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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 19, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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should news break out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. in fact breaking news coverages now out of berlin. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. welcome everybody we're piecing together what little we do know about the berlin christmas market attack. alan haul in berlin with the latest. waugh are you hearing? >> reporter: they arrested the driver of the truck. he fled from the cab of what you would you could al semi, an arctic lated lohrry, there was a
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co driver so he lad someone necessary the cab with him and he is apparently dead. whether he died in the accident or shoot by police of met some other fate is not clear. so there would as manhunt for the driver help has been caught. the truck itself has polish plates. poll lap is 80 miles from berlin, whether or not it was hired or stolen or on a run and taken in the city, that is also not clear. but what is clear is that this is a terrorist attack of the kind you mentioned that happened in nice. we have 50 injured, nine dead. still chaos at the scene. i'm two blocks away, speaking to you from a hotel. >> i'm glad you're okay. it's funny because we had heard reports of our state department warning americans traveling in europe to avoid these type of open,ary, crowd-gathering spots especially during the holiday season. similar warnings this year to
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europeans to berliners. >> yes, these are absolutely prime harvesting sites for the killers of the islamic state. there is a report tonight on the web site in germany saying that german intelligence warned city officials that the christmas markets all over germy, where capty, sausages, wine, are sold from mocked up wooden shacks resembling alpine villages -- they told the authorities that something was being plan but nothing specific. this is the great problem, not only for germany but for the whole of europe and possibly the united states. it's not a centralized terror apparatus. it's someone who is probably been radicalized and getting into a lorry and killing as many
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people as possible. and these are the lon wolf -- lone wolves nobody can plan for. you can intercept phone calls and computers about if someone gets it into their head to stage the lone-wolf attacks then all bets are off. >> do we know anything -- getting different reports and maybe you can clarify -- whether the area was barricaded because we are told the truck ran on a sidewalk ask that's when it started -- the driver started doing serious damage. killing and injuring -- >> the best way can describe it is this is on the -- in the fanciest part of westber hundred, near the swanky shopping area, and it's really a gigantic traffic island in the middle of two streets, one going one way, bun going the other, and on the traffic island is the
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kaiser wilhelm memorial church bombed in the war and left a memorial to the war, which lustered around the church -- clustered around the church is this claim market, and -- christmas market that attracts locals, attracts foreigners. i imagine that there will be foreign casualties among these -- the dead and wounded, because it is such a big tourist draw. essentially a shopping area in west berlin, and as such, these people go for the crowds and only last week in germany, if you remember, they arrested -- intercepted a 12-year-old boy, iraqi german citizenship, who tried to blow up the christmas market in a town hundreds of miles away and also was self-recallized, not below rate
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operated by anybody, just sat in his room and watched the propaganda individual wyoming and decided he wanted to kill people. >> thank you very minute. we do know as well, and fox news is reporting now that other western european cities and governments are hunkering down amid fears of followup such attacks. done always happen but the fear is right now that in one wants to take charges. to former d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler how like that and is the copycap nature of terrorist attacks. first, rod, on them take nothing chances and other european cities and capitals doing just that. obviously a good idea. >> exactly. it's definitely a good idea. there was intelligence, as the report indicated, that came out over two weeks ago and indicated and gave distributions to the types of markets over in berlin and other parts of germany to be on high alert. now, i -- i tech tell you we
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have always been on high alert and always watching out for this type of situation. you referenced the horrific situation that happened in nice, france, not long ago, where over 84 people were killed. this same with a that these people today were killed, using a truck. and that is specific instructions given by isis and propaganda that came out from isis. so immediately when i heard about the story today, the first thing that came toy mine this is an isis-inspired attack if it wasn't specifically directed by isis. >> we're learning that after that nice attack, they blocked off streets. in fact one thing we did for the thanksgiving day parade we blocked off with see men trucks and others access to any major avenues or streets. in berlin -- scant details we're getting so if you indulge me --
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looks like everything was blocked except sidewalks. >> you know, you're right. the reason for that is because over there in that part of berlin and germany, there's a lot of these types of open-asia markets, very common and you have new hampshirely and children so very difficult, actually, neil to block and barricade every one of those areas. and that's why the intelligence agencies issued the types of warnings so people could be more aware. even here in the united states we do a pretty job at blocking off large segment offered population but there going to look for a i would to get in and we have to rely so heavily upon the citizens, the citizenry of our country to report things they see that may be out of place. >> there was warning the statement department issued about americans and open air market tuesday europe and be careful. yet obviously europeans i'm told from the recorder on the scene were given similar warnings, but
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ininvariably, most people tends to think it's not going to be them or where they are. >> you know, that's the unfortunate part. it can happen anywhere we talked about these type of situations for several years now and the best way to prevent these things from happening is for people to be vigilant, to be alert. we're not saying to walk around in fear or anything like that, but in situations like this, if you see large box trucks, see individuals hanging around areas, don't look like they appear there for any again reason, notify the authorities. one last thing that is very important for the viewers to know we have pick agencies, departments of police, that go out and look specifically to try to prevent these things from happening. that's the good thing to keep our nation safer but we have to rely on citizens to participate.
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>> we're get something more details now from the berlin police, chip tausch on -- chip talked about this. the passenger died in the attack, driver was arrested and under police authority. but as far as isis or any other terrorist group, none of them-taking credit for this at this point. there were some disputed reports of of germany that isis had. that not the case. what is your gut telling you on the makings of this and mimics what happened in nice. >> this is clearly something that happened at the direction or at the inspiration of a group such as isis or al qaeda. this has all the trappings of isis on it, in my opinion. and we can't everlook that. you mentioned that no one has taken responsibility for that yet, for this attack today yet. don't be disturbed by that. it's just a matter of time. this happened who hours ago and i guarantee you win the next 24
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hours hey'll she some propaganda from isis come out and say they'll take responsibility for this. if they did not direct these hit, they clearly inspired it. >> that distinction probably doesn't even matter, as you said. if you know that this is something that someone who is impressionable wants to attack and is disenchainedded and angry and seeking an outlet, this how thank you go about it. what is odd is that this has been in other words vehicle -- no pun intended dish -- a choice for isis and other groups that like to take out as many people in a large public area as possible. >> that's right. this warning actually came out about a year ago where we in law enforcement and our intelligence agencies started recognizing this propaganda where isis was specifically directing people by way of their web sites, people
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that were inspired by them to use box trucks and to use other types of vehicles for their attacks. one other thing that is really important, is that just last week, neil in berlin, a 12-year-old boy was arrested for trying to ignite other a bomb at a christmas market similar to this mark that was attacked today. the issue we have, the challenge we have, all of us, even here in the united states is making sure we do whatever he wave to do to remain vigilant and make sure this situation doesn't okeir -- occur here. >> thank you very much. scott brown with me right now. well aware as the former massachusetts senator is, germany took in a record number of refugees from syria and elsewhere, that migration wave, whether it was voluntary or not, has been in existence for many in germany, very unpopular, very
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risky, didn't like many of the settlers. berlin was not among those areas. nevertheless, that is probably going to be closely scrutinized. what do you think, senator? >> i think that germany, the very fabric of germany we drew up has changed dramatically as a result of the reefs coming in and there is an attack on good and civilized people, democracies, just people who want freedom and the able to live their lives, free or terror so there is that attack coming and we need to be diligence and i know your thoughts and my thoughts and everybody in america's how -- thoughts go ouo the go people of germany. make no mistake. there's a war expats going be a long and drawn-out war and we have to join forces with people of good will nat want to fight
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terror. >> germany has -- i'm not saying been terror-proof -- but has not seen anything approaching approe magnitude of what neaped brussel or nice or paris, largely bus they're considered to be very vigilant. we don't know the exact order of events, whether the driver picked up speed moving on to sidewalk but they weren't ready for that. what do you make of that? >> well, if i'm not mistaken, probably what 9:15 on a monday night -- >> go ahead. that time when hi attack happened. >> right. so, that being said, it wasn't a crowded saturday -- friday, saturday, sunday. that tells me maybe their guard was let down somewhat. but as was reverend earlier if somebody wants to do this they'll find a way to hit the se
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most vulnerable. that's what they're trying to do is disrupt our way of life, make us not do those things and the only thing we can do is continually go out and continuing to go to parties and continuing to go to the areas to make sure that they don't change the way of life that we have come to know and love. >> do you ever get a sense, though, that somehow the warnings of the state department -- going sentence the state department issuing them done we don't hear about enemy. for some reason americans were left unaware this warning was out there and i'm wondering if there's a better way of communicating that too anyone and everyone. >> i think there is, neil, and the way we use special media today, anyone who is traveling overseas should be an automatic way to set up on twitter or facebook to get the instant type of alerts that we get every day when there's a tornado or hurricane or some type of weather alert coming. there's no reason why, when i'm traveling in germany, can't be tied into the state department web site and they say, by the
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way, don't go downtown berlin because we're expecting a problem. it makes sense we should be able to that this day and age. >> nor, thank you very much. -- senator, thank you very much with all this breaking news. we're be can mixed records on this how this truck got on this street, a blockade street. you're looking from video when this went down. some up we don't know and how quickly it unfolded we do. on the phone, former cia operative mike baker. if the street was blocked, we use the ewith lint of a cement truck in the parades, i don't know if we were blocking access to sidewalks in manhattan. that seems to be something that was left open and exposed in berlin. >> well, this area is primary already not blocking streets. this is bay which a pedestrian
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area. it's a large size and it's right in central berlin on the western side, but it's pedestrian access only, and there's security in the area, been security in area for weeks now, because as you pointed out crequely earlier, we have had intel warnings coming out, and that has been in concert with german liaison. so, everybody has been concerned, worried about this. but there is only, frankly so much you can do unless you want to good down to 100% lockdown and nobody, including the germans was don't liver in a society like that. >> by the way, "the new york "n" is reporting they germ yarn media say the truck jumped the sidewalk and drove around into this market and accessioned through a street that was not cordoned off. and this is near the kaiser wilhelm church where most of the
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victims were killed or injured. >> there are a lot of christmas markets around berlin and germany in general, and we -- >> we should explain that is very popular and common throughout europe, particularly in germany. good ahead. >> its absolutely. you have -- every night, particularly this week leading up to christmas, every night there's -- it's crowded. it's busy, and festive, and people just got on with their lives but there's only -- i keep going back to the same thing -- only so much a security service can do in the face of this type of threat when you don't have specifics related to a particular operation and again you really don't have what we refer to as chatter or anything that would link individuals to extremists and a potential plot. much like the situation in nice, back in july. 86 people were killed you. had somebody who was completely
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off the rahr -- radar and was radicalsized and there has been some directive from extremist sites talking about, again, the idea, just use whatever you have available to you. that's a truck, use a truck. if not, use something else and this the departure from a couple of years being when he big call was, come out to syria, come out to iraq, fight with us, work with us and that morphed relatively quickly to, no, stay where you are and attack the infidels and use whatever is also your differ suppose sal. >> one other quick thing. so far no terrorist group has taken credit for this. might have missed something and i have been following online. but what do you make of that? normally a delied response on the part of isis? >> there has been but be anywhere from a few hours to a few days to a week or two.
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they're caught unawares on something like that, just like everyone else is. then the very quickly turn around and say, yes, it was one of our soldiers, one of our fighters who did this. the reality is, the person obviously had allegiance to in a broad sense their agenda, but to what degree there was any direct contacts, what degree he was below radicalsized in a mosque in the area, shrub someone who as functioning a recoupementer, that would show in the investigation. but. but typically there's a lag time with isis or al qaeda, whomever, taking credit because they're saying, oh, okay. doesn't matter. you made a very good opinion. that it don't care. as long as there's an incident like this it's a victory. whether it's a committed extremist who is in contact with them, out in syria training with them or somebody who is just
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lost and wandering and looking for something to latch on to and that is what they use as their reason for striking out. it doesn't matter to isis or cal quite. we are the ones that get wrapped up in the verbiage and full of angst over the reasons why. >> all right, thank you very mump. we do appreciate it. we are getting reports from the guardian on the newspaper in england, tweeting now in english, noting that the background of the christmas market incidents is still unclear as to why that was the choice for this attack. police are also saying it's unknown if the person arrested was the driver of the truck we had been talk bath passenger in the truck who was killed by police. no indication that the driver of the truck is the person under arrest so that seems to indicate that it's possible that the driver of the truck could be on the lamb. so -- on the lam. no way to confirm this outside
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of the fact that a horrific incident, days before christmas, gripping per lynners and germany where they celebrate christmas big-time in open, air markets that are almost charles dickens like, and nine people dead, some injured seriously, hours after the russian ambassador to turkey was assassinated. ♪ i want a hippopotamus for christmas ♪ ♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too. ♪ so whatever your holiday priority, our priority is you.
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some domestic political news. we could be just seconds away from confirming trump will by the next president of the united states. this electoral issue today where all the electors from around the
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country, 538 of them, meeting in state capitols. texas is the latest state to vote. 38 electoral votes there. we know that once that happens donald trump will be officially, as official as you can get these days, the next president of the united states, the president-elect, those 38 electoral votes, even with one expected to bolt from the group, will put him comfortably over 270. as the states file in. donald trump was at 265 going into that texas count. the only state that might have an ear ran e -- errant elector. colorado there was potential errant elector that might vote republican but in that state, even the republican attorney general told me earlier on fox business he was pushing to make sure all of the elect fors in the state vote for the chosen candidate in that state.
1:26 pm
in that case, hillary clinton. now, in texas -- you're looking live in austin where this is going on -- live in the chamber here where they are hearing and getting the final vote. this is not quite the finish finish deal because all of this is tabulated and on january 6th when this officially becomes part of the federal record. witness be vice president joe biden probably a role to make formal that donald trump has become the president-elect of the united states and in wokes after -- two weeks after that, will be officially sworn in. the only more uncomfortable situation for the vice president was that of al gore heaving to do the same thing for george bush after a legal battle but al gore made it official a month later for then governor bush to
1:27 pm
become the president of the united states. that was then, this is now. nothing getting in the way of tease electors who were getting wooed and some threatened to stay and do something hamiltonian and block the will of the voters and being urged to jump. none of them are. we told you about lawsuit is going on in berlin, germany right now. want to let you know earlier on there was something very scary with a russian ambassador to turkey, shot in the back, killed in ankara. the asass nine identified as a turkish riot police officer. the gunman is dade. amy, what would we know? >> the fact that this gunman was a police officer certainly may explain this extraordinary breach of security in a country that has had three you'rist
1:28 pm
attacks -- the terrorist attacks in the last week. so the interior ministry identified the gun opinion as me let aydintas. 22 years old, got right into the art gallery, didn't raise suspicion, clean saven and a neat suit. listened to that few moments of the ambassador's speech which is opening a turkish and it and then pumped eight or nine shots into the back of the ambassador. he then ranted for some time, saying, quote, be ware, he would only leave the building dead, and he shout it aawe -- the ambassador was ten to the hop and died. he has southbound as the ussr's ambassador in north korea.
1:29 pm
the russian president putin knew karlov personally and referred to him as a good-hearted person who was well-respected in turkey other. people were shot but no word on their condition. put a p put it called the attack, quote, provocation aimed at unminding the -- that has been going on between russia and turkey and underminimumming the peace process -- undermining the piece process. the assad retack the bee sieged city of aleppo has week with russian help. that is extremely controversial, and the turks wanted to see assad go but somehow russia and turkey have been working together on syria and this ambassador, karlov, had been very involved in bringing moscow and ankara back together and also in brokering the peace deal
1:30 pm
evacuation plan going on. so so much in the air. we don't know about any affiliations of this police officer who shot the ambassador. no claims of responsibility. but it is quite apparent that it was a terrorist attack somehow connected to what is going on in syria and some sort of plan to take revenge against russia for its involvement in the conflict, neil. >> you mentioned that no one made a big deal, and he liked like a police officer or security detail. he was standing behind the ambassador for some time, it look to me, before he shot him, and then as you pointed out later, killed him. did anyone notice that he was not part of the detail that was supposed to be there or were people milling around? i know this is at an are -- what was the deal with that? >> you would think the security would be extremely high at a event with a russian diplomat and that's one of at the big questions. how did this guy get so close? he was at then russian side.
1:31 pm
he was on the turkish side so it's an extraordinary leap of faith the russians felt comfortable to have all these police officers close to their ambassador, but to a certain extent countries hand over responsibility to protect diplomas to host countries cound this must happen seen normal. we have seen some footage, the look of fear in people who are at that exhibit is something that is most haunting because of course they didn't know how far this would go before the gunman was taken down. he shot some other people. it's believed they survived. we have heard nothing about their condition certainly meant to be a rather benign cultural event, an art exhibit and turned ugly quickly. >> thank you very much. a quick update on that.
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they're still going through is, turkey and iran and a russian meeting in moscow with all the principals there, continuing to nego a peace in syria. a lot more including the count in texas after this. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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>> you're locking live in austin, texas, where the electors are about to grant the will of the people in texas except one, which would pit donald trump over the top as the next president of the united states. this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but
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1:36 pm
nature, so we're going by various reports nonof which seem to be a consistent view. no terror group has taken responsibility. we know a passenger in the vehicle that ran on to the sidewalk has been killed. we don't know the fate of the driver outside of the might have been arrested. we don't know much on his or here brown, -- her background, but reportser to him as a him. the read right now from former fbi assistant director, i'm not helping you with these details, ron, but we hear earlier reports that the truck got up on the sidewalk. after veering off the street. we have other reports now, including these latest, it might not have been a deliberate attack. how do you make sense of this? >> neil, i think we have to use the american model and i think the germans will, it is terrorism until proven otherwise. there are a lot of indicators
1:37 pm
here that make it look and feel like nice. like other attacks we have seen, most recently at ohio state, where you're talking about soft targets, against a civilian population, women and children as legitimate terror targets, to this isis, low intensity attacks that may involve weapons that are readily available, in this case potentially a truck, that we have seen it before with just handguns, knives in some cases. and so i think that as they look at all the factors around this, to include the driver's social media and internet history -- >> as your speaking -- this is the truck in question. they're looking to see anything and everything they can about the vehicle. so let's say you're there and you're doing this same thing, ron. what are you looking for? >> well, you know, certainly want to look at this driver's history with that truck, the
1:38 pm
truck's mechanical history, the driver's health history-somebody givenning to sleeping at the wheel, alcoholism, physical impairment. an 18 wheeler can do a lot of damage if the driver of that 18 wheeler falls asleep at the wheel. so, you can't rule that out immediately. and so it's up to law enforcement and the intelligence agencies to pin point what they have this best then and the vehicle and today and his nexus to this part of up to, his driving history. so you have soup to nuts before you reach a conclusion. >> you know, one thing we're learning from witnesses on the scene north always reliable but providing some early information what was going on -- a tourist from england told the "associated press" that the large truck missed him by three meteres, as i drove into the market, tearing how to table. it was definitely deliberate,
1:39 pm
that he helped people who appeared to have broken limits as the truck kept plowing on. >> it's easy to come to that conclusion if you were passed 0 so closely by such a mammoth vehicle going through a civilian population, tourist area, popular area, it's eggy to come to -- it's easy to come to that conclusion but it's incumbent on us to take a deep breath, let the investigators work. is very likely, very, very likely to be a terrorist attack. whether it's a foreign fighter, home-grown violin -- violent extremist, some self-radicalized person who was inspired yesterday by anything that happened in the middle east. we need more information. >> thank you for your help with this. we do know nine dead. many others injure. they're not put allege firm number to that. place say the suspect believed
1:40 pm
to be the driver was arrested anybody. the passenger in the vehicle was dead. and again, this is the third report i've seen in the last ten minutes or so that identifies they driver as a male. we'll keep you posted on that. now, normally develops liking this, like we had last summer in nice, with the mark markets, scared after something they thought was under control and terror becomes front and center in a western european city, very little reaction to that today. charlie gas peer -- gasperino. >> the last couple of years have been interesting. that's what we have had here in markets. a market that are completely hardened by at least the lone-wolf spoke of terrorism. take the grand displays of terrorism i hate to reduce this to dollars and -- and cents but
1:41 pm
part of the plan of the roar terrorists is an economic reaction. in 9/11 one of the big issues was the stock market was not open for a week. the head of the stock market got it up and running after identify -- fives, but commerce started, created the basis for an economic downturn. that's part of the game plan. what is interesting with the smaller lone wolf -- if it's terrorism, probably isis because that's how they work -- that it's not having the mark impatriot act and hasn't for the last couple of years and, it's a really interesting that markets and economies have kind of gotten used to terrorism as a way of life. i can see the good part, we're not letting them beat us, but at
1:42 pm
some point you wonder whether this becomes to prevailant that people stop going out and shopping during claim, during during christmas, which is they're plan to take our economy, stop it in its tracks, making our life miserable. so far that hasn't happened, particularly over the last two years. markets have reacted pretty benignly to horrific issues of terrorism. that just about it. >> charlie, thank you very minute. shepard smith passing on interesting information on the truck. about 40 miles-per-hour when it veered off the roadway and crashed into this makeshift christmas market and these buildings. some looked like tents. i don't know in this if the was largely for passenger traffic. that's a pretty good clip, but again, going about 40 miles-per-hour when it rammed into people, killed nine, injured many, many more. more after this.
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it is looking like as you look at austin, texas, won't be the texas electoral delegation that puts donald trump over the top. and one holdout who could make it 37, either way it would easily put trump over the top, having amassed more than the 270 votes you need to become president of the united states. it could be utah who is a
1:46 pm
republican state, many criticized the clinton campaign for focusing so much time there, and when she have secured democratic states, michigan and wisconsin. on the phone with us right now, the elector from salt lake city, utah. richard, i'm sure you were exposed and saw -- i don't know if the same applied in your state -- protest movements to make sure electors, maybe like yourself, change their mind. did you? >> yes. was greeted by protesters as i entered the state capitol this afternoon in salt lake city. in spite of that all six republican electors cast their vote for donald trump. >> is that right? so, was there any pressure on any threats that some of your colleagues were face that's entered that room to do so? >> well, a boisterous crud but despite some shouting there wasn't any pushing or shoving.
1:47 pm
they were respectful the pressure came over the last few days and weeks where he received -- -- in my case received thousands of e-mails and letters and phone called. most of. the have been respectful. encouraging me to which to hillary clinton. a few were somewhat over the top, intimidating. one actually said that are you aware of your pending death of a family member? >> my god. >> so, there were those -- took it much too seriously. the facts are they have the right to protest in our republic but the fact is there's no authority in the constitution to select the president by popular vote. the fact is that this authority is strictly majority vote at the electoral college as outlined in article 2 of the constitution, and the third fact is that hillary clinton and donald trump
1:48 pm
were focused solely on the objective of winning the electoral college vote, and the fact number four is, hillary clinton lost and donald trump won. >> do you think all this other stuff that came up on russia and could have been hacking into our election or making police officer very difficult, particularly for democrats, that the other electors who wanted to get more information or those that were urging that electors like yourself bet more information, some said delay the electoral college meeting until all of you had been brought up to date on that. would that have made a difference? >> well, think the -- i thing intelligence community would validate the fact this is not the first election the russians have been meddling or attempting to hack into the election process.
1:49 pm
that being said, if the shoe were on the other foot and hillary clinton prevailed, even though the russian hacking still would have taken place, doubt you would see this interest in the media that you see now. >> you might be right. let me ask you about just a general question and maybe from your perspective in utah. there was time when in the polls looked virtue but a an independent party candidate who was making utah look like it could be as toup. even the hillary clinton people have acknowledged the focus they gave utah disproportionate to utah voting so republican in the past was critical time waisted. do you agree with that? >> i think so. i don't believe donald trump was the first choice of any of our six electors. or the second for third choice. about at the end of the day he won fair and square, won utah by a sizable margin and.
1:50 pm
like 28 other states where electors are bound by a vet of the people, and so our vote as electors reflects the popular vote here in utah. utah. >> all right. richard, you put up with a lot of nonsense here and stayed pretty strong. thank you very much. >> thank you. merry christmas. >> to you as well. again, this would ptrump over t. he is at 267. he needs 270 to win. the scene in austin, which is a big chunk of 38 electors, there was one who was on this show who had vowed not to vote for him, might cast his vote for john kasich, republican governor of ohio. governor kasich said, i'm not interested. that would be the only protest vote i know of right now. it would not upset the apple cart on the inevitability of donald trump be elected the president of the united states. none of this is official until january 6, two weeks before inauguration day when washington
1:51 pm
grants its final stamp on this put by no less than the vice-president of the united states, joe biden, who would be in the position of saying, it's official, donald trump is the next president. more after this. we're not professional athletes... but that doesn't mean we're giving up. i'm in this for me. for me. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes, lowering a1c by up to 1.2 points. do not take if allergic to farxiga. if you experience symptoms of a serious allergic reaction such as rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking and seek medical help right away. do not take farxiga if you have severe kidney problems, are on dialysis, or have bladder cancer. tell your doctor right away if you have blood or red color in your urine, or pain while you urinate. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast infections in women and men, serious urinary tract infections, low blood sugar, and kidney problems.
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all right. there are a lot of reports we get in here. we don't like to spout about them unless we can confirm them. i will let it at nine dead and dozens injured in what looks -- i stress looks like a terrorist attack in berlin, germany. others are disputing even that. the read from colonel tony shaffer. you look at these things. we think of france, of course, where better than 80 were killed when a truck rammed people just
1:55 pm
out on a beautiful summer night. what are you thinking as you are gathering your own intelligence on this? >> well, you are right on. i think the 14 july attack was essentially a dry run. they saw it worked. that is they being isis. i suspect it's isis. we spoke recently about how this effort by isis to weaponize people and technology is not lone wolf. it's actually an organized effort. this is a technique. so we have to understand that they tried it once. it worked well. they tried it again. i think you could be looking -- we need to be looking for the potential use of this technique here. we have three key events coming up. we have christmas. we have new year's and the inauguration right here. it will be about 500 meters from where i'm sitting. we have to recognize that isis is finding folks who are willing
1:56 pm
to literally go on these suicide missions. you don't have to have a bomb, a gun. you have to have something that will kill people. they are learning an ining and o be worried about that. >> who do you distinguish between those who have rightful protests at inauguration, as they always do and some bigger than others. this one we're told quite a few. and those who are -- have more sinister intentions? >> first, we saw today what the attack in turkey, assassination of the russian consul there, he was a policeman. we have to look at insider threat. i know of at least one group that is trying to be the protection detail here that the director of the organization has six convictions. somehow that person was trying to get a job to be part of the detail. >> how do you police the police? >> you gotta -- >> no one raised an eyebrow. >> you gotta look. you gotta be thorough.
1:57 pm
look for insider threat. you have to do that. secondly, you have to look at patterns. right now, this city is set up to be very effective regarding channelling of people, moving people around and screening. you have to actually take that very seriously. i think most of what tsa does is screening. you have to figure out a way do it. you have to look at intelligence. look who is here. we know isis has had reconnaissance here. we have to find a way to find them before they find us. >> well put, colonel. good seeing you again. sorry under these circumstances. so much we don't know. this much we do. nine people who were looking forward to a wonderful christmas aren't going to have one and dozens of others are in bad shape. we will see you tomorrow.
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
this is a fox news alert. we are watching events in berlin, germany, where police say nine are dead and 50 injured after a truck plowed into a christmas market. german police saying a suspect was arrested and authorities are checking if it was the driver of the truck. german police say a passenger is dead. the justice minister says prosecutors are taking over the investigation at this time. we will bring you alerts throughout the program on the developing news story. this is obviously something that's happening here, during the holidays, but also a lot of mixed messages information coming out at this time about


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