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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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it was jam packed hour. thank you for joining us. coming up next, here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, 10'm in aleppo, syria, where a human slaughter just paused bet not before untold thousands have been murdered by their government with the help of the russians it minutes ago the secretary of state accused al assad carrying out a massacre. the secretary kerry promising to do whatever the u.s. can do to save syrian lives. the u.s. has been promising that for months and years with no apparent success. now that donald trump set to take over will washington give up on fighting the regime. could be one of this most important early moves for trump
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in moscow the are denying that putin was involved in the hack attack on the election. and trump's senior advicer saying ivanka and her husband are the relatives most likely to officially join husband his staff. we'll see how they have to avoid conflict of interest with the trump business empire. a very busy news day. let's get to it. >> breaking news now on fox news channel. the russian president vladimir putin handed a victory to syria's murderous dictator, bashar al-assad, in a proxy war. now defeated survivors are leaving what is left of their homes in syria's largest city. a big win for the dictator who
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what killed countless women and children with poison gas. emergency workers began evacuating people in aleppo. among the survivors, hundreded wounds, including children. volunteers claim they came under fire today while clearing a path for evac -- evacuation. ewan clear who was shooting at them. the fall of aleppo was part of a russian-backed cease fire. russia is a long-time support ore of bashar al-assad and provided air strikes to assist in murder of 400,000 people pie assad's forces of state john kerry spoke about that a long time ago. >> there's absolutely no justification whatsoever for the inscrimmage nat and savage brutality against civilians schoop by the regime and by its russian and iranian allies, and
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for the past five years. >> the war there could be a major test for president-elect donald trump who says he wants a closer relationship with russia and a closer relationship with vladimir putin, the said vladimir putin just assisted in the slaughter of thousands. so we're perfectly clear here and as we have been reporting on this program for years, this is a civil war but has been much m. this is a proxy war, against assad, the iranian forces and the russian military. the united states and the rebels lost a major battle in the war with no signs of victory ahead. hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians eave been murdered. some reported through through war crimes, including barrel bombs and gassing. vladimir putin's forces made this possible. it could not have happened without him. today, thousands are at -- last
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fearing forces. witnesses say civilian bodies litter the city. the world has watched as ash a assad with the help of vladimir putin has slaughtered children for years, a proxy war between the united states andwish with our proxies being the rebels in syria, and russia along with assad's forces and we have lost again and thousands are dead. now what? >> well, now what is certainly the big question and you're right, this has pitted the u.s. against russia in a very sharp way over the last few years. now the big question, as you have this big culminating moment in aleppo, that strengthens a asad's hand at the same time as the obama administration is coming to an end, what happens
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next? huh does president-elect protect trump try to tackle the issue and does the move just trying to focus on counterterrorism and fighting isis as opposed to marginalize assad and will the come around to where obama has been. >> what have diplomas sucked or -- suggest are the options. >> assad is, this is a major victory for him and the russian mill tier enter generalization that the u.s. said would be a quagmire that assad and russia would regret that been very eticktive and managed to -- effective and managed to put assad back in position overwore today to the u.s.-backed rebels and made it so it doesn't look like he is in apparent danger of falling. so for assad this is all the justification he feels he needs to go to the international
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community and say, look, i'm winning this, fighting counterterrorism efforts and the rest of the world should align with we instead of supporting the rebels that the united states and others have been trying to pop up. >> the secretary of state suggesting the united states has done all it can. hoyt may reflect poorly on that. >> we saw intense -- not only decrying the violence and trying to put this all on assad and his russian backers, saying that assad was not just going after people and having some collateral damage with civilian casualties but this was a purposeful attempt to terrorize selfans. you can sense a level desperation because there's not a whole lot more that the u.s. feels its can do, other than decry what syria is doing unless the u.s. is willing to go in there militarily in the way that the obama administration made clear they don't feel would be
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an effective sleuth. >> congress gave no voice at all in any way to this conflict, did it? >> well, congress -- a lot of lawmake are odd on the will would like to see a more force of the responsible from the u.s. but what the obama administration says up in of the lawmakers have expressed a military solution that would have any likelihood of actually resolving this crisis, given the deck sectarian nature. donald trump has given some craigs me might pursue that strategy. >> our u.n. ambassador, samantha powell, likened the to the lautner receivexd -- how does te united states recover from there? ,. >> they're not exact parallels.
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the u.n. ambassador brought up the genocide in rwanda as a similar example, trying to describe the level of distress and civilian casualties we have seen inflected. the administration has been overall less inclined to link all of those things in one chain but certainly what we're seeing is a level of destruction, not only in aleppo but other parts of syria that will go down in history books as one of the worth things we have seen so far in the 21st century, josh, thank you. so russia's president vladimir putin assisted in annihilation of tens of thousands and along with the assad forces, hundreds of thousands. now russia's president is denying reports he was personally involved in the hack attack on our elections. next what we know about russia's reported role.
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what the president-elect is saying about it. picking up for kyle.
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vladimir putin himself interfered with the united states presidential election. according to at the reporting of multiple fusion organizations american intelligence officials say they can with great confidence record that vladimir putin was personally involved in the russian cyberattacks during the 2016 campaign. nbc news and others report the hacking campaign began as vendetta against hillary clinton and became an -- to -- "the new york times" and the "washington post" last week reported, a cia assessment shows russia was trying to help donald trump win the house, and all 17 u.s. intelligence agencies agreed. and have confirmed they kremlin
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was to blame for cyber attacks. still the president-elect, donald trump, questioned whether russia was involved in the first place, this morning he tweeted. itch russia or some other entity was hacking, why did the white house wait diat story" who wait until hilary lost. the united states officials did complain and reported well before the election that russian hackers stole e-mails and gave them to wikileaks. in october. we saw the drip, drip, transcript, what turned out to be incons shen wall e-mails which without question affected the election, change the outcome? that's another matter. this is about whether russians were interfering and our intelligence agency says they were. the white house says the fbi was fully aware of russia's solved as early as, september of 2015.
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so why not say sharing in officials said because president obama did not want to seem like he politicizing the records. senior trumped a veers are blasted the reporting in an interview or fox news. >> people should recognize there's unsourced, innamed who are leaking from briefings from other entities and what i don't like is they just draw this direct nexus between the possible of hacking and election results and that's just not right. >> conway -- josh earnest suggested trump may have known donald trump was involved in the cyber attacks and encouraged in the russias to target clinton, the hid. in reference to this
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comment from trump in july. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. >> there was much more. donald trump later said, all of it was sarcasm. josh earnest doubled down on his comments. >> i don't think anybody at the white house thinks it's funny that an adversary of the united states engaged in malicious cyber activity to destabilize our dem -- academicracy -- academicracy. that's not a job. number in the white house thought it was a jobe. i'm not aware of any member of congress in either party that was briefed oning this matter multiple times dating back to the summer thought it was joke. >> investigation becoming bipartisan. president obama ordered
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intelligence officials to complete a full review of the cyber attacks before he leave office, and mitch mcconnell says congress will also investigate the hacking claims. katherine her her -- herrage is live in washington. >> with full versions on capitol hill and the review requested by obama a former general intelligence office said it will create a paper trail to make it harder for trump and roche to have a relationship. trump questioned whether the report was really code for put yip. >> the reference to senior most officials in russia would lead me to conclude that based on my personal reading, not any knowledge i have, that it may be classified or otherwise, pretty obvious. nice were referring to the
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senior most government official in russia. >> cyber security specialists say the leaking of e-mails from the dnc and clinton campaign appears to be information warfare and influence american public opinion and holeland security reported no evidence the hackers got into the voting system and changed those resulting a well. >> how are lawmakers in the house panels this? >> re the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee requested an urgent briefing today but would can sed after the cia said they would not participate and brief a briefer. the fbi and the nsa and the office for director of national intelligence did not responsibility. devyn nunez says the committee is deeply concern that intransgeneralization in sharing belowenning can manipulate the intelligence. the committee will insist we
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receive all the necessary cooperationle the relevant leaders of the intelligent community, and a republican committee member said they have not been briefed on any new intelligence that changes the picture from the october state. >> i have been in briefing after briefing briefing and public statements, the director of national intelligence, director of the fbi all said they don't know what the motive is, if there was a motive, it was to disrupt the election. >> it's unusual for a senior committee member to be turned down by intelligence briefings. >> let's turn to john bussey now. this is not about partisan politics. this is about an adversary of the united states interfering in our election and both sides of the political aisle in congress
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want to know more. >> this is ans a sir vary of the united states. we're not on the same page with russia on a number of issues and this topic of russia's interference in the election process goes back months now to before the election, to after the elect -- when even more data points came out and it became clear that putin himself was orchestrating this, according to the nebraska reports. but looks like the cia is saying, serb most officials. that's putin. so, why is that? what was russia thinking to do? it was seeking to undercut americans' belief anywhere own electoral process, and maybe a vendetta toward hillary clinton who credit seed it russia. you have to ask why is it donald trump has been accommodating of putin, of this issue, of russia in general? n why is there seems to be a soft spot in praises putin as a
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leader, receives similar praise from putin. what is hit interest in not coming down hard on this issue which seems to be a fairly clear one about russia intervening. >> some so many others and many suggestions, one, of great interest to me, was released by the u.s.a. today newspaper, a headline: -- president-elect donald j. trump's controversial soft spot for russiaing based on decades of courting russians to buy condos in his highrises and invest in other real estate ventures. the says in the 1980s donald trump was in multiple bankrupts and went to russia and got and it the roast by the u.s. a today suggests it's about money and what about real estate and that's where this came from. >> we're going to see more athee
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-- relationship is between russia russia some donald trump. this is a dangerous world. russia is in ukraine, stirring up trouble. they're in syria, we saw what happened today in syria. they are send can their -- sending their bombers close to the air spaces of our allies. this is not a friend of the united states. this is a nation state that is run by a strongman, dictator, who john mccain has heavily credit seize it. lend si graham has heavily chit -- criticized and we need to be clear what the relationship is. >> we're about to have internal conflict in the republican party with so many on the republican side asking for a complete investigation into what. what lawmake we're not want to know more about a foreign power interfered in our election. that's unacceptable in america.
12:22 pm
can't imagine a world where that would become acceptable. >> the politics of washington are trying to figure out the relationship with this new president. adopt want to get on the wrong side of him and stand up for prisons and understand he is now leading the party and the government and how far will they push against that? we have questions about the undercutting of the integrity of the u.s. elections. we have donald trump criticizing the cia for the report about russia's involvement in those elections. so undercutting the intelligence community by a just elected president. issues nat will be with us for months. >> who is accused of slaughtering nine people at a church in charleston, case, last year.
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prosecutors chargeed dylann roof for -- investigators say he fired 77 shots inside the church during a bible study session. his lawyers provided no witnesses and his lawyers admit that roof dade it. he said roof was a suicidal loner who could i coo be delusional and may not have understand what he was doing. most of the charges that roof faces clearly carry the possibility of the death penalty. so, if jurors find him guilty, they will have to return next month for a penalty phase to determine whether he should face execution or life in prison for his crimes. he spent just two hours deliberating, in the jury did, before reaching a verdict. again, the authorities or the defense attorneys have said, look, he is delusional and that the jurors must take that into contention when they make
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decisions, not about his guilt or innocence, but more about whether he lives or dies. the testimony in this case was extremely graphic. there was one woman who survived, who was inside this prayer meeting at the time, this bible study. dylann roof has walked into the back of the place, gotten a bible and got instructions and listened for a long time. he is said to have -- well, testified, actually under oath while speaking to police officers, he said that he was trying to make a decision about exactly what to do. he said someone had to do something, and that he was the one to take action. what he did was he began shooting people all over the building and then at one point said to this one woman, by her testimony in the trial, did i already shoot you? and the woman asked for her life to be compared and he indicated he would spare her life so she could tell the story 0 of what
12:25 pm
happened. dylann roof wants to represent himself in the penalty face in this trial. we didn'ter to whether he will be allowed to do that. the headline is a verdict has been reached in the case of dylann roof. we don't yet know that verdict but i understand now that it is a guilty verdict. is that correct? guilty verdict in the church master trial. dylann roof has been found guilty in this massacre in charleston, south carolina, in the racially motivated slaying of nine black church members in south carolina. guilty of all crimes. this is just coming in. the verdict has just been read inside the courtroom and the detail wed'll get from jonathan serrie who has been there. there was no question whether he would be found guilty or not guilty. the defense offered nothing to
12:26 pm
say he did not do this. he left a victim happied without killing her so she could tell the story and during questions from authorities he said he didn't know how many people he killed. he knew he just kept shooting and win of the cops told him there are nine people deed he goes, that's -- i couldn't be there warrant even that many in the. and police moved to him, no, nine were dead ex-he chuckle educationally. a sickening thing to hear himself motivations are hardly worth expressing, without mary but the slaughtered people, african-american men and women, in a very historical church in south carolina, created-hoped to create a race war he said but instead brought the community together by all conditions. the governor stepped forward, local leaders establish forward, the president came. the day in which the president over the united states sang
12:27 pm
aamazing grace and people stood in unity. his work, dylann roof, brought unity at least for the moment. and these are the victims of dylann roof, all of them at a bible study in evening at a church. just an unthinkable series of crimes. we have been have something technical difficulty reaching jonathan serrie who is on seen but have been able to establish a phone connection. guilty on owl can'ts? >> yeah. they've been reading all of the counts so far, and he has been found guilty on those read in the court so far. we're talking about counts one through 21, according to reporting that we're getting from the courthouse by our digital reporter. this really comes as no surprise, even to the defense. the lawyer told the injury during his opening statement that he expected a guilty verdict but what the defense was
12:28 pm
trying to do throughout the trial and certainly during closing arguments, is win some sympathy among in the jurors so when the case goes to the sentencing phase, the defense hopes the jury will rule in favor of life in prison without the chance of parole instead of the death penalty. davidbrook's hands were somewhat today because he couldn't bring up mitigating circumstances in what was the guilty phase for the trial. he had to hate for chosing arguments and in the sentencing phase,roo roof said he wanted to go it alone. >> will that abe allowed. >> the judge has allowed. so unless dylann roof has a change of heart and wants
12:29 pm
professional representation they're nothing his defense team can do. they'll will be allowed to stay in room, sit behind him but appear that dylann roof is going to be carrying the lion's share of the road, based on his demeanor in court, there is nothing that says can't continue doing that even when he becomes his own attorney. >> there will be rules about whether -- personally i have this fear he'll get up there and go on a racist rant -- i don't want to think about it. will there be limits? >> that is one of the concern, he would use this forum to go into racist rant. he does have a lot o leeway in what he says but does have to pertain to the affects of the case, he goes off on a racist rant the judge can shut him down, but now a lot of legal experts are saying that may not
12:30 pm
be his intent and may just give everyone the see lent treatment -- sigh -- silent treatment, once this goes into the sentencing phase. you nor up to reading counts 1 how to 28, count 29 and all counts he has been touched guilty. >> that would leave 7 more. 36 counts in total. the only question is whether he lives or dies and the argument -- the only argue. i heard from his attorne, which -- their point to the jurors seem to be he might be delusional in some way and they must take that into account. >> david bruck mentioned the
12:31 pm
testimony from an fbi agent who was the room when police were intergifting roof, and when he gave his confession, david brucs said the testimony seemed to indicate that dylann roof was memory unstable -- mental lionel stable, and based on responses he was not clear on how many people he had shot. the numbers kept changing. so david bruck said that perhaps suggested he didn't have a full grasp on reality. so he is obviously trying to appeal to heart strings of the jurors and hoping the jury will give dylann roof a life sentence. david bruck is the same attorney who represented susan smith, the mother who drowned her two children by deliberately rolling the family car into the lake. from the beginning of that case he leveled with the juror and
12:32 pm
said, i'm make nothing bones be. what my client did. she is guilty of this crime but i'm going to try to show you why she did it. her state of mind. in his defense of dylann roof. but he will not be allowed to continuing to the sentencing phase, having to take a literal back seat to dylann roof also he presents himself in this phase, which is expected to begin in january. >> john, take us back to last summer. you were there after this horrific series of murders. the effect on that community is lasting. i have relatives there and say it's something that will never go away. >> it had a huge impact on the community community and it was the reactions of the parishioners and how they reacted that had a dramatic healing effect on the community. many people thought it would
12:33 pm
lead to rioting and unrest. instead you had family members of the victims showing up in court, after the shooting, telling dylann roof, what he did hurt them but they were able to forgive him. their act of christian solidarity let to people going up on the bridge, joining hands, people black, white, all races, and showing this sense of unity. in fact one person on the bridge was quoted as saying, this is how we riot in charleston, instead of violence, there was the show of solidarity, and then that led to a decision by the state legislator, signed by the governor, to remove the confederate battle flag, which had flown over the state capitol for decades, something considered political suicide in previous administrations was accomplished. the flag taken down in a show of solidarity, standing behind the parishioners of mother emanuel
12:34 pm
church because of the gracious way they responsibled to this horrific crime. >> john on the serrie on scene for is in charleston this is not over but the guilt and innocence phase is off. dylann roof convicted. we next is the penalty phase should he be allowed to live in confinement for the rest of his born days or should he die. gregg jarrett will be joining news just a moment and will make his way know interview table now. this is -- this penalty phase of things is not as cut and tried as you might imagine. in each state it's done somewhat differently. in this particular case, it's my understand thing will be what amounts to a minimum enough trial where the two sides will be able to -- they have to stick to the facts of the case but
12:35 pm
gregg jarrett, attorney and fox news anchor, they'll also be able to present their case, both for and fence ending his life. >> yeah. in the get fees, which just ended, the defense didn't put forthan insanitiy defense -- forth an insanity defense, and didn't put fortha diminished capacity defense. that surely what they'll do in the penalty phase. they'll argue a wide variety of what are called mitigating factors. one is mental instability, another one will be intellectual diminishment. they may even claim that at some point in time he was abused. those are all classic mitigating factors. then the jury has to weigh those against aggravating factors and there's a lot of them. multiple killings, extensive planning, and premeditation, and the acronym haack, heinous asian
12:36 pm
terrorist and cruel, and that's the definition of it. the last person they heard from was the survivor, when she testified that dylann roof said to her, are you shot? did i shoot you? and she said, not yet. and then he said i'm going to let you live because i want you to tell my story. it was chilling. >> as jonathan reported, one of the fears is that he will want to get up and tell his story in the penalty phase. what are the rules and regulations. >> he is ray loued to do -- allowed to do it if re represents himself. he said he would allow the lawyers to handle he guilt fees. he wanted to represent himself in the penalty phase. he has a six them amendment constitutional right to do. so judge is hoping he'll reconsider, allow his lawyers to make the argument and questions witnesses but if he represents himself you'll see a situation
12:37 pm
in which family members of victims, and indeed the survivor during the impact portion of the penalty phase are testifying on the witness stand and you have dylann roof representing himself, questioning them. that does not work well in front of a jury. >> and making a sort of grand political statement about his views no matter how abhorrent, is something allowed or particular. >> the judge has to give the accused great latitude and discretion because the judge doesn't want to create an appealable issue. so, the judge can't allow this to turn into a complete circus, the penalty phase, in the dylann roof is harassing and red calling calling and mock -- ridiculing and mocking the survivors and family members of the victims. so it's a delicate balance the judge has to strike.
12:38 pm
>> we'll report on it with caution and care. thank you, gregg jarrett, appreciate it. more breaking news to report and a very sad day in the sports world. the daunted sports reporter craig sager lost his long battle with leukemia at the age of 65. the very colorful sports castor and sideline reporter began his career in tampa, florida, as weatherman back in the day. he became a sports reporter in 1972 and has been seen on basketball sidelines for tnt for years and year and is extreme live bright colors colors colort e.s. once before a playoff game in memphis he visited a spot where elvis presley got his clothes and had a suit fashioned out of the material the king once war. hi basketball knowledge seemed endless. he was as entertain asia anyone who lived and tn st. said:
12:39 pm
craig sager was a beloved member of the turner family for more than three decades decades and n a true inspiration to us it. david leavy said there will never be another craig sager. he went all over world. while he'll be remembered for his colorful attire it is determination, grace, and will to live he displayed that will be remember. donald trump's adult children have been playing a prominent role in the transition, the sons are prepared to take the ric u.n. rynes of the empire and ivanka may end up in the east welcome of the white house? what does that mean?
12:40 pm
politics. that's next.
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >> president-elect trump was initially scheduled to explain his business -- the president-elect said his sons will run the business while he is in office but the team released few other details. and now a transition source tills fox news the trump team is making plans for a family office in east wing of the white house, which his daughter ivanka will likely use. trump's kids have been involved in the business and transition team. how will this work? ing this is new territory, again. >> yes, shep. i think we know -- we learned last week that ivanka trump and her husband, who is the top adviser, the last word on decisions that donald trump makes throughout the campaign
12:44 pm
and going forward, wants him to have a formal role. those two are looking for a house in washington. so, we think it's obviously going to be an official presence in jarred kushner has a formal recall and they'll be with their dad and father-in-law advising him daily. the problem is the other kids run the business so they've say, the two sons and the trump children make fish -- they make decisions together, and they advise each other and that's not going to change. so if those businesses aren't sold off, if the proper separation is not created we'll have an unprecedented and very inappropriate situation on the hands. >> it would be occupy the congress to make decisions whether what is happening is appropriate constitutionally or not? >> well, there is no specific law, as you heard donald trump tell "the new york times" a
12:45 pm
couple weeks back in his sit-down with them, that create as conflict technically in legal terms. he could do this. it would be unpress denned and haunt his presidency if it seemed like he could be making decisions that could further his financial interests. but certainly applies to family members. the online, jarred kushner, couldn't hold a formal position and not be exposed to legal jeopardy, i believe. if he kept all otherwise business holding. same with the daughter, if she is working in the west wing. he said that day, trump did, not a conflict for presidents. they can do what they want. but not something we have ever had before or wanted. once you open that door you can't close it. and so there's a lot of concern, i think the political pressure is on republicans on capitol hill. they're the last line of defense. if they don't ask him to make a
12:46 pm
clear separation to divest and make sure he is making decisions solely on the interests of us and the country and not any of his financial or business interests, then they're going to be the ones that are going to share the criticism if every time he meets witch a foreign leader or his children are in meeting with peep around the world or any meetings at the white house, could come new scrutiny and the congressional republican will share the liable if they weren't part of the effort to -- >> there is a difference on whether this will help or hurt his effort. it has to do with currying favor from ore receiving payment or gifts in kind from foreign pour powers or entities, to members of congress and questions whether it would by reply to the -- apply to the president and vice president. >> some legal scholars believe
12:47 pm
that president-elect trump is in violation the minute he is sworn into office on january 20th. in violation of the clause. it is true that he is currently in breach of his contract with the gsa at the trump hotel here in d.c. because the minute he became an elected official, the government owns that contract some leases it to him -- leases the hotel space to him. so that its why there's pressure for the gsa to break the contract and they're not interested because he could fire them. that's an awkward political situation, for those in the executive branch and congress, yes, would be the body, the last line of defense to go -- if there was any violation, and impeachable offends under the clause they we be responsible for prosecuting that and responsible for the oversight of those relationships if conflict is not eliminated. that's a lot of them, i don't
12:48 pm
doesn't on donald trump to make the separation. doesn't sound like he is interest or sees the gravity of the conflict. it's going to be on the shoulders of congressional republicans. >> fascinating to cover. >> yes. >> amy stoddard from way clear president-elect has a lot of issues to tackle when he takes office. he said he wants to fix immigration and health care and create jobs and took time today to take a shot at a magazine he doesn't like. imagine what "vanity fair" dade did. when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has,
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in addition to tweeting about russia this morning, the
12:52 pm
president-elect took a shot aft a magazine who has not been kind. has anyone logged at the really poor numbers of "vanity fair" magazine? way down, big trouble, dead. the editor, no talent, will be out. during the campaign carter the joke about the size of donald trump's hands and this week, his magazine published pieces that include the titles "someone finally agreed to perform at donald trump's inauguration. and "trump grill" could be the worst restaurant in america. those didn't over well. donald trump will be in pennsylvania for the latest stop in his victory thank you tour. john roberts is there. the transition team just announced more picks. >> a couple very important importants. this president announced that lieutenant general kellogg is going to be the chief of staff.
12:53 pm
lieutenant general kellogg joins michael flynn, the national security adviser so two generals and monica crowley has been named the head of communications. the president-elect looking for the head of veterans affairs. -- one met with donald trump this morning, the third or fourth meeting he has had that he was not offered the job at that meeting. doesn't mean he won't get it but -- a couple of other conned contenders, scott brown, and congressman jeff miller, who is the head of the veterans affairs committee in at the house. there are some veterans groups who are complaining that this is going on too long in terms of
12:54 pm
naming a secretary for veterans affairs. they say that donald trump made reform of the va a central prank in his campaign but in the trump campaign saying the want to make sure they get is in one right and there's another potential candidate for agriculture secretary and that is idahr governor, butch otter. >> what do we expect to hear from the president-elect tonight? >> a pick, big, big thank you here in hershey, pennsylvania, where the weeded thing was the victory. won by 33,000 votes, consider there were a million more registered democrats than run rudds. in west alice, wisconsin, donald trump spent almost a half hour replaying the entire election. he said he went into the
12:55 pm
election evening thinking he would loose and certainly was going to lose pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania was tough because every republican forever, thought they were going to win the great state of pennsylvania, right? they said, they said, not me, the bride that got away. the expression. the bride that got away. >> so on inform 8 -- november 8th donald trump was the first republican since george h.w. bush, in 1998 to win pennsylvania. so you can bet here in hershey, pennsylvania, he will give the electorate here a big kiss. >> john roberts. in her have i, whether it's 18 degrees. two very big stories today elm u.s. proxy war with vladimir putin in syria en and
12:56 pm
emotorhome news change of heart there as thousands are evacuating the city of aleppo after an enormous loss by the rebel forces in dylann roof, new information from his trial and from the jury. that's next. all finished.
12:57 pm
umm... you wouldn't want your painter to quit part way. i think you missed a spot. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. painter: you want this color over the whole house?
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
updating the two top stories of the hour this syrian cease fire is holding in city off of aleppo. hundreds of thousands have been killed in this proxy war. and dylann roof, who slaughtered nine people in a south carolina church in june of last year has been found guilty on all 33 counts. the south carolina governor has just tweeted, it is my hope that survivors, the families and people of south carolina can find some peace in fact that
1:00 pm
justice has been served. the penalty phase is to come. the question whether he should live or die. should news break out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" starts now. >> i think they call this upping the ante. that just bill richardson or christine --ing aing for all of the electors to decide the next lead are of the free world. now hollywood is getting in on the act, and saying those electors have an obligation to rethink and actually to switch votes. take a listen. >> the american people trust that your voice speaks for us all. >> you will make yourself heard due to constitutional rights. >> what is evident is that donald trump looks


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