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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 19, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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that's a lot of wasted rooms. donate them. have a great week everyone. >> thank you for beginning it with us. "fox and friends" starts right now. have a great day. bye bye. good morning to you. it is monday, december 19th. i'm heather nauert in for ansry earhart today. president-elect on the way to making america great again. more than 500 electors voting to certify his victory. >> despite the fact that he won the election fair and square, the mainstream media urging the elector to do anything but vote for donald trump. please, they say. >> people are still holding out hope that the electoral college when they vote tomorrow will somehow miraculously decide that hillary clinton is the winner. >> there's a glimmer of hope on the constitution. >> yeah. but somebody has to braeng the news to joy about what the constitution really says. we'll explain that coming up
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shortly. >> a that pesky constitution. six days until christmas. not one on college campus. >> we're sending a letter to the administration. like hey, this can be almost oppressive for some people. would you guys like to sign? >> i will totally sign. >> she did say oppressive. >> bah humbug. it doesn't end there. you want to hear the rest of it. we will say merry christmas here. mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ live from the avenue of the americas, it's the last monday before christmas. live from studio e here in rockefeller center, it's fox and friends. the world's number one cable morning news show. look who is with us. heather. >> and pete hegseth.
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>> and all of you. >> good morning to you. >> holy cow. a lot going on today. >> oh, my goodness, it will be official. the new york post has got this. it's d-day. donald trump will officially become the president of the united states. however, this is also the last chance for the sore losers on the left to try to steal the election via the electoral college. >> that's right. if you were watching the sunday shows yesterday, then it isn't a foregone conclusion. there are plenty who feel like maybe it won't happen. maybe there will be a magical reversal of the electors. if you missed the sunday shows and you missed the coverage yesterday, here's a montage of the mainstream immediate yachlt and the reaction that some are having to the reality that donald trump will be elected officially. here's what they had to say. >> anti-trump protesters are still hoping for one last chance to stop. >> it seems that people are still holding out hope that the electoral college when they vote tomorrow will somehow
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miraculously decide that hillary clinton is the winner. >> when the founding fathers created it, they put it together as a fail safe against a demagog like donald trump so the electors could be doing their patriotic duty voting against trump. >> the electoral college is not a rubber stamp. you have to think about your vote. >> if i were an elector and going to the polls tomorrow, i would want to know if the next president of the united states colluded with a foreign hostile power to affect our democracy. >> there's a hope, glimmer of hope on the constitution. >> joy behar and meathead trying to undo federalism, right? they're trying to get the states to let the feds take control of things and undermine everything with this election and undermine donald trump if he takes the
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presidency. >> absolutely. these electors, there are 538 electric tors. they're going to go to various state capitals and officially cast their ballots. it looks like there's one guy in texas. he's a republican, he may flip. but for this plan by the political left to work, you would need 37 republican e-electors essentially to flip. what happens? what is their plan after that. the recount didn't work, the russia thing didn't work. what would be plan 4? that would be for this to then go to the house of representatives. every state would have one vote. when you look at the balance of power, you think about okay, 50 states, how many of them are republicans and the house 238. is trump going to win that? >> what you're saying is donald trump will be the next president of the united states. you heard joy behar talk about
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the constitution. it's article 2, section -- whatever happens that made muddy the mix, it goes to the house where paul ryan and the republicans are going to elect donald trump. >> the republicans will still be in control when this would potentially go in front of the house in january. >> sure. >> by the way, the house would pick the president. the senate would pick the vice president. thee et crhett cli, you could have donald trump with mike pence. >> the big part is the mainstream media is going to hyperventilate. treat it like an election night. there is no chance that the outcome would be different. this feels like fake news to me. what are we talking about today? >> it's a foregone conclusion. the amount of coverage that this has gotten has probably unprecedented for the size of the story it is. it's really not that big of a story. you have democrats talking about it. >> a story. >> there's really nothing to it. think of how many times in a
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newsroom we'll sit around and talk about how something won't happen. we know something won't happen. therefore, we down play that story, right? this won't happen, they're not going to get 37 to flip. yet, they're still talking about it. >> here's the thing that is the unknown. this is the jeopardy. this is why we don't really know what will happen. each one of these republican electors has been bombarded by tens of thousands of e-mails and death threats. in the state of pennsylvania, it has gotten so bad, each of the 19 republican electors is going to be escorted all day around by a state trooper from the great state of pennsylvania. >> electors to do their constitutional duty. >> i was talking to a d.c. insider on friday. she said to me, look at this intimidation and the death threats. she said why hasn't the department of justice opened a civil rights investigation into why these are happening? >> good question. >> think about it. if this was -- if members of the
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dnc were getting death threats or greenpeace or black lives matter ar the sierra club, there would be a doj investigation, there would be a special prosecutor. there would be right now over on msnbc a town hall on this topic. >> i love this is an astroturf campaign. this is not a grassroots, up from the boot straps campaign. >> great point. it is. there's an organized -- >> this is organized. i wouldn't be surprised if george soros -- >> as he always does, donald trump cut through the noise on this and pointed out what needs to be pointed ou. he tweeted yesterday. if my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned and called terrible names. if you watch other networks and coverage, they say it's pressure on the electors and scrutiny. if it was the other way around, it would be harassment and --
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>> you're right. >> one of the people talking about this is scott baio. he was on justice with jeanine over the weekend. he said something pretty simple, plain spoken. >> i should not be put in a position where i'm afraid for my life and the life of my 9-year-old daughter because of my political beliefs, right? we won the election. and i didn't say boo in '08 or '12. i didn't say boo. but we won the election and to quote the great president barack obama, elections have consequences. we won. you lost. grow the blank up. move on with your life. >> there you go. >> joan i loved chach i. >> one of the republican electors, a fellow by the name of ash ka harr getting police
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protection today. he said regarding the intimidation and everything else. he said this is stupid. nobody is standing up telling the protesters, enough, knock it off. where is the president of the united states? why isn't the president of the united states out there on television? he could have mentioned in in his friday press conference or live in honolulu, just knock it off. we are better than this. >> whatever happened to the peaceful transition of power that they talked about after the election? >> you got john podesta and everyone stoking it with the russians -- >> they're not undercutting it. it's an effort to delegitimize from the beginning. >> e-mail us at fox and frn"fox friend friends".com. you can e-mail or tweet us. should the department of justice open an investigation? do you think anybody is going to flip? many things to weigh in on. please do.
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in the meantime, let's head to heather childers. up early with "fox and friends first." >> good morning to you all. hope you had a great weekend and everyone at home as well. we begin with a horrible story. this alert. a 3-year-old boy murdered in a road rage shooting because his grandmother was driving too slow. the horrifying tragedy happening in little rock, arkansas. that's where a manhunt is under way at this hour. the family was heading to the store when someone drove up behind them at a stop sign and started honking. the grandmother beeped back. moments later the gunman got out of his car and opened fire. the grandmother and a 1-year-old in the car were not injured. police are offering a $20,000 reward. an investigation is under way this morning into this. it was a wedding day tragedy. southern california's park now closed indefinitely after a deadly accident as a couple took their wedding photos. an 80-foot tree collapsing right on to their wedding party killing one woman and injuring
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several hours. drought conditions may be to blame. may be. now to extreme weather for you. a winter storm wreaking havoc from the planes all the way in the midwest. a near disaster in fact at one of the nation's busiest airports when a united airlines plane slid off the runway. it was landing at o'hare in chicago. >> icy aftermath causing a deadly tanker explosion. look at this. this was on i-95 in baltimore after arctic air turned that highway into an ice luge. >> 95 is on fire. >> i'm going right into the fire. a disaster. >> can you imagine driving toward that? >> two people died in that pileup. icy roads killing seven others. forecasters call for more bone chilling temperatures. bundle up. be careful. hollywood is mourning the loss
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of one of the first modern celebrities. actress and socialite zsa zsa gabor has died. >> only pretend to upload my songs but they really want is another glimpse of my broken heart. what is wrong with me? other women find love and happiness. >> gabor may be best known for her work off stage. rising to stardom for her high-profile love life, wealth 99 years old.dled glamour. the long and exciting life and she will never be replaced. >> unless there's somebody else who can marry nine husbands. might be replaced. nine husbands. one is enough. >> zsa zsa gabor. >> see you later. >> coming up this monday, we told you electors across the country are getting threatened to dump trump.
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urging republicans to block the president-elect at today's vote. here to react is arizona elector and the state's republican chairman robert -- joins us from the great city of phoenix. good morning, robert. >> good morning. good to be here. >> what are you doing at noon in the state capitol?
3:17 am
>> it's actually 10:00 a.m. we're going to cast our votes for mr. donald trump. president-elect. also vice president-elect, michael pence. >> very good. that's what you're supposed to do. you're not obligated under state law, are you? >> no. what we have in this process in arizona is the electors sign a pledge they're going to vote for the president-elect that nominated the party. but it's not binding and there's no criminal penalty if they choose to go what they call faithless vote. >> in some states there is a $1,000 fine. michael moore has offered to pay if they're willing to flip anybody but trump. let me ask you this. we've been talking about electors like yourself getting death threats and lousy letters in the mail and e-mail. what's the worst thing anybody said to you? >> the worst inning is probably the most uncomfortable thing is that one day i had a couple e-mails from the same person that said they were going to
3:18 am
follow me and make us very uncomfortable because they knew where we leave because i needed to cast a vote for trump. the next day on the freeway, i was looking to my right and people are following me with their phone up against the window videoing. they slow down behind, got in front of my car, at a traffic light, taking pictures. that happened two days in a row, two different people. slowly passing in front much our house. same car, same people. that kind of intimidation for me, being a state party chair is not normal but much more public. the other electors, this is a new speefrns for them all around. >> absolutely. why do you think there's no civil rights investigation into this intimidation, the death threats against people like you? >> i think -- first of all, the department of justice, nothing surprises me when you look at this current administration and their lack of follow through with anything that has to do with contents of -- our president should stand up and say this is a process.
3:19 am
hillary clinton, if she had any class, wasn't such a hypocrite as it related to her comments about not being or supporting a democratic process. i mean, people are just standing back and letting this happen. it's full on onslaught to our electors, it's affecting their health. >> in what way? >> well, think about the stress you have. you have anywhere from 50 to 100 letters a day. now they're sending christmas card type letters. you have e-mails that are just -- we have one lady who received 100,000 e-mails in one day. her phone locked up, her home computer. she had to bring in help to clear it out to actually function day-to-day on a normal basis. >> robert, doesn't it look to you as -- they tried the recount thing. that didn't work. they tried the russia thing, that didn't work. they tried the intimidation thing. this is the last chance for the sore losers to steal the election. it's unbelievable. we talk about voter suppression.
3:20 am
here it is at the pinnacle. making him feel uncomfortable. i agree with you. they're going to lose one more time. you get to call -- >> robert graham will be casting his vote today for the electoral college at 10:00. thanks for joining us. good luck. >> what do you think about that? >> at 6:20 here in new york city, "the new york times" is apparently hit a brand new low. suggesting the trump administration might be inciting the next september 11th. is that a fair assessment. we're going to have a debate coming up next. what happens when you ask college students to sign a petition to ban christmas. >> we're just sending a letter to the administration saying this can be oppressive for some people. would you like to sign? >> i will totally sign.
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welcome back. we've got quick headlines for you. the u.n. security council voting whether to send dozens much monitors war-torn aleppo in syria. a fragile cease-fire in place as thousands are evacuated from that syrian city.
3:24 am
a convoy of buses helping to evacuate people. several of the buses were attacked coming and going. and the terror suspect accused of setting off bombs across two states is expected back in federal court today. ahmad rahami allegedly detonating explosives in new york and new jersey earlier this year. faces life behind bars. maybe gitmo. heather? >> thanks, pete. president-elect donald trump taking on "the new york times." listen to this. >> they had a clown in the failing new york times who said i wanted to have a trade center catastrophe because it's good for my base. can you believe this? what kind of demented person would say that? >> that is true. that's what was said. "the new york times," paul krugman tweeted "thought. there was rightly a cloud of i will legitimacy over bush dispelled wrongly by 9/11.
3:25 am
has the mainstream media gone too far. writer for the federalist democratic consultant michael todayman. michael, start with you. what on earth is this columnist paul krugman smoking? >> i would say not much. >> i believe it is appropriate for "the new york times" and all media outlets to point out the connection between foreign affairs and the impact it has on domestic politics. >> but to imply that donald trump would do something horrible in order to benefit himself politically, that's an insane assertion. >> nobody is suggesting that 9/11 was anything but a horrific awful day for america and attack on our country. what he's under scoring is that they've found benefit in foreign affairs and misadventures for the purpose of shoring up domestic -- >> doesn't see any connection here. it seems clear that paul krugman
3:26 am
would use a terror attack or something to get political benefit out of it. >> you're right, he is saying that donald trump would stand to benefit from another nech and that provides an incentive for something to happen. it provides that donald trump somehow had something to do or coordinating with the russians when they hacked the dnc and when they published the information via wikileaks. we know the intelligence community and president obama himself told us that donald trump didn't have anything to do, wasn't a coordinated effort with vladimir putin. the accusations are completely false. honest honestly, i'm not surprised that paul krugman said this. i think his brain broke a long time ago. he said the fbi had sympathy with albright and they were enabling the kremlin. >> let's bring back michael. it's an interesting window into how some on the left view
3:27 am
republicans. clearly with a lot of disdain here. dop they want republicans to succeed? do they want donald trump to succeed, the president of the united states? >> i believe everybody has a sincere interest in seeing the president-elect -- >> it doesn't read that way. >> no. it needs to have a -- to impact domestic politics. we have a president-elect, soon president, not experienced in foreign affairs other than business dealings. it needs to be discussed. >> what, barack obama was experienced in foreign affairs prior to becoming president of the united states? >> nor was bill clinton and look what he did in europe to detract, distract attention away from the impeachment and president h.w. -- >> paul krugman now responding to donald trump. writing this. i also hear that the orange one says i'm demented. it's an honor to be cited. your reaction. >> i think this is a desperate
3:28 am
plea for attention from a guy coming completely unhinged and writing for a publication that has produced an insane number of fake news as they predicted every single turn of the election completely wrong. every day there's a new excuse and new reason why hillary clinton lost the election coming from the media. it's never why she was a flawed candidate, how she set up a private e-mail server and used it to curry favors with donors. last week it was the russians. yesterday or the other day rather president obama is blaming the media. now i guess paul krugman is saying that donald trump needs another 9/11 to be a legitimate -- >> michael, how -- among those on the left? >> among those on the left, there is a concern and among all concerned americans, there's a worry that his inexperience, trump in foreign affairs and his temper and his unfiltered spur of the moment words that he throws out.
3:29 am
>> wouldn't you say that about president obama, inexperience with foreign affairs. it didn't matter to folks in 2008 or 2012. >> it was a concern with president obama as it was with president clinton. it was a concern now with president trump. >> we have to leave you now. always a pleasure. war on the highway. caught on camera. a driver slams into a utility pole at full force. what are you doing? what the [ bleep ]. what are you doing? >> wow. what went wrong behind the wheel? that's coming up next. first she said they were fake. donna brazile says they were -- were weapons used against hillary clinton? which is it. happy birthday to jennifer bales. the flash dance actress which spurred so many of the sweat shirts off the shoulders. remember that? she turns 53 today. that was quite a look. you remember that, pete?
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psh psh lunch is ready!
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campbell's spider-man soups. made for real, real life. thanks mom ♪ ♪ today is the last day to steal the election. they're pulling out all the stops. >> few hours left actually. >> pete was explaining that was a play on the movie, love actually. romantic comedy.
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>> you haven't seen it? it's a great christmas -- >> when i'm explaining that -- >> when the soldier is explaining it to the lady -- hmm. >> you need to watch it. that's when you know you have three kids. >> if you're following along, today, the electoral college officially votes. we were under the impression it was at noon. somebody at arizona said 10:00. nonetheless, it's the latest plan. that's been hysteria whipped up in the media. they tried to steal the election with a recount. the jill stein thing. would that work. then they started to blame russia. they were continuing with the russia thing. how russia has really deeply impacted the election yesterday on the chat shows. >> they're trying to make it seem like the vote wasn't legitimate because of the outside factors that influenced it. it's happening at the top of the democratic party. >> certainly. when russia or we believe it to be russia, it certainly seems hacked. we ended up with accurate
3:35 am
information. we ended up finding out how democrats -- >> it wasn't hacked. it was a leak. >> we ended up finding out how they feel about the united states, about the election. how folks on the inside felt about hillary clinton. all of that. so voters were able to respond with their own opinions with all of that and voted for donald trump as a result. >> they did. donna brazile, they wound up losing her job because it was revealed, thanks to these leaks, that apparently everybody at the dnc had their entire hand on the scale trying to help hillary clinton. >> giving away debate questions. >> no kidding. yesterday she was talking about how those e-mails were weaponized against the democrats. listen to this. >> donna, your party was hacked. some of your e-mails were included in that. do you buy the president's argument or do you think he let democrats down by not taking a stronger approach? >> first of all, i'm gratified that after seven months when it
3:36 am
was confirmed by the cyber security experts and as well as the fbi that everyone is now taking it seriously. this was a very intrusive process. the president's party was hacked. not the democratic party, the president's. he's a democrat. his party was hacked. the e-mails were weaponized. the release of stolen hacked e-mails cause a lot of confusion and of course, it disrupted our daily campaign lives. >> disrupted our daily lives. >> whose fault is that? >> exactly. you keep a private server. you don't secure things and ultimately john podesta, he clicked on a phishing link. anybody could do that. it's not as sophisticated as people think. >> because the dnc had shoddy cyber security themselves as a result of this. >> what was revealed through these leaks was the fact that donna brazile and everybody else at the dnc was totally
3:37 am
anti-bernie sanders. they were doing everything they could. bernie was more popular than hillary clinton. the big question, what she was trying to say is that the use of these e-mails weaponized them against the republicans and particularly hillary. >> that's why they lost the election is what you're saying. >> we have gone into the archives and looked at the real clear political politics average of what hillary clinton had. she was at 48% on october 6th. that is the day before the wikileaks hack started, right? then her actual popular vote, she went up -- for them to make the argument that they destroyed her -- >> it bumped up a little bit. interesting. >> those pesky facts. >> facts. >> the sound bite that donna brazile was asked about the president. what he had said the day before was that he said friday there was no tampering of the election
3:38 am
process. after he told putin to knock it off. as soon as it gets -- just stop it and that was it. >> thankfully, we know putin responds to cut it out. >> i just heard cut it out. i thought he was telling me to shut up. >> i think he was. >> over to heather childers. >> we're going to cut it out. >> a drone underwater and china. the chinese government accusing the u.s. military of trying to "contain the communist nation. that as leaders in beijing say that the seized underwater drone is just the tip of the ice befrg when it comes to u.s. military surveillance. they are stopping just short of accusing washington of spying announcing that they have agreed to return the vessel. the pentagon saying that the drone was conducting routine operations. no word when it will, in fact, be returned. horror on the highway as a driver swerves down the road unable to stop. look at this while suffering a
3:39 am
stroke behind the wheel. >> what are you doing? what the [ bleep ]. what are you doing? >> here's what was happening. watch as that driver slams into that utility pole near jacksonville. keeps on going. flips over the car. a biker begging the driver to stop. he can't. the carey vently gets stuck in a ditch allowing good samaritans to help him out. the man who posted the video. lots of lucky people there. president-elect donald trump is bringing a merry christmas back to the white house. some students at a university want to ban christmas from campus completely. >> we feel like it's not really a faith-based for people of different faith fra digs. would you like to sign? >> i will totally sign. >> campus reform is the group. seeing how many university of virginia students they could
3:40 am
dupe into signing a fake petition. their phony argument that christmas isn't inclusive enough. in less than two hours, nearly 20 students signed up to stop santa. a really, really cold football sunday in chicago. the windchill at kickoff in soldier field was negative 4 degrees as the packers came back late to beat the bears 30-27. the texans benching their $72 million man. quarterback brock osweiler taken out after throwing two picks. backup tom savage leading houston to a win over jacksonville and the jaguars firing head coach bradley after that game. talk about a charitable touchdown. cowboys running back ezekiel elliott scores against the bucs and watch as he celebrates jumping into that salvation army kettle. cowboys win 26-20. salvation army winning too because they showed that over and over again. hope that's a bump in donation
3:41 am
for them. >> great point. i'm told he was penalized for that. >> come on. >> soldier field -- it's so cold. i used to go there to watch the bears games as a kid growing up. we were in snowmobile suits. we lined the floor of the stadium to keep our feet warm. >> a number of people take their own personal anti-freeze with them. >> that's why minnesota went to an indoor stadium. >> janice dean, i don't think she's indoors. >> she's hearty, she's canadian. >> that's correct. all of you have experienced minus windchills where you're from. it is cold outside today, folks. we have that part of the polar vortex that has come to visit us. as far osu as texas. let's take a lock at the cold temperatures. minus 20s in chicago with the windchill. those are actual air temperatures. but you factor in the windchill.
3:42 am
we're talking about minus 20s. minus teens. the good news here, i have some good news as we head into the latter part of this week. we're in for a warmup. so 35 degrees in fargo is relatively speaking going to be balmy for them. as we head into the christmas holiday, warmer temperatures on the way. quieter weather on the map as well. back inside. >> i love that fox news parka you got. >> thank you. we're number one in cable news and number one in warmth. >> all right. come on inside. we'll give you some coffee. >> meanwhile, the experts, as you know, got the election dead wrong. but these people, they saw it comi coming. who are you voting for this time? >> trump. >> i'm voting for trump. >> i'm going to vote for trump. >> donald trump. >> trump. >> donald trump for sure. >> we're taking you back through our 2016 tour of america's diners straight ahead. >> i remember that tour. >> i know it.
3:43 am
>> the product is beer. but this veteran's mission is helping gold star families and he's not taking a dime of profit. a very cool story. meet the marine combat vet and wife. they have the incredible tribute to our heroes, next.
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welcome back. a cool story here. cheers to our heroes. the dog tag brewing foundation builds on the legacy of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice by supporting the work of those they leave behind. the nonprofit helps gold star families carry on their warriors legacy. founder of dog tag brewing foundation. that's jordan and gold star wives, megan join us now. thank you both. megan, thank you for your family's contribution. we're so sorry for your husband's loss. you served together in the marine corps. you lost your husband in 2009 in afghanistan. you decided to come up with this project. tell us about it. >> basically, wanted to make sure that these families that are, in my opinion, largely neglected and left behind. we wanted to make good on a promise we would never forget. we came up with a concept that's
3:47 am
to drive philanthropy. every one of our beers is dedicated to a different fallen warrior. donate 100% of our profit. >> this is dedicated to megan's husband's kyle who you served with. >> correct. >> how many different names are on the can? >> well, right now in our first run, there was 32 families that we're working with right now. soon to be over 50. our hope is to tell every single story that we possibly can. >> how do you pick the names? >> we don't pick the names. the families pick us. a family will contact us. apply for a grant. once they're a successful grantee, the can is created for the hard work they're doing and be the fundraising awareness. >> megan, what does it mean to you? you've got a charity you're continuing to give back to honor your husband's legacy. >> i needed a mission for myself and especially for my children that after kyle passed away, i
3:48 am
wanted his legacy to go on and memory to go on forever. we decided to do that and friends and family within our community with our foundation. what seth has done and dog tag now does with this foundation, brought it to the next level. it's not within our community. there's people nationwide opening a can with my husband's name on it and toasting him. it's such a moment. >> how many cans have you produced so far? >> over a million. >> that's great. >> ultimately, a lot of people are thinking, how does it taste? >> fantastic. >> we can drink in the morning. how do you go about get tg? >> our beer is found in 2 dozen states. our plan is to be in 50 states by march of 2017. grow this into a movement. we're a nonprofit. we're run by veterans. collectively our board of
3:49 am
directors deployments. >> where did the idea come from? >> our own experiences largely. i wanted a product that reminds our fellow americans, what it takes to serve and defend this country and to never forget and to raise a toast and then we donate 100% of profits to the impact projects that the families select. >> what's your website? i'm sure some people would like to donate. >> tag >> it's a great christmas idea. great way to pay tribute to someone. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for your family's contribution. coming up on this monday, she created controversy when she met with president clinton on the tarmac days before hillary was let off the hook. anyway, this morning, attorney general loretta lynch breaks her silence on what may have been the biggest boo boo of her career. >> regretting it now. the experts got the election
3:50 am
dead wrong, but these folks saw it coming. >> you voting for this time? >> i'm voting for trump. >> got to be for we are taking you through the 2016 tour of america next. ♪ why do some cash back cards make earning bonus cash back so complicated? they limit where you can earn bonus cash back to a few places... ...and those places keep changing every few months. the quicksilver card from capital one doesn't do any of that. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. leave complicated behind. what's in your wallet?
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
all right. during the last political season i think it was the day of the new hampshire primary we realized everybody is in the same location. we found the airport diner where carroll the waitress was a -- >> you were there. >> i was there was it is all about the people we met around the country. >> we went to so many states. we went to wisconsin, iowa, florida, all over. >> it is your vote, your voice. here is a look back at some of the best moments. >> we have been all over.
3:54 am
>> we have been all over. >> all over. >> all over the country. >> in cities. >> in cities. >> in cities across america. >> it is an area coming to your venue. >> to your venue. >> your venue. >> i'm right at home. >> talking politics everybody has a different story to tell. >> listening to your views. >> your views. >> your views. >> what do your care about? >> it's time to change what's going on in the government right now. >> people want to make sure they get to be heard. >> your voice. >> your voice. >> your voice.
3:55 am
>> i will vote for trump. >> trump. >> trump. and donald trump for sure. >> he seems to care about the veterans and the va. >> i wouldn't trust hillary clinton. >> it is the first time i got up at the crack of dawn so i can cast that vote for our founders, for everybody that ever served this country. >> who are you voting for? >> donald trump. he is the best candidate. >> i think donald trump offers a new perspective. >> i have voted democratic since i was able to vote. >> we need change in our country. >> are you going to vote for the first female president? i'm asking. >> there are no words. i'm speechless. she has the most experience. >> oh, two hillary supporters.
3:56 am
>> there's a trust issue. we don't trust hillary. >> i saw the vote earlier. i had to vote for clinton. >> i had to vote for hillary. >> i'm concerned about the last eight years. i believe that hillary will keep on shrinking. >> i was paying a lot less per month. when this obamacare came in all of my insurance companies just raised everything to the roof. >> it is coming back. people are still afraid to spend money. if we don't have people in the right positions we are not going to have nothing. >> it is for the committee that we are voting for donald trump. >> you voted for who? >> for trump. >> of course. >> trump. trump. >> we got to bring back honest to government. >> we need to make america great again. >> the people were right. >> they are not in the elite
3:57 am
class. they talking among their frensd a -- friends and family. >> and the best part, we had breakfast all across america for free. >> and fried cheese curds. >> delicious. >> straight ahead. >> president obama has a pretty high opinion of himself these days. >> almost every country on earth sees america as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago. >> the leader of the brexit movement is wondering which country he is actually talking about. that's coming up next. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
♪ santa's coming. it's the last monday as we look up north towards central park it's a beautiful day here. we have pete and heather here. >> yes. my boys said seven days until christmas. >> are you done with shopping? >> i did mine yesterday online. >> and every year he comes up
4:01 am
with great ideas for his girls and peter as well. you're a lovely gift giver. >> thank you! no. you are. >> we were talking about it earlier about living out in virginia and looking for a house. i gave him suggestions and a lot of amazon giving. >> i know what i'm getting heather. she loves football. >> you're better than me. >> you will get it down, my dear. >> in the meantime you have breaking flunews. yes. a three-year-old boy murdered in a road rage shooting all because his grandmother was driving too slow. it happened in little rock, arkansas. a manhunt is underway at this hour. the family was heading to the store and someone drove up
4:02 am
behind them and started honking. the grandmother beeped back and moments later the gunman got out of his car and opened fire. the grandmother and one-year-old not injured. police are offering a $20,000 reward for information. the search far missing soldier. a body found inside an arizona coal chute. they say his fingerprints helped them come to the devastating conclusion. it is unclear how his body ended up in the chute to begin with it. i regret it is what she is saying ability her meeting with clinton. the two met at 45 minutes, at a time when the feds were investigating hillary clinton's
4:03 am
e-mails. james comey recommended no charges. >> i wish i had seen tharnd corner and not had that discussion with the former president as inas it was. >> she insists she did not talk about politics, just golf and grand kids. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> screens being shot to movie studios. it is called linda and monica. would you go see that? >> sure i would. >> i would rather watch a
4:04 am
comedy. >> he wants to watch "love actually". >> all right. heather is done. good morning to you, nigel. >> good morning. >> some on the political left, this is their last chance. they are trying to steal the election. what do you make of that? >> i think those try to go deny what the results were, and we have some here that isn't accept we voted for brexit. it is those who have been in the liberal media and i think it's quite disgusting to try to get delegates to reverse their votes today of all days. i don't believe it is going to happen.
4:05 am
it would be absolutely monsterous if it did. >> and you have seen similar trends on the brexit side. it is also an effort to discredit it. what should we anticipate here? >> what we have seen, sort of violent protests. i dealt with that outside trump tower to other week. this is article 50 which is a legal mek sichl and we even had a left wing member of parliment claim that maybe russian hacking is why we all voted for brexit. >> oh, my goodness. >> it's the same miserable list of excuses from people who have had it their own way for fotoo
4:06 am
long. time sure things will go just fine. >> when president obama was first elected one of the early things he did was he went on this apology tour. he went to many countries across the world apologizing for the things he said america had gone wrong. donald trump wins. he goes to the heart land of america. what is your take on that and how are folks reacting to donald trump going to regular folks in america where as barack obama headed overseas? >> well, i think trump is absolutely right. he got these people to vote for him despite the fact they were told terrible things would happen to america if trump won. it is what we call project fear. now i think what trump has done with this is absolutely right.
4:07 am
you know, people like obama. we had a very similar prime minister. it is all about virtue signaling. it is about sharing the international community, wonderful values you hold and in a sense that's why we have got brexit. that's why you have trump winning. you have had enough politicians to try to make themselves look good and don't appear to really give a damn about ordinary people. >> he is always most out the door. he had what could be his final press conference. he made a statement that we thought, you know, it would be great to have an international perspective. we want your point of view on it. here is president obama talking about how things are so much better off in the world after his eight years.
4:08 am
>> by so many measure sz our country is stronger and more prosperous than when we started which i'm proud to leave for my successor. >> is america stronger than it was eight years ago? >> this is self-delusion isn't it? it is someone coming to the end of a very disappointing eight years doing his very best to write the history books. we have been your oldest and closest ally for a very long time. let me tell you not only is obama's reputation here lower than i can think of but actually america's reputation is lower. we used to be friends. we used to get along together.
4:09 am
we saw an american president looking to merkel as being boss. obama watched the rise of isis and appeared to be completely helpless. i think america these days -- i'm sorry to say this, but it looks a lot weaker than it has in a long time. >> barack obama came to your country and said you should not vote for brexit as well. how do we repair this special relationship? what is the most important to restore u.k. relation? >> i have noticed that the british media who are almost universally against trump but almost everybody in politics was against trump. i noticed things are changing. what is clear is that donald trump and many people around him do value the relationship we
4:10 am
have had together. there are things we shared together over 100 years. liberty, democracy would have died completely in yeurope and part of the rest of the world. the trump administration wants to have a proper trade deal. i think that matters. i also think we need to recognize that nato, yeah, it may need redefining but we have got to get people to start paying their way or i think britain and america could work closely together on that project. i am genuinely excited about the prospects of both of us now. >> we have been meeting with mr. trufrmt i would like to know which country he views as being respected by.
4:11 am
>> barack obama is popular with all of countries he has been weak. around the rest of the world america's standing is poor. it is during the course of these eight years and i have not heard a single word from this president about how to deal with isis externally and certainly how to protect america better from people who might be isis agents. a lot of people thought we may not agree with everything this man says but he at least appear to want to make america a safer place. i think it really matters. >> and our chief diplomat, it looks like it will be tillerson, former ceo of exxon-mobile. he was never in washington. he was a businessman.
4:12 am
what do you think about this guy's opinion? >> well, trump said he wanted to drain the swamp by which he meant he did not want politic n politicians who care more about their own future to keep running everything. i think it's inspire today bring people in whether they have been senior with the military or senior in business, the fact they are not part of the political class i think it's an absolute breath of fresh air. as far as voting is concerned none of us would agree but we have to ask the question, do we want to go on in the european union? do we do on provoking him while we have a frank conversation with him? the great winston church hill said is better than world war. let's start talking to putin. let's see if we can find some
4:13 am
things we actually agree on. >> thanks for joining us today in london where it is lunchtime. it is breakfast time here in the united states. thank you. >> thank you. >> it is 7:12. coming up a strong winter storm wreaking havoc. a tanker truck explodes into a fire ball on 95. michael moore making one last effort to stop the trump administration offering cash to change their vote. can he do that? we'll find out.
4:14 am
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4:16 am
involved in opdivo clinical trials. mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. good morning. beater warnings from denver all the way to maine. >> that's right. a deadly tanker explosion in baltimore. arctic air turned the highway basically into an ice huge.
4:17 am
>> two people died in that accident right there. we are tracking more really cold temperatures this week before christmas. >> reporter: you're correct. we set record lows. that's how cold it is. it is cold for this time of yoryor year. let's take a look at the extreme cold. it is as far south as the gulf coast. these are current temperatures. you can see where the cold is there right now up across the central u.s. as well with windchills below zero. min -20s in chicago. we had a little bit of a cold front. it is refreezing all of the moisture on the roadways. watch for black ice in a lot of these regions. it will be cold across the midwest and great lakes. the good news here though as we get into wednesday and thursday
4:18 am
and friday. relatively speaking it is going to warm up. more seasonal temperatures for chicago which i think is much needed at this point. looking off the east coast we'll see shower activity. northwest remains active. some of that weather will get into the northern plains and upper midwest. taking a look at your historical white christmas probability. here is a look at our current snow cover. so a lot of the lower 48s into snow cover. because of the warm up look what happens. here is your forecast heading into the weekend. not so good along the east coast but the snow is going to stick across the upper midwest and the northern plains, rockies and interior west as well. there is a look at your white christmas forecast. i got my first official snow
4:19 am
angel in on saturday. we got around 2 inches around our house. i do the snow angel and you see the grass. it was a big deal for me. >> and my boys built a snow man and then yesterday my little guy came into the house and said m mommy, his head fell off. >> i apologize for that. more snow next time. >> okay. we'll find that snow angel video for the folks who missed it next time you're on. >> yay. >> just add snow and grass. >> when we come out of winter i always find a couple of piles of rocks and sticks from the snow men. you build them and they come back next year. >> that's the life cycle of a snow man. >> that's right. you know how hillary clinton
4:20 am
bought millions of dollars worth of fireworks, hear what cuomo did when he thought it was a sure thing. well, it takes only a few seconds for a christmas tradition to turn into a deadly disaster for your entire family. important, what you need to know when a fire starts in your home. that's straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ i want a hippopotamus for christmas ♪ ♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too. ♪ so whatever your holiday priority,
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our priority is you.
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4:23 am
that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. time for your news by the numbers. first, $1,000 is how much michael moore is willing to pay electors if they break the law and refuse to vote for donald trump. some states fine their electors if they don't adhere to the state's popular vote. he says he'll write them a check. next, 200 is how many hotel rooms andrew cuomo booked at the hotel in washington, d.c. for hillary clinton's inauguration. insider sources also saying he booked early enough to get a great rate. i wonder if he has to pay for
4:24 am
them even though he won't use them. finally, 12,000 is how many people have already signed up for it caters to supporters of the president-elect. the creator saying he wanted to create a site where users could be proud of their political views. apparently he wants to make dating great again. imagine if you were enjoying a holiday dinner and suddenly the stove goes up in flames. nearly 16,000 people ended up in the hospital because of house fires. how do you make smart medical decisions when you life is ton line? sheer kick off five minutes to life series thank you so much for being here. it is so important. so many people get injured around the holidays.
4:25 am
you say if someone should get a burn in the fire or in the kitchen, how do you treat that? >> first thing you want to do is make sure you get away from the source of the heat. you want to make sure you get away from that. >> okay. >> you want to treat the injury by cooling it off. usually running it in cold water will alleviate the pain. >> so what my mom always did, butting butter on it -- prevent the heat from being lost and it will take long toer to heal. >> how do you know if you need to get to the hospital? >> if you have a large area of extremity burns and there's also different level of burns. first-degree burns is like a sunbu sunburn. it is considered minor but if it's on a large part of body you should get it treated. any time you are not sure it's a good idea to call 911 and have
4:26 am
them come look at i. >> you say one of the most important thing is having a working smoke detector. >> the old model is with the batteries. you one you want to change that twice a year and check it once a month that it's working. the one on the right is a sealed alarm. there's no battery to change it for ten years. it's active and you don't have to worry about it. >> i love that. ten years on that one. this is something a lot of us have experienced, a grease fire, a pan fire. what's the best way to handle that? >> if the fire starts keep the oxygen out. baking soda great for a grease fire. vauls mitts with you. -- always have mitts with you. baking soda will smother a grease fire. >> he takes the pans and throws them idea. is that a good idea? >> not good. you never move them.
4:27 am
our paramedics will be there if you start moving it and spill grease or water you will damage your body. >> and holiday times you a lot of candles going in the home. you a fireplace going. you a dry christmas free. fires are a major concern. what's the best way to be safe? >> the one thing is a lot of new products out there. you can use this outside or inside. it is solar powered all through the day and there's no electric at all. our power strip is great. they are green. you can put them under the tree. you can shut all of your lights off. you should not run the lights unless you're home. when you're in the house and your tree is not dry this is regular lights. this you always look for the ul mark. that is on the right. it is telling you it's an approved product.
4:28 am
you don't want to buy one that's -- >> a lot of them aren't? >> well, they could be. i can't tell you what brand to buy but i can tell you to look for the ul mark. these are all battery operated. this one you can press the button right here. we have a battery operated light. this one is on a remote. we can light it. this is all battery operated. theer is a traditional candle. you're not around. it could be very dangerous to be running a candle. people love to put these candles in a powder room and forget after the party is over. >> they are so beautiful but as you point out it can be dangerous. >> the flameless, they look great. people think they are real when they come in the home and they are not. they are much safer. >> thank you so much for joining us. thank you for your service.
4:29 am
>> all right. thank you. coming up president-elect donald trump says there should be se veer consequences for burning the american flag. and musician cela green talking on his phone when it suddenly explodes in his face. we know what's really going on and what else is trending. come on in here. ♪ if you have a typical airline credit card, you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop? you should be getting double miles on every purchase! the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just ...(dismissively) airline purchases. seriously... double miles...
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4:32 am
it's your shot of the morning. smoke and ash shooting into the sky over the country of mexico. >> that is the volcano of fire. i love that song. ♪ >> i fell into a burning ring of fire. not karaoke. >> the ash blast reaching more than a mile high, wow. >> spectacular images. >> you know, if you're just
4:33 am
joining us it was about an hour when folks were here. >> and now we are singing. >> she wants to sing karaoke. >> because they go hand in hand. >> uh-huh. all right. 27 minutes now before the top of the hour on this monday before christmas. heather is with us today. >> thanks. >> we have a pretty bad story to begin with. an investigation is underway this morning into this wedding day tragedy. it is closed indefinitely after a deadly accident as a couple took their wedding photos. an 80 foot tree collapsing killing one woman and injuring several others. drought conditions could be to blame for the collapse and they are looking into it. a snowboarder dangling upside down. others watch in who r-- horror.
4:34 am
rescue crews rushed in to save him. >> you better hold on tight. >> yeah, hold on tight to say the least. he said he accidentally clipped his safety leash to the lift. school is cancelled over two complaints about this famous line. >> god bless you, everyone. >> the principal of the pennsylvania school denying those claims saying it is cancelled because it takes away from learning. his statement reading in part producing and pforming a play i not part of the written curriculum for fifth grade. what do you think about that?
4:35 am
>> a filing a bill this week to make stealing oh glory a class 6 felony. they would face up to two years in prison. it would only apply to flags hanging on private property, not those stolen from stores. those are the look at your headlines. >> shouldn't stealing somebody's property be generally illegal? >> yes. >> thanks. celo green's cell phone exploding in his face. there is more to this story this morning. that's going viral online. >> here with us carly. >> doesn't that look frightening? it has happened to people before. >> guess what? it turns out it was a pub lisli
4:36 am
stunt. here he is apologizing. >> i want to let everybody know that i am alive and well and i'm okay and truthfully i'm really upset anybody had to be emotionally disturbed by what they saw today. >> so not really a total apology. he says she is okay. a lot of people were really concerned about him. he said it is to set up a new character identity she working on. we have that to look forward to. >> or not look forward to. >> i guess hindsight is 20/20, right? >> it always is. the white house staff pull add prank on president obama. >> yes. the white house always gets all decked out for christmas. they moved one of the snow men so it looks like it is peering
4:37 am
into the window on the president who is doing work. it looks it. >> looks like halloween meets christmas. a lot of people had a really good time. one tweeted it looks like a pro moe for a christmas horror film. >> and then speaking of another politician, linda tweeted, is that joe again? he is saying look, look, we can make him think he is seeing things. >> so a week from now christmas will be over and people will be look at their pile of gifts. some they will love and some they will not love. >> burger king has got you covered. a location is offering customers the chance to swap unwanted
4:38 am
gifts for whoppers. if you can't make it to that location there's an online option. for the first 100 people to post a picture of that unwanted gift you get a special prize as well. >> doesn't it sound like a disaster waiting to happen? if grandma or mom sees your pick clpick picture they will never give you a gift again. >> the gifts will all go to charity. >> it will be the first time you're able to swap a fruitcake for something you would actually eat. >> why not? >> they did say the employees will be able to choose what gift actually works. >> i don't think -- >> yeah. >> it got complicated. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot.
4:39 am
i love listening to you. i'm serious. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. straight ahead on this monday first lady michelle obama painting a bleak outlook for america's future. >> now we are feeling what not having hope feels like. >> our next guest says there's plenty of hope. he should know. he is a carrier employee. he joins us live next to talk to pete. and scramble for christmas gifts has started. we know what to buy when you get there. we have the last minute deals. >> i'm not trading any thoof stu -- of this stuff. >> you want this. ♪
4:40 am
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4:42 am
the registration window extended after an influx of late registration. the affordable care act expected to cost additional $10 billion in the next calendar year.
4:43 am
they can explode without warning. they want the feds to recall e-cigarettes. he calls the ticking time bombs. he wants the federal government to figure out why they batteries catch fire. her husband ran on the campaign of hope and change. she says that's all over thanks to mr. trump's victory. >> we feel the difference now. see, now we are feeling whatnot having hope feels like. >> that was michelle obama with oprah winfrey. >> i actually think she madat s the way it came out. i really do. we have tremendous hope. we have tremendous promise and tremendous potential. >> he has been a carrier employee for 24 years and credits mr. trump with saving his job.
4:44 am
thanks for being here. in those two clips you saw the first lady go low and say we know longer have hope and mr. trump go high and say she didn't mean it that way. fist, how do you interpret what the first lady said about hope in this country? >> i sure didn't hear the quote personally, myself. >> she said hope is gone. now that barack obama is leaving and trump is coming in there is a lot of people that feel no hope at all. >> i kind of disagree with that. like i said, donald trump saved carrier factory here in indiana. i appreciate that. i feel like the rise of the country is in his hands now and i feel like he is going to turn things around for us. i just feel like things have gone southward for the last several years.
4:45 am
i'm just hoping under his administration things will make a change. >>. >> the first lady said when they go low we go high. she took a shot at mr. trump. he said she probably didn't mean that and i think she is looking past that. we have a lot of hope going forward. how hopeful are you and what do you think of his sort of gracious response to the first lady? >> i feel very hopeful considering that he hasn't taken presidency position yet and he saved the carrier factories. you know, he didn't come out and say he was beginning to save x number of jobs. he said if he was elected president carrier would stay here in the united states and that's what they are doing. they are staying here. you know, we in the factory itself now have hope for the next at least four years under his presidency.
4:46 am
you know, it could be longer than that. >> speaking of hope and carrier, you know, hope and change was the slogan of barack obama. how has it felt for you since those jobs were saved with mr. trump's intervengtiointerventio. what does it mean for you? >> i feel like i have a place to call home again. i do have a job that i can go to every day and earn a good income and provide for my family. so the hope there is that, you know, i was, you know, not going to have a job here in the next few years. so i got all of the hope of the world right now knowing that i at least have a job for the next four years. >> sure. hope really means something when you a path towards prosperity. how is moral at the plant these days? >> pretty good. you know, some of us the people
4:47 am
are losing their jobs. we feel sorry for them and stuff but, you know, the overall moral, people are pretty upbeat and excited that we don't have to go out and look for our next job and stuff. so, you know, i feel like the moral is are pretty good. >> and for those who have lost their job or don't feel like they have as much hope as they would like, what is your suggestion to them? >> to stay positive, stay upbeat and just look towards the future. you know, it will be landed -- hopefully they will find a good paying job, you know, compatible with what we are making now and they won't have to look too long. >> okay. it's the slow f it sticks it is
4:48 am
well founded. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, sir. all right. coming up, you know you love them. is the mainstream media trying to foster false hope that the electoral college will change their votes? we'll ask them about it live at the top of the hour. and the final scramble for christmas gifts. we know exactly where to go and what to buy. the best last-minute deals that are out there next. >> a personalized tray. on this day in history in 1972 apollo 17 ended the apollo's moon landing program. in 1998 president bill clinton was impeached. in 1987 george michael was at the top of the charts with this amazing song e faith. >> that was my brother's favorite song. ♪
4:49 am
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nearly 70% of us have gifts to scratch off of our list. andrea is here with last-minute gift ideas. you great one withes here. i love these. >> excited to share tips with you. you have probably a lot of errands you to run. >> yeah. >> go one-stop shopping. i love going to a whole sale club where you can get food for your holiday feast. at b.j.'s i found this samsung ball ax si t-- galaxy tab. these are great for a fitness
4:53 am
addict or even like a college student. you can't go wrong with the tablet. you're offering a free membership. you can go in store without paying for the miembership. you're getting $50 off of that. >> and this is a little tablet off of that. >> and while you're one-stop shopping you could pick out the prescriptions and gift wrapping. i found the cute little gift sets. this is great for a guy or this beauty set. pick up different nails, tools or nail polishes. >> so rather than buy a basket that's premade. >> and you're running the errands at the same time. >> it stays on longer. you don't have to pay much. okay. what do we have over here? >> these are great for any woman. what i also suggest is looking for multiple gifts in one.
4:54 am
you get two, three, four gifts at the same time. you can break up these lipstick sets and make stocking stuffers. this huge set of sephora. you can buy it for four different women and package up the lip glosses. >> you're get ago great deal. look for the value sets. >> how much is this? >> this one is over $300. >> i will pass on that. >> or give rather than stuff an experience. >> you can still give a gift that's really meaningful. e-bay experience offers over a hundred unique experiences. >> everything from race car driving to hot air ballooning or
4:55 am
wine tasting and you can print it from your home printer, that digital gift certificate. you can make it -- you could package it still -- i got these race car driving gloves or a wine tasting experience to go with a bottle of wine. >> all of these personalized gifts, where do we get these? >> if you're stumped you can't go wrong with personalized gifts. at shutter fly you can find all of these different gifts. i found these at 20% off of your order. you can get it by friday and you can make all of your beautiful gifts. you can get cute wine glasses or personalized handles. >> whoever this dhield belongs to, that's the perfect gift. >> i think that's adorable.
4:56 am
and first i thought it was impersonalable. >> and most would prefer a gift card over an item. so a gift card you can't go wrong with. pick up something small. pick up gloves you could package with the gift card. you could even go to different sites online to save on gift cards. e-bay that are offering 20% off so you can save on the value of the gift cards. they are willing to take a loss helping you save some money there. >> you don't mind if we pocket some stuff do you? >> if it helps you save some time this week, go for it. >> merry christmas. we love these ideas. all right. still ahead, tucker carlson on the last ditch effort to feel the election. he is next. and a presidential spin on a christmas classic.
4:57 am
we are meeting the comedian behind it the next hour. here it is. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful time in eight years. ♪ when you have a cold, you just want powerful relief. only new alka-seltzer plus free of artificial dyes and preservatives liquid gels delivers the powerful cold symptom relief you need without the unnecessary additives you don't. store manager: clean up, aisle 4. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels.
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5:00 am
♪ look at that as we do christmas here. you're looking up. some of the beautiful decorat n decorations they put out and they lit them up. >> that's right. the last monday before christmas. >> yes. >> here we are. are we all ready? >> i'm basically ready. i just need to get home. >> yes. you do. >> when do you get home, by the way? >> wednesday. >> you have enough time to do christmas shopping. >> yeah. >> how about you? >> make up for lost time. i'm getting there slowly. >> he is always ready. >> he has a week. >> all right. thank you for joining us on this
5:01 am
monday morning. heather is joining us with disturbing news out of georgia. >> it has happened again. sheriffs deputy shot in the line of duty. police responding to reports of a gunman outside of a hospital about two hours southeast of atlanta when the suspect opened fire and hit the deputy in the leg. the unidentified officer is now in stable condition. the suspect is in custody. this is the second police officer shot in the last two weeks in georgia. a three-year-old boy shot in a road rage incident because his grandmother was driving too slow. it happened in little rock, arkansas. the family was heading to the store when someone drove up behind them at a stop sign and started honking. the grandmother beeped back and moments later the gunman got out of his car and opened fire.
5:02 am
police are offering a $20,000 reward. and an investigation is underway into a wedding day tragedy. southern california's pin park is closed as the couples took their wedding photos. an 80 foot tree collapsing killing one woman and injuring several others. drought conditions could be to blame for that collapse. they are looking into it. and hollywood is mourning the loss of zsa zsa gabor has died. gabor may be best known for her work off stage for her high profile love life, her wealth and glamour.
5:03 am
zsa zsa gabore will be missed for sure. tucker carlson joins us. he is reporting for work 11 hours before his show. hey, today is the day the electoral college will meet today midday all across the country. it is the last chance for the sore losers to steal the election isn't it? >> yeah. it is. this is the one year you don't really flow the outcome. it will be the day we are certain. what it says about the attitudes on the left is what is fascinating to me. the electors we can argue about but article 2 of the constitution is pretty clear. they will show up and vote. no mention of voting your conscience. for my lifetime the left has made a pretty strong case in
5:04 am
empowering people to choose their government. it is basic american understanding of how the government is supposed to work. they are making the opposite takes now. they are basically saying it doesn't matter, that 62 million people voted for trump. it is immaterial. they don't believe in democracy. i would say it's not just the left either. you saw the republicans act in a pretty similar way. we'll take it from you at the convention. it's a crisis when the people don't believe in democracy. it makes your country unstable. >> how much of this is about democracy and how much is it to discredit out the gates? >> well, it's whatever it takes. of course they are argue two things. the democrats are arguing well, the electors should act in a moerl way and choose the next president.
5:05 am
they are also argues it shouldn't exist because it's not democratic. they are sort of arguing against themselves, whatever achieving power takes is what they are willing to do. it's not abiliout ideas. it's about control. it is a macro problem. >> they clearly increasingly do not believe in federalism either. they want to have basically not the states take in -- have its vote and the people there take its vote but a lot of folks on the left are saying there is still hope for this. let's listen to a group of them right now. >> anti-trump protests still hoping for one last chance. >> it seems people are still holding out hope that the lthey will decide -- >> yeah. when the founding fathers they put it in place against the
5:06 am
demagogue like donald trump. the electors could be doing their patriotic duty by voting against trump. >> it is not a rubber stamp in many states. you do have to think about your vote. >> if i were an elector i would want to know if the next president of the united states colluded with a foreign hostile power to effect our democracy. >> there's a hope. that's glimmer of hope on the constitution. >> what would happen if the certification day was we don't care about you, your votes, the american public. this whole system was a sham. it really is a small number of influential people that run everything. be quiet and obey. you would have massive unrest not because trump voters are
5:07 am
violent or crazy but would they would have no role in running their government. the only reason it is a stable country is people feel like i'm not going to burn it down. i'll just vote. this is crazy belaif yhavior ac. >> it is. we have told story about how they being threatened. >> right. there is a very prominent attorney down in washington, d.c. who we all know. she wondered why haven't they reported it to the fbi? death threats are the direct attempt to influence the election. the department of justice should have already initiated an inqui inquiry. they would if it was green piece. donald trump, he is probably watching right now. he should call for a department
5:08 am
of investigation into this which is civil rights ororiented. >> yes. as of last week not only were these electors not being inve investigated neither were any of the -- any investigation into that. it is important because it suggests we are not all equal. we are all the same before the law. justice is blind and clearly that's not true.
5:09 am
>>. >> i interviewed a lot of people. they believe it is an opportunity to take it from trump. i think it's a very small chance it will work. both happened. so i wouldn't discount the possibility. i think it's remote but it's not non-existent. >> sure. >> they are pointing to the wikileaks, supposed russian involvement. here is what she had to say yesterday. >> your party was hacked. some of your e-mails were included in that. do you buy the president's argument or do you think he let democrats down by not taking a stronger approach? >> i'm gratified after seven months when it was confirmed by security experts as well as the fbi that everyone is now taking it serious ly.
5:10 am
>> we did a little research. if you look the day before the wikileaks a month later it was still at 48%. what's their point? >> it is up 2%. >> don't confuse it with the data, okay? >> i'm glad to see martha who wept is now hosting the abc sunday show. speaking of learning nothing from the last year it's like parity. look, there are a lot of reasons hillary clinton lost and donald trump won. it might be useful to think those through. they are blaming leaks without any specifics at all.
5:11 am
i've asked and i'm sure you have too about every person making this allegation. tell me specifically the leaked e-mail or the fake news or russian interference you think moved votes. this stuff was polled every single day for a year. we have a lot of data. they can't. it's not a meaningful critique. the problem is it delegitimizes the entire process. so there's a cost to it. >> and donna saying it was to spread misinformation. that's the first time we heard someone calling their own words -- the e-mails, misinformation. >> what they are arguing is voters should have had less information. they shouldn't have known that. you should be more ignorant before you vote. that's the case they are making. >> they should listen to the mainstream media.
5:12 am
we'll put up a that shows donald trump's picks. look, there's not much diversity and yet there's an item out today that talks about how your friend, the public editor who appeared on your program, she has called out the new york times itself for a lack of diversity because she said of the 20 plus reporters who cover a presidential campaign only two were black, none latino or asian. that's less diversity than you'll find in donald trump's cabinet thus far. >> i doubt we have ever voted for the same candidate but she is an honest person and willing to pull the threat and keep pulling it no matter what the result is. this is a great point. if you want to measure by -- and i don't, by the way. they do. these are the rules that we inherited from the left.
5:13 am
you look and assess every group of people by their skin color. if you will say his convention or his cabinet is repulsively white, okay. le let's apply that to your room. >> okay. >> hillary clinton saying they are making a fraction of what men make and people make a fraction of what the male staffers make. let's live by your own standards. preaching the gospel but not following it. shock shocker. >> you have lots to talk about tonight. >> yeah. >> tucker, we'll be watching tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. >> great to see you. >> great to have you here. >> thank you. all right. coming up on this monday the celebrity trump rant you won't hear in the mainstream media. >> we won. you lost. grow the blank up. move on with your life.
5:14 am
>> that's coming up next. and hillary clinton has a special holiday message for those electors casting votes today. ♪ cartels, militias, terrorist groups. they all need a place to park their cash and cherna is their dirty little piggy bank. we're going to insert into the country while nobody is looking. we're going to steal their money, sir? no, we are going to destroy it. we're going to finish this mission. anything we find is ours. do you want to trust a bunch of black water marks? i mean the rush, i've never felt anything like it.
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5:17 am
>> a storm causing a deadly tanker explosion on i-95 in baltimore. this is heartbreaking to watch after it turned the freeway into an ice huge there. >> yes. >> we are live downtown where it is 3 below zero right now.
5:18 am
hope you're staying warm. >> she has the got the right hat. >> reporter: i definitely do. i have got to right gear. that's what it is all about today. we have commuters trying to make their way onto the bus. some of them don't even want to step outside to get to the bus. they wait inside under the heat lamp. it will be very painful for many of them. some of them i have seen not dressed properly. today you have to wear the really good stuff. now, yesterday at the packers game there were a lot of people trying to sell off those tickets. there were at least 16,000 no shows at that game. can you imagine being the bears players? one of them was our new quarterback. he said he chully wore a wet suit under that uniform. that is how he was able to survive through that game. dealing with the cold here in chicago it is one of those days you need to quadruple your
5:19 am
layers, get the little heat pads. for me personally i am wearing a heated vest here. it makes a huge difference. i still have on the snow hat, scarf and anything else i could find that was useful today. back to you. >> and she is reminding me of my upbringi upbringing. we are use today that cold weather but it makes you cringe. >> you're used to it but you're not used to it. people watching down south don't understand this time of the year up in the northern plains states, this is when you really need to have a car that plugs in. you need an engine block heater or it ain't going to start. >> i have never had one. some mornings it doesn't start. that's the problem. >> i have never heard of an
5:20 am
electric -- >> that's what i'm getting you for christmas. >> i am looking forward to>> yo. coming up on this monday, a day on the slopes turns into a nightmare. how that kid ended up damaging upside down on the ski lift. we'll tell you his tale. and a donald trump spin on a christmas classic. ♪ >> we'll talk to the comedian behind this perfect parody next. ♪ ♪ getting older shouldn't mean giving up all the things she loves to do.
5:21 am
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5:23 am
we have some quick monday morning headlines for you. sill vester stallone isn't interested but in a statement he writes quote i believe i could be more effective by bringing
5:24 am
national attention to returning military personnel. and the oval office meets the octagon. ufc legend chuck lidell saying he is ready to work for donald trump. >> would you be interested in a personal security gig for donald trump? >> that would be fun. i would have plenty of fun with that one. >> he could be is official white house bouncer. >> no one would be getting into the white house. >> that's a great idea. putting the spin on a christmas classic urging americans to get on board the trump train. he is excited for the new trump administration. ♪ ♪
5:25 am
>>. [ laughter ] he joins us now to show us the inspir rachlg inspirati inspiration. how did you come up with the idea? >> a lot of my friends saying they woke up like it was christmas morning. >> oh. >> and another friend of mine gave me the suggestion and said you should try to do a christmas paro parody. he gave me the idea for the song. the title didn't hit me until hours later. when i thought the most wonderful time in eight years i knew it would be a winner. >> and video the video has been viewed. did you expect this kind of response? >> no. not at all. i did it because i was tired of arguing with the left. i thought i'll put it in a song and have a little fun with it.
5:26 am
it took off from there. it is up to 9 million total. facebook had up loaded it separately. >> that's fantastic. for those who have not up loaded the whole thing we'll have a link on our web site right after the program. we'll play a little more including your attention to the press. listen to this. ♪ ♪ >> you know, you got a trump dance downright. [ laughter ] it's very created. >> what are you doing for the inauguration? have you been in touch with the trump folks? >> i have if and i may be at the
5:27 am
inauguration. there's nothing slated to perform but it's still a possibility. >> what draws you most to trump? at first you warrant donald trump supporter but quickly became one. what is it that you like? >> i think one of the realities that hit me is he's not far left. he's not far right and he just wants to win. he's not necessarily an idealist in anyway except for wanting to make america great again. i think he really does want to make america great again. i can see it in his rallies and speeches and on his thank you tour. i know he is sincere. i can see his heart has been transformed having done this. the campaigning that he has bun, i think he has been transformed. i believe he really wants to make it right and make it happen for america. >> and you -- i understand you make fun of both sides.
5:28 am
most comics are lefties. are they giving you heat over this? >> no one has given me any heat as of yet. some media outlets have reached out. no one is really -- you know, i even talked to a lot of people on the left and they are actually laughing about it. that's the same about comedy. we can laugh together. >> no blow back yet. >> yes. i'm sure they are rushing to go check it out. >> well done. >> and we'll look for you at the inauguration. >> thanks for having me. up next, first they changed the words he and she to the grender neutral z. >> there you go. something like that. so no one would be offended. >> the experts got the election dead wrong but these folks saw
5:29 am
it coming. >> who are you voting for this time? >> trump. >> got to be for trump. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. trump. >> trump. >> we'll take you back to our 2016 tour of america. we went to so many states, all of us did. that's coming up straight ahead. ♪ ♪ this artoo unit must be delivered to the rebellion. come on artoo! ♪ artoo! welcome to the rebellion. ♪
5:30 am
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5:33 am
life for electors has not been very funny. >> absolutely not. there has been this big campaign where people are bombarding them and some of them, as you found out, not very nice. >> we talked to a guy from arizona who will be voting in his time zone for donald trump. he said whoever put out the information about how to get ahold of him, people have been following him around, taking his pictures intimidating him. it has gotten to the stage there are so many death threats all of the republicans are winding up with police protection ahead of the vote. there's a guy who is a republican. he said essentially this is stupid. nobody is standing up telling these protesters enough, knock it off. if it were happening by now
5:34 am
certainly would have opened an investigation because clearly with these death threats it is an effort to change the outcome of an election. that is patently against the law. >> that's exactly right. donald trump pointed out over twitter the incredible double standard. he said if my many supporters acted and threatened people they would be called terrible names. there would also be a talk of investigation. >> donald trump should call for department of justice today to investigate these death threats against these elections. >> that whole thing will be poo pooed. point well taken. >> scott was over the weekend. he had said something. he is pretty plain spoken. sheer what with he had to say. >> i should not be put in the position where i'm afraid for my life and the life of my
5:35 am
nine-year-old daughter because of my political believfbeliefs. right? i didn't say boo in '08 or '12. we won the election to quote the great president barack obama, elections have consequences. we won. you lost. grow the blank up. move on with your life. >> cut it out. >> yeah. >> the president said cut it out. it was very personal because he was apparently at an event at one of his kids schools and the -- i think the wife girlfriend got up in his face and i think might have man
5:36 am
handled him a built llittle bit. you know, just for voting a certain way. >> if a woman attacks a man is that being man handled? >> i don't know. >> verbally is what i'm talking about. we have other news going on. it's a serious story. heather is here and we have the latest on that. >> yeah. a mystery being looked into and a tragic end in the search for a missing soldier. a body found inside an arizona coal chute identified as private defd ward. he was reporting awol back in june. investigators saying that ward's fingerprints helped them come to the devastating conclusion. it is unclear how his body ended up in the chute. a trip to the airport turns deadly. an u berber driver -- police sa
5:37 am
that a minivan cut the uber off at the highway. he jumped out holding two guns demanding they hold over all of their belongings. that drive was also armed and fired at the robber in self-defense. another person has also been arrested. you were talking about this earlier. he and she became 2. they are doing away with mr. and mistress. the guide aps says only okay demic should be bestedment they will give the option of appearing tout this wraps it up, a frigid football sunday. windshield with negative 4
5:38 am
degrees as the packers came back the beat the bears. up in texans tom savage replacing osweiler after he threw two picks. houston beats the jaguars 21-20. the jags fired their head coach after the game. >> and talk about a charitable touchdown. secelebrates by jumping in. he got an unsportsman like conduct. he could be fined for that. he could match any fine with the donation. good for him. sheer what the charity tweeted. he made a good contribution, could you contribute to the millions in need? >> exactly. >> and boo on the nfl. >> he will match the donation. >> that's cool. speaking of chilly weather
5:39 am
this week before christmas, what is it, 25 out here in new york? >> yes. with the windchill it feels even colder. where are y'all from? okay. let's meet some people. where are you from? >> south georgia. >> and you want to say hi to and isly? >> and mason. >> where are you from? >> flk north carolina. >> what did you ask santa for christmas? >> a laptop. >> okay. >> and what is your name? >> michigan. >> you like this weather? yes. >> i like your hat. >> what did you ask for santa for christmas? >> i haven't met him yet. >> maybe today. it's cold outside. let's take a look at some of those temperatures across the map. yeah, it's 24 here in new york.
5:40 am
it's 7 in chicago. anyone from chicago here, midwest. >> ohio. >> ohio. all right. everybody snulg up and say merry mas. you guys make me feel so warm inside. >> we have limited time here. >> and that little girl is right. can't tell you. you know how it works. the still ahead, we have live pictures firefighter responding to a massive house fire. we'll have that after the break. zb and president obama says the u.s. is better off now. >> almost every country sees america stronger and more
5:41 am
respected today than they did eight years ago. >> is this true? foreign policy expert joins us next to discuss. a day on the slopes turns deadly, how he wound up upside down and em par lass. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:42 am
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5:44 am
44 minutes after the hour. we are taking a look out of southern california. live pictures from glendale where firefighters are massively responding to a house fire in glendale. initial reports had people trapped in this home. we are hearing that everyone is expected to be okay. firefighters arriving on the scene trying to put out those massive flames. we'll keep you posted on this story as it develops. and take a look at this. dangling upside down from a chair lift as others watch in horror. the guy got stuck after he asto attached the snowboard's leash to the chair. may had to rush in to save him. >> you getter hold on tight.
5:45 am
what a story he has. he wasn't hurt. we are apparently going to get our navy drone back the chie needs government stole last week. they left us more upset that preside president-elect misspelled. he tweeted back this is madness. at 70 saturday a diplomatic with misspelling. trump spelling is an indicator to no detail or ak cuccuracy to anything he says or does. jim hanson squoins us live to
5:46 am
you! hey, steve. . >> whp the thy cheese, -- he has done nothing but em boldbolden. donald trump misspelled something. what do you think of that? we are sure he misspelled it. they have been unpresidented and unsenated and unhoused. the american people voted against them. ty it's official. >> how about this? at his press conference on friday, could be the last one as
5:47 am
president. he said something about how strong the united states is now as opposed to eight years wall. i want your opinion on the other side of this sound bite. >> almost every country on earth sees america as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago. in order, by so many measures our country is stronger and more prosperous than when we first started. >> the question is america stronger and more respected than eight years ago? >> that statement is absurd and delusional. if i had to describe pal di, it -- i don't know what he took his glunch pun m he as you
5:48 am
mentioned, the high these told our cub. >> he if chi so what sus what was done. the only person to respect that is jimmy carter because obama makes him look good in comparison. >> oh boy. jim hanson, executive vice president for security policy. that's a mouthful. thanks for joining us live today. >> it's a pleasure. >> all right. straight ahead, they got the election dead wrong. these people, they saw it coming -- they just saw it coming. we visited a lot of diners,
5:49 am
talked a to a lot of people. you'll hear from them next as we are black. we ha >> good morning to you. so the electors are getting harassed to change their vote to not trump. we'll break it down for you. china, how he may deal with china, big deal on his plate. we'll see you minutes away at the top of the hour. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm
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than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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5:52 am
in cities across america. >> we are here in pennsylvania. >> we are out here in wisconsin. >> columbus. >> coming the your venue. >> to your venue. >> to your
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
i went to diners in new hampshire andç new jersey and indiana. >> hearing what you had to say i went to west vir viginia. >> not only did they get around it in the new york times. no. the people felt something that new york missed and missed. >> we didn't miss it.
5:56 am
>> no. as we look back at my fantastic breakfast i had i think it was the best thing. >> we all have our favorites. >> yes. all right. more fox and friends on its way.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
here we go. [ laughter ] >> who is taking these pictures of you? >> i will do snow angels until i'm 100 years old. i love it. it's what makes us young. my kids are outside going oh, mom. >> is that your yard or the neighbor's çyard? >> that was our yard and then i went to the neighbor's yard. if you're not having fun you're doing something wrong. >> i love the santa in your yard. >> i love christmas. >> we had one like that. >> god bless my husband for putting the decorations up. >> and in the backyard you have the garden gnomes? >> come on over and see my gnome?
6:00 am
>> okay. [ laughter ] >> thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. great to be here. >> thank you. >> we are going to be back all week. join us tomorrow same time, same couch. crowded house, crowded couch. good morning, everybody, the electoral college today voting across the country in various state capitals, and some republicans saying they are now being pressured to change their vote. president-elect trump saying if the tables were turned, it would be a whole different story. so then is there a double standard? it's christmas week. hope you had a great weekend. i'm bill hemmer -- martha: i did, did you? bill: fantastic. martha: good morning, everybody at home. here's the big question3yñ?ñ? fr


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