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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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ta tucker carlson starts tonight. special guest and that is the incoming chief-of-staff for donald trump. want to start with a fox news alert, president-elect trump's rally about to kickoff. good evening. fbi announced it is backing the ci a's assessment that russian hackers did help donald trump win the presidency and in three days members of the electoral college the officials will cast their ballots, some of those electors are demanding to hear intelligence briefings. one of those pushing is a democrat and elector from washington state. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> as i understand, not simply
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asking for a briefing and i think all of us would like to know more about what the intel shows, but you're also saying that a democratic elector you're not going to vote for hillary clinton and moreover you're going to try to republicans, republican elect torz not to vote for trump enough to take the election away from trump, am i characterizing that correctly? >> that's about right. >> so the obvious question is what gives you the right to do that? >> i think as an american citizen i have the right to discuss these grave issues with all the other electors. we're trying to give them the support and information they may need to make a decision that they may want to make on their own. a lot of republican electors have told us about grave concerns they have about donald trump's fitness for presidency. >> um-hum. okay. but you didn't answer my question where that right comes from.
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you're an american citizen, of course you have a right to your opinion and discuss it but you're not just expressing your opinion you're trying to effect the outcome of a presidential election in which tens of millions of people voted and you are in effect saying that we as the 538 electors have a right to change the result of the election and my question, where did you get that right? you said you were elected by whom? >> i didn't vote for you. >> you asked -- well the people of washington did. when people go out and vote for president, they're actually voting for a slate of electors. that's clear in the constitution and that's really where i get my right. the constitution, the instructions, the founding fathers left for us regarding the electoral college. it's our responsibility to some someone who where he believe is unfit for the presidency who may be a demma god and may be connected to foreign powers to stop that person from becoming president. >> you answered my question but not in a way you thought. you were not elected by the
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people of the state of washington, but way very small number of voters. the voters of the state of washington gave you the power to do their will which was to see hillary clinton located and yet you're going to ignore that and vote for someone else. i'm not hakt fan, but i just love to know why you think you have the right to ignore your whole purpose for being there? >> to be fair, i don't think i'm ignoring it. i've taken everything that everyone has to say for this process and considered it. at the end of the day we have to go back to the constitution. it does not mention the popular vote at all and therefore if the presidential election has not happened yet. it happens on december 19th. >> i know. >> and i realize that it angers a lot of americans that it doesn't feel like democratic. frankly on december 20th i might join them in trying to get rid of the electoral college. right now we have to follow the law of the lands and for me that's the constitution and i am
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trying to support it and respect it the best i know how. >> but that's just silly. the constitution does not suggest that you should vote in the way that you are. it doesn't say anything about that at all as you know in article ii so you're just freelancing nobody -- no group of electors has ever handed the presidency to someone other than the winner of the electoral college, so this is totally without precedent and again, you don't have the authority that -- if a cop pulls me over and say arresting me, he can say i'm from the state -- your authority comes from the political party. you don't have the authority to go against the will of the country unless you have an authority i don't know about which would be what? >> i respectfully disagree. when you look at federal 68 and you look at what -- hamilton said about the electoral college he made it clear what was in the founding father's minds when
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they created the system and there have not been significant changes since then. therefore, that's what i have to look for when i look to take instructions about what my duties are and i take them very seriously. >> have you read federal 68? >> many times. many times. >> carefully then you might remember this line one of the purposes of the electoral college is to afford as little opportunity as possible to tumult and disorder. it was designed by hamilton to prevent situations like the one you are trying to cause, where people wake up and they find the president they thought was the president is no longer the president thanks to people like you and we have disorder. you're trying to create exactly what he hoped to avoid? >> we are not trying to -- we are not trying to create tumult or disorder. what we're trying to do is our vig ilz for we're trying to bring unity, to
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bring the democrats and republicans in this country, together around the leaders that we can all support. so we're trying to unify the country not divide it. >> but didn't we just have an election -- i hate to go back to fundamentals and keep asking variations of the same question, but maybe these were things we should have discussed before the election and i wonder what you think the consequences would be for the country if people found out that they actually had no power to choose their own leaders? people would go crazy, wouldn't they, and for good reason, right? >> well, i can't predict how people would react the constitution, the constitution very clearly states -- it doesn't mention the popular vote at all. so given that any assumptions that the people have the power to leekt the president directly is a complete misnomer. >> you're confusing me. i think you thought about this -- i think you're trying to do your best. you just said a second ago that after all this is over you're going to support the abolition
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of the electoral college, but before then -- >> i very well might. >> you're against the electoral college but you're inciting its existence. are you for it or against it? are you for democracy or for an electoral system? >> i am for following the rules -- rule of law as it stands right now and that's the constitution. if we as a country choose to amend the constitution in the future, that is a completely different situation. because the bottom line is, the constitution has to guide us now. i am following the constitution and maybe after the 20th i may attempt to try to get a constitutional amendment to change it. just because i don't like something in the constitution doesn't mean i don't have to follow it. >> okay, and just to be totally clear. you are doing something that is permitted by the constitution but is not specified in the constitution. the constitution makes no reference at all to the modes of electors and by its omission you're assuming you have the right, the supreme court has never ruled on this issue --
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that specifically. >> right. >> so here's my question. you say that you are -- you describe yourself as a moral elector. the suggestion appears to be that people who are following the will of the state's represent are somehow immoral? >> i don't think that's fair. if they're moral compass tell them that they need to vote for the general election winner in that state, then that's fine. that's their moral compass. when i looked at the situation and deliberated and investigated i came to this conclusion and i feel very comfortable ethically, legally, morally in the decisions i've made. >> obviously you do. i just want to make it clear that you are a democratic, you are in effect pledged to hillary clinton, if she had won the election and there were a bunch of democrats in, i would be against that? this is not a matter of flaking for trump. that's my point.
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appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. donald trump's speaking tour takes us to orlando, florida tonight. we'll go there any minute. as we wait we'll go to live at that venue which is outdoors, phil? >> hi, tucker one of the two florida chairman of the trump campaign. i'll tell you this crowd is just enormously enthusiastic. many of these people, hundreds of them have been here for more than six and nine hours. the crowd size is about 5,000 people here. donald trump is running behind. he flew trump force one down to palm beach, dropped off the families and flew to orlando and we have learned that they have touched down in orlando, another 35 minutes of traffic to get here. probably closer to 8:00, 7:45 when president-elect trump is expected to take the stage. >> the christmas trees behind me
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that's definitely the theme of the holiday spirit and it does look like donald trump will be spending the holidays in mar-a-lago from here all the way to january 3rd with air restrictions and boating restrictions around his resort. we expect to hear from trump and seven other thank you rallies like lower corporate taxes, personal income taxes, increase enforcement of existing immigration laws and beef them up, do a better job of screening immigrants who may have sympathies to terror and of cour guarantee you, you will hear him get this crowd screaming when he says we will build that wall. he's been making that promise at every one of these rallies. this has the 8th perhaps biggest thank you rally.
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if he was going to have any chance on winning, he got them and that led to what happened election night when swing states all went for trump. tucker? >> thanks a lot, phil. appreciate it. actors has teamed up to beg republican leekters to block him from becoming president. let's talk to one of them. of course there was a video summing up their views. here it is. >> what is evident is that donald trump lacks more than the qualifications to be president. >> he lacks the necessary stability. >> and clearly the respect for the constitution of our great nation. >> you have decision. >> authority. >> and the opportunity to go down in the books. >> as an american hero. >> who changed the course of history. >> and you have my respect. >> joining us now one of the actors in that video, mike ferrell.
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mike, good to see you. thanks for coming on. >> thank you very much. >> so as i understand it, if my math is right, you're asking that 37 republican leeelectors change their vote. the votes of 37 people are more important than the votes of 62 million people. that does not sound like democracy to me? >> does the electoral college sound like democracy to you when the popular vote is the so-called winner is now two and a half million votes below his opponent? >> no. that's a completely good point. i agree with you. i agree with you on that. it's not a perfectly democratic system but what you're proposing makes it far less democratic, doesn't it? >> i'm not so sure it does. no, i don't think it does at all. we're suggesting to those people who are electors, republican electors that they should have the right if they have a view
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that is the contrary to the decision that is made by the electate that they do what is available to them to vote their conscience. john kasich, for example -- i'm sorry governor kasich for example, would be the choice that seems to me of a great many of them had they been able to make that choice and because there are concerns, i think across the board whether democrat or republican, there are concerns about the advisability of having a president trump and those concerns grow by the day as we see the appointments he's making, as we see the fact that he doesn't yet release the tax statements -- tax records that he claims he would. there are just any number of things that are happening that are raising people's questions and it seems to me that the electoral college has an
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opportunity, the court of last resort to say this may not be the right choice and leave it up to the house of representatives. >> i understand what you're saying. the problem is and perhaps governor kasich would be a better president, i don't know, but nobody voted for governor kasich and even though it's not as you noted a perfect democracy, in the general election he received no votes. and so would you really want a president nobody voted for? that's not legitimate presidency, is it? >> well, legitimate's an interesting world in these days. but i would prefer, yes, to have a president that the house of representatives voted for or the electoral college voted for that was -- a experienced person with integrity, with an understanding of public service, with a proven ability to guide not only a
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country but a state or some political organization. mr. trump has none of those things. mr. trump say businessman as we all know and a celebrity and i don't think those are qualifying -- personally i don't find those particularly qualifying. >> you don't like trump. i get it. that's legitimate. but liberals -- >> i never met him. i don't dislike him. >> you don't want him to be president. liberals used to believe in democracy. only they can choose their leaders. that's what we used to tell our children. maybe one of the reasons hillary lost in the first place is rich people, including you, no longer believe that. they think that we should pick someone i like and it doesn't matter how we pick him, and he'll be great. that is the message you are sending, isn't it? >> let me demer about the rich people. i am not one of them. rich people made a decision and that decision was to put a man who described himself as the
4:16 pm
richest billionaire in the country into the office and they used all kinds of weapons that are available to them to convince people that he was the guy. >> no. no. hillary was the choice of people making upper income and he received almost no support from the tech community, from finance community. >> tech community -- >> she spent twice as much as he spent. >> that's not the point. >> absolutely. she spent a great deal more than he did. no question about it. and she was not my candidate, frankly, but that's not my point. my point is we have -- we the people through the process that is currently in place have made the president-elect a man who has no qualifications for the office, has demonstrated that he has no qualifications for the office and has demonstrated his own inability to be a leader in
4:17 pm
any number of ways that are i think very disturbing. not only disturbing to me p disturbing to many people in this country and to a lot of people around the world. >> sometimes voters do things you don't like but you have to leave with it. in the video it says this, the american people trusted your voice speaks for us all. these electors the 538 or the 37 that you want to change their votes. who are these people? do you know anything baghdad the electo -- about these electors? >> i only know the ones that won't vote for president trump. i know none of them personally. i understand that they've taken a job and i assume there's an oath associated with the job they've taken and bless them for it and they are committed republicans and bless them for that. and i think that the issue that
4:18 pm
is before them was -- i think the point of the creation of the electoral college was to avoid having an unqualified person serve in the office, to be careful, to see to it that the appropriate person is the one that is -- that ultimately reaches that chair. >> but why do you assume that this tiny group of people is better qualified to make this decision than 62 million voters? why do you believe -- if you don't even know their names, why do you think their wiser or inviewed with a keener moral sense to make this decision? i'm confused. >> a larger number of voters said that the other candidate was the better one. i'm not arguing that we should take that other candidate. i'm saying that there was a very serious debate in the country and the one who lost the debate in terms of the numbers is the one who is now been selected and that person i believe is not qualified and he's demonstrated that he's not qualified.
4:19 pm
and he's not been honest. he's not been straightforward. he's not been appropriately revealing about himself, his intentions, his standing -- i could go on if you'd like. >> i get the point. you don't want him to be president. i think the process matters is i guess the point and if we were -- whoever makes these decisions were to snatch the presidency from donald trump, i think you would have a great deal of social instability if that occurred? what would be the 62 million people who voted for them that think? >> i'd think they'd be unhappy, certainly. of course they would be. that's into the the point. the 68 million or however many that voted for hillary clinton are unhappy too but i think everybody will be happier ultimately when a qualified person sits in the office. i think when we have somebody doing the kind of work that he claimed outside that he was going to do and now demonstrates that he's going to do some very
4:20 pm
different things, i think that's a source of concern for many people, even the ones who voted for him. >> thanks a lot. appreciate it. >> you bet it. now it's time for twitter storm. our nightly forecast. tonight a wave of bad business decisions is roasting the "the new york times." in a memo to the staff, the executives of the newspaper that company will be vacancying at least eight floors in order to quote generate significant rental income. they're renting rooms. first up, the clintons check bounce or is she withholding your money until she gets into office. good question. will they rename the square in f they go down, untimely square. no times square. we can hope. carrier is hiring if they want a real job saved by trump. what floor are they assigning to
4:21 pm
fake news? >> good question. >> in 20 years the "the new york times" staff will consist of two middle aged woman posting on facebook which will be different from now, how exactly? >>. that's tonight's twitter storm. next up president obama campaign focused on hope and change, the change definitely happened but michelle obama the hope is all gone. that's coming up. plus donald trump continues his tour of america tonight in orlando, florida. we're waiting for him to take the stage. stay tund. ♪ when you have $7.95 online u.s. equity trades lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea
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isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with.
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we're still waiting for the president-elect to speak in orlando, florida. he's got a big outdoor venue. he just stepped off his plane and should be there very soon. we'll go live the second he takes the stage. meanwhile you just heard two stories about wanting electors to flip their vote and deny trump the presidency. that's crazy. but could it actually happen? joining us now and mercedes schlapp. both to see you both. >> we were just talking about this in the commercial break and you agree with me, i think, if you look back over the last year, all the times you've heard all the smart people that would say it would never happen and no way then of course it did, why are we assuming that the presidency couldn't be taken from trump on monday? >> we're just in unsettling times. the mere fact to change their
4:25 pm
position or they're not going to be voting for hillary clinton, let's make sure donald trump doesn't get the presidency, it's unnerving and such a dangerous president dent because of the mere facts you have lawsuits going on in colorado, trying to change the way the electoral works. and so i find that the fact that they're putting this unnecessary pressure, harassing electors, e-mailing them, making phone calls, death threats, this is not what the american system is about. i clearly remember when we were transferring power from bush to obama, there is no need for this unnecessary stress on our electoral college system and what we're seeing is, is that the democrats are pushing this led by also not only are we talking about nancy pelosi's daughter but the clinton campaign being involved, you're talking about president obama pushing for the story on the russian hacking. >> these are sophisticated
4:26 pm
people. they're not stupid and i don't think they're doing this for no reason. do you? >> no. we think this won't happen because it never has happened and it hasn't gotten close to happening. the most electors 1808 there were six of them, every time after that it's been an elector here or there who was a john kerry and voted for john edwards instead. so it hasn't happened before and hasn't been close to happening. there are these laws who bind the electors who can vote for the popular vote which makes it difficult. you look at this hamilton electors group, they say they've got a lot of electors who want to do this. the number of republican electors they have right now is one. so there's 20 democrats who say i would vote for republican but
4:27 pm
37 republicans would go away from trump, now they have one. >> but i also think that we undervalue political stability. it's all built on the strata of a stable political system and when you start to undermine it, they are the movers of this, you're really reckless i think, no? >> it's the mere fact they're making a moral decision. these electors are basically saying we can't move forward with donald trump being president, they don't want to listen to the millions of voters who did vote for donald trump in these states and they want to be the ones who make the moralistic call because they believe donald trump is unqualified to be president. that is -- i just find it just so disturbing. >> you're leaving an ingredient out of the recipe and it is this, there are a lot of celebrities in hollywood who want this to happen and that is the definitive factor.
4:28 pm
>> it existed before the whole russia thing happened. they were up and running. they had their one elector defector and on sunday with the news of the russian hacks, they thought, wow, we've got to have -- >> thank you for that reminder. we're going to take a break. we will be back. please stay. up next, first lady michelle obama opens up about her husband's presidency and for the first time since the election she's talking about the next administration. you can imagine what she had to stay t say. president-elect trump about to speak in orlando. we'll be there as we always are so stay tuned for that.
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don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, talk with your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. still waiting for the president-elect to come to orlando, florida where thousands awake his speech. the second he arrives we'll take it live for you. meanwhile some of the left are not feeling happy. they are disupon dent and that would include first lady michelle obama who sat down with oprah to explain her sadness. >> her husband's administration, everything the election was all about hope. do you think that this administration achieved that? >> yes. i do, because we feel the difference now. now, we're feeling what not having hope feels like, you know. hope is necessary.
4:33 pm
it's a necessary concept, and barack didn't just talk about hope because he thought it was a nice slogan to get votes. i mean, he and i and so many believe -- what else do you have if you don't have hope? >> well, that's been the question since we no longer have happy. joining us now it jessica turloff. here's my question, so michelle obama sees her husband located and tells us she's proud of the country and hope is gone. the message appears to be barack obama is the country and the country's fortunes rise and fall with him. >> president obama actually is a cult of personality when you look at his approval rating upwards of 55%, she's right.
4:34 pm
barack obama stands alone here and right now he's overwhelming popular and i think that she felt it was necessary to make this argument that she was making on the campaign trail throughout this. she went out there and stomped for hillary clinton, i don't think she's a massive fan of naturally after what went on in 2008 and she went out there to make sure her husband's legacy was going to be cemented and now it's going to be completely repudiated by someone who's a leading figure in the birther movement. >> but she didn't just say she doesn't feel hopeful, she said the country doesn't feel hopeful, this is an example of 437 this week of the democratic unwillingness to come to terms with what just happened. if people loved the president so much and his policies so much, why did hillary clinton just lose? she was running as the third term? >> she was running as a third
4:35 pm
term but also her husband's third term. it's almost impossible to win a third term for one great guiy ad we have two here. as we talked about before, this was a change election. the second part of barack obama's slogan hope and change and americans wanted that. people all over the world want that right now and it obviously wasn't the right time. i won't go so far today it was the wrong candidate because when you lose by 80,000 votes, he could have tinkered with the democratic system. >> two things, first this current first lady has gotten a pass for eight years. but what's most frustrating is when she says, that her husband's a grownup the suggestion is that trump and his
4:36 pm
supporters are not. isn't this exactly the attitude that lost hillary clinton the election? if you're not disagree with me you're not fully a citizen, an adult, pat you on the head, say to go away? >> i think it's a very smart argument to be making. we were hurt dramatically by the pc police argument and that deplorables comment resonated a lot with the left. i thought it was a mistake to make it. so i think that you're right there. michelle obama there has an overwhelming high approval rating as well. i think it's 66% currently and. >> when you're on the cover of us weekly every week, people believe what they're told. has there ever been a tough piece on michelle obama ever? i'm not sure it's even legal for me to ask that question. i might be pulled away. >> can i do the rest of the
4:37 pm
show? >> you shouldn't attack a president's wife or candidate's wife but if that person is an active participant in politics, you can, right? >> if someone's dealing in issues there's always ample room to criticize and discuss. i think it's terrible how melania trump has been treated in contrast. she doesn't really seem like she wants to be there any way and she got yanked in to this in the first place and a whole other segment about the racial tensions issue and what it would be like to criticize michelle obama. i take your point there. i will have to find a hard hitting piece on michelle obama and her character and things she said. i think it exists. i'll get back to you. >> you know what? it's like the missing link. it's got to exist because science suggests it does. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> thanks. well, here's something new.
4:38 pm
an anti-trump republican elector is facing allegations that he lied in a big way about being a first responder on 9/11. according to reports, texas elector claimed to be one of the first firemen on the scene of the burning pentagon but investigation discovered he wasn't hired as a fireman until october. in any case his fire department didn't even respond to the pentagon attacks. here's part of it if you missed it. >> you described yourself, as a moral elector. you're suggesting that people who are voting for trump in the electoral college are immoral? >> no. i'm saying i'm taking a conscious decision to consider who i'm voting for. i don't think donald trump needs -- >> well, despite intense and growing criticism, he's standing
4:39 pm
by his story. he claims he was a member of another fire department in virginia at the time and of course we'll bring you updates on this fascinating story as we get them. get those parka and boots ready. snow is coming. who better to tell us about them? and president-elect trump expected to speak in orlando very soon. the plane's on the ground, motorcade on its way. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include
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time now for the friend zone where we insight our friends within the building on to the show and tonight we are joined by the permanently and awesome janis dean, the weather machine. i never hold you responsible for temperatures, it is cold. it is cold everywhere?
4:44 pm
>> well, yes. the dreaded what they call the polar vortex which has been there since the beginning of the atmosphere but sometimes it comes and visits us here in the u.s. and that's what's happening right now. very cold temperatures, especially for december. we're actually flirting with record temperatures. record lows. so we've got this large upper level circulation called the polar vortex and some of that cold air breaks off and influences our weather here in the lower 48 and that's exactly what's happening right now and the dangerous part of this is the wind chills. so wind chills minus, 20 or 30 degrees. that's got people nervous and you need to be indoors and need to be checking on the elderly. the other part of this is we've got a big winter storm that's going to effect travel not only today but saturday and sunday so people need to be aware of this because 38 states are currently under winter weather advisory. so this is going to be a big
4:45 pm
deal, not only snow, severe weather across the southern states and freezing rain and ice. so delays at the airports, cancellations it's going to be happening. so just pay attention to your local weather forecast. >> can i ask you a quick question? is polar vortex a legitimate meteorological term? >> it is. it's been there since the beginning of the atmosphere. polar vortex has always been there. it got popular in 2014 when one of our fellow meteorologists brought it up. i think it was misused a little bit because it was like the polar vortex is coming to eat the u.s. and it's always been there, so that's, you know, we use it -- i like to use it but properly. it's a little bit of the polar vortex that's always been there since the beginning of the atmosphere. >> it's real unlike superstorm. >> that's another segment. >> so i know from working with you for many years you were not
4:46 pm
always a meteorologist. you had another career before that. what was it? >> i was a classic rock deejay. i've done a lot of deejaying in my day. there i am with the hair and not a lot of makeup. right out of college i had a professor who was at the local rock station there and he thought i would be a great community events reporter and this is my community events reporter days. teddy bear picnics and eating contests in canada. so this is what i did in my early twenties and unbelievably i got to meet these rock stars because i decided i didn't want to be a community events reporter i wanted to get on the air and play some tunes and led zeppelin and aerosmith. so i got to meet all of these rock stars. listen, my job here at fox is the coolest job i've ever had, but back then in my twenties,
4:47 pm
being a classic rock deejay, meeting all of these rock stars that was cool too. i have to say being with you on the friend zone, tucker carlson, that beats everything. >> it's the highlight for me. >> i adore you. congratulations on you. you're doing so well in the ratings and i am so appreciative of you and your support. i adore you and your wife and your whole family. >> thank you janis. >> i will bring some. >> have fun at your christmas party tonight. >> i love you. >> thank you. president-elect getting ready to step up to the microphone in orlando. we'll take you there as soon as he does. don't go away.
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the president elect about to head on stage in florida. he's running behind tonight. we'll go there live when he does. his former opponent hillary clinton is busy describing why she thinks she lost. here's what she said today. listen. >> swing state voters made their decisions in the final days breaking against me because of the fbi letter from director comey, but we're also learning more every day about the unprecedented russian plot in this election. the latest report made clear vladimir putin himself directed the cyber attack against our electoral system, against our democracy. apparently because he has a personal beef against me. >> me, me, me, me. here now is the chief political
4:52 pm
correspondent. it is never about them. it's interesting to hear we're at war with russia now, we're taking unspecified action. russia is responsible for all bad things, but it was three years ago hillary clinton gave a speech in which she said putin is engaging and an interesting conversationalist. we don't believe there will be a threat from russia. these people can't say now russia is the single most important on threat to the united states. they didn't feel that way before the election. >> let me add one more thing. in october it was vice president biden in an interview who said that russia will not be -- he was convinced, he said we are not concerned that russia will fundamentally interfere with the election. this was back in october, tucker. so the mere fact they're saying that hillary clinton is blaming russia, blaming putin, blaming
4:53 pm
comey, can she look at herself and basically say my messaging of name calling, identity politics, divisiveness didn't work. my political strategy failed in battleground states like wisconsin? instead of just saying it was the russian's fault. >> i didn't have an economic message. what bothers me is that what started as a form of deplacement has taken on a kind of momentum of its own and we're taking actual and still unspecified action against a foreign country. this is starting to get scarey. >> washington will be consumed with this well past the trump inauguration. there's a context to this though. a good piece in politico a couple of days ago talking about big democratic donors who had given a lot of money to hillary clinton, they're pushing hard for an autopsy of this campaign to see what went wrong. she could not reassemble the obama coalition and appeal to the white working class voters
4:54 pm
that went for trump. she lost pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin in a historic way for a democrat. she dismantled the blue wall and they want to find out what happened. it's clear that hillary clinton is in the mood to just blame putin and james comey, but that's not going to fly with the people who give her money. >> i think you're right. we should specify putin is different from putine in canada. >> that's good. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, you choose the news. we asked you to tweet or e-mail us stories you thought were being ignored by the press and shouldn't be. we didn't ignore you. we'll tell you what you sent and what we're doing about it. any minute trump is going to speak in orlando. you'll see it live right here.
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that are being ignored by the press. that winning submission comes from kathleen who sent us this about facebook's crack down about fake news. facebook is sorting out week fake news in the news feed. they evaluate user flagged content. stories will be lower in the news feed and be accompanied with a link in the article explaining why. there are a lot of questions about this. can you trust the fact checkers. we're working to get you more on the story. william hicks will join us to talk about facebook news and there will be more news about that. this is worth paying attention to. on monday our segment news abuse is back.
5:00 pm
if you see dumbness or bias on television or headline, send your evidence to us. you know the addresses. that's it for tonight. we are really glad to see you. have a fantastic weekend. donald trump up next. good evening. thanks for watching us tonight. you're looking at a live picture of the donald trump thank you rally in orlando, florida. right now the president elect is running a little bit late, but we will take you there as soon as he shows up. a little while ago i spoke with the transition team shawn spicer. president obama yesterday said he was considering retailatory moves against russia. he said i think there's no


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