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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 16, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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big christmas special. welcome to "red eye." i am tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "read eye" tease deck. donald trump's thank you tour continues in hershey, pennsylvania. i bet there will be a lot of kisses. and celebrities couldn't get hillary clinton elected, but can they get donald trump unelected? watch as hollywood's finest act out einstein's definition of insanity. and finally a fight breaks out at a memphis grocery store after a woman holds up the line going through her coupons. i even rethought my position on the death penalty. >> thank you, andy.
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let's welcome our guests. she is sweeter than the candy i just stole from a baby. his blood type is colt 45. comedian dave smith. he has never been arrested, but his development has. the raid yoy host -- radio host mike benzelman and next to me is the host of the an thong me cumia show on compound media, anthony coul -- cumia. let's start the show. president-elect donald trump held another thank you rally tonight in hershey, pennsylvania. trump told the crowd to be a strong nation we must also be wealthy. >> to be a strong nation we must also be a wealthy or a rich nation. some people say mr. trump and now they say mr. president elect. can you believe it? can you believe this?
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just call me donald, folks. >> just call him donald, folks. trump said we are going to stop trying to build new nations in far off lands. >> we are also going to stop trying to build new nations in far off lands. many areas you have never even heard of these places. we are going to stop. we are going to be so strong and so respected. we are going to be so powerful. we are not respected now. >> he described to the crowd and after. before the election you people were like wild beasts and wild animals. jail, jail, prison.
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they are going crazy. >> they are screaming we want the wall, we want the wall, build a wall mr. trump. >> josh ernest. >> he can deliver a positive message and it sounds bad. he could say ladies and gentlemen, we have totally defeated isis and it wouldn't sound good. i know we will be saying it. >> and finally trump recalled that media never thought they were the path to 2. >> they said there is no path to 270. but there is a path to 306.
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>> how is that possible, anthony? there was no path to 270, but there was to 306. >> they skipped over it. i cannot get enough of it. he has to do this for four years. as much as we will miss this after he actually is scwarn -- sworn in we have the state of the union address and the pardoning of turkeys. this will be great. >> i love this. his off the cuff thing is fantastic. we couldn't have picked a better guy. it is not just the election, but he likes running, but he also -- he loves winning and he also likes talking about it. he went over every state. he can do that with legislation. or if he passes -- if he
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builds the wall, them he can have a rally -- then he said they can do it. >> i love how the victory tour is only for the 40% of the people who voted for him. he is skipping the 60% who did not vote for him. >> he is the popular vote. he is still only doing the victory tour in the states he, quote, unquote, wanted. >> he said screw the rest of you. you are still going to have to deal with me. as you were saying, the inauguration, obviously he played "tiny dancer" and he said i won't do the inauguration. he said he might do that and garth brooks now. i feel bad because trump is running out of people who will possibly perform at his inauguration. >> country, hello? they love trump. >> it is his people. i don't want to see him go, do you? >> what can you say? this is quite possibly the greatest thing i have seen in
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my life. i could sit here and watch you set up donald trump. give andy the day off and keep setting up clips. this is amazing. this is a moment in history. she is the anti-politician. it is the most scripted people who focus group test every line and make sure they play to the line. >> he is talking to you like he is the drinking buddy. >> the war on christmas is over and he is allowing you to say merry christmas again. >> did he declare a war on victory? >> it may be over. jill, i think obviously h is totally new to politics, but don't you think there are young people out there and he changinged the game forever. >> they probably think this is normal. >> he finds out who is coming
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at him. >> look back at the speeches that these presidents used to give. are we going to sit try them anymore? >> that's a good point. we grew up on mtv and it is hard to go to any kind of -- i go to a wedding and i'm like, get to it. say the vows. i can't sit through anything anymore unless they are talking in bullet points. >> it is like boxing was huge and now ufc makes boxing boring. to go back to that again and watch politicians saying what we need -- we will say remember the trump guy? wasn't he great? >> you have the hamilton of hip hop. >> i imagine for so long there were these political correct threats like this is the third rail of politics. you can't say this and don't that. donald trump blew all of those -- what political
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advisor would say is it a good idea to say john mccain is not a hero because i like people who are not shot down. how will that play over with the conservative right wing base. that guy won. he may have destroyed political correctness. >> talking about third rails, he didn't approach third rail. he said oh no we will keep everything as it is. they said we will cut taxes and what are you going to cut? he avoided actual policy. i think that's the future of politics is that they thought they had to address these issues, but apparently you don't have to. >> he did address the three issues no other candidate wanted to tackle k is i'm -- which is immigration, trade and war. >> it is huge. moving on the electoral college is so important to this great nation. me and some of my celebrity friends got together and it is a tribute to the electors who
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are about to cast their ballots. >> our founding fathers built the electoral college to safeguard the american people from the dangers of a demigod and the presidency goes to somebody who is endowed with the requisite qualifications. >> and imminent degree. imminent is now. >> imminent degree. somebody highly qualified for the job. >> maybe i had a different idea about how the election turned out than some of my friends did. it is important that all voices are heard on this issue, right? >> i am not asking you to vote for hillary clinton. >> i am not asking you to vote for hillary clinton. >> i am not asking you to recognize those last two people. you know mobey, right? >> i am not asking you to vote for hillary clinton. >> you and other brave republican electors can give the house of representatives the option to elect a
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qualified candidate for the presidency. >> i stand with you. >> i stand with you. >> i stand with you. >> i stand with -- there i am standing. is that better. >> you have my respect. >> you have my respect. >> you have my respect. >> you have my keys. i think you have my keys. did i leave them with you? >> unite for america. >> i so i wasn't on the same page necessarily. >> it was weird they kept you in the final cut. >> what do you think of this move? they think they can appeal to the conscience of the electors and they are trying to peel away 30 of them and then the election goes to congress. what do you think of their methods? >> much like the mainstream media they have learned nothing. it is quite interesting. i love how liberals really completely change what they believe based on who is in power. all of a sudden they care about the original intent of the founders.
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>> it is amazing. >> the founders didn't even want all what men. this is craziness. >> which white men did they not want to vote? >> they wanted to have a stake in the whole thing. >> what do you think of this game here? do you think it is successful? >> this should actually have a tag on the bottom that says i am donald trump and i approve this message. >> garbage that got them elected in the first place. they are so impervious and they cannot imagine they are so important and so much smarter than us that they can't tell you to do something. it is better to just have obie can kaw -- obi-wan-canobie.
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>> some think they are obi-wan. you know he was in korea. >> he was president the best. and martin sheen, how about you get somebody with better judgment. you raised charlie sheen. >> emilio eggs -- emilio eggs -- estevez. >> they think -- they really are passionate about this and they believe this is going to happen. >> i am grateful somebody explained the electoral college and why it exists. don't we wonder that no matter what candidate you are voting for. i know my kand -- candidate will lose the popular and win the electoral. then people said the electoral is cool. or let's repeal the whole
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thing. >> we heard we must abolish the electoral college. >> it is a whole holier than thou mentality of the where were you when the election was happening? chelsea handler and lena -dunham and all of those who threatened to go to canada they are still there. >> they are rich and they said they would go so why wouldn't lena go to paris for awhile and it would be cool. at least she would have -- she would stand by her word. >> remember madonna said she would give action to everybody who voted for hillary? still waiting for that. you didn't hear about that one? [bleep] that kind of action. >> are we talking 87 madonna or current madonna?
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>> she would have to take out her teeth now. god help us. donald trump follows a strict morning regimen. he showers and gets dressed and then destroys media company. trump wrote, has anybody looked at the numbers of "vanity fair"? they have history many years ago. carter referred to trump as, quote, a short fingered vulgarian. van -- "vanity fair" said is this the story that set trump off this morning and linking to their article this week. trump grill could be the worst in america. they updated their tag line calling themselves the magazine trump does president want you to -- does president want you to read. well, well, well. i think they know how to get
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public bliss tee. >> if he is a short fingered bulgarian he couldn't do this. oh vulgarian. >> ""vanity fair"." the only time i know about "vanity fair" is i am getting my hair done. it is all ads. >> it smells good though, does president -- doesn't it? >> yes. i am with trump. it stinks. >> well spy magazine went out of business a long time ago. i think gray den carter knows how to turn it to his advantage. we were talking about "vanity fair" all day. >> i can't wait to find out what -- when he finds out what yelp is. >> i wouldn't put it past trump to give it a positive review. >> the -- should trump be so
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sensitive? trump has given them more publicity than they have had all year. they said you need to shut up already. on the flip side it is like, screw them. he is calling out people who didn't uh port him of the i love it. why? the country is going to hell so we might as well enjoy it. >> can you imagine a president in the past attacking a media company? >> that's right. this network, he went out of his way to attack. >> many times. the entire democratic establishment is attacking the fake news. >> hillary lost because this was on in all of the bars and restaurants. >> "vanity fair" does kind of suck.
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>> i think he is not wrong about that and i have never eaten at trump's restaurant. >> the taco comes from -- the taco bowl. >> i didn't know it was from a trump restaurant, but it does sound like the restaurant sucks too. >> it could be. >> you know this thing. you are an entertainment reporter. is it a fashion magazine some is it entertainment? i don't know. >> it is all about hollywood. it has a political spin and they know how to get attention. remember when we all wanted to see a picture of surrey cruz? they got 22 pages of the layout. it was 10 years ago, but still giving them props. they had miley cyrus when she was sweet and innocent. those first sexy pictures. caitlyn jenner's big reveal last year was "vanity fair." >> when somebody says they got
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miley cyrus you have to caveat it with the normal miley. >> i know. i like hannah montana. those were the good days. >> that's when she peaked. >> can i tell you something? i don't think it is trump being sensitive. whether meeting with mitt romney and things like that trump has shown he can get over it, but swings back. i don't think it is a bad thing. i like a president who is honest and unguarded. >> he has been surrounded his whole life. you don't think it is thin skin. what is it? >> trump is a fighter. every debate he would start off like it is nice to see hillary. as soon as he gets attacked he has to hit back. that's his mentality. >> you know the expression pick your battles? maybe he should pick his battles will. >> those 4:00 a.m. tweets you
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never know what will continue to happen. >> he is doing fine. >> he is doing just great. >> he met with kanye. >> it is not like he said oh i can't have tax reform. >> coming up, the grizzly tale. it causes pandemonium after the break.
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good morning and live from america's headquarters. i'm jackie ibanez in new york. president obama vowing the u.s. must and will take action against russia for cyber interfering with last month's presidential election. mr. obama tells npr news that the u.s. will respond at a, quote, time and place of our
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choosing. supporters of president-elect trump says it is political, but lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are calling fore -- for hearings on the matter. mr. trump took his multi-state tour to her -- to hershey, pennsylvania. he said he was the first republican candidate to win the state in decades. the verdict was swift against the gunman who murdered several black parishioners. it took less than two hours to convict dylann roof on 33 federal counts. they hillary convene to decide roof's fate. he could get life or the death penalty. and it will take several days to safely escort fighters out of the syrian city of aleppo. thousands of children are being evacuated by bus right now. many others are wounded and need ambulances to get out of
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the war torn city which for nearly four years was a rebel strong -- stronghold. government possiblers agreed to a -- government forces agreed to a cease-fire. there is antarctic w blast that is dangerous and even deadly. it covers most of the midwest and large portions of the northeast. folks there are dealing with snow, ice and treacherous roadways. in new england windchills are expected to dip to minus 35 today. i'm jackie ibanez. grab your coat and get back to "red eye." log on to and have a great morning. the bear was too big to fly. on wednesday the tsa at l.a.x. posted this photo on instagram with the caption, why does this gigantic teddy bear look so sad? he was abandoned by his owners at l.a.x. after the tsa said he was too big to be screened
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as a carry on and taken on the plane. it is a good idea to check with your airline prior to traveling with overly large items as carry ons. if you see this way ward bear roaming the streets of l.a. feel freed to post him. would a child be going bearless this christmas some no. the owner is a famous youtubeer and as the tsa later explained in an updated post, this was a stunt to see if it could get the giant bear on the blame. the passenger bought a ticket for the bear and the airline offered to refund the ticket and the traveler had the option to check the bear, but ended up leaving it. jill, what do you think of this story? not so sad after all. >> no, it is not too sad. i realized through social media you can ask tsa different questions. can i take this on? i am asking if i can take tom shillue in my carry on.
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>> i low-income sticking out of the -- i will be sticking out of the bag like this. >> every other site here is a loaded gun we confiscated and here are knives we confiscated. it is nice to see a teddy bear. you actually have -- it is a similar bear. >> we call them beraldo or beraldo rivera. this is my best friend in the world and we got him from the tsa. >> so the news corp building can clear this, but they can't. >> why does he have a mustache? >> i got into a kinky pays in my life and this is what came out. >> are you snugly? >> they are people dressed as stuffed animals.
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>> is that really part of it? it is not just about cuddling. >> it doesn't seem good with all of the fabric. quickly do you want to add anything to the bear? >> i don't know why. i think it is funny. i don't know who has the money to waste buying an extra plane ticket. >> the bear probably cost more than the ticket. they said it is a security threat -- a little member of isis can pop out. >> you are not kidding. i want them screening the bears. god knows what you put in the bear. >> there is a giant bear next to me. how seriously am i supposed to take it. if they did, that's mix. >> they failed 95% of their
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tests. you can get whatever you want. this is what they are getting. >> i don't understand why they said we would buy him a ticket. if they have to evacuate there is this thing -- >> bear, can you help in the event of an emergency. that's probably it. they don't want something so big and come better son. >> they said the bear couldn't fit through the x ray machine. >> i criticize 350e78 and then i had my leatherman and they took it from me. half time with andy levey. subscribe on itunes on our
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed at the "red eye" news deck. i was going to say tease deck. >> anthony, good to have you on the show once again for the trump thank you tour. >> it is three weeks in a row. if nothing else he may deliver the passer interesting state of the union in america's history. >> no one finds those things interesting. we know the state of the union. this are no surprises ever when the president does that.
12:33 am
i cannot wait for his first national speech. there could be surprises. >> you said he is doing the thank you tour and not going to the states who didn't vote for him. >> you are not going to thank the haters and the losers. >> he says screw you to the haters. >> would it be like if the yankees won the world series and have the parade in boston? we wouldn't do that. it would be great though. >> i have -- dave, you said trump is the anti-politician. the question is if he doesn't do the things he says he will do, will he piss off his own supporters? >> he will go back to being a traditional politician. >> my gut says he will be president and he will bail on a lot -- bail on a lot of
12:34 am
these promises. he is so different. maybe this is the guy who keeps his word. who knows. >> you said we have grown up on mtv and it is hard to -- you compared it to boxes and ufc. he is our first extreme president. >> exactly. >> you said trump did address the three issues that politicians refused to do. he is kind of all over the mace on war. >> and he is wrong on immigration and trade. >> i guess you are right. she all over the place and he has said uh hot. the thing about raising trillions of dollars. he has addressed how unpopular the wars are and we shouldn't have fought the war in iraq. >> sometimes he sounds noninterventionist which you and i like and other times it
12:35 am
sounds like he wouldn't have a problem bombing the crap out of a lot of people. >> you are reading a lot into the comment i want to bomb the crap out of them. he met with andrew napolitano so maybe there is hope. he is a great judge. >> celebrity video. you said it should have a tag line saying i am donald trump and i approve this message. you said the celebs can't see it is good for trump. i don't think the video had anything to do with swaying electors. it is moral swinging and meaning and that's -- preening and that's all it is. >> agreed. >> i don't know if it is. they seem so sincere. >> they are actors. >> when you get on the lips hollihan involved they are pulling out the big guns. >> a lot of mash people. >> are the super trained
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celebrities not available? >> dave you said much like the media they have learned nothing from the election. i mean, i said this multiple times. this stuff made me want to vote for trump. >> i am with you. i feel the same way. it is amazing. hillary clinton when she came out and said the fake news -- it is a woman who had no problem accepting debate questions ahead of time and then she is -- they have no self-reflection at all. >> and a woman who repeatedly lied to the media and the american people. >> there is somebody going off about the iraq war. >> trump said vanity fare is dead. "vanity fair" is dead. spy was good. >> it was? >> yes.
12:37 am
>> it was like gawker before the internet. >> young andy liked it. >> he used to be fun. did any of you actually read the article he was pissed about? >> terrible. >> it was a review of a restaurant written as an attack piece on trump. i don't blame him for being mad. the restaurant may suck, but this article never should have been published of. >> you say chris hitchens used to run for "vanity fair." >> and i think the numbers reflect that. >> i tried to find circulation numbers. >> i assume mainstream numbers are down.
12:38 am
"vanity fair" as done stuff like caitlyn jenner's reveal. right now aren't they known for their oscar party? >> yeah, everybody lovers their oscar party. >> you said you don't think it is trump being sensitive he is just a fighter. >> can it be both? jie yes, it is the idea you are supposed to take it and you respond. that's not being a coward. >> literally nobody who works for trump reads "vanity fair." if would be literally shouting into an echo chamber. >> don't vote. >> jill, you said you are asking the tsa if you can take
12:39 am
tom shillue in your bag. feel free to take a long trip. >> i'm registered as a comfort animal. he brings my anxiety levels out. >> dave you don't know who has the money to waste an extra ticket for a babe. the youtube almost. by the way do any of you remember in "the rock" isn't the opening scene there is a teddy bear stuffed with a bio-chem. >> see. >> the tsa as much as i loathe them, they are the good gois here. >> and the teddy bear in con air. >> these teddy bears are people. >> and they have the acting ability of dennis price. when super supermarket
12:40 am
customers attack after the break.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez in new york. crews working around the clock to bring safe drinking water to corpus -- corpus christi, texas because of a chemical that spilled into the city's water supply.
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city officials confirmed it is a chemical used to makes a fault. more than 24 gallons may have gotten into the water supply. a kansas official wants a list of voters who have temporary driver's licenses. kansas secretary of state is asking a federal court to receive a list of 21,000 people arguing at the are not pre teched by the privacy act. they want to know in noncitizens are voting in the u.s. they are put the states in a deep parkinson's disease. bone chilling temperatures are already causing problems on roadways. crews are having a difficult time fighting fires and the bitter temperatures are not making it easy for postal work. >> i walked the first half of
12:45 am
the day and road the second half. i was colder in the truck. it does help to stay active and moving. facebook is taking new measures against fake news. they will partner with fact checkers will be flagged as disputed. the -- they are undergoing testing in the u.s. >> now back to "red eye" for all of your news. you are up whatting -- you are watching the most powerful name in news. fox newschannel. a fight broke out in a grocery store in memphis, tennessee after a woman held up her line for 20 minutes going through her binder of couponner claims a man yelled at her and called her a junky for taking too long. she later post ed that thee
12:46 am
grabbed the back of her face and went into the cart aftera% she accidently spilled a drink on him. i'm sure the have surveillance will back up her story. >> let's -- oh. i don't think she accidentally spilled a drink. here is a photo of the aftermath. wonder if the spread is still good. a krogger will have the incident that happened at our popular plaza kroger. that goes without saying we are all saddened. every one of us. do you think kroger had to get involved? >> no. they don't all comment about what happened. first of all she is a liar. >> what? >> oswald accidentally shot
12:47 am
kennedy too. it was such a blatant assault on him. back and to the left and to the left. the cue upons it is 2016. paper coupons? what is this? it should be something you go, there i had all of my coupons in my phone and i scan it and it took everything off and every leaves on time. to sit with paper coupon and she had her dumb coupon wallet. >> i don't think they understand. it was double coupon day. >> i hate people like this. >> if this ever happens in front of me i literally take the highway patrol and say keep the change. >> you would rather hurt yourself? >> yes. i can't take those people. the people are crazy. >> is there any sympathy for
12:48 am
this woman? wasn't this an episf "mad men" and so they wanted attention and faced a fight. i think that's why kroger made the statement. things are happening in kroger. >> they slipped in that were popular. >> it was our school service. >> guys, guys. one person on the panel that can read. poplir plaza, cooinger. kroger. >> i am not watching the monitor. >> and you say the trump voters can't read. >> i said the trump voters don't read. >> let me give you some. this woman deserves no empathy. she should said i am a crazy coupon person. don't let him wait 2 minutes.
12:49 am
>> they have to expedite the system. >> i know this is not at all what you just asked me, but she went low with the trick throw. >> i think there is april epidemic and you can see the internet videos getting popular. >> i think throwing a drink is an assault. and they are shocked. >> women are cocky now. >> they think they will have a hi valerie thing. >> the worst place you can throw a drink is in the crotch area. now if you dry it off you have to look like you wet your pandz and it is degrade -- de -- degrading. >> coming up, a trip to the
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candy shop turned horribly, horribly wrong.
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two women are looking for a candle shop. okay, that's all the set up you need for this video.
12:54 am
>> what's the name of the place? >> it's -- candle -- well. i don't know. heck, it is not there. >> what was that? >> i don't know. >> what in the world was that? it is like the bottom came out. >> it looks terrible. >> do do you know where the candle supply is? >> i just want to say one thing. you don't see that on morning joe. >> no, you don't.
12:55 am
what a dumb place for a loading dock. >> well, you know, i want to know, who is running the video? how is this video helping? >> sometimes i don't get to finish what i like to do. i give our determination for still rying to find the cable shop. >> i am not sure, but i think there was a double ontandre. >> and women are excellent drivers. >> it is not a representation of a group. you nailed it. the fact that at the end of the video she still was like, do you know -- that was your question for the next stranger? it was not help my car. she said, cars, i have dozens of these. >> i am in desperate need of candles. >> do you know who that woman
12:56 am
was? >> that was paula paula deen? i didn't hear a curse wart. >> they want to thicken them up. i bought a holiday candle this year. it was a ginger bread cookie candle and everybody loved it that i to make real ginger bread cookies because i was tricking people. >> why do women like candles. you have a nice house and it is decked out and do you have can can -- candles? >> yes. women bring the candles over. >> they. >> it is noise to have it. >> it is nice. why do we cover it up. >> somebody tells me why you can't finish. >> special thanks to jill dobson and dave smith and an thong thee cumia and most importantly bearaldo.
12:57 am
that does it for me. i'm tom shillue.
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syria's president calls it an historic event comparable to the birth of christ. government forces retake aleppo and the evacuation of the battered and broken survivors begins. the u.s. meantime calls it a massacre. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. it's a watershed moment in the syrian civil war. the government of syrian president assad is once again in control of the rebellion's most important strong hold. hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed since the beginning of the war in


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