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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 20, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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always say. they have been looking into it. they don't quite have the correction whether or not he was involved but they feel as if it looks like they are uncertain the driver has been apprehended. >> keep it here on fox. >> stay here. bill: thank thank you. 9:00 o'clock in new york city. police now searching for a driver that plowed into a christmas market in berlin. there's a lot we don't know but we are going to work through the story and many others too. big day news. heather: i'm heather childress here for martha macallum. police think they have the wrong man in custody. they are treating this incident as terror though there has been no claim of responsibility. here is what we know.
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witnessing describing the terrifying moments when it all started. >> as we were leaving, the large truck came through. it wept passed me and my girlfriend, it missed by 3 meters. bill: let's begin our coverage in west berlin. live in the capitol city. confusion over the past three hours. what can we report now? >> hello, bill, once again we are coming from the heart of the european capital, once again it looks like we are coming to you from a scene of terror just behind us in the christmas market at the very center of berlin, less than 24 hours ago a scene of joy and then turned into a scene of terror and bloodshed. we will show you the tracks of this truck, 7 and a half ton
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truck moving 40 miles an hour going right up into this christmas market area. you can see the christmas trees, they are standing but if we look further, you can see the destroyed tops of the huts and stalls, people were at them and they were killed and they were injured. 12 people in fact, were killed, 48 injured. many of them in serious condition. now, to that big question that the authorities are facing that you mention, bill, who did it? up until about two hours ago, the police sounded like they had a their man, 23-year-old man from pakistan, asylum seeker, refugee that thought he got into this truck just outside of berlin, hijacked it and then did the business and then left. fled the truck and went about a mile away where the police caught him. he denied that he did it and again, we just heard when the
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police chief in berlin that they don't think that that person was the man, they are not certain about that and they are now looking for, again, a man who was involved in this active terror and he is armed, he killed the driver of the truck, he stabbed the driver of the truck, he is dangerous. who is responsible now, bill, that's the next question. there's been no solid claim of responsibility. it has all the hallmarks of something we can expect from isis, you were there in nice, i was there, it looks very much like that that horror that left 86 people left in the french resort city just a couple of months ago, once again a truck going into a crowd. we had the warnings coming from the u.s. state department and authorities here that these christmas markets could be targeted by terrorist, could be targeted by terrorists, but again, there's a no claim of responsibility. finally, bill, we have been hearing from officials, specially angela merkel, german
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chancellor, she's on the hot seat, it was her policy that last year allowed 890,000 refugees, immigrants into the city and now some people feel that she is added to a degree of instability in this country. she said she was shocked, she was horrified about what happened today but she also said that we the german people cannot live in fear. right now there's fear in the city. a person apparently responsible for another active severe terror that destructed the city right down to the bones. bill. bill: we are looking at the german leader angela merkel. it is live, right, guys, 3:01. the pressure she is under when paris went down, about a year ago, greg, we were on the story as well.
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she pledged to take a million refugees into the country and we haven't been able to pinpoint who is responsible for this. a polish truck driver inside the cab of the truck and died on his way to the hospital. the circumstances for his death are still mysterious as we speak. the market itself in berlin, has the vintage cathedral, significant, greg, as to why they chose that location? >> absolutely. we are standing in a spot once again, a christmas market, very popular in germany. very popular in europe and certain could be, could be attack of terrorist but we are standing in one of the most iconic spot in berlin, in europe, i'm going to step away and ask mal to go up, go all the way up and show the church. the memorial church, memory of
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world war world war world >> sign of rebuilding, a sign of rebirth in the city, again, losses are felt here again. a city that has seen a lot of pain, a lot of history too. we spoke to a couple of berliners a couple of minutes ago and they told me they were shocked, they were horrified. some said they were here a short while ago and she felt the feelings here, remember, again, the city has seen a lot of terror, a lot of kind of bloodshed and now they are feeling the real thing of the modern day horror that europe is experiencing. remember, bill, this is the first time that germany has seen a mass killing of probably of a terror attack. france has seen it, we reported
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on it. belgium has seen and we reported on it. so far germany has gotten away wit, but now it looks like they are feeling the grunt as well, bill. bill: thank you, all the news on the ground there in berlin that we have of the moment when we get more from germany, we will bring it to you. greg, thank you for that leading our coverage today from berlin. heather: berlin not the only terror attack yesterday. two different incidents, one in turkey, the assassination of the russian embassador and then in zurik, gunman opened fire in a mosque. president-elect trump saying that the world must change the way it thinks. peter ducey live for us in palm beach where mr. trump is spending the holiday. peter, what kind of language is mr. trump use to go describe the attack in berlin, let's begin there? >> peter, heather, he's using the term islamist terrorism to describe the same attack. they just used the word
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terrorist. in a statement the president elect said this, isis and other islamist terrorists continue slaughter christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global jihad. these terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks must be eradicated from the face of the earth, a mission we will carry out with all freedom-loving partners. there were terror attacks in germany, swift land, turkey and it is only getting worse. the civilized world must change thinking and this morning a trump advise -- and former cia director said that he thinks that kind of attack is going to keep happening if the united states does not go on offense. heather. heather: so what does is the president saying, the assassination of embassador to turkey?
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>> two sentences long, we offer condolences of family of russian embassador andrey who was assassinated by a radical islamic terrorist. a violation of all rules of civilized order and must be universally condemned. transition sources tell us that the president elect was briefed about the happenings in europe yesterday, germany and turkey, while he was here at mar-a-lago also tracking the tally of electoral college and meeting with potential members of cabinet. a busy start to the week at mar-a-lago. heather: peter ducey. bill: john, good morning to you and thank you for your time. i'm just looking at the map from yesterday alone. berlin, zurick, turkey, yemen, libya, all attacks that have been carried out with deadly effect, john, and i think you have to go back six or seven
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months to the holly month of ramadan in june when you saw a series of this back to back to back coming in the heels of the biggest christian holiday of the year. how does a president elect trump now get himself aligned to deal with this? >> you know, one month from today when he takes office he's going to have his hands full, the fact that he has named us general james mattis to be defense secretary he's at least putting the best team possible to take the fight to them overseas. they're not playing here in the united states. whether or not they can be rolled up, that's a big question. obviously this has been a problem going back decades and, you know, president obama claimed that al-qaeda was on the run, in fact, he's going to leave office with al-qaeda and isis stronger than ever. and the president -- the president elect is going to have a lot in his hands and ultimately responsibility will
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fall on his shoulder. he's assembling a pretty team to do that in the fight against isis. definitely. bill: john, thank you. analysis of weekly standard, thank you, we will talk again. thank you for coming in today. for. >> thank you. bill: big morning coming straight ahead, heather. heather: we will talk with state's department and former u.s. embassador to the un john bolton, all of this coming up within america's news room. bill: former president bill clinton saying that donald trump knows thousand get angry white men to vote for him. that's not all what he said. we will tell you the back and forth on that today also. heather: vladimir putin responding after his embassador was gunned down in the capital of turkey, what the assassination means for diplomatic relations between the two countries.
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bill: terror attack in berlin putting focus in refugees in europe, how would the trump white house deal with what critics are calling a growing problem around the world? >> people are pouring in from regions of the middle east, we have no idea who they are, where they come from, what they are thinking and we are going to stop that dead cold flat. [cheers and applause]
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heather: welcome back, now fallout of the orlando terror attack that left 49 people left and dozens wounded back in june. now the families of three of the victims are suing facebook, twitter and google accusing the sites of providing material support to isis and help to go radicalize the jihadist gunman omar mateen. no immediate comment from the social networking sites or from google. bill: there is a manhunt underway for the person or persons responsible for plowing this massive truck into a crowded christmas market in berlin. europe has seen enough tick in islamic radicalism and has blamed open border policy for a lot of that. congressman, trump transition team's congressional liaison. thank you. >> good to be with you, bill. bill: this is not easy, how are we going to do it?
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>> well, it comes back to securing the borders. i think america now realizes that president-elect trump in saying we are going to make sure that those coming from our -- the dangerous parts of the world, we know who they are, call it extreme vetting, we are not just going to open our borders and hope that somebody coming in is not a terrorist, so thank heavens america has selected president-elect trump to make sure that we are going to put america first, put the safety of americans first and certainly merkel in germany is facing certain level of scrutiny over her open borders policy, thank heavens donald trump is the exact opposite, putting america security first and foremost and we are not going to have refugees coming in. bill: self-radicalization is a fact. it happens when they're here already and here legally. that's a big challenge. >> it is. bill: in addition to that, this
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is a weapon of war that is on every american street. you take a truck and you drive it through a group of people who were shopping for the christmas holiday. that is an exceeding difficult challenge to stop, sir. >> well, and bill, as we know from different intelligent briefings, the introductions on how to do this are actually up on the internet, step by step, the kind of truck that somebody should try to get their hands on, the speed at which they drive, it's very disturbing when you get the lone wolfs, call them that, everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings but we also don't want to play into the narrative and have people staying at home and afraid to go out. it's a very complicated issue and, you know, let's keep the terrorists out of our country but when people are, specially some of the teens and others being self-radicalized on the
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internet, parents just have to know what's going on. we just need to know as best we can our own children and it's going to be very difficult. we live in a dangerous world and it's not going to change overnight. we can't make it worse, but it's very dangerous world we live in. >> how does the trump administration deal with this differently than what the obama administration has done for eight years? what will be -- what will be the significant difference? >> it starts by calling out the enemy of who they are, radical islamic terrorism is the enemy of the civilized world, something that president obama would never use those words. you have to identify your enemy before you can defeat your enemy and so this is going to be a case where president trump will have to work with other civilized nations and certainly in europe and russia, china, you know, civilized parts of the world that are under attack, it's an intelligence gathering
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using every tool we have to know what's going on and making sure we understand privacy but it's going to be a multifaceted attack. donald trump is assembling a team that will be focused certainly on the cyber aspects of this but we need to, you know, chop the head off the snake which means the leadership and while some of that has been done, we will have a president who will call the enemy of who they are. it's not only going to be defense but strong offense something obama didn't do. bill: dangerous world, turkey, yemen, libya, it's everywhere. last word on all of that. >> it is, that's when obama was calling them and said al-qaeda was no longer the threat. it was weakness that's caused us and that the world that donald trump is going to be walking into but as i said, i can't imagine anyone stronger and more focused than mr. trump when it
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comes to doing what we can to defeat isis. bill, sir, thank you for your time. chris collins, very important material. >> good to be you. bill: from buffalo, new york. heather: vladimir putin vowing revenge after gunman kills russian embassador. details on the attack. a possible response. bill: woman slamming her suv into a police cruiser, why in the world did this happen? [inaudible] >> yeah, i'm all right. >> are you guys all right?
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bill: now u.s. navy underwater drone is back in american custody.
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chinese vessel released where it was originally seized days ago. u.s. officials insist ships will operate in the area as allowed by international law. heather: russia responding after assassination to em embassador to turkey, karlov was gunned down by a man shouting don't forget aleppo, don't forget syria. russian president vladimir putin, karlev was killed to sabotage ties with turkey. >> there's only one possible response, the strengthening of the fight against terror. heather: amy kellogg live for news milan. how is russia reacting? >> the picture of that has emerged, heather, the
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assassination of russia's embassador really has been one of unity, the foreign ministers of russia, turkey and iran are meeting in moscow. this is a preplanned meeting. they are discussion the situation in syria and russia has been quick to thank turkey for fast response of murder of diplomat when off-duty police officer slipped into entourage and then fired at least eight shots into his back before shouting allah, don't forget syria, don't forget aleppo. embassador had been through many ups and downs in russia's relationship with turkey which is on the opposite side of the syria conflict after turkey shot down a military jet, those relations were all but cut. the relationships had only
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recently got back on track. he saw this as possible motivation for the murder of em -- embassador. >> the committed crime is provocation of derailing ties between russia and turkey as well as the peace process in syria which is actively promoted by russia, turkey, iran and other countries interested in the regulation of syrian conflicts. >> both putin and turkey's president erdogoan said that the rupture will not happen. heather: amy, how might the meeting meeting in moscow impact the situation in syria? >> heather, the evacuation plan drawn up to protect civilians who are trapped in east aleppo was done by russia and turkey together. so really it's in everyone's interest for that plan to hold and for the talks to continue at pace but obviously there will still be people in russia, there will be public opinion that may
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question russia's involvement in the conflict in syria and also question russia's relationship with turkey. we had one person who was add the memorial for the slain embassador andrey, don't trust turkey's president, he says one thing and does another. so time will tell how this all plays out, in the meantime, putin has vowed to step up security at turkish installations, embassies or consul eats -- consulates. heather: amy celo live for us, thanks. bill: you have russia, turkey and iran meeting to talk about the war in syria. thousands remain trapped in east aleppo. five years on. what does this now mean for a possible peace deal today? heather: 12 people crushed by a truck in berlin in apparent terror attack. what can the u.s. do to avoid
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similar attacks happening here. embassador john bolton is next. >> isis understands, this is just about gorilla warfare, you don't need to build a bomb, you don't need a gun, that's the enemy. we are finally going to take them seriously come january january 21st. a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur... ...tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms... ...such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to.
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if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me. see me. see me. on my way. find clear skin... and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. bill: 9:30 in new york growing
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concerns after terror attack in berlin. security expert warning the attack shows the sad reality of
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the current fight against terrorism. that we can't think of public space as safe anymore. >> we can expect more threats of this kind, so this is -- this is the reality of the world we live in. there's no front line like there was in world war i or world war ii. the front line is when you leave your house in the morning or when you go to a christmas market in downtown berlin. bill: john bolton, former u.s. embassador and fox news contributor, sir, welcome and good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: 20 minutes ago we saw the german leader angela merkel visit the site in berlin. explain to us the challenge she now faces after committing a million refugees 14 months ago in syria at the time where there's confusion as to who is responsible ultimately for this. we thought that there was a pakistani seeking asylum but
6:32 am
some officials suggest that they have the wrong guy. let's see how this story plays out and where it leads but having said that, what is her challenge now, do you believe, sir? >> look, she faces election next year. her policy on this mass admission of people seeking asylum in germany was terribly controversial before. this is going to compound her political problems significantly in the way we see all over europe. so how this plays out, what the final arrest situation is, i think is going to be very significant and god forbid westo before christmas, whether there are going to be more attacks like this whether in germany, elsewhere in europe or the united states. bill: clearly your aware that many in germany believe that she has blood on her hands, politically, how does she deal with that, policy wise, how does she react to that? >> well, she's already tried to take some steps inside germany
6:33 am
by calling on bans of women wearing berka's and the like to try to go after the most visible manifestation of the rise of islamist in germany. i think the feeling that many germans have had and are reluctant to say out loud given germany's history, they feel that they lost control of their country. it's not a feeling that's unknown elsewhere in europe but merkel has been the biggest serve ole, i i think, across the continent. it's aroused a lot of resentment . we don't plan to pay for germany's mistake and enough germans believe that it was angela america cel's mistake -- merkel. she definitely exposed germany
6:34 am
to the risk of terrorism. i remember vifdly at the time she made the announcement. a member of lebanese cabinettest stated 2% of refugees would be terrorist. she admitted 800,000, that's 16,000 terrorist. you're exactly right. bill: i want to move russia right now. vladimir putin already strong comments and you know his history. putin talks tough when this happens. we must know who directed the killer's hand. he said, the band its will feel this happening. if that is the case, what does putin do next? >> well, i think he's going to come to some level of certainty of who the killer was, who was he part of a larger chain which i think is highly likely.
6:35 am
then russians will kill somebody, killing a russian embassador is crossing a red line and in their view they take it seriously. there are other implications here. i think putin is already using this to bring closer to russia. he said it was perhaps a provocation by some. this is an enormous strategic move by putin to try and slice turkey away from nato and get russia to closer to an objective they've had for 300 years or so. >> they backed different -- putin will try to do it, get dominance. this is another direct hit at nato.
6:36 am
i think putin knows exactly what he's doing and he will use this strategy, he will get revenge against terrorist but he will use this as part of the larger game. bill: what is your sense of how a new president deals with that? you have met with mr. trump on several occasions, strong consideration at the time for secretary of state, perhaps your part of his administration, perhaps not, i don't know where the status for those discussions are right now, but based on your discussion and what you shared with him, how do you think he would react to that? >> i can't answer that question directly. i can say what i would do is you have got to make resolving this problem with turkey a prop tirety for nato. if we lose anchor, europe is severely exposed particularly if
6:37 am
erdogoan moves turkey much closer to russia which is obviously what putin seeks. i'm afraid we are at a hinge point if we are not careful and we allow putin the maneuvering room that obama allowed him in . bill: we are walking in a more dangerous world. >> i think eight years of obama has accelerated it an it's going to be a challenge that the new administration will face from noon on the 20th of january. there won't be any honeymoon internationally. bill: sir, thank you for your time. john bolton, we will speak again. >> thank you. bill: out of washington. heather: russia, iran, turkey all working together to find political solution to con in syria. officials from the three countries meeting today in moscow.
6:38 am
this comes as syrian activist say only about 3,000 rebels an civilians have actually been evacuated from east aleppo so far. thousands remain trapped. john is live for us from the bureau. john, what is being done to get the remaining 3,000 people out of aleppo. >> 60 buses have been sent to eastern aleppo to shut it will remaining civilians and also rebels out of there. that according to the syrian observatory, the group that's been monitoring the situation basically since it started. also involved in this, the international committee for the red cross, rcrc, it's overseen so far evacuation of 25,000 people from east aleppo since rebel forces essentially surrendered to syria's government and syria's government has issued, heather, a final call to syrian rebels
6:39 am
that remain in small pockets of eastern aleppo before syria's military goes in there. but as you mentioned, several thousand people remain trapped inside and there's effort to get people out of there, heather. >> how much longer will the evacuation process take? >> russia's foreign minister said about an hour and a half ago, he gave it a maximum of two days to get those remaining people out of there but as we have seen as been so often the case, heather, this process has started, it stopped because of ongoing violence, political conflict, all it takes a spark to ignite the violence all over again. that said, though, that evacuation process continues and also syria's government announced that it's allowing more un personnel international monitors to go in there to be on the ground to monitor the ongoing evacuation process. so, again, it continues as we
6:40 am
have seen all it takes is one spark to ignite things again and stop that process completely, hopefully it continues, though. heather: john live for us, thank you, john. bill: we are following a number of stories, terror attacks in europe all coming within the same day. in a moment we will talk about all of this with john kirby, we will talk to him live so do not miss that coming up. heather: plus bill clinton pointing fingers at fbi and director james comey for hillary clinton's devastating election loss. is that a fair assessment? we will debate that plus this. >> are you guys all right? bill: that is an suv slamming into a police cruiser in this entire incident captured on camera, so what in the world caused this per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand.
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bill: breaking news, check this out. 9:43 in new york. the dow closing in 20,000. we have never seen that number before. so if we get there, we will bring that back to you. we are watching the big board now. slammed into a police cruiser and watch how this played out. the officer was in his car
6:44 am
writing a ticket when a woman intentionally plowed her suv into the cruiser, the officer suffering minor injuries as the other driver. >> you start to do the what if game with yourself quite a bit, what could have happened, what actually did happen, and continue to think of it as i had a guardian angel with me at the time. bill: they are okay. the suv driver told police that she was suicidal and admits to hitting the police cruiser with intent. heather: former president bill clinton slamming the incoming president that the main talent is mobilizing angry white men he's also saying that his wife lost because of the fbi telling a new york newspaper, quote, james comey cost her the
6:45 am
election. robert wolf, former economic adviser and rick, editor for review. thank you for joining us. robert, i will start with you, we have russia, james comey, wikileaks, they are to blame, everyone except for the candidate herself? >> there's no question that comey, wikileaks thing stopped momentum, i will say that, the firewall broke, michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, ohio didn't come through and without that you're not going to be president of the united states. i would say that there's no question that there was a bit of momentum that was challenged in the last two weeks but in retrospect we wished we did different things in michigan and wisconsin. heather: rich. >> they should have nominated another candidate. she was vulnerable to some bad breaks at the end and she got them. but that happens in campaigns and the democrats knowingly nominated a candidate under investigation by the fbi.
6:46 am
that has never happened before and no one ever would have thought it was a good idea before and it cost them. heather: not only that, i had brain room pull statistics, in terms of the state that she actually went to and this was 33 states that she did not go to from the post convention period of august through election day. 33 states. that would have made a difference as well. >> yeah, there's no question, i think, they regret some of the campaign moves. they had a huge bump after the convention and it seemed like smooth sailing but as rich said, it's never smooth sailing and i think that in retrospect, i just wish we would have done some things a little different and i'm sure they think the same way. heather: we are talking about the angry, white male comment that bill clinton had made. let's take a look at this. his tweet here or this is what bill clinton said on the trump victory. he doesn't know much, one thing he does know is how to get angry white men to vote for him.
6:47 am
this is in an interview with a newspaper. we had donald trump tweeting today, the president elect in response to that saying, bill clinton stated that i called him after the election, wrong, he called me with a very nice congratulations, he doesn't know much. so back and forth there. he goes onto say specially how to get people with unlimited budget out to vote in the vital swing states, we were just discussing that. they focused on the wrong states. focused on the wrong states and also demographic of people that need jobs. >> right, they always blame, whenever they lose they blame it on angry white males but clinton did in 1994 midterm elections and there are a lot of angry people out there and a lot of them voted for barack obama in 2012, obama was more populist than romney and trump was more populist than hillary clinton. that's the reason why trump was able to break the blue wall. heather: lost electoral votes
6:48 am
more than any presidential candidate in a hundred years. >> at the end of the day, you have to feel and touch the people. trump did a very good job on the rallies and getting out there. the deplorable comment really had a hangover with the secretary and i'm sure that, you know, and at the end of the day, some people just felt like they couldn't come around from that. but she actually ran in some ways a very strong campaign from the populist perspective, but at the end of the day it's the electoral map. heather: you have hillary clinton calling, you know, deplorables and then you have bill clinton saying angry white males. >> exactly. excellent point. you know, the irony here is bill clinton went after this kind of voters. bill clinton had a feel for working-class white voters and apparently he was sloth-off during the campaign. shouldn't we do something to try to appeal these people. they didn't at all and it cost
6:49 am
them and they saying sour grapes. >> i would say the party has to move forward and the election is over and i think -- heather: will they be able to do that though or the next time around will they focus on the demographics that they did this time around, women and minority. >> the democratic won two of the last eight years, this time around president-elect trump won, we have things we need to work on with our party to get the working voters to believe that we are good for the economy. the truth is that this election wasn't about policy, it was much more of a popularity vote and at the end of the day, those people who came out and those various states were the secretary needed decided to vote for trump. i wish we go back to talking policy about the economy. heather: it's not just a popular vote. it was a matter of policies not working in washington right now. the entire, you know, state of washington, d.c. not working and
6:50 am
people wanting an outsider and something different. >> it's a changed election and hillary clinton was a status quo candidate and trump was a changed candidate. he was fairly unpopular changed candidate and people didn't care, they were so desperate for something different. democrats need to get over the psychological barrier. heather: when will they do that? >> we are doing it. heather: slowly. >> we get back to who we are for the working people. we just don't actually hear too much about it. heather: accepting that mr. trump won. >> mr. trump won, there's no question about that. heather: all right, thank you both for joining us. very busy news day. bill: thanks, gentlemen. days before christmas, new details now on what we are learning about the investigation thus far. plus, here at home one of the biggest states in the country seeing a surge in gun sales. what's behind this, next.
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heather: isis now claiming responsibility for a series of deadly shootings in central jordan on sunday. nine jordanians and canadian tourist killed, dozens of others injured. they later shot and killed four of the gunmen during the stand off. bill: surge of gun sales being reported in the state of california this ahead of sweeping gun controls said to take effect in the year 2017. live in the story in la in bureau there and what is the story, william, good morning. >> bill, the clock is ticking for california gun owners and
6:55 am
those who may want to own one in just over a week californians will be banned from buying so-called assault-style rifles with easily detachable magazines, because california has a mandatory ten-day waiting period, buyers have just one day left to buy america's most popular rifle ar-15 and must pick it up by december 31st or else they would not be allowed to take possession. >> i'm here because i believe in the system of love and karma but to counter balance that i'm buying ak-47 today. >> did i need the weapon i just purchased? no. they took a choice away completely. >> gun sales here including handguns are up 40% this year to over a million and semiautomatic rifle sales have doubled. bill: amazing numbers. what else is fueling this surge
6:56 am
in california? >> well, governor brown signed a package of gun control bills that require owners to register semiautomatic rifles with the state and fires of ammunition will need permit and go background. necessary because, i'm quoting, anxiety and strife are being throughout american society, the legislature act today limit bloodshed in our communities. critics say none of the bills, however, address criminal behavior. >> we have true criminals out there that could care less about the stuff and the joe public that does care, that's scared about this doesn't even know where to begin to begin complying. >> come january, required to turn it over to police, many say they won't which would make thousands of otherwise law abiding gun owners criminals next year.
6:57 am
bill: william, thank you, 2017 right around the corner. thank you, sir. heather: desperate manhunt now underway in europe's largest capital city for a driver suspected of plowing a truck straight into a crowd in berlin. the latest of the fast-developing story up next
6:58 am
6:59 am
bill: it is ten a.m. here in new york, 4:00 in berlin.
7:00 am
fox news alert now, terror and chaos striking across europe yet again. a russian ambassador assassinated in turkey while a truck plows through a christmas market in berlin. twelve dead in berlin, dozens injured. the driver believed to be still on the run at this hour. there was a report at day break that he was in cuty, there's some confusion on that right now. new hour, big day of news, i'm bill hemmer. heather: i'm in for martha maccallum, i'm heather childers. two attacks that have put the world on notice. in germany police revealing that a suspect is still on the run and may be armed. they do have one in custody, an immigrant from pakistan who had claimed asylum. bill: russia sending their own investigators into turkey after their ambassador was shot and killed just yesterday. heather: and we begin with richh edson live at the state department. what are u.s. officials saying about the turkish shooter? >> reporter: good morning, heather.
7:01 am
u.s. officials are saying the shooter was an off-duty police officer in turkey, and he used his police credentials to get access to that area where the russian ambassador was at an art exhibit in ankara. several reports claim the state department is still unaware of exactly how that position -- that person managed to position themselves behind the russian ambassador. the killer died following a shootout with police at the gallery. in the video after the shooter killed the ambassador, he shouts about syria and aleppo. russia has been propping up the assad regime in syria. also in ankara in turkey's capital city, a state department official confirms a man is in custody after firing a gun near the entrance of the u.s. embassy there. so with that, the u.s. state department has decided to close its embassies and consulates in turkey today, heather. heather: switching gears, the second attack in berlin. what do we know about the berlin attack?
7:02 am
>> reporter: well, police are still investigating this, officials claiming this is a suspected terrorist attack. they say the person they have in custody, and you mentioned him, the pakistani man who is seeking asylum there, what officials are saying is they have still yet to determine whether that person is responsible for this attack, so that's led to the confusion as to whether there's still an investigation or a manhunt ongoing in that area. there has been no claim of responsibility yet. however, last month in isis' magazine it urged vehicle attacks to cause mass casualties during events that draw large crowds much like this christmas market in berlin. and remember in july there was that truck attack that killed more than 80 people in nice, france. in november also the state department urged americans who were traveling to europe to exercise caution at holiday festivals, events and outdoor markets. state department officials say there was no specific intelligence that led them to issue that warning, it was more of a routine type of warning to
7:03 am
americans who were traveling to these large events given some of the things that have happened in the past. heather, back to you. heather: thank you so much. we'll continue to follow the development. bill: retired army general ray odierno is a former chief of staff of the u.s. army, he joins me by telephone now. general, nice to talk to you again. thank you for your time. >> nice to talk to you, bill. bill: let's start in berlin. if confirmed and this, indeed, was a terror attack on the holiday, what are the challenges, what are the changes in refugee policy either there or here or both, sir? >> well, i think first of all these attacks are driven by propaganda. we have to realize that they are here, and we have to deal with them. and i think we have to make sure we take a comprehensive approach to deal with this, and one of those is tightening up and making sure we do proper vetting. i think we should have an international agreement on how
7:04 am
we do that. i think we should cooperate with all other nations. but here in the united states specifically, we need to tighten up on that, and there's several other actions we need to take as well. bill: such as? >> again, a comprehensive approach by our government. we have to have a robust, ready military that's capable of responding around the world and not take the military off the table as ab option which we've done for several years now. it's important they're ready, capable, prepared to be used because people understand the capabilities that they have. we must go after the propaganda that's out there on specifically the use of social media and how isis and these other radical islamists have used social media to recruit. we have to go after that. we have to come up with a common understanding on how we're going to attack this and not allow them to use these capabilities in order to convince people to conduct attacks on innocent people. we have to go after funding of isis and other extremist
7:05 am
organizations, islamic extremist organizations, and we can do that through international cooperation, going after how they're getting their money, how are they able to fund some of the things that they're doing. so i believe this is a time of proactive leadership to deal with this problem of radical islamic extremism head on. and it's time for us to take action. bill: how different would that be in a new administration on behalf of donald trump as opposed to what we've seen for eight years, general? >> what i would say is i think we've chosen for a lot of reasons in this current administration to lead from behind. it is now time for us to lead from the front, be aggressive in bringing nations together, be aggressive in our own policies and bringing the capabilities of our government together to take action. and i think it's time that we've done that, and i think we're starting to put the right leadership in place with general mattis as secretary of defense and vincent viola as secretary of the army. bill: now you're starting to see the strategy.
7:06 am
what is different about berlin, it appears, this truck driver -- if he has not yet been apprehended -- he did not do this to die. this was not a suicide mission which can be a bit different from a lot of the other attacks we have seen. so we'll get back to berlin in a moment, but now let's move to russia and what happened in turkey with the ambassador, killed yesterday, he was assassinated. vladimir putin has come out and said they will get the bandits, and you know how he has responded in various parts of the world when terror strikes his people. but when you look at the nexus between russia and turkey and syria and iran, what is your biggest concern about that region of the world and a conflict that has rage ld on for five-plus years, sir? >> well, first of all, i think this could be a whole different attack. for example, this could be somebody who was supporting the syrian rebels and does not like the fact that russia has supported the current government. so i'm not sure. i'd have to wait and see, i'm
7:07 am
not sure we'll ever know for sure that the individual's been killed, but it just shows the underlying problems that we continue to see in the middle east, the complexity of it. this complexity of iran, saudi arabia, sunni, shia, islamic extremists. it is a very complex problem that's going to take complex solutions, that's going to take cooperation, that's going to take u.s. leadership. frankly, we've given up our leadership in the region to russia, and i think it's time for us to reassert our leadership -- bill: on that point, do you expect that to change under a president trump? >> i think his comments have been very clear that he wants to take action. i think, again, he's putting a team in place that will allow us to do that. and i think it's important that we reassert ourselves in the middle east. and, frankly, in other places around the world as well. bill: as you say, it is deeply complicated. you mentioned vincent i have chrome la, secretary of the army, he apparently will be
7:08 am
nominated on behalf of donald trump. you mentioned james mattis at the defense department, and he has gotten great reviews from both sides, republicans and democrats. how well do you know vincent viola, and why do you believe he is the right man for this job? >> well, i know him very well, we've known each other for over 40 years. we were at west point together. first off, he's served in the army, he understands what the sacrifice is. he's a self-made man. started with nothing, made himself into something very important. he never lost that connection to the military. he understands the international issues, he understands the business part of the military. i believe he's going to bring an energy that we need. he has a love of soldiers. he is going to do everything he can to help rebuild the readiness of our military, specifically our army. he will do everything he can to increase our modernization, make sure we have the right numbers,
7:09 am
that we can tackle all these very difficult problems. he has continued to stay engaged with the military throughout his entire life whether it be starting the counterterrorism center at west point, whether it be in rewriting how we study history in the military, he played a huge role in that. he's been somebody who's dedicated his life -- even though he was in the business world -- to supporting our military. so i think we have a leader with vision, high character, i think we have a leader who's willing to make difficult decisions, willing to take calculated risks, and i think him working with jim mattis who's got a wealth of experience, a great friend who i've worked with for so many years who is incredibly intelligent, smart, understands the issues and understands the challenges that we face. and so i'm encouraged by these first two appointees. bill: impressive resumé. sir, thank you for your time. hope to see you in person real soon. ray odierno on the telephone on a day where there are minnesota headlines to discuss. sir, thank you very much.
7:10 am
in a moment, coming up much more on all of this, the american response and what's happening globally. state department spokesman john kirby will be our guest at 10:30 eastern time. we'll talk to the admiral about 20 minutes from now. heather: and this fox news alert, a federal judge ordering the fbi to unseal the search warrant that led the agency to reopen its case into hillary clinton's e-mails just days before the election. that is expected to happen in just about two hours from now. kristin fisher has more, she's live for us from washington. so, kristin, why is the search warrant being unsealed now at this point? >> reporter: because the federal judge overseeing the case says that the public has a right to see it. he's placing public interest over privacy concerns, but the judge did warn that portions of this search warrant are going to be blacked out or redacted to protect the identity of the investigating agents. now, this is a big deal because we're about to get our first glimpse of the documents that
7:11 am
the fbi use today reopen the investigation just 11 days before the election. many democrats have said they believe that cost her the election, including her husband, former president bill clinton. he said yesterday, quote: she fought through everything and prevailed against it all, but at the end, we had the russians and the fbi deal, and she couldn't prevail against her. mr. trump's advisers believe he would have won regardless but, heather, it certainly didn't hurt. heather: kristin fisher live for us. bill: i want to get back to berlin. the world on high alert now, we're looking for answers trying to figure out what happened here. police hunt for the person or persons responsible for this truck attack. they thought they had their man and, apparently, that has not been confirmed. a christmas market in berlin has been hit in a deadly way. in a moment we'll get the latest reaction chairman of the homeland security committee, senator ron johnson to is our guest. >> president trump over the top.
7:12 am
[cheers and applause] heather: and with that, donald trump officially elected our next president despite a democratic effort to convince electors to change their vote. would there be more outrage if republicans tried the same thing? we'll have a fair and balanced debate ahead. >> washington state today, martha, four hillary clinton electors switched their vote, three to colin powell and one to a woman named faith spotted eagle. those four electoral votes who were supposed to go to hillary clinton through their effort, not only did she not pick them up, she lost them. it's almost weird how many times their efforts backfire.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
bill: so from berlin, germany, now working to determine if the man they have in custody is the one responsible, being the driver in that christmas market truck attack. a lot of confusing as to this arrest earlier today. they are investigating this as terrorism. republican senator ron johnson out of wisconsin, chairman of the homeland security committee with me now, fresh off a trip to israel where he saw the prime minister and more, and i'll ask you about that in a moment. what do you want to add about these developments in berlin knowing the story is not yet complete, sir? >> well, we do need to make sure that we find out exactly, you know, who perpetrated this, was this individual part of the migrant flow, is this an inspired lone wolf, is it a directed attack by isis.
7:16 am
in america we've experienced inspired lone wolfs, but we've seen directed wolf packs, for example, in brussels airport, in istanbul. these are serious considerations because we have not defeated isiss. they continue to train operatives, and this has a spillover effect, and we're seeing it really across the world. so right now the world's a mess because america has been weak. the strategy of peace through withdrawal has been a miserable failure. we actually have to achieve peace through strength starting with economic strength. bill: in what sense? >> well, we're not even, we're not even beginning to realize the full potential of the american economy because of grotesque overregulation at $2 trillion per year regulatory burden. uncompetitive tax system, certainly people that are not utilizing our energy resources so we remain nobly competitive. so we've been growing about 2% since the great depression on average, the american economy has produced 3.2% annual growth.
7:17 am
we've got to at least get to 3, possibly 4, that'll give us the resources to strengthen our military so we can actually defeat isis and project our leadership and values in the world. bill: as a businessman, you see the connection between a strong economy as being the key to a strong country overseas. >> absolutely. when we project weakness, whether it's militarily, poor strategy or economic weakness, and let's face it, you know, people can to math. they see, for example, we're almost $20 trillion in debt. we have a projected deficit over the next 30 years of $103 trillion. america is perceived as weak which is why you see the aggression on the part of russia, china and iran. we have to first become strong economically. when we draw a line in the sand, the world has to realize we're going to actually maintain that line in the sand. so, again, it's doing what you say you're going to do, but we've just got to become stronger both economically and militarily. bill: donald trump tweeted
7:18 am
earlier today the following: today there were terror attacks in turkey, switzerland, germany. it's only getting worse. the civilized world must change thinking. the civilized world must change its thinking. i guess you could throw in libya, you could throw in jordan, you could throw in yemen. all of that happened in the last 36 hours. when he says "change your thinking," can you describe that? >> from my standpoint, again, it's focusing on economic growth, economic strength and also recognizing who your friends are, supporting your friends, strengthening your friends. let's not weaken people. let's face it, for decades by having administrations forcing, for example, israel -- i just came back from there. sitting down and negotiating with individuals who don't even recognize the right of israel to exist, forcing them to make concessions, it's weakened israel when what we ought to be doing is strengthening the democracy, the strong economy in the middle east that can provide
7:19 am
stability in the middle east. things aren't exploding in the middle east because of the palestinian/israeli conflict. that's been a straw dog. they have been deteriorated because we have not projected the strength we need to. bill: interesting point. what else kid you learn on that trip that is relevant, perhaps, to all these topics we're talking about today? >> well, we did visit the 260-kilometer fence that actually works on the southern border there with the sinai. built for about a million and a half dollars per mile. so very affordable fence, very effective fence. plus, the narrative is that we've been, that israel has not been allowing food stuffs and, you know, basically starving the gaza strip. nothing could be further from the truth. we visited the crossing. close to 800 trucks per day are providing goods to the people of gaza. so israel's trying to help the people of gaza.
7:20 am
unfortunately, they don't have a leadership in gaza and hamas who is actually willing to sit down and negotiate a true peace. bill: did their leaders express to you any feeling toward the incoming president? >> well, i think there's a great deal of optimism, quite honestly. i don't want to put words in prime minister net an ya i hue's mouth, but i think they perceive somebody in the administration that will support israel, that will back them, that will help strengthen israel, recognize building peace is good for world peace as well. so rather than demonizing israel, we're going to be there to support, to be israel's friend. i think it'll make a world of difference. bill: welcome home, senator, merry christmas. >> merry christmas. heather: still to come, vladimir putin and the president of turkey responding after that violent public killing of russia's ambassador to turkey. relations were already fragile between the two countries, so what happens now?
7:21 am
bill: also church leaders coming together after the killing of a 3-year-old in an apparent case of road rage. searching for answers and searching for a suspect. >> we want to let the city know that we are on the lookout for whoever this guy is, and for where this happened at, this guy had to be coming from someone's house.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
heather: a fox news alert on yesterday's assassination of russia's ambassador to turkey. an off-duty riot policeman gunned down the ambassador during a photo exhibit and was later killed in a shootout. now, the leaders of both countries say that it's an attempt to undermine their effort to repair ties, and now vladimir putin is pointing a finger at the west. gillian turner is a fox news
7:25 am
contributor, and she joins us now with some more insight. thank you so much for join us. >> thanks, heather. heather: so here's what president putin had to say. he said this attack is a provocation aim at disrupting our relations. what do you believe was behind this attack? >> the way i see it, it comes down to a couple of options here. it was either an act of islamic terrorism which was motivated by radical ideology, or it can be an act of political opposition, political retaliation for what is perceived as russia's humanitarian crisis that they've preis sip tated in syria, or it's a combination of both. i'm going to remind everyone that the perpetrator yesterday invoked both allah and aleppo in his final moments, so i think the investigation will kind of tease that out a little bit more. but the likelihood here is it's not as straightforward as it seems, it's probably a combination of both. heather: he yelled allahu akbar and also said don't forget
7:26 am
syria, don't forget aleppo. now, when i talk about the two sides disagreeing, russia believes that bashar al assad should still be in power, turkey backs the rebels. who's a part of those rebels? >> well, the rebels on the ground in syria are a mix of folks that oppose the assad regime that's currently in power, and they're the ones that precipitated the civil unrest that has been percolating now for five years that's erupt ared into a full-scale civil war. but what's happened as you know well, we've talked about this before, terrorists take advantage of ungoverned spaces and political chaos and insert themselves on the ground which is something they've done here. affiliates and offshoots of al-qaeda are active in the region now as is isis. we've been talking about that a lot. so really there's a whole mix of -- when we talk about the syrian opposition now, there's moderates, there's radicals and there's terrorists. heather: yeah. that's why i asked that
7:27 am
question, just so people at home knew isis, al-qaeda, all of that is in with the rebels right now, so it's very, it's a difficult situation. and that being said, how should the incoming trump administration respond? the president-elect immediately coming out and, you know, saying that this is terrorism. radical islamic terrorism. >> the trump administration is going to need to be, and i think is poised to come out sort of guns blazing for lack of a better expression on this. they're going to be tough on combating terrorism, but there's an element to this story, to what happened yesterday that i think serves as a cautionary tale for the trump administration in particular and in general for world leaders which is that this administration -- the russian regime has been dishonest with the united states for the past several years on every issue whether they're illegal incursions into ukraine and georgia, whether being dishonest about their motivations for entering into syria in the first place. they still maintain that they're
7:28 am
there to combat isis, but as we all know, they've been busy killing thousands of civilians on a weekly basis. so i think what we're seeing here is this gentleman who -- not a gentleman. if the attacker yesterday who murdered the russian ambassador was really protesting against putin's humanitarian atrocities in syria, this is something that we're going to see replicated over and over again across the region in coming years. heather: yeah. >> people are outraged about this, as they should be. heather: but also those events, as you just mentioned, are incidents, many of them, that happened under the obama administration. so a lot of people will be looking to see how the president-elect responds. thank you so much, gillian, appreciate it. >> thanks, heather. bill: clearly, there are so many hot spots as you've watched our coverage, the terrorist striking in berlin, the attack on the ambassador gunned down in turkey and so many other hot spots. state department spokesman john kirby is on deck to address all
7:29 am
of this and what comes next. we'll talk to him live about it. heather: and here's this. the kettle jump stunt by the dallas cowboys' running back has made for an interesting response for the salvation army. we'll tell you all about that. ♪ ♪ see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections
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bill: it is 10:31 in new york, many parts of the world now on high alert. this was the scene in berlin after a truck plowed through a crowded christmas market killing 12, wounding dozens. there is still confusion about who's responsible at this hour. also in turkey, the russian ambassador assassinated in front of a stunned audience at an art exhibition, and part of the thing that drives that story home even more is the fact that a photographer was taking pictures of the assassination. from the state department, spokeman john kirby is with me now. sir, good day to you and good morning, thanks for coming back on america's newsroom. i've got a lot to go through, okay? ron johnson, republican senator from wisconsin, just 20 minutes ago said the following about the world and the u.s. standing in that world. just watch this. >> we have not defeated isis, they continue to train operatives, and this has a spillover effect, and we're seeing it really across the world. so right now the world's a mess because america has been weak.
7:33 am
the strategy of peace through withdrawal has been a miserable failure. we actually have to achieve peace through strength starting with economic strength. bill: he certainly had a lot to say. is the world more dangerous eight years later? >> well, there's certainly dangers and things out there that we need to be mindful of and, only, terrorism is top on -- obviously, terrorism is top on that list. but i actually take strong issue with this idea that we've somehow tried to achieve peace through withdrawal. the united states is more engaged now in more places than we've ever been before from the pacific all the way to the middle east. and terrorism is not and never should be a partisan issue. it is not or should not simply be something that one or two nation-states focus on, but all of us need to focus on it because it is a pervasive threat. the other thing i would say is that we freely admit that daish, isis is not defeated yet, but they are absolutely, severely degraded from where they were just even a year ago.
7:34 am
with the exception of pal mire rah, they haven't captured new territory since may of 2015. they've lost thousands of their fighters, hundreds of their leaders -- bill: that may be true, but looking at libya and jordan and switzer and berlin and turkey, and all of this has a thread that runs through it. >> sure. bill: i think in the big picture, this is what i see. isis has spread to dozens of countries. russia's asserting itself in a way it has not before, and china's moving weapons reportedly to islands in the south pacific. it would appear the world is a more dangerous place than it was eight years ago. >> i don't know that the world's ever been a completely safe place, bill, and certainly i don't dispute the idea that isis are trying to attract foreign fighters and trying to advance their narrative by inspiring these sorts of low-cost, low-resource terrorist attacks. and, again, we still have to let the --
7:35 am
bill: bill but none of that is acceptable, is it? >> of course not. of course not. which is why the united states led the formation of a 67-member now coalition, 67 members. most nation-states against isis in iraq and in syria, and why we have been successful. yes, look, we knew as part of the strategy that as they got more pressurized in iraq and syria, that they would try to squeak out and try to inspire cells and individual foreign fighters or self-radicalized individuals in other countries around world. which is why the sewer agency here in the -- the interagency here in the united states is working is so closely with our partners around the world to try to beat that back. bill: sir, let me just backtrack a little bit. when they talk about a power vacuum that has been left in the world, there's evidence that that is true. you know, when you make decisions that change u.s. policy, there's a cause and effect there. and now you wonder how the new administration will respond to that. quickly on that, then i want to go to russia. >> well, i can't speak for the new administration, that's for
7:36 am
them to speak to in terms of what foreign policy agenda items they're going to pursue, but we don't agree that there has been a power vacuum left in terms of the united states. we are still the world's leader. we are still the nation that people come to for answers and solutions and for help when things go wrong. and we are more engaged in the pacific region. yes, there are tensions in the south china sea with china, and we have been very vocal about that and very present with both our navy and our air forces. and, yes, there's tension with russia. we absolutely don't agree with everything on russia, particularly what they've done in ukraine and with this annexation of crimea. but where there are common grounds, we try to find them, we try to work with them, and we did on the iran deal. we thought we could get there on syria with russia, obviously, that didn't happen. bill: it's a mess. >> well, nobody's happy. nobody. bill: vladimir putin said yesterday there can only be one response, stepping up the fight against terrorism. the bandits will feel this happen. what is the expected or anticipated response on behalf
7:37 am
of the russians and vladimir putin? >> i think only vladimir putin knows that and probably only him and his own cup. i don't his own country. i don't know. clearly, we understand as they learn more they will, they will feel compelled to react and respond -- bill: will this administration, will this administration work with him on that? >> i think it's going to depend on what decisions he makes, bill, and which way he wants to go. if the answer, however, is that they just step up the indiscriminate bombing and the support to the assad regime in syria, if that's the answer to what happened yesterday in turkey, well, then that's not going to be something we would cooperate with, that we would support, and it's obviously something we wouldn't counsel them doing. as we've said all along, more bombing and blood shedd in syria is not going to bring the civil war to a close any faster. bill: berlin, if confirmed, what changes are necessary for refugee policy either in europe or here at home? specifically the u.s.? >> first of all, we need to let this investigation run its
7:38 am
course. you've seen conflicting reports out of germany today about the alleged attacker and who that person might have been. so i think before we start, you know, getting way ahead of ourselves on refugee policy, we need to let the investigate take its course. look, here in the united states we have been very, very careful about the vetting and the introduction of refugees into this country not just from the middle east, but from around the world. we've taken in 10,000 syrian refugees this year. the president would like to bring more in next year, president obama would like to bring more in next year. the next administration's going to have to decide for themselves, but i would tell you, bill, and we've talked about this before -- bill: yes, we have. >> -- less than 1% of the refugees we've taken in over the last 30 years have had to leave for violent behavior. bill: clearly, there's a difference in opinion on that policy. we'll see how the trump team changes that. >> sure. bill: i don't think we're going to get to a final answer in this discussion on that.
7:39 am
two more quick points quickly. >> i agree. bill: the china drone, is that matter over now, yes or no? >> i've been told by the united states navy that they have it now back in their possession p so, you know, in terms of the theft of it and the return, that's over. but, obviously, look, we're mindful of the tensions there in the south china sea and what they did did nothing to deescalate the tensions we're all feeling there. bill: final question. you go to private life very soon. what advice do you have for your successor or successors? [laughter] >> well, i tell you that's a great question, bill. i think number one is to really value the power that's resident in independent press reporting. the bullpen here at the state department is a wonderful bullpen of reporters that care a lot about foreign policy, they care about what the united states is doing around the world, and they're not afraid -- believe me, i see it every day -- to scrutinize and criticize those decisions, and i think that's a really valuable interchange that we have.
7:40 am
so my first piece of advice would be to enjoy, learn from and really appreciate the pushback, the criticism, the scrutiny that you get from independent reporting right here at the state department. bill: i can respect that. are you optimistic about a president trump? >> i think every american today needs to pull together here. the election's over. and the american people have spoken. we need to respect that voice. that's who we are as americans. and i think all of us need to pull together and do what we can to make the next administration successful. i tell you, that's what we're focused on here at the state department. we're all preparing the next team that comes in here for their ability to lead. that's what we're focused on. bill: you have always been a gentleman to us, and i thank you for that. >> thanks, bill. bill: john kirby, thank you very much. look forward to seeing you soon. >> my pleasure, thank you. heather: speaking of coming together, the electoral college making donald trump's victory official despite plenty of drama and controversy.
7:41 am
>> you don't deserve to be in america! finish. >> shame! shame! heather: electors inundated with protests, even threats to keep donald trump out of the white house. that has an rnc spokesman asking, where's the outrage? >> i really do feel bad for them. i'm not sure what level, what step they're on in their 12-step program for getting over the loss in this election, but i do wish them well, and i hope they get better and have a good christmas. per roll
7:42 am
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bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper
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♪ ♪ >> i love it how cnn has called this today election day as if the one a month ago wasn't. they're demanding a do-over because they lost. that's all it is. >> no, it's not. >> yes. >> i think they lost. i think there are people who are deeply aggrieved. if that's your point -- >> they're upset about the outcome. heather: deeply aggrieved. well, the crew of "the five" stopping off on the hail -- sounding off on the hail mary attempt to keep donald trump out of the white house. so why isn't there more outrage over these attempts to mess with the electoral process? the host of the filter on siriusxm and rachel campos duffy joining us as well. let's listen now, and i'll get your response to what sean spicer had to say. >> it is unbelievable what
7:45 am
they're doing, and i'm appalled there's so little outrage. the intimidation they have cast on people who constitutionally are there to cast the votes that are part of this process is unbelievable. so i'm, first and foremost, somewhat disgusted with the role that the democrats and folks on the left and a lot in hollywood have done to undermine the electoral process. heather: so why isn't more being done? rachel, i'll start with you. >> well, it's an outrage. this is the hi pockily is city of the highest order, and it should be called out not just on fox news, which is doing a good job of at least exposing it. there was a lot of focus on the whininess and the sore loser part. i think what has not been talked about is the narcissism. and i think hollywood is so much behind what was going on. in wisconsin there was a person at one of the meetings where they were doing the election count who said this is my america. and that's the idea that they had. this is their america, they are opposed to whatever it is that middle america -- i live in the
7:46 am
rust belt, i live in middle america, and we are having our voices heard, and it's about time. >> yeah. hollywood apparently not learning a lesson in terms of what happened during the election and still continuing. what do you think? >> i don't think we should be distracted by the fact that this is a small portion of the democratic party. they just happen to be the ones that have been in control, hollywood, the donors, the consultants. the majority of the democratic party -- including the base that stayed home that does believe, that is from the rust belt, that is from the flyover states, they feel like their voices are not being heard. this ad by hollywood just proves and reinforces the narrative that lost us this election, that we're in a bubble. i want to be honest, the electoral college is the path to 270. i agree with donald trump on that. but that does not mean there was not meddling in this election, that russia was not involved, that comey didn't influence it. what lost us the election was
7:47 am
secretary clinton's campaign that focused on donors and opening up offices in utah and and ad buys in texas rather than wisconsin. heather: if this is not the majority of democrats and this is just a small vocal group, as you say, from hollywood, why then not have the president, president obama, why not have hillary clinton herself come out and say, hey, stop this, this isn't right, you should not be intimidating these people, threatening these electors? >> right. and not enough attention on the very violent physical threats being made to these electors as well. listen, even michelle obama is out there in her own way enabling this sore loser effect. i would say that what this has exposed on a national level is what we conservatives, especially on those minority conservatives like myself have always known which is the myth of liberal tolerance. heather: so should the doj be involved, be investigating? these are very real threats that are being made or were made. >> threats happen every day -- heather: we've had them on the air here at fox.
7:48 am
>> threats happen every day -- [laughter] >> it's so interesting how you just downplay it. >> i've been threatened. i didn't call the doj. heather: this is part of the electoral process, this is trying to hamper what happened. >> you're going to have a couple of folks who do that. this is an election that shocked the nation. this is one of five elections where the person who won the popular vote did not win the electoral college, so things are going to happen. and the country is in shock, a lot of the country's in shock, and a lot of the country is very happy right now. >> the coasts are in shock. everyone in middle america where i live knew that trump was going to win. i knew that trump was going to win -- [inaudible conversations] >> the lowest turnout election in history. donald trump had lower turnout than mitt romney -- heather: people get very angry, though, when we say things like that, oh, it was such a shock. because for the people who did support donald trump -- [inaudible conversations] >> not entirely true. the polls were showing him down by 18 points before the election. heather: but the polls were wrong. >> the polls were wrong, but
7:49 am
that's why people are in shock -- >> people in new york and l.a. are in shock. >> that's not true. i'm from buffalo, new york, i'm from arizona -- >> i'm from arizona, too, but i live in wisconsin. my parents in arizona knew that donald trump was going to win, and i predicted -- >> because you guys were going to vote for him. >> no, no, no -- heather: okay. all right, we have to wrap up. bottom line, quickly. >> bottom line is low turnout on both sides. the story that's not being told here is that most people stayed home. it's not that donald trump won this mandate or hillary clinton, you know, won the popular vote mandate -- heather: stayed home because they did not like either one of them. and she lost the electoral vote by a record amount. the largest amount in 100 years. >> bottom line is that you don't get a participation trophy for getting in second place. heather: that is true. all right, thank you both for joining us. appreciate it. bill: don't need the coffee. [laughter] oh! highlight of the year, and it's got nothing to do with politics thanks to a very unique i touchdown celebration, the
7:50 am
holiday just got a lot better. we'll explain, next. ♪ ♪
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7:53 am
♪ ♪ heather: like a little pearl jam. well, the rock and roll hall of fame announcing their chat for 2017 and, boy, it a good one. listen to this, topping inductees are big acts from the 199 0s including pearl jam and the late tupac shakur, joan baez, also a 2017 inductee, and then rounding out the class, journey. yeah. don't stop believing.
7:54 am
as well as brit's yes and electric light orchestra. bill: pretty good group. it is the touchdown that scored more than just six points. rookie running back ezekiel elliot leaping into an oversized salvation army kettle on sunday night, and that has helped boost donations -- it was a cool move. it reminds me of chad johnson from the day. salvation army claims donations have shot up 61% to a total of $80,000 because of it. lieutenant colonel ron busrow of the salvation army is in d.c. how you doing, colonel? >> great to be here. merry christmas to you. bill: he did that on sunday night, and you guys came out around noon yesterday and said things have gone way up -- >> yes. bill: how did that account, colonel, for such a quick rise? >> what was interesting, sunday night we were already trending on social media as soon as it happened, so when i got to the office on monday morning, i asked folks what kind of bump
7:55 am
have we received in digital fundraising. 61% increase -- bill: wow. >> -- in that first 12 hours after he made that great touchdown jump. bill: so this is people going online, right? >> that's right. these are people going online, and then in the first 24 hours we're seeing that that's continued. we've seen a 32% increase. and that's over the previous weekend. so we're feeling very good about it. bill: i think you need more plastic kettles -- [laughter] on nfl fields. have you talked to the cowboys, to ezekiel? >> we've not talked to ezekiel. of course, he's focused on winning more football games and, hopefully, scoring a lot more touchdowns and maybe jumping in the kettle again. we've talked to the jones family and, of course, they're wonderful partners of the salvation army, and they've created a culture of philanthropy with the dallas cowboys that influences these young men to do things like this.
7:56 am
they not only -- i mean, the week before thanksgiving ezekiel was at a salvation army feeding program in fort worth providing meals for the homeless. this is a culture that the cowboys have developed. bill: that's a good ohio guy for you right there. he said if the nfl fined him, he would match the fine. apparently, the league chose not to, he's going to give a donation her -- >> 21,000. he's already given it, he made a commitment last night, 21,000. and retweeted out last night, he's asking his friends and followers to make a $21 donation. and already from in the first few hours we've already seen, received over $10,000. and most of those are in gifts of $21 to thank him for what he did. bill: that's a great story, colonel. congratulations. >> it is. bill: good for you. put it to good use, okay? >> we certainly will. bill: thank you, sir. >> thank you.
7:57 am
heather: chaos and death at a holiday market. it's been a tough day, after a truck plows through the crowd in what authorities are calling an act of terror. more ahead.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> we had a big christmas party and they had a snow globe and this is part of the america's newsroom team and we were like the jetsons.
8:00 am
the snow is supposed to blow in the air. >> somebody needs to shake it. >> number one, in all of cable for the entire year of 2016. none of that happens without you, so thank you, merry christmas, happy holidays, all that stuff. >> international manhunt underway for a suspect who drove a truck into a crowd in berlin, germany. john: german police arrested a pakistani man who applied for asylum but they might have the wrong guy. at least 12 people were killed, 50 hurt when the attacker drove a truck into a popular christmas market filled with tourists and


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