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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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right now on justice. >> i felt that the most effective way was to talk to him directly. and tell him to cut it out. >> president obama talks tough. >> he's been weak for a year. >> the former speaker is here to talk obama, trump and the hypocrisy behind the white house's blame game with russia. plus rnc chief strategist sean spicer joins me live to talk about the trump white house and rumors he may be in it. then -- >> don't take off until i get off this 18 -- how many wheels do you have on this truck? >> it's been one of my favorite
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parts of the show all year. tonight, we look back on some of the best moments of street justice. >> what about the fact that the president's saying that mentally ill people shouldn't get a gun? >> i 100% agree. this world is a crazy world we live in. >> so get a gun. >> i don't need a gun, i got one right here, 21 ounces. >> he's got the hammer but i've got the gavel. justice starts now. hello, welcome to justice. thanks for being with us tonight. what a show on deck. sean spicer from the rnc is standing by. he's also the senior communications adviser to president-elect trump's transition team. and ambassador bolton will join me as well. all through the hour, i'll share my favorite street justice moments of 2016.
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you won't want to miss those. first, my opening statement. the left has been telling you for years what you can eat, what you should say and, now, how you should feel. take a listen to michelle obama. >> yes. i do. because we feel the difference now. see, now we're feeling what not having hope feels like. it's a necessary concept. what else do you have if you don't have hope? >> really? this from a woman who in 2008 at 44 years old said for the first time in her life she was proud of her country when her husband was running for president. and now eight years later, you're out of hope, michelle? you lived a life few can even
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imagine. at the citadel of power and prestige in the world. you and your husband, blessed by god, and the american people, with the unique and historic opportunity to not only lead america from that shining place on the hill but impact americans and give them hope virtually no others can. now that you're leaving, hope is gone? since when does hope rise and fall with you and barack in the white house? but it doesn't end there. when asked if your husband's administration achieved his promise of hope to americans, your answer, a resounding yes. quote, especially in times of crisis and turmoil. are you kidding? did your husband give hope to the parents of james foley or
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steven sutluf who was in custody for a year, whose family was told they could not negotiate because they'd be prosecuted, before their son's head was chopped off? before you and barack exit the white house, hope is removed from america? is an outrage. i'll tell you what else is an outrage. an outrage is when your husband struts up to the microphone at a national prayer breakfast and tells christians to get off their high horses because the christians are afraid of muslim terrorists cutting their heads off. i'd say that was a crisis but no hope there. isis today only looms larger. by the way, have you heard of san bernardino, orlando, or that workplace violence that happened
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at ft. hood in texas? in times of crisis and turmoil, like the 13 hours those heroes were on a rooftop in benghazi? your all powerful husband never bothered to explain to us where he was and what he was doing that night. all we know is the only power that he was ready to unleash was air force one to fly to las vegas for a fund-raiser the next morning so that you guys could live the life another four years in the white house. but, i get it. for you, hope is gone. you and your family and friends won't be able to fly to another 46 countries with security and hair and makeup in tow. michelle, you may not realize it, but americans rejected you
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and everything you stand for. they know what hope is. hope is when people, 30,000 at a time, stand in line, in the cold, with their children, hoping to get the glimpse of a man that they think can change the course of their lives from the downward that you and mr. hope and change have put them on. i'll tell you what hope and change is. hope and change is when people show up 20,000 strong after an election. desperate to see the man who actually brought back jobs. almost 1,000. when your husband said it was impossible to bring them back at carrier. by the way, if you want to know what it really feels like to not have hope, just walk out of the
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white house as ordinary americans, you'll see real fast. welcome to the america you created. the one where the racial divides, a disrespect of law enforcement and the military, illegals cruising our borders, draining our schools and social serviceses. isis and refugees on the rise. no hope? michelle, i'm surprised at you. what happened to when they go low, we go high? and that's my opening statement. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter, #judge jenean. joining me, sean spicer, also reportedly the leading candidate to become president-elect trump's secretary. thanks for being here.
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can you tell us anything, any secrets? >> i cannot tell you anything, but thanks for having me. >> you look like you could be a press secretary. >> well, thank you. as i said before, i'd be honored to do anything i can to help this president-elect advance his decision in washington because he's going to bring real change to the american people. if you look at what he's done already, whether it's carrier or cabinets he's putting together, it's unbelievable. you know him and i think you know that on january 20th, it's going to start with a bang. >> oh, wow. >> he's going to get things done right off the bat. >> you know, sean, what's so amazing is that -- i mean, the man hasn't stopped since he won election night. i don't think americans have ever seen anyone like this. he's going state to state to thank people and americans are reacting and responding. i want to get to some of the fascinating stuff that has been happening in the last 48 hours.
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you heard my open, michelle obama. i mean, talk about a class or a lack thereof, to say hope is gone when she and barack leave the white house, i mean, isn't that a slap at the incoming president? >> well, here's what i'm going to say. i think what i would actually phrase it is change is coming, business as usual is over, and i think for a lot of people in the political class and the pundit class, what they're about to witness is going to be unbelievably historic in a way that no one's ever seen before. he is going to bring real change to the city. he's going to bring a record of success that is going to just shock the system throughout its core. what i mean by that is that he doesn't take no for an answer. he picks up the phone. he gets things done. he doesn't take in for an answer. he figures out how do i get to yes, how do i get to success and would do i surround myself to get there with. the people he's choosing for his cabinet are an unbelievable
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level of caliber that this country's never seen before. position by position, department by department, the people that are taking these jobs. you look at a guy like rex tillerson. rags to riches. 8 years old -- >> sean, there's going to be a lot of trouble there. talk about pushback and not only pushback to tillerson but you've got hollywood now and michael moore saying trump shouldn't even be admitted into the white house. and you've got martin sheen, you know, i guess he was in the west wing on a tv show so he thinks he knows all about it, you know, they're taking out these pas, these ads, saying, everybody, we've got to stop trump from coming into the white house. who are these people? >> the interesting thing about this, judge, is they don't understand ways goihat's going this country. it was the same people who predicted a corenation for hillary clinton.
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donald trump's bringing change like they've never seen before. they don't get it. they don't understand the frustrations and concerns that average middle americans feel right now, that they're living paycheck to paycheck, that their health care costs are going up, that the government's unresponsive and doesn't take care of the veterans that have served this nation. donald trump gets it in a way that nobody's gotten it before and he's going to get things done in an way no one'ser gotten them before. i think it scares them. they've been used to coming in, republican or democrat, cozying up to the elites, sort of being able to go to their cocktail parties. that's not what donald trump wants. he wants to come in and make this country better. he wants every american to have a better life. that's something that scares the people who are used to living off washington business as usual. >> as hollywood and the new york elites, a lot of the east coast elites i should say, you know, take out these public service spots and, you know, the campaign supposedly cost how much to try to stop donald trump and get these electorates, these
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electioral college people to change their vote, which isn't going to happen. i mean, why are they spending so much money now? >> well, they've spent a lot during the campaign and it didn't have an effect. >> but it's not going to have an effect now. >> no, it's not, it's not. but i think there's a bigger issue. i know a lot of times conservatives get hit with constantly bashing the media, but where are the stories about these hollywood elites asking electors to flip? this is unbelievable. donald trump won 2,600 counties in this country voted for him, 62 million people, 306 electoral votes. they're spending, you know, almost $1 million right now trying to influence electors to switch. >> yeah. >> that is just, it's unbelievable, and no one in the mainstream media calling outrage on this, it's unbelievable. >> i think for the first time the american people get it and they do because of donald trump. >> they do, you're absolutely right. >> thank you for being with us
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tonight. >> merry christmas, judge. >> merry christmas. joining us, fox contributor john bolton, also named as potential candidate for the trump administration deputy secretary of state. ambassador, thanks for being here. i could ask you about whether or not you are or have been offered a position of second and i understand that when you're asked that, you go dead silent, is that true? >> no, i never go silent. i just don't answer the question. >> okay, so it won't matter how i ask or whether or not you take it or whether or not you've been offered it? >> right, no matter how persistent. >> let's talk about russia. russia right now is being accused of all kinds of things and the president comes out yesterday and he says i went to china to that g-20 in the beginning of september and i handled it face-to-face and i told putin to cut it out. you think putin was shaking in his kgb boots? >> sure he was. he undoubtedly was thinking of
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that red line in syria and wondering what kind of line this was. you know, the president is -- president obama's become a parody of himself. and i think we're seeing the consequences. whether it's from russia or china, iran, nr. they think they can get away with anything. i just want to say, we've got about a month now until january 20th. >> what's so incredible is on the one hand, the president doesn't want to get involved so it won't look like he was trying to tip the scales in an election, but no one ever says that what was released in the form the dnc e-mails and podesta and hillary's was untruthful or tampered with. you would think if he's concerned about an election would say donna brazile, cnn, somebody getting questions ahead
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of a debate, is wrong, this impacts the democracy. no, he's saying putin's involved but no evidence, nothing. >> undoubtedly, behind the classification wall, there is evidence of would the hacker was. people who i respect who have seen this evidence think it was russia. one, whatever happened, one has to ask, did it have an impact on the election itself, and as to that, i don't think there's any evidence of any influence at all. podesta may think he's an important person but i don't think most people cared what was in his e-mail. the preliminary question is did russia or some other foreign intelligence service try to influence the election to break trust and confidence in the government? if that's right, this is very serious. despite the fact it may not have had an impact on the election, we cannot accept that. >> but ambassador, there is no
6:16 pm
claim that the russias tampered with voting machines or ballots or anything like that. the claim that the main street media, mainstream media doesn't seem to make clear is, oh, my goodness, they released e-mails that are of the dnc people talking to each other, correct? >> well, i don't expect an authoritarian society to have much of an insight into how to affect elections. to me, it's far less relevant whether they had an impact than whether they tried. think back to 1941. if japan attacked pearl harbor but all its bombs and torpedoes would miss, we would be thankful for that but nonetheless concerned about the attack itself. >> right, but are you suggesting that they tried to do more than just release e-mails? because julian assange of
6:17 pm
wikileaks said they had nothing to do with it, although should we believe him? >> i don't believe anything julian assange says. what he said was the russian government didn't. depends what the definition of russian government is to julian assange. honestly, all of us out here in the unclassified world are at a disadvantage and that's one reason i believe to protect the integrity of our system against these wild accusations, we ought to have a congressional investigation. i look for mike pompeo to help clear this up as well. >> okay, so you're going to take that second position and -- no? yes? >> persistent, i really admire it. i'll give you my name, rank and serial number, that's about it. >> ambassador, thank you for being with us. scott baio said he was assaulted at his child's school for supporting trump. tonight, he's here to talk about
6:18 pm
it. next up, former speaker of the house newt gingrich joins me to discuss the latest move in the obama playbook regarding russia. plus, a special treat. throughout the hour, we're going to look back at some of my favorite moments from your favorite segment "street justice," like the time i visited a biker for trump rally in cleveland. buckle up, "justice" is rolling on. can you tell us why you're here today? >> donald. >> he's not answering. you want to tell us why you're here today? turn around. >> i am here to support donald trump.
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another big week for president-elect trump as the countdown to inauguration day is on. i spoke with author of the best-selling book treason, fox news contributor newt gingrich, about a few things, including president obama's blame game against the russians after the democrats lost the election. mr. speaker, thanks so much for being with us tonight. >> i'm delighted to be with you and it's exciting times. >> certainly is. you know, president obama yesterday held his last press conference of 2016 and he said some rather interesting things and i want to start with his discussion of this russia interference with the 2016 election. the president said the intelligence agencies were aware
6:23 pm
the russians were interfering with the election. so in early october 2016 president obama says he saw putin in china in early september and he told him to cut it out, that's a quote. and yet a month after the election, three months later, president obama comes out and he is demanding that there be an investigation as to whether or not the russians interfered with the election. what is going on? >> they lost, that's what's going on. john podesta had the article that all this thing is happening and it's all the fbi's fault, and you realize this guy ran a campaign that raised $1 billion, $1 billion. he had the president of the united states on his side. he had the elite news media on his side. and his candidate lost. now, you can either say, you know, i failed or he could say
6:24 pm
the russians did it. and i think he's decided he has a better future claiming the russians did it. >> and the amazing -- >> it's absurd. >> the amazing part of it is i don't believe, mr. speaker, that anybody has debbed that anything that was hacked and julian assange says russia had nothing to do with it, whether you believe it or not. you know, they don't deny what was in those e-mails wasn't accurate. >> well, i mean, notice what the core their argument is. that by to the e-mails, they let the american people know things that were true. i mean, the russians didn't write the e-mails, hillary clinton did, john podesta did. everything that's embarrassing and damaging came from hillary clinton, bill clinton, their top staff or john podesta, their campaign manager. their argument is even though what they wrote was really embarrassing that it's not their fault it became public and therefore it's the russian's
6:25 pm
fault for making public how bad what they were doing was. i mean, if you think about that logic, again, you're a judge, i'm not -- i'm an historian, i'm not a lawyer. it strikes me, i wouldn't want to take their case into court and try to defend their logic. >> i'll be dismissed before the other side had an opportunity to present theirs. what is so fascinating, when i was listening to the words the president might use. he said russia was involved with interfering. yet his reason for not getting involved before the election was i wanted the american people to decide. well, it takes him five weeks or a month later to say we're going to have the lblgs agencies investigated again. and now the pressure is on donald trump to further the investigation but isn't this nothing more than an attempt to delegitimize the victory of donald trump? >> look, i don't think anything done by outsiders changed the
6:26 pm
ultimate outxm the fact is when it matters key voters in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania said, i don't want hillary clinton. and they voted for donald j. trump, period, that's the underlying fact. i said this all the way back in 2014 when the north koreans were apparently hacking into sony. we need, and i have no problem with hearings that look at the totality the cyber threat to the united states. i think that would be very healthy and very important and if this particular story's a part of that, that's fine. but to narrow it down to something which, frankly, even the intelligence agencies don't agree on. >> right. >> there's a big argument inside the intelligence community over whether or not this even happened. >> exactly. you know, i thought it was fascinating and i think consistent with president obama's -- his whole personality is during the press conference he said, you know, my message to russia is, quote, we can do
6:27 pm
stuff to you. i don't know how you took that, mr. speaker, but i thought it was rather week. do you want to comment on that? >> well, i'll just say two things about barack obama. one, being it was weak because he's weak. he's been weak for eight years. a lot of what drives us crazy about putin is in reaction to the weakness of john kerry and barack obama and hillary clinton. it will change dramatically i think when you get to the brand-new team of donald j. trump, rex tillerson and mattis. i think you'll see a different relationship with putin almost instantly. there's a second part. imagine that you're barack obama. imagine you were confident all year long. your legacy was going to be intact. imagine you were confident all day, election day, you were going to make sure a liberal won so the supreme court would go to
6:28 pm
the left. some time around 8:00, 9:00, election night, barack obama began to see his legacy shrink and shrink and shrink. like one of those clown dolls as the air goes out. all of a sudden, he's faced with the reality his legacy is mostly, 70% to 80% of it, going to be repealed some time either on inaugural day with executive orders by trump or during the following 60 or 90 days. i suspect you have a guy there in turmoil. >> i suspect, so it sounded last night. mr. speaker, thanks so much for being with us. >> always great to be with you. >> thank you. the political panel is on deck. and then, attacked for supporting donald trump. scott baio is here to talk about what he says happened to him. at his daughter's school. remember, all night long, we look back on my favorite street justice moments like the time i just had to go to mo's at the
6:29 pm
height of the election season. we'll be right back. i'm at modell sporting goods and i'm practicing because i think it's important that any commander in chief needs to be in great physical shape. >> do you think either of the candidates are in good physical shape? >> no. >> why do you say that? their doctors say they're in good physical shape. >> they're old. >> here i am with the weights and i somehow think that our president had these. (vo) it's the holidays at verizon, and the best deals are on the best network. with no surprise overages, you can use your data worry free and even carry over the data you don't use. and right now get four lines and 20 gigs for only $40 per line.
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the first major winter storm of the season slammed the east
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coast and the midwest. pelting much of it with snow and freezing rain. there were hundreds of accidents, at least six deaths are being blamed on slick roads. speed limits were reduced on interstates and toll roads. hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed. winter advisories were posted from bangor maine to denver. evacuations are expected to resume today from aleppo, this follows an agreement by government and rebel forces to first allow about 4,000 humanitarian cases to leave two besieged shiite villages. buses have already moved in. civilian and rebel evacuations wa can resume from eastern aleppo. now back to "justice" with judge jeanine. president-elect trump wraps his thank you tour today, holding his final rally in alabama. this as his incoming
6:34 pm
administration prepares to take over. let's get to all the latest transition news with my political panel tonight, chairman and republican strategist david avella and the communications director at democracy for neil soroca. good evening, gentlemen. a lot of talk about russia and i don't want to spend a lot of time on it but i'll ask you this, neil, you know, the president says he was aware of this during the election but choose not to do anything other than tell putin to knock it off. a month later, he basically comes back and says we've got to do this, we've got to get this thing investigated completely and, you know, if he does wrap this up, this investigation, what exactly can he do to russia? >> we, judge, one correction here. he talked to mitch mcconnell and
6:35 pm
speaker ryan and asked them to do a joint statement in october and mitch mcconnell shut him down because he knew it wasn't going to help donald trump to let the world know putin was trying to make him president. part of it, we need to figure out some back channel operations. >> the president has executive orders all the time, he doesn't usually need the other side but, you know -- >> you would have been calling it partisan politics if he had done that himself, and so instead he stood down and look what happened. we're now going to have a putin puppet in the white house. >> then why did he wait a month after the election to call for an investigation? and why on november 17th did clapper say they couldn't connect it to russia? >> well, since then they've said they can connect it to russia. the fbi agrees with them. all the 17 intelligence agencies agree with the cia's assessment. listen, at the end of the day, the question is, why don't you care that a foreign government very well was trying to intrude
6:36 pm
in this election and really do a 9/11-style assault on american democracy, that's -- >> can you tell neil exactly how they tried to -- >> by leaking information -- yes, this is a classic russian operation where they're leaking embarrassing information to try to get folks like us talking about it on television and distract from real issues, the bigoted divisive agenda that donald trump was running through the campaign. >> all right, let's hear it. >> finally the democrats are finally talking about it could be a national security issue, though their main talking point is still that russia tried to influence our election. which first it was jim comey. then it was the electoral college. now it's russia. i mean, next week, judge, it's going to be the mercury retrograde of september that caused hillary clinton to lose the election. it's going to be a new excuse as to why hillary clinton lost. >> oh, come on. >> it's their therapy to get
6:37 pm
through and they should do it. is russia potentially being thattithat i hacking the u.s., a national security threat? yes, of course. is it the reason hillary clinton lost, no. >> not least of which she ran a campaign that got close enough that russian interference could have played a factor , but at te end of the day -- >> neil, neil, except the fact that had hillary clinton not written those e-mails, had she not had a private server, had she not been a terrible candidate, that's why she went along -- >> i would love to have seen what republican turnout would have been like if the other side leaked that kind of e-mail. if the republican e-mails had been out there, i would have loved to seen what republican turnout would have been. you guys had a nice fight on your side over and over again and everyone knew what a fraud donald trump was from the very start and the e-mails would have been delicious to read -- >> really, america seemed to reject hillary clinton as a
6:38 pm
fraud with the clinton foundation which as i understand it is still under active investigation. i wouldn't throw that word around too truly -- >> hillary -- >> anyway, let's move on, let's talk about rex tillerson. what do you think is going to happen with him, neil? >> what do i think is going to happen with him, listen, this goes back to the russian e-mails. this is a guy who's close to putin. god's gift to russia basically to have tillerson. this is someone very close to putin. we'd expect him to be the similar sort of -- do the same sort of appeasement donald trump has done over the course of his campaign. >> david? >> it was my understanding our top diplomat was supposed to be able to have -- make allies with foreign nations, was supposed to be able to represent america's view to foreign nations and was supposed to get the best deal possible. all the things rex tillerson has done. and to suggest that somehow he doesn't understand as a ceo who ultimately the boss is which is
6:39 pm
the president of the united states and it is the president's agenda who he will be representing to foreign nations, it's somewhat laughable. it's why at the end of the day rex tillerson will be approved. you already hear folks including joe marrianchin talk about how going to vote for him. >> he's made a career glad-handing tie raents, tyrants -- >> we'll see how he comports himself in office, if he stands up for human rights when he's looked the other way over and over againness career and when he's directly ignored a state department requirement, international trade. that's the only -- >> judge -- >> -- other and over -- >> it is laughable after the last seven years -- >> good night, guys. scott baio is next, plus, the best of street justice. remember the time i tried to play the role of a hillary
6:40 pm
clinton aide? take a look. "just" rolls on in a moment. >> i'm looking for a hammer that is strong enough to get rid of a blackberry. you have any of that stuff? >> american made or import? >> i like american although i don't know what she likes. i'm going to make believe i'm one of hillary's aides destroying the evidence. do you know what it takes to destroy a blackberry? i got to tell you, look at my or, i have strong arms, okay, what did it take for them to destroy the evidence in hillary's case? a lot.
6:41 pm
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so michael moore says donald trump has no right to enter the white house. martin sheen leads a pack of washed-up celebrities trying to sway electors against the president-elect. and prominent trump supporter scott baio allegedly attacked at an event at his daughter's school. what's going on? joining me now, actor and outspoken supporter of president-elect trump scott baio. you came out on this show supporting donald trump. you actually speak at the convention and you come on after the election and you think it's over, but this week you were at your daughter's holiday christmas party at school and
6:45 pm
bailey, your daughter's, 9 years old, you come out, you're minding your own business and all of a sudden somebody attacks you allegedly this hot chilly pepper drummer's wife, she comes at you, allegedly, and because you're a trump supporter. what happened? >> right. i don't want to talk about what happened, judge, because it's a pending investigation. but listen, quite honestly, i don't need to be here tonight, nor do i want to be. i've got a lot going on. i'm got a lot going on. my mom died ten days ago, three days before this event happened at my kid's school. >> oh, i'm so sorry, oh, scott. >> i'm got a young boy, family member, 6 years old, he's got a very aggressive leukemia. i've got a lot going on so i don't need this, but i felt like i should come on because this -- this has got to stop. i shouldn't -- i should not be put in a position where i'm
6:46 pm
afraid for my life and the life of my 9-year-old daughter because of my political beliefs, right? we won the election. i didn't say boo in '08 or '12 but we won the election and to quote the great president barack obama elections have consequences. we won. you lost. grow the blank up. move on with your life. he's the president-elect and he'll be president on january 20th. grow up, be a man, be a woman. it's over. and stop this madness with all of your antics of russia and whatter other silly goofball arguments you want to come up with. >> i know you and you were very clear you don't want to talk about the facts and i understand
6:47 pm
that. but you and i agree it isn't necessarily about this and the, you know, l.a. is seriously considering charging this woman and based on the facts that are already out that are already published that your daughter actually had to cover here ears because of the language that was being used by the wife of this chilly peppers drummer allegedly and the cursing and the physical abuse that went on because you're a trump supporter, this is symptomatic of a bigger issue. and finally what we'll got to try to figure out is what is it about the left that makes them think that they have the right to control america? >> i think -- i think the core belief of liberals in this country is some sense of entitlement, that they're entitled to power. i don't know what they base it on. i think maybe because they all
6:48 pm
watch their own news and it becomes this very sort of vicious cycle where they believe their own press. i just -- here's the one positive thing about this in my opinion. i think now for the first time the american people are getting to see what these people are really like. they are despicable human beings, a lot of them. they are. not all of them. my agent is a dear friend of mine and i love him like a brother. he's a hard-core liberal. i play golf with him, i love him, i hang out with him, we go to dinner, we talk politics. but for a lot of these people, there's a sense of entitlement and i don't know where it companies from but the american people are now seeing what's going on. you look at that poor man that voted for trump that was pulled out of his car and beaten up. >> beaten. >> it's gotten to the point where i hope trump -- when trump gets in there that he shuts all this down by allowing the police
6:49 pm
to do their job. >> i think that's going to happen. scott baio, i want to thank you so much for coming out. i know you didn't want to do it but i think it's important for it to be done and i hope bailey is okay and our condolences to you. >> thank you. merry christmas. >> merry christmas! all right. and the best of the year in street justice is next, don't move.
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
all night long, i've been showing you the best moments from 2016 in "street justice." what a year and what an election season it was. here now are some more of our favorites. enjoy! >> you don't know that person? >> who is it? >> hillary? >> clinton? >> she's likable. >> she's likable? what has she done for you? >> nothing. >> you want her to be the
6:53 pm
president? >> why not? sure. i'm sorry. i'm not really a cameraman. >> why, you got a warrant outstanding somewhere? ted cruz -- >> what's the -- >> probably did arrest him. >> do you know of any country that's been a socialist country? >> no. i wasn't great in history class. >> uh, well, it's happening now. >> why isn't the white house ready for a woman? >> i guess because i'm a male chauvinist. >> you know, there's a lot of tough women out there. >> and you're one of them. >> he's concerned about the second amendment, but he doesn't have a gun. >> well, we can't bring guns in here. >> i don't mean, do you have a gun here, but do you own a gun? >> absolutely. >> why does that not surprise me. why do you have a gun? >> because it's all right and they're fun. >> what do you do? >> i'm a hairdresser. >> who are you voting for? >> who am i voting for? clinton! i think she would be better than trump. trump talk a lot of mess.
6:54 pm
>> but trump signs a lot of checks. >> that's what she thinks of the presidential candidates. >> yeah, miserable. >> yeah, i'm the judge. yeah, i'm the one. now, listen -- >> i watch you all day long. >> you do? why, are you outside my window? >> i'm canadian, i wouldn't help you. >> what do you think of what's going on in this country with this election? >> you have a tough decision to make. you know, i'm looking at both your candidates and -- >> you think trudeau is such a walk in the park? >> i think he's a little more sophisticated than the couple of candidates that you have. >> are you worried about the open borders, united states citizens coming into canada? if you were to gamble on this election, who would you gamble on. >> hillary, for sure. >> is it a woman thing? >> no, it's a not -- not voting for an idiot thing. >> yeah, what's she done for me? >> what has she done for me? >> therein lies the problem! and what about the fact that
6:55 pm
bill clinton had to pay women money because of what he did to them? >> well, bill clinton not running for president. >> what about the fact that the women say that hillary clinton came after them? >> i would have probably gone after them, too. >> where are we going with this interview? >> what interview? this is a war committed by women and you are having a new woman president. >> no! >> yes. >> no! >> she is doing well. >> no! >> yes, again. >> let's see who wins. >> so here i am in lafayette park in front of the white house, where a new family is going to be moving in, in january. how do you feel about them moving in? >> well, i think they're a good change for the country, even though a lot of people don't want to give them a chance. trump, we need some more jobs. >> bernie sanders is going to be the person we need for jobs because of his youth initiative. >> no, we need trump. we need trump to give us more jobs. >> say something nice.
6:56 pm
>> let's make america great again together. >> together. >> together! what do you think of trump's administration is going to offer? i don't care what your answer is, so say whatever you want. >> i'm deeply worried about what it's going to offer. >> oh, my god, we're back. america's back. we're going to take control of the government and really clean up house, drain the swamp. >> barack obama's term is over. >> over! >> the people have spoken. accept your loss and be a crybaby. >> be a man! put on your big boy pants and deal with it, you cry babies! let's just say merry christmas. together, one, two, three. >> fine. >> merry christmas! >> we'll be right back. and the best deals are on the best network. with no surprise overages, you can use your data worry free and even carry over the data you don't use. and right now get four lines and 20 gigs for only $40 per line. you'll even get the iphone 7, the samsung galaxy s7, the pixel phone by google,
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tit's what's inside the person insidwho opens it. give ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can reveal their ethnic origins. order now at that's it for us tonight. i want to wish each and every one of you at home a merry christmas. and you've got one week until christmas, okay? so you need to buy my book. what's the name of it? what's the name of my book?
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"he killed them all: robert durst and my quest for justice." i'll sign it! if you buy it, send it here and i'll sign it. and your money back if you don't like it, if you can find me. the nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread. and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum, who are beholden to scum, russian scum! >> someone got into the medicine cabinet again. keith, if you're going to partake, at least share. yes! the showdown over russia's meddling in our country's elections worsens. to appease our new rulers, we


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