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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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that's all right. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. we heard the song. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "tucker carlson tonight" starts right now. ♪ ♪ well a fox news alert, president-elect donald trump speaking tour continues tonight in hershey, pennsylvania. he ought to take the stage at any moment and when he does we will go there live. right now, good evening. >> and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we showed you many examples of journalism veering outside the conventional lines on the show. but one "newsweek" senior writer has made a name for himself this election season arsenal of floor rid headlines. kirk eickenwald. he joins us now. >> thanks for having me. >> i have been reading yourself for 20 years probably. in the last year i have noticed increasingly partisan turn from you. and so i looked up your
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bioand it describes you as a senior writer at "newsweek" which suggests journalism. do you believe that you are practicing journalism? [ laughter ] >> when did you stop beating your wife? what are you talking about? >> well, i will show you what i'm talking about. i read your twitter feed and this is the kind of stuff i'm reading on it at one point you asked of conservatives why they hated america. you describe trump as, quote, stupid and lazy. you refer to dumb as trumpers. you say this to kellyanne fitzpatrick f you. trump voters go f yourself. >> one thing to make sure you have a habit of taking a lot of things out of con dex. >> can i read you the tweet. >> if you are going to talk about a tweet. talk about a tweet. read me what it says and we can talk about it. let's not sit here and take a couple of words here and there. >> okay. would you want me to read some of your tweets? >> read me one. let's talk about the one that bothers you the most. >> well, there are a lot. and it's not that they
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bother me. >> i can't answer a question about a lot of tweets. give me an answer. give me a question. >> well, you are entirely entitled to your opinion. i just my only point is that you ought to label yourself as what you are which is an advocate you say things like this. how can trumpsters defend a president-elect. >> let's stop for a minute. >> i have a hundred of them. i'm trying to give you one right now. >> here, you know what? let's play the game another way. i spent a little while just sort of doing. >> well, no, actually, why let me ask you this question if you would. >> tucker carlson falsehood. can i sit here and read them to you one at a time. and we can talk about what you have to say. >> that's pretty good. >> or you can give me an example of what you are talking about. >> well, i will give you a perfect example. you wrote this on september 12th of this year. you said this is a tweet. i tweet so many attacks on our bad lazy work of the press, i doubt i will ever be voted to win a journalism award again humble brag.
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next day and i'm quoting i believe mr. trump was institutionalized in a mental hospital in 1990 which is why he won't release his medical records. do you see on one day criticizing the press for being lazy and inaccurate and the next day you are being lazy and inaccurate. >> a journalist would ask the question why did you send that tweet? i will answer it for you now. i have been covering donald trump. i started writing about him in the late 1980s. at that time i oained his medical records from his real doctor, not from this guy who sent out medical report then. it showed that in 1982 he was given a very heavy prescription for an amphetamine derivative and he remained on that prescription for many years. i knew from people inside the trump organization that they were deeply concerned about his condition that he was getting reckless, that he was getting impulsive. that he wasn't sleeping. that he was speaking with
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these sort of great variations of grandeur that he could do anything. and in 1990, because he did so many deals that were so reckless, his whole empire was going into bankruptcy. and he was going through a divorce. and i was told that there was -- now, let me say, i'm talking about reporting process. so i'm saying here is what i was told. >> was he in a mental hospital or not in 1990, you allege that he was. was he or was he? he wasn't, was he? >> tucker, if you don't want me to answer the question. >> i'm asking you the question. was he in a mental hospital in 1908 or not. >> i would like to answer the question. you have made an accusation. let me answer. >> no. i read your tweet. >> in 1990 i was told that there was essentially a breakdown. i'm giving reporting process here, okay? clearly i didn't print it i thought trump was a private individual and it didn't matter. >> you print it right here. >> and then -- and this was
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as a result of the amphetamine deriffives that he was taking. many, many yearsed passed and we have now the election. now, up until that point, prior to the election. >> this is a very long story. you said he was in a mental hospital in 1990, was he or wasn't? it's a simple question. i'm asking you to finish, sir. answer the question. >> if you don't like the answer. don't have guests. but i would really tyke to answer your question. >> it's a simple question. was any a mental hospital as you claimed or wasn't he? >> tucker, would you like me to answer the question or not? if the answer is no, say so. >> please just succinctly the answer. you are filibustering with a weirdness. >> let me answer the question. we can go back and say here are tucker carlson's falsehoods. we can go through them one at a time you can put them on the fox news website. do you want me to answer the question or not? just give me a yes or no. >> yeah. i want to answer this question.
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was he in a mental hospital in 1990 as you allege or not? >> let me answer the question. >> go ahead. >> look, you are not fooling anybody. you are trying to stop me from giving the answer. so let me give you the answer. >> this is a little nutty. i have got to be honest. i'm asking you a very simple question. >> earlier this week you take people off the air when you don't like what they are saying. >> i'm running out of time. >> let me finish this. you are making accusations against me i have the right to respond. >> i'm reading what you wrote. you describe trump as paranoid unstable man. >> you are not letting me answer the question. >> okay. i think that you are humiliating yourself by your unwillingness to answer a simple questn. please answer it do you have evidence that he was in a mental hospital in 1990 or don't you. >> reality is not always able to give you a yes or no answer. if you don't -- look how much time we are wasting with me trying to say let me answer your question. >> i can't imagine negotiating something with you. i think i would go crazy. >> so i will continue.
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>> all right. >> what happens then when we get to -- i begin to see trump's behavior got very normalized in the 2,000. during the presidential election, i begin to see the same behavior, the impulsiveness, the lack of sleep, i mean, that's the same thing. >> this is just stupid, kurt, i'm sorry, nobody is getting anything out of this. i'm asking you a plane question. you are not asking. you are filibustering. let's move on to something else. this is not interesting. >> no, tucker. i'm not allowing to you make an accusation and then not allowing me to answer. >> i'm not making an accusation. >> it is not journalism. >> i'm asking you to substantiate a claim that you made. >> if you tonight have a dialogue, don't have guests. >> can i just ask you one last question? >> nobody is getting fooled. you are trying to stoop me. >> how can "newsweek" employ you as a reporter, kurt, when you are throwing lines like this around that are untrue that you can't substantiate when you say to the president's spokesman that's not the behavior of a reporter. >> okay.
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let's go here. let me take one for you. >> okay. >> how can fox news employ you? do you really want to do this? do you really want to play this game? >> this is performance art. i have never had an interview like this in my life. >> can i tweet it all out if you want. i want you to put it up on the fox news website or you can let me answer your question. >> i think you -- may be coming undone, kurt. i'm going to give you 30 seconds to answer this question. do you have evidence that he was institutionalized in a mental hospital in 1990; 30 seconds. >> okay. i will say this because it's a message i have got from people from the cia. i know a lot of officers. i know a lot of agents. i've been in their homes and they are really delivering this to you and to donald trump. these are people who are sacrificed a lot for this country. >> what's the message. >> they go through for the cia every day. they walk past that wall with 1 -- >> i get it what's the message? >> if you're going to say that we can't talk about the
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fact that there are 117 patriots whose lives have been lost serving this country, that's fine. >> i have -- i' have-i'm startio have concerns about you kurt. tell me what the secret message from the cia is. >> putting their lives on the line to be sources of information for the cia. that information is coming. in that information is then being put together by analysts who are not well-paid and they do very hard work and they do it. >> yes, okay. i'm sorry. we are out of time. kurt. and i don't mean this in a cruel way. >> turned around and called them liars and fake news. it's despicable. >> i'm concerned about your behavior on this show tonight. thanks a lot for joining us. >> that's because you won't let me answer your questions. i don't think anybody is fooled. >> thanks a lot, kurt. i appreciate it. well, we expect president-elect to begin speaking at her is i, pennsylvania any minute. while we wait we will go to john roberts who is live
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inside the arena in hershey. hey, john. >> tucker, good evening to you. feeling a little bit like the woman who runs around the boxing ring in between round in between numbers. i will be brief and let you get back to the fight. big announcement from donald trump's campaign tonight. he says that he intends to nominate david freidman, an american attorney from long island for the post of u.s. ambassador to israel. he was -- freidman was donald trump's advisor on u.s.-israel relations during the campaign. the newspaper describes him to the right of benjamin netanyahu. he opposes a ban on settlement construction there and donald trump says this is an indication that he plans to strengthen the u.s.-israel relationship. we will be hearing more about the nomination of david freidman as the days continue. meantime, donald trump now having named 13 officers to his cabinet. he has nominated them. only has two more to go. veterans affairs and agriculture. in terms of veterans affair, pete heck set a fox news contributor was the former
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ceo of concerned veterans for america, was at trump tower today. it's his third meeting with the president-elect to talk about the top position there at veterans affairs. a trump transition source told me, tucker, that he is the leading contender for the job. but a senior transition official told me that he was not offered the job during that meeting with -- that the president-elect not to say that he is not going to get the job. just wasn't offered today. trump still looking around to see that he has quote the ideal candidate. a couple of other people in the running, former massachusetts senator and fox news contributor scott brown as well as congressman jeff miller of florida who is the chairman of the house veterans affairs committee. and for agriculture, they are still looking around, we understand from sources we have talked to in idaho that the idaho governor butch otter is being vetted for that position though our understanding is that he has not yet had a meeting with donald trump. and we also understand that trump transition team is planning in the east wing of the white house to construct
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what's called family office, i guess. and since there is only a couple family members who could possibly be involved in the administration, those being ivanka trump and jared curbner and jared because he would be an advisor to the president likely would have an office in the west wing that that east wing office may be being reserved for ivanka trump. this morning, at the trump tower lobby, in front of a press pool. kellyanne conway talked about the possibility of ivanka trump and jared curbner contributing to the administration. here's what she said. >> ivanka and jared will make their own decision and announcement in due course. i think that we would benefit tremendously by having them inside the administration if in fact that would happen. ivanka is incredibly committed to women in the workplace and the economy. women entrepreneurs. she is -- she has had a wonderful platform during the campaign. she and her father announcing the child care and elder care plan was a big highlight of our campaign and their outreach to women particularly.
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>> >> the firm to world on all of this, tucker, no decisions have been made but it looks like pretty clear at this point that at least ivanka and jared curbner as well will have a place in the administration. tonight, donald trump here in her is i pennsylvania, a state that helped push him over the top in west allis the other night. he was saying that he went into the election evening thinking he was going to lose the whole thing. certainly going to lose pennsylvania. but all the millions of people who voted for him turned things around and so he plans on giving u all the voters in this arena tonight a big hershey kiss, tucker. >> thanks a lot, john. appreciate it. while we awaited the president-elect to take the stage. symptom are still saying the idea of members of electoral college denying mr. trump the presidency is a reality. and they audited to. a group of celebrities in los angeles is trying their hardest to get the eelectors to do that. watch. >> you and just 36 other conscientious republican voters can make a
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difference. >> by voting your conscience on december 19th. >> and thereby shaping the future of our nation. >> i'm not asking you to vote for hillary clinton. >> i'm not asking you to vote for hillary clinton. >> i'm not asking you to vote for hillary clinton. >> as you know, the constitution gives electors the right to vote for any eligible person. >> any eligible person no matter which party they belong to. >> but it should certainly be someone that you consider especially competent. >> especially competent to serve as president of the united states of america. >> a harvard constitutional law professor presidential nomination. he says it 20 republican electors will not and should not vote for trump. he joins us. thanks for coming on. you wrote a long and, i thought. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> thank you. a bit of a delay. you wrote the smart piece i thought in the daily beast explaining why this is constitutionally viable and why you think it's a good idea. and some of it made sense. here is one part that didn't
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make sense to me. one of your justifications for the electors basically overturning the results of the election was. this you said the winner take all rule for allocating electoral college votes, which is not required by the constitution, radically skews the voting power of citizens based simply upon where they live that fact you said did not exist or was not apparent on november 18th. i guess my point would be it was apparent on november 8th. both campaigns new knew the rules and hillary spent over a billion dollars trying to win according to those rules. so why would we call that unfair? >> well, what wasn't apparent because this is an idea that now has become quite pressing is that this system conflicts with a more fundamental principle of winner take all of one person, one vote. it's that idea which i think would lead some people to say you know, what the heck, we have only had this happen twice before. that the winner of the popular election was not the winner in the electoral college. and why should that be the
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precedent who should determine hot president should be. >> i understand that maybe that's a conversation we should have before the election. before, you know, 62 million people voted for donald trump. >> sure. >> it does seem basically unfair to change the rules after its over. >> yeah. so, the point that we're making is just simply that these electors have a constitutional power granted by the framers. this is their vision to make a judgment about whether to confirm the results that would come from whatever this process is. and that judgment needs to be made in light of what they know right now and i think the important point we're just trying to advance, i'm not trying to persuade anybody of anything. 're just trying to advance the idea that they are free to make that judgment based on what they believe. >> well, actually, you go on to try to persuade people to vote a certain way. i'm quoting now. you say there is a strong
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argument. if a elector cannot vote for a candidate she has pledged she ought to vote for next candidate that candidate is hillary clinton every state. if unable to support trump she has ethical obligation to vote for clinton. that's not really constitutional analysis. that's advocacy. that's not really a legal argument, is it? >> no, of course it is. because what the supreme court said in ray vs. blair was that states can't force electors to vote one way or another but they can create a moral obligation for them to vote one way or another. what i was saying in that piece the piece you so kindly said some parts was smart. in the ethical analysis, a very strong presumption in favor of voting for the person you pledge. and that's what i believe all these electors have. and the only question is something override that? i agree that you might say that the equal protection argument is new and that shouldn't override it. but the real issues that are of concern to republicans, i
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think, from what i have heard to people speaking to them are issues about the unwillingness to give up the conflicts to violate the foreign bribery clause or the issues of the russian election. these are issues that should weigh on the conscience of an elector and lead the electorate to ask does it make sense for me to vote as i'm pledged or do i have an obligation in my -- because of my conscience to vote for another republican. >> i think those are real issues. that foreign conflict won, especially. and that may be resolved when the president-elect addresses it at a press conference in coming days. my question to you just as an american and someone who is paying close attention to the country. what do you think would happen if a group of 538 people basically nullified the results of an election in which over 100 million people participated? wouldn't that be evidence, in fact, wouldn't that be conclusive evidence this is really an oligarchy and not a democracy and wouldn't that cause chaos? i mean it, would right? >> well, i don't think it would cause chaos because what this would do is send
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it to the house of representatives and the house of representatives would then have to choose and, of course, there are significant majority of republican states in the house of representatives, one vote per state. so i don't think the result would result necessarily in the not a republican being elected. maybe even not donald trump being elected. but the real point is this process is what the framers gave us. you don't like what the framers gave us, i get it let's amend the constitution. but this process where they would have the right to make this independent nonpartisan judgment is what we have inherited here. right? now, i understand anxiety here. let's go back to 2,000. one justice, one justice of the supreme court stopped the process so that the person who won the majority vote didn't even have a chance to see whether, in fact, he also should have won florida. there wasn't a riot because of that. there wasn't a democracy. here the only thing we are talking about is the process that the framers gave us to say these people have a judgment they need to mak i think we ought to make
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them let make that judgment without threats to donald trump or a process that makes them seem like they're supposed to be just cogs in a wheel. they are officers. they are people. >> have you got to go. our satellite is going down. thanks a lot for that i appreciate it. >> now it's time for twitter storm. our nightly forecast of social media's most intent weather patterns. it's always storming on twitter a dust storm of desfather ration is swarming over holiday celebrities. some of whom we have never seen before pleading with electors not to vote for trump in less than a week. twitter, of course, had some thoughts on this. dan singer wrote, quote: watch this pathetic video it makes a nice twitter game. how many of these losers can you name. i think got three maybe five count them maybes. martin sheen is the only one of these so-called celebrities i have ever heard of and frankly i presumed that he was dead. that is mean by the way. he will ray said it worked
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for the general election, oh, wait, never mind. america doesn't care what celebrities think. finally capital steps we did thed yea, we were hoping celebrities could keep telling us how to vote even after the election. your dream has come true because they are. that's tonight's twitter storm. up next. how many people have seen the parallels between brexit and donald trump's popularity? some have. there is another similarity though and you probably won't believe what it is. we will tell you coming up. also, donald trump seekinging to-speaking tour continues in pennsylvania. mike pence is on the stage now. waiting for mr. trump to take the stage and we will bring it to you live.
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>> president-elect donald trump getting ready to speak in hershey pennsylvania. we expect him at any minute and we will take you there live, of course, the second he takes the stage. he's he tours the country many are discussing russian interference with this election. we polled it. a new fox news poll asks registered voters who they thought russia's attempts might be helping. 32 percent said trump. 1 percent said hillary. 5 percent said no effect at all. and yet you would not know that from the amount of attention that issue has received. almost wall-to-wall coverage. we heard by the way today from the attorney general of the united states, loretta lynch, that there is no evidence, the u.s. government has no evidence that there was physical interference with the election. you have heard dark muttering for the past couple weeks that voting machines of some of those key states, pennsylvania,
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michigan, wisconsin could have somehow been affected by nefarious activities by russian agents and she all but confirmed that did not happen. well, joining us now is dan daniel halper and lisa booth a contributor at the washington examiner it is great to see you both. >> hi, tucker. >> i have to say i don't know if you all saw it today but a member of parliament in great britain. you probably weren't watching the house of commons. one of the leaders of the remain movement. the anti-brexit movement in great britain said and i'm quoting now it'sighly probable that brexit was orchestrated somehow by russian agents. daniel halper, is this news to you? >> it is news to me. >> of course it is. to the voters in britain. look. there is a lot that we don't. a lot of people who won't concede that they don't know. we don't know what happened during the election. we don't know what would have happened if other things had broken other ways there is a lot of -- you can't prove a negative.
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so we don't know these things. and it would be nice if somebody would just say we don't know. and we would like to find out. and we should due diligence. find out what happened and then take it from there instead of what's strange about this whole hacking thing is conclusions have been drawn. president obama has made his conclusion public and then he has called for investigation to be concluded before he leaves office on january 20th. and then those facts, you know, to come out. i don't understand the point of investigation if he has already drawn his conclusion. maybe he should have waited for the investigation. >> i think because the science is stettled, lisa. 99% of scientists believe the russians hacked the election. >> the reason why you are seeing americans not buying this is it sort of wreaks of politics. you have president obama now all of a sudden concerned about this. calling for intelligence review. and you also have the letter that has been sent. >> i'm sorry to interrupt you. we're going to go to the president-elect. >> probably important to do that. >> taking the stage in pennsylvania.
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[chan [chanting u.s.a.] >> merry christmas, everybody. merry christmas. [cheers and applause] i'm here today for one main reason, to say thank you to the incredible people of pennsylvania. thank you. thank you. this is the first time the republican party has won the state of pennsylvania in almost 30 years. [cheers and applause]
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we made history together. you propelled to victory a grass roots movement, the likes of which the world has never ever seen. it's true. true. [cheers and applause] you're drive, your dedication, and your love for your country pushed us across the finish line. and, boy, did we get across that line. right? [cheers] the patriots in this arena tonight stood up for themselves and their families and showed the whole world that the american people still run our country. [cheers and applause] ening i will never forget you, and i will never ever stop fighting for you. i will never ever let you down. believe me.
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what a state. what a state. well, i went to school in pennsylvania. right? [cheers and applause] let me take a moment now to recognize your great congressman in attendance tonight. they were with me from the beginning, lowe berletta. berlett. >> tom marino. [cheers] >> and tim murphy. [cheers] >> and i just see in the audience. i didn't know he was here, jeffrey lord. oh, he fights so hard. oh that jeffrey. it's so unfair. they stack up 7 to 1. but he handles it cnn they stack it up. they stack it. [crowd booing]
4:30 pm
they are not happy with the results of this election. and it was a stampede. [cheers and applause] their camera just went off, folks. [ laughter ] jeffrey, the camera just went off. i also want to give a very special thank you to the men and women of the united states military. incredible people. [cheers and applause] we're in your debt and we will never let you down. as part of our commitment to those who serve, we're going to rebuild our badly depleted military and we are going to finally take care of our great veterans. we're going to take care of them. believe me. our defense policy can be summed up in three very important words.
4:31 pm
peace through strength. [cheers and applause] and we're going to get the military going, folks. and we're going -- we are going to negotiate tougher deals. do we agree? >> yeah. >> where we get more equipment for less money. for instance, you saw the other day about an airplane. now, i have a nice airplane. but this plane is going to cost $4.2 billion. air force 1. i don't want a plane to fly around that cost $4.2 billion. believe me. [cheers and applause] 4.2. not going to happen. but we're going to work with boeing. and i didn't order it. please. remember. this but we're going to work with boeing. we're going to cut the price way down. way, way down.
4:32 pm
and how about the f-35 fighter. it's a disaster. totally out of control. totally out of control. so we're going to get more equipment for our military. and we're going to get better equipment for our military at a smaller price. does that make sense? okay. believe me. we're also going to stop trying to build new nations in far off lands. many areas -- you have never even heard of these places. okay. we're going to stop. we're going to be so strong. we're going to be so respected. we're going to be so powerful. we're not respected now, and, believe me, it's going to turn. and we're going to have this great, incredible, powerful military but you know what? i don't think we're ever going to have to use it and that would be very, very nice. america first. it would be very, very nice.
4:33 pm
instead,. [chanting trump trump trump trump trump] >> thank you. instead, my administration will focus squarely on the vital national security interests of the united states. and that means crushing isis and defeating radical islamic terrorism. we're going to defeat it. [cheers and applause] >> quickly. but to be a strong nation, we must also be a wealthy, or a rich nation. some people say mr. trump, now they say mr. president-elect, can you believe it? you can believe it? just call my donald, folks. but they say mr. president-elect, it doesn't sound good when you say rich nation. i say we have to be a rich
4:34 pm
nation if we're going to rebuild our military. if we're going to build the wall, we have to be a rich nation. if we're going to -- if we're going to repeal and replace obamacare, we have to know what we're doing. and we have to be a wealthy nation again. whether it's building cars, producing steel or curing disease, we want the next generation of innovation and production to happen right here in america and right here in the great state of pennsylvania. but -- and i have to tell you about pennsylvania. so, you know, they were all saying you just don't win pennsylvania. everybody thought for years and years that they were going to win pennsylvania as a republican.
4:35 pm
they call it the bride that got away. right? this is such an important state and they were saying he won't win it. he is down in the polls. i didn't understand it because all of these gentlemen back here and these are tremendous people that love you, your congressman, they were saying every yard in pennsylvania has a trump-pence sign, right? [cheers] and we would go to rallies like look at the size of this place. every corner is packed. now the press won't say it hey, press. turn the cameras. show them, please. show them. [cheers and applause] world's most dishonest people. these are dishonest people. are any cameras -- no, they are not turning. no, they never turn. they never turn. [crowd booing] >> what a shame. very dishonest people.
4:36 pm
very, very dishonest people. you know, the only way you know how -- like you take a look at this crowd, right? the only way people sitting at home know is by the sound. [cheers and applause] by the sound. true. true. that is not the sound of 500 or 1,000 people, folks. and outside it's freezing and we have 8,000 people standing out there listening. so, but pennsylvania is an amazing place. and i have been hearing and i don't know if you want me -- because i know you have been listening. what we are doing is a thank you tour. thank you, ohio. thank you, iowa. thank you to the different places where we won swing states mostly but different places that we won and, by the way, we won in a
4:37 pm
landslide. this was a landslide victory. this was a landslide. and so we went to michigan. how about michigan and wisconsin? how good was that? that was on top of everything. and you know they didn't want to call pennsylvania. you saw that, right? remember? it was stuck at 99% all night long and if i lost 100 percent of the remaining votes, i would have won by a lot of votes. but it was stuck for hours and hours. i don't know if they did that because they were so devastated at what was happening or because they wanted to keep it going because it would make -- did you hear the audience they had? the audience was record-setting. and i think they wanted maybe to prolong the evening for commercial sake, right?
4:38 pm
but, it's one of those two reasons. maybe it's both. but i will tell you and i have been going and i have been saying this. i said it the other night in wisconsin. and if you want, i will give you a little recap of the night. should i or not? no? you sure? [cheers] >> and we will make this recap pertain to pennsylvania, right? >> yeah. >> we don't have to talk about the other ones. but it is true. so, i have been hearing for a long time that everybody leaves pennsylvania thinking they won, republicans, and, again, almost 30 years and every time they lose by a lot. so i thought we were going to win. these three characters were saying don't worry about it. mr. trump. you're going to win. i will tell you marino, he said i have been doing this for a long time, mr. trump, i guarantee you victory. i said write it down. he said nope, i'm not doing that i wanted a guarantee. but right from the beginning they were with me. they felt so -- sure.
4:39 pm
the only problem was all -- you know, i kept hearing all these things that nobody ever wins, even though they think pennsylvania. so what happens is the evening begins and ohio, what a great place. i had a little problem, you know, it's pretty hard to win states when you don't have the governor, right? [crowd booing] but, you know what? he's called. would have been nice if he called a couple weeks earlier. [ laughter ] he called. he has been very nice. but, but, we were supposed to win ohio by 2 points, maybe three points. we won it by almost 10 points, right? so, that was good. and you know we got those bad exit polls. you know they were phony polls, okay? what they don't know is what's the purpose of them doing phony polls when you are going to know the real answer in three hours? what are they doing? they can't help themselves,
4:40 pm
right? so we got these bad exit polls. we really thought, based on the exit polls it was going to be a very short evening, meaning bad. and jared who is here and ivanka, they called and they had said dad, you understand i got home from michigan at 4:00 in the morning. i made a sech in michigan where i started speaking at 12:30 in the evening. that means on election day. that was my seventh speech of the day. seventh. [cheers] and the crowds are all like this. and you know the beauty about a crowd like this? this place is packed. but there's a difference between before the election and after the election, right? before the election, you people are like wild beasts, wild animals. we're going to win, we're going to win, mr. trump. we're going to win. they are screaming jail, jail, prison. we're going to win. right? right? they're going crazy. [chanting lock her up]
4:41 pm
>> they're screaming we want the wall. we want the wall. build a wall, mr. trump. and we're going to build a wall. don't worry about it. okay. i was telling somebody back stage and now the crowds are amazing, and you know, it's hard to get a big crowd after an election. if somebody else, a normal person, came after an election even after a victory you would have 15 people, people would say we have had enough. we are not going. this place is packed. this a big stadium by the way. but there is something different about a crowd before the election like when i was here a few weeks ago. and after the election, before the election, they are brutal, they are so crazed. you're like crazed people and that's good. i like that.
4:42 pm
and now -- no. and now you're laid back. hey, baby. hey. on ward, mr. trump. on ward, right? no. it's great. it's beautiful. in other words, you've won and you feel great about it and you don't have to go totally wild. right? [cheers and applause] much different. it's much different. [chanting u.s.a.] no, it's much different. you are laid back, and that's good. this is not exactly laid back but it's pretty laid back. so we had to win pennsylvania. it started off with ohio. big, big victory. and the one i like to tell is texas, georgia, and utah,
4:43 pm
right? because they started off about two months before the election. now, you just don't lose texas a republican. all right? you don't. and you don't lose georgia. and you don't lose utah. i don't think utah -- jeffrey, has utah ever been lost? just keep saying what you say. do you know what he says? he is like ronald reagan. that's all he has to say. that's good. donald trump is like ronald reagan. we love you, jeffrey. this guy takes such abuse on cnn. do we love him? >> yeah. >> i hope he is getting paid a lot of money because eted deserves it, believe me. but, it is sort of incredible. but what happened is they are saying texas is in play. texas is in play, right? texas. i said texas has never been in play. and then i go to texas and i make a speech and we have an arena bigger than this one. it's packed. 10,000 people outside. and they say how can it
4:44 pm
possibly be in play, you saw it, right? they say texas is in play. then they say georgia. now, georgia, is supposed to win by a lot. they have me even. right? and then they say you call talk, and in ye utah they have this character. i never saw a guy like this. no. i never saw a guy like this. this guy was like horrible. and they said the third party candidate looks like he has got trump in trouble. my life looks at him and says you're not going to lose. she knows more than these dishonest people. and they knew it. they knew it. they knew it. so what happens, you know what happens. because you watch it they had a record audience. the biggest they have ever had. and it opens. the polls open. and now they're closed and now they go on live all over
4:45 pm
the country, really all over the world. and the first thing they do texas has gone to donald trump. i said what happened? i thought -- and they always start it off with we have breaking news, right? we have breaking news you know, like 12 seconds after they show up. this was a state like i was supposed to go like late in the night. we have breaking news texas has gone to donald trump. i said man, that's good because i'm a little worried, you know. that's why nobody believes these people. [crowd booing] then about 12 seconds later, we have breaking news. georgia has gone to donald trump. [cheers] >> then the state of utah. i love the state of utah. i couldn't believe i was
4:46 pm
tied with this guy, this guy, nobody ever heard of him. [ laughter ] nobody. and he was saying if he wins utah, he thinks he can win the whole thing. i don't understand what -- [ laughter ] i will tell you what he could have done is if he won utah, except that we won by so much, he could have stopped us from appointing supreme court judges. that's what he could have done. all right? bad. sort of a bad guy. so, i watch this guy i hear i'm tied in utah and the third one they go we have breaking news. utah has gone to donald trump. thank you. [cheers and applause] were if i would have lost utah, so now i have these three that are like solidly -- i mean, we won by -- i mean, utah, did you see how many points i won
4:47 pm
bayou talk? this state wasn't even close, it was like massive. he said yuge. they are all yuge. they go to ohio and then they go to iowa where i just appointed the great governor of iowa, terry branstad the longest serving governor in our country's history, 24 years almost to the ambassador of china. he loves china. that's nice. he loves china. in fact, whenever i speak in iowa, he goes, this is for years, donald, would you do me a favor, please don't say anything bad about china. i say what? and i didn't. but i just appointed him ambassador to china. is he going to be an amazing representative. he likes them and they like him. they like him a lot and he likes them a lot. now we start talking. i was expected to win ohio but not by northeasterly as -- nearly as much. nobody wins iowa.
4:48 pm
so this is like a good story. because when my kids told me about the exit polls, which were nonsense, i sort of thought in my mind, well, i can't work any harder so i don't feel that bad. i still felt bad, don't worry about it. until the real polls opened up, right? so then we go down to florida. and we start. and we are sort of leading and we are leading and we are leading. and we haven't even gotten to our area and boy do we love the panhandle, right? and we are leading a little bit. just a little bit then they go on the air, the opponents. we will win the state of florida. some guy i never even heard of this guy. he said we will win the state of florida. and i saiwait a minute, i'm leading by a little bit and my voters haven't even been caught on yet, right? he knows what i'm talking about. so, all of a sudden, they have another one. another consultant come out. they probably paid this guy
4:49 pm
$15 million for destroying her campaign, right? these consultants are the worst. by the way, you know in the old days if you spent less money and win, that's a good thing not a bad thing. that's a good thing. i spent much less money, we spent a fraction of the money, and won. you know, i would have these guys saying hillary clinton has spent much more money than donald trump. and when i say much more, i'm talking seriously, and then they say much more money than donald trump. and mr. trump is ahead by 1 point but he hasn't spent enough money. they are scolding me. i spent less money and i'm ahead. no, remember this for the kids in the audience. if you can spend less money and win, that's a good thing, not a bad thing. okay. [cheers and applause] so we go to florida. and all over people are out saying how they are going to win florida. and they are saying we have
4:50 pm
no doubt. one guy said we have no doubt we're going to win the state of florida. and then there was a story about all the buses. you know, because they had this unlimited money. and they had buses lined up all over florida. and you know who used the buses? my people. they got into the buses and they said go ahead. they were all people with the red hat make america great again. [cheers and applause] so, because the bus driver doesn't care. he just wants to know are the seats all full? yeah, let's go. they don't care. thank you for those buses. so they are going to win florida, according to her pundits and her geniuses and her pollsters. we have breaking news, donald trump has won the great state of florida by a lot. [cheers and applause] were then the same pundits get on.
4:51 pm
and i could tell you because i had a great conversation with president obama. and i said to them, no. [crowd booing] although this foolish guy josh earnest i don't know if he is talking to president obama. [crowd booing] >> you know, having the right press secretary is so important because is he so bad the way he delivers the message. he can dlafer positive message and it sounds bad. he could say ladies and gentlemen, today we have totally defeated isis and it wouldn't sound good, okay? all right? i have a feeling they won't be saying it but i know we will be saying it. [. [cheers and applause] but the president is very positive but he is not positive. and i mean maybe he is getting his orders from somebody else. does that make sense? could that be possible? but i said when do you
4:52 pm
think -- when do you think you lost, we won? and i will say, this look, from everybody's standpoint, when ohio came out with those huge numbers, when ohio came out with those huge numbers and then, yuge,. [crowd: yuge] >> and then we win florida. now the pundits go out again and they are talking about the great state of north carolina. we love north carolina, right? the great state of north carolina, so, they say there is no way, you have to see how much money more they spent than us. oh, but those buss were comfortable for our people. [ laughter ] you have to see how much money they spent in north carolina. and they said north carolina, they got to understand i have won like everything now, right? south carolina was great. so i have texas and georgia and iowa and everything. now we're coming. and ohio, big state. and that was either thing.
4:53 pm
you cannot wins a a republican unless you win ohio. remember that? and then we won ohio. so it's looking good. then we won florida. but, north carolina was our fire wall. remember they said? nope. can't win north carolina. ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking news. [ laughter ] donald trump has won the state of north carolina. [cheers and applause] wherein and now you see these absolutely terrible, terrible destructive people. [crowd booing] >> they are getting a little nervous. they are getting a little nervous. john king has the map. he is good with the map but his hand is starting to shake. oh my god. oh, oh my god. because remember they said before the election there is no path to 270 for donald
4:54 pm
trump. oh, but there is a path to 306. [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] so now we win north carolina. and now we get up to pennsylvania and we are just doing great in p in fact, i won it twice, right? i won it twice. i won it and then we had this scam operation, let's ask for a recount. we won it again. we won wisconsin, we won michigan. i love it. i hope somebody asks for a recount i love winning. win it two, three, four, five times. actually, they did a full recount in wisconsin and i received 138 votes more. me, i got more votes. [cheers and applause] scam. remember i told you it's a rigged system. right? it's terrible. and not rigged for us, believe me. it's the other way around. so now we come up to
4:55 pm
pennsylvania. and they don't want to put it but i see we are going to win. in fact, i saw doing interviews because if we win pennsylvania it's over, right? so now i'm doing interviewing because it's at 99% and there aren't enough votes for them to even come close. so people are saying you can't do interviews now. i said why not? there is no way. i start doing interview. i felt very comfortable. they just didn't want to do it. but what happened? now you watch john king, the hand is shaking, quivering. ladies and gentlemen, donald trump has won wisconsin. now, that wasn't supposed to happen. right? then he goes oh, you can could see is he getting ready to throw up all over the place. ladies and gentlemen, then they go we have breaking news, and i kept waiting for pennsylvania. but why wait for
4:56 pm
pennsylvania because they said, ladies and gentlemen, donald trump has won the state of michigan. now they're going, whoa. whoa. now wisconsin hasn't been won for 38 years. michigan hasn't been won for about that or longer. i mean it's like crazy. and i love pennsylvania. but we didn't even need you guys. isn't that terrible? because they waited so damn long. they took all of your glory away, right? >> rob gleason did a great job and david did a great job. great job. david and rob, what a job. so now we win the state of pennsylvania and it's over. i will tell you, it was an amazing evening. and the people on espn, sports people, they said it was the single greatest event they have ever seen.
4:57 pm
they have seen football and baseball and boxing. and they said it was the greatest. so i just want to thank the incredible people of pennsylvania. okay? thank you. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] incredible people. unbelievable people. and in four years we're going to win it by even more. all right? by even more. all right. let's get back onto the subject of jobs. right? because you know, that's what we're here for. enough with this stuff. for years the jobs and wealth have been ripped out of your state and ripped out of our country like we are a bunch of babies. foreign powers have gotten rich. bleeding america dry. because we have people that don't know what they're
4:58 pm
doing or worse than that. and our politicians stood by and did absolutely nothing and that is now all about to end and it's going to end quickly. the era of economics is over. you, the people of pennsylvania going to have a champion that fights for you in the white house. because from now on it's going to be america first. remember that people talk about how we are living in a globalized world. but the relationships people value most are local, family, city, state, and country, local, folks, local. there is no such thing as a global anthem, a global
4:59 pm
currency, or a global flag. do we love our flag? do we love our flag. [. heers and applause] [chanting u.s.a.] >> we salute one flag and that is the american flag. [cheers and applause] and we're going to make sure the american flag gets the respect it deserves, right? >> you know, when i watch the news at night, and i see these punks burning the flag and stomping on it and burning another one and stopping. no good, no good. we're going to maybe have to do something about that. what do you think, yes?
5:00 pm
patriotism will be celebrated in our cities and taught very, very strongly to our children. and that patriotism will be the foundation of our economic plan bringing jobs back to america. we're bringing our jobs back, folks. they have been ripped away. that's why we're going to lower our business tax and we are going to lower our business tax big league from 35% to 15%. right now we are one of the highest taxed nations in the world. and we're going to be among the lowest. and we're going to have jobs come pouring back. we want to bring in new companies and new jobs to our shores. that's also why we're going to eliminate job-killing regulations. cancel many executive orders, believe me, we are going to be canceling a lot. and lift the restrictions o


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