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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 20, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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mass murder at a christmas market in germany now investigated back to terror. >> 12 people are dead and dozens more injured after a semi-truck plowed through a crowd of tourists in berlin. >> devastating information about the man behind the wheel. >> good morning, amy. >> hi, heather and clayton. police in germany are calling it a probable terror attack saying it is a psychological impact of words. they have been careful to choose them. they have seen them only on what they know to be facts. what we are hearing during the media reports is that the driver cause a 23-year-old refugee. he had been known for petty crimes. they are referring to him they arrived in pakistan and germany a year ago. he plowed into an upper market
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park of west berlin. it was owned by a polish company and had according to the owners italy first to pick up a shipment of steel and was transporting that steel to germany. the owner believes the truck was hijacked. the polish driver was his cousin. a polish passenger was found dead in a passenger seat either stabbed or shot to death. he may have originally been the driver and believed to have been completely uninvolved in the attack. >> a lot of people running away. we know it was wrong but we started seeing the looks on people's faces. >> i felt several other people lift. >> the suspect is in the refugee
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center. he is believed to have lived and raided this morning by police. they are saying they plan to continue to have such festive events and market the country to the holiday season. >> thanks, amy. >> we learn the state department warned isis could target christmas markets just three weeks ago. kelly wright is live in washington with more on that. >> the white house is extending thoughts and prayers at this time to those attacked in berlin. the obama administration is offering assistance to germany as they investigate this horrific incidents. the state department warned isis they are targeting the european christmas market in the attack. warning credible information indicated isis, al qaeda and
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their affiliates with focus on attacking holiday festival events and outdoor markets. president elect donald trump blamed islamic terrorists. today there were terror attacks in turkey, switzerland and germany. it is only getting worse. the civilized world must chang thinking. our prayers go out to the victims of today's terror attacks and families. they tell isis and other ter terrorist groups would lake to carry out the same thing right here in america. they threatened to strike macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> we have not implemented a policy which works to get ahead of these folks. we have lost momentum while gaining ground in mosul and
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iraq. the rest of the world is on fire. as pete said we have to be concerned about our up coming events. christmas, new year as eve and inauguration, big targets. must remind us of the need to redouble our efforts at home to combat extremism. >> thousands of miles to turkey. the u.s. embassy thwarting an attack by gunmen who fired a dozen rounds into the air failing to make it inside. no one was injured but it comes just hours after the horrific fascination of russia's ambassador to turkey. that gunman and his apparent
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tie. they shot the ambassador multiple times in the back screaming allah akbar. we die in aleppo you die here. russia is sending diplomats calling this an act of terror. the u.s. is the same. >> third objective outside of a slick mosque. his body was found where hours earlier he stormed into a crowded mosque and opened fire out of washington. they are ramping up security from the attack busy in a red light district. >> a u.s. drone was ceased from the south china sea as tensions run high between washington and beijing. they are slamming them for what they are calling unlawful seizure of the unmanned vessel.
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they were conducting routine operations in international waters. china returning the drone close to the site where it was actually taken last thursday. a record number of criminals can soon be walking the streets thanks to the obama administration. the president pardoning 78 criminals and commuting sentences of 153 others making the single day record of clemency power in american history. a record he says while on vacation in hawaii. 2014 a way to shorten the sentences of drug offenders. >> president elect donald trump makes it official sailing past the 270 electoral votes. we are live in washington, d.c. with more on the high drama surrounding the vote. good morning, kristin. >> good morning, heather. this is really the last chance
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for members of the movement. stop donald trump from being the 45th president of the united states. despite all of the talk and threats only two republican electors ended up defecting. trump won 304 to clinton's 247. he shares his victory thank you to all of migrate supporters we won the election despite all of the distorted and inaccurate media. texas was a state that put trump over the top. it is the state where it protested the vote. in wisconsin a woman had to be escorted out for standing up and screaming at electors telling them you sold out our country. watch this? >> you don't deserve to be in america. >> this is my america! this is my america!
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my america! this is my america. >> the deepest divisions on display were on the democratic side. one democratic elector in maine tried to elect for clinton after it was ruled improper. the same thing happened in machine minute and colorado but those electors were replaced. in wisconsin electors broke from the popular vote for the first time in four decades. there's still plenty of division out there. it is official donald trump has won the electoral college. technically heather and clayton still not over. >> hbo doesn't want to impact game of thrones. >> thank you, kristin.
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>> pest donald trump has his z president elect donald trump will have fbi agents on his >> search warrant used to reopen hillary clinton's e-mail investigation. it is a warrant used by the feds for traces of classified information stem from clinton's private state department server. she is the said huma abedin. they are blaming james comey for the loss after he opened and closed the probe days before the election. >> a hero gave a proper burial. lee brice honoring troy gilbert whose body is arriving at
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arlington national cemetery. we had her widow on friday on the show to react. >> unimaginable taking it back to arlington national cemetery this time there's a lot more closure to it. >> they reunited gilbert's truck with his children live. 10 minutes after the hour. home land attacks overseas. threat now greater than ever before. why our next guest says president trump is already on the right track to fight back. >> officers under attack. why police say a squad car crash
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>> 12 people are dead dozens injured after a hijacked truck slams into a packed christmas market. >> what does it mean for terrorists this christmas and new years? >> security analyst thank you for driving us this morning. >> i was driving home frl our
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christmas party and there is that christmas village a similar village to what was there in berlin. there were police cruisers lined up all of the way around the perimeter. definitely an increase in security here at home as a result of this. what can we do? >> be vigilant. celebrate christmas and the fact that the caliphate is aware of what we are facing particularly in europe. i can't remember a time when there was this number arrested. take a look he it possible attack. you have to consider it elected. they are planning on trying to do something on the holidays but our fbi and various counter-terrorism personnel around the country are doing their best to stop it. resources are limited and that's
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an unfortunate reality of the times we are living in. >> here is donald trump tweeting this. the civilized world must change their thinking. the isis leaders have been on the run. load der ship is being decimated. >> the first preference of isis supporters is to go into the caliphate as they use the type of paradise on earth they want to experience. it was impossible for them to join the caliphate. they carried out what they pro sided in the united states. as isis is decreasing you see an increase in the number of officers carrying out the hack.
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i will talk about the tweet i was happy with he tweeted a shooting attack on a mosque in switzerland among those three terror attacks in the tweets. the isis narrative there is going to be this big battle between muslim and non-muslim happening in europe which they are saying is a strategy. they want a vote that they want to recruit in europe. pay close attention to how europe is following the latest terror attacks. >> why do you think something like that the attack shooting mosque in switzerland doesn't get as much coverage, we don't hear about that as much? >> it is not covered as an act of war. the reason an isis attack would get more coverage is right now we are in war mode. something like a hate crime is going to get less coverage. it was getting a significant amount of coverage but you have the russian ambassador getting killed on tv ap the terror attack in germany.
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most people forget about the shooting attack on a mask and donald trump did not forget about it. i am glad he made it clear on the world is attacks like that is something he rejects and not something the united states would embrace. there's a division like isis makes it sound like exists. >> always great to see you. thanks so much. appreciate it. thank you, ryan. the time is 18 minutes after the top of the hour. the immigration practice getting worse by the day. the stunning statistics on how many illegals are looking to make it to the promised land before president trump lays done law and order. >> looking for a gift that will take you to a whole new world this holiday season? the best gift to put under the tree.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first." caught coon camera a person sla into a police cruiser with the officer inside. police say this was no accident. >> body camera video capturing the impact of the crash. police in ohio saying the woman behind the wheel admitted she did it on purpose to try to take her own life. >> (indiscernible). >> the woman under going a psych evaluation. >> three orlando nightclub victims now on facebook, twitter and google. tech industry giants are accused of helping radicalize omar mateen. they slammed them for fail to go shut down terror related
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accounts crucial or isis related recruitment and funding. he opened fire inside the packed nightclub before being killed in a shootout with police. new york times twisted a study to make christians seem dumb. the actual pew research center study the article was based on showing jews and christians were the most educated worldwide. the new york times headlines wrote christians in the u.s. are less educated than christian minorities. they favor highly educated immigrants. >> was this year for real? merriam webster announcing the word of 2016 is surreal. it's definition marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream or unbelievable and fantastic. merriam webster says it choose the word due to a spike is searchs after the massacre in
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don't want to lose and track them down with a blue tooth connection or app on the phone whether you left your keys in your jacket or the door you will know exactly where they are. i love that idea. >> i like that, too. >> i didn't know that was under 100 bucks. >> very tool. >> the time is 26 after the top of the hour. president obama isn't just pardoning criminals this holiday season. >> where there's a plan to find the social media site over the fa fake news story he hosts. >> south carolina became the first state in the house just a state from the union. >> in 1957 elvis presley
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received his draft from the u.s. army.
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>> it is tuesday december 20th. this is a fox news lart. the death toll rising after a truck is hijacked and rammed into a crowded christmas market in berlin. now brand new fears of a terrorist attack at home this holiday season. donald trump has become the next president of the united states but enemies already raising millions for his first big political fight. sun city plans ton securing illegals despite the immigration plan. >> the brand new study that
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shows how children feel about gender neutral toys. >> good morning on this tuesday morning. you are watching "fox & friends first." i am clayton morris. >> i am heather childers. let's go back to the fox news alert for you. last murder at the christmas market in germany now believed to be an act of terror. >> dozens more people injured after a truck plows through a crowded tourist in the heart of berlin. >> the utter devastation. we have brand new information about the man who is behind the wheel. >> amy kellogg is behind the breaking development in the story. good morning, amy. >> hi clayton and heather. it would be particularly sickeninging if it turns out the perpetrator, the murderer had been seeking asylum in germany and posing as a refugee. it is hard to believe at this
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point that it is anything but that if the german media reports are to be believed they are saying the man was a 23-year-old from pakistan who had been known to police not for terrorist events but for petty crimes. he had arrived in germany about a year ago. this is the scene this morning. the truck piled into at 8:00 p.m. local time in an up market area in west berlin. the truck plowed into unsuspecting crowds owned by a polish country. the owner going to italy first to pick up a load of steal and he was transporting that steal to berlin. the owner believes the truck was hijackeded polish drive was his cousin. he was found dead in the passenger seat either stabbed or shot to death. he may have originally been the driver and is believed to have been completely uninvolved in
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the attack. here is an eyewitness account. >> he stole the vehicle going through people and stores and pulling everything down and everything went dark. >> so you hear a british accent there. this is not just a german event. i had been to the market some years ago with my mother. we admired nativity scenes made out of all wood. to give you a sense this is a really international scene. indiscriminately people were plowed down. the death toll at 12. 48 youred. the interior ministry said these markets will continue to be open through out the country only not this one today. they will all have tightened
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security. security is being stepped up here as the state department warned isis it could attack christmas markets three weeks ago. kelly wright following that part of our coverage. he joins us live from washington. >> it is another reminder how vigilant america has to be about those carrying out ak acts of violence in america. police are on patrol in events in new york city for example. in days before the macy's thanksgiving day parade isis said it was targeting the event and would seek to use vehicles like heavy trucks to carry out the act. on christmas, new year's eve and inauguration our big targets.
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>> in november state department warned isis was targeting european christmas markets before the drone attack. after the drone attack donald trump treated this. today there were terror attacks in turkey, switzerland and germany. the silver lil civilized world change thinking. secretary of state spokesperson john kirby issued this statement on this christmas market tragedy siting we are deeply saddened by today's horrendous events by a christmas market in berlin. thoughts and prayers are with the family members of those killed. dianne feinstein she is the vice tee.rperson of the senate she said the german attack is yet another reminder of the need to redouble our efforts to combat extremism. >> as a wave of terror is
2:36 am
spreading they are talking about the briefihaving a briefing of attacks. he golfed more than 300 rounds since january 1st. >> once he gets back to work it is not just prisoners the president is pardoning. he's working hard to clean out guantanamo bay. he transfers 17 or 18 terrorists out of the prison before trump takes office settling them in italy and saudi arabia. 41 or 42 prisoners will remain when leave the white house. >> america's southwest border remains under siege. border off iffish shalls reporting that more than 37,000 illeg -- 47 thousand illegal immigrants caught at the border in the month of know alone. that's 1,574 illegals apprehended each day. marks the 5th straight month we have seen the number of illegal immigrants trying to cross the border increase.
2:37 am
one city wants tax payer money to keep them in the area. it will provide legal services to prevent them from being deported. half of the money comes from public funds. the other half would come from private groups. if you haven't loved the house yet, it is freezing outside. it is around 30 below. >> that is whole. >> good morning, janice. >> be careful what you wish for. looks like we are going to see above average temperatures heading into the christmas weekend. see this on the map. all of that is cold air in canada. cold temperatures, 18 rate now in chicago. 35 in far go. 21 in new york, 25 in kansas city.
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still cold. things are starting to relatively speaking warm up. mine minus 8 feels like in detroit. feels like 3 in chicago. minus 5 in marquette. windchills of minus 26 in chicago. so we will take it. look at your new york forecast. the average is around 42. today we are at 34. but we bump up 10 degrees tomorrow. look at monday. 50 degrees. will santa have to wear shorts on the weekend? we will have to wait and see. a quick look at the future radar. we have a quick moving system across the midwest, the northwest remains active. but the good news is we are into a quieter weather pattern, so a warm-up and a quieter weather pattern. i think that's good news. >> i like to see santa in red shorts. >> that would be nice. >> a lot of people say i don't want to see santa in shorts. >> true. thank you so much, janice. >> thanks, janice. >> all right. the time now is 20 men's until the top of the hour.
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donald trump has not spent a day in office, not one yet. but one liberal celebrity all right thinks she can do his job better. >> people when you think that report you should run for president. there's no reason for that. >> there's a difference. when i speak at least you know that i have actually looked stuff up. >> so, wait, wasn't whoopi moving to canada, actually. the outrage her view is causing this morning. >> thanks millennials. thanks. my shirts may not be as snuggley soft because of you. why young people are killing fabric softeners.
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the pixel phone by google, or the motoz droid for only $10 per month. no trade-in required. hurry, these offers end soon. get the best deals and the best network, only on verizon. . . . >> donald trump makes the sales tax of 270 electoral votes to make a white house win p. >> his victory coming despite the left's ditch last minute ditch to flip the electors. good morning, kristin. >> good morning heather and clayton despite all of the talks and threats in the end only two ended up defecting.
2:44 am
that is not to say there weren't plenty of protests. a woman had to be escorted out for screaming at electors screaming at them you sold out our country. >> you don't deserve to be in america. >> this is my america. this is my america! my america! this is my america! >> the deepest divisions on display yesterday were actually on the democratic side. one democratic elector tried to vote for bernie sanders but switched to clinton after it was ruled improper. same in minnesota and colorado but those electors were replaced. one democratic elector -- clinton did not have trouble counting on was her husband. the former president bill clinton said he never cast a vote he was prouder of.
2:45 am
i watched her battle through that bogus e-mail deal and vindicated at the end when secretary powell came out. she fought through that, fought through everything and prevailed through it all. at the end we had the russians and fbi deal and she couldn't prevail against them. clinton may have won the po p layer vote but trump easily won the electoral college 304 to clinton's 227. the only thing that still needs to happen is congress must officially certify the results and that won't happen until after the new year. heather and clayton, it is official but not certified. >> still a lot of complaining from people. >> we may see drama on the floor of congress. >> the "washington post" says there's another problem with the electoral college. it makes it harder to fight global warming. they blame george w. bush's woifrn al gore for delaying the response to the issue.
2:46 am
he expects mr. trump will make it even worse writing the combination of two administrations headed by presidents who lost the popular vote had and will slow our progress down. that delay contributes to an ever worsening climate problem. kids are proving pc police all wrong about gender neutral toys. >> you will shoot your eye out kid. >> almost time for the mare-a-thon. a brand new study shows children as young as 18 months prefer gender specific toys like boys and guns, but the most strong willed group are younger girls who wanted dolls and kitchen toys. >> down tee dilemma. sales of the once popular fabric softener are way down. >> falling 26 percent between 2007 and 2015. for some companies. who do they blame? millennials. the company says millennials
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just don't know what it is used for so they are trying to rebrand the product to boost sales. >> who doesn't want a snuggle soft shirt? millennials don't know what they are missing. >> i love it with my sheets and my toils. >> the producers wrote that in for me. i do love snuggley soft shirts. they don't realize they are breaking down and deteriorating and ruining our clothes. >> now we are going to check in with pete who loves snuggly soft shirts. >> i love good smelling snuggley soft shirts. good morning. thank you for the great work this morning. covering a nbig news day. the country wakes up to another attack in germany. analysis about how to stop the attacks and attackers in their tracks. where these attacks are coming from which is critical to understand. plus why it is critical we secure our own borders here at home. former cia director james woolsey is here and kansas
2:48 am
secretary of state crisco vhris. stick around. we will be right here. >> thanks, pete. we will be right back. push ♪ music playing
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one celebrity is saying to our president-elect before he served one day in office. >> fox news headlines 24/7. here with what's trending this morning. >> that celebrity is whoopi goldberg. >> would you vote for whoopi goldberg? she might want you to. on monday's episode of "the view." she said she's more qualified to
2:52 am
be president than donald trump. >> when i speak, at least you know that i've actually looked stuff up. they know that i've had a wide variety of lives. they think maybe i know some stuff. when you bring uphillry, i think to myself, she may not have been the best candidate for people, but i know she knew what she was doing. >> google is helpful. goldberg is one of the many celebrities who said they would leave the country if the election did not go their way. >> i believe that. she was in sister act. absolutely. >> she was a pretty good nun. >> germany, they're doing some of the facebook. facebook maybe has met its match. >> yeah. they want facebook to pay a fine for fake news. the german government is planning a law that would force the social media company to pay over $500,000 per fake news post. the law gives facebook 24 hours to delete the story before imposing the penalty.
2:53 am
ministers are preparing to introduce the bill next year. this comes amid fears that fake news stories could affect their national election in 2017. facebook is currently working on ways to curb misinformation, including the hiring of third-party fact checkers. >> you do that. >> carley, people gathering around the artichoke dishes at the holidays. do canadians know how to make this? >> does it look like this newscaster is hosting a dinner party any time soon? traffic reporter leslie horton shared her artichoke dip with her new team and let's just say, she should not quit her day job. >> i didn't want to make anything. this is artichoke dip. how does it smell? >> it's like vinegar or something. >> i thought it smelled like a barn. >> good sign, guys. >> horton later tweeting that her artichoke dip to
2:54 am
just simply, choke dip. >> she said she didn't -- this is the news i love. >> most my afternoon yesterday. i said she said she didn't bother cooking it for the segment. she said she ran out of time. >> she wanted to make some fruitcake or something which is also a bad idea. >> she didn't try it herself first? >> she put it in the oven. >> are you good cooks? better than that? >> i'm good at macaroni and cheese. >> i'm envisioning you in an apron. >> the toll house cookies in a roll. you chop them up, put them on the pan. >> that's your speed? >> 20 minutes. >> that's my speed, too. >> the cookie dough. >> i'm a better partygoer than party planner. >> thanks, carley. >> talking about social media sites, should they be held liable for giving a platform to terrorists and fake news? join the conversation on the "fox and friends" facebook first
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before you leave the house, german officials calling the mass murder at christmas market
2:59 am
a suspected act of terror. 12 people ted, nearly 50 injured after a truck slammed into a crowd. the driver is being questioned. the fbi's warrant that reopened hillary clinton's e-mail probe is being made public. clinton supporters blaming her election loss on that investigation. michigan attorney general set to announce more charges in the flint water crisis. nine people are charged in connection with the -- the out break of legionnaires' disease. up first the good. salvation army seeing a 61% spike in online donations since sunday. that's when dallas cowboys ezekiel elliott celebrated a touchdown by jumping inside that giant red kettle. bad to play ice hockey without ice. the stadium's ice freezing machine blew out.
3:00 am
fans not so happy. finally, the ugly. trying to hit a golf ball in a frozen lake. not too smart. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. >> have a great day. bye. good morning. it's tuesday, december 20th. we start with a fox news alert. a wave of terror attacks sweeping the world with incidents in berlin, germany. in turkey, in zurich and switzerland as well. >> in berlin, a dozen people are dead this morning and dozens more hurt after a semi trailer truck that had just turned off its lights smashed into a busy christmas market 40 miles per ho hour. in turkey, ambassador assassinated by an off-duty police officer on live tv. >> in


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