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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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tomorrow night mean tweets are back. send cruelest, most unfair savage to us at turcotte carlson or email "tucker carlson tonight" at the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity and smugness. o'reilly. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> talking points believes if the intel is correct and russian hackers working for putin did indeed intrude on the american election then obama must take action. >> that was my advice to president obama almost a month before the election. no democrats backed me up. now they're screaming about russian hacking. we'll tell you what's really going on here. >> donald trump elected, in my mind is far from legitimate at this point. >> the far left continuing to embarrass itself even as the electoral college. we'll see to it that donald trump takes office on january 20th. we'll update you on that. >> what has been the general consensus amongst the community about this symbol.
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>> people are really upset about it. >> watters confronting a satanic intrusion into christmas. >> victims a season of love and that symbol represents hate. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we have a special report in the terrorism in berlin and germany coming up. fake news that is the story of talking points memo. the factor has not covered anything about the electoral college vote because it's a completely phony story. donald trump will be the next president. doesn't matter if one or two electoral delegates defect. the left-wing press blowing the story up because they want to make trump look bad. not because it's any basis
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in reality. if there were to be chaos in the electoral college, the house of representatives simply certify donald trump as president on january 6th. so, again, it's a phony story. and all of those so-called journalists who participate in it are misleading you. now, on to russian hacking. that's a real story. and we spotlighted it back on october 12th. >> talking points believes that if the intel is correct and russian hackers working for putin did indeed intrude on the american election, president obama must take action. first, he must speak directly to the american people about the evidence and second he must apply sanctions against the putin government. these cyber attacks are just that attacks. so let's get on it, mr. president. >> but president obama did not get on it. did not debrief the american people. did not do anything as far as we can tell. also when i made that statement in october, no
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democrat said yeah, o'reilly is right. let's go. president obama should confront the russians with something more than words. what democrat said that. but now they are whining all over the place. as for the president he says he took action but obviously according to his own people, that action did absolutely nothing. >> president obama also said friday that the cyber attacks stopped after he warned putin at an international conference in september. you've been briefed on the party's computer system. is that right? they stopped? >> no. they did not stop. they came after us every day until the end of the election. they tried to hack into our system repeatedly. >> ms. brazil by the way greatly embarrassed because some of the hacked email showed her dishonestly feeding goes hillary clinton before cnn appearances when she was working over there. ms. brazil says she didn't
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do anything wrong but again those emails are very troubling for her and for cnn. now the bigger picture. we are living in a very dangerous world. just today in turkey the russian ambassador was shot dead by this nut. he was screaming allah is great. and railing about the situation in syria. dead man is on the floor behind him. in berlin, germany, a man driving a truck ran over scores of people at a christmas market. you can bet it's another act of terrorism as the body count piles up. the action specifically intended to bring harm in the christmas season. we'll have more details shortly. now, the president of the united states is not responsible for terrorist acts but he is to be held accountable for actions of reprisal. again, talking points says that talking tough is clearly not a strategy and doing nothing to the bad guys empowers them. it's clear hillary clinton and the democratic party did not believe that the russian hackers would derail their
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presidential chances. so, no pressure was put on president obama to stop the madness when it was uncovered. but now it's a different story. >> we have to recognize that as the latest report made clear vladimir putin himself directed the covert cyber attack against our electoral system, against our democracy apparently because he has a personal beef against me. >> mrs. clinton speaking at a private party. of course, somebody taped her people tape people every second and put that audio on their website. it seems to me that putin's alleged favoring of trump, if that's a fact, may be very large mistake. by putting some very tough generals in charge of the defense department and national security, a message being sent to putin and to
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the world don't mess with the u.s.a. clear the russian leader and other tyrants ran wild and the obama administration did not or could not stop them. i guess it's possible that putin just dislikes hillary clinton and believes he can manipulate donald trump. but that's speculation. right now the american public really doesn't know what the blank happened because the obama administration will not tell us. so now congress is getting involved. >> we need to get to the bottom of this. we need to find out exactly what was done and what the implications of the attacks were, especially if they had an effect on our election. there is no doubt they were interfering and no doubt it was a cyber attack. >> talking points believes senator mccain is in a very good position to gather facts and tell the folks what exactly happened and how it pertained to the presidential vote. now, we hope mr. mccain will
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do that. we all should know. as for donald trump, he should stay out of it. until he gets into office. and begins being briefed by the people he is has appointed to intelligence positions. the obama folks aren't going to level with trump no. way that's going to happen. last week we suggested to the president-elect that he not participate in speculation about the russian hacking. again, it makes no sense, it happened on barack obama's watch. let him deal with it. talking points believes that the russian government was involved in embarrassing the democratic party. i don't know why. that's a joivet cia to find that out. talking points does not believe the hacking caused hillary clinton's defeat. that's a phony line of reportage. the american people do not care very much about what john podesta said or what donna brazile did. those are secondary issues. the left is desperately certaining for some reason to explain by secretary clinton and the democratic party lost so badly in
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november. yes, i know the popular vote went to mrs. clinton but it was all california. every fair-minded person knows that take that progressive state out of the mix, it was a decisive win for trump in almost every category. summing up, the left-wing media has an agenda. that trump did not win the elections fairly. the democratic party has an agenda. but the russians threw the election to donald trump. neither of those things are true. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, bernie goldberg will tell me where i'm going wrong on this. and later two terror attacks today even as president obama says the world is safer because of his administration. also, watters reporting on a satanic crew crying to diminish christmas and hanukkah in florida. the factor is coming right back. for lower back pain sufferers the search for relief often leads... here,
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>> continuing now with lead story phony reporter. the purveyor of bernard a column fake news posted on his website. took trump hour and a half to get to 270 electoral votes. is he there. he is the president. but how many reports did we see on these stupid cable networks, not fnc, although i think there was a few stupid reports here too. all the electoral college is going to defect. i mean, really.
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come on. all right. i don't want to nitpick your many, many talking points and it's not so much that we disagree, i just want to fine tuna couple of your points. one of them is the one you just made. you say the media should have stayed out of the electoral college defector story because it wasn't going anywhere. >> right. >> you are absolutely right. absolutely right. it wasn't going anywhere. but i think they should have covered it this way. as a last ditch desperate effort by some liberal democrats to delegitimize trump's presidency even before he takes office. that i believe. >> that would have been okay. do you know how many people have walked up to me in the last two weeks and said gee, is there really a problem with the electoral college? civilians, people that just recognize me. come on. >> there isn't. and you're right. if they covered it the way you said, you're right. but if they covered it the
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way i would like, then it's worth mentioning. the second point you said that donald trump should stay out of the russian hacking story until he becomes president. here's what i would have suggested in your talking points. whatever happened, whatever -- donald trump would say. this whatever happened, when i become president, mr. putin, we will not tolerate any interference, any interference with our democratic institutions. you could have put those words. >> yeah, but putin denies it that's another waste of time. my point is this. there is no win for trump on this. >> bill, it's also a waste of time to tell the mainstream media what you think they should do. >> , no, no, no. >> while we are wasting time. >> it's not a waste of time. do you know the heavy hits that the national liberal media has taken the last six months? they are never coming back. this is just another grenade
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right into their nest. but for the nation, for the good of the people, the people want donald trump to succeed as president. injecting himself into speculation is -- it's a waste of his time and a waste of the country's time. wouldn't you agree. how about this speculation that you could have mentioned in your talking points but you didn't. donald trump recently said that why should we believe the cia on this hacking story when they got 9/11 wrong? well, if the cia said something that barack obama didn't like, you and 99.99% of your audience would have jumped all over barack obama for such a reckless statement. you could have mentioned that in your talking points, but you didn't. >> because it doesn't have anything to do with the essential point that the media is making up phony stories. i could have mentioned a lot of things in there.
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it's not about trump. all my advice to trump is to stay out of it. that wasn't a wise statement i agree with you. and if he had stayed out of it. he wouldn't have made it my advice holds. all right? it holds. but the story is that forget about fake news on the internet. you're getting fake news on cable television and in the newspaper. you're getting phony reportage. they all knew electoral college thing was phony yet they pumped it up. >> well, they pumped it up because they wanted to the delegitimize donald trump. >> they wanted him to make bad, sure. >> what i was i was saying to you apparently without success. what was i saying to you that story is legitimate if you play it fairly and to play it fairly is to say it's a desperate attempt by some people on the left to make this guy fail even before he takes office. >> okay. >> that's a legitimate story. >> you see, that's like
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saying voirl going to go to antarctica and rescue penguins. all right? because. >> you are saying it's not going to happen. i don't deal with that i just deal with cold hard facts. and with two stories are made up totally fabricated, one the electoral college made, they're going to embarrass him, everybody knew it was bull. and, putin threw the election to trump. that's another bull story. and everybody knows it's bull. >> well, nobody knows that part of the story. let's be fair. it may be bull. >> putin influence one vote? >> hold on, hold on. >> no he didn't throw it to trump. he may have tried to. >> yes. i tried to hit like babe ruth and i couldn't do it. >> well, there is a good reason for that. but don't say so what because you don't believe that. if he tried to do that. if he attempted to do that.
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>> and barack obama should have scorched him and he didn't. so blame it on obama. >> and donald trump should make clear that if it turns out to be that, he will scorch him. >> okay. that's a legitimate point but not until he gets in. not until he gets. in. >> this is important. but you, bill, as a very smart and very influential member of the media. >> and handsome. >> and handsome. very important. can try to influence donald trump. >> i'm not going to try to influence donald trump. i'm not. i'm going to tell him -- i'm going to suggest politely and respectfully when he does something good, which he did and we will tell you at the end of the show and when he does something bad. did it same thing to barack obama. i make suggestions to the country but not for the president's well-being. that's not my job. all right. bernie goldberg, everybody. read his column on the fake news. a good one. when we come right back, president obama sees america as far more influential in
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the world, even as new terror attacks stun everybody. and then later watters investigating a satanic attack on christmas. tell you about the make america great again hats that donald trump signed to help wounded vets. this is quite a story. those reports upcoming. see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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>> impact segment tonight, two awful terror attacks today one in turkey, the other one in germany. this man shot the russian ambassador to turkey dead in ankara. he was screaming allah is great and all kinds of stuff about syria. in germany terrorists plowed through a christmas marketed in a truck killing at least nine. hurting at least 50 others. this athaksin larr to the
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one in neech niche, france last summer has isis written all over it. president obama leaves office in 32 days and he is going out with this belief and almost every country on earth sees america as stronger and more respected today than they did 8 years ago. in other words, by so many measures our country is stronger and more prosperous than it was when we started. >> but is that true? joining us from washington brad sherman democratic congressman from california, senior member of the house foreign affairs committee. so random terror is not receding, congressman, i'm not sure where mr. obama is getting his kind of positive outlook about the power of the united states. we have not been able to really contain this terrorism. >> well, since 9/11 when we lost over 3,000 people we shouldn't be shocked that there are additional terrorist attacks there was a mess in the bush administration, the middle east is still a mess. but america is more
5:23 pm
prosperous, more respected in the world and i think we have made some progress. we got bin laden. but i don't think the president would ever claim that he has eliminated islamic extremism terrorism. >> he believes we have more steam in the world. that's a subjective thing. you believe it. i don't. i point to sifer syria where a half million civilians have been killed. 11 million displaced from their homes. many of them overrunning europe right now. this happened entirely on president obama's watch he has been totally ineffective in stopping this roar roar. and i think nations around the world understand that there is only one country that could have stopped it. and that's the u.s.a. >> well, the obama administration has avoided having thousands of american casualties in an unnecessary war. had we taken over syria, we would have lost. >> nobody is suggesting that. >> well, it's -- i think the
5:24 pm
president is -- is right to say that if we had taken over the whole country. >> nobody is suggesting that the america take over the whole country. >> i agree. had we acted earlier, i know that congressman edg ingle and i and many others were supporting arming the reasonable syrians. >> that did not happen. >> that did not happen. >> all right. but here's what should have happened in my opinion. when assad used the poison gas, obama could have acted and what he could have done was bombed the syrian air force and taken out all of their air force, destroyed it all. we have taken one day. therefore, they couldn't have done the horrors that they did in aleppo and other places from the air. all right? could have -- he would have been justified in doing it and other nations would have supported that. maybe not iran, maybe not putin but certainly nato would have supported it. the second thing he could have done. >> not one member of congress, right, perhaps as
5:25 pm
many as one member of congress stood up and called for that action at the time. >> okay. not my job. >> he got the exact opposite response. now, one of the reasons for that was by the mere act of asking congress made congress and the american people think that he was aiming to do something far. >> he had the power as you know to order a military attack and bomb their air force and destroy their planes and did he not do it and that's what he should have done. >> hindsight is always 2020. >> no hindsight, i said it at the time. i said it the day. no hindsight. second thing is a refugee problem is that nato forces should have gone in there and created safe zones and they didn't. now you have millions of people trying to get to europe. many of them women and children. many of them dying and it's insane. this is not how the world is supposed to run, congressman. >> i would like to see a world ran far better. >> what? >> i would like to seat entire world without these kind of catastrophes.
5:26 pm
>> but it's not going to happen if there is no leadership. ' there has got to be leadership. >> yeah. but the fact is that we could have taken some steps towards syria. >> and didn't. >> it would have cost us thousands of our own soldiers lives. >> no you wouldn't have had to put ground forces in there nato forces and done it from the air. >> you are going to persuade italians and polls and french mens to i do because americans won't. >> in nato wouldn't step up and create safe zones for those poor people over there, people being half million being slaughtered then nato should go out of business. that's what nato is in business to do. >> the tuckerrish air force could have taken out the syrian air force. >> we're going to depend on turkey to make the world a safer place. >> you are depending on nato and turkey is the largest nato military force in the area. >> nato has not been used. final thing the iraq debacle, isis, you all know that the jay vee remark and all of that no doubt that
5:27 pm
mr. obama miscalibrated isis. and so, again, when you add syria, and isis and china and their fear o -- sphere of influence expanding. >> far fewer american casualties i than the entire administration. a much more prosperous economy and a president that is respected and liked around the world. those are important factors that need to be pointed out as well. >> all right, congressman, good debate. we appreciate you coming on. thanks. meant more as the factor moves along this evening. california and new york defying president-elect trump over illegal immigration we're investigating. watters on a very nasty situation in florida where satan people are attacking christmas. >> what do you think about the devil here in the park? >> kind of crazy. i mean, it's right next to the nativity scene, supposed to be celebrating christmas. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports. see me. see me.
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>> facfact for follow-up segment tonight the far left refusing to accept the election of donald trump. as we told you in the talking points mr. trump will be sworn in as the next president and stories that say he will not be are fabricated garbage. no matter how you see the election, the far left is never going to accept it. >> donald trump's election in my mind is far from legitimate at this point. i have have every issue in the world with the fact that hillary clinton gets closer
5:31 pm
and closer every day to to a 3 million vote lead against donald trump. i have every issue in the world with the fact that electors feel like they can't in some instances in good conscience support this man as president. >> joining us now from boston, mary anne marsh and kelly rid del. opinion editor at the "washington times." ms. riddle, as i just reported it took an hour to get mr. trump 270 votes so he is president. i don't want to be uncharitable because mary anne knows me for a long time and that's not my modus operandi i'm warm and cuddly. >> it's the holiday season. >> that woman who gets paid by cnn putting out there on a consistent basis that, you know, there was going to be a revolution in the electoral college and she had to know that that was false. and i think the far left and she is one of them, hurts itself by doing. this do you agree?
5:32 pm
>> yeah. i absolutely agree. and i agree for two reasons. first, is that there are millions of democrats in fly over country in america who feel that their party is really out of touch. that they don't understand how globalism has affected them in their every day lives. they decided to switch over and vote for trump this time around just because he addressed their economic concerns and they felt like with him he gave them a voice. something that the democratic party hasn't been doing. and by doubling down and going so far left as to call for a revolution with the electoral college today "the washington post put out an heditorial blaming climate change on the electoral college. how far left are you going to go. >> what was the point of the climate change? what happened there? >> well, it's basically because -- it's basically because california, you know, what gave hillary clinton the popular vote and california is right on the cusp of all of climate change and at the forefront of this environmental
5:33 pm
revolution. so you know maybe if we went with the popular vote we would have better climate change. >> better for the environment. >> yes, yes. >> had hillary clinton been president. >> yes. >> that doesn't bother me because that's "the washington post editorial board. they wanted a democrat. they're liberal people. that's what they want. that's fine. but lying about stuff, mary anne, that's not fine. and diminishing people who voted for donald trump, that's now -- now that gets my ire up. i'm going to come after you if you do that. am i wrong? >> i think there are two things going on here, bill. there was a campaign, an effort to try to switch some of the electors. was that ever going to work? highly unlikely there was an effort and there were ads and we have seen all of that i think on the topic of delegitimizing trump. i think the lesson many at the people learned is that there is not a political price to be paid for it in fact, it's rewarded. and donald trump is the example. who spent the better part of eight years delegitimizing barack obama. questioning his citizenship, and then used that to launch
5:34 pm
a presidential campaign and rewarded with 672 million votes in the process. even when obama presented his birth certificate. trump wasn't shunned, he launched his presidential campaign off of that so i think you are going to continue to see people to opposing donald trump for those very reasons about questions regarding this election, the investigation into the russian well because of that. >> you are not going to accept the election results as the far left isn't accepting them, do you hurt your own cause, mary anne? yes or no? >> i just answered no because i saw donald trump parlayed it into being president of the united states. >> trump did something that wasn't smart. it's smart for the far left to do something dumb, too. that's your argument? and you are a kennedy school harvard grad? that's your arguement? that's it. >> you need to be intellectually consistent. >> as long as i understand there is something dumb works, i should too something dumb. not going to happen.
5:35 pm
i don't care if it works. >> really? >> in regards to mary anne's argument though donald trump is going to be the president of the united states. that was confirmed today. so democrats, going into 2018, especially on the senate side has 10 seats up for grabs in states that donald trump won. ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin, west virginia, all vulnerable democrats that from a policy standpoint it seems like what the country wants is they want results. they want change and they want results. democrats are going to need to address the concerns of middle america. the people that put donald trump in power and that is their own. >> the president said that but they're not going to do that not yet. >> they can't be viewed as obstructionist. >> they're going to hope that donald trump self-destructs in the white house and they can walk n four years and take it away from them. that's their hope. they are not going to go out to youngstown, ohio. come on. they have no interest in that. here is the speculation, ladies, i usually don't do it. if the election were held
5:36 pm
tomorrow, say we have another election,trump would win even bigger because of the behavior on the other side. ladies, we appreciate it thank you very much. directly ahead. new york and california staring down president-elect trump over illegal immigration. we will have the latest for you. watters with the christmas story that will make you angry. involves satan. back in a moment. this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car.
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the unresolved problem segment tonight. pledging to report criminal illegal aliens what we are going to do is get the people criminal records, drug dealers. we have a lot of these
5:40 pm
people. probably 2 million. could be 3 million. we are getting them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate. getting them out of our country. >> now, in order to track down criminal aliens, the feds will need the cooperation of local and state authorities but in california and here in new york. that could be a problem. >> if the federal government wants our police officers to tear immigrant families apart. we will refuse to do it. >> we are saying that if you are an immigrant, you are welcome here in california. >> as they always do the left wing fanatics and both of those gentlemen fall in that category conflate alien criminals, people who shot kate steinle for example, with housekeepers and gardeners. there is no difference to them. they did that when the despicable harry reid shall kate's law that's what he did. how do you see this looming showdown between california,
5:41 pm
new york and trump, reuben? >> bill, good to be with you again. history tells us lose the federal sphrem is i clause. any time the federal government comes up against a local state a renegade state that doesn't want to follow the law. they are going to lose. i find it interesting that a lot of liberals in california are cast in the role of being the new george wallace from alabama. 50 years ago was a different story with renegade states in the south. now you have them doing the same thing in new york. >> very good point. you know, desegregation orders came from washington. and governor wallace of alabama refused to obey them and therefore the kennedy's have to send the national guard down which they did and imposed the desegregation orders in the schools. this is a little bit more personal than that. okay? it will being there to see if president trump tries to make an example of san
5:42 pm
francisco and new york city. and tries to go in hard and say this is what you are going to do and if you don't do it, say goodbye to your federal money. interesting to see. i don't know whether he will or not. >> well, i think, bill, have you got to be careful. when you are looking at new york and chicago and san francisco, they have tried to pull the wool over people's eyes and pretend to be much more liberal in this regard than they really are. if you read those statutes huge loopholes created by lawyers to allow the federal government to arrest and apprehend people in those places. so rahm emanuel and chicago. >> you know the county of san francisco being sued by the steinle family because they flat out refused to hold the man who allegedly killed kate steinle, all right. even though ice directly requested that that man be held. >> right. >> because he had six deportations and seven felonies. the sheriff of san francisco county said blank you federal government. we're letting them out. where upon he kills steinle.
5:43 pm
ms. steinle. >> right. >> so the law is on the side of the federal government. but if you're gonna have anarchy, if you are going to have a san francisco county say we're not going to obey the law, something has to be done to them. >> so here's my thing. how is it for instance bill de blasio has been mayor of new york in three years. in those four years he has managed dee dee port 400 million people from the new york. chicago the same thing. if these iran clad have been in fact and applied aggressively in those places that would have never happened. what i'm telling you is that democrats are lying to america. trying to pretend to be progressive and liberal and fight trump in reality they have always built in loopholes to allow people to be apprehended. >> little bit different because the immigration courts have nothing to do with the local government here. when it gets dicey is when there is a criminal and this is what trump says. is he going after the criminal aliens. not the gardeners. the criminals being held.
5:44 pm
all right, ice should be informed if it's an illegal alien. right away, bang. it goes on the twiewrt. and then ice determines when or if it's going to pick them up, okay? >> yeah. >> they do that in the sanctuary cities. that's the crux of the matter. most of the deportations under president obama happened at the border, reuben. that's 75% of them were just people coming over and then they threw them right back and then they counted them as deportations. so that's a reuse. real thing they won't cooperate in new york and chicago and l.a. and san francisco. trump is going to have to do something. last word. >> what i'm saying is that under the democratic administration of barack obama, those cities have cooperated. those people were removed. and they were removed because as we talked about before, union members want them gone. they don't want to compete with those people. the democrats have been able to have their cake and eat it too. pretend to be more liberal than they really are. >> all right. that may be true. i'm not sure but we will look into it reuben, thanks
5:45 pm
very much. we appreciate it watters on deck. nasty story out of florida. some supporters of satan trying to diminish christmas down there. watters is next. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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>> back of the book segment tonight. rocca rotan, florida tradition of placing a menorah and nativity scene in the park. this year supporters of satan erected pentagram in satan we trust and hail satan not gods. prompted outrage but the satan thing is not illegal. so we sent watters to boca to check out the situation. >> the display in one south
5:49 pm
florida city has many people feeling disturbed. >> clergy members call it an evil symbol. >> the man behind the satanic display is preston smith. >> when you heard this joker was putting up a satanic symbol next to christian symbols how did that make you feel? >> i felt that he was being very hypocritical because he is advocating for freedom from religion in public places yet he is using a religious symbol and a provocative one at that to make his point. >> we are in the public sphere here and you have the nativity scene. >> along with baby jesus. >> along with baby jesus and literally 20 yards to the left you have this satanic symbol right here. how does this make you feel? >> it's very disappointing. it's too bad. i mean i believe in everyone having expression and respecting each other's religion this is not respecting anyone's religion. >> city councilman can't you
5:50 pm
crack down on this offensive and ridiculous symbol? >> no. i think we have to recognize that we have constitutional guarantees even if it's an offensive attitude, we have to acknowledge it and tolerate it. >> how long have you been mayor here? >> i have been the mayor for three years. i have been on the city council for 15 in total. it and >> how long have you been the mayor? >> 15 years in total of the city council. >> have you seen this? >> we have had a menorah and and then there's this offensive display. we assume he put in it boca to get more attention. >> christmas is a season of peace and love and that symbol respects hate and despair. they can put it up any time of the year. that's not a christmas symbol. >> what's the consensus of the society? >> they don't understand why the city is allowing it to be there and all a first amendment issue. >> i'm not a guy to believe in certain religions but seeing
5:51 pm
this, i'm just saying, wow. you know? get the freedom of speech. this is what you get. >> as one of the faith leaders in the community, we would lick to invite him to our faith traditions and worship services so that he could experience firsthand the love and grace revealed to us through jesus christ. >> we'll see if he shows up. preston? we just wanted to know why you put up that satanic symbol on the public sphere there. why are you trying to attack christmas? what do you have against christmas, preston? >> i have a christmas symbol in my living room and you can take it back to your home and put it in yours. that's where it belongs. >> another profile in courage? >> coward. >> all cowards. >> didn't want to say anything. >> preston? >> preston smith. sounds like an atheist. >> what does he do? >> a middle school teacher in
5:52 pm
boca baton. i don't know if they know what he's doing. >> a teacher and he's an atheist. and he wants to disrupt the holiday display. >> i'm wondering if he put up a swastika, would they allow that? >> good point. you know, that's a good point. >> hate speech, right? >> hate speech and satan, hate. >> the devil next to baby jesus is kind of nasty. >> it is. definitely nasty. i'm glad you ran him down. this guy -- you know, but all of them are alike. >> hiding his face. >> just stand up and explain yourself. at least we eat have a little respect for you. >> right. >> now, watters, you know, you had a good year. 2016. >> thank you. >> you have a look for '17. >> the backstreet boys look. i was wearing a hat earlier. >> is that right? >> got a hair cut and this is what happened. >> something hiding in that thing up there? >> you don't want to find out. >> for sure. thank you for a god year. >> thank you. >> we'll check you out in
5:53 pm
january. a quick reminder, watters will join dennis miller and me in tulsa, oklahoma, for his first live show ever at the bok arena on friday, january 13th. that should be a spectacle. miller and i will not help him. if he dies -- >> i don't need any help. >> if he dies -- a few tickets remain in nebraska and centurylink. make great gifts. i'm not sure about the pent gram. you can check it out on bill o' donald trump helping us raise money for wounded vets. the tip moments away. t i keep ig by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line.
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5:57 pm
california community college teacher. there are supposed to be rules against bias on the campus but the faculty organizations are ruled by liberals so nothing is enforced. notice the teachers don't want their names published. says a lot. brian of new york, your talking points are leaving me flabbergasted. is there nothing else going on in the world other than crazy college professors and a faux war on christmas? both of those have outstanding ratings and maybe it's you. mike boyd, california, bill, you failed to fine karl rove for saying at the end of the day. i have no power to do that. he works for fnc, not me. by the way, two other overused phrases are the rage in the media. what do you make of that? and deep dive. now, they are put them on the fine list. if you hear them here, what do you make of that?
5:58 pm
that means that the interviewer doesn't have a question. that's what it means. barbara and bob, las vegas, bill, we both believe you did an excellent job covering the election. it took quite a bit of skill interviewing trump because you have known him so many years. i appreciate your noticing. thank you. dave, new york, i'm a substitute teacher and read page 47 of killing the rising sun in history class. the looks on the faces of the students was priceless. that page deals with the japanese atrocities. and quite something. finally tonight, tip of the day, we auctioned off some make america great again hats to benefit the fisher house. the hats signed by president-elect trump. and in a generous offer, signed even more hats to help the charity so the fisher house giving families of severely wounded veterans a comfortable place to live while loved ones are in treatment benefit greatly. final tally for the hats --
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6:00 pm
tomorrow. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill 0 o'reilly. remember that the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, europe. once again, on edge as the islamic state claims responsibility for a man plowing a truck into a crowded christmas traffic in germany's capital. there are multiple fatalities. welcome, everyone. i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly. what is believed to be a deliberate attack, a truck driving at high speeds plowed into a christmas market famous in europe this time of year. this one in berlin in the busiest evening hours. there are a number of deaths. at least 50 are said to be injured. you see the scenes. from t


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