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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 21, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> that's true. >> that is absolutely spectacular. all right. thanks very much for joining us. >> america news headquarters starts right now. this is a fox news alert, moments ago president-elect donald trump took questions from reporters at his mar-a-lago in florida. thanks for joining us. mr. trump speaking to reporters for about 85 seconds all focussed on the recent terror attacks. he called the ait can in berlin a quote attack on humanity. of course as soon as we get that tape turned around, we're going to play it for you so you can listen. another fox news alert, german authorities say the prime suspect in the truck attack should be considered "violent and armed" manhunt spanning the entire european continent now under way for the suspect who killed 12 people monday. german officials say he is a tunisian refugee who may have had direct contact with known
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isis recruiters. isis claiming responsibility for the attack and praising the killer as a quote soldier. greg palcot is live in berlin with the latest. what can you tell us about this very young man? >> as things try to get back to normal, they open up the road behind me. people are sirgeing in a very unordinary way to find this man responsible and thought to be for the carnage which occurred here monday night at the christmas mrkt. his name, anis amri. he's used several other aliases. ties to the chief isis recruiters here in germany. violent and armed, authorities tried and failed to support him earlier this year. he's said to be average-looking for someone responsible for really an extraordinarily ugly act. there is more, the man is suspected of also being involved
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with another arrest. he was arrested and then released for forging a document. he's also under covert surveillance for months under a terror watch, but incredibly, he managed to go undercover for the past couple of weeks, leading up to this attack webb, and then he committed this attack. incredible stuff. >> incredible. obviously a lot of finger pointing. any politicians taking heat at the moment and why? >> reporter: politicians and authorities, elizabeth. first the police, they remembered they actually arrested one other person, and then released that person. and the only came up with this lead because a wee day after the attack, they came up with his wallet and his identification papers which the suspect had left inside the truck. that he used for this attack. and also, continuing to take german chancellor angela merkel. the new suspect came into germany in that huge wave of immigrants that came to germany
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last year. more and more politicians here even today are saying that immigration policy has to be changed. that is leading to insecurity. tough time all around. back to you. >> greg palcot reporting live, thank you so much. more on the deadly attack and the assassination of the russian ambassador in turkey highlighting just how turbulent the challenges are that awaits president-elect donald trump. in his initial response suggests the white house will take a sharply different approach to unexpected crisises such as these. jillian turner is a former white house national security council staff for president george w. bush and barack obama, she's also a fox news contributor, jillian, thank you so much for joining us today, i appreciate it. >> thanks elizabeth. >> you too. and i want to get your reaction first and foremost to the news of the day. we're learning a lot more about this young man. i want to ask you from your standpoint when we hear he had a number of aliases with, what's going on the behind the scenes
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and what's your reaction to those developments today? >> my first reaction when i was reading about this earlier is to think that if this confirmed that this young man is in fact some kind of a refugee, there are reports that there were asylum papers found in the cab of the truck, this is devastating news for germany, for particularly angela merkel. because as you know, she -- the hallmark of her tenure has come to be the admittance of refugees from the middle east, particularly from syria into germany. and so she's largely perceived to be the figurehead of that movement. but even if it turnls out that this person is not a refugee or someone seeking asylum, germany has a major problem on it's hands. as we talked about before, literally dozens will have left germany over the last two years to travel syria. they've trained with him and returned to the eu. and the public numbers on the number of people who have returned tends to be lower
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than -- underestimated, let's say. there's a major problem here for germany. >> authorities had their eyes on him like you had said, he was traveling in parts of that continent. but i want to ask you what can we learn from it? vetting, what's the takeaway here? >> well, this is something, the most immediate concern that i think the trump administration is going to have to deal once they assume office a month from now, how we keep track not only of people who are trying to come to the united states to visit, but how we keep track ofce they. as we know about this guy in germany, he had already been inside the country for quite some time. he had applied and been denied asylum. so question then for law enforcement becomes kwfs he still in the country? why hadn't he been deported? that's the issue we're going to have to grapple with here at home. when to take a hard line with folks who we perceive as a security risk and actually force them out of the country.
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>> so we've seen two very different reactions from the white house and the president-elect. so i want to get your reaction first and foremost the white house releasing a statement. the united states condemns what appears to have been a terrorist attack on a christmas market in berlin, germany. and then we see president-elect writing in part, our hearts and prayers are with the loved ones of the victims of today's horrifying terror attack in berlin. definitely two different tones that we're sending out here. what's your reaction to this? >> the trump message i think was -- he sort of replicated something here that he is tended to do well from the beginning which is connect with people on national security issues at a sort of emotional level for lack of a better way of describing it. he was someone who came out from virtually day one of his campaign and made it clear that to him, terrorism is the number one national security threat the united states faces and as a result, he is going to focus on that as his number one priority
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in office. and so, it's a continuation of that sort of feel here. and i think that at this point, when we've just been inundated with not only attacks here at home, but across the pond on our transatlantic allies, it's a message that's sorely needed with americans to not only understand the gravity of the threat, but to really connect with people and make them feel like victimhood is shared. and it's not a burden they have to carry alone. >> also reaction after the assassination in turkey, and i want to read these two reactions to see if you feel like there's the same posture. the white house writing we stand united with russia and turkey in our determination to confront terrorism in all forms, but trump says today we offer condolences to the family and the loved ones of the russian ambassador to turk, ann draw karlov who was assassinated by a islamic terrorist. so what is your interpretation of those two reactions.
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>> well there again, the president-elect is really definitely out front ahead of the current administration on this. i think that when it comes to the white house's -- the country administration relationship's with russia, it is more complicated. it's no secret that the u.s. russian bilateral relationship is deeply strained in the last few months. we negotiated and then kind of got nowhere with them on the syria question and how to militarily intervene there. president obama has been really upset with vladimir putin about what their sort of atrocities they've been carrying out in syria, aleppo. trickier for him to really extend condolences to the russian ambassador who is literally vladimir putin's representative in turkey whereas the trump administration has made no bones about the fact that they're going to be working with them a lot more. >> two interpretations obviously. so we're looking at both of those two reactions.
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jillian turner, thank you so much. thank you for joining us on this busy week, wee appreciate it. >> you bet. another fox news alert, north carolina general seam fwli recess right now. state lawmakers are considering the repeals of a controversial law limiting the rights of lgbt citizens including with transgender people can use in public and government buildings. our own senior national correspondent john roberts is life in atlanta, hi john, nice to see you. >> good afternoon to you. the reason it's called the bathroom bill is because it would prohibit people from going into whichever bathroom they chose. it would stipulate that you have to use the bathroom as the gender that you're identified as on your birth certificate. it came in response to a city ordinance that the city of charlotte had back in february that said that lgbtq individuals could use whatever they want. anybody for that matter. here's where we are right now. we're just going into recess
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referee sesz after recess in the north carolina legitimate or it. the house republican caucus adjourned from a meeting which was described as pretty testy. the house speaker says he was going out to have some lunch. so the latest indication is they're going to come back at 45 minutes after the hour and get back into this. what will they do? not sure just yet. there's a bill that's being talked about that would repeal so the-called bathroom bill. officially called hb2 and also declare either a six month moratorium or prohibition on ordnances like the one the city of charlotte wrote back in february from ever being written again. there's a real political overtone to this as well. because the governor of the state, the republican, the outgoing governor, had offered the city council to repeal hb2 a couple times if they reskinned their ordnance. the mayor of charlotte said no, we're not going to do that. then after roy cooper, a democrat, beat him in the election back in november.
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suddenly the city council of of a mind to do that. so on monday repealed their ordnance. voted on it again this morning. they exchanged for the legislative repealing hb2. here's what he said about that yesterday, listen. >> i have always publicly advocated to repeal of the overreaching charlotte ordnance. but those efforts were blocked by jennifer roberts, roy cooper, and other democratic activistings. >> and there is a lot of resistance among republicans there in the legislature of north carolina to repealing that bill. actually in north carolina government. here's what the lieutenant governor said earlier today. quote, i support hb2 and do not favor repeal. no economic, political were orb ideological pressure what is wrong is right. it'll always be wrong for me to have access -- it'll always be wrong for men to have access to women's showers and bathrooms. this big economic component as well after hb2 was passed back in march. big organizations like the ncaa
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and the acp cancelled championship game. a number of people in the arts including bruce and others say we're not going to play nit concerts until this bill gets repealed. we'll find out hopefully in a half hour what's going to happen here. we thought we were going to find out kwhapd happen three hours ago when they declared another recess. we'll see. >> we'll be here and you'll be covering it. thank you so much, we appreciate it, john roberts. >> thank you. donald trump talking about the terror attack in berlin moments ago. we will bring you that sound clip. plus this -- >> fire balls in the sky over one of the world's largest cities. it looks like something out of a hollywood block buster, but the reality it's a deadly and chaotic scene as a fireworks market erupts into flames.
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fox news alert, president-elect donald trump speaking so reporters just moments ago weighing in on the recent terror attacks. peter doocy is live in palm beach, florida, hi peter. >> reporter: hi elizabeth. this is the first time that we
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have seen or heard from the president-elect about the terrorist attack in germany previously until just a few minutes ago, we had just seen a paper statement from the transition office where the president-elect was credited with saying that he blames islamic terrorists for what happened before driving that truck into the christmas market. now we have a lot more insight from the president-elect, listen to this. [ inaudible question ] >> you know my plan. all along. i'm looking to be right, 100% correct is what's happening.
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>> have you talked to president obama at all, sir? >> i have not. >> your comments about the truck attack in berlin being against christians, do you think that this might -- >> say again, what? >> the attack in berlin being against an attack against christians. >> who said that? >> i think -- i believe you said it in a press release. >> did i? >> how this might affect relations -- >> attack on humanity, that's what it is. it's an attack on humanity. and it's got to be stopped. thank you. >> reporter: so a little bit difficult to hear some of the reporter questions there, but one of them did directly ask mr. trump if the attack in germany has him planning to revisit a muslim ban here in the united states? and his answer was that all along he has been 100% correct
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about what's going on in the world. so he did not give a clear answer yes or no. he said that all along he has been right, and of course, during several months of the campaign, he was warning about the danger of certain terrorists sneaking into this country as refugees. >> right. >> or using the immigration system and exploiting it. >> right, before we let you go, turning out to be a busy day for the transition team. what are they working on ahead of the holidays? >> reporter: it's interesting. there's been a lot of speculation over the last few weeks since the election about which of the trump originals or the key members of the staff were going to still be with him. we just found out a few hours ago that cory lewandowski, one of his first key advisors and campaign managers is going to move to d.c. and he says he's going to be involved, but not in the white house. he's starting a consulting firm in washington. and he said, i will always be president-elect trump's biggest supporter after considering multiple opportunities within the administration, i informed
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him and his team, i think i can best help him outside of the formal structure of the government. and because that government is about to take over, the president-elect is working on filling out his cabinet, giving special attention to someone transition officials say is becoming va secretary. dr. toib cosgrove. we don't know who was on the guest list today which is unusual. they almost always tell us that he's going to be say seeing. all he's seeing that day. all they would they morning is that the focus was going to be on national security and that he did receive a presidential daily briefing today which is not something he does every day. he talks to the national security staff, does not get that every day, but he did this morning, elizabeth. >> peter doocy, thank you. another fox news alert. a terrifying fireworks explosion at a crowded market leaving 31
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people dead and dozens hurt. this happening just outside mexico city. officials say the death toll could climb even higher. and this is not the first time something like this has happened. our senior correspondent adam housely is live with more. adam, do authorities have any idea what caused this massive explosion? >> well, there seems to be debate over whether or not the information that went through last month was done correctly. as you can imagine, this area was really ripe with security concerns. makes sense when you think about an open market where they sell fireworks. tultepec is self-proclaimed to be the fireworks capital of the country. this explosion, take a look at the scene really, the marketplace is what it's called, 240 or so miles north of mexico city. death toll 31, but dozens other injured. the number is expected to rise. there are about 11 people still missing we're told. but as you can tell here, the explosions went off for some
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time. kept the emergency personnel back for some time. and this is the third time there's been an explosion just at this factory since 2005. and seven in mexico all total in the last couple of decades. as you might imagine, very popular used fireworks after christmas mass in mexico. similar to fourth of july here. they do it on their own, you have to believe, there may be changes. >> sad. adam housely reporting live, thank you. something goes very wrong inside a cargo plane. unbelievable footage. crashing moments after takeoff. we'll tell you what may have caused this. president-elect donald trump still want to drain the swamp? new comments from newt gingrich suggest he's focussing only on alligator. we'll tell you what that's all about. state department briefing under way right now. what's the u.s. government is in the hunt for the suspect in the
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berlin christmas market attack. .
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until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. now an update to to a story we've been following. releasing findings on last month's plane crash in a that killed more than 70 people. including dozens of brazilian soccer players. the report concluding the pilot was directly responsible for the disaster. the chief executive, his son, and a former blif yan aviation official are now being held pending trial. the pilot was killed in the crash. the airline reportedly will pay $165,000 to each of the survivors and their victims'
11:26 am
families. and former house speaker newt gingrich telling national public radio that president-elect donald trump may be leaving behind his familiar campaign promise to drain the swamp. >> i'm told he now disclaims that. he now says it was cute, but he doesn't want to use it anymore. >> he doesn't to want use it anymore. >> what i thought was a cute sweet about the al investigators are complaining, he's in a different role now. and maybe he feels that as president, the next president of the united states that should be marginally more dignified than talking about alligator and swamps. >> more dignified. let's bring in the professor of political science at the city's university of new york's college of staten island. and also, a former co-chairman of mr. trump's new york campaign. so, you're familiar with that obviously. first and foremost, thanks for joining us and your reaction when you heard that interview that maybe drain the swamp was just a little too dramatic if you will.
11:27 am
>> well first, it's a suggestion by newt gingrich. it's not something that donald trump has said. that being said, he's not the first candidate so soften his rhetoric from the campaign trail to when they take office. frankly, the members of congress are the people that the american public has sent to washington. donald trump has to work with these people to advance an agenda. maybe using terms like drain the swamp is not something you want to do when you build and work on your agenda going forward with congress. >> okay. so you maybe want to keep people in there, but bring in outsiders. do you feel like he's doing that with some of his cabinet picks and who in particular stands out to you? >> you know, again, drain the swamp is something he committed to do. great people. wilbur ross, people like this are themselves. people have been successful -- >> but they get approved. >> senate has to approve them. these are people no who have been wildly successful in the private sector. they are not part of the washington establishment.
11:28 am
they are not part of the swamp whether using that term or not. and i think this is what president-elect trump has committed to do. these are the types of people. of course there's going to be people with washington experience in the cabinet in the top levels of government. we certainly expect him not to clean house totally, but these are people who really exemplify the direction he's going. >> talking about the direction going forward. i want to ask you, are there campaign promises that you feel like he's already softening? let's say the ban on muslims. when he was -- he would go to rallies and say lock her up, but then of course when it came down to i think it was 60 minute interview and said i don't want to hurt the clintons. i don't want to hurt their family. is he softening on issues that voters really voted for? >> the left can't criticize him for saying lock her up and then when he doesn't use terms like that when he's the president-elect, they can't have it both ways. but he's not softening on a lot of things. the muslim ban that he sort of molded into an extreme vetting was something he did during the campaign. and we saw support ders not
11:29 am
abandon him. at least not in any great numbers. but in his major things, tpp, trade, repeal and replacing of obamacare. border security. he has not softened on these and remained firm and we should expect to enact policies that live up to his promises. >> all right. wish we had more time. thank you for joining us. very interesting. we appreciate it. all right. coming up, the state department briefing is now under way as a massive manshunt going on to find out where the man may be who is behind the deadly berlin attacks. we're going to have an update on that coming up. and the dow nearly record territory. we're live on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the very latest and how christmas may fok or it in. and in this epic battle, pandaer have vus snow man. who comes out on top. you should bet on it, we'll have the answer coming up. psh psh
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fox news alert for you as we await the latest on the u.s. response to the terror attack in berlin. the state department daily briefing sundaysway. rich edison is live, what's the latest on the berlin attack? what can you tell us. >> well the german authorities are still looking for a tunisian man. the state department is monitoring the situation in europe. as isis has claimed responsibility for this attack. so u.s. officials would note that it is still unclear whether isis had anything to do with
11:33 am
coordinating, planning, assisting, or inspiring an attack or possibly had absolutely nothing to do with it. if this is isis-related, it would be the 11th such attack in europe this year. joining the truck attack in nice this summer and the attack in istanbul. there were 16 in 2015. those figures do not include attacks in the united states. the u.s. over the past 12 months has experienced two of the deadliest attacks since september 11, 2001, the attack in orlando and san bernardino, california, elizabeth. >> all right. the state department is claiming that the u.s. wasn't snuffed in the talks, have we heard about that? >> right, there are three countries right now negotiating the future of syria and potential ceasefire in moscow, russia, iran, and turkey are all gathering. the u.s. state department is confirmed that u.s. secretary of state john kerry was not invited, but the state department denies that that was a snub. they deny that he was excluded because they say the secretary
11:34 am
of state has been getting updates from his russian and turkish counterparts. the u.s. also says if they can find a solution in syria that works without the secretary of state negotiations, that they would be fine with that. however critics claim that this essentially means and demonstrates that meeting in moscow that russia is now in control in syria. >> that's not in our interest. it's not in the interest of a syrian people to have the russian government which has just been bombing the people in east aleppo in the driver's seat in this conflict. >> the kremlin is also claiming u.s.-russia relations are frozen on practice capitol hill all levels. john kirby says he isn't sure what to make as it they engage on a number of levels he says, elizabeth. >> joining us live from the state department, thank you so much. joining me now for more on the berlin attack is california democratic congressman eric. a member of the house intelligence committee. thank you for joining us. as a member of that committee,
11:35 am
can you give us any insight, anything you've learned today to give us an update on those attacks? >> thanks for having me on, elizabeth. the hunt is on for this tunisian suspect and u.s. intelligence and law enforcement fishes are lending aid to our german friend and, you know, right now it does appear that this individual did not act in a directed or coordinated way with isis, but, you know, their claim of he being a soldier of the caliphate. that's saying we endorse this attack, but doesn't mean necessarily that this was a cell that carried it out. >> right. i want to switch topics. i want to bring something else too, i was reading a wall street journal op-ed and i want to play a sound byte from romney back in 2012 and i want to get your reaction, take a listen, sir. >> when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing america, you said russia, not al qaeda, you said russia. 1980s are now calling to ask for
11:36 am
their foreign policy back. >> because the cold war's been over for 20 years. >> russia, i indicated is a geopolitical faux, not -- excuse me, it's a geopolitical faux, and i said in the same paragraph, and iran is the greatest national security threat we face. russia does continue to battle us in the u.n. time and time again. i have clear eyes on this. i'm not wearing rose colored glasses when it comes to russia or putin. >> the reason i did that, i want to bring you to a new topic we had, in fact it was a foreign policy magazine that reported that russia was not listed among president-elect donald trump's defense priorities. obviously we've heard from campaign officials who aren't necessarily confirming that. so i want to get your reaction to that first and foremost. >> russia we mains one of the greatest threats in the world. and they have interfered in ukraine, they have interfered in syria, and most recently, we saw over our presidential campaign,
11:37 am
their hacking of the dnc, the dccc, john podesta's e-mails, and state election system was an attack on our democracy. russia was a threat and greater threat for our country going forward as a president-elect who does not take his intelligence briefings and does not acknowledge the role, the disturbing role that he has played in the world. >> and he's doing that today just so viewers know. i want to ask you because obviously we see that rex tillerson will possibly be taking the helm of the state department. what responsibilities does he have going forward, especially when it does pertain to russia? we've seen senators who have met with him, senator jeff flake. had a good conversation with secretary nominee rex tillerson. looking forward to further discussions and the hearing. we're starting to see more, more senators and lawmakers get on board for him. >> the american people deserve to know a lot more about nominee tillerson.
11:38 am
first, i believe we need to know where does he stand on russia? he's done a lot of business with russia. he benefitted personally and economically by his relationships with putin. but also i think we need to see his tax returns. we have not seen the president-elect's tax returns and we are hearing that rex tillerson will not be releasing his tax returns and when it comes to dealing with russia, national security threat, we should know to what extent he has had economic ties to this foe. >> all right, congressman, thank you for joining us. happy holidays. >> you too. coming up after the break, the dow right now nearing a historic 20,000 mark. we're currently less than 50 points shy of a major milestone. fox business network connell mcshane is live from the new york stock exchange, hi. >> hey there, good to see you. and we've been talking about it now seems like forever. but it hasn't been that long. whether or not the dow gets to 20,000. today we are within earlier 14 points of that mark. but down a little bit right now. i must say, we're creeping higher now than what, 36 points.
11:39 am
it could happen before the owned of trading today. even if it doesn't, it has given us a run-up, a terrific opportunity that to talk about where we've been. look at the dow since we hit a low back in the depths of the financial crisis. march of 2009. up 200% since then. back then 6,500. not 19,900. s&p 500 a better gauge of the stock market up 235%. nasdaq, smaller stocks in the russell 2,000 up even more. small stocks have really done well since the election of donald trump. and as we look at the market since the election of donald trump 37 we've been driven by financials and by energy stocks in large part. bank of america and goldman sachs, 34 and 32% higher. >> and the big energy stocks at 38 and 34% higher. again, big picture, huge gains, will it be today? i don't know. it looks like it'll be sooner
11:40 am
rather than later we'll get to the big market. back to you. >> connell mcshane reporting live, thank you so much. now to weather. after dealing with temperatures plunging well below zero, much of the midwest may be getting a reprieve, i'm not sure we're going to ask our chief meteorologist. he is live in the fox extreme weather center. no reprieve? >> you see how they just popped me on the screen. >> and i was like i don't know, i don't know weather. >> it's 40 degrees in minneapolis. that's a 70 degree warm-up from where you were this weekend. so that is a major change and gives you an idea of how cold it was. and look at the temperatures across the south where it's been cold. warming up a lot. in the last 24 hours, the south is in the 10 or 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. even up towards maine. 17 degrees warmer than you were just 24 hours ago. over the next few days. look at this, temps obviously it's still cold, but cool we
11:41 am
should say really for this time of year. your averages are lower than that. things are looking good. this is the next few days. finally by sunday, there's christmas day little bit of cold air in the northern rockies, but a lot colder than that the last couple of weeks and take a look at this. 60 degrees in kansas city on christmas day. 59 in louisville, chicago, 44. things are getting better. there is a storm we're watching. it's down across the southwest in southern california. not the place where we have seen many storms. we're dealing with rain and some mountain snow. especially once we get in towards the rockies or colorado. we need the moisture, that's all good news. we have a sunday storm across the central plains. overall, temperatures nice from where we've been. >> in the meantime, you can do the weather, but i didn't know you can pop on and off screen like that. >> look at that. >> that's magic. >> i would prefer you to always be on screen. i would like that. thank you, rick, we appreciate it. >> you bet.
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and of cold and snow, the toronto news giant panda cam capturing an adorable moment. here's the mouth playing with the snow man zoo staff built for him. you can see him first trying to scratch then pushing off it's head. and then tum you believing down to the ground. he and his partner are scheduled to move to the calgary zoo next spring. and he's sold more than 30 million albums and won a grammy, richard marx has a new achievement to add to his list. his actions helped subdue an unruly airline passenger. we'll tell you more about that. and the presidential election ended more than a month ago, but apparently not everyone has gotten the message quite yet. ♪ music playing
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shepherd smith on the fox news deck. more ahead on the search in the suspect in the deadly terror attack in berlin. we'll speak with a former military analyst about this man. and reports that german officials have missed critical warning signs about the suspect in the days and months leading up to the attack. that and the rest of the day's news, top of the hour on shepherd smith reporting. we'll see you then. back to politics, inauguration is only weeks away, you wouldn't know it judging by the election talk still going on. former hillary clinton campaign spokesperson brian fallon piling on the blame again on twitter
11:46 am
saying on day when election data freshly suggests decisive impacts of comey letters it is salt in the wound to the fbi rational was this flimsy. as well as this, yes, campaign made errors, especially in wisconsin and michigan, but comey must account for his actions too given how unsupported we now see they were. president-elect chiming in as well tweeting in part, i would have done even better in the election if that is possible if the winner was based on popular vote but was campaigned differently. let's break this down. this is a syndicated radio talk show host. thank you both for joining us today. >> i want to start with you, we see these tweets, first of all, when is enough enough? second of all, wisconsin and michigan, i mean, if she won those two states. she wouldn't have won the election. and if you're going to bring in states such as pennsylvania, she spent the money, she put the time in and still didn't win. when is enough enough?
11:47 am
>> i don't think we're ever going to hear the end of this. honestly they're still relitigating or litigating the 2000 election and very bitter about that in the recount and movies have been made about it and the supreme court intervention. and this is much worse from -- look, they're creating all kinds of conspiracy theories here with james comey, it wasn't joim's fault on the legitimate maization of the war. just fine, that's not really questionable. they've woven this international conspiracy theory with vladimir putin throwing the tloex donald trump which isn't what happened either. and they've got -- look, they are terrorizing people. gay people are terrorized, black people are terrorized, women have been terrorized, and they're not going to let go of this bumper for a long, long time. i think we're going to hear this talked about for decades to come. look at 2000, that was 15 years ago, and they're more bitter about this. >> jessica, your reaction, what do you want to hear from the leaders? what do you want to hear from
11:48 am
campaign spoke ts people who worked on the campaign? are they moving forward? the 2012 autopsy report from the gop. are democrats looking forward? >> well, a lot of democrats are looking forward i think particularly with the clinton campaign staff, a lot of them obviously are still pretty bitter and involved. an election unlike any and a campaign unlike any we've seen certainly in probably this entire century. so, you know, that certainly will continue going on. the policy people and people within the party i think on both sides are talking about what happens next, what goes on with restructuring, all of those things and what's going to happen with policy. i think chris does have a fair point, i think we are going to hear about this, and it's not going to be was the election stolen it's going to be a lot of sadness and regret for a lot of people as we move forward because the more and more continues to come out about trump's picks for his cabinet, the way the transition is going. there's a lot of fear out there
11:49 am
among all the constituents that, you know, chris listed. they really are, i think very afraid and so there is still wishing things went a different way. and don't have anything yet to look forward to or hold on to that's actually happening yet. >> you talked about policy, and chris, i want to move the conversation forward. first and foremost, executive action by president obama, he is going to be holding offshore drilling in federally owned waters and 11th hour regulation on coal under the stream protection rule, which basically a clean water act making it really hard for miners to get permits moving forward. these are the things that people care about. they want to talk about it. they want to hear from president-elect donald trump. when we see tweets like this, is the ownous on the republican party to look forward? >> absolutely true. and i think the trump people need to get some wins on the board very early on. and you talk about the offshore laces and president obama, that's another executive order not going through congress -- >> action.
11:50 am
executive action. >> executive action, and it's executive, and when it comes to the coal, hillary clinton during the campaign promised that she was going to destroy coal jobs and therefore coal going and since she didn't win, president obama's finding by co since she didn't win, president obama's by hook or by crook, if they think that's a way to build the future of the democrat party, they are sorely mistaken. . >> we have about 15 seconds. >> someone who is a floridian and i'm a native and live on the east coast, and this is very specific to our coastlines and we don't need to be drilling for that oil right off the coast where we rely on these secured communities. >> right. >> but there needs to be, i think, a need to the future of the united states tweeting on a daily basis, let's get down to the real stuff. >> thank you so much.
11:51 am
sorry to cut you both off. we have to move on. thank you very much. from '80s rock star to a hero, a fellow passenger became unruly. we'll have that story coming up. ♪
11:52 am
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11:54 am
here's a story making headlines. '80s pop star richard marx making headlines for helping subdue an unruly passenger when he started attacking people. that's when marx and others stepped in. carly, tell us what happened. this is an unbelievable story. we have documentation of the entire event. >> thanks so social media. so richard marx, i'll be right
11:55 am
there waiting for you. >> he was on a flight from vietnam to south korea when a passenger, allegedly drunk, got up and started attacking people. this is a tmz video showing some flight attendants restraining him. the flight lasted four hours because flight attendants were not sure how to handle the situation so he eventually got out of the house. so the reason why we're talking about this is because marx was the first person to step up and at least try and subdue him appropriately, according to his wife daisy fuentes. three people were injured in this four-hour attack and now marx is angry. he took to facebook and said, "the all female crew was clueless and not trained as to how to subdue this psycho when i
11:56 am
and a couple male passengers intervened. korean air should be sanctioned for this." korean air says that the flight attendants handled the situation appropriately and did not use tasers because they didn't want to hurt anyone else. >> what are others saying? >> social media is hailing him a hero. "life comes at you fast and when it does, richard marx will be right here waiting." and other people are asking, would this happen on an american flight? the answer is likely not because most american planes come equipped with handcuffs. that would have solved this entire situation. >> but do they come with richard marx? >> not all of them. only in our dreams. >> he's a renaissance man. he's now a hero. who knew? >> a little holiday treat for us. >> absolutely. coming up, board game mavens, fear not, what the
11:57 am
company behind monopoly is doing to help keep the peace over the holidays.
11:58 am
11:59 am
all right. holiday is a time for overeating, opening up presents and playing board games. monopoly sets up a help line after a survey found that 50% of monopoly games end in a feud. the hotline will be open 24
12:00 pm
hours a day from december 24th through december 26th. families can get mediation for any board game arguments that will end up making sure nobody goes to jail. next, sheperd smi. than >> a manhunt is under way for a newly identified suspect in the christmas market attack. he's the man that investigators apparently knew was tied to arabs. and they are warning he could be armed and dangerous. president-elect trump hasn't even taken office and he's already conducting foreign policy over twitter. could his shoot from the hip style knock our relationships off kilter? plus, the fireworks disaster in mexico, dozens are dead. how in the world


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