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tv   Watters World  FOXNEWSW  December 18, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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. th my family. watters' world starts nowment after hillary clinton's crushing defeat, the left blames russia for swinging the election. it is parare for the course. y we know what it is going on. it was sour grapes. i did not say sour grapes. watters' goes to canada to track down the celebrities that promised to move there after the election. she's your new neighbor and moving to can if truch was elected. you are more than welcome. >> i go to the front lines on
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the war on christmas. and tucker are carelesson and herman caine are here to discuss kanye west and donald trump. >> watters' begins right now. i don't think that people want a new direction our values unify us and supporting america's working family. everyone is in agreement on. and what we want is a better connection to the message to working families in our country. >> welcome to watters' world. i am jesse watters'. that was representative nancy pelosi saying that the country doesn't want church. >> baghdad, don't believe them. >> not everyone in the democratic party agrees with with her view point.
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she was charged in a secret ballot and congressman ryan joins me from ohio. >> thanks for. have you hired a food tafter yet. miss pelosi can't be happy with the challenge? >> i have not. i think we are going to be okay. we are allowed to have internal squabble and she is okay and we'll forward. >> miss peel pole admitted that the country doesn't want a new direction. she's lost touch to millions of american voter and with that said, do you have faith in pelosi's leadership? >> clearly i thought we needed to move in another direction or i wouldn't have run and i do think as the democratic party moves forward. we need to acknowledge what
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happened on election day and recognize that the american people want to send us in another direction. i am not 100 percent confident that donald trump will provide the direction they want to go in. but clearly they have been fed up with both political partieses. and it would be helpful for us to remember that and acknowledge that and operate from that premise. >> the direction the democratic party p. transgender bathroom and black lives matter and gun control. and you guys have gotten away from the kitchen table issues that the democratic party stood for. wages and job and health care. what happened with the transition in the democratic party? >> i am not backing up on any of our progressive value and any of our issues of protecting equality for every single american and issues of public safety and public health and all of the rest. i am not backing down from them,
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but what i am saying, the thing that unifies us can jobs and wage and a secure mention and we can't say you are white, black, and gray, and protestant and you are a man or woman. and talk to them like half of who they are. whatever the number may be be. we need to talk about p what is on their mind and most people's mind is how do i increase my wage and help my family. focus on getting people back to work. >> i think you and donald trump and the republican leader. any i don't know if you are the party of no. or work together with donald trump. and before i let you go, let me ask you this. this is what hillary clinton nsd a debate when donald trump was not going to go along with the results of the election. roll the tape.
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>> every time donald thinks things are not going. he think its is rigged against him. we have been around 240 year and had free and fair elections and accepted the outcomes when we didn't like them. >> congressman, just a month after she said that leaders of your party said that russia has hacked the election. i don't know what that mean and you as a leader in your party, you don't think russia tipped the scale to elect donald trump? >> i am not sure. come on, congressman. >> i don't think we should jump to conclusions. vladimar putin has interferred and a stone cold killer and a force to be reckoned with and he's not work nothing the american's interest and if we have interest. i am not saying he tipped the scales, but if we have evidence
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that he got himself involved in our elections in a serious way, then be we need to have a select committee that it doesn't have any other business to attend to, to focus on what may have happened. >> every intelligence agencies tries to mess with each other. it sounds like a bunch of sour grapes. >> no, no, no. hold on, hold on. i am not saying sour grapes. dinot say sour grapes. >> the leadership of your party is complaining about russia hacking the election. >> hold on, you are saying if there is enough evidence for us to understand that they tried to, whether or not they influenced we should look the other way. >> let's look into it. but congressman, the democratic party looked the other way when putin went in crimia and in the
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ukraine and didn't do anything when the russians were going after our allies in syria and now all of the sudden, you want to stand up to putin. it sknt add up. >> not i was not in agreement with those. >> i thank you for standing up for what you believe. i appreciate it, congressman. >> thank you. >> many divisions in the democratic party stem from the fact blue collar workers felt ignored and donald trump lavished attention in the rust belt and it paid off. a lumjum source outside of pittsburg. i spoke to workers about the election. >> tell me how you have seen the area change over the course of
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the years. >> my family was in the industry and steel mills are no longer here and the jobs are gone. >> the economy is down and dow are closing. it is bad. i know people who love this community and i would do anything and other people are leaving. i have three children and it is scary for the future. >> simply put this facility does what. >> take the trash and turn to cash. >> what do we have here? >> this is a stock we put in the shredder and extract the steel dirt and anything that is not aluminum. >> every soda can that you drink out of is made of aluminum and takes a lot less energy to make something from recycled product than to start over. >> you think you would survive. >> moby the way you look.
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no. you look like a clean cut guy. you don't like to get dirty? >> lets's go for a right. >> tell me about the culture of the company. >> as far as myself and my co-workers, it is hard working blue collar goichlt my grandfather and father worked in the steel mills. it is scary, we just come and show up. >> you think that washington cares about people in america that work with their hands? >> it probably doesn't feel that way. the guys in the plant come from democratic party voters. and a long time union members et cetera and i believe they were taken advantage of. hillary clinton's party wrote us off and they didn't count on that. >> we need to take steps forward. it seems like for the last eight
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years, we have been going back wards and we need something positive to uplift everybody and give everybody hope. >> when trump came here, how did that make you feel? >> it felt good to know that he cares. to know that he knows that we are here and we are struggling. and we need a change. >> we are going tout put american steel and aluminum back in to the back bone of our country. >> pundits of the press said donald trump speaks behind a wall of garbage how did that it make you feel? >> that did not go over well. we take a lot of pride. and don't take it, you guys live in a different world. and instead of judging us.
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they looked at us like we were dirt under their heels and we work hard and without us, the country doesn't go. >> what was trump's message here in the facility? >> he wants to bring the working man back to work. >> he wants you to help you provide for your families. and bring the jobs back. and give you some type of safety. i mean, you are at home with your family. and your expectations in the next four years are what. i am a realist. i get that. and take the initiative to it try to keep push ping forward. and he's a human being and can only do so much. i hope he comes through with a lot of stuff. >> and the message to mr. trump. make america great again and bring us on top and take us forward andy we need a change and we need to feel safe again
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and right now we don't feel that way. >> come canning up. tucker carlson makes the debrew and coming up, i confront a devil worshiper. why do you put that on it. and why are you trying to attack ♪"all you need is love" plays my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. they can tell when i'm really excited and thrilled. and they know when i'm not so excited and thrilled. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. but i knew. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love. some eyelove. when is it chronic dry eye? to find out more, chat with your eye doctor and go to it's all about eyelove, my friends.
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>> we are winning 3 or 4 times. >> donald trump continues the thank you tour and driving liberals crazy. exhibit a, joy behar. >> it is time for him to step down before the inauguration? >> step down already. >> step down. and far left celebrities begging the electoral college people to defly president-elect trump victory. >> it is evident that he lacks more than the qualifications to be president. >> he lacks the stability. >> and clearly the respect of the constitution of our great nation. >> you have position. >> authority and opportunity. >> to go down in the bocks as an american hero. >> who changed the course of history of the >> and i use the celebrity term loosely. >> former maryland governor
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martin o'malley throwing down the f- word. >> i don't believe the party is dead. but it is i jacketed by the facist campaign of the donald trump. and the media embarrassing itself. tucker carlsson in a loony bin. >> if you don't want upon me to answer the question. you made an accusation. let me. >> no, i read your tweet. >> in 1990 i was told that there was essentially a break down reporting process here. clearly i didn't print it. i thought trump was a private individual. >> you said it right here. >> this on top of ri deckulous
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claims that russia rigged the election for trump. here is brian kily meade and democratic strategist nomi ke. >> that makes me look sane. people in the party. what i just saw. that was a crazy video of all of the celebrities, i thought it was a parity. >> deborah messing is big and martin sheen is big. but they are losing their minds because they don't want to take sfnlt for a bad candidate or turn out. russia did mettle. all of these factors play into this. >> you guys are totally off of the wall. you are now the sane one. brian. rigging the election, impoachment talk and step down before he takes the
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inauguration. what the heck is going on with these people? >> a lot of people don't know what we talk about. what does joy beharthi. >> i forgot she was still on. i look on the positive side. yeah, i have seen the show lately. i am the one. joe biden and joe manchin. those are two democrats that made since. >> joe biden makes sense. >> i want everyone to hear that. >> and you know who is behind the scenes who is just off his game and really pulling the string asks president obama. on the daily show he did it and npr. and how the republican ares have to come to it grips with the russian investigation that he knew about but didn't do anything. >> so why has president obama
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not declare cyber war. >> i am not saying russia didn't mettle they did. >> when you say mettle. >> the wikileaks the primary process. if russia was looking at the electorial system they would do it in the republican primary and they didn't. >> the chairman of hillary clinton's campaign. here is my pass word. i agree. i agree. i was a bernie person and ticked up. >> and the guy they called dufuss. >> they are the same political both communist. and thank you for coming to your senses. thank you. >> up next. herman cane teaming up with donald trump.
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and watters' world searching for celebrities in canada. >> have you seen her recently. >> barbara striesland. like in person. >> she said she was moving to canada. >> ideal. i deal in every way.
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>> no casing on the set. president-elect donald trump made picks. herman cain joins me early are with his his thoughts. so donald trump nominatesandy puzder and responsible for this tape. >> jalapeno and spicy santa fe sauce. >> now any guy that produces an adlike that is brilliant. i think he gets it and knows what is going on. what do you think about this guy, tell me about him. >> he's the ceo of a restaurant company and i know about that. and he understands service and
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he understands labor. because the ceo of a restaurant company has a delegate balancing act and i have respect for him as secretary of labor. >> they say he was mean to his workers. i don't know what that means. maybe they didn't have days off. is that a legitimate criticism coming from the democrat? >> no, it is easy to find a disgrunteled employee that says something nasty. that is not valid. >> i can find a few disgrunteled employees on my own staff. that is not hard. and we have rex tillerson. now this guy looks like a smooth operator and going to be be the secretary of state, the exxon mobile guy. great looking hair and looks like he gets everything he wants in life and looks like the kind of guy that likes his steak
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rare. they are worried about him because he is friends with vladimar putin. is that a problem for you, mr. cain. >> i see it as a good thing. the fact that he is quote friends with putin that he has a positive starting point. and what he needs to discuss and talk about other issues, i think it is a disoperate attempt on the liberal and democrats to discredit can these guys before he goes through confirmation. >> you have obama who cozies up to castro and warms relationships with iranian and a guy who wants a warm relationship with the russians and you think it is oh, no. we can't do that. and then donald trump nominating rick perry and the department that he forgot the debate.
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third agency of government edoccasion, the -- commerce, and let's see. i can't. the third one i can't, sorry. oops. >> and you were right there on on stage and sitting next to him assy he had that moment. what was going through your head? >> i felt bad forhim. that could happen to anybody. >> happens to me all of the time. that is not new. i was probably, i felt bad for him because it can happen to anybody and i was one of the few people who did not find that funny. and i believe that his approach is going to be get rid of they redundancy between the states and federal government. there is a lot of the redunn dancy and there is a lot of things in the federal level that the government doesn't need to be concerned about. allow the states to do their job
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and he may learn something and not just eliminate the whole department right away but look at how to make it more efficient by p allowing the states to do what they do best. >> he will be be a great pick for the energy job. >> donald trump nominates ben carson for hud secretary and this is what trump said about old ben. >> he nsd his book that he suffers from pathological disease and. so i am not saying and that i am not saying that he went after his mother and wanted to hit her over the head with a hammer. who does this? >> he's bringing in guys that he went after. and this is a big couple baia cab be net. >> it demonstrates a quality that the leader must process and
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get over the harsh words both way and to be able to listen and recognize talent and try to get that talent on your team. you know that old saying, stick and stones may break my bone asks words will never hurt me. he truly wants to have some of the best people in the country in the critical role and i think the world of dr. ben carson and i think he will do a great job. his greatest attribute, jesse. he used to live in the inner city. and live in the project and he grew up in that environment that he's now going to try to help. i think that is a tremendous quality to bring to the job. >> i do, too it, i think he will fundmentally transform the connection with the republican party and inner city. mr. cain. thank you for taking the time. >> thanks, jesse, happy to be
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with you. >> shots fired and the war on christmas and watters' world tracks down scrooge. and tucker carlsson on kanye west and donald trump. when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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elsewhere in the news, the u.n. security council will vote on a resolution monday to put more than 100 u.n. personnel on the ground to monitor evacuations from aleppo now under syrian government control. there are reports many evacuees are being pulled off convoy buses by the military and disappearing. she made a career out of multiple marriages. zsa zsa gabor dead at 99. now, back to watters' world. ♪ >> so when i started 18 months
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ago, i told my first crowd in wisconsin that we are going to come can back here some day, and we are going to say merry christmas again. [applause]. so merry christmas. happy new year. but merry christmas. >> it's official. it's okay to say merry christmas again. but bocka raton, florida are is the ground ze-ro on the words merry christmas. and the alleged devil worker putting a sign next to the christmas tree. and so watters' world went to florida to get the scoop. >> for 20 years we had a menora and creche and then he puts up a offensive display. >> it is like a fu next to it.
9:34 pm
>> i don't think it was colit was done this way. >> christmas is piece peace and love and that re(s. >> that is not a christmas symbol. >> people are not happy with it. >> is it ruining chris nasa. it is jewish for people and hanukkah to me. >> you you believe be that christianity is being attacked. >> it is evil. >> sat an represents evil and antagonism and threat to all that is good and true and loving and just and merciful. >> you believe the mission is to remove christmas from the community. >> i have seen him in different articles and he wants the pent gram in our park. >> can't you crack down on the
9:35 pm
symbol. >> no, we have to recognize we have constitutional guarantees. it is not hate speech. >> even when you put it next to the christmas symbol. >> i don't think they are inciting action. it could be a fest fus. >> what he's done he put offensive display out there so he's getting conversation about what he wanted us to discuss in his eyes freedom from religion. >> is satanism a religion? >> i don't think so, but it is there to insight violence and hatred. >> if you are insighting violence & hatred what can the city do. >> not according to constitution. inner faith clergy consulted with other attorney and we either allow it or don't. on january we'll revisit our policy on free speech.
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>> we want to know why you put p up the satanic symbol on the public sphere there? why are you trying to attack christmas? >> what do you have against christmas. what a coward. and joining me to discuss, co-host of the five and outnumbers meg an mccain and fox news contributor. and so kimberly fox news gets made fun of for war on christmas story and yet you have thoings leak this happening. banning red and green and candy can't and santa is offensive and what do you say the war on it is real. >> to bad for them. christmas is back. santa is laughing nice belly laughs. >> we can say merry christmas as
9:37 pm
much as we want. it is fantast and i can what the countee needs to heal and putting a symbol of hate next to a nativity display it speaking volumes about that. >> you think the city does have ability to crack down. it incites violence and possibly because it is now turned over and people p are are protesting. >> the potential is there to make the case. it is it a public nuisance or an issue with it. it is tough. you have to go to the court and it costs money. someone like this can put their message out there and by the time you get through this, christmas is past. >> you are a christian, how does it make you feel? >> the city should have the
9:38 pm
courage to stand up and crack down and say it is a christian holiday and we'll have a christmas display. >> it has happened. they keep combog knocking. >> i was in a dineener west dallas and one of the ladies said merry christmas and she said can we say that? people have been stifled by the perception of not using merry christmas. what trump is doing is fantastic. >> i say merry christmas. >> and i never offended anyone to my knowledge. i am saying merry christmas. i haven't offended people. other things are different. if he's going to do something like that. he would make children upset. and he is have courage to talk to the fox news journalist and
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say why. i think it is ridiculous and stupud but he is have talked to you. >> when bee gave him attention he ran away. >> these are your people. these are your people and you know what i am talking about. >> all of the sunday school legszon. >> why does the crazy ath thift. >> donald trump is achieved something. christmas is back. >> is that all you are going to give him? >> possibly. i will give him a week of letting people exercise freedom of speech. i don't agree with him or his tactics. but we have freedom of speech and even a christian based holiday. and there were are plenty of demgraphics. >> i don't agree with that. i don't agree with that.
9:40 pm
i don't what they are are in. but just to play devil's advocate here. >> listen, all i am saying a muslim or islamic symbol and offensive thing put next to it. it would be a big problem. >> up next, tuck iter carlseson on watters'. did he remember the moves from "dancing with the stars"? >> we'll find out.
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>> weeknights on the fox news channel. and tucker made time to make a splash in watters' world. tucker, i don't know if you know this. you and i graduated in trinity college in hartford, connecticut. does hartford and trinity college are ashamed we graduated from there and now on fox news. >> i notice we are not asked back from commencement addresses. i am still waiting for the call. >> trinity college has not called me.
9:44 pm
>> i don't think you will get a call and i doubt i will. a lot of people remember you from "dancing with the stars". you might have been be the first one or second one kicked out. i don't remember what you are talking about. clearly more prop granda from the kremlin. snshg i don't think a lot of people remember it either. >> you you don't wear a bow tie why did you drop the bow toy. >> i am a fully a member of the main stroem. bow tie is like having a middle finger attached to your neck and hard to be walk through pen station without being challenged to a s if fight. >> you don't want to be in pen
9:45 pm
station. and you don't want to wear a bow tie there. and talk to you about the trump transition. they threw everything at this giechlt first the taiwan call and ditches the press and now a controversial family office and best friends with vladimar putin. and this is the same play bock these people have used last couple of decades against republicans. is this going to change and drumming up the controversy and will they get serious? >> politically it doesn't work. silly attacks, people ignore what they say. and that's what you saw in the primary and election. becomely the press decided frump ufr trump was a threat and he was a facist dictator and they decided they had a moral obligation to knock him out of the race and they were so unfair and people turned off and the
9:46 pm
new's organizations are discredited and doomed. they devalued their own currency. >> like the boy who cried wolf. >> you had rioting and the electors having death threats and they want recounts now and now, they are saying it was rigged by the russians. if the republicans had behaved this way, can you you imagine the hysterial and vitrol that was aimed for all of the ridiculous behavior. can you imagine? >> i wouldn't defend it. if the republicans claimed that hillary was in touch with foreign powers. if there is evidence present it and convince me and win me over. but to it make grave allegations that without evidence it is reckless and crazy. i am not here to fight for the
9:47 pm
republican party. there is a lot of things going on. and they are in denial. but they are missing. they lost to donald trump. really? he never been elected room mother and you now president. they haven't asked them that question. and that is their loss. >> they have not looked inward and i don't expect them to. and another funny moment just happened. donald trump hanging out with kanye west. and when president obama palled around with kanye. it was cool. and now donald trump wants to distract attention for all of the pad news coming out of the transscission controversial appointmentes it is making. >> i am against hanging out with kanye. i think he is a buffoon and diminish. >> you are not a kanye west fan?
9:48 pm
>> i remember in 2005 when he accused president bush of racism. i think he is overerated and i wish trump hadn't met with him and i wish there was one single standard of behavior. but as you pointed out there was not. >> one standard, tucker carlson has a great she and o'rielly is thrilled with your lead in number and congratulations on the new show and keep up the great work. >> thank you, jesse, i will see you at commencement in trinity. >> i am sure we will. thank you. y see you then. >> up next, watters' borld goes to canada in search of celebrities that promised to move there after trump's victory.
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♪ don't pretend that you don't want me ♪ remember all the celebrities who insisted they were move to canada if trump won? i wanted to see if they kept their promise so i ventured across our northern border to see if any canadians had spotted hollywood's elite.
9:52 pm
donald trump elected president. as a canadian, how do you react to that? >> we're scared. >> disgusted. >> it's a shame. but they made their bed so now america kind of has to lie in it. >> yeah, a plush beautiful gold bed. >> whether you like him or lot, trump has a lot of charisma. >> are canadians noi s nervous trump? >> i think the whole world is nervous. >> we're going to be so great? >> well. >> is donald trump going to help make montreal great again? >> ah. no, no, no, no, no. >> as a canadian, are you a little upset we focus on mexico? >> no, i love mexico, i'm going there for new year's. >> you'd better hurry up be an get there quick before we build the wall. trump wants to build a wall on the southern border. what do you think about a wall on the northern border? >> it depends. will he make us pay for it? >> definitely. >> your country's deeply divided
9:53 pm
on almost either important issue. >> your cops are called mounties. >> have you seen her? >> who is this? >> your new neighbor lena denham. she says she's moving here because trump became president. >> okay. >> you happy to see her? >> no. >> have you seen her around? >> miley? no. >> funny because she said she was moving to canada if trump was elected. >> i hope not. >> do you know who this is? >> no idea. >> your new neighbor al sharpton. he says he's moving to canada because trump was elected. >> oh, really. >> do you want him here? >> well, what does he do? >> not much. >> have you seen her? >> barbra streisand, like in person? no. >> she said she was moving to canada if trump was elected. >> ideal in every way. >> okay, good, you can have her. she's your new neighbor. >> really? >> she said she's move to canada
9:54 pm
if trump was elected and trump was elected. >> you're more than welcome! >> what is your most famous export? justin bieber? >> pretty much. we're pretty proud about that. >> that makes one of us. bieber is from canada. >> toronto, yes. >> do you feel guilty? >> not as guilty as i feel for celine dion. ♪ that's the way it is >> you play hockey? >> i do. >> do you have a nice slap shot? >> yes. >> can you skate? >> no, i'm indian. >> how do i say eh? >> eh. >> eh. >> eh. >> eh. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> eh. >> about. it's about. what we're talking about. enough with the eh business. >> you play hockey? >> no. >> okay. do you like maple syrup? >> no, i don't. >> what else you got to say? >> not much. >> do you resent the united states of america as' canadian?
9:55 pm
>> as a canadian, i resent your imperialism. >> we haven't taken over your country. >> well, you tried in 1812 and we burned down your white house. >> do you know who i am? >> no. >> i'm watters and this is my world. you just snorted. >> kimberly, megan and peter back. fox news contributor ebony williams. so ebony, they never moved. >> no, they didn't. it's funny because the celebrities, right, they maybe have the luxury saying they're going to move. but my favorite was on facebook, the lengths people saying they were going to move and then people were like, honey, you can't even move out of your mother's basement. >> one of your co-hosts gutfeld had a great line. all these celebrities saying they're moving to canada, why aren't they saying they're moving to mexico, that's racist. >> you're right, my goodness, what about mexico? because they actually might be a
9:56 pm
little gate and they don't want to pay for the wall. >> a lot of pesos. have you ever been to canada? >> yes. >> did you talk to any mounties? >> i used to live in canada because i've from minnesota so it's sort of -- >> i wouldn't brag about that. i'm sorry to hear that. are you offended by celebrities who say they want to move or is this more hot air from hollywood? >> no, justin theroux can take all of them. that one girl, she should come on fox and say that stuff in person about canada and america being imperialists. if she were around me. >> the war of 1812. >> -- people get in bar fights over -- >> most of the people don't even know what that is. what year was the war of 1812? >> i don't know. >> she might have been the most educated participant on watter's world. >> i found her not in america, in canada. >> a little bit of a dissident, talking about burning our white house down. we have a specialist we're adding her to. >> what, the no fly list?
9:57 pm
guys, thank you very much. i really appreciate it. merry christmas. we're allowed to say that again. thank you to donald trump. all right. the show is over but before we go i want to make sure you'll join kimberly and i along with eric bolling and kennedy this new year's eve live from times square ringing in 2017. also ahead in 2017, the spin stops here tour. bill finally bit the bullet and is letting me join him and dennis miller. see the website below for dates and tickets. and as always, be sure to follow me on facebook twitter and instagram and don't forget i'm watters and this is my world. credit karma? why are you checking your credit score? you don't want to drive old blue forever, do you? [brakes squeak] credit karma, huh? yep, it's free. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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. with harr -- "the fox report" is up next with harris faulkner. >> we're standing on the eve of history. the electoral college convenes tomorrow to final ize one of the recent conventions in history. i'm harris faulkner, this is "the fox report." public pressure remains amid a last-ditch effort to keep mr. trump from the white house. where president obama has a little more than a month in office. tomorrow 538 electors will gather at state capitols across america. 306 of them are expected to cast votes for mr. trump. that is the number of electoral votes he won on election night in november. but the anti-trump backlash on the electors is very real. democrats have scooped up some celebrities to help them mount essentially a hail mary


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