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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 21, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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and there's a big question about what happened, what happened. why was he known and then why was -- jon: we will bring you the latest in the next hour of happening now. jenna: outnumbered starts now. >> intensifying manhunt for a terrorist, germany foreign minister are looking for suspect, tanasian refugee and has been named, this as isis is claiming responsibility for the truck attack in berlin, praising the killer as one of their soldiers. this is outnumbered. i'm megan mccain, here today harris faulkner host of kennedy, kennedy herself. republican strategist and lisa. today's #oneluckyguy, new fox news contributor steve hilton. you are outnumbered. >> good to be with you. >> good to have you back.
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>> i think it all started here. harris: journey began together. should we hold hands? we better not. >> i love that you always come up wearing sneakers, a nice change-up. tanasian asylum seeker whose wallet are you sure reportedly found in the cab of the big rig that slammed into a busy christmas market in the german capital killing people and injuring dozens more. senior foreign affairs is in berlin and joins us live. greg, what can you tell us? >> megyn, great development in the last couple of minutes. yes, authorities are scouring the country and they are even scouring the con innocent of europe for a man they brand as armed and dangerous. yes, they're now formally naming him and releasing pictures of him. german officials say they are looking for a tanasian man in early 20's, one of his nam that he goes by amis, came to
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germany last year in the big wave of immigrants who was tushed down for asylum earlier this year but due to burr critic snafoos he stayed in the country. he even was arrested this past summer for forged documents and then let go and then in the past month or so, he went underground, he sought a weapon, it is reported and apparently possibly did this crime. again, this is just happening yesterday, we heard from isis claiming that the man responsible for this heinous act is a soldier of the so-called islamic state. if this lead proves correct, the fact that he was a part of one million refugees the german chancellor angela merkel decided to allow into the country last year is not good political news for her. she's under incredible amount of
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heat, more it coming today from number of leading politicians and they say it leads to insecurities, one final note, maybe uplifting note, apparently there was a hero in all of this, it was the polish truck driver who was in the cab of the truck when that truck was hijacked by the terrorist, autopsy overnight reveals a lot of things, damaged injuries to him, he put up a good fight. he was stabbed initially when the truck was hijacked and then apparently he tried to stop the driver from doing this carnage here. tried to get the truck to move away from the people, then he was killed. shot by the attacker. and one other breaking news, just in the last five minutes, megan, german officials are now also according to associated press issuing a one hundred thousand euro reward for any information leading to the capture of this tanasian guy, certainly very much on here in
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the city in this country in this continent. back to you. >> thank you, we will continue to get updates on the story. thank you, greg. harris: just got a lot more complicated and more dangerous. chancellor angela merkel has taken over country's acceptance of a million people from some of the worst troubled parts in north africa and middle east. james say it is germans have been stretched thin to due to their own generosity. >> one of generosity and so forth, but the germans have led in 1.2 million refugees into their country and -- bill: extraordinary number.
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>> out of 500,000 that have been turned down of asylum got 30 something thousand jobs for those. harris: in our nation president obama is facing backlash by taking in syrian and somali refugees reportedly in larger numbers than last year. this development was scott walker asking president-elect trump to give his state more leeway in determining how many refugees can come from countries with ties to terrorism. the governor told hannity it's all about safety. >> we want to know who is in our state particularly if they're refugees coming from places like syria where we know the islamic state has a known presence. we don't want to have happen sadly what we see happening in europe. we want to know that are properly vetted. i think the whole idea is ridiculous that we are not working with allies in the gulf region to make sure that a lot of the folks are better suited to partners and allies in the persian gulf area and eventually
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when things improve they can go back there. they are coming to the united states, chances are they are not going back. harris: one of the core issues to brexit from what i understand in reading, the idea to being from refugee nations letting refugees in. >> i just want to pick up where james left off. he's the word generosity. that's not the word that i would use. harris: really? i use it too. >> something that people might think is pretty harsh. i would use the word vanity. i think the reason that she did was personal vanity. she wanted to be seen as great compassionate leader turning to perhaps germany's past sins welcoming the war and it was about her sense and reputation
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and legacy and it was incredibly irresponsible, not just for germany as we have seen and i will get to that in a second but whole world and the whole world. what that did, that signaled that our doors are open, come to our country. that caused this whole problem. that incentivized people to leave their homes, to travel to europe and in the process, that caused problems in every other country. not just germany. on the way through and so there was a different way of doing it. david cameron who i used to work in downing street. he had a very different approach. he took the view and which i think is the right view, there's a humanitarian responsibility, it is true to say that a lot of the blame for this refugee crisis can be layed at the feet of certainly the obama administration here and other governments for completely messing up policy on syria. but -- >> messing up syria.
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>> that doesn't mean you have to invite literally millions of people to your country. cameron's view was that we exercise that responsibility by directing funds to the refugee camps in the area and by zones where people can be safe. he had a very different view and in fact, very critical privately of what merkel did not just because it messed things up in germany but the whole of europe. harris: did you not have the type of partner in the united states at the top, the president to help make that happen or did you and it didn't for other reasons because what you're talking about is really a demilitarized zone? >> many, many more of many millions. money can actually really help. that's a practical thing that can be done but more important is to actually do something to stop the exodus.
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a bad idea for people to be leaving the country. kennedy: there you go, it gives us a reason to rethink our foreign policy in the country and the consequences when you get involved in many places where we are force today clean up the mess that we are not the only actors that we have created it. the camps are living hell holes for people and you have to wonder, is our diplomacy played out in the middle east, no way to reaching out to saudi arabia and jordan and countries that are geographically much closer that you would think would be the less jarring for people to relocate rather than going half way across the world to come here. harris: i want to borrow your word, hell hole. the idea that if you're in germany right now, it may feel like that as a citizen, particularly as a women as they were passing out pepper spray because they had the number of assaults as refugees were coming in.
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we don't want to align anybody with bad behavior that doesn't belong there, but they have had encraised -- increased problems. >> majorly increased problems. it's not that americans aren't compassionate to refugees. this is america, obviously. but the new normal is these people aren't necessarily going to come here and assimilate. a lot of the people are going to become radicalized. there's fear to stop the global, president obama, progressive foreign policy for so long and in exchange ushered in a complete change, populist movement globally, not just here in the united states, i think part of the problem like you said, the vanity of people of angela merkel, the vanity of people like president obama, people are scared. i'm scared. i don't -- i was reading on our notes, i don't want to let a bunch of refugees in my hometown of phoenix, arizona with the possibility -- i don't remember the exact number. three of them could become
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radicalized and commit a terrorist attack in my hometown. those are real fears and the idea that people are being belittled and judgment passed that a lot of people don't feel the same way, look at what's happening in germany and a lot of americans don't want it to happen here in the united states and it's a big reason why trump won. harris: how do you bridge the gap of wanting to be safe and being donor? >> you can put america first. that's something that donald trump campaigned on throughout the election. we are approaching knew -- new years eve and you had 2,000 men across various cities in germany that sexually assaulted around 1200 women. there was the refugees. half of the men that committed the acts was refugees that did it. there are questions about letting in a significant amount of people that don't subscribe to ideology, they don't
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subscribe to viewpoints, you look at areas in europe where they harbored the parís attacker, belgium, where they harbored terrorists for some time. they will infiltrate the west through refugees. cia director john brenon warned of this. these are real concerns that we should be looking at and thinking about. harris: kennedy i want to put a fine point on this because it's important. it's not that the man is tanasian man had been identified but german authoritied -- authorities labeled him as possible terrorist. kennedy: sounds like a couple of terrorist that is we had in the country. orlando and san bernardino. we have to be careful and megan talks about fear. i don't think we need to necessarily operate out of fear all of the time. i think we have to take a really logical look at this.
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i understand that. that's the worst place to operate from. to steve's point, angela merkel and president obama are both incredibly emotional leaders and i think it's all about their personal egos and like you said, you used the word vanity. resettlement of refugees is different than immigration. we have to look at that in our country when we respond to refugees, every single one of them is a criminal -- harris: i don't think anybody is doing that. a number of people coming in. >> when you say i don't want three people in my hometown that can possibly be terrorist, you have to keep everyone out. how do you do that? harris: that's inevitable. >> properly vetted. that's what i'm saying. >> you will have support for immigration. i'm in favor of immigration. my family immigrated from uk from hungary.
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support of immigration supports on being controlled properly. harris: how do we do that from a war zone? >> that's right. >> people don't trust the government to vet properly because we had various incidents that have happened. >> they are right not to trust it because of the incompetence displayed in germany. harris: all right, we will let you drop the mic right there. it happened during our hours yesterday. we now know what's in the agency's court filings that helped it reopen the investigation into her emails just days before presidential election. team clinton is now going after fbi director james comey calling his actions unjustified, are they right or just sour grapes? team trump is calling on the clinton campaign to get over the election and start helping to ease their transition into the white house. is it about time that that happened?
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visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. martha: hillary clinton's allies blasting the fbi and james comey after court filings were unsealed showing more agencies basis for renewing its probe to the private email set up days before the election. there was an affidavit arguing probable cause to examine emails found on a computer of one of clinton's closest aides. the longtime clinton lawyer david kendall says document highlight the, quote, extraordinary impropriety of the decision which, quote, produced devastating but predictable
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damage politically and was legally unauthorized and factually unnecessary. clinton campaign spokesman tweeting there was nothing in search warrant filings to convert comey's statements from july and establishing probable cause of a crime. the fact hillary clinton had her own private server and married to a pedophile who was texting underage girls and put her private information on his computer none of this -- no culpability whatsoever. >> i'm sick of them blaming comey for the election. two important points. in terms of the actual impact on the race, the race was neck and neck. the day before comey did the second intervention was the real point is to go back to the first comey intervention. the truth about comey is he did more to help hillary clinton that hurt her because the initial decision not to prosecute and to get involved and take that responsibility of
9:20 am
making the decision and let her off the hook essentially. he helped her in this election. martha: i don't understand the lack of responsibility taken from anyone on hillary clinton's point. if he didn't have a private server or her aid was not a pedophile this would not have happened. i don't understand. there is no -- no responsibility. >> can't get your shield underneath. back to what you said, intervention. that is how -- that is a friendly term. are we having a problem now, with the fbi director and coziness, asking from your perspective. is that what you do for someone you care about? >> to be honest i think he got it wrong twice. he got it wrong the first time. it was not his responsibility to make that judgment as to whether
9:21 am
she should be indicted. but let her off the hook, that was a mistake. the second time around i think it was a mistake to get involved at that stage but the real impact was the fact that he actually let her off the hook. >> a couple things about this. the funniest thing is the contrast in responses people had because july 5th democrats i like james comey is a national treasure and the hero and on october 28th, he is the devil. that race was within two points on october 27th, the day before comey said we were moving forward, i agree with what david kendall said about the petition being too vague and the government granting access. i have a problem with that after talking with judge mcconnell about this. isn't it disingenuous that one week you blame the russians for
9:22 am
illegally hacking emails, don't talk about the content of the emails and this week talking about emails the public had every right to know about and those are the things that were made completely public and that is the thing that counts. >> can we just have personal accountability? i am so sick of the clintons with all the scapegoating going on, the russians, fake news, racism, sexism, the electoral college, next week it will be something else, it is fbi director comey, can we diminish democratic party picked someone under fbi investigation and she invited the fbi investigation because she is the one who set up a personal private email server, the one that bleached it. tens of thousands of emails, destroying evidence with a hammer. come on. she did this. >> in the fantasy that plays out
9:23 am
in my head, in someplace joe biden is sitting and watching and saying go girl. that is how i felt. >> really important, it is not just about hillary clinton. this was a massive rejection of democrats generally. the repudiation of obama's record particularly economy, they didn't just lose the presidential, they were right down the ballot across the country so for them to diminish the rust belt states and 100,000 votes, they lost florida too. right across the country. >> wisconsin and pennsylvania. >> the arrogance of her and people she surrounded herself with, no one to blame but themselves. in the wake of the terror attacks overseas president-elect trump is scheduling a meeting with the incoming national
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>> police in germany have named and released a photograph of the suspect in the berlin attack, 24-year-old tunisian refugee and a nationwide manhunt is underway in the aftermath of all the violence overseas. president-elect donald trump has scheduled a meeting with his incoming national security advisor, michael flynn. he will get his intelligence briefing today as well. as you may know their has been growing criticism that mister trump is not receiving those every day. trump's team refused to tell another network whether he got his breathing tuesday after the attacks in berlin, turkey and with him. he says he doesn't need them daily because they often don't change. >> the focus on the meetings and whether he gets it in person reads it on a night plaid --
9:29 am
night pad is superficial. what matters is the action you take in response to the intelligence, and what you have seen is a president over the last eight years who has been able to persuade people particularly in the media that he is very skilled and professional because of the language and the way he conducts himself. the substance, the decisions that are made or lack of decisions are what really counts. too often we focus on superficial stuff rather than underlying thing you want to see which is a good decision to keep america safe, america's leadership in the world, that is what i care about in terms of his response, he has been every day in person. >> you are someone who has been around, senator john mccain getting briefed on certain things, what is your take on it for your dad? >> i prefer he take his
9:30 am
intelligence briefings, not just that i don't doubt donald trump, he has done things in an unorthodox way, and the russian ambassador, and extremists happening in germany as we see this trend, motivations for different terrorist attacks globally, and defending donald trump, and daily intelligence briefings, what he is doing in said. and the fear that i still do, three separate terrorist attacks. i would like more information. >> i agree but i would like to take the intelligence briefings but i believe vice
9:31 am
president-elect governor pens does do the daily briefings. i have a theory on donald trump, the way he is setting up his cabinet and the way he is going to govern is from a business standpoint. what he has in his surrounded himself with strong and accomplished people who are known for having independent streaks. people like general kelly and mike flynn, successful business people who have been ceos, all successful and running things in their own right, and governor pens will have a large responsibility in the governing process as well. that is the delegating we have seen from president-elect trump. >> what is interesting, there has been this acknowledgment around the world that the minute he gets and he has a cauldron of things, here at home but mostly abroad, a lot cooking abroad. many people he mentioned her generals, military. we have not seen this many military people on a potential
9:32 am
cabinet level since nixon but that is interesting. he does understand the moment of history where we are. >> people who said when he claimed he knew more about isis than the general that was somehow a governing principle of his rather than an aside not to be taken literally. the fact that he has so many generals in place says something about the way he is going to lead and for people who didn't vote for him or don't support him i understand that but give him the benefit of the doubt to see how he is going to lead. there will be a great deal of delegation, but when you are in the middle of several global crises and it is not just the attacks that have taken place in western europe and to your point a little bit of fear keeps you safe. we are butted right up against time square and have to be constantly vigilant. too much fear. that is where we have a disconnect, it creates a police
9:33 am
state and that he roads freedom and has the unintended consequence of affecting our lives in a negative way but you are right about that and we have to keep our eyes open because steve and i talked about this a little bit during the break. there is so much, so many traits these terrorists have in common and i don't inc. it is very logical for us to be walking around completely ignoring that as individuals. >> you got to kennedy during the commercial break. >> we move on. president obama came into office amid high expectations but now are new poll shows americans are divided over his legacy. america better off than it was eight years ago? we will debate it. president-elect trump's team says it is time to get over the election and bring peaceful transition. a new poll shows many clinton voters don't respect the people who voted for trump. does hillary clinton need to do more to help the country?
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>> welcome back, this is "outnumbered," glad you are part of it. hillary clinton staffers express continued public bitterness over the election. donald trump's team doing for clinton's people to get over it saying they should help either transition to the white house, trump transition senior advisor kelly and conway -- kellyanne conway. >> time to do with the obamas have done which is open up the door and say we are here to help you have a peaceful transition in our great democracy. we are one month from january 20th, time for clintons to tell the protesters, the
9:38 am
electoral strategy, the hashtag, time to tell everybody to support this guy. >> don't go away, just go away. according to the result of a new fox news poll 50% of hillary clinton voters respect people who voted for mister trump, 67% of trump voters say they respect those who backed clinton. don't you think it is time for us to have a little compassion and empathy for people who don't share our political flavor? >> exactly right. you mention the point earlier, give him a chance. he is going to be the president, let's see what he can do. the sad thing about how the clintons and their allies have behaved is it is damaging her reputation. after the election when she did the confession speech, she struck the right note, got a lot of praise for that.
9:39 am
ever since then it has been the exact opposite and that says to me that speech she made was complete insincere, it was what she felt she had to say but that is not what they really feel. they feel in their hearts that the election was stolen from them, making all these excuses. it is really sad they can't be as graceful as she was on that occasion. >> no surprise for a family that has been in politics for so long that they can't come to terms with the fact that every election someone loses and it seems they were emotionally and politically unprepared for that ultimate reality. >> it demonstrates the arrogance of bill and hillary clinton as part of the reason she was unable to win, people sensed that arrogance, the sense of entitlement that she deserves it, she is next in line. people felt that, didn't feel she was in it for them and to truly make the country better but these conversations about
9:40 am
wikileaks, interference and how it shapes the american electoral system but what about the calls to abolish the electoral college, the fact that hillary clinton's campaign chairman called on the electors to defect, what about that? undermining -- there has to be -- people feel they are going to vote and it means nothing, what is the point of the system to begin with. that is my biggest point of frustration, the undermining of the entire process and what that means for future generations. >> we have that scintillating celebrity video, they couldn't pick up any other -- it has cooled a bit. >> which is fine and we celebrate that. >> they haven't held hillary clinton. >> one of them, it is the idea celebrity endorsements can get
9:41 am
you elected president. or $1 billion, president obama used that so often. he was inviting every celebrity possible to the white house. i want to pivot off of something you said, you said she was gracious was i think the fact she didn't have her concession speech the night of her lost a lack of class, lack of sophistication. i say this because i have been present on election night when my father lost. suck it up, get on stage, thank supporters who are crying and they have done the same polar opposite, my father did for president obama. >> the morning after the election what did he say? >> suck it up, you are more privileged than 90% of people in this country. the clintons are wallowing in this. >> apparently that is when she did. and losing it on the night, the next day she wheeled out to make
9:42 am
the speech which is sincere and gracious. the truth is that initial reaction is a true reaction. that is what it has been like. >> a young supporter of young girls crying their eyes out. >> i remember that woman on the floor, curled up in a fetal position. if i were her parent -- >> you can't -- >> if you can't accept defeat with class. >> many in the mainstream media let that happen without commentary. her not coming out, she's going to gather her thoughts, we have a couple states even though he was well above the electoral college that night in terms of what he needed. >> as president obama gets set to leave the white house new polling shows americans are very divided over the legacy he
9:43 am
leaves behind. the domestic legislation, the affordable care act which supported a great achievement and critics call a dismal failure. the same goes for the economy with some saying the president's policies dug us out of the great recession but others say growth and the jobs picture are not in great shape. the usa today polling also finding 50% of americans say they think president obama will be considered a good or great leader. 48% think he will go down as a failed affair president. we will discuss. you guys, what do you think about the great divide in president obama's legacy and how history will judge him? >> it is a little bit like i was saying earlier, the difference between words and actions, on the one hand he conducted himself in an exemplary way, he has been a leader, people can be proud of. that is good but if you look at
9:44 am
the actual substance of what he has done. it is a disastrous record because the economy eight years on is stagnant too many, have of american households, not just his regime but before that. obamacare falling apart. wherever you look, foreign policy complete disaster and the substance of what he has done despite the fact he comes across especially to very gullible people in the media who take the words and look at the way he speaks and comes over in a professorial way, very airtight, he is great because he speaks well but actually look at the record, it is not great. >> i beg to differ on the scandals. the red line in syria, half 1 million people dying since the beginning of this point in their civil war and our sketchy involvement in the beginning,
9:45 am
that was a scandal for the president. the president says we are not going to let you cross the red line if you use chemical weapons on your own people and then he backs away and walked away that, that is scandalous. >> talking about personal -- >> probably took it personally. >> to domestic policy, you mentioned obamacare and president obama the only president who won't reach 3% economic growth but what do you think that does to his legacy you hope and change is the greatest con pulled on my generation and obamacare and the randy l where unmitigated disasters that are generation is going to deal with until i have grandchildren and his legacy of making great speeches and everything else was a complete and utter disaster. >> adding to what you think you are absolutely right about the generational issues and the legacy he leaves not just for our children but their children and i add to that what he added,
9:46 am
and the national debt, here's someone who talked about responsible stewardship of the way we borrow money and the ability to pay it back but now it is going to gobble up so much of the general fund and to add to what harris was saying about the red line in syria, the va scandal. american veterans died waiting for healthcare in this country which was the gold standard for liberal economists. that gold standard it was falling apart, and i hope tim prices the incoming secretary of services, and i hope they repeal -- >> they were not personal scandals be taken personally. >> if you're making a christmas list and you want santa to bring you a heaping bag of shame.
9:47 am
a bunch of white shaming for the holidays. >> try to recognize, for anyone who wasn't a white guy. >> no one who is my friend says they have black friends. >> it doesn't mean you are not racist.
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9:50 am
>> more "outnumbered" in a moment. let's go to john scott with what is happening in the second hour of "happening now". jon: the latest on the manhunt for the terrorist in berlin who ran the semi into a crowded christmas market. we know the identity of the perpetrator and the search goes on for others plus the latest on the trump transition and an update to the incredible story we brought you of one family's
9:51 am
courage. it really moved our viewers which we have an amazing update on fundraising efforts on "happening now". >> we love all that warmth in our hearts, we will be watching. >> really spectacular what people are doing. >> my old stomping grounds, mtv sparking outrage with the news video titled 2017 resolutions for white guys. it makes generalizations about white men being racist and among other things takes a jab at kanye west for his meeting with president-elect donald trump, watch. >> first off, try to recognize it is never great for anyone who wasn't a white guy. >> black lives matter isn't the opposite of all lives matter. black lives should matter. there is no need to over complicate it. >> blue lives matter isn't it
9:52 am
thing. >> stop doing it. >> we love beyoncé. >> she is black, she cares about black issues. >> you guys can have kanye west. >> you know what you did. >> they since deleted the post but not before facing back lash from the twitter community for its world-class trolling. one user rating, quote, this is a car crash. please tell me you didn't chastised an entire group of people based on their color and gender. speaking of dear god, would you like to pray to the lord her absolution for the sins you committed for being a white man q >> it is really outrageous. fox news, particularly egregious about white men in the context of fox news. are you sick of this divisive this? it really is too much, the clue is in their response to this, they said it was a joke, we
9:53 am
meant it as a joke and you see that all over the place when something goes wrong. we meant it as a joke. you cited the other day. on that really does taste for mark about march of dimes, it was a bad joke. it is not a joke, just something that is wrong and i wish they had never done it. sounds like they recognized it was a mistake. >> i will let the absurdity speak for itself. you have a gender and a race. let's insert a different race and gender and if mtv news have done a clever joke, a ruse about black women do you think that would be acceptable? >> none of it is because it is about being a victim. they found people to sell the message of victimization over the message of empowerment and freedom in this country and it is particularly sad. they have never in the same on mtv since you left with when you go back to whatever award they decide to give you if you should
9:54 am
accept it you should remind them that that was the bastian for our generation, letting your hair down and being who you are and accepting everybody and not having division. >> so glad you said that because at that time in the 90s there -- >> only two by the way. >> i was a zygote practically working there but there was an incredible insurgence of musical revolution, hip-hop and metal and grunge happening at the same time with different actss coming together and banned that were deeply influenced by metal and hip-hop and bandlike that came together but this is so divisive. you talked about the influence mtv had on you personally. >> how different is it? >> i told you when we started working together i grew up in the 90s, more politically balanced, always had conservative and liberal working on their network and it seems to
9:55 am
be not even liberal but just i don't even know what i would call this, completely radical left, makes me sad because they had a big influence on my political journey into television and makes me sad they are teaching in tolerance and have no culpability for how they are brainwashing an entire generation of millennial. >> they are so irrelevant that they have to troll like this to get people to talk about them. >> i was not supposed to watch mtv when i was growing up. >> this is them trying to say preaching tolerance, preaching essentially in tolerance in the guise of tolerance, there is a danger for the left in the tagging of all these different names, everything is sexist, everything is racist, there is a real problem with that because then the terms lose their
9:56 am
potency. it undermines substantive conversations that we could be having as americans that could unite us as a country which is a place where we should strive to be. with these cultural movements that are happening with the labeling of everything desensitizes these terms and you lose the ability to have real conversations. >> we have so much more "outnumbered" in just a minute. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. do you like nuts?
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>> steve hilton. knows about a show. >> we are talking about strong pro-life women in the media. an interesting conversation. >> good to have you, have that tomorrow. let's go to "happening now".


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