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tv   Americas News HQ  FOXNEWSW  December 18, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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thank you! >> it is electoral college pressure mounting to cast votes for the next president, the question tonight, will there be defecters? millions of americans have signed petitions asking the pledge of the electric tores to dump mr. trump and vote for someone else. welcome to brand new hour of america's election headquarters. i am eric shawn. all the 39 electors would have to flight, some are looking to
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change but it is not enough. kellyanne conway is speaking identity about the last minute attempt. >> one last ditch effort, desperate gasp, to turn around the election result and make them what everyone said they were going to be. >> we are in washington, dc with more. >> yes, arthel, 37 electors flipping votes would be unresidenced, and it is very rare for one elector to change votes but these electors are facing unprecedented pressure to do just that. the movement is led by celebrities and this video tells electors they would be heroes who changed the course of history. mr. trump got 306 electoral votes and he needs 2730 to win. in 37 flip, there is no official winner and this will head to the house of representatives for a decision next month. incoming chief of star reince priebus said, not happening.
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>> they are going forward tomorrow with the attempt to intimidate and harass electors and we have those who are receiving 200,000 e-mails. but nothing is going to change. >> 29 states actually have laws that bind the electors for the candidate chosen by the voters but it is not clear how enforceable that is. a few would switch their vote in part because of the russian hacking scandal that intelligence officials say was done to help mr. trump. some call for an intelligence briefing to find out more but the director of national intelligence turned that down this weekend. we expect another call for it tomorrow. >> it was just the will of the american people hillary clinton would be the protect. but it is the two step, the electoral college process in the position she in, let's on that so they can milk a good decision. >> in the events it goes to the house of representatives the republican majority this is assured to give the vote to mr. trump anyway.
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arthel? >> thank you. >> eric? >> the president-elect is at the estate new in palm beach after capping off the thank you tour, with a return visit this weekend to mobile, alabama, hitting on familiar themes during the rally taking aim at a long history of detractors, and offering a message of hope for the start of the new term next month. we are in palm beach right there with the latest. phil? >> problem and -- president-elect and his family will be here through the holidays with his family and going back to new city. the reason is obvious today in new york city, cold and rainy and 47 and here in palm beach it was blue skies, sunshine and temperatures in the 80s. if you have the means, that is an easy call. trump returned last night at 8:00 and after his final thank
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you rally which he did in alabama. he told the crowd in mobile, that he will make america great again, by build the border wall, rebuilding the military, big tax cuts and job create and he comments on what first lady michele obama said to oprah on friday and i quote, "now we are feeling what it feels like to not have hope." >> michele obama said yesterday that there is no hope. but i assume she was talking about the past, not the future because i'm telling you we have tremendous hope and we have tremendous promise and tremendous potential. >> as for others who diminish his election night victory or cast vote how he lost the popular vote to hillary clinton
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and urging the electors in the 31 states where he won not to vote for trip tomorrow, the chief of staff reince priebus reacted to all of it this morning with chris wallace. >> they are still shell shock asked and not believe it. the response is recounts, russian, leaked c.i.a. reports and now the press secretary, of the president saying hillary clinton loss, but they did not like the product that is why hillary clinton lost. >> and there remain, still, two cabinet appointments that the trump team has yet to name. that is fop the department of agriculture and veterans affairs. i spoke with senior communications adviser jason miller and said they would work hard all day and maybe an announcement or news this afternoon but as of right if you, slow news sunday here palm
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beach. >> certainly would being vacation. >> there is new reaction to the russian hacking controversy. this comes after president obama implicated russian president vladimir putin in a kremlin directed cyber attack on our election to help donald trump and the president has vowed that the united states will retaliate. elizabeth has more. >> four senators call for a bash back panel to investigate russia and other foreign countries after the f.b.i. and c.i.a. claimed russian hackers intervened in the 2016 campaign and the chair podesta is speaking out for the first time saying in part the russian intervention is clear, and donna brazile said it falls on president obama for not doing something earlier. >> when i saw the president i was disappointed, we were under constant attack and never felt comfortable we did not know what
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was coming next. this is not just abomb computers this is harassment of individuals and of our candidates and harassment of donors. >> hillary clinton telling donor s that president vladimir putin's involvement was a "personal beef," but russia continues to deknee cyber intrusion. some republicans including white house chief of staff reince priebus said there needs for be more of a consensus for the exact findings and he called on democrats to storm saying republicans could have been core -- corronate. all the democrats ought to look in the mirror face they lost the election and they lost the election because they are so out of touch with the american people they are still shell shocked and cannot believe it. >> senator john mccain said russian election-related hack
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threaten to destroy democrat cross calling for a select committee to investigate the intelligence community findings. arthel? >> thank you elizabeth from washington, dc. >> this is an alert celebrity ice con zsa zsa has guided, one of the famous sisters along with ava on "green acres," and zsa zsa's acting career including "lovely to look at," and "roulin," but best known for having nine husbands, including hotel magnet conrad hilton. she was 99. we will have more on her life and legend later in the hour. >> she was an original. >> celebration turned into tragedy in wittier, california, a large tree fell on a wedding
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party take pictures in the public park trapping up to 20 people. officials said one person was killed and five were injured, and we are in whittier, california, with more. >> yes, the tree in question is chopped up in pieces behind me but i want to give you a visual on how massive of a eucalyptus we are talking. on the side there is another tree over here very similar in size and shape and i would say it is about 300 feet tall and it started cracking last night and in a few seconds crashed down on a wedding party who had gathered to take pictures in front of that tree. 20 people were trapped under the branches and 100 firefighters swarmed the scene trying to pull out as many people as they could and when it was all said and done a woman was killed, five people were injured including a four-year old little girl who add last check was in critical condition. listen to some of the people who
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witnessed the immediate aftermath. >> the little girl, maybe she had a seizure about four, but she was kicking. >> c.p.r. and --. [ inaudible ] >> sad. sad. >> the city manager said that they have a robust tree program here at the park in whether it year and they are seeking to see in the droughts there an impact and the weather on friday, a lot of rain and a lot of wind but at this point he said that the cause is a guessing game. >> i have no idea at this point as to what the cause of the tree going over really is. at this point it is difficult to tell. the true has been here for many, many years and again, it is hard to say what rebelled to the tree going over. >> sunny continue to investigate the park will remain closed and
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being we have seen many residents come up, wanting to come to the park and sharing their memories and saying they had many birthdays or similar wedding parties taking pictures, and they say it could have been them under the tree. >> so sad. >> thank you. arthel? >> yes, evacuations in war-torn ahelp bow back -- aleppo are back with a push to get people out. >> growing calls on sunday for lawmakers from both sides for a special committee to investigate the russian hacking of the united states presidential election. a member of congress told us today he has seen the evidence and would proceed in congressional floors agree. >> he would accept the conclusion in the intelligence professionals would get together put out a report show the american people they are actually on the same page.
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>> the death toll is rising in jordan after a series of terrorist attacks that targeted the police. ten people have been con federalled -- confirmed killed including seven jordan police officers and a tourist and civilians. 27 more people were wounded in the attacks. jordan special forces are now in a stand off with armed men that have been held up inside a castle from the 12th century castle. all the u.n. security council will vote on a resolution
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tomorrow on the crisis in syria allowing monitors to other evacuations from war torn aleppo. all of this as activists say mill tonights -- militants have burned six buses in northern syria. conor? >> efforts to van civilians in syria have been underway for a welcome but there has been very little success. 5,000 people have last aleppo in recent days but many more are desperately trying to flee the violence. thousands of civilians including young children and elderly have come under fire as they wait for becauses to take them to safety. convoys have been attacked and targeted by both pro andant assad forces, civilians stuck in the cross four are without food and medical supply for weeks
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after the assad regime began the assault on the rebel stronghold of aleppo. the u.n. plan would send aid and observers to syria but would do little to help end the fighting, and blood shed that has raged for since years. with the rebel stronghold of aleppo now firmly in control of pro government asat forces the syrian government and iran and russia new appear ready to, expand the operation outside of aleppo to crush the opposition across the country. >> thank you, conor from jerusalem. all the allegations of russian hack of our election with growing calls on capitol hill to establish a special select committee to investigate the charges of russian influence in the presidential race. this comes as the f.b.i. now agrees with the c.i. that the operation was not just an effort to undermine the integrity of the evening electoral process but in part, they say, to help elect donald trump. so far trump has been parking back against the intelligence
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but calls for a full-scale investigation are now coming from both sides of the aisle. >> we need select committee. we need to get to the bottom of this. we need to find out what was done and what the implications of the attacks were especially if they affected our election. there is in doubt they were interfering and no doubt there was a cyber attack. the question now, how much? what damage? what should the united states of america do? >> that is senator john mccain leading the push along with senator minority leader democrat schumer. >> we don't want this investigation to be political like benghazi election, we doesn't want it to be finger point at one person or another, we want to find it what the russians are doing to our political system. what other foreign governments might do to our political system and figure out ways to estimate. only a select committee can do
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it. >> we are joined by the white house correspondent for the washington examiner and i heard senator schumer say only a select committee will do it. will we see one? thank you is enough pushing right new that it seems leadership in both the house of representatives and the senate will be under pressure to form a select committee in one of the bodies. remember, there is a difference between accepting the russians hacked democratic institutions in the election and accepting they did so with the express purple of getting donald trump elected. that seems to be where the president-elect diverges from congress. reince priebus is starting to give trump some room to embrace at the least the conclusion that russians did leave the cyber attacks in the days before the election because there is enough pressure coming from russian hard leaners in the senate such as senator john mccain and senator graham that the democrats could be in trouble
3:21 pm
and have speculation over russian hacking overshadow the first part of his administration if he doesn't, at the least, embrace the conclusion. >> reince priebus said in the intelligence officials issue a report the president-elect would look at it and address it. there is push back by mcconnell. he is saying you do not need a special committee, he said the senate intelligence committee can channel it. those who are pushing for the select committee can overcome that? >> they would need majority leader mcconnell to be on board and if their end goal is to just get an investigation interest russian hacking, potentially allowing the investigation to take place in the confines of the existing intelligence community could be am compromise. democrats may not want that because republicans control the senate and therefore they will control the pace and nature, under anthe investigation if intelligence committee with republican leadership. >> and to establish a 9/11 type
3:22 pm
independent commission made up of officials from both sides of the aisle with an independent time of staff and that bill was introduced by a california congressman who was with me last hour on the intelligence committee in the house of representatives and he said he has seen the evidence of the russian hacking. let me play you this sound bit, the clip of what he told us an hour ago. >> i have seen the evidence, eric, it is powerful, it is overwhelming, and president-elect donald trump has greater access thank i do, and problem said he has given president-elect donald trump access to the daily briefing but president-elect donald trump has refused to take that briefing every day so until he comes forward and said he has seen the evidence, he is quite ignorant and he is uninformed as to how we were attacked. >> if that is the message, it is powerful, it is true, and it potentially is overwhelming, how can the congressional leaders town it down and how could
3:23 pm
potentially mr. trump when he sees what the congress is talking about, turn a blind eye? >> what you just mentioned reince priebus saying, trump wants to see some unanimity out of the intelligence community we are not sighing that. for a while f.b.i. was reluctant to embrace the conclusion they acted specifically to boost donald trump but we have seen others holding back endorsing the c.i.a. reported conclusion that the russians wanted trump elected. and the team line does not support that. we learned the russian began hacking the d.n.c. in the summer of 2015 when everyone thought that donald trump's campaign which launched in june of 2015 was at the point just a publicity stunt, no one thought he would get as far as he did so there are a lot of open-ended questions to be answered before donald trump moved to embrace this. right new, if you listen to the much from team they are saying they see all of this focus on
3:24 pm
russian hacking as a way do delegitimize the transfer. >> but, at the same time, there are deep concerns that our sovereignty, our democracy and what this country represents as americans weigh potentially hampered and invaded by this cyber attack. you have a grind point, a final point, saying it happened back in 2015 and hillary clinton believed vladimir putin ordered it was because it was a personal belief criticizing russia dug her time as secretary of state and we will see what happens. thank you, we will see if a select committee is formed or a 9/11 type commission. >> deeping in the story, there is a consensus from the intelligence community that russian took steps to interfere with the election and president-elect donald trump telling china to keep the united states drone they stole in the
3:25 pm
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>> trump said china can keep it, the united states navy underwater drone they snatched from under the south china sea. the message is coming on heels
3:30 pm
of the announcement by bay change they will return the drone to our government. >> you have two very different messages coming from the united states, the current administration has been pushing in china to return the underwater drone it stole and now the china has greed do it, the incoming president-elect saying, no, keep it. the opposing message came from president-elect on twitter saying we should tell china we don't want drop they stole back let them keep it and incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus did not back down. >> 80% think sit-in appropriate and they keep the drone, give it back to the rightful owner, i don't know if you would want that drone back. >> chinese are not apologizing for the incident and, in fact, in the official response on friday, beijing said they should not be surprised this happened adding
3:31 pm
there are many risks there, and you know that china has undisputed sovereignty of the south china sea and there are risks from your continued close in surveillance. on cnn, areas senator john mccain suggested they may have taken it in order to steal the technology. >> they hold this drone able to find out all of the stick -- technical information and some of it is valuable, but, look there is no strength on the part of the united states for america, everyone is take advantage of it and hopefully that will change soon. >> this is just the latest clash between china and the president-elect donald trump and another indication the next administration does not plan to carry on with business as usual. >> they say it is not a classified drone. arthel? all the f.b.i. is supporting the c.i.a. assessment that russia interfered in the united states
3:32 pm
presidential election and the country was trying to shift the race in favor of president-elect donald trump. on fox news sunday reince priebus voicing doubt about those claims. >> all of these players that are spinning the reports are doing it for a political purpose which is to --. >> do you think the c.i.a. director --. >> no but when it was leaked last week with no, in the "washington post" and the "new york times" then leak by people from the intelligence community, to the newspapers or through third party source, that is not appropriate. >> we have mike baker former c.i.a. operative and the co-funder of diligence llc. first, where reince priebus left off, how do you see this, you are a federal member of the intelligence community, once a member always a member, how do you see this? is this a dismissile for political purposes?
3:33 pm
>> no doubt we have moved into the politicizing. john brennan issuing an open letter to the staff at the c.i.a. talking about this and saying everybody is on the same page of music, in terms of our assessment, that had the effect whether he intended to or not to politicize it. step back, everyone, and what i am surprised is there seems to be shock and angst for people on capitol hill and folks in general over the idea that the russians would be interfering or meddling or otherwise engageed in anything related to our political system. take time, read the history books and look what they have been doing ever since early in world war ii, stretching back to that time. it was old school they would recruited newspaper men and place articles that were in favor of their opinion, and they would work with unions, they would create associations and
3:34 pm
organizations that supposedly were independent, and now they use cyber space. the point is always the same like it is now. we are talking about, requesting the integrity and credibility of democratic systems. whether they did it, and motivation is very hard to figure out when you are talking about intelligence operations, but whether they tended to it for trump's benefit or because vladimir putin doesn't like hillary, that is benefit the point. from their perspective they won with this operation. we have people out there now talking about this and we are beating the drum on there and to your point it is highly politicized. >> now, what is the move? now it has been done what is america's next move? did president obama make the call or will it fall interest president trump's hands? and second, you mentioned it used to be done old school and now it is through cyber activity
3:35 pm
so does that mean our cyber firewalls are vulnerable more than we thought? >> sure. in people knew in general how aggress every and how continuously our economic infrastructure our commercial, and our public and private second toes were probed and tested, looked at, attacked on a daily basis by not just state sponsored entities they would not sleep at night. it is a constant of the and now it is more effective because now we are in cyber space and there is social media. your question is important on what do we do now. in the long term, this is president-elect's issue to deal with. the pentagon has been work on this issue for some time, and in terms of what constitutes cyber warfare. president obama his problem is, you could say over the past seven or eight years, his
3:36 pm
policies have not created this mess but certainly embolden the russians to continue their efforts because their perspective they no push back during the current administration time in power to a lot of the things that russians have been doing and i don't think the russians are looking at what president obama is going to do, but, now, their certain, what is the incoming administration doing and the answer is, we have to be very careful, president obama is right about that, we have to exercise caution and be very measured in what we do. believe me, this can escalate in cyber space very quickly to the detriment of all of us. >> do you think it is a matter of time vladimir putin will unleash hackers on donald trump the president or do you think the peace through strength certain air yes will prevail for president trump and vladimir putin? >> she aggressive and consistent foreign policy is beneficial. we need to be realistic. it is not going to stop the
3:37 pm
russians from engaging in their efforts when from secretary of state in power. it will not change the it is in their best interests and every nation acts in its own best interest particularly russia or china, we talked about the drone seizure earlier so it is not going to change russia's meddling and their belief that continuing to engage in this activity to their deficit but having a stronger position, it would prevent a lot of future problems potentially and it is pent we do she strength, we do show consistency and in foreign policy there are very few things more important. >> we leave it there. merry christmas. >> sorry about that. >> you did not ramble, it is a serious situation. i pluto try to fluff it off and tell you merry crime.
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-- merry christmas. >> thank you. >> arthel, speaking of christmas and what bobbles you can get, a criminal is still doing what she does best even at the age of 86. we have the latest on the arrest of famed international jewelry thief, doris payne. >> and back-to-back volcano erupts, sending smoke and ash a mile and a half into the sky. reveal their ethnic origins. order now at
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like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. >> rap evidence fire eruption in mexico at the active volcano
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which is the volcano of fire erupted three times, 400 miles west of mexico city after a weekend and a half of volcano activity. >> famed international jewel thief with a decade's long rap sheep has been arrested again at 86. doris payne was grabbed in georgia after trying to make off with a pair of $2,000 diamond folk classes and now faces a single charge of shoplifting. look at this, she has had a year including several times in prison, and a lifetime hall believed to total in the millions of dollars. >> would you say you are more than what people may thing you
3:44 pm
are? >> i don't care what people think i am. get that. you are not listening. i don't care. it don't matter. it never has. >> she said she had no regrets she just regrets getting caught. >> we have trial attorney and against attorney. richard, you shall not steal. but she has been stashing stuff for 50 years, can you not resist this. >> whether you are eight or six or 86 stealing is wrong. they used to cut off your head for steal asking this is wrong. look, the bottom line, if the process proves their case and they are allowed to bring in prior bad acts, the fact she had motive, intent, and convicted of a felony and shoplifting before she could face up to 10 years. 86 to 96 is a long time and she could potentially live her life in jail and die in jail.
3:45 pm
this is a serious charge. >> it is so sad because she could have adapted herself to legitimate law-abiding way to make a living and she said she realize cod make a living doing this. >> i had an opportunity to watch that documentary and she is straight out of central casting for being the perfect international july thief. she has 32 aliases, nine passports and eight social security numbers and has lived every day of her life to the absolute fullest doing what she gets gulf filled doing and the thing is --. >> but it is against the law. >> it is but no d.a. is going to throw the block at her and judge in california when she most recently received her five year jail innocence she was released after 2 1/2 years because of overcrowding and said she kept on coming because they have like a mascot for this particular claim and people find it
3:46 pm
absolutely fascinating. movies have been made about her and halle berry is scheduled to star as her in the next movie. she is classy. elegant, no one is hurt. she is not violent. she just sneaks away with the stuff and they can't find it so they have a difficult time proving the case against her. she is adorable. >> well, but slow is a convicted multiple time criminal and that is what blood is about. >> she is a convicted we felon, and you had a moreover "catch me if you can," at least this guy went on to be a consultant for f.b.i., but the jam system has failed to rehabilitate her, and she continues to break the law, there has to be a punishment. >> richard, that is a great point. when you steal something, wait, wait, wait, you steal something you hurt someone's business,
3:47 pm
their likelihood, and our inrates go up and this hours all of us. >> it is not a victimless crime. there is a victim at the end because your insurance rates go up because of of thises like this and hers and others and just because she keeps doing it over and over, if you keep murdering over and over again it doesn't make it right. >> everyone also needs to look at the fact, exactly what you are saying, the justice system hasn't helped this woman, no one has been able to rehabilitate the woman so the defense actually could be she has mental illness we for stealing and it could be valid ben when you look at it and everything equal, this woman in court was very charming, the judge adore her and released her on $15,000 and she said, thank you, sir, that is very fair. >> richard? >> there are nice criminals and guess what, there are nice
3:48 pm
murders, too, but he never seemed like a murder but in punishment should be levied. it is unfortunate. >> if this woman were sitting in front you and were prosecuting her you would not want to throw the back at her you would want to have a glass of wine with her. >> not in my house because i would be afraid. >> you would want to check roar stuff. >> it is true, it is a sad commentary on the system after 50 years associate workers, intervention, psychologists and the like have future been able to stop her. it is not to catch a thief, a movie, or real faces and slow faces realty life. thank you richard and rachel. >> we have learned socialite zsa zsa gabor has died at 99 after a 60-year career.
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zsa zsa gabor, the iconic hungarian actor has died. according to reports she was rushed to the hospital after suffering a massive heart attack at her bel air home. she was less than two months shy of her 100th birthday. adam housley takes a look back at her colorful life. >> reporter: she was famous for being famous. zsa zsa gabor was born in budapest on february 6th, 1917. her family grew up nouveau riche and her sisters were pushed to become the celebrities she could not be. after being voted miss hungary in 1936. she and her family emigrated to
3:54 pm
america around the time of world war ii. gabber had limited success as an actress but was able to hit all three mediums of stage, tv and film. her most mem or yabl roles were in moulin rouge and lilly and 1958 cult classic queen of outer space. her one big award was a golden globe for most glamorous performance of 1957. she kept herself in the public eye by appearing on tv talk shows. she was known for a resolving door when it came to marriages. >> they get married and they get divorced, they should give back the ring but keep the stone. >> conrad hilton, an oscar winning actor georgia sanders. she married for ninth groom and their marriage was her longest. in 1989 she once again made headlines for the slapping of a beverly hills police officer. she was ordered to perform community service.
3:55 pm
when she didn't comply she was sentenced to 72 hours in jail. she gained her celebrity persona not from any career accomplishment but simply by being zsa zsa. which she played up with cameos an films, including naked gun two and a half and a very brady sequel in 1996. she stepped out of the spotlight, her health impacted by a 2002 car accident and a stroke and hip surgery in 2010. she spent the following month in and out of the hospital, including undergoing a partial leg amputation in early 2011. she will always be known as a blond fem fatal, she lived just how she wanted to, in the spotlight. adam housley, fox news.
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christmas came early for a group of children in michigan. thanks to a local police department. officers in detroit help needy kids shop for toys just a few days now a week before christmas. the deputies meeting up with the children and taking them around a store, letting them pick out gifts on the christmas list. of course another reason for us to be thankful for the caring officers of law enforcement. >> that is a lovely story. >> i was going to say, can you believe christmas is one week
4:00 pm
from today. >> i know. and i'm taking off. merry christmas, and happy hanukk hanukkah. >> and merry christmas. same to you. >> and "fox sunday news" with harr -- "the fox report" is up next with harris faulkner. >> we're standing on the eve of history. the electoral college convenes tomorrow to final ize one of the recent conventions in history. i'm harris faulkner, this is "the fox report." public pressure remains amid a last-ditch effort to keep mr. trump from the white house. where president obama has a little more than a month in office. tomorrow 538 electors will gather at state capitols across america. 306 of them are expected to cast votes for mr. trump. that is the number of electoral votes he won on election night in november. but the anti-trump backlash on the electors is very real. democrats have scooped up some celebrities to help them mount essentiall


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