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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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2016. heading on vacation with the family. merry christmas, happy holidays, i guarantee you 2017 is going to be interesting here on "special report." tucker carlson starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." donald trump is officially the president-elect of the united states. electoral college having voted yesterday. many of donald trump's critics meanwhile have also reached a milestone. they're officially hysterical some having diagnosed a diagnosable level of panic. it isn't just that the other guy won in their view it's the end of a civilization itself and apocalyptic hell escape where nazis fill the you were level of our government. where did they get that idea maybe from people like our next guest. movies and radio show robust presence on twitter where this morning he wrote quote
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trump has appointed to his cabinet alt right lit tearl throws up #never my president. joining us now is tariq that tariqnasheed which one of them throws up nazi. >> steve bannon is associated with that alt right association nothing more than a sect of white supremacy. alt right here federal building, ronald reagan building throwing up nazi salutes. all of these practice naziism. and trump is associated with that. just like reverend wright was associated with barack obama and you criticized him for that. >> you don't say associated. you said appointed people who his cabinet who throw up nazi salutes, steve bannon by the way is not cabinet does he throw up nazi south that you are aware of and
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can prove. >> he is a part and alt right movement. >> was he at that meeting? what is does he have to do with. this he was associated with the people doing it just as you associate me with black lives matter and i have nothing to do with it steve bannon representing he was associated alt right people nothing more than white supremacists. if we go deeper than that with the trump -- we haven't gone deep enough, tucker, but i want to get factual, too. >> okay. so, i'm just saying. >> on the white supremacist platform. that's what i'm saying. >> here's my point. you have a lot. >> go ahead, tucker. >> you have a lot of venues, people listen to you. you have got 160,000 twitter followers. you have written a bunch of books. people believe you and people are worried about trump and they don't know what this administration is going to lock like. here you come out in public this morning and say he has appointed people to his cabinet who are nazis literally to quote you giving the nazi salute and that's not actually true. you know it wasn't true when
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you said it and whipping people into a frenzy of fear. >> it's not true now and you are saying that. that's the problem with systematic white supremacy. >> i read your tweet. do you want me to read it again. >> no, you didn't read my tweet. it's something that you do. ask me what i said and i will be glad to answer that tucker. >> here is what you wrote. >> don't add anything else to it. >> i want to jog your memory, tariq. >> you don't have to. i know what i said, tucker. >> who literally throw nazi salutes and that's not true. isn't it irresponsible of you to say something that inflammatory that you know isn't true. you may disagree with trump and that's fine. >> what you are saying isn't true. sir, he is appointing a guy associated with the alt right. the alt right they are literally throwing up nazi signs. not only that donald trump himself disenfranchised and discriminated against black people his whole career. so this is not something that i'm just reaching out of a bag. and other people associated with trump in the cabinet
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who have practiced systematic racism for years. i'm just not pulling anything out of a bag. even in a campaign black people were getting boat up and called racial names. so i'm not pulling something out of thin air, tucker. i'm not pulling anything out of thin air. >> i want to ask you quick question. >> go ahead, sir. >> don't you think if there are literalli' supremacists in the cabinet what do you think ben carson thinks. >> just because you get an individual black person. >> what do you think he thinks of that. >> no matter how qualified a black person is, if you tokenize a black person and put him in a system of white supremacy. that doesn't legitimize. nothing more, nothing less. >> okay. so i want to ask you about some stuff that you have written because i think it's important for viewers to know how are. okay. because people take you seriously. now, you are in addition to a lot of other things, the author of a lot of books on dating. one of them is called the art of macing. you have written a couple others. >> yes. >> i was reading it today.
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it's an interesting book. chapter 6 guaranteed ways to get sex from women. i'm quoting you. in this chapter i will give tried and proven techniques to help talk a woman giving it up. precise rebuttals to every objection a woman may have to giving it up. you say this. of the number one lame thing men say to get sex i love you. you describe that as bold lie approach. if a woman doesn't ready for sex question her maturity. minimize the significance of sex and three tell her what she wants to hear. now you are advocating lying in order to take advantage of women sexually. this is in your book. i'm not misquoting it. why should we believe anything that you say if your counseling people to say i love you and lie to women in order to get them in bed? >> tucker, the fact that you are disthis desperate to get one of my books, which is a book on satire, it's a tongue in cheek book, the book was written in a comedic fashion. >> um-huh. >> the fact that you are getting that to try to
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justify disenfranchising me. >> that's funny. >> minimize the significance of what i do in the system. that's so cheap, tucker. >> so actually i read about 10 interviews you did. >> tucker, tucker, that's so cheap, tucker. that is so cheap, turks. >> answer the question. >> i'm talking about systematic white supremacy. you are trying to discredit me quote from book tongue in cheek. it's satire, comedic and so cheap, tucker. i'm not surprised, tucker. >> let me just say, i don't think that you are being tongue in cheek and the scores of interviews did you in the two follow-up books you wrote how to lie to women to have sex with them. >> so many comedic sections of it i don't get this. >> it raises the question are you being tongue in cheek now with all this race war stuff you are constantly talking about. is he a white supremacist. >> unfortunately i'm not. because white supremacy is not tongue in cheek. we live in a system of white
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supremacy and white supremacy is not a joke. we live in a system dominated in all areas of white supremacy. i take that very seriously sir. >> you are making specific allegations untrue. you know exactly -- >> -- i'm not. you are trying to put words in my mouth. >> that's fine but does it occur to you very simple and last question. does it occur to you that people believe you and that you increase the temperature of race hatred in this country and that long term that might lead to some really bad things? do you feel responsible for that? >> you mean like black people getting harmed in all areas of activity. what you have done -- tucker, what you have done to replace the system of white supremacy. >> i'm calling you out for lying. >> what you have done. >> that's my contribution today. >> for replacing. okay, tucker. >> yeah. tariq. i appreciate it. >> happy kwanzaa. >> happy kwanzaa to you. donald trump may be
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mar-a-lago for christmas. that's not keeping him off twitter. peter doocy, ladies and gentlemen, in palm beach. >> hey, tucker. the next president announced this morning that a former president bill clinton was out there telling a story that was not true and just a few hours later, clinton conceded that trump was right, at least in part. this all started in the 8:00 hour this morning here at palm beach time when mr. trump tweeted this. bill clinton stated that i called him after the election. wrong. he called me. with a very nice congratulations. he doesn't know much, especially how to get people, even with unlimited budget out to vote in the vital swing states and more. they focused on wrong states. a few hours later came the clinton response. he said this, here's one thing at real donald trump and i can agree on. i called him after the election. but clinton never took back the other part of the local newspaper story from upstate new york that caught mr. trump's attention where he said the president-elect doesn't know much or the
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part where he said that he thought mr. trump was too cordial on the phone as if their conversation was having 15 years ago. today meanwhile at march mar-a-lago with the president-elect. trio of meetings, possible cabinet members who were here. another person at the top of the list who has been added to the list of veterans affairs department secretary possibility dr. toby cosgrove is he in charge of the cleveland clinic. the other one louise quinnez specializes in healthcare. and once worked in the small business administration under president george w. bush and on trump hispanic advisory counsel during the campaign we are being told is a contender for the united states trade rep. as to when we find out who gets the next job there could be announcement from mar-a-lago sometime this week there are two cabinet secretary positions left at
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the v.a. and agriculture. tucker? >> thanks a lot, tucker. appreciate it live from palm beach. despite what you may here, there is some by partisan welcoming of donald trump as president. at least on some issues. kevin who is a long time d.c. says mr. trump, for example, is right on track when it comes to school choice. in chaffetzins us now. thanks for joining us. >> nice to see. >> you you are a lifelong democrat. i don't think you agree with everything trump says. you are with him on education, why? >> i believe in school choice and great friend of betsy devos. i have worked with her very closely. look, at the end of the day, we have a real major challenge in education in this country. >> yeah. >> half the kids of color are dropping out. 6,000 a day. >> half. >> half the kids of color dropping out. most of our schools underperforming. 48% of our public schools are either failing or under performing. we need to shake things up there is no better way to do that than through school
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choice. >> i have this conversation with the parents what about the schools, they are terrible. people say they are starved for funding. i looked up today since 1970, 200 percent increase to schools primary education, secondary education and basically no movement on test scores at all. it's not just about funding. >> no, it's not. you know, , you mentioned i was on the city council. we gave d.c. public schools $300 million, 10,000 fewer kids educating outputs went down. it's not about money. it's what you do about the money. great thing about school choice great thing to help kids where there is a real need today and also incentivize the system for change. we have seen that in d.c. we have seen it in florida. we have seen it in new orleans. we have seen it in milwaukee. betsy devos understands that look, the only people who are against school choice, tucker, are the ones that have it. they are the only ones. >> that's exactly right. if you look at the numbers among black voters. support for school choice is really high. >> 70% to 80%.
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and hispanic. >> naacp is against it. >> because they are in lock step with the union and they also, the leadership of the african-american community, the leadership of the hispanic community a lot of teachers who have kids in private schools, they have school choice. but it's the working class. >> school choice meaning they send their kids to private school. >> they send their kids to private schools or elite public schools. this is an issue that you can unify america. what we need i think betsy gets, this we need to depoliticize this which is what the union has been doing and build this national consensus around learning that promotes what's best for children. >> interesting. school choice has been applied in a couple of different cities, including washington and nawrlings. i mean, it's been a while. what are the results? >> it's terrific. first of all in our d.c. opportunity scholarship program 6,000 kids did through that program. federal voucher program that betsy helped support, 90% of those kids graduate. 90% go to college. they come to schools where over half the kids drop out.
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that's an amazing turn around, 6,000 lives that otherwise would have been changed if they hadn't gotten that opportunity. we have seen this with our charter school movement. over almost half the kids in d.c. public schools are in charter schools and hernandez the outgoing chancellor said that helped incentivize change so that he have increased enrollment for the first time in years. in florida, the same thing. 100,000 kids and the tax program there and studies have shown that the kids who were left behind do better. so this is a way to lift all boats. >> interesting. in washington a woman called michelle ri was hired by the mayor implement education reform. a lot resented it. some of them sau the schools as a jobs program and she was pairing back unemployment and they resented it and threw the mayor out as a result. what's a better way to do that? >> they resent -- didn't resent the idea. they resented the approach.
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the problem mayor had and we talked about this. she worked for me and michelle re. you have got to hug people while you change them. can't ram it down their throat. that's one thing about betsy devos' leadership. i have worked with her around the country. she is a consensus builder. she is going to be a star in this cabinet because she believes reaching across the aisle and working with democrats and building consensus around collaborative ideas that help build kids. that's the problem when people try to ram school choice. similar to common core down the threat of people not ready for it. that flies in the face of betsy. that's going to make a big difference. people want school choice. you have to have them understand how it works and peer-to-peer conversations. give them examples that work. >> you always hear the same results when you talk about school choice with someone from a union or opponent of school choice basically is if people are allowed to leave bad public schools public schools will collapse and takes proceeds from
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public system and sends them to private companies. what's your response to that. >> that's not the case. we want to make public schools work for our kids. i envision america where all kids have access to equal quality education. getting kids in good schools today, particularly those who come from bad schools. helps lift all boats d.c., florida and other places, when the public school sees that there is a real threat to their monday nope police stick resistance they respond. >> boy haven't they. kevin, thank you for joining us. that was super interesting. i appreciate it. >> thank you. ♪ >> time now for twitter storm, our nightly forecast of social media's most intense weather patterns. today's subject is lena dunham, she is offensive ontwit. she publicly announced on podcast that she has not yet had an portion but she wishes she h twitter was not impressed. aaron cook wrote. this tired of fair weather lena said something dumb i was there in 2011 when she
4:16 pm
said bagel bites were racist. he is an original lena dunham critic. lena dunham's mother says the same thing word for word. she is garbage disposal and everything she says sounds like a fork got caught in her blades. finally all-american goat wrote this hillary clinton campaigned with lena dunham and she can't understand why she lost. maybe more decisive even than vladimir putin. just a guest. that's tonight's twitter storm. next up, a white guy's has message to you. you will see it next. almost christmas. would it really be christmas without controversial christmas songs. some feminists are angry about this classic ♪ i really can't stay ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ i go to go away ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ not very nice ♪ i'll hold your hand
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♪ my mother will start to worry re me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. for over 100 years like kraft has,natural cheese you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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♪ i wish i knew how ♪ your eyes are like stars right now ♪ to break the spell ♪ i'll take your hat ♪ your hair looks swell ♪ i ought to say no, no, no ♪ at least i'm going to say that i try. >> what's the sense of hurting my pride. >> been a christmas staple some people are finding offense with those lyrics. song has been characterized as rainy.
4:20 pm
needless to say there was ball deball derize here is sampe of ♪ i wish i knew how ♪ maybe i will help you ♪ to break your spell ♪ i don't know what you're talking about ♪ i ought to say no, no, no ♪ you deserve the right to say no ♪ at least i'm going to say that i tried ♪ you deserve. >> quick, when which version is more appealing. that's rhetorical. emily crocket has written a ton about both versions of the song. emily, it's great sty. >> great to see you, tucker. feminist may be unfair. reputation at humanist scolds. i'm not sure attacks on this song do much to fight that perception. >> sure. so i think your first problem is considering an attack, right? >> um-huh. >> i think. >> you called it rapey. >> you said others have
4:21 pm
called it rapey. >> i did two pieces of it rapey reading and romantic reading. when i listen to this song i honestly have two reactions to it. like? in a context at the time, i think it's pretty clear that, you know, women did not have sexual agency in the 40's, right? women were not really allowed to express sexual desire or to take initiative in starting sexual situation. and so they sort of had to play hard to get or had to just allow themselves to be seduced rather than, you know, say like this is what i want. and so. >> but the decision was fundamentally theirs. wouldn't you say? >> well, sure. >> wouldn't that put them in control? >> wouldn't what put them in control? if the decision is yours you are not a passive victim. you are in the driver's seat. >> the question is do you assent or not? if someone is trying to persuade you that suggests it's your decision. >> well, so, that's an interesting way of putting it.
4:22 pm
>> well isn't it true? >> well, so, there is a difference between -- so like putting pressure on a woman to have sex is just not cool. like there is a difference between a negotiation and al predation. when you look at the original version of this song, the interesting thing is that the man's part is labeled wolf and the woman's part is labeled mouse. oh, that's kind of creepy. when you listen to this song. >> why is that creepy. >> it's like making a man a predator and the woman a prey. >> isn't seduction about ambivalence. >> it doesn't have to be. >> if it's not about ambivalence. >> so the question is, you know, is did he seduction the ideal? the question here is do we want women to have sexual agency? do we want women to have a say, right? do we want women to just sort of only always only be
4:23 pm
pursued because, really, when you look -- >> -- i feel like i'm back in my feminist publishing class. so you had to flash of self-awareness at the end of the piece which i love. you said. this this was the bright part of the piece. at a certain point spending hundreds of words close reading of christmas song starts to feel a little silly. what's the point of yelling at people on the internet about this. do you wish you had stopped there. >> no. >> no? >> it is a boss explainer. this is a debate on the internet. and people have been hearing about it and reading about it. and the reason i wrote the piece is that people might be curious why this is a debate. so the issue is it's a debate over whether the song promotes, you know, problematic ideas of consent. >> don't you think that's a debate that's completely defined to small groups of silly rich people. >> no, no. >> here's my question.
4:24 pm
i want to take this seriously and i feel there are threats to women's agency and rights and one of them is female gentle mutilation fairly common among immigrants in the united states. i never hear feminists mention it at all. >> we mention it a lot. >> do you? i never see a piece on it? >> that is a totally, you know, that is a distraction from the issue like just because there are worse things we can't care about rape. >> that's the worst thing can i imagine. christmas song maybe it was written 70 years ago? >> here is the thing, culture matters, right? like what we listen to. i know conservatives feel about this way too about culture. we worry about the signals we are sending our kids. if the signal we're sending our young men is that it's okay to badger and badger and pressure and pressure and not listen to a woman. not respect her. >> i'm against that. >> when she says no. if you listen to the song. again. feelings about it. >> i can tell you do.
4:25 pm
maybe isn't it a bigger threat to our country and minds to politicize art relentlessly. >> no. there can no safe space from politics? everything is about political ideology? doesn't that make you a little orwellian? >> no. >> a little bit? >> so there is a difference between politicization and criticism. and analysis and discussion. [ laughter ] >> we should be able to analyze and discuss our culture without being accused of being p.c. police. that's silly. >> unless of course we are pc police. >> criticize something else. unfortunately we are out of time. >> great to see. >> you transported me back to cleaning. i think i got a b in that course. thank you. you remember mtv news? they just got major backlash today after a message to white men. we will tell you what they said next. ♪ ♪
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. >> chaos in the skies. a violent passenger went wild encore reason air flight and up to a celebrity to help the flight crew restrain unruly passenger just like in the movies but it was real. pop star, daisy fen fuentes. helping the flight crew as they try to restrain the man. they try to tie him up. he breaks free and continues his assault for nearly four
4:30 pm
hours. you can imagine? at least two passengers and a crew member injured by him. taken into custody when they landed and korean air has not yet commented. >> another bid relevant to the young folks. mtv has a message for the dreaded white guy. mtv news hey white guys we came up with new year's resolutions for you. here's what they said. >> blue believes matter isn't a thing. >> cops weren't born with blue skin, right? they weren't born blue. >> stab bragging about being woke. >> learn what man slaving is and stop doing it. >> if you are a judge don't prioritize the well being over ivy league athlete over the woman he assaulted. >> then the best one america was never that great if you weren't a white guy. since posting the video mtv news has faced a wake of backlash on social media jessica tarlov here to unravel what all of this means. jessica, this is a very
4:31 pm
tough assignment i realize. i'm going to throw it at you. i beg your pardon, it's been bugging me it's not isolated incident. i tend to be literal and take words seriously. >> i saw that in your a block, saray. >> yeah, every block. what is this about? why the attacks on white guys? let me stipulate at the outset i know some of them. in fact, i am one. so i don't hate them by definition. i don't think other people ought to be encouraged to hate any group of people based on race or sex and yet, that's the one group that the left hates openly. why? >> i'm not sure that i would say that the left hates them. i think the left or a certain faction of the left has been blaming white men for donald trump's victory when there are a lot of other reasons that it ended up that hillary clinton lost. i think that's what's going on here. but i totally agree with you, this video it upset me almost as much as the pajama boy when he came out. these are stupid gimmicks. i don't think it will work. this is speaking to the choir. echo chamber tactic not
4:32 pm
going to win back white working class voters with this individual glo hard to believe these are tomorrow's leaders. >> i don't think so. >> you may be right. not just about trump. a. agree with you a lot of people are going insane because of election. we pulled together just a quick review of headlines pretty recent ones, revenge of the white man says "time" smag magazine. white men are the new face of terror. new letter from white men in america. white guys are killing us sessa loan. of the plague of angry white men. white men are gunmen and finally white men must be stopped, the very future of mankind depends on it. i'm note imagine ago theme here. everyone who reads news here every day reads this. no one ever says knock that off. >> i'm doing it right now and you do it. i think a lot of people do that i think that the election has heightened this tension absolutely. certainly during the rise of the black lives matter movement. i agree what they were saying in that video about the black lives matter.
4:33 pm
all lives matters is not the contrast to that those things are supposed to coexist. people on both sides of the aisle who know we need criminal justice reform. we can't really fight with that one. but the general overarching argument is about this election. the rise of the alt right movement and how donald trump's campaign may may have facilitated and empowered it in fact is a dangerous thing to a lot of people, not just on the left. but i agree, you also picked very far left headlines there coming from salon. >> huffington post is the biggest news site in the world. the irony embedded at the core of this is these are all people who are mad at trump because they believe he is racist. they never stop telling us that he is racist. he is intolerant. and, yet, these are by definition racist. let me say this for the record and i mean it for all sincerity. if these were any group i would say let's not generalize on the basis of skin color because it's not helpful or health. >> >> no. definitely not. weave know there was slavery in this country dry. we know that white
4:34 pm
had a more privileged existence in this country than other minorities. we know they have certain advantages. that's what this is about is calling that out. i think it goes too far. and i'm having trouble envisions how we move forward over the next four years under this donald trump presidency with so many people upset about this particular issue. but i think that's what explains it there. >> sorry? >> i think -- i think the poorest county -- i might be wrong, certainly one of the poorest counties, i believe the poorest county in america is overwhelmingly white county in west virginia. that's also true in western maine. and what do you think they think when they hear liberals say you are privileged by definition because of slavery with which they had nothing to do? >> of course. >> what would be your response if someone said because of your ethnicity or your sex you are responsible for something that you really have no connection to at all? >> i wouldn't say that i would say we need to understand obviously the history of the country. i would say i understand why you voted for a change in the status quo. and i think did go too far with the pc police bandwagon
4:35 pm
here. i think if we lost by 80,000 votes, i'm sure we could have found those votes in videos like this that have turned people off to what we are presenting on the left. i think we can recover from it obviously. we have to retool our messaging and get some great new candidates and i look forward to that. i don't disagree with you here. >> before do you that will you expel all the mtv kids from your party at first. >> i can't. my sister was on mtv show for six years. they are a wonderful organization and fantastic to my family. so i'm with them. >> cut her mike. jessica, thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> i'm glad you came on. >> well, promising, keeping our promise to keep you updated on the really sad, especially sad now that christmas is coming of otto warmbier the american college student has been held in north korea for a year. former mexico governor bill richardson has been in north korea recently. is he working to bring otto home. he is here next with an update. >> send in your cruel
4:36 pm
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pretty good hiding place, gotta say. say that to the nanny cam. it's your tv, take it with you. now you can watch your dvr anywhere, at no extra cost, with directv from at&t. suspect in yesterday's horrifying truck attack at a german christmas market. the man's blood and d.n.a. do not match samples found on the truck that plowed through the crowd. now there is a race to find those responsible before they can strike again, of course. isis has gained responsibility for that attack killed 12 people and injured 50 more. news agency the terror group says it was a lone wolf who carried out that rampage. is he still somewhere and the search is on, of course. yesterday we spoke to one of otto warmbier's childhood friends soccer roommate. he has been held in north korea for almost a year. he was grabbed last january.
4:41 pm
not a lot is being done by the u.s. government to bring him home safely. >> we need to get him back. he has unfinished business here in cincinnati. and he has unfinished business at virginia. we need to keep him in the public eye as much as we can. >> according to new mexico governor bill richardson has served as intermediary between north korea and the u.s. he has worked to get information from warmbier to the warmbier family. he joins us now. thanks loot for on. >> thank you, tucker. >> what you can tell us about progress on this case. the poor kid. he has been there almost a year. christmas is coming. do we know anything new? >> well, we don't know anything new. the progress has been very slow. but the north koreans did accept my delegates from my foundation that specializes in getting american soldiers out of prisons around the world. the last one being in
4:42 pm
mexico, the marine andrew tahmooressi we helped get him out with congressman ed royce of california. anyway, the progress has been slow. i proposed to the north koreas that i go to try to talk to them. this is the the white house is aware of this and they have been supported. it's not a government deal because we have a very bad relationship with north korea. there is a lot of tensions, sanctions are on. we have been in touch with the trump transition. my staff has. they are not in yet. we're trying to do this on a humanitarian basis. not government -- the government basis. but the progress has been slow. but i propose going. hopefully we can get him out soon. the north koreans with this new leader or he is not so new anymore in the past we could talk to his father, you know, when he was the president,. >> right. >> you could make deals, but
4:43 pm
now there is just like silence. there is nothing coming back. >> well, i don't want to make this a partisan issue because i don't think it is. the warmbier family is a political from what can i tell. barack obama is still the president. and he has got just a few weeks left. today he commuted the sentences of 231 people more people than ever in history and that's fine. i wonder why doesn't make this life the life of warmbier a priority? you can't do this to an american citizen. why would not not be helpful if he did that? >> well, because the north koreans feel that we have put on a lot of sanctions on them. deservedly so with their nuclear detonations, with their human rights violations, et cetera. but the state department has been quietly working to try to get otto out and as i said when my mission of my staff, micky bergman my director was there in late october. the white house was supportive. they endorsed the trip, as long as it wasn't affiliated
4:44 pm
with the government. it was a humanitarian mission, we try to say to the north koreans look. we want to get the remains of our soldiers back from the korean war on a humanitarian basis. maybe that can be a prelude to getting otto out and they considered it they haven't said no. they haven't said no to my trip. they haven't said yes either. but, you know, it's a shame because otto has been there over a year. he's a good kid. he made a mistake. hasn't had the cons lore access. the swedes make sure he is okay. you know, so it's all a mystery and we are trying to unravel that mystery. >> they have a terrible track record of how they treat americans. the term brainwashing comes from american pows from the korean war. so the trump administration is about to start in late january. i hope they will take this up as a cause. i think they will. what should they do?
4:45 pm
can they put pressure directly on china which pepes for a lot of north korea. certainly a sponsor state. why can't they go to the chinese and say make this happen? >> well, i think they could. china can play a major role in helping us with north korea in general. they haven't done anything. everyone says china leverage they do. they haven't used it because there is tension with the american chinese relationship. i think the fact that president-elect trump is coming in. a gesture of good will by the north koreans with the new trump administration. i think would be very welcome. and the trump organization, the trans -- they are interested. but they are not in yet. so it's an uncomfortable transition period. >> yeah. >> not uncomfortable. but the obama team is still on board. they are white house is involved. but, you know, it's one of those periods where coming before christmas we should try to get otto out.
4:46 pm
the north koreans this would be a good gesture to a good good new presidency in the united states. >> imagine if it was your son. heart breaking. thanks a lot governor for that i appreciate it. >> here is something the democrats are super tolerant. we all know that they tell us quite a bit. on social media that's not quite true. we have a new study research institute and it found that democratic voters, self-described liberals are throw times as likely to have blocked, unfriended or stopped following someone on social media because of political posts following donald trump's win. 24% of democrats have done that compare that to 9% of both republicans and independents. look at the chart. you can break it down by sex and even more dramatic. three in ten democratic women have removed someone from social media while only 14% of democratic men have done that for republicans 10% of women but only 8% of men have blocked someone else.
4:47 pm
now, you know perfectly well the most intolerant group in the world is conservative men. they are horrible, right? you read salon. well, the study doesn't show that. well, up next, of the great shannon bream steps into the friend zone. there is one supremely big snub at the new smithsonian african-american museum. tell us what it is. stay tuned. he west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps...
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>> time now for the friend zone. we people from the back of the show invite our friends here. tonight joined by one of the best people in washington, d.c. shannon bream, she is our supreme court reporter and expert and genius lawyer. so shannon, the new smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture opened recently.
4:51 pm
lots of people like it. there is one thing missing from this museum. what is it? >> there has been a lot of information clarence thomas he doesn't have an exhibit there. he is mentioned. in an exhibit about anita hill and commenting on her bravery and coming forward and testifying him in the senate. so he is mentioned as part of that big scandal which a lot of people will say you go through the record and go through the facts a lot of the testimony has been completely rebutted and discredited and yet that's really his only mention there. so lawmakers, folks on the hill, they have raised a lot of questions. a lot of people are going to the major donors including oprah winfrey, target, fedex and all these different groups and say listen, we need to know if this is going to be rectified. what's going to happen here. this is a glaring omission when we are talking about african-american history. if you know his story, tucker. it's amazing where he came from, absolute poverty to rise to go to some of the best universities in the
4:52 pm
world and to sit on our country's highest court. >> i know. he grew up not even a native english speaker. gula. interesting guy and one of the nicest people ever. is he not described as a trailb anything like that? >> no. >> he is ignored. >> right. the interesting thing is like i said is he there as a mention on the exhibit about anita hill and what the people speaking for the smithsonian did have to say many compelling stories about african-americans who have been successful in various geeldz. we can't include everybody in our inaugural exhibit. we want to know at some point because we just opened is there going to be another exhibit? will will there be some changes to the exhibit sphwheel keep watching. we would like to know. people from the left and the right who have criticized this and say listen, regardless of what you think about his legal philosophy or position, we still think he is a major historical figure in this country and he should be included. we will see. >> so it's on the mall, which is public land. >> um-huh. >> smithsonian, not exactly a public institution but crypto public institution as i understand it the coming,
4:53 pm
the taxpayers have no recourse? >> that's the interesting part. that's what a lot of the lawmakers raising questions about. now, a lot of private funding came here but $540 million, i believe, was the price tag. and we are told about 50% of that came from u.s. taxpayers you and i are paying for. this we need to have this question answered because it's public money paying for this. if you are going to do some people would argue is a snub of someone who is sitting on the supreme court and is a trailblazer. somebody who has made history there should be some answers for that senator ted cruz this week authored a letter. there is a resolution on the hill. is he asking smithsonian leaders to fix this in saying we need some answers now. it hasn't come to our satisfaction and because there are hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money we feel like there should be an answer. >> so funny, i have the same thought every morning when i get on the car and turn on morning edition of npr. >> you love it? >> i'm paying for this
4:54 pm
shannon bream you are the best. you are great. thank you for that. >> you too. >> coming up we will take your criticism. you sent a lot of it mean tweets @ "tucker carlson tucker. we will read them coming up next.
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oh but i am. there it is right there. i am puzzled, actually. that's why my face registers puzzlement. email doug didn't give last name. i just got back to the u.s.a. where i once again have access to news, internet, et cetera. i was flipping through new comcast cable channels and saw you have a new show on fox. i was astounded i thought you died in prison a few years ago. in any event, welcome back. thank you, doug. i never left. well, tomorrow it's your turn to be king for a day. if you had absolute power and could do anything obviously you would misuse that power and become a mean person. what is the one thing you would do to improve america. email us at tucker carlson tonight at that's it for us tonight. tune in every night 7:00 p.m. eastern. sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and
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group think. don't forget to dvr us if you haven't set that up. bill o'reilly is next. don't miss it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we would have a chance to really increase participation in our democracy if we went to a bop larr vote. >> the left demanding the electoral college be abolish. what is really behind this point of view? hint, it has to do with race. talking points is on it. >> local media in berlin reporting police on the ground there saying this does seem to point to some kind of attack. >> with another terror attack in germany. will that country tell the truth about who is behind it? if they do, the merkel government may fall. ♪


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