid addiction, your brain gets used to it a certain amount
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of stimulus and you go through treatment your brain reduceses your ability to accept the opi didn'teds and if you back slide and overdose or kill yourself, because your brain can't keep with it. >> there may be those who have a hard time with this as a disease, patrick. i don't choose cancer. but those who choose the first step for a drug. >> people don't try to get up and alienate the family and friends and lose their job and get arrested. that's not normal. this is not simply a issue of personal will. most people would not choose to do these things. second, there is a biological component of the brain. it can't get free of it. and things like medication assisted treatment can quell the fire in the brain so you can learn the coping skills to live
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in real life and deal with life on life's terms. >> taxpayer money is on the line and you look at criminal justice and freement and insurance and all of that. and i know you were at trump tower and you spoke to mr. trump about the issue. >> we talked to him on the campaign. and rob portman and others are role leaders. and the president-elect understands the thorough dangers of alcoholism and deeply committed to help work on the opiod process. >> we look forward to talking to you about it. leland? >> great conversation. coming up. this is a controversial move that one colorado school district is making. allowing the teachers to carry guns in school. we'll talk to the president of the board of education about why. why. canned can clear i stood outside, assessing the situation.
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>> sometimes in december you need a reason to smile and just look at your 401 k. the trump bump continuing on wall street and dow up 116 as we are just around record highs. mostly fuelling today is the rise of bank stocks. wells fargo and jp morgan and
10:35 am
chase and city all stocks that are up today. it is getting so close to it 20 percent. and the dow down reason. and we bounding nicely. >> we'll continue to watch nicely. >> and a school direct near colorado springs. is willing to protect students at all costs. and the hanover school districts is allows staff and teachers to use guns. joining me on phone is mark mcpearson. and let me flush it out a bit. you are are a retired officer of the u.s. army and there is a background. where did the conversation even come up and how did they begin? >> the actual conversation began in june when one of our fellow board members brought concerns
10:36 am
to the board about response times and violent activities in the school grounds and we are out so far. we have a great sheriff's department and takes them 20 or 30 minutes to get to the location and introducing with them with that. marijuana is now legal in the area and concerns about possible activities as a result of that marijuana grows in the local community. and naturally a board member brings it to the table. we have a process that we go through and look at all of the conversations. and then finally put together whatever resolutions and take a vote on it. >> talk to us about how this works. >> at this point in time we have approved as a board a resolution to allow teachers to volunteer and carry a weapon within the
10:37 am
building and hire it as a security officer and duty. this requires them to obtain a state certified concealed carry permit and that is in the process of training with a weapon and certified by the state to carry the weapon with. additional training that is yet to be determined and they will require them to go through and once they obtain that they will carry it in the building. and president of the school district board of education is that something that you will opt to do and go through the training and carry the weapon and what was in the response of your team of teachers. and not something that i would do and we do have at least one volunteer already and several others on the cusp of coming forward to accept that type of training. >> and that is something that we covered in a few different schools. getting law enforcement to your
10:38 am
school area could take a half an hour. and it is great to have your perspective and we'll follow-up with you and look forward to having you on the program. >> thank you very much. >> back to politics. hillary clinton supporters are having a hard timy accepting that she is lost. this may have to do with misleading statistics that are around. our next guest will help us to separate fact from fiction. canned can clear
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>> it is are more than a month since the presidential election but some hillary clinton voters have not accepted the outcome. aaron black writing. supporters of hillary clinton can't help but keep reciting selective statistics to make themselves feel better about what just happened. almost as if he didn't lose.
10:42 am
but the states are far less than those using them would prefer. some of the emaims that go around. clinton got more than any other candidate other than than president obama. >> she got less than obama in 12 and '08. that is less than population growth. there is one candidate setting a record and coming close to it. that number doesn't mean much as we would like it to. take away jill stein and clinton would have won michigan and wisconsin. she would be the president than donald trump; is that true?
10:43 am
>> not exactly. there is a thing about third party candidate and did they change the results of it and if you look at jill stein vote total. she took more votes than trump won by. but looking at exit polls, many stein voters would not be clinton voters. and a lot would have stayed home and some of them would have voted for trump. you can't just give them to it clinton. robber this one i hadn't heard. is that democrats winning the pop vote and who cares? >> the whole cares is a good question. and it is true. but it is a stat that is
10:44 am
misleading. the and so the popular vote is relint on the states voting at that time. there was a major flubbing. and california has a system which two democrats can advabs to it the election. you have 12 million voters and a large chunk of the popular vote that are picked between two democrats. it means far less than we think it would. and you and i talked to a lot of demdepand republicans before the election and the monindustry was you must accept the results of the election. therefore we need to come
10:45 am
together from a country. is there chagrin when you talk to democrats who cite the transcribing statistics and they are trying to question thing and undermine the results? >> i think that there is certainly a little bit of turn about going on here. and i think the questions that they were dealing with before the election were about massive amounts of voter fraud that donald trump alleged would happen. in this case it is more about making themselves feel better and explaining it was a fluke that hillary clinton lost the scomplekz she won the popular vote. and we have an electorial college system that is in place. donald trump won under that system and we don't know if it was a popular vote and what would have happened. the campaign would have been run differently. it is more about people making
10:46 am
themselves feel better. fox news study and interviews you don't want to miss. great information, sir. >> and movie goer and a disturbance in the forecast. this marks a new beginning for a ghataxiy far, far away. . . .
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a rag tag band of freedom fighters. they are risking it all against the evil galactic empire in "rogue one." joining us right now. >> so happening right now, a big day, one of the most highly
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anticipated movies of the year. we were told what it would be like to be part of this iconic hollywood franchise. >> what is it like as a director to step into the step o of the shoes. a strange thing happens, buzz i grew up with lice kids my age, playing with toys, you sit next to a storm trooper. and you just feel reich a kid, you feel like you went back home, it is a very comfortable place to make a movie.
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>> i was a 6-year-old, i was crying, shouting, jumping, and they said you can't tell anyone, and it was so fun fair. you gave me the news and now i can't call my friends and say guess what? i have to play it cool? and they say yes. >> i didn't want to go for five months away from my kids, and i was like absolutely. >> if you're doing this we want to help. >> i believe my character is --
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the fact that he is a believer, the fact that he is blind. and he gets to say the coolist li -- coolest lines. >> i fear nothing. >> are you with him? >> all of the way. >> you're awfully excited by this. i have never seen a "star wars." >> i'm appalled by that. >> some of our reporters are so square, so serious, they don't watch movies -- >> in this case it is true, but why, if i have never seen "star wars" movies, and there are other people like i am, why pick
10:54 am
this one? >> it is a great one to start with. we have even episodes one through seven, two trilogies. you will be hooked. i have senior dog and he looks like a wookie. >> yeah. >> last question for you. pretty incredible special effects. >> this is one of the most beautifully shot movies i have seen. and people will see things they have not seen before. all of the familiar elements people come to love, and the cinematography is great.
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>> jenna? >> a hug and a handshake doing a long way to heal the wounds of the election. protestor being punched as they are es corded out of the rally. mcgras apologizing to jones yesterday in court. >> i'm happy to have shake his hand and you know -- able to be face to face with him. >> it takes a lot to accept an apology as well. christmas is a time to spend with our loved ones, so why does this big guy look so sad and lonely? we'll explain in the final 30, next. nothing says "treat yourself" like red lobster's holiday
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time for the final 30. it looks like a blue christmas for one teddy bear. the tsa confiscating this giant bear because it was too big to be screened as a carry on. they posted it with a reminder to check with your airline before traveling with large items. well, we may have a update, according to instagram, there is a picture of the bear now at the marines toys for to thes. he may have been kres cued. he will soon find a loving
11:00 am
household. >> are we concerned? >> thank you for joining us everybody. >> we begin with a fox news alert. the president-elect considering the final picks to round out his cabinet as he prepares to go to two critical states that got him elected. mr. trump's schedule lighter on the meetings. he is going to pennsylvania, florida, and alabama in a few


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