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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 18, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. thanks to all of you for watching. i'm paul. hope to see you right here next week. we are standing ton eve of a pif toll moment. they meet tomorrow to whether elections in recent his rhode island as america and the world watch the president he elect is in florida continuing to assemble his administration. welcome to inside america's news headquarters. i'm arthel ne vpville. >> a thank you stop in mobile, alabama. mr. trump taking jabs at those
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who underest matd him during the campaign from the media they promised jobs to reknnew the economy. he also delivered a missage of hope as he soon prepares to assume the presidency next month. we are live outside in palm beach with the very latest. hi, phil. >> reporter: hi. there is a reason why everybody up north loves to spend the winter in the florida sunshine. that is because that's exactly what we have here today, 85 degrees and blue skies. president-elect trump and his family plan to be here throughout the holidays, christmas through new years. two cabinet positions remain to be filled. he told me the transition team is inside. they are working on filling these but still no promising on when those new announcements would be made. on the national security front
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china says it will return that u.s. underwater drone it picked out of the water in international waters. trump last night tweeting a no thanks on that tweeting out we should tell china we don't want the drone they stole back. let them keep it. water cannons greated trump in mobile, alabama. it is his last stop on the thank you tour. he promised thousands america will be great again by rebuilding the military, tax cuts and job creation. >> this is where it all began. remember that incredible rally we had? i said i'm coming back to see you in alabama, right? >> and this is our last rally, our last stop. >> you see no votes behind me in front of the estate. that's the way it will always be
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as long as president he elect and president trump is spending time here. the u.s. coast guard imposed a security zone. there is only two passages where votes can come through. they are escorted by coast guard votes with .50 caliber guns. no boats are allowed to come close to going by or dropping anchor near the es state. >> thanks so much. all eyes as they meet in their representative states under intense pressure on members of the electoral college who will meet and vote tomorrow. caroline is live. tell us what's being done to try to change the minds of electors this afternoon. >> some of these electors are literally getting thousand of e-mails a day with activists trying to get them to flip their votes to keep president-elect trump out of the white house. >> now they are going forward
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tomorrow with this attempt to intimidate and harass electors. we have electors receiving 200,000 e-mails. nothing is going to change. >> he is probably right. nothing will change. here is the math. if 37 republican electors flip there is no official winner and it will head to the house of representatives. a few say they might potentially switch their vote because of the russian hacking scandal. some called for an intelligence briefing to find out more. the director of national intell zwrens turned that down this weekend. we expect another call for tomorrow. they say it is extremely unlikely it won't go as planned. 29 have laws that bind them chosen by the voters in their state. it is very rare to change votes given an election year. >> it some might ask why are
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they trying so hard. >> right. they point out it is the law of the land and we have to follow it. >> it was just the will of the american people hillary clinton would be the president-elect. it is that process that has mr. trump in the position she in right now. let's give them the information they need to make a good decision. >> what if the vote goes to the house? it is controlled by republicans who would give it to mr. trump anyway. >> no reaction to the russian hacking controversy. president obama suggested that putin was behind the cyber attack to specifically help donald trump win. the president vowing to retaliate. hillary clinton blames putin directly. he told him he had a beef with her after her time as secretary
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of state. elizabeth has more. >> four senators are calling for a bipartisan panel to investigate russia and other foreign countries after he claimed russian hackers intervened. clinton campaign speaking out for the first time saying in part the russian intervention is clear. he says it falls on president obama for not doing something earlier. >> when i saw the president i was a little disappointed that, you know, we were under constant attack. we never felt comfortable. we never know what was coming next. you know, this is not just about computers. this is harassment of individuals. it's a harassment of our donors. >> hillary clinton telling donors that putin's involvement stems from a personal beef. some republicans including says
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there needs to be more of a c consens consensus. he also calls on democrats. >> thechb question is insane. of course we have been int our face with the russians. they should look in the mirror and face the reality they lost the election because they are so completely out of touch with the american people that they are still shell shocked and they can't believe it. >> john mccain is calling to investigate the intelligence community's findings. >> thank you. in 20 minutes we'll have a congressman who will introduce an investigation to investigate the russian hacking. the u.n. security council agreeing to vote monday for a
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final decision regarding the crisis in syria which would allow to observe evacuations from war torn aleppo. all of it as they are saying militants burned at least six buses assigned to evacuate six people from two villages in northern syria. so far they have had very little success. >> about 5,000 people have left today. many more are desperately trying the violence. >> reportedly targeted many have
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been in the cross fire. they began their assault. >> but the one time rebel strongholds are in control of assad forces. now appear set to expand their operation outside of aleppo, crushed the opposition across the country. >> all right. thank you. the death toll is sadly rising following a series of attacks that targeted the police there. so far at least ten people have been confirmed killed. among the killed are seven police officers, two local civilians and a tourist from canada. at least 27 more were wounded. we are told they in a stand off there with armed men that they
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say are held up inside a crew said -- castle. almost any other election cycle and the race between hillary clinton and donald trump would be at this point history but this year there is incredible focus on the electoral college and some trying to get them to vote against the president-elect when they meet tomorrow. we'll dive into what you need to know. and tragedy strikes. we'll have the latest on what some are calling a sad and tragic freak accident.
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of the time lines for you. a toddler shot during a road rage incident in little rock, arkansas. he was shot when a man opened fire into the car. police told not to drink the water or use it for cooking or bathing. there was a chemical leak from a near by factory. >> united launch alliance from cape canaveral. it is called eco star 19 being called the most powerful internet satellite ever launched to help our broad band for all of us here in north america. >> so this election putting the spotlight on the lek terror ral college which is usually an after thought once the election is over. this time public campaigns are underway to sway electors to go against donald trump.
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he won 306 electoral votes, 36 more than the 270 needed to win. what should we look for when the electors meet tomorrow? the political energy is here. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. nice to be with you. for the first time a lot of americans are focused on this. if you paint by numbers what should they be looking for? >> isn't it first of all the perfect capstone to a wild bizarre election year to have people focus and what will happen when ameet in seech state tomorrow? i don't think there's much drama at all. the certainty is that trump won and in order swing this thing it would take a lot of defor example. if you start hearing reports that there's a shocking number of people who are willing to vote for someone other than the winner of their state, i mean, that would be an incredible development. i wouldn't expect it tomorrow. you mentioned during that
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introduction donald trump has a cushion here. he got 306. so there were some scenarios. leading up to election i remember a lot of people would go to a web site where you can sort of play with all of the states and turn them red and blue and figure out various paths and there is a scenario where it could have been 270 to 268. so for example if trump had won that's what it would have been, 270/268 in which case this would have ban lot more interesting. >> completely different. >> right. >> and i'm sure there are some who are out there talking. we need to change it. it's time for something new to come up with modern times, no disrespect to the founding fathers but that will take an act of congress. >> that's right, a constitutional amendment. >> exactly. >> it will take overwhelming
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votes. the lek terrcollege is here to unless the states or congress get behind this idea and changing it. this is only the fifth time in our history there has been a split between the popular vote winner in terms of the presidency and who wins it. i suppose there's a chance that this becomes more and more of a trend. you might see more of a ground but it feels like democrats saying let's get rid of it because we are mad because of what happened. >> and hearing you say which is the way it is, you said that the popular vote doesn't matter, you know, what do you say to people out there who are saying -- what's the point of voting then? >> because your vote absolutely counts. the winner is based on the winners of popular votes in each state and washington d.c. so donald trump won i believe 30
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states. he won 30 popular votes. that's the way it is laid out. that's the way these campaigns went out try to go win the election. there are reasons you can point out maybe that's flaw here. maybe it doesn't make sense but the founding fathers put this system together. it treated us pretty well. it takes a mighty heavy lift if you will uproot it. >> and it's some of what i read on your piece which is you titled it four responses to the hillary won the popular vote. >> right. i mean good for her. that's an interesting piece of trivia but it's irrelevant in terms of who won the presidency. she won the popular vote. this is a counter fact chul. yes, she won the popular vote. as donald trump pointed out he also argued there were millions of illegal votes which were
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baseless nonsense. his argumentme was i would have won the popular vote. they crafted their campaigns towards that end. donald trump got it done and she didn't. >> and i think some might push back that it's a trivia hillary clinton won by 2.8 plus popular votes. >> sure. but whether you -- >> it is the phrasing we can debate. >> right. >> we are not debating anything here. some people. >> but you're breaking it down for us. when the general, you know, the american people hear it some people still going, yeah, i get it and the trump campaign, they did a better job addressing the needs of the folks in those electoral college states and
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hillary clinton campaign didn't and maybe it makes some of the people in some of the other states where they have a smaller electoral state say what about us. >> it is more likely the bigger states like california. >> yes. >> if the goal was to win the popular vote he was outspend -- >> 2-1. >> yes and hillary spent mms of dollars on the popular vote like chicago and new orleans trying to run up the numbers instead of focusing on the staff which was places that she lost. trump would have gone to california and campaigned a lot more there. it's a different ball game, right? >> definitely everybody campaigning from this point ochblt they will be looking at this election going okay we have got to change it. you're right. different ball game. we have got to clahange our
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strategy. that's all the time we have. nice to see you in person. >> thank you. >> merrylikewise. >> thank you. john mccain is joining a group of lawmakers. investigate russia's involvement and the charges that putin himself tipped the scales to put donald trump in the white house. will a select committee be formed to get to the bottom of these allegations? want longer lasting heartburn relief?
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a growing list of lawmakers are vowing to leave no stone unturned to find russian influence to lelkt donald trump as president. this is after the fbi reporting that moscow did interfere. the goal was harming hillary clinton and supporting mr. trump's cause. congress seems to be moving on hearings towards all of this. they say russian influence was no but a direct effort to damage our democracy. >> we need a select committee. we need to get to the bottom of this and we need to find out what was done and what the implications of the attacks were especially if they had an effect on our elections. there is no doubt they were
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interfering and no doubt it was a cyber attack. the question now is how much and what damage and what should the united states of america do? >> democratic congressman joining us. he is a member of the house committee and ranking member of the cia sub committee. congressman, first of all, you introduced legislation. it is called the protect our democracy act. it will flish an independent commission. tell us about it. >> thank you for having me on. it's called protect our democracy because our democracy was attacked. the evidence suggests it was by russ russia. what i believe is to get to why we were so vulnerable and how we can protect is to have a bipartisan outside of dock to tell the american people what
1:29 pm
happened. >> and what's wrong with that? mitch has been against that so this bush back at the house top senate leadership. why do you think a commission should be formed and who would make up that commission? >> there is more than one way to spin skin a cat. when he is choosing to side with the murderous russian dictator i think that's all the more reason to have an independent commission in national security to sign off an incredible way of what happened. >> what will it take? >> it will take congress, the house and senate to pass it and president to sign off on it. i think the sooner the better. we cannot allow this to be normalized. for us to accept that we will allow outside actors to mess with our elections.
1:30 pm
they should be spirited and they should be battle tested. i don't think either ever want another country whether it is russia to come into our election. >> well, congress is in recess. what happens? you can't get this through. what if it lands on president trump's desk? >> sure we can. we are back january 3rd. you know, if that's not the case i think the american people need to make it clear for president trump even those that voted for president trump have an interest in making sure he signs onto this. there will be ample opportunity. i think it's bigger than republicans or democrats. democrats may have been attacked this time. if history has its way it could be a different party this time. we all, republicans and democrats care about protecting our democracy. >> that means the clock is ticking. >> would you want them to investigate any ties between
1:31 pm
moscow and the russians? they said there was no contact in terms of the elections, that it was dangerous and that it wasn't true. would that be off the table? >> i think the only way to do that is to have an outside independent commission look at it. right now the president elect is already denying that russia was even involved. the question is who was responsible and did they have a preferred candidate? if the evidence leads us any further i want the commission to have the ability to go there. >> he said if the fbi has a report put it out that the president elect would reconsider. based on what we know now, based on everything that we have seen and the allegations, how troubled are you about this? what does this mean to our
1:32 pm
soverei soverei sovereignty, to the values of americans for what we stand for no matter who you support indeed russia did intervene to try to sway the outcome? >> i have seen the evidence, eric. it is powerful. it is overwhelming president-elect trump has greater access than i do. president-elect trump refused to take that briefs every day. unle until he says he has seen the evidence i think he is quite ignorant and uninformed ashow w. we should all be concerned. this is not going to stop. russia continue to meddle internationally. they have interfered in germany's election. they will look at us as being weak if we don't say never again. >> can you be specific? >> no. i think an independent commission should say what can
1:33 pm
we release that does not give up our sources and methods so that the american people know who is responsible, why we were vulnerable and why republicans and democrats would never want this to happen again. >> it may have to be declassified. it will continue as something that is very troubling. we thank you for joining us and have a happy afternoon. have a merry christmas. >> yes. >> you have 17 days and put it up there on the president's desk. we'll see what happens. thanks for joining us. an unforgettable day in the makiing cut short as a large tre falls on a wedding party taking pictures. one person was killed and five others injured. several victims were still trapped under the tree when police arrived one that has not been identified yet.
1:34 pm
>> unfortunately a very large tree interrupted that. they are going through a lot of issues that we are trying to make sure to support. >> we are live with more now with will. >> reporter: hey there. a short time an ice cream truck drove by. >> a lot of groups come to take pictures. it is one of the most here. they were taking pictures in front of a massive tree. witnesses say that during the process they started hearing cracking and then the tree came crashing down. at one point it trapped as many as 20 people. many are than 100 firefighters raced to the area. when it was all said and done one woman was killed and five others were injured including a
1:35 pm
four-year-old little girl. take a listen to people who saw the immediate aftermath. >>. >> i don't know. i might have had a seize sure. she was kicking. >> reporter: he says that the drought could have been in play here and also the weather on friday. there was a lot of rain here and a lot of wind. they simply don't know what caused the tree to come down. the park is remained closed until they can check all of the other trees in this park as well. while it stays shut down many residents have been walking up and sharing their stories telling us they had birthdays and weddings here over the
1:36 pm
years. they think it could have been them. their prayers going out to this family suffering a day after what should have been a celebration. >> so sad. thank you so much. the naare we sending mixed signals? we'll hear from a member of the trump team. also a fiery crash on an icy highway claiming at least two lives and now dramatic new video showing the moments after the tragedy happened.
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test test.
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frozen winter weather lead to hundreds of accidents across the northeast. take a look at the video at the fiery crash at s i-95 in baltimore t. tractor trailer skidded tauf highway and exploded. nearly two dozen others were injured. the accident shut down portions of interstate 95 for hours. the roads have now reopened. president-elect trump weighing in on china nabbing a u.s. navy under water drone. the incident marking the time china seized military gear since seizing a navy surveillance plane. mr. trump says we shouldn't accept it. he tweeted we should tell china we don't want the drone they stole back. keep it.
1:42 pm
former director of the cia. good to have you. >> good to be with you. >> what is your take of president trump's response? >> i think it's a way of saying it's not a significant item and it cost us about $150,000. it's unclassified. it's a water sampling device. it's a useful thing to do and the navy needs to do it. it's not a secret wp. >> i'll get back to that in a moment. i want to talk about the concerns overall that the tensions -- or if you are concerned that the tensions between u.s. and china f they are escalating and what's the danger and how does president-elect trump do this while maintaining dominance? >> i am not worried yet. i think the phone call with taiwan was a modest matter.
1:43 pm
i think this business with the underwater drone is a minor matter. we want to continue to stay on the up and up and straightforward and in contact with china because i think we have a reasonable chance if we play this right to get along cordially. it would counter act some of the steps that i think are from the more dangerous part of the world namely the russians and north koreans. >> given that, ambassador, how does it play on china's end when president-elect trump pops off on twitter, if you will? >> i have no idea. i have ideas about a number of things but the chinese attitude towards twitter is not one of them aim aflad. >> let me go back to the drone.
1:44 pm
it was con fi skated on thursday. you're saying it's an insignificant piece of machinery. john mccain saying they can in fact through navy technology . >> i do understand it's unclassified and it's a water sampling device and it only costs about $150,000. none of those strike me as being very far up the scale as far as importance goes. >> so -- okay. so if china continues its aggression in the south china sea for regional dominance what action should donald trump take when he takes office?
1:45 pm
first 100 days? >> that's a different matter. this is the main thing china is doing that we are and should be concerned about. essentially trying to extend by building islands that are now on sort of marshland and arming them with runways and so on for military aircraft. that's a serious matter. we should approach it seriously with china. i think that if we are going to concentrate on something that we would like to see them change we fought our first two wars over freedom of the seas. freedom of the seas is right at the heart of our identity as a nation and our importance to the world in terms of keeping things on an even keel. i think we should avoid making a federal case so to speak out of
1:46 pm
$150,000 underwater drones and telephone calls but this is different. this is important and we need to deal very seriously with china on it. they need to know we are seriously concerned about freedom. >> so is that going to be military action? i think you're saying no. let's have serious discussion. >> you don't just leap off and start using military force. no. i think you start talking with the chinese and i think one wants to work with them on some things. for example, they are using natural gas and coal to create methanol. they are driving their cars on it. we need to start and do the same thing. it will bring down the price of gasoline and price of oil substantially. it is something we can work on
1:47 pm
with china to create some difficulties which i don't mind doing for russia which is the most threatening of those two major states. >> so much i want to keep talking to you about but i have to go. so i do appreciate your time with us today. james, central intelligence adviser to president-elect trump. good to have you. >> good to be with you. children played a vital role, one of mr. trump's confidant is his daughter, ivanka, how she could be a key part to his term in office. >> springing to action in new york. they saw that and suspected the worst. we'll tell you about that bizarre discovery right after the break.
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>> president-elect donald trump is almost done filling out the cabinet but one official position remains: ambassador to those who view the president-elect with skepticism. mr. trump's daughter could be the perfect person for that relative. ivanka appeared at trump tower and met with several tech tycoons meeting with the president-elect. jennifer picks up the story from there. >> she is the executive vice president of the trump organization a federal model and mother of three and could be her father's secret weapon serving as a bridge to the left, a lifestyle guru who built a business in her own right evan can trump has pushed her father on the environment and women's health issues. >> the quality child care are
1:53 pm
things that are very important to me. >> she softened her father's image in the wake of the "access hold wool," tame. >> he will provide tax credits for child care. >> she helped insert language into her father's platform that would appeal to the average democrat in fact, she and her brothers could not vote for their father in the new york primary because they were still registered democrats. >> politicians talk about wage equality but my not has made eight practice as he added the companies throughout his entire year. >> recently, she has arranged for her father to met with former vice president al gore to hear his views on global warming that took environmentals by surprise and met with leonardo to talk abut the environment twice. >> it looks like a head fake when you have her meet with al gore one day and then the next day donald trump towns around and picks for e.p.a. someone who
1:54 pm
has not always said he believes in climate change. >> she and her husband traveled to washington, dc on sunday and dined at the family hotel with immediate majority leader and his wife elaine chao, named hud secretary. >> democrats would be wise to embrace ivanka. >> i don't me in she can change anyone's mind, i don't know in the democrats will listen to him, i don't know in people in washington who were against him will new commit to this, but ivanka has the biggest opportunity to bring the most people in. >> once friends with chelsea ivanka was the one her father handed the phone could when nancy pelosi called him after the election to talk about women's health care, first daughter, she could be the most important ambassadors as first
1:55 pm
daughter. oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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>> in upstate new york police responded to a woman inside a parked scar in the blister, cold with authorities racing the clock, they had one choice. the smash the windows. they realized it was not a woman but a life-like mannequin. the car is owned by a sales person for a medical train company who left the mannequin
1:59 pm
in the passenger seat. >> it was either a distasteful joke or a lack of understanding what could happen in this severe weather. all the owner furious that the police smashed his car window to get out what turned tout be a realistic looking dummy. >> it looked real. >> in alaska, folks taking part in the rich out the polar plunge, a thousand people dressing up in elaborate costumessor barely anything, and it looks painful but it is for a good cause. organizers say they raised $300,000 for the special olympics. man, see that guy in a buying suit in the freezing water? all the cause is excellent, but i would have to figure out another way to raise the funds. >> it is a good cause. all the polar bears do that in
2:00 pm
coney island in new york january 1st. >> and gutfeld is up next. >> all of our freedoms hang by a thread and the military apparatus of the country is about to be handed over to scum beholden to scum, russian scum. >> that got into the medicine cabinet again. keith if you are partaking, at least share. [ applause ] >> the showdown over russia's meddling in our election worsens, to appease our new rulers we have rebranded this show. >> greg


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