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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 16, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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not only did we reach the goal. we have more than two million 6,000 likes on facebook. >> thomas jefferson, tripoli pirates. making number one by christmas. bill: here we go. battle of administrations as the white house press secretary engages in a war of words with president-elect donald trump all about the issue of russia and he was not the only one. so it is getting started early. i'm bill hemmer, live here in "america's newsroom." >> welcome to friday. i'm martha maccallum. josh earnest not backing down from repeated claims mr. trump knew he said about the hacking by russia he claims and that mr. trump encouraged it according to the press secretary. here he is. >> it is not a controversial statement. i'm not trying to be argumentive. i'm trying to acknowledge a basic fact. mr. trump was obviously aware of the fact that russia was engaged
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in malicious cyber activity and that malicious cyber activity was having negative impact on his opponent's campaign. bill: he is not only talking about it. president obama did an interview. he will have a press conference later today. trump addressed issue at a thank you rally in pennsylvania and taking on earnest directly. >> this foolish guy, josh earnest, i don't know if he is talking to president obama. [booing] >> having the right press secretary is so important. but the president is very positive but he is not positive and i mean, maybe he is getting his orders from somebody else? martha: now president obama himself weighing in, saying that the u.s. will take direct action against russia. chief national correspondent ed henry live in washington. so, ed, what exactly is the president proposing to do here? reporter: he did an interview with npr, you're right, he is certainly talking tough. remember big picture he talked tough before and theory of red line and did not act.
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whether he will actually follow through with action against russia is whole another question. you're seeing in the war of words, what happened to all the happy talk about how this transition is going so smoothly? president obama and his aides are doing everything they can to help president-elect donald trump. that man in the middle there, vladmir putin has gotten in the way because the white house seems to have forgotten before the 2012 election, remember that president obama was caught on a hot mic saying if he won re-election he would be a lot more flexible and do business with vladmir putin. now he want to do this interview with npr on his way out the door he will be really tough and may tack action with russia trying to interfere with the u.s. election. watch. >> there is no doubt when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections this we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. some of it may be explicit and
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publicized. some of it may not be. reporter: in fairness to the white house they did suggest in october they thought russia was behind this hacking and, did not want, they say to interfere in the election late in the fame doing something then. you have to wonder what took so long now for the president to speak out so forcefully and say he is going to do something about it? u.s. officials are privately saying it has a lot to do with the fact they thought hillary clinton was going to win the election, not donald trump. they were sitting on this, they were waiting. donald trump has won, they say they will do something. martha: whole different ballgame. ed, one of the reasons that the democrats believe that the scale is sort of tipped towards donald trump because the information that was hacked into was only used against democrats. how much backing is there for that? reporter: well there is some credibility questions being raised about that point as well this morning.
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"the wall street journal" reporting that turns out the dnc and rnc, republican national committee they were both targeted by the rnc simply had better defense systems to block same sort of actions that russian hackers were allegedly taking. so that doesn't fit the white house narrative because this is all of a piece of say look, the russians were doing this, targeting the dnc. they were targeting john podesta. this was all about helping donald trump. it doesn't help their narrative when it turns out oh wait, russian hackers were going after the rnc. turns out the rnc hat better defense systems. martha: that is what they reported. ed, thank you very much. bill: we'll cover the story from all angles this morning. republican senator, senate foreign relations committee, will talk about the hack. he is live in 15 minutes. top of the hour, trump senior visor, kellyanne conway. newt gingrich, former speak evident house is here as well. john podesta, whose email where
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it started, he wrote a scathing piece directed squarely at fbi. we'll talk to speaker gingrich about that and more. martha: lots coming up. what about this? bill: president-elect trump on the road, he was in pennsylvania continuing the thank you tour last night. had a crowd of about 10,000 supporters in hershey, pennsylvania. here is part of that from last evening. >> we will keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. [cheering] we will re-establish the rule of law, defend the second amendment, protect religious liberty. they're screaming we want the wall, we want the wall, build the wall. mr. trump. we're going to build the wall. don't worry about it. whether you're african-american, hispanic-american, or
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asian-american, or whatever the hell you are, remember that we are all americans, and we are united by one shared destiny. [cheering] bill: he was rocking the house. chris stirewalt editor on digital side. how are you? >> living the dream, brother. bill: these events in a way not quick liability we've seen before. vintage front. he rolled out the the greatest . >> not just the greatest hits from the campaign, how i did it, donald trump story. how he won pennsylvania and relives election night and goes through the stuff and crowds heat it up. i have a question, brother bill, how would you like to be a congressman from district like that opposing donald trump on any of his initiatives? bill: i imagine it could be interesting every morning i would wake up. he went after josh ernest, called him a fool, essentially,
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used the word foolish about russian thing. something is going on behind thç scenes, white house changed tact toward him publicly. trump and obama have been very kind publicly with each other, with very kind words. i get the sense that is changing now. >> this is the, as we have learned over time, the trump lation. goes from your friend to you. he starts and attacks your friend. boy, i hope there is not a problem here? i hope your friend said this thing about me was, it was a mistake and it wasn't you. and then the escalation to you. then the attacks come on you. we could be saying this is warning shot essentially from trump to obama, do what i say, behave right now in this time or there will be trouble later. and we could be looking at rupture because obama, who will have a press conference today, sounds like he wants to do something to russia which i doubt trump would like. bill: i think that press conference will be very interesting this afternoon. on trump, there is statute of
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limitations on rallies, once you get into the new year, people look for results. that's why they voted for him, chris. >> well, what you say is true for a lot of voters but for core group of people, the people would go out for rally, those people will keep marching. remember in a country of 325 million people, if you just have five million, 10 million people around the country that would be shock force for you, go out to rallies like these, show up to intimidate congressman who said i don't want to do this, i don't like your plan, i'm not interested in this. those people show up to rally in your district, you will feel it especially at primary time the, you will do what he tells you. bill: chris. press conference this afternoon. very interesting press conference. will be a lot of headlines coming out of the things. thank you, sir, keep living the dream. i trust. >> oh, yeah. bill: martha. martha: there was lighthearted moment last night when president-elect trump poked fun at the pennsylvania vote count. watch this. >> and now we get up to pennsylvania, we are just doing great in pennsylvania.
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in fact i won it twice, right? i won it twice. because i won it. and then we had this scam operation, let's ask for recount. we won it again and won wisconsin, we won michigan. [cheering] i love it. i hope somebody asks for a reyou count. i love winning, we're winning three, four, five times. martha: mr. trump won pennsylvania by over 44,000 votes. and on he goes. some saying continuing to campaign but i think chris stirewalt is exactly right. he is precampaigning for his agenda as he ares it out and rally people in all the different states where he wants to pass stuff. bill: he calls pennsylvania bride who got away. think about republicans who gone after the state time after time back to 1988. taking parting shot at director of the fbi, harry reid with harsh words for jim comey. >> i think it is about time that comey acknowledge publicly what a disservice he has rendered to
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our country. he became such a partisan that he should become the new chair of the rnc. bill: harry reid is not the only one. why comey is taking heavy fire from top democrats. plus there is this. martha: heartbreaker continues in syria. dozens of orphans in aleppo pleading for help from the outside. and a growing humanitarian crisis there. bill: here at home a police officer fighting for his life, shot in the line of duty, what we're learning about his condition so far this morning.
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martha: terrible story here this morning. police making three arrests after a officer was shot in the head in washington north of seattle. the suspect barricaded him several inside of a home and continued to open fire on the police. hostage negotiators spent hours communicating with the 44-year-old man before taking him into custody. last night what a custody it was. injured officer is out of surgery we're told at this hour. but he remains in serious but stable condition. he is a 30-year veteran of that police force. we wish him well this morning. ♪ >> we'll rebuild our badly-depleted military and
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we're going to finally take care of our great veterans. we're going to take care of them, believe me. our defense policy can be summed up in three very important words : peace through strength. bill: live look at trump tower. trump promising to take care of our veterans and country's heroes. he has two cabinet positions left to nominate. one being secretary of veterans affairs. one of those being considered, former senator from massachusetts scott brown. good morning to you. fox contributor as well. thank you for your time. did you see trump last night? what was your impression of the way he, the way he carried himself in pa? why don't we start there? >> first of all i love the plain talk, plain-speaking donald trump when he is in an environment conducive to relaxing to have fun with the
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crowd and the thing i have always l message something so positive. make america great again, buy america, build america, america, america, america. taking care of our troops, our military, our workers who lost their jobs because of obama's policies. then re-establishing trust with our allies and fear with our foes, dealing with the border. dealing with isis. it is all positive messaging coming out. that is fantastic for the country and for the american people. bill: now the cabinet has a few spots left, right? he talked about the veterans for year-and-a-half. that is a spot, i don't know, perhaps you get that job. do you think it is coming your way or not? the. >> well i know i'm in the mix certainly. i've been honored to be considered. there are some great people being considered. regardless who it is, bill, the work is just overwhelming. veterans are dying. there is a lot of mismanagement. you have some great people working in the va. you have also people collecting a paycheck and checking a box and treating our veterans, i
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think really with a lack of respect. that needs to change. and you need to put somebody in there who will get the congressional authority and presidential authority to fire these people because there is a mentality, scott brown is not going to do anything, pete hegseth, no one is going to fight me, fire me, i'm sorry. that attitude has to change. bill: i know you're name is in the mix. you mentioned pete hegseth. allen west's name is in the mix as well i understand. >> yeah. bill: when you consider how much trump has talked about this, and i know a lot of these positions were nominated early and there is still a month to go before the inauguration, i'm just wondering about the level of priority that is still given to this job. what do you think about that? >> he did. he made it cornerstone for his campaign, veterans came out over well plinkly, military veterans. i thought it would be one of first ones after secretary of state. i'm not president-elect.
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i know for a fact however he is giving it his total attention in terms of bringing in somebody who he feels is absolutely 100% right for the job because there has been a lot of transition in that position over the years. there is a lack of i think, like a rudderless ship kind of going around. he needs somebody in there who will have the support of congress, the support of the president and veterans themselves. bill: i get it but it's a huge job and we've talked about the bureaucracy and getting it turned around. when you're sitting there with him, what is your big sales point? how would senator scott brown change the va? >> i think it is important having military experience, having political experience. having media experience. being that face of the va, being able to convey what you're doing and why to the american public and to the veterans groups so they clearly and concisely understand what you're doing and why. that's number one. obviously we have to deal with suicides. we have to deal with the long lines. we have to deal with the lack of we're not getting good value for our dollars.
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going after the problem hospitals and vet centers and clinics are the biggest problems in our country right now. immediately all hands on deck, getting those facilities serviced properly so they can properly serve our military men and women who have been given so much. bill: this job is entirely doable what you're saying that is possible? >> it is doable, but at least a couple years to really get it right. there will be a lot of sleepless nights, that's for sure. bill: senator, thank you. best of luck to you. we'll see whether or not you land it. scott brown. >> merry christmas. bill: merry christmas to you as well. >> all right, man. martha: president obama and his successor stepping up their war of words over russian hacking as the white house vows now they are going to take some severe action against russia. so a lot of people raising their eyebrows wondering what took so long? we'll talk to senator ron johnson. then there is this. >> look out, look out!
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tadirectv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere!
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anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. martha: war of words erupting between the white house and team trump these days over reports of russia hacking the election process they claim during the u.s. election. the timing of president obama's announcement of an investigation and why it didn't happen earlier. amid these back and forth jabs a new element is being put into the mix. wikileaks founder, julian assange saying that he wouldn't say much more that the russians
6:24 am
or any state were not responsible for the wikileaks release. watch this. >> in order to prevent a distraction attacking our publications we had to come out say, no, it is not a state party. stop trying to distract in that way. pay attention to the content of the publication. >> so in other words when you say state party, it wasn't another state like russia or some other country? >> correct. our source is not the russian government. martha: i thought that was fascinating. republican senator ron johnson of wisconsin, chairman of the homeland security committee. he is also on the foreign relations committee which will be investigating these hackings. good to have you here today. >> good morning, martha. martha: do you give that credibility? julian assange says look, we handled this whole thing and we don't like to talk about but we also want people to understand that russia was not hine this release? >> martha, i don't know what to believe. i'm chairman of the senate
6:25 am
committee, homeland security, government affairs. i was in the first briefing with jeh johnson, james comey, lisa monaco, assure everybody, the 12 that no russian state actor could hack voting machines. the purpose of that meeting was to assure the american public, to give them confidence that the election on november 8th would be fair and legitimate. now this administration is changing its tune. i asked for a briefing, secure briefing from the cia this morning. i came in yesterday to meet with general kelly. they refused a briefing. i don't know what is up with that i certainly take anything from julian assange with a grain of salt but we really don't know. quite honestly i don't know how you can assume with a high level of confidence what any actors motives are in this. shouldn't come as surprise to us that russia is hacking and spreading disinformation and propaganda. i don't like it. we need to push back on it but this has been known for quite some time.
6:26 am
martha: i want to play with you a sound bite from president obama on npr interview yesterday. he is talking about what his response will be to russia, indeed if it is russia, julian assange says it is not. here is what he would do. >> the irony of this, for most of my presidency there has been a pretty sizable wing of the republican party that has consistently criticized me for not being tough enough on russia. martha: so now he says he will get tough on russia. he said at time and place for our choosing there will be some retaliation. in light of everything that is going on with russia and with syria and talking about emails, what do you make of that comment by the president, senator? >> well, let ace face it for most of his presidency the only consequences are him saying there are going to be serious consequences. at this point in time vladmir putin is shaking in his boots. there ought to be serious consequences but relayed in advance to some of these state actors that are showing the kind
6:27 am
of aggression because of america's weakness in our response to them. we need to take this very seriously. it is not just about asaying there will be serious consequence. there actually have to be some. let's face it, the next president, president trump will be dealing with a real mess created by this president's feckless and ineffective weak foreign policy. martha: look back over the relationship between russia and this administration and you look back almost to immediately when president obama took office, the dismantling of the project to build missile shields in eastern europe which had been against putin and aggressiveness. we saw what happened in crimea and ukraine. leaning over moment where president obama said, look after the election i will have a little bit more flexibility to deal with you guys. then, syria being overrun and what's happening in aleppo right now, many would say the president was silent and watched this go on. he is upset about email hacking and going to go get them? >> let's face it, this president
6:28 am
has had a strategy. called peace through withdrawal. hearing out of the president-elect, that he will be peace through strength is only thing that works. we have to rebuild the economy, rebuild the military. we need to show russia, china and iran that america is back and we'll be really dealing with them from position of strength because dealing with them from position of weakness has been a miserable failure. martha: you spoke with general john kelly who is going to head up the dhs. a lot of people don't have a real sense of him fully yet. what's your impression of him and what do you think our homeland security posture, how's it going to be different? >> well first of all he is an outstanding pick. he is an extraordinary individual. four-star general, gold star parent. his experience as head of southern command puts him in perfect position for types of threat we're dealing with. the fact we don't have a secure border, often times, we have insatiable demand for drug which
6:29 am
given rise to drug cartels, transnational criminal organizations, he is fully aware of this. he has great relationships with high government officials throughout central america and south america. he is perfectly suited for this. really enjoyed the meeting with him yesterday. looking for close relationship as secretary of department of homeland security. martha: busy times. senator ron johnson, thanks so much for weighing in. >> merry christmas. martha: merry christmas to you as well. bill: the senate's most powerful democrat accusing the fbi director intentionally helping donald trump in this election. >> he is basking in the glow of the election because that is how he wanted it to turn out. i don't see him going any place unless he gets a quirk of conscience. bill: harry reid blaming hillary clinton's loss squarely at the feet of the fbi. he is not the only one. her campaign manager john podesta calling the agency, deeply broken. former house speaker newt gingrich, his reaction to all of this, still to come this
6:30 am
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. bill: fox news alert, syria suspending evacuations in the town of aleppo. russia claiming all women and children have been taken out. the u.n. and international aid group said people are trapped inside as the humanitarian crisis continues to unfold. there's been a constant back and forth throughout the week. this is the videos emerge of offans trapped in aleppo saying they want to live like everyone else. that's on the video. released by syrian aid group said to be recorded wednesday, two days ago of this week. >> i think that it's about time that comey acknowledged publicly what a disservice he's rendered to our country by doing nothing, nothing, except interfering with the election that is beyond all precedent, what he did.
6:34 am
he became such a partisan that he should become the new chair of the rnc. i said he should resign a long time ago, but obviously, he's basking in the glow of the election. that's how he wanted it to turn senate minority leader harry reid blasting the fbi director jims comey to renew the hillary clinton probe 11 days before election day caused her to lose. juan williams is fox news political analyst and author of we the people and mercedes schlapp spokeswoman for former president george w. bush and fox news contributor. juan and mercedes, good to have you here. >> good morning. >> i was shocked, it is very damning, and perhaps unfair, juan. what do you think, fair or no? >> i think it's very fair, i wasn't struck when you said narrative, to me, what we're doing is reporting what
6:35 am
happened. it's unprecedented that jim comey, the fbi director would intervene in a national election so close to election day, but the part that stuns me is the recent reports about how they were so lackadaisical with regard to the cyberthreat to the clinton campaign, informing the campaign and going after the threat and, of course, we now know, this is no narrative. we know that all the u.s. intelligence agencies with the exception of the fbi joined in saying that russia is responsible for this hacking. martha: yeah, except julian assange says it wasn't, and the whole idea they are coordinated, i think you have to leave that at the doorstep, juan, when they won't sit down with the committee that wants to ask them questions about it, because clearly they are not on the same page with this. mercedes, what do you think? >> it's unprecedented that you would have a former secretary of state basically have a home brew server in her house where
6:36 am
we know there was classified information that went through her server system. i think that we also have to realize that mrs. clinton brought this upon herself, not only that. we can also add that obviously, she was one where from a political strategy standpoint, it didn't work in the battleground states, her messaging was off. she was focused on trying to attack donald trump personally without pushing forward a strong economic message. martha, there are so many components why hillary clinton lost the election, that to say we're going to blame it on comey. let's remember that comey was not a fan of the republicans or the democrats, because when you look back at that july press conference, it was comey who didn't recommend to the department of justice to move forward on a clinton indictment, and at the end of the day, the republicans were upset at him. martha: exactly. >> we have to keep that in mind as the democrats continue to push forward the narrative that it's comey's fault that hillary
6:37 am
clinton lost the election. martha: it's awash, juan, he comes out in july saying she behaved terribly and recklessly but not going to indict her and says reopening things, republicans were excited about that prospect, and says we didn't find anything, how they got through hundreds of thousands of e-mails is the big thing. they questioned all of that, i don't know how it could possibly weigh heavily on one side or the other but democrats need to grasp onto this in a big way right now. >> martha, it's not a wash, mercedes goes on about hillary clinton's e-mails. to me, hillary clinton and e-mails, you can make a judgment about it, it is no way, no way the equal of foreign government seeking to subvert a u.s. election. martha: how did they do that, juan? how did they do that? >> let me continue here. the idea that you have a foreign government involved and
6:38 am
comey coming forward with regard to the e-mails mercedes was talking about. coming to the conclusion, you said it was unanimous, hillary clinton had done nothing, nothing that would justify prosecution and goes on and on and rants against her as if to make the case though he hasn't decided to recommend prosecution to justice. >> gosh, juan. >> i take direct insult to. that i take direct insult to that. working at the white house, talking to individuals in the military with high security clearance, they will tell you clearly that if anyone were to mishandle classified information, they would have been prosecuted. that is not fair. there was a double standard for hillary clinton. so for you to basically blame the russians. martha: we know, look -- to some extent. >> where do you want we to go with this, juan? >> she was reckless in some regard. nobody said she mishandled information, the way general petraeus did.
6:39 am
martha: she was not indicted and juan is absolutely right about that. you have to put that behind you now. but to suggest that the russians released john podesta's e-mails that said nasty things about his candidate, revealed things about catholics and others, nobody disputed the content of the e-mails, juan. not like they're saying the russians engineered the outcome by rigging into voting booths across the country. >> that's right. martha: we're talking about e-mails no one has disputed. believe me, the e-mails are going to come out on republicans and trump folks. >> ah, martha, you get a special gift this christmas. you get the key. one of the interesting developments in recent days is reports that the russians had the capacity to hack the rnc, did not do it. they did it solely against -- >> failed to infiltrate because of the rnc security. >> they did it against the dnc, released the gossipy items picked up by the press as well. this is legitimate.
6:40 am
the idea is it was directed against one candidate in an american election. martha: all right. >> i hate to say it, but to watch the political assault by president obama on donald trump, and the timing of talking about this russian hacking when we know lawmakers and vice president biden came out and said that fundamentally they were not concerned about the russians hacking this election. biden said that back in october. because their candidate lost, now they decided to bring this up? come on, juan. martha: got to leave it there. >> bigger than politics. martha: mercedes and juan, thank you very much. >> take care, martha. martha: i'm getting a special gift for christmas apparently, from juan. >> nobody had more zest for life and passion and joy the way he lived, and craig, he loved his family, loved his friends, he loved bud light, he loved golf. he loved atmospheres like tonight where he came and worked an incredible sporting event. he loved the cubs. he loved people more than anything. bill: a lot of people loved
6:41 am
him. that is steve kerr, head coach of the golden state warriors, emotional tribute to craig sager. sager died last night, longtime sports reporter known for colorful and outlandish suits lost his battle to leukemia at 65. his career spanned 40 years, most of it with turner sports, most of it can coach kerr. the company called him a true inspiration. the basketball world showed a lot of love for sager. the bucks made t-shirts that made it look like one of sager's iconic suits. craig sager dead at the age of 65. our best to his family and wife and four kids he left behind. touched a lot of people and his passing played out rather publicly over the last year especially. martha: a great smile and great sense of humor and gift for his talent for what he did. he will be missed. my thoughts are with his family today. so a battle between the
6:42 am
administrations. the obama white house calling out donald trump on hack. what does the trump side have to say about that? we will talk to senior adviser kellyanne conway. bill: plus may be the worst part of the legacy of the white house. what will donald trump do about the disaster that has become syria? >> we'll build safe zones in syria, when i look at what's going on in syria, it's so sad, it's so sad, and we've got to help people.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
. >> when i look at what's going on in syria, it's so sad. it's so sad. and we've got to help people. and we have the gulf states. they have nothing but money. we don't have money, we owe $20 trillion. i will get the gulf states to give us lots of money, and we'll build and help build safe zones in syria so people can have a chance.
6:46 am
bill: bit of news last night as aleppo lies in ruins. president-elect donald trump promising the safe zones to help refugees living in the nightmare. republican senator kinzinger. safe zones came up last night. does that surprise you? is that something that would work in a new administration right now? >> i think it's going to have to happen. you look at obviously the human tragedy, that's one thing. you look at the political implications, have you this mass migration coming out of the middle east into europe and destabilizing, that you have the clash of cultures that's going on, and only going to continue to get worse, i think donald trump is realizing the importance of having to do something, he's probably not talking about going as far as i would like to go, but the safe zone is a big start, and the fact is this, even with the fall of aleppo, this is not going to burn itself out. it's not going to end.
6:47 am
the civil war is going to continue and could continue. bill: 5 1/2 years on. what do you mean how far you would like to go? >> what needs to happen is unforcible cease-fire, you need to have a stick behind it. this is where secretary of state kerry, president obama have utterly failed as they keep trying to sue for peace but don't have a stick. if you violate it, the repercussions are strikes against the regime. doesn't mean you start war, it means you can enforce a cease-fire. i hope president-elect trump when he gets in there says let's do everything we can to stop this. i don't know but i think the safe zone is a good start and necessary first step to fixing the problem. bill: lot of talk between washington and moscow. john kerry said this washington. >> the assad regime is carrying out nothing short of a massacre, and we have witnessed
6:48 am
indiscriminate slaughter, not accidents of war, not collateral damage, but frankly purposeful, a cynical policy of terrorizing civilians. bill: that's a strong statement, but again, when i mention words, you gave a chuckle just now. >> yeah, this is all it is, is words. mr. secretary, we're going to go back to the table again so the russians and assad can stall while they make gains on the ground and pretend they're interested in a cease-fire and violate the cease-fire and back to the table because we want another cease-fire again? you have to back this up with enforceable action. from what i understand to secretary kerry's credit, he's advocated behind the scenes for strikes, it's president obama that's too worried about upsetting the delicate deal with iran and upsetting the russians. by the way, the russians have an economy the size of italy. this isn't the old soviet union. this isn't the economy dictating world policy because
6:49 am
president obama's frankly too worried to push back. i'm excited about president-elect trump regaining the momentum and narrative for our country. bill: we wait until the 20th of january until something changes. quickly on another topic, have you seen evidence of russian hacking? >> i haven't seen the evidence and what i've seen i can't share. the intelligence agency -- bill: how about this, do you believe it then? >> i believe that the russians were involved to an extent. the question is what's the end result? it goes a bridge way too far to say it elected trump as president. i think trump was elected overwhelmingly by the vast majority of the country and delegitimize that is wrong. we know the russians attempted to have involvement and that should be a bipartisan issue that doesn't question the legit mace of president trump. bill: thank you. martha: americans say good-byes
6:50 am
to the astronaut and former u.s. senator and all-around american hero. the ohio native will lie in repose the the state's capitol building where public viewing is about to begin. we will take you there for some moments with john glenn.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
. bill: there he is, an arctic blast causing dangerous situations on the road. watch right here. >> look out, look out! . bill: that is a school bus full of kids sliding down icy road in portland, oregon. the bus apparently not equipped with chains on tires, in oregon? unfortunately, no -- fortunately no injuries, that's how it's going.
6:54 am
martha: folks in columbus, ohio have a chance to pay respects to former space pioneer and senator john glenn, glenn, a true american hero lies in repose in the ohio state house starting today becoming just the ninth person to receive that honor. he was 95 years old. christian fisher live outside of the ohio capitol building. i understand state lawmakers had to change rules to allow this tribute to happen today, right? >> reporter: that's right, martha. this honor is typically reserved for governors and officeholders, they made an exception for john glenn because he's john glenn, a war hero, marine fighter pilot who fought in the world war ii and korean war. he returned from friendship 7 flight a hero of almost mythic proportions. as tom wolfe said you had to be alive to comprehend the reaction of the nation.
6:55 am
he served 24 years in the senate before becoming the oldest person to fly in space at age 77. the words godspeed, john glenn will be taking on a whole new meaning today, martha? martha: who will be speaking there, kristen? >> today is the public viewing, tomorrow is the actual memorial service, some of the speakers include former president bill clinton, vice president joe biden who served with glenn in the senate. a lot of astronauts there. buzz aldrin wrote an op-ed in the "washington post" and he says glenn's passing is a time to reflect not only on our past space exploits but signal a renewed passion to build upon his legacy, remembering him is continuing to inspire the next wave of scientists, technologies and i expect that to be a big theme of the memorial service tomorrow. martha? martha: incredible, what a man. what a story and so much history in those 95 years.
6:56 am
bill: big life. growing up in ohio with john glenn and neil armstrong. martha: amazing. bill: and his relationship with his wife, too. so well documented. 70+ years together. martha: beautiful story. bill: really is. touching, touching stuff. all right, president obama set to hold a press conference. we will carry that live while we watch the lobby at trump tower. two cabinet positions left to be filled. we'll talk to trump senior adviser kellyanne conway about that and the public back and forth between trump and obama and teams over putin. all that coming up top of the hour.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
. martha: fox news alert, the old white house versus the new, and it is starting to get ugly. each team pounding the other over who knew what and when they knew it about russian meddling in the american election. welcome, everybody to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm martha maccallum.
7:00 am
bill: and i'm bill hemmer. josh earnest tearing into president-elect trump, claiming he knew all along about hacking on behalf of his campaign. >> mr. trump, obviously knew that russia was engaged in malicious cyberactivity that was helping him and hurting secretary clinton's campaign, and again, these are all facts that are not in dispute. martha: kellyanne conway, senior adviser to the trump transition team. good morning to you. >> hi, martha. martha: so josh earnest says mr. trump obviously knew, it's a fact. what do you say? >> i say that's a great spin. i assume that the white house came under some fire from the political partisan who won't let go of this election, martha, because the president in late november said that the location november 8th had been free and fair. he had congratulated and indeed conceded to president-elect
7:01 am
trump, saw him the day after he won, welcomed him into the white house. they've spoken on the phone since. and i always find it unfortunate when someone like the press secretary in such a position of power is playing political pundit. how does he know what donald trump knew and he obviously knew and knew it was hurting hillary clinton? did you have person after person from the clinton campaign going on tv? did you have beyonce and jay-z doing a shoutout to warn everybody about the russian hacking interference on hillary's campaign fortune? you heard nothing about it. they didn't spend a penny of $2.2 billion on a serious campaign ad? why? because they thought they were going to win. the monday morning quarterbacking, everybody's fault that hillary clinton lost, and now it's on the white house. martha: you touched on something interesting. the word was president obama spoke to everybody at the white house right after the election and said, look, we're going to be as helpful as we possibly can. we want to have a peaceful
7:02 am
transition here, and the past couple of 48 hours, something has clearly changed, because you know, it was an acerbic comment by josh earnest. as you point out, he said he absolutely knows, honest and factually that donald trump knew that the russians were hacked and he liked it, in fact. what changed? is that message coming from the top? is it coming from president obama? >> i'm not going to play josh earnest and say what president obama obviously knew and did hear, martha. but it is curious. it also is very timely for a democratic party that can't seem to escape its identity crisis. the idea that 5 1/2 weeks later, you have serious people talking about how the electors may not put donald trump in as president on december 19th. have you them talking about it was jim comey's fault or some movement's fault. we're not involved with it all. it was bernie sanders fault. how dare he run in the first
7:03 am
place? how dare you question the fact he got 13 million votes and won 22 states against just her. vladimir putin didn't tell hillary clinton to ignore wisconsin and michigan. this is lack of self-awareness and heaping into an argument about our intelligence. that we don't appreciate. by the way, republican senators say it's clear that russia hacked into the e-mails. set that aside for the moment. the second part of that and what is bothersome is people are disingenuous in saying and interfered in the election and hurt hillary clinton. martha: reporting in fact, i think the fact he's hanging it on is he claims we all watched that one statement where donald trump said, you know, well, maybe the russians can find the missing 30,000 e-mails, which he said was said in sarcasm. whether josh earnest has more than that, to back up the statement, i'm not sure. back to the interesting statement, he made the statement and doubled down on it the next day.
7:04 am
you spoke on it in between. i imagine the president if he wanted to stop the conversation from the press secretary, he would have said so but did not, correct? >> he did not, martha. there is another person who is not, that's hillary clinton. if you want to shut this down and love the country enough to have the peaceful transition in great democracy between the obama administration and the trump administration, there are a couple people in prominent positions, one named hillary clinton and obama, since people want to fight for her election, they can shut this down. i know people that say bill clinton believes russian hacking interfered. she blames james comey. somebody else huma. i'll make the waiver, what was the message to the forgotten man and woman? it's not a mystery how the election was won or lost. the disappointment for them is that they never entertained the possibility in a divided
7:05 am
country, perhaps the other candidate could actually win. that's what this is about. martha: if you're outraged about something, we know they knew about this in july. if you're outraged about something, the noble moment to speak out is while it's happening, not after the outcome doesn't go the way that you wanted it to. >> can i say something quickly? i'm sorry. you had vice president biden campaigning, first lady michelle obama, president obama, president bill clinton. jay-z, you had all these people stomping for hillary clinton. tim kaine. again, if i had to think of the five or six main messages they talked about, this isn't on it. they had an opportunity to talk about this. martha: i want to get to a couple other things here. a picture from the tech conference that happened earlier this week because a lot of people are looking at the fact that all three of the trump adult children are sitting in the room, and they're wondering how long will that continue and when will we
7:06 am
get more clarity on their roles? >> in the case of the tech conference, it was all pretty much on the record, you saw the excerpts from donald trump speaking about them, crediting them with being great innovators and job creators and change makers, and obviously presiding over a very dynamic industry, martha, and then you also have these adult children of donald trump who are very involved in the trump corporation. in the case of the two sons, don, jr., and eric, they will continue to take over. ivanka and husband jared will make their decision on their own and we respect that, and will announce it when they have one. i think people will never be happy until donald trump never talks to his children again. that's not how you disentangle the government's business from personal business. they've made very clear, and i can tell you working here every day, there are a lot of people around, protocol officers, ethics officers, lawyers, everybody is trying to figure
7:07 am
out how to take the iconic properties, his considerable portfolio so that the president of the united states can focus 100% attention on the presidency and allow that business to continue without him. i have to say too, people don't understand how much money, hundreds of millions of dollars in deals that were destroyed that were in abeyance that can never be pursued when you are president, now it's worse. this family is making a huge sacrifice. martha: understood, i think the optics are something people are going to bring up time and time again if it keeps going on with the meetings and after the transition. you can give us a date when you think there will be more clarity on the division of responsibilities and what ivanka and jared's roles might be? >> ivanka and jared will announce that on their own timeline. in terms of the business questions, that has been moved from yesterday to january because they need more time to figure out the proper protocols and structure.
7:08 am
this is unconventional. martha: thank you so much, kellyanne, good to see you. >> thanks, martha. martha: you bet, merry christmas. bill: meanwhile, as we await the latest update from the trump tower transition team. president-elect getting ready for next rally later tonight in orlando, florida. trump tower, fifth avenue, how is the message evolving on the thank you tour from stop to stop. david lee, how would you characterize it? >> reporter: well, what's of note, bill is that in hershey, pennsylvania last night, though donald trump has not yet taken office, he talked about a possible re-election in four years. he told this crowd of about 10,000 very enthusiastic supporters, quoting him now, we're going to win by even more. and during the rally, mr. trump also thanked african-americans for not voting for hillary clinton. he attacked the media for being dishonest and called for a creation of safe zones in syria. much of his speech was focused on job creation.
7:09 am
>> for years, the jobs and wealth have been ripped out of your state and ripped out of our country, like we're a bunch of babies. foreign powers have gotten rich, bleeding america dry because we have people that don't know what they're doing or worse than that. reporter: mr. trump told the crowd his administration is going to follow two very simple rules to buy american and hire american. the next stop on the thank you tour will be this evening in orlando, florida. bill, it is in the mid 70s. back to you. bill: catch a ride! thank you, david lee. martha: wants to change his assignment. president obama poised to take questions from the media today. might be the last news conference of his presidency. we will see about that, before he heads out for the holidays, it will be. chris wallace on mr. obama's legacy and what could happen under a trump administration.
7:10 am
bill: also the man who ran hillary clinton's campaign pointing the finger squarely at the fbi. former house speaker newt gingrich on john podesta's call for a bipartisan investigation, in a moment. martha: and the dow flirting with 20 k, bill. it will do it this friday. bulls running, what a span since the trump election. how does it work for working americans? when we come back. >> for years the jobs and wealth have been ripped out of your state and ripped out of our country, like we're a bunch of babies. foreign pow verse gotten rich, bleeding america dry because we have people that don't know what they're doing or worse than that. .
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
. martha: fox news alert, we are awaiting a news conference by president obama. set to start early afternoon. it is his last before he heads out for the holidays to hawaii as is his typical vacation back home. he will be leaving shortly. this is one day after president-elect donald trump canceled what would have been his first news conference since the election. here is chris wallace, good morning to you. >> good to be with you. martha: good to have you. what do you expect we're going to hear from the president? what do you think his main message will be? >> it will probably be what a great job he's done and good shape things are in. i know the two questions that i would want to ask him, and you asked kellyanne conway one of
7:15 am
them before the break, and that is, you know, there was all the sweetness and light when you met with president-elect trump, and talking about a peaceful transition and making things as good as you could, and yet, and i agree with you, i think josh earnest has been remarkably snarky from the podium and one assumes the white house podium in somehow linking trump to the russian hacking and saying he knew about it, when there really is no evident of that at all, and so you kind of wonder, you can't imagine that ernest is going rogue. you wonder why is president obama allowing him to do that and what's the message he's trying send? and the other one involves aleppo and syria and the 400,000 people that have died there, and a lot of people saying on both sides of the aisle that this is a permanent stain. not the only issue, but a permanent stain on the obama legacy. i'd sure like to hear him
7:16 am
answer for why he couldn't have done more to save all those hundreds of thousands of lives? martha: yeah, i mean, those are two great questions. >> i'd like to have a chance to ask him that. martha: the first one, i thought it was interesting. kellyanne conway said maybe the white house is getting a lot of pressure from the clinton folks to not be so sweetness and light, and to pin something on this in terms of the russian hacking as an excuse for the election. do you think that's what's happening? >> no. look, the election's over. whatever obligation that president obama felt to hillary clinton is over, and he's making decisions how he wants to conduct this transition period, and it just seems to me, the comments from the podium, unless they have evidence that they haven't shared with the american people, is not helpful to the peaceful transition of power the president-elect said he wanted.
7:17 am
so i'm just curious as to why josh earnest is saying what he's saying. seems like he's trying to undercut donald trump's legitimacy as the president-elect. martha: yeah. i want to put up the approval numbers. new polls on president obama, and approval numbers have held up quite well. he's at 53% right now. the september 14 record low was 48%. when he took office it was 65%. none of these issues are weighing on his overall approval numbers, chris? >> it's more than holding up, martha. it's risen dramatically. until the last few months, he was in the 40s, a majority of the country did not have favorable opinion of his presidency. as it ends, 53% have a favorable opinion. the interesting thing is the woman who pledged to continue his policies, hillary clinton, got beat. not in the popular vote, beat in the electoral vote, which makes me suspect, and that
7:18 am
doesn't have that kind of interpretation in the polls, while people think barack obama did a reasonably good job as president, they don't want to see the policies continued over the next four years, or else they don't think that hillary clinton is the right person to continue those policies, but clearly his popularity, and generally speaking, the popularity of the president of the same party as the candidate is a good indicator. you have an incumbent president with over 50% approval, that's going to mean pretty good thing for the nominee of that same party, didn't carry over, didn't transfer over to hillary clinton. martha: no doubt he's going to be asked about aleppo and what kind of reflection that is on him and actions in foreign policy. chris, thank you so much. we'll see you sunday. don't miss chris on fox news sunday. he will meet with congressman chris bier amid allegations of russian interference and christie and pelosi that is fox
7:19 am
news sunday. bill: in the meantime, the dow on pace to make history. will it be today? called the trump bump. it continues to bring in big numbers, 19,896 as we speak. what's that mean for your money? madam money, live in a moment on that. martha: plus two police officers lucky to be alive after this. story behind this video and their brush with death.. >> have you ever had a close call like this? >> never. in the blink of an eye, two officers could have been killed.
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
. martha: dashcam video capturing a close call for two florida police officers that were nearly hit by one of their own vehicles. the largo officers were on a traffic stop. my, look at this. when this happened. another driver barrelled into
7:23 am
the back of an unmarked police suv. momentum pushed the vehicle shortstopped short of striking one of those officers. >> it all happened so quickly. i heard a loud crash and then i felt a bunch of debris hit the back of me. i thought there was a car coming next. i go home to my wife and dog, absolutely very thankful to be here. martha: the 69-year-old driver recovering at the hospital. bill? bill: we are on market watch this morning, the dow nears a major mile stone. it will happen? it could close above 20,000 today? we've never seen 20000, checking the markets, dow opening higher today, continuing track for a sixth straight weekly gain and melissa francis good morning to you. they call it the trump bump. is it? >> absolutely. you should hear the quotes off wall street.
7:24 am
deutsche bank calls it a game-changer, it could go either way. huge impact of trump. you know the stock market is supposed to forecast what's coming six months down the road. that hasn't been the case because the fed was inflating the market, putting so much money out. earlier this week, they raised rates and pulled back a little on the punch bowl that's been out there. the market went temporarily down, and then recovered. look at it there. we could see 20,000 today. you'll have to watch fox business at 4:00 p.m. >> will you be there? >> i will be there with my partner, david asman. bill: you could be there when the history happens. >> it would be great, a lot of fun, definitely. it's going to happen one way or the other. if not today, it will be soon. bill: when you say the stock market is forecasting six months in advance. what is it expecting in terms of trump economic policy that would account for a 20% rise in stocks right now? >> a lot of growth, low tax environment where you see businesses kick the spiderwebs off and kick into high gear, he's encouraging hiring, low
7:25 am
are tax environment and lower regulation, trying to get the wheels turning against. investors see that coming down the road. you see stocks like caterpillar, all the big dow stocks that are about building and growth and expanding the economy. big rotation into those stocks and taking off. a lot of expectations built in. bill: on the u.s. dollar, it is very strong. >> yes. bill: what does that mean, and what would explain that, based on policy? >> the strong dollar, it has to do with that, you know, bringing in those interest rates, really seeing strength come back to the u.s. economy. growth here in the u.s., being the best in the bad neighborhood. europe's been very sluggish. economic policy there. very sluggish. lots of debt. not a lot of growth. lots of regulation, high tax environment. can't figure out how to get things churning. people want to own the u.s. dollar, in u.s. stocks, they feel this is the best bet
7:26 am
around the globe. bill: fed bumped a quarter point, they warned they may raise rates. >> three. bill: three times? we'll see if this happens, they talked about it the last year. >> good for you. bill: when you see his team of economic advisers, trump being, he, in this case, what do you see about their outlook could or would be? >> there's a lot of buzz about larry kudlow, he worked in the reagan administration, very pro-growth economist. he is about trying get the engine humming, a supply sider, take the shackles off business. bill: king dollar. >> king dollar. you're right. that's what he loves to say, king dollar. a great sign for the economy and great sign of things to come. larry kudlow. bill: mother's milk. we know all of his lines. see you later today and see you at 4:00. >> fox business. i'll be here on news channel at
7:27 am
2:00 p.m. >> 20k. >> i got a busy day. bill: thanks, melissa. martha: so former clinton campaign chair john podesta exposed something, quote, deeply broken at the fbi. former speaker of the house newt gingrich reacts to that. bill: also with members of the electoral college, will they flip their vote to go against donald trump? apparently they need 37. is that possible? will that happen? one lawyer arguing it's their constitutional right to do so. we'll get into that. but first from last night in pa, here is the president-elect. >> it's about you, it's not about me. it's about you. i am asking you to dream big and bold and daring things for your family and for your country. i am asked you to believe in yourself again, and i'm asking you to believe in america. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me.
7:28 am
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martha: the fight against isis. new footage shows coalition forces launching airstrikes in syria destroying more than a dozen stolen tanks. isis took them from syrian airfield this week. they wanted to take them out before they were used against the coalition. the strikes targeted several artillery systems and several isis-held buildings. bill: clinton campaign chair john podesta accusing the fbi of political bias. podesta arguing in a "washington post" op ed that the bureau did not do enough to combat the cyberattack on dnc. quote, compare the fbi's massive response to the overblown email scandal to seeming lackadaisical response to the russian plot shows there is something deeply broken at fbi. strong editorial. from "the washington post,". house speaker newt gingrich.
7:32 am
how are you doing, speaker? >> i'm doing fine. bill: podesta lays it out there. the question in washington, d.c. when does the obama administration show its hand on the evidence about russia? >> i have no idea. i mean i think it's all amazing that if this did happen, that they didn't intervene at the time. that they didn't, didn't know about the timing. are our cyber systems really that inadequate, something according democrats this massive? as you know there is a real argument underway between different parts of the intelligence community over whether or not it even happened. so, you know, again i'm not saying that the wikileaks didn't happen. there is real argument whether or not it was russian directed and all that stuff. bill: i'm digging into the editorial. he read in the "new york times" that the fbi made, what he considers a paltry effort to contact the dnc apparently he
7:33 am
points out they called the help desk or the help line of the dnc but that is where the support stopped. i'm, and now he wants a 9/11 commission-type investigation to figure all this out. you talked to many republicans, a lot of democrats, many republicans, lindsey graham yesterday, adam kinzinger 45 minutes ago, they support hearings to find out what happened and what to do about it n a national sense would you support something like that. >> absolutely. ever since the north korean hacking into sony in 2014 i felt we needed a much more serious look what is happening in the cyber world, what is happening among criminals, what's happening with government, what's happening with isis. i think a series of hearings, what is the current state of cyber activity. what are our defenses and what do we know and what is it we don't know, i think would be very helpful. one of the things i worry about the most is china, north korea, someplace, or russia getting an ability to launch a cyber
7:34 am
campaign that we would not know how to cope with. i think this is a very, very real national security problem. i would absolutely support hearings along that line. bill: kellyanne conway 30 minutes ago told martha the white house did not talk about at the time because they thought hillary clinton would win. do you agree? >> who knows. i don't know why the white house didn't talk about it. i think there is something grandly ironic, fbi calls help deck, as i understand it they got voice mail. it is all weird. this whole campaign from the clinton side has always been weird. podesta was the manager. they raised a billion dollars. think about how many donors he got mad at him. every liberal thinks they mismanaged campaign. podesta is trying to desfratly find somebody else, it wasn't my fault i was a stupid campaign manager, somebody else did it to us. it is beyond my control. nice try. in the end reality hillary clinton lost.
7:35 am
the reality nobody made her put a server in her basement. nobody made her delete 33,000 emails. nobody made her be vulnerable to hacking. we had public statements. her secretary of state files were hacked by five or six different countries. nobody made her do all the student things. for podesta to say, gee, all the fbi's fault i think trying to get an excuse to he can walk around town with his head up. right now he looks like the biggest loser in modern times. bill: white house changed his approach on this, especially josh ernest, pretty much suggesting donald trump is not taking it seriously. i don't know what president obama says in a press conference in three hours, but no doubt it will come up. do you think the president-elect has taken this seriously or as they suggested that this is just a way to delegitimatize his victory from november? where do you come down in all of that? >> well, i think in terms of who won the election it is total
7:36 am
baloney to suggest it is russians of the american people ended up in a very tough campaign. they had a pretty good understanding of two candidates. donald trump carried the electoral college by huge margin and won under rules of the game, period. he is the next president. on the other hand, i think to look at different cyber capabilities, remember i went all the way back to the 2014 sony hacking by north korea. i do think that you talk to the experts how much criminal cyber behavior there is, how much robbery there is, there are a whole series of layers here. for congress to do a serious investigation, not just a one-time, let's look at this election but rather, let's look at america's vulnerabilities on the cyber front i think would be a very good thing. bill: trump continues his thank you tour. we saw him in pennsylvania last night. orlando, florida, last night. what he said was s.a.f.e. zones in syria. this will get a lot of momentum
7:37 am
over the weekend because of what is happening in aleppo. are you, did you have knowledge that is something mr. trump would push for? is that something -- what do you think? >> look, we talk ad a little bit about the horrifying scenes of soldiers shooting women and children. it is terrible. you know, it's a horrible situation. i think, if you could create safe zones that would be good. the only way you could create safe zones would be a putin and iranians agreed to it and forced assad to agree to it. if they could pull that off that would be a good thing and reduce total casualties. the fact is, this is good example of the obama administration's total failure. syria dissent greated. libya has dissent freighted. yemen has disintegrated. iraq is falling about. every time you turn around the areas they're concerned about are disasters and they have no effective solutions of the if you could get to safe zones it
7:38 am
is right instinct to get civilians out of the conflict this is a genuine civil war and it is very in a genuine civil war to separate people. bill: thank you for your time. "washington post," we find former speaker newt gingrich. martha: u.s. officials confirming this week that a coalition strike killed two plotters. questions remain about the progress in the war on terror. a advisor on special ops speaking exclusively with fox news on the challenge that lies ahead. chief correspondent catherine herridge joining us live from washington. good morning, catherine. reporter: her team already met with mr. trump's landing team an one of the most pressing challenges is this so-called gray zone where terrorist groups and nation states like russia harness technology to unleash unconventional attacks. what is the gray zone? >> so the gray zone, that is
7:39 am
kind of interesting. it's a term that's evolved in the last, i'd say last two or three years actually to describe what i think folks are recognizing as the 21st century's phenomena of the blurring of the space between peace and war. reporter: have to really look far to cite examples from the russian-packed cyber militia urge d.o.t. election cycle and isis use of information warfare to recruit an launch attacks outside of iraq and syria, martha. martha: catherine, this week there was confirmation key isis militants plotting against the u.s. were taken out. what role did the special forces play in that? reporter: based on our priority there is no haier priority than targeting taking out isis leadership as the defense department explained earlier this week. >> just in the last week we conducted a strike, our special operating forces conducted a
7:40 am
strike in raqqa that killed three plotters. two of those plotters had direct links to the november 2015 attacks in paris. reporter: these were coordinated attacks as you recall on stadium, the concert hall and restaurants that killed scores of people. he told fox that beyond these attacks is isis is using iraq and syria as a laboratory to explore wmd. >> isis has explored the kept call, biological -- chemical, biological tools, nothing is off the table with them. so i don't think that, from our perspective we can't sit back and say, oh, it's over there. so we don't have to worry about it. and you know, we're safe because we're over here. reporter: so this so-called gray zone is an area where international borders mean nothing and offer no protection to the united states. this is really what the
7:41 am
battlefield looks like in the future and groups like non-state actors, terrorist groups or criminal syndicates as we seen the cyber hacking, are really able to level the playing field for themselves with the united states and other world powers, martha. that's what changed the dynamic. martha: a lot on the plate to be sure. catherine, thank you very much. reporter: you're welcome. bill: facebook has a new approach on what is considered fake news. how's that going to work and is it facebook's business to determine what's real and what's fake? either way it's a new world. we'll get into it in moment. martha: you're real. i'm real. plus looking at our founding fathers for permission to buck the electoral vote and keeping donald trump out of the white house. are people misreading the intentions of folks like alexander hamilton? ♪ g new cars.
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♪ martha: young, scrappy and hungry, good stuff. alexander hamilton was one of the creators of electoral college method of selecting president. there is effort to use his logic to influence monday's vote when they seal the deal on all of this. a lawyer, not a liar, but a lawyer, advising republican electors of their right to oppose donald trump. he beat hillary clinton by 74 electoral votes in the electoral college, but negative very trump percent say the system was intended as a check on unqualified candidates and mr. trump in their opinion meets the threshold. bill ma gurn, main street column for "the wall street journal." >> good to be here. martha: we showed you yesterday outcry by celebrities to do the right thing and turn the vote against donald trump s that what the founding fathers really wanted? >> do we think the celebrities
7:46 am
went back to federalist number 68 or 65. martha: maybe president bartlett did. >> i'm not sure. this has a lot more to do with hamilton the musical than hamilton ahn of the authors of the federalist papers. look there is a case you can make for these guys acting independently, reality the electors are creatures of the party system, which hamilton did prefer when he was in office. and they're not, they're, unlikely to buck their party. they're part of the party. even if they didn't reach consensus it would go to congress and it is unlikely that a republican congress would reject a republican candidate. so the question is what is the endgame here? does anyone really believe that the electoral college will reject donald trump for hillary clinton? number one, if that is the not goal, it is quite interesting that the democrats complain about the russians from what the cia is saying the russians intend to disrupt our electoral system and they seem to be playing along.
7:47 am
martha: they're doing the same thing. >> they're doing the same thing. it seems to be designed to discredit donald trump before he gets into office. made such a big deal about donald trump not recognizing results and being a gracious loser, i mean it's hard to call this gracious. martha: it is and so as i was saying to you, the question i get asked the most outside of the office these days, could that ever happen? could they get enough people, technically do you think it could happen? >> i think in theory it could happen. there are ways they could vote. in reality because they're so tied, these are mostly party loyalists in their states. it's so tied to our party systems. the likelihood of them, one doing it, and two, doing it this year to make any difference when, it would go to congress, think is nil, practical reality. gives us a lot of nice headlines to write and so forth. martha: but the sentiment
7:48 am
expressed in the celebrity video that we looked at, some people say they're not celebrities, they couldn't figure out who they were, so maybe i've been around longer than them, they're basically saying he is not fit to serve. that is what the founding fathers wouldn't have liked. >> so the founding fathers -- martha: they have the right to do it. you have can overturn your vote as elector, b, and you should do it he is not fit and founding fathers would not like that. >> if we take the reading of founding fathers from the celebrities what they say we don't like republicans and we want a democrat and we would prefer the democrat be president. you know, the democratic party today, one of its problems i think it has become so outcome oriented. in the senate harry reid changed longstanding rules to get what he wants. now they're worried donald trump will have that power. i think they need to step back and take a look at process and have some respect for process. right now it will come back to bite them with president trump. martha: also, i remember when
7:49 am
mitt romney lost and conservatives spent a lot of time pointing fingers at him. that he wasn't tough candidate and should have been tougher on president obama and soul-searching inwardly. we did terrible with hispanicss, terribly with african-american voters, so maybe democrats should take a lesson from that. >> natural for a party, when you got thumping at polls, especially if you won the popular vote, right? it is natural and when they thought they were going to win. martha: clearly. >> for people to put off a day of reckoning an so forth. i think the problem the party has is not just self-analysts looking at what they did and what went wrong. i think the problem they have is the way the party's been losing seats in states and in congress. the people left are kind of the people that got it into the fix in the first place with their positions. so the question is where are you you going to get the person that says, here's an agenda, as
7:50 am
bill clinton did after the reagan years and first bush win, to restore democratic party people thought had kind of lost the presidency. martha: shook it up. >> it was very different electorate then of the there was different democratic party. there were sam nunns and people like that he could work with. martha: bill mcgurn, great to see you. have a merry christmas. bill: who is meeting with mr. trump today? this is a good one. is face check in the fact-checking business? how the social media giant is trying to crack down on fake news. ♪ your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ bill: watch this story now. facebook bringing in an outside
7:54 am
fact-checkers to effort to keep fake news from popping up on your news feed. william la jeunesse is tracking the story from l.a. intriguing at a minimum. how will it work, william? reporter: bill, facebook says it doesn't want to be the gatekeeper or censor but 50% of the americans getting news from the news feed the company says this is responsible thing to do. it will work three ways. users can flag a story they think it flag, if there is complaint the story is flag and sent to third party fact-checkers, "politifact" and doubtful that story is labeled disputed. facebook is changing the way it works to marginalize click bait, sensational headlines that grab readers and stop automated ads that rewarded fake news. will it work? bill: some say is there a danger here and is it necessary? >> well, you could argue that fake news is a fake story.
7:55 am
84% of the americans say they know fake news when they see it. it is their responsiblity, even facebook admits it's a fraction of 1% of all news, others argue with so much news, reader-generated there is no filter. second the whole network of companies that profit by posting false stories like pope francis endorsed donald trump or hillary clinton used a pizza parlor for a sex ring. bus feed found that that news got more shares and comments than real news in "the new york times." the second concern is the politics of fact-checkers in the past demonstrated a liberal bias on certain stories that were labeled false that were not. we will see. bill: william, we shall see. we'll see online, one way or another. guess who was at trump tower? give you one guess. with a great voice. martha: going with andrea bocelli. bill: bingo how did you get it.
7:56 am
martha: watching the feed. bill: we'll find out if that is real news or fake news coming up. martha: there is a bitter back and forth between the white house and president-elect as accusations fly over the russian hacking element of the story. a fair and balanced debate coming up right after this. heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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jenna: almost christmas of course. many like to give back to veterans this time of year. there is one group near and dear to me called, soldiers strong. they are the only veteran charity puts their focus on funding and donating very enhanced rehabilitative medical devices. they are cutting-edge and quite simply life-changing for our wounded veterans. donations however small and however big, which is also nice make a huge difference in the lives of our veterans. it will make them happy and you happy for doing it this christmas season.
8:00 am
send in your donations. they are doing a fantastic job. they are a small group. they need your help. think about doing that. >> great cause. on that note, merry christmas, happy holidays. whateverp plies. martha: have a great weekend everybody. see you back here on monday. ♪ jenna: a war of words between the white house and president-elect donald trump over alleged russian hacking in the presidential election. hello and welcome to "happening now," everybody, i'm jenna lee. >> nice to be with you at home on this friday i'm leland vittert in for jon scott. imagine this, mr. trump pushing back hard during his thank you tour stop in pennsylvania last night after the white house press secretary accused president-elect knowing about russian election meddling but encouraging the interference. >> mr. trump obviously knew that russia was engaged in malicious


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