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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 20, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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a more inspirational autobiography. every american should read this book, hope to buy 50, already bought five. there's 45 to go. this is the kelly file. welcome to "hannity." germany is treating the attack on a berlin christian's market on an act of terror. i'm eric bowling in for sean. rudy giuliani, laura ingram, and mike huckabee all join us. german chons lar angela merkel is now saying the terrorism is likely the motive and isis is claiming responsibility for the truck attack. also tonight, russian president vladimir putin is vowing revenge after the country's ambassador to turkey was gunned down yesterday. president-elect donald trump is
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reacting to both stories by promising to fight radical islam why the white house won't utter the phrase. joining us now with reaction is trump senior advisor, kellyanne conway, thanks for joining us, kelly. big news day. let's start with the berlin attack. president-elect donald trump says he will fight islamic terror. he used the words together, why did he sbeskically do that so soon? >> well, it's part of how he ran his campaign and won. people want tough strong leadership, if you look at the polls, eric, americans feel less safe than they did four or eight years ago. many feel less pros prougs as well. in the last year, radical islamic terrorists have made it here. san bernardino, the woman came through a fiancee visa. and of course, down in orlando this past may, the worst massacre of american history. 49 innocent lives being snuffed out bay man who was radicalized
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as an islamist on the internet. and so we already know that this exists. we know that as those who say they're the jay vee team and no longer on the advance are dead wrong. and you see it mostly in europe. you see nice and paris, of course, and brussels, and now apparently the market in berlin, germany. they're nondiscriminatory in terms of when they attack, who they attack, but we know why they ahate. they hate freedom-loving people. >> kellyanne, yesterday, the white house said probably terror, likely terror. donald trump came out and said, islamic terror, we're going to stop it, and since then, isis has claimed credit for it. donald trump was right. >> he's right again. and i was on a show earlier with someone who said why does he get ahead of himself when he doesn't have the evidence. they said the same thing in san bernardino and orlando, the man's instincts are correct. and he's right this time as well. by the way, he doesn't say that to be right, he says it to
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remind us of who the enemy is and you can't defeat them until you're willing to name them. and one of the untold stories of the election is how much it mattered to many americans that donald trump as the republican nominee was willing to stand up so many times and call it out radical islamic terrorism, talk about the fact that the ham handed way we got out of iraq created this vacuum for isis and the groups were able to flourish. and he also, you know, you may recall in august or september, he came out with the muscular four or five point plan to defeat them. people can look it up and disagree, they want to talk about extreme vetting and all those countries that harbor and train and export terrorists where we have very little vetting process. you and i know isis promised to come in through the form of refugees, syrian refugees and others. they've been very clear they're just getting started. >> kellyanne, the other big story yesterday was the russian ambassador being snaeted in front of the cameras.
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in the aftermath of that, let's talk about this, president-elect donald trump, president donald trump is going to walk into some sort of mess with this situation. you have russia on one hand saying our ambassador's killed and we want someone to pay for that, yet there are others like ambassador john bolton suggesting that maybe this is some sort of plot by the russians now to use this tragedy to get turkey to get out of nato. now, it's a little wonky, how is donald trump going to handle it? such a hot spot going forward. >> well, the way he handled this particular incident is he did two things and they're both correct. he did what a leader does. first, he expressed outrage that an ambassador would be killed and it violates everything we can think of in orderly society. number two, he expressed condolences to the gentleman's family. that's what leaders do before they have the evidence. and when he's pvt of the united states, he will make clear what the policies are. i don't think the president-elect is going to
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speculate on the rest of it and come up with any type of theory other than what he sees in front of him which is a cold-blooded murder of an ambassador in a foreign country. >> talk to me a little bit kellyanne about the very, very strategic and important country, turkey, for many reasons, tloegs iraq and syria. isis claimed that they're selling toil turkey. part of being in nato. wants to be in the european union. what's trump donald trump's turkey strategy? >> oh, i can't zhausz before he's the president of the united states. i know that he has discussed it and we're aware of it, but we're very respectful, eric, until he is the president of the united states and commander and chief starting on january 20th that we have a president currently. everything you just described about turkey is 100% krek and obviously the president-elect is aware of that and discussing that with leaders. he's made very clear too that as soon as he assumes office, he will be convening the leaders,
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secretary of state, defense, national security advisor and others. and he will be conferring about the strategies moving forward. >> can we play this up, talk about clearly vladimir putin, he's ticked off. he lost an ambassador. how has putin reached out to president-elect donald trump on this assassination yet? >> i'm not aware that he has. >> okay. let's move on to this one. now, there's some back and forth going on about a phone call that occurred on election night, now initially bill clinton, former president bill clinton suggested that donald trump had called him, mr. trump tweeted today, no, you've got it wrong, he call itted me. now you have some intimate knowledge of this. >> oh, i do. actually, it was the president-elect is correct on thursday, november 10, which basically was a day after the wee hours of november 9th when he won, and that hillary clinton called to concede and congratulate him, i received a call from bill clinton's chief
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of staff who asked if we could arrange a call to have president bill clinton congratulate the president-elect. the president-elect was in washington, d.c. meeting with the current president on november 10th that thursday as we'll all recall. they had a great conversation. but it did go that way and i saw in a tweet tonight that president bill clinton did say donald trump and i agree on one thing, i did call him. it's fine, it may seem like a minor point to some, but it shows you the power of trump in his twitter feed when he says, i'm going to correct the record right here, you called me. which is true. i just think it's not really war of the words, it's a departure in facts when it comes to what just happened in the election. bill clinton won the presidency twice because he knew how to win those important blue states in the upper midwest and other places. his wife failed to do that. and she failed to do this not because vladimir putin told them to ignore milwaukee, but because for some reason they took for granted wisconsin because it had gone blue in every election since 1984. and so, i think bill clinton who knows politics so well who is
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clearly the more gifted masterful politician in his two-person household. he should know better than to blame russian hacking or james comey or bernie sanders -- >> kellyanne, he blamed james comey in the same comment that donald trump had called him in that same comment, he said donald trump knows how to get angry white males to vote for him. >> well, that's not the only group -- first of all, it's insult. bill clinton sounds like in that case a trump volter these days. he seems angry white male, and that's too bad. he's a former president, we have enormous respect for him and his legacy as it were, but we also have to point out that donald trump had a very broad coalition when he ran the tables among the same kind of democratic union households that bill clinton won and hillary clinton lost. he ran the tables among rural voters. frankly, he got almost as much
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as mitt romney got among women and ran against the first female president. i would does the clintons, why didn't hillary clinton get 60 or 62% of the female vote. what's wrong with her running as the first female president? why does she have the gender gap among men where they disliked her, didn't want her to be president of the united states or commander in chief. they distrusted her. she couldn't bring together the obama coalition and couldn't bring together the bill clinton coalition. it's simple. >> those comments i would call deplorable and ir redeemable, is that okay. >> shotgun like that. but i would just call them dead wrong and it's time to -- look, it's time for the clintons to do what the obamas have done. which is to each up the door and say, we are here to help you have a peaceful transition in our great democracy. we're one month away from january 20th, and it's really time for the clinton to tell all of their adherers, protesters, the electoral strategy which failed, the hashtag, it's time
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for them to tell everybody to support these guys. >> let's tell the audience, rumor today that kellyanne conway is going to move to the washington, d.c., kellyanne, what are you going to do there? >> well, first i'm going to look for a house and some schools for my kids. we'll see how welcomed the trump people are in these schools, eric. but, i'm going to serve the president-elect and the vice president-elect in whatever capacity they would prefer me and we've been talking about that. either way you can expect me in washington, d.c. we're just getting started. this is a man to do great things, and i am all too humbled and honored to be part of that because he's going to make good on the promises of his first 1 4urks day plan. you see the activity and the energy already just as president-elect and vice president-elect, and it's a very exciting time. and i want to give a shoutout, i talked today on the phone for half hour with valerie jarrett. and i really appreciate the kind of council that i'm getting personally and others on the
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team are receiving from president obama's administrat n administration. >> i'm going to tell you, i'm going to miss you around the neighborhood. i used to see kellyanne -- >> oh, we're keeping our house here. >> thank you very much. coming up after another stunning attack in europe, the world is on edge. and president-elect donald trump is promising a new approach to fighting radical islamic terror. rudy giuliani is here with reaction, and later -- >> to protect our country from terrorism and extremism. we will suspend immigration from regions where it cannot be safely processed or vetted. >> donald trump is promising extreme vetting of refugees from countries with ties to terror. and now wisconsin governor scottwalker is asking the president-elect has more control of allowing refugees into his state. governor walker joins us later
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you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. good evening and live from america's news headquarters i'm in new york. deadly blast tonight at a large fireworks market near mexico city, mexican authorities say the explosion killed at least 29 people and injured dozens more. look at that, this is not the first tragedy. back in 2005, fire touched off a chain of explosions that levelled hundreds of stalls just ahead of mexico's independence day. israel is looking to expand it's medical stoons syrians injured in the battle for aleppo. benjamin netanyahu looking to bring non-combatant men, women, and children for treatment.
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israel has treated thousands of the wounded. i'm jackie, now back to "hannity" for all of your headlines, log on to the trump presidency couldn't come at a more critical time for the country. joining me now with reaction is former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. thank you for being here. lots going on in the world. >> well, it's been this way really for the last year, san bernardino was about a year ago, remember, right before christmas? since san bernardino, we've had more radical islamic terrorists attacks than any time since september 11th. the number beginning to become almost exponential. and i think some of it has to do with the fact that we just haven't faced up to the fact that they're at war against us.
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i think somebody today in germany was that we've got to recognize that. if they're at war against us and we're not at war against them. they're winning. so i think you might remember that when donald trump criticized nato, all the emphasis was on the money they don't contribute. one of the things he said is, nato has not put together an anti-terrorism force. within two months they did. and it isn't quite what it should be, i think donald trump will make that force a much bigger force. and i know all throughout the campaign. in many ways, he's been prothetic about the fact that europe hasn't paid attention. >> let's talk about that. >> it's another place where we are right and he turned out what
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does she do wrong? the mistakes she's making now. >> you don't let large numbers of people in from a part of the world where there's a tremendous amount of terrorism. it's just common sense. here's a hot bed of terrorism, it's a hot bed of planning to come and kill you. he told us. so as donald trump used to say before he came president-elect, it was stupid. it was just stupid. this made the germans -- they initially had a guy they thought was the terrorist it turns out it one the terrorist because they have some rule that you can't keep someone more than a day unless you have probable cause to keep them. are they too politically
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correct? >> probable cau criminal concept. it comes out of -- in america, it would be the fourth amendment, probable cause for arrest. we're at war. you don't need probable cause to hold somebody during a war. suspicion is good enough during a war. so, we're playing -- they're playing by war rules, and the obama administration has us playing by criminal justice rules. well, we're going to lose that. and we are losing it. that's why we've had so many attacks in the last year. you just add them up, san bernardino, orlando, nice, paris, germany a couple of times, the priest who had his head chopped off. i'd go on and on. >> mr. mayor, how do you extreme someone when you don't know the past? >> a lot of people there's no past, no school record, no criminal records, there's no work records, they're coming over saying hey, i'm here. help me out. >> when you cover a certain part of the world like syria, let's make it really simple. the burden has to be on you to
7:19 pm
prove that you're safe. the burden can't be on me to prove that you're not. this isn't, this isn't a trial. this isn't a criminal proceeding, and you have no right to come to the united states. the united states constitution doesn't give anyone in this world the right to come to the united states. that's a privilege that we extend to you. so we have a right to condition that privilege on things that adhere to our safety rather than to create dangerous situations for the world. so if you can't get the information, person doesn't come in. extreme vetting means, you search the documents, sure they're safe, you let them in. if you can't find a record of safety, you don't. >> just go to mexico. why don't they just find their way through south america? >> well, unfortunately some of them do. and that's the reason why the wall has to be built and the extr protection has to be put there, including the electronics surveillance -- the wall by
7:20 pm
itself is going to need electronic surveillance below ground and aboveground. more border patrol. that's the reason we have to do these things. everything donald trump ran on is actually happening. nato has to increase it's emphasis on terrorism. it's got to modernize and increase emphasis on terrorism. and we should build a safe zone in syria and keep those people in sierra. >> are they here, mr. mayor? are the terrorists here? if they've had such an easy go either through the border or the refugee system. are they just waiting and waiting and -- what can donald trump do with the ones that have already come over here? >> well, if james comey is right to talk about a different subject for james comey, which is the number of terrorists investigations in the u.s., about four or five months ago he said there were 1,000. that's a lot of investigations. i spent 17 years in the justice department, 1,000 investigations is a lot of investigations. i think he has got to sit down
7:21 pm
and figure out what are the rules of engagement here? are we going to play this like this is one crime after another after another after another? or are we going to wake up and realize this is a war? if somebody, god forbid, in the name of jihadism bombs an american city, to me that person's a prisoner of war. that person is not a person who is going to be indicted under the criminal justice system. >> in the meantime, sprob letting go more gitmo terrorists. put a number on this, after 9/11, you were there, we hardened our targets. scale of one to ten, how safe were we in september 2002? just give me a one to ten number. >> seven. >> where are we now? >> six, five. >> so we're worse off than we were -- >> we are definitely worse off than we were before september 11th. just by the nature of the groups we're facing. we were facing one large group,
7:22 pm
al qaeda. located largely in a few places where we could find them and put them on the run. just look at between september 11 and ft. hood, there was no domestic islamic terrorist attack. under obama, when we decided we weren't at war anymore, but they didn't decide they weren't at war anymore. look at what we've had in the last year, six, five. >> yeah. >> we'll leave it right there. maybe on a happier note. >> i wish trump were in the white house right now. i think the response would be quick, swift, and he'd quickly turn it around to our being at war against them and using different -- >> he's already used the term, islamic terrorism. something we haven't heard from the white house in eight years. coming up next right here on "hannity." >> to protect our country from terrorism and extreechlism, we will suspend immigration where
7:23 pm
it cannot be safely processed or vetted. >> president-elect donald trump is calling for extreme vetting from refugees. earlier today, governor scott walker set the protect a letter asking for more drol over who comes into his state. governor walker and dr. gorka will join us next. and later, president-elect donald trump and bill clinton are exchanging words as the former president continues to complain about the election results. laura ingram will be here to weigh in. that and more as "hannity" continues. so why are you still putting up with complicated cash back cards? some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back to places they choose... then they change those places every few months. quicksilver keeps it simple. with quicksilver you always earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. 'tis the season for simple. what's in your wallet?
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what bad knee?u'll ask what throbbing head? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. to protect our country from terrorism and extremism, we will suspend immigration from regions where it cannot be safely processed or vetted. you know, i've used the expression extreme vetting. extreme, oh, it's going to be extreme. >> that was president-elect donald trump during his thank you tour promising extreme
7:26 pm
vetting of refugees from countries with ties to terror today. wisconsin governor scott walker sent a letter to president-elect donald trump asking for his state to have more authority over deciding the a. refugees to accept. joining us now to explain more is the man himself, governor scott walker, thank you for joining pus. governor, what exactly do you want states of wisconsin and every state frankly to be able to do? >> well, it's all about safety. we want to know who's in our state, particularly places like syria where we know the islamic state has a known presence. we don't want to have happen sadly what we seen in many places throughout europe. we want to know the people properly vetted. i believe confidently we're going to have that when donald trump's the president. >> so it seems so logical, the state decide who's coming into the state. why is that? is this just an obama policy and it would be as simple as a policy change for president donald trump to fix or is it has
7:27 pm
have to go through legal maturations? >> i know last year we were talking with the secretary of homeland security and i know there's a lot of frustration amongst the governors, not just republicans, but even democrats were jut upset they didn't know who was in their state. when you think about it, this is not people from syria. these are refugees. they're defined a refugee is someone who's eventually going to go back to their country of origin. i think the whole idea is ridiculous that we're not working with our allies in the gulf region to make sure that a lot of those folks will be better suited going to some of our partners, allies in the persian gulf area so that eventually they can go back there. they're coming to the united states, chances are they're not going back. that defies the definition of a refugee. even though legitimately seeking asylum here, we can't -- under this current administration, we can't distinguish between those
7:28 pm
who might want to do us harm and those legitimately want to get away. >> tell our audience thousand works. hey, you're going to have i don't know 3,000 refugees seeking asylum coming to wisconsin, we're placing them there. >> they're not even -- they're not even as candid for that. for all the talk and hype about what they do out there, you find out after the fact, the states don't have any real ability to have any real control over who's coming in oar even knowing until they start -- sometimes you actually hear about it as a governor in the media before you even find out about anything via the government, the federal level. that's absolutely wrong. it's wrong from the safety standpoint. at two weeks ago i was in afghanistan and kuwait and germany, talking to our service men and women, and i know the threats are real. i saw it in places like afghanistan where there's more than 20 different organizations that want to do american's harm through terrorist-related groups. radical islamic terrorists
7:29 pm
groups. the last time we went without people vetting them and knowing they're going to be safe for our families and citizens. >> sure. governor, let's say neighboring state like illinois has a policy, we'll take as many as you want to give us, you're bordering illinois. what's stopping settling in illinois and next year move up north to wisconsin? >> well, that's the problem with this. the federal government isn't doing their job. one of the core elements of our federal government, there shouldn't be many. i'm one who think it should be fairly limited and more importantly back to the people. but protecting us, protecting our borders, protecting our country through our military, protecting our national security, should be one of the primary roles of the federal government. and they're failing it right now because we don't know whether they come to wisconsin, illinois, or anywhere else. we don't know that that there's sufficient vetting being done to ensure these people are not radical jihads. >> it's a big issue we have with europe when they go into one country, they can travel to another country only on a state
7:30 pm
level here. governor walker, thank you very much. keep us abreast. merry christmas. >> you too governor and everyone in wisconsin. joining us now with reaction is the author of "defeating jihad." dr. gorka, you heard governor walker saying hey, i want to say in which refugees or any if are coming into my state. that seems so logical. why does the policy put people in where they want to do it? >> i can't agree more with the governor. how outrageous. are we not a republic made up of states? what is this, the federal authority can do whatever they wish, willy nilly, placing people that we know, according to to the director of the fbi, cannot be adequately vetted across the nation? not only that, let me add one more outrageous aspect to the way the syrian refugee crisis has been dealt with. once the federal authority, this cannot physically cannot vet these people adequately.
7:31 pm
hands over these individuals who have been given refugee status by washington to the local charities that place them into american society. at that point, the federal authorities are not allowed to know where those people live. only the charities that have placed them into the local communities. that is the recipe for disaster. >> travel freely as you say, they're foot in allow to do track them. so isis has said infull trait the american refugee system, you get our fighters in there through you think right now currently there are isis fighters, jihadists within our refugee system people taken in? >> they have individuals with asylum status, refugees who had asylum status in the european union. that is a fact. the reality is, that when you're coming from a war zone, unless
7:32 pm
we have the time to vet you with in depth interrogation, we don't know who you are. because assad isn't going to give us the data to check who you are as a result it is impublic to verify exactly your intentions. so isis has said, we will and over 400 terrorists prosecuted in america, more than half of them who were not born in the united states. many of them who were immigrants or people who had refugee status. these are just the facts, eric. >> the federal government are not allowed to track the refugees once they're placed. what do you mean? >> they're not allowed to know where these people -- so once the -- once they've been picked, yes, you're an asylum seeker with, and then a charity takes over. often a campaign --
7:33 pm
>> why aren't they allowed? >> sorry. privacy rights. of people who aren't americans, eric. this is the absurdity. this is the same reason that was given as to why the facebook page of somebody like the san bernardino killer, the woman who came on a fiancee viva shah, why her facebook page which had jihadist material on could not be accessed, could not be read fwi a federal government employee because that could have been impinged her privacy. >> privacy rights of people who aren't american, and frankly we're having a hard time vetting. thank you very much. >> thanks, eric. coming up, donald trump and bill clinton are in a war of words after the former president took a shot at the president-elect. we'll tell you what they're now saying and laura ingram will be here with reaction, next. plus -- >> i am asking congress to support the construction of new roads, bridges, airports, tunnels, and railways, all
7:34 pm
across our nation. we're going to do it. >> president-elect donald trump is vowing to fix america's crumbling roads and bridges as a new report says he's putting together a task force to help build his campaign promise. mike huckabee is here with reaction nap and more as hannity continues. ♪ ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do?
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seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. good evening, and live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie bonez in new york. isis claiming responsibility for yesterday's christmas market attack in berlin, germany. 12 killed, 50 injured when a bus driver slammed into a bus i did downtown market. german police still hunting for the driver. they arrested a pakistani man who matched descriptions, but released him because there wasn't enough evidence to tie him to the rampage. rush fire burning dangerously close to home in california. firefighters from both los angeles counties fighting the
7:39 pm
flames which have burned more than 60 acres tonight. no evacuation orders have been issued and so far, there are no reports of injuries or damaged homes. it's not clear yet what sparked the brush fire. california has been plague bade severe drought. i'm jackie, now back to "hannity." for headlines log on to welcome back to "hannity," the election is over and inauguration of president-elect donald trump is a month away. former president bill clinton is still making excuses for his wife's devastating defeat. watch this. >> and she prevailed against it all, but, you know, in the end we had to russians and the fbi, we couldn't prevail against that. >> the former president echoes those excuses to a local newspaper saying that trump quote, doesn't know much, but what he does is know how to get angry white men to vote for him. also said he received a cordial
7:40 pm
phone call after the election, the president-elect responded on twitter writing quote, bill clinton stated that i called him after the election, wrong. he called me with a very nice congratulations. he doesn't know much, especially having people even with unlimited budget out to vote in the vital swing states and more. they focussed on the wrong states. this prompted a response from bill clinton who tweeted quote, here's one thing that real donald trump and i can agree on, i called him after the election. joining me now with reaction is fox news contributor and editor and chief, laura ingram. laura, it's funny the back and forth on the tweets and all, but it really started with president clinton blaming everyone accept hillary for her loss. the russians, the phony e-mail scandal, he blamed comey, everyone except her lousy candidacy. >> the amazing thing about that is bill clinton should really know better than to make that angry white male comment, i
7:41 pm
mean, he was governor of arkansas. i mean, he's a good ole boy originally from arkansas. he should know better. hillary clinton made that catastrophic mistake with her ir redeemable and deplorable comment. and now bill clinton comes out after the election, after the electoral college, and makes that really bitter statement. that's the kind of thing that got them in trouble during the campaign. and it really -- it's odd because he usually has better judgment than that. he actually has a better, i think sense of the people of this country than his wife did, certainly. obviously two-term president. but it doesn't win them any friends, certainly doesn't win them anymore support. so i find that really, that's odd, it's kind of sad actually for bill clinton as sadness goes for someone worth $175 million. >> do you know what else he forgot, he also forgot that he called obamacare a crazy system
7:42 pm
with a couple weeks left before the election. that didn't help either. >> he also said that obama, obama the candidate in 2008 was what did he say one of the biggest fantasies ever. he trashed obamacare, he at various times stepped in it early on for hillary clinton. he became in a way too big of a personality. people said overshining her. overshadowing her at some point. and at this point again, it's sour grapes, and it's everything but what they need to do. the democrats need to figure out why the middle class white voter is leaving the democrat party. and instead, they come out and bill clinton comes out and says well, angry white males to vote for him. if you're a white middle class guy and why are you ever going to vote democrat again? >> and this narrative it seems to be expanding. they want to chemoon barking up this -- keep on barking up this tree. mtv had a video out with new
7:43 pm
year's resolutions for white guys. >> oh yeah, well they're pushing the race narrative again because it allows them to avoid the conversation that they need to have amongst themselves and with the mirror. everyone's to blame except in the mirror. if you want to tell all white voters that they're bad people, they're dumb, they're a bunch of not smart, anti-intellectual. i guess you could do that. that to me seems like a really dumb political strategy and it's really mean. so there's a tolerant ones, they're the nice people, they like children, puppies, and lollipops on all the trees, but at the bitter end, they are about identity politics, eric, they're about dividing this country, and they're still doing that. in the aftermath of the shocking defeat of hillary clinton. it's mind boggling. >> and it's not working for them. now the republicans have the white house, republicans have 52 senators, they have the senate. they've got somewhere around 65
7:44 pm
advantages. they have 31 governorships across the country and expanding. doesn't look like whatever identity politics games they've been playing for years is working. >> it doesn't work and beyond that, looking to the midterm election cycle. they have an enormous number of seats to defend. and if trump starts improving the country, the policies start being enacted, the economy continues to grow, i don't know where tair going to go with this argument. i'm just trying to look practically going forward. it seems to me that they have to go back to the rust belt on say, we heard you, we're going to tailor our policies and our message to your pain and we're going to focus on advancing the interests of all americans, but especially those in the middle and the working poor that have been left behind. and that's what we're going to focus on. to me, that would be a better strategy for them. >> it should be tailored more specific. we blew you off, we lost, now
7:45 pm
we're hearing you, maybe stick to this going forward. quick comment about a minute or so. michelle obama saying, hope is leaving the country just as her husband and she are leaving the white house. >> it's how she began. she began in the campaign of 2008 talking as an adult, she's proud of her country, and she seems to identify national pride with how she and her husband are doing. that's an odd thing to do. if your successful, then you love the country. if you're unsuccessful or people don't buy into your policies, then you're not excited about the country or you're not hopeful. and she said, eric, if we don't have hope, what do we have? i'll tell you a couple things we have. we have our freedom, we have our independence, we have our founding documents. we have our representative democracy and we have our faith. sometimes it's hard to have hope, yeah for sure. people are demoralized in 2008 and 2012. but guess what, we have a lot to
7:46 pm
be thankful for and regardless of what the political climate is. that was another, that was a sad, sad moment, i think for michelle obama. and it's probably not the best way to end her time as first lady. >> laura ingram, thank you, we're going to leave it it right there. we agree with you on all that stuff. >> merry christmas, great job this year. >> merry christmas to you too. loud enough. merry christmas to you too, laura ingram. >> you did a great job this year, eric, you gave really, honest analysis and on-target when so many people were wrong. >> thank you and right back at you as well. thank you, laura. coming up right here next on "hannity." >> i am asking congress to support the construction of new roads, bridges, airports, tunnels, and railways, all across our nation. we're going to do it. >> president-elect donald trump vows to fix america's crumbling roads and bridges. the washington post is reporting that the president-elect is
7:47 pm
working to create a quote infrastructure task force to get the job done. former governor mike huckabee is here with reaction. that and more as we continue. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. and the returns i get out, are measured in reps. competition. sometimes it's audibles. bright lights. celebrations. it's huddles. camaraderie. and games played.
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our infrastructure is going to hell, our roads are disrepair and our airports are like third world countries. i am asking congress to support the construction of new roads, bridges, airports, tunnels, and railways, all across our nation. we're going to do it. and we're going to build it on time, on budget, not for three
7:52 pm
times what it's supposed to cost. >> that was president-elect donald trump promising to rebuild america's infrastructure and today, the washington post is reporting, quote, president donald trump is preparing to create an infrastructure tasks force that will help carry out the ambitious federal spending program he intends to undertake upon taking office. so what would this task force look like and how should it be paid for? joining us now, former governor mike huckabee, good to have you. so mr. trump wants to spend i think he wants to spend over a trillion dollars, first of all, you like the idea of spending a trillion, and then again, get to this, how are you going to pay for if? >> let's first talk about the fact that we really do have probably two to three trillion dollars in total needs that have been identified by civil engineers of america. and i know that sounds
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
what if you can get the tax off of that? safe bonds, good way to pay for it. when i was governor we rebuilt our interstate system under budget and ahead of schedule. and you see that in another way. >> another way. that is a great way to view it as well.
7:55 pm
you can frack. and you can drill. and you pick some fees and apply to infrastructure. mike, a trillion dollars over what period of time? >> we can look at a 10-year period. the needs are urgent. one thing about infrastructure for every year that you wait, you're adding great cost to the project. if you have a road that is in bad shape and wait three years, now, it's in worse shape. what would have cost $5 billion will cost $7 billion, $8 billion, $9 billion. there is no benefit to holding off on getting these things done. >> coming up, tonight's question of the day. stay with us. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? welcome back. do you think states should have more control oaf admitting refugees? head over to
8:00 pm and twitter and let us know what you think. that is all we have time for. i'll be back tomorrow night filling in for sean. don't forget to catch "the five" every week night at 5:00 p.m. eastern. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we would have a chance to really increase participation in our democracy if we went to a bop larr vote. >> the left demanding the electoral college be abolish. what is really behind this point of view? hint, it has to do with race. talking points is on it. >> local media in berlin reporting police on the ground there saying this does seem to point to some kind of attack. >> with another terror attack in germany. will that country tell the truth about who is behind it? if they do, the merkel government may fall. ♪


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