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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  December 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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it's time. i am asking congress to support the construction of new roads and bridges, airports, tunnels and railways across this nation and we're going to put people back to work in the process. believe me. it's going to be our people. it's time to help get americans off of welfare and back into the labor market rebuilding this country with american hands by american workers. american workers. my administration will follow two simple rules. buy american and hire american. at the center of this agenda is fixing our absolutely terrible trade deals. they have so bad -- i have studied them. i'm one of these people, i like reading trade deals. can you believe this? that's what you want.
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you don't want to read them. they are so bad. how bad are they? really bad. but we're going to make them really good. we have the great people to do it. the media are saying the people negotiating your trade deals are very rich. i said, but isn't that what we want? and they said, why is it that the people protecting our border is generals? because that's what we want. we want generals. we want generals. i don't need an mba at the border and i don't need a general negotiating our trade deal right, when you think of it. no. we have general kelly. you know general kelly. he's going to be watching over our borders. he's amazing, incredible. and as you know we have general mad dog mattis, secretary of defense. we're not playing games, folks. we're not playing games. no more games. do we agree?
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no more games. we've been playing games for 20 years, for longer than that. no more games. that's -- look at them. drain the swamp. that's right. we're going to have strong borders, folks, going to make great trade deals and you're going to be proud of your country again. you watch. america is now running a nearly $800 billion trade deficit. think of it. $800 billion. our country has lost one third of its manufacturing jobs since nafta. we've lost 70,000 factories since china opened and joined the world trade organization. 70,000 factories we've lost.
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can you believe it? it's hard to believe. i thought it was a typo. it's the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world, but we're going to get them back. but we're going to turn it all around and we're going to turn it around fast, faster than you think. we are not going to be taken advantage of by other countries anymore. right? our goal is to bring back that wonderful phrase -- remember some of you that are a little bit older, made in the usa. remember that beautiful -- made in the usa. we used to have on the cars, it says made in the usa. we don't have that anymore. we're going to start putting made in the usa, right? what do you like better, made in the usa or made in america? hold it.
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hold it. [ crowd chanting "usa" ]. so ready? who likes made in america? who likes made in the usa? i think so. okay. wait. so i have one more because you know, this is like doing a free poll. you know, a lot of people would spend a million dollars for that. and these are the people that led our country. they would go out and they would do a poll that would cost $1 million. they might not be as accurate. here's another one. so "time" magazine and the financial times, big deal, just gave me person of the year. person. person. okay. they should give it to you because this is a movement,
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folks. this isn't me. although i have been a very good messenger, do we agree? but they gave me. so are you ready? so in the past it was called man of the year. now it's called person of the year. so here's the question. what do you like better, ready? do you like person of the year? do you like man of the year? [ cheers & applause ] and that's the women too. i mean -- well, they want to be politically correct. i've heard for so many years, man of the year, man of the year and then it comes out person of the year. they had to be politically correct. but i had an idea. they say what do you do if it's a woman, right? if it's a man, if it's a man you go man of the year, trump.
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if it's a woman like this incredible woman down here, if it's a woman, maybe you go woman or the year or person of the year, right? it's a big deal. right? should we speak to the people at "time" magazine, say we want it again next year but we want maybe man of the year next year. okay? so no. it's a great honor. it's great to be -- and you know, we're going to have to justify it. with will withdraw from the transpacific partnership. we're going to totally renegotiate the worst trade deal ever made anywhere in the world at any time, nafta. we're going stand up to foreign cheating and fight for every last american job. and if a company wants to fire their workers and leave florida for another country and then ship their products back, there
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will be consequences. not going to happen anymore. they fire their workers, they close their plant, they move their factory to mexico or so place else. they sell the product back in with no tax to our country. we end up with unemployment and loss. they end up with everything, right? one-way street is not going to happen anymore. from now on we'll inform them they're going to pay a 35% tax if they would like to leave, 35%, or something substantial. and you know what's going to happen? they're not going to leigave. it's very simple. why didn't the politicians do this 15, 20 years ago. why didn't they do it? two reasons. two reasons. you know what the two reasons? either they're stupid or they get paid off by campaign contributions.
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that's all. very simple. but to be a rich nation we must also be a safe nation. the murder rate has experienced its largest increase in the united states in 45 years. the press doesn't tell you that. the murder rate in or long do doubled last year. we are going to support the incredible men and women of law enforcement and we are going to bring this terrible crime wave to a rapid end. [ crowd chanting ]. one of the greatest public safety threats remains open borders. this is horrible what's going on
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with the borders. and the drug pouring into our country and poisoning our youth and other people. poisoning our youth. pouring in like water pours in. i have a message for the drug dealers, the gang members and the criminal cartels terrorizing our citizens, our locations, our citizens, your days are numbered. we're getting you out and we're getting you out fast. we will build a great wall and we will start illegal immigration for once and for all. going to build that wall. the border patrol agents
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endorsed me. i.c.e. endorsed me. i said tell me about the wall. they said we need it, mr. trump. we need it. they know better than anybody. we're going to build the wall, it's going to be a great wall and it's going to have big beautiful doors on it because we're going to have people coming into our country, but they're going to come into our country legally. we will also work to keep our country safe from terrorism. the attack on pulse nightclub in orlando was the worst mass shooting in american history and the deadliest assault on the lgbtq community in american history. we've seen islamic terror attacks from paris to belgium to san bernardino. one after other, again and again, we're going to stop it. let me state this as clearly as i can. i am going to keep radical
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islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. that includes suspending immigration from regions where it cannot be safely processed or vetted. and the vetting is going to be a ternl that term that i devise and other people are using, extreme vetting. right? extreme vetting. nothing will come before the safety and security of the american people. ethics reform will be a crucial part of our plan as well. we're going to drain the swamp of corruption in washington, d.c. and stop government officials from trading favors at your expense. we face many challenges, but this is truly an exciting time to be alive. the script is not yet written. we do not know what the page will read tomorrow. but for the first time in a long
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time what we do know is that the pages will be authored by each and every one of you. you the incredible american people will be in charge. your voice, your desires, your hopes, yours aspirations will never again fall on deaf ears. the forgotten men and women -- by the way, they're not so forgotten anymore, are they? they didn't know what hit them. oh, those forgotten people, they're not forgotten. they are not forgotten. they're still writing stories about it. they say, what happened. they came out to vote big league, didn't they? and these are great people. these are smart people. these are hardworking people. these are people that sometimes haven't voted in a long time.
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but you know what? they saw, they heard, they wanted what we're all doing and we're doing it together. and they came out and these people had no clue what the hell happened. so i just want to tell you thank you and you're going to be very happy with the result. thank you. you're going to be very happy. together we will raise incomes and bring jobs and wealth and opportunity to our poorest communities. we will repeal the disaster known as obamacare and create new health care, all sorts of reforms that work for you and your family. and we are going to be doing it properly. and we will not spend $5 million for a website.
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okay? remember. and we will not spend $4.2 billion for an airplane so i can fly around. all right? $4.2 billion for air force one. i don't think so. we will reestablish the rule of law, defend the second amendment, protect religious liberty and appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. we will heel our divisions and unify our country. our country is very divided. we will bring our country back together. we will love everyone. everyone. not segments, not small groups or big groups. we're going to love everyone in our country. when americans are unified, there is nothing we cannot do. no task is too great, no dream
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too large, no goal beyond our reach. my message tonight is for all americans from all parties, all beliefs, all races, all walks of life, whether you are african-american, hispanic american, asian american, whatever the hell you might be, okay, we are all americans and we are all united by one shared destiny. i'm asking everyone to join this incredible movement. i'm asking you to dream big again, big and bold, i love that, dream big and bold and daring for your families, for yourself and for your country, big and bold and daring. i'm asking you to believe in yourself and i'm asking you to believe once again in america. and if we do that, then all
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together we will make america strong again. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you very much, florida. thank you, florida. god bless you. merry christmas. god bless you. thank you very much. incredible support. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ ♪ you can't always get what you
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want ♪ ♪ and you can try sometime, you might get what you need ♪ ♪ you've been watching a donald trump thank you rally in orlando, florida. trump talked about building the wall and he talked about extreme vetting for immigrants and keeping -- breaking to night, president-elect donald trump continues his thank you tour across the nation visiting yet another blue state he turned red. thanking the crowd and reviving his campaign style. >> well, let's start off by saying merry christmas, everyone. merry christmas. i'm here today for one main
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reason. to say thank you to the incredible people of florida. what a group. as you know, florida is my second home. in many ways it's my first home. and i love this state, i love the people, i love the people of the state. you propelled to victory a grass roots movement the likes of which the world has never seen it before. look at these people. how many people are here? man. that's a lot of people. they say we broke the record tonight by the way, folks. we broke the record. incredible. incredible people. the patriots of this audience tonight stood up to the global special interests and delivered an historic win for the american worker. with your votes the great citizens of this country declared to the world that from
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now on it's going to be america first. america first. >> breaking, it has now been 38 days since mr. trump defeated hillary clinton and each day her defenders offer a different explanation about why she lost. from the russian to the fbi director to negative campaigning and white resentment, we've heard a steady list of different arguments. clinton supporters have not stopped talking about this, the candidate and her top lieutenants have mostly been quiet until now. clinton campaign chair john podesta filed a piece for the washington post saying the more we learn about the rur shan plot and the failure of the fbi to adequately respond, the more shocking it gets. last night mrs. clinton decided to join in with her own explanation or excuse, depending on you view. >> in conversations with her
6:20 pm
supporters in the days after the election, hillary clinton certainly mentioned fbi director james comey's letter that raised new questions about hir private e-mail server. but now it appears that he's making a public case that the comey letter is one of two unprecedented events that led to her defeat, saying it cost her close races in battleground states quoting, swing state voters made their decision in the final days breaking against me because of the fbi letter from the fbi director comey. the second event is what she calls russian cyberattacks on democratic targets. these are her first public comments since the cia says it believes the russian government was meddling in the election. watch. >> vladimir putin himself directed the covert cyberattacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a
6:21 pm
personal beef against me. putin publicly blamed me for the outpouring of outrage by his own peopl people. and that is the direct line between what he said back then and what he did in this election. >> clinton campaign chairman john podesta himself, a direct target of hacked e-mails released by wikileaks has written an op-ed in the washington post highly critical of the fbi. he sites an article saying when the fbi discovered the russian cyberattack, it failed to send a single agent to warn democratic national committee officials. but at the same time, two agents were visiting a tech firm in denver that helped maintain clinton's e-mail server. podesta writes, comparing the fbi's massive response to the
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overblown e-mail scandal with the seemingly lackadaisical response to the real russian plot to subvert a national election shows that something is deeply broken at the fbi. we reached out to the fbi for comment. so far no response. >> thank you. joining us now with more, executive committee member anthony scaramucci and former economic adviser to president obama, robert wolfe. good to see you both. >> great to see you. hi, robert, hi shannon. >> hello to both of you. i want to talk about some of the things that we've outlined, the russians, comey, negative campaigning, white resentment, poor management and some are trying to throw huma abedin under the bus. at some point hillary clinton said we have to accept the results we don't like and we have to move on. where does this leave us? >> well, first of all, podesta has the right to be furious from
6:23 pm
a personal perspective. you get hacked, it's an incredible violation. i like the idea that he said there should be a bipartisan commission looking at the hacking. with respect to the election i'm going to align with anthony here. it's over, time to move on. you know, if you lose michigan, ohio, wisconsin and pennsylvania as a democrat you are going to lose the election. we lost. of course i don't like what happened with comey. of course i thought the wikileaks thing, someone who actually had 140 of his own e-mails part of it. i hated that as well. but at the end of the day, like the president just said, the ballots were counted and the election is over and we have to move on. >> two things. first of all there's no comey letter if there wasn't illegal use of a server. those were decisions that secretary clinton made. there wouldn't have been a comey investigation or letter without those decisions that led to that path. >> there's no question that the e-mail server was over our head
6:24 pm
for an 18-month period. >> because of decisions she made. >> i'm not questioning that. i'm not all that familiar with when the fbi should or should not engage publicly. it seemed a little strange to me. he goes out and then he restrakrestrak retracts. i'm not going to be here because someone said the store board was changed because of the letter. it definitely stopped momentum. >> you mentioned a bipartisan look into the vush shans. that is something we heard from the top gop guy on the hill. mitch mcconnell says he's all for it. how much would that do the instill confidence, both sides care about this regardless of party? >> i think that's the most resonating message that we want to give to the american people. robert and i line up that the election is over. if there was a nefarious group, a state organization that was doing something to harm the electoral process,inly want to understand what that is.
6:25 pm
>> but anthony you get that people think that donald trump, the president-elect, doesn't want to understand that. there are those who say he keeps blowing it off, saying there's no evidence. i don't care about that. >> i don't think that's fair, shannon. >> we're basing off of his tweets and what he said. >> yes, because there is a partisanship that's going on where there is a group of people from the left that would like to delegitimize the election and the victory. president obama said this afternoon that we shouldn't do that and the vote is counted. roberts is agreeing with this me on that. what you're getting from the president-elect is hold on a second, i won fair and square. it's not my fault that someone tried to meddle in the election if that's what we discover 100% happened. so the message here from the transition team and from the new administration coming in is of course we're going to cooperate with the democrats on this. of course we want to get to the bottom of it and we will denounce and if necessary punish people that are trying to do
6:26 pm
that. not only to the democratic national committee but all of our institutions. i know robert agrees with me on this and so do the people here. >> just to add to that point, this is not just about an election. if we are being hacked by china, if we're being hacked by russia -- >> which we are. >> north korea. >> even within the united states. think about what would happen to our national electric grid and financial institutions. i would like to see president-elect trump shicht from using twitter in 30 days to of course make sure he takes this in a little different tone. >> i think you guys are going to see that. >> we all hope so. listen, you have some agreement on numerous things. we like that here on "the kelly file." have a great weekend. thanks, gentlemen. we're also tracking new controversy tonight on facebook and its plan for labelling what it decides to call fake news. critics are warning about
6:27 pm
the truth police. plus, with the situation in syria getting worse by the hour, president obama was today forced to defend his actions. we'll fact check his argument when dana perino joins us next. when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay... i'm all-business when i, travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges.
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loif from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia shark. frigid weather in the northeast today. windchills 20 to 30 below zero. lake effect snow and ice made for dangerous driving in some areas. the national weather service blaming arctic air from the north pole for new england's problems. and it's going to get worse with overnight snow and ice moving into new york and pennsylvania. the country saying good-bye to astronaut john glenn today. there was a public viewing of his coffin at the ohio state house rotunda. politicians from john kerr iry to regular citizens paid their respects. zblen will be interred later in the spring at arlington national cemete cemetery. now back to "the kelly file."
6:32 pm
developing tonight, new backlash over an announcement from facebook about cracking down on fake news. the website claims more than 1.7 billion users worldwide listen to it and it took a lot of heat in the last few months of bogus stories. mostly political that got shopped around as news. now the social media giant has a plan to fix the problem but that has some folks wondering about what is work in the ranks of the truth police. we have the details. william? >> well that is a legitimate concern. facebook admits that fake news represents just a fraction, maybe 1% of all news yet the company claims it needs to weed out the worst of the worst. here's how. users will flag a story they think is false. as more complain the story get flagged and sent to a third party fact checker. and if it is found in doubt, the story is labeled disputed on a
6:33 pm
news feed. finally facebook itself says it will screen out the sensational head line grabbing click bait we all love, stories that rake in a lot of cash and stop the automated ads that reward fake news. all good. 62% of americans get their news in social media and facebook has helped to spread the content through their algorithms. a lot of it is reader generated so there's no filter. companies profits from false stories. or that protesters got 3 grand to disrupt a trump rally. the concern is two-fold now. the politics of facebook and the fact checkers who in the past demonstrated a liberal bias, stories they libled falts were not. and they'll also focus on
6:34 pm
misleading stories. that's a huge gray area. you can always find an expert with a title and an agenda to challenge any story you want. that is where some fear the truth police could go in the future. >> it's just like hiring expert witnesses in court. you can always find one to say what you want them to say. joining us now is molly hemingway and nomiki konst. good to see you both. molly, you wrote about this and talked about some of the specific issues you have. who is going to fact check the fact checker. some of these fact checkers have a demonstrable bent one way or the other. >> facebook is putting together a panel of people to police and sensor speech that they determine is fact. plit fact at first had a good reputati reputation. in recent years they've turned out to really lose the trust of
6:35 pm
a lot of people. six times they rated president obama's claim that if you liked your health care claim you could keep it true while he was running for election. and then the next year they rated it their lie of the year. hillary clinton, they rated half true that she didn't send or receive confidential information. that's not true at all. even when director comey came out and said she had, they didn't change their rating. they don't have a lot of trust with the people to litigate this. >> how it's going to work is it's going to flag a story that the facebook internals have figured out is fake news and you can't share it, it can't be made part of an ad. there's a link explaining why this isn't la gait. >> right. >> a lot of people say that's a form of censorship. if they don't like something coming from a conservative news group, it might get flagged all of the time. >> we're confusing journalism and fake news. there are news organizations that get things wrong and
6:36 pm
usually go back, on both sides, "the wall street journal," rolling stone, they've gone back and investigated. you know, they make mistakes. that's human nature and when you have editors who are getting information as it comes, they're going to have the fix things. but fake news is something intentionally designed to profit off of or have an agenda on the left or the right. that's designed to confuse people, to trick people. and it's something that facebook, which calls itself a tech company not a media company, needs to understand more, not just outsourcing it but really internally and adjust its algorithm so they're not pushing out the sites that are designed for fake news out to the public. >> a lot of people would argue that "wall street journal" and rolling stone they're not in the same -- if you're going to use the word journalism that's not something we equate. people are worried because they feel the more control on speech
6:37 pm
the less variety you're going to have. that's a real concern on if we're going to crack down on what gets exposed and what doesn't. >> there's always fake news, always a problem with people sharing things that aren't true. hillary clinton's alien baby or something like this. >> check out at the grocery store. you see plenty there. >> take rolling stone which the did so much to damage the reputation of the news about a fake gang rape. >> that wasn't fake news. >> it was. >> it was bad journalism. >> i would agree with you on that. >> but that's the problem with the media environment. the more we try to come up with other people to blame or how we've lost credibility how well we're conveying what's happening in the country, it will be longer before we fix the problem. >> how much of this is america's problem that we get our news off of social media websites instead of doing things on our own. we accept things that we see
6:38 pm
online as true all of the time. >> some of that is designed by facebook. their entire algorithm was built off of community sharing. if your mom posts a story, you trust your mom as a post. >> i don't know. i love my mom but she's got some crazy things. >> if you posted something, i would trust you as a source. >> i like that. i love you mom. nothing personal. lots of fun stories. there is a new fight breaking out over the supreme court and it could affect whether president obama or president trump gets to pick the next justice. we're going to explain. plus with syria turning into a bigger horror show, the critics are taking a look at who's to blame. dana perino joins us live on that next. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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i always feel responsible.
6:43 pm
i felt responsible when kids were being shot by snipers. i felt responsible when millions of people had been displaced. with respect to syria, what i consistently done is taken the best course that i can to try to end the civil war while having also to take into account the long term national security interest of the united states. >> that was president obama just a few hours ago having to defend his record on syria in the face of the ongoing disaster unfold in the city of aleppo. we're circle back to the controversy of mr. obama's handling of the crisis, but first we have the latest from the nightmare that's unfolding there. >> reporter: president obama said that dealing with the situation in syria has been one of the hardest issues she's faced in his presidency and it
6:44 pm
continues particularly in aleppo where tens of thousands of people remain trapped, men, women and children, many sick, many wounded, some dying, hoping for life amid so much death. the convoys of buses and ambulances that we've been seeing have removed civilians from war ravaged eastern aleppo. about 8,000 people at this point, that's the estimate, have been evacuated since thursday. but at least 50,000 civilians remain trapped there according to u.n. officials. it came to a jolting halt because of ongoing violence. well that said, tonight, as mentioned, president obama said that syrian president bashar al assad's regime along with russia and iran has blood on their hands for the slaughter of silvian, addincall for humanita
6:45 pm
aid to fly in to aleppo. they are cut off from medical supplies, food, water and he called for safe passage for the thousands of people who remain trapped there. while the battle for aleppo may be coming to an end, that does not mean the end of syria's civil war. back to you. >> far from it. john, thank you very much. here now, dana perino, cohost of "the five." dana, you're very familiar with how this is, when a president has to go oubt and take responsibility for their policies and what's led us here. clearly the president seemed anguish earlier today but we didn't hear any solution. >> no. and this is not going to end. this is actually probably going to continue for quite a while. the slaughter has been going on for years. earlier this week you had samantha power, the u.n. ambassador -- the u.s. ambassador to the u.n.
6:46 pm
chastising the syrians, iranians and the russians saying have you no shame. but what president obama is saying is the shame is on him. he has to live with that. one of the things that history will have to decide later on is looking back at that decision he made several years ago to not enforce his red line was the day i think that it led to the wreckage of the world. not only do you have this problem in aleppo, but the migrant crisis that we report on in europe. >> 11 million people. >> the only way to solve a refugee problem is at its source. president obama was saying that the country did not have the will to do it. i don't think that's true. i don't have the information he had at the time. i wasn't looking al polling information. how do we feel now. do we or do we not believe in human rights. >> we have a little more from ambassador power and what he said at the u.n., an emergency meeting over the situation. >> to the assad regime, russia
6:47 pm
and iran, your forces and proxies are care rg out these problems, your mortars and air strikes have allowed the malitia to aleppo to circle tens of thousands of civilians in your ever tightening noose. it is your noose. are you truly incapable of shame. is there anytime rally nothing that can shame you? >> i mean the videos and the pictures and the stories of the people are gut wrenching. >> she knows the answer to the question. there is nothing that can shame them. one of the things that the obama administration has done is to say that there was only two paths, either doing nothing or sort of letting russia try to figure it out or having to put u.s. group troops down. that is not the case. and that's not what the intelligence told us. you have president-elect trump inheriting a situation that's not going to end well. i do believe he will believe in
6:48 pm
human rights but he's inheriting a situation where i think bashar al assad gets to stay. >> we've said for years it was time for him to go. i mean president obama said that five years ago. >> and you have to look at, there's the russian component, so much in the news right now, but the iranian component as well. iran did not want assad to fall. and we wanted our iran deal on the nuclear issue. >> exactly. >> so we were hands off. now those are decisions that presidents make. he'll have to live with that. we can't redo that. you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. what do we do now. it's like we're shouting in the wind asking if they have no shame. they don't. >> what about trump? best advice for him in. >> well i would look to see if there's possibility of getting all of the hay mazing people he's talked to for the secretary of state position and the career officials in there for the military detail and the state
6:49 pm
department. there's a diplomatic solution that needs to be put in place. i'm not saying it's u.s. forces. it could be u.n. peace keeping forces. john kerry said this is like so ren ka, you're looking at a genocide of people. samantha power wrote the book about preventing additional general genocide. something has to happen. there's a high stakes fight breaking out over the supreme court and it could affect whether president obama or when he is plump gets the pick the next justice. we're going to show you why next. is? enter sleep number, designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now find the lowest payments ever on all beds. hurry, ends sunday.
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developing tonight, high drama in the battle over the late supreme court justice antonin scalia's seat. a lawyer from new mexico has just upped the ante asking the supreme court itself to intervene and to force the u.s. senate to vote on president obama's nominee. trace gallagher reports from the west coast newsroom. hey, trace. >> hey, shannon. steve michelle is an environmental lawyer from santa fe, new mexico who believes that because senators are not taking action on merrick garland's appointment to the supreme court, it's causing a crisis. he's not the first person to file a lawsuit compelling the
6:54 pm
senate to act but he appears to be the most persistent. he's been denied in a u.s. district court and federal court and now filed an emergency request with the supreme court itself asking the high court to force republican senator chuck grassley to hold hearings and for senator majority leader mitch mcconnell to put garhand's name to a full senate vote. the supreme court should normally ask the opposing party to respond but in this case that would be senators grassley and mcconnell. michelle's request with the supreme court is a long shot at best. meantime, aides to president-elect trump say he's getting closer to deciding who he would like to fill the vacancy left by antonin scalia. the list is long but two names continue to resurface. diane psychs and william pryor. prooi was appointed to the
6:55 pm
appeals court by george w. bush. diane psycsykes is on the board. her ex-husband is a conservative talk show host who opposed donald trump. >> thank wu very much. and we'll be right back. hi mom! oh, hi sweetie! how are you? give a keurig brewer this holiday and they will think of you everyday.
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be. absolutely sending it as christmas gift to the strong women in my life. amanda couldn't wait for christmas so gifted myself. if you order your copy now from amazon it will be under your tree by christmas day. enjoy. have a great weekend. tonight sore loser hillary clinton is making even more excuses for her election loss. he. >> he has a personal beef against me. >> trump's manager corely lewandowski reacts to this. president trump promises to get tough on terror. dr. sebastian gorka is here tonight with reaction. plus a mother of four from california is missing. police suspect her husband killed her. he was an illegal immigrant f


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