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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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hours a day from december 24th through december 26th. families can get mediation for any board game arguments that will end up making sure nobody goes to jail. next, sheperd smi. than >> a manhunt is under way for a newly identified suspect in the christmas market attack. he's the man that investigators apparently knew was tied to arabs. and they are warning he could be armed and dangerous. president-elect trump hasn't even taken office and he's already conducting foreign policy over twitter. could his shoot from the hip style knock our relationships off kilter? plus, the fireworks disaster in mexico, dozens are dead. how in the world did this
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happen? let's get do it. now, shepard smith reporting. >> and first from the fox news desk this afternoon, the suspect in the deadly attack in berlin is a man from the north african region of tunisia, a man who tried to get asylum in germany. he was under secret surveillance for months. all of that, according to german officials and german media reports. investigators have identified the suspect and. >> reporter: to be armed and dangerous. he's used six different aliases and claim to be different nationalities. they found his wallet inside the truck that mowed down dozens of people on monday at a christmas market outside the kaiser church. a document from germany's asylum
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office was in there as well. officials blocked an order to deport him. according to the british daily telegraph paper, they rejected the request for asylum and ordered him out of the country after investigating him in connection with a previous terror plot. but officials could not deport him because they didn't have any documents to prove he was from tunisia. tunisian officials initially denied that he was from there but eventually sent over a passport that arrived today. two days after the attack. then there is this, there are ties to an islamic fundamentalist from iraq. that's new today. officials in germany arrested him last month for recruiting fighters for isis. we reported yesterday as mourners gather to honor the 12 who died and nearly r50 others who were hurt.
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greg palkot is live from berlin. what else are we learning? >> reporter: shep, there was a desperate search for this man and many are wondering how he got through this net. he came through in 2015 with the wave of immigrants and moved around a lot, including northwestern germany and it's there that he connected with a chief isis recruiter for germany. authorities knew he was a bad guy. he was on the terror watch list. they suspected he was planning something. he was under a covert surveillance but he was still able to go undercover in the weeks leading up to the attack. the last contact with authorities was in november. it's then reported that he acquired a gun and then he committed that act, shep. >> investigators are taking heat for all of this? >> reporter: you can imagine. the police are taking a lot of heat. they had already arrested one suspect and released him. a lot of people think that wasted a lot of time and reportedly it took a day for
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them to find that wallet inside the cab of that truck. the search warrant just went out at midnight last night. also, shep, angela merkel, the new suspect came into germany along with a million other refugees last year, maybe using them for cover. more and more politicians here are saying that that policy has led to insecurity and needs to be changed. tough times all around and a big manhunt is on right now, shep. >> greg palkot live in berlin, thank you. talks between the united states and russia are frozen on practically all levels. in an interview with a russian television station, putin expects the trump administration to take a, quote, fresher approach with regard to russia. the state claims that there's nothing frozen and they are talking about a number of
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issues. that comes after reps for russia, iran and turkey got together yesterday for a meeting on what to do about syria. they did not send an invitation to our state department, nor did they run it by the united nations or anyone in the west. the russians say our communication is frozen and the united states in all of the west are clearly frozen out of discussions on syria. practically speaking, that means bashar al assad will most certainly remain in power with russia's backing and support, his forces have murdered hundreds of thousands of syrian civilians and america's proxy war is all but abandoned and clearly lost. rich is live at the state department. what else are they saying about the frozen claims, rich? >> reporter: john kirby finds the statements peculiar by moscow. he does acknowledge, however, that the relations are strained
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and they have their differences but they talk, particularly on the middle east. >> the defense department acknowledged earlier that they held a deconfliction and certainly on the issues that matter most, i'm not sure what to make of his comment. >> however, the state department does acknowledge the u.s. was not invited to a meeting with iran, turkey and a broader cease-fire in syria. the administration denies this is a smnub. they are keeping john kerry up to date with information coming out of there. they say if these two countries can agree on a broader cease-fire, they are all for it. >> except for the obvious, the analysts warn that this is essentially giving syria to russia. >> absolutely. and when it comes to russia's main objective, which is keeping
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bashar al assad in power. >> that's not in our interests or in the interests of the syrian people to have the russian government, which has just been bombing the people in east aleppo, in the driver's seat in this conflict. >> the u.s. says that we are still influential in the middle east. however, critics point out when you look at this high-profile meeting right now and the fact that the u.s. is not involved, it demonstrates quite the opposite. shep? >> thank you. more on the investigation for the attack in berlin, tara maller is a spokesperson for the counter extremism project dedicated to fighting extremist ideologies. it looks like they are behind the gun on this thing. a long delay, tara? >> yeah. it looks like there have been some problems with the investigation. they apprehended a suspect and it was the wrong suspect. the suspect they are looking for now is on the run and armed.
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the information in the truck was not revealed until today. what was happening from the time when the truck was stolen to the time the attack happened? before all of these things went into play, this individual was on the radar. i've read reports that his phone was being monitored and then he went dark or underground. so i don't want to jump the ground in terms of saying that there were blunders and this could have been prevented but it may have been able to be prevented. >> in many areas of the world, there would be cameras and they would be able to track this
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truck, especially in west berlin. they've been able to track this but largely because of germany's history, they don't have this kind of surveillance, if you will. >> you're correct. there are certain cities that are better at monitoring than others and certain cities that have stronger police departments working counterterrorism issues, the nypd, for example, great resources on the intelligence side of the equation, so german officials and law enforcement in countries like europe, cities like brussel, they are inundated. they don't have enough experts tracking these individuals
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aprior to the attack i think we'll know more once they find the suspect and they are able to apprehend cell phone records and all of that. that's probably the next step in the investigation. >> this is a moment of great peril for angela merkel and her government, isn't it? >> it is. not just because it's holiday season and not just because this happened in an open place market. if this individual was seeking potential asylum, came from tunisia, it could cause political pressure on angela merkel who has been open to bringing in refugees, policies meant to help people who are fleeing from major humanitarian crises. and this will turn the political tide against sort of those open humanitarian policies. >> it's going to be very difficult on the economy as
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well. tara maller, happy holidays. thank you. >> happy holidays to you as well. >> thank you. donald trump is taking swipes at the clinton campaign. that, and his brand-new comments just this afternoon about the attack in berlin. that's coming up on the fox news deck on this wednesday afternoon. for lower back pain sufferers the search for relief often leads... here, or here. today there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote let's you control the intensity. and helps you get back to things like... this, or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle. new at walgreens and other fine retailers.
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well, here's something new. donald trump going on a twitter rant, this morning about the election he won six weeks ago. trump posted, "campaigning to win the electoral college is much more difficult and sophisticated than the popular vote. hillary focused on the wrong states. i would have done better in the election if that is possible, if the winner was based on popular vote. i have not heard any of the pundits or commentators discussing the fact that i spent far less money on the win than hillary did on the loss." well, then you've not been listening. hillary won the popular vote by almost 3 million. meantime, trump holds transition meetings at his home/resort in palm beach, florida, where he's spending the holidays. he just talked about the attack a short time ago. >> reporter: he did. and it's interesting, not only did he call it an attack on
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humanity, shepard, the president-elect was asked specifically if he now plans, after learning about this attack and what exactly happened at the christmas market, to revisit a potential ban on muslims entering the united states and this is what he said. >> 100% what's happening is disgraceful. >> reporter: the president-elect did not specifically use the words radical islamic terrorists a few hours after the christmas market attack but we did see him going in and receiving a briefing right now, shep. >> the twitter attacks continue. peter, i'm wondering if his staff has said anything about whether we can expect this for
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the next four years. >> reporter: what staffers are telling us, shep, is that they are going to let the tweets speak for themselves. however, there are top officials from the transition team who are trying to help the president-elect make the point to a certain group that he's trying to reach, and that would be democratic voters. >> it's the message itself, it's the policies, the candidates that they have a problem with and i think they've looked everywhere else but the mirror to understand the problems that they face november 8th. and at some point, i think that's going to happen but they've blamed the fbi and every segment except themselves, their message and their policies. that's the problem. >> reporter: we also just found out that after this meeting with pentagon brass, this briefing, the president-elect is going to meet with the ceos of boeing and lockheed martin and that is an interesting meeting because, of course, a few weeks ago the president-elect went after boeing for spending too much money and taking too much time to build the next air force one and went after lockheed martin
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for going over on the f-35 project. >> peter doocy, thank you. is our president-elect going to conduct foreign policy on twitter once he takes office? we've seen him attacks some geopolitical issues, for instance, going after the chinese after they seized the underwater drone. that and the global challenges he faces as soon as he takes the oath of office. that's coming up.
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we're opening more xfinity stores closer to you. visit us today and learn how to get the most out of all your services, like xfinity x1. we'll put the power in your hands, so you can see how x1 is changing the way you experience tv with features like voice remote, making it easier and more fun than ever. there's more in store than you imagine. visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. why wait until you're actually the president when you can just president now. donald trump has shown that he's not wait to get into office and face the foreign policy challenges. he angered officials in beijing when he took a phone call from taiwan's president. he's also used twitter to
12:21 pm
criticize china's trade policies. european leaders say they are concerned about the praise of vladimir putin and the former kgb agents en route to become the richest man on the planet. let's turn to james free man, editor of the "wall street journal." what do you think? does he change a lot? who changes when you're 70? >> well, it's a change for all of us, more informal style. i like the call to taiwan. i thought that was good where he wasn't necessarily listening to the state department bureaucracy. it's a more informal style after a call to the president or prime minister of pakistan, said he was a terrific guy and it was a fantastic country. but in that case, probably made
12:22 pm
some people in pakistan happy. so it's going to be a different approach but china specifically, i think he does need to make clear that we can sail in international waters, that our navy can't operate in the south china sea. >> your paper has not gone easy on him and he's made note of that. his china policies that we don't know what they are, does he need to rethink any of this? >> well, certainly he can make things more difficult for china and he's in a difficult spot now. their currency is losing value, not because they are manipulating but because they want to get their money out of the country. >> trump has it completely wrong, right? it's not that they are manipulating down now. that was happening for a while but it's happening around them and they can't stop it. >> that's the things.
12:23 pm
it's capital flight. people don't trust the government there and that their money is going to be safe. >> right. put it over here. >> they are putting up limits. we want to be sensitive to the economic turmoil there. but here's what i hope they would focus on. basically, every ceo comes to our office, talks about business in chinl china and they talk about getting robbed. and -- >> not a new problem. >> not a new problem. >> but i think it's one that the president feels like he needs to address in a big way in terms of our trading relationship. i hope that would be something they would look at. >> that makes sense. and we're getting the negative toward china and all this positive toward putin. can you help us understand this? >> yeah. i mean, i think the idea that he doesn't necessarily want to pick fights with people is a good
12:24 pm
impulse. i think that was part of the -- of his campaign and he's gotten experienced people who understand warfare and are in a hurry to enter wars but at the same time, you do need to understand putin and who he is, former kgb agent. roughly a decade ago he said that the greatest catastrophe was the end of the soviet union. he is not someone who likes freedom and open societies the way we do. >> clearly. and he is a man, though, who back in the '80s, when donald trump was in the middle of not one but two bankruptcies was able to funnel a lot of russian money to buy up his condominiums and keep what empire he had at the time, arguably there was not one, russia made it back into an empire and there is plenty of editorial now that suggests maybe that's the reason donald trump is so cozy with the kgb agent. i wonder if your paper has done
12:25 pm
any reporting on that. >> i would not think of that as the issue here. i think in terms of the business year, there are ups and downs and i don't think russia is the reason he's had some success and other failures but, look, this is another area where everything is new with president trump in terms of the level of business relationships he has and that's going to apply scrutiny over the next few years. >> how are you feeling about rex tillerson? >> i don't think it's a bad thing that he's negotiating on the other side of vladimir putin. certainly you worry he might be too close. but what i worry with tillerson, he feels the need in government to apologize in some ways for
12:26 pm
his past drilling oil, burning fossil fuels. i think he should embrace t. realize all of the benefits we get from it and you do your business, you do what you do and all the people left economic and otherwise cultural ruling and it's called confirmation hearings. mainly what the secretary of state does day to day is go around the world and try to help the helpless. that's what america is really good at. the whole world has been there relying on us and is he a man who can do that? >> i wouldn't say that's the only job. certainly standing up for america's interests in the world and that in large part is standing up for freedom in the world. >> totally.
12:27 pm
>> you may have as far as his business career, to this point, until the fracking revolution, if you wanted to find new places to drill for oil, you mainly had to go to places controlled by dictators. i don't think it's fair to ask companies to conduct their own foreign policy and basically look at expanding freedom and they have obligations to shareholders so that will come up at the hearings but i don't think that should be disqualified. >> it should be part of the body work? >> right. >> and confirmation hearings ought to be fascinating. i know nobody is going to go easy on anybody. >> that's probably the biggest challenge for democrats is figuring out who do they want to shoot at. >> right. >> you can't block everybody. and so maybe it's tillerson,
12:28 pm
maybe it's someone else. >> and it will be interesting to watch on your page. >> thank you. >> thank you. right now, president obama is scrambling to make good on promises that he made in his first campaign. but it now seems, for at least some of those goals, it may be too little, too late. a jet runs off a runway. we'll tell you what happens right after that.
12:29 pm
i'm lea gabrielle with your update. a motorcycle captured this plane on video. it tilted and veered off the runway and crashed just after takeoff. five crew members died. scary moments for a senior citizen after he drove right off his driveway and into an icy river. it happened yesterday south of
12:30 pm
detroit. another driver saw it happened and called for help. a nearby police officer smashed the window and rescued the 82-year-old. he's recovering in the hospital. investigators say they now know who stole mother thanre th million in gold flakes. he's hiding out in los angeles. the news continues with shepard smith right after this.
12:31 pm
bottom of the hour, top of the news. in the next few weeks, the united states will be pulling more than 1,000 troops from afghanistan as the united nations officials say taliban controls more territory in afghanistan than at any point since the attacks of 9/11. lucas tomlinson is at the pentagon. lucas? >> shep, 2016 is ending on a very deadly note.
12:32 pm
many people don't realize this, but 12 americans have been killed in afghanistan since early october and currently five americans are being held hostage by the taliban network. there's a reduction of 1,000 troops from 9800 throughout most of this year. president obama hoped to reduce the presence of american troops in afghanistan down to about a thousand to occupy the u.s. embassy in kabul. last month, five americans were killed on the largest air base in afghanistan, bagram air base. dozens were injured and many are reco recuperating at walter reed. >> this public legitimacy that
12:33 pm
russia lends to the taliban is not based on fact but it is used as a way to essentially undermine the afghan government and bolster the belligerent. >> now, shep, we mentioned earlier there are five americans being held hostage. three of them you mentioned yesterday. that was kaitlyn coleman and her two young sons born in four years of captivity. she has a canadian husband. they are also holding an american professor kidnapped from kabul in august. a few days later, there was a failed hostage rescue by u.s. operations forces when the americans hit the target, they killed eight members but when they searched, the professor was gone. the fifth held is a man from massachusetts, we don't know much about him.
12:34 pm
a short time ago the taliban said they wanted to restart peace talks and they said they want the afghans to take the lead. >> lucas tomlinson at the pentagon, thank you. with weeks to go in the office, president obama is looking to shore up his legacy. yesterday, president obama banned oil drilling in large part to the arctic and atlantic oceans. white house officials called the move indefinite and said an existing law does block incoming presidents from reversing it. president-elect trump has said he wants to use all available fuel reserves and take action to allow more offshore drilling. separately, two defense officials told fox news the obama administration plans to move 22 detainees but that would still leave behind dozens of detainees for trump's presidency. congress has blocked his
12:35 pm
attempts ever since 2009 and donald trump has promised to load up guantanamo bay with some bad dudes. let's bring in national political reporter for the associated press. how much of these are rhetorical flourishes and how much is real? do we know yet? >> we don't. but we know that obama is, working really hard to preserve his legacy in the final couple weeks here. he's doing that in two ways. there are last-minute moves that he's making. sometimes they are called midnight regulations, things that occur as the outgoing president is preparing to leave office. and also we know that the president is talking frequently to the president-elect. trump said today that the two of them had spoken a couple of days ago and so it's fair to infer that every time they talk, obama is trying to convince trump to preserve some of the things that are important to him. >> that would stand to reason, i would assume. in fact, i know that health care is among them. obamacare is something that the
12:36 pm
president very much wants to salvage and now we start reading from millions of people out there who co-potentially be left without health care in the event of a drastic change, that maybe this is a matter that's negotiable. is that the sense you're getting? >> well, i think congress has a really tough job ahead of them. we're trying to understand a little bit more about what exactly approach congress is going to take when it comes to obama's health care law. one thing that is under discussion is perhaps congress would agree to repeal the law but delay it taking effect for the pressure put on lawmakers that the obamacare law has swept away. that's going to be important to watch. it's really in the hands of congress, to some extent, to determine what exactly they want
12:37 pm
to present to president trump when he takes office in january and how much they want to make. >> the fossil fuels and arctic and atlantic, these two gentlemen have two different ideas. president obama wants a clean energy economy that's being born right now and already in its infancy. president-elect trump wants to go back to, as he calls it, clean coal and the use of all of our fossil fuels. i wonder if that's something that can be changed. >> well, what we understand to be the case, if president trump will try to undue what he did on arctic drilling, it would spawn court battles. for sure if he does go that route, we'll probably be hearing about it through the court process for years to come. but it's fair to say that obama
12:38 pm
made this move because we're expecting the incoming trump administration to take a different approach when it comes to energy so this is just one way that obama can leave a lasting mark, as far as we know, even in the face of the incoming administration, going a different route when it comes to energy in the near future. >> julie, hope you have a great holiday. nice to see you. >> thanks, you, too. a deadly explosion in mexico ripped through a fireworks market outside the capital city yesterday as hundreds of people were shopping for the holidays. amid all those explosions were hundreds of people. police say at least 31 of them died and dozens more were hurt. some images in our slideshow for you this afternoon.
12:39 pm
this is a drone shot that captured this image. you can see smoke billowing from that market. people described the smell of gunpowder lingering in the air for a long time. here's a worker walking through the rubble there. the explosion flattened almost all of the fireworks stall there. a survivor tells the associated press here that everything was catching fire, everything was exploding. the stones were flying, pieces of brick, everything was flying. and here you can see "no fumar," no smoking signs, which is a little late. officials say it's the third time in just over a decade that a an explosion ripped through this very marketplace 20 miles north of mexico city. still no word on what caused yesterday's explosion. ahead, can't get the kids out of the house? you're not alone. later, bear alert. and proof that when a panda wants to play, you better not lose your head for your christmas jollies. we bring you bears and snowmen, so hang on.
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lawmakers in the state of north carolina are voting whether to toss out the so-called bathroom bill. there's a speech in session right now in raleigh. the controversial law forces transgender people to use the restroom that matches the gender on their birth certificate. the state lost hundreds of millions of dollars, missed out on jobs after companies
12:43 pm
announced plans to take their business elsewhere. it's been a hot mess. john roberts with our southeast newsroom. john? >> shep, these are pictures of the north carolina senate that made a measure to repeal the so-called bathroom bill, otherwise known as house bill or hb2. there's a provision in section two causing a controversy. it would require a six-month cooling off period and regulating public accommodations or access to restrooms, showers or changes facilities. you'll remember it was passed by the city of charlotte that started this off when charlotte said lgbt could use the bathroom of whatever bathroom they identify with. they are worried if they repeal hb2, another county across north
12:44 pm
carolina will implement the same thing, maybe even charlotte, do it again. politics is involved because the outgoing governor, pat mccrory, who was defeated by roy cooper, offered twice if the city of charlotte repealed its ordinance. twice, the may juror jennifer roberts said no and soon after roy cooper was elected, she said, well, let's revisit that deal again. that required mccrory to respond in this way. >> the sun reversal with little notice after the gubernatorial session has ended, this issue originated by the political left was all about politics at the expense of charlotte and the entire state of north carolina. >> a member of mcccrory's staff said it was laughable and now
12:45 pm
suddenly after the results of the election and the republican governor being defeated, they think it's a darn good idea. shep? >> is there actually resistance to repealing this thing? >> there is. republicans come from many different parts of the state. they were in tight races and wanted to see hb2 repealed so they don't face a tight race in 2018 but republican members from rural states say it was one of the reasons that i won so handily. listen to what the lieutenant governor dan forest said earlier in a statement. "i support hb2 and do not favor its repeal. no economic or ideological appeal could convince me what is right. it will always be wrong for men to have access to women's showers and bathrooms." the house has yet to act. they are still in recess. they will probably consider a
12:46 pm
bill somewhat along the lines of the senate bill if not the senate bill. the question is this moratorium. shep? >> a lot to worry about in north carolina. thank you. it turns out more millennials are really living with mom and dad. duh. the percentage of young americans living with their family members is at the highest level in 75 years. that high point was in 1940. just at the end of the great depression. about 41% of 18 to 34-year-olds lived at home. the percentage dropped as the economy recovered, of course, and hit a low point in 1960, about 24%. shot back up and now 40% of millennials currently live with their parents or other relatives. you ever just say yes to the french fries because you think you'll save cash by getting the value meal? a fast food chain has been pulling a fast one. lillian has more. they want you to sell the combo. it's about how much money comes
12:47 pm
in. they want your money. >> they do. >> and i love the fries, so whatever. >> well, a guy is suing a mcdonald's franchise in illinois. he's doing a class-action lawsuit for consumer fraud. the issue is he ordered this extra value meal, two cheeseburgers, medium fri and drink and the price was 5.90 but he found out that two cheeseburgers are 2.50 and it cost $5.49 which is 41 cents less than the value meal. >> he thinks he's on to something. >> yes. wee it's a good reminder to do the math if you're waiting in line. >> i might be willing to pay for them. >> i don't know. i'm not finding these as appetizing. >> you like the ones in the paper? >> i had to go through these to
12:48 pm
find them but these are the mcdonald's cheeseburger. >> and you know why they are awesome? >> because of the fries. they are delicious. >> we should do that now. >> i've been craving it since i started working on this. >> you've learned it. thank you. now time for the video of the day. a panda facing off with a snowman because we can. this video is from toronto from the toronto zoo's panda cam. this is not live video but we have it for you because we're really awesome. they built a snowman for their giant panda. would you look at this? apparently pandas really love the snow. you can see him playing nicely with his snow buddy at first. the friendship did not last. he decides to climb on top of this. careful. careful. oh, and his head fell off. now he is a murderer, a killer of snow men. took the head with him. that did not stop the panda.
12:49 pm
he climbed on top to get on his fat belly. speaking of fat bellies, you don't have much room to talk interest there, panda guy or girl. don't let the children watch this. we think that panda cam could get probably close to megyn kelly ratings if we'd put it on all day long. this is our holiday gift to you. demau, doesn't like the snowman. ahead, where you will see temperatures climb into the 70s and 80s in time for the holiday weekend. and i'm not even just talking about miami. where 70s would be a nice cool wave. it's warm in so flo.
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when are they leaving? grilled cheese and campbell's tomato soup go together like grandchildren and chaos. made for real, real life.
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fox weather i laert. happy winter solstice. forecasters say we could see blizzard conditions in the northern plains and in parts of the rockies over the weekend. our chief meteorologist is here with us. it is not frigid across the great 48 because this looks like october. >> it's better. it's better than it was this weekend or last couple weeks really. look at that, 40 degrees in minneapolis. that's about 70 degrees warmer than it was just a few days ago. now we have winter coming. officially starting today. we're in to it astronomical winter. so now we have our days that start to get better, start to get more sunlight every day from now on. >> sunup at a quarter to 9:00 in june juno. >> we have snow on the ground right now. white christmas. look at all of that disappears across the plains because by the time we goto christmas day, 60
12:54 pm
degrees in kansas city. 44 in chicago. so it's a lot better than where it's been. saturday, these are your temperatures. miami, 81. miami has been breaking high record temperatures. feels like summer right there across the southern florida at least. with the one spot that really didn't get any of that cold air. here's your sunday temperatures. none of that cold air we had is really black in place. the longer term picture does not look like we're going to see any of that coming back in any short order. it's stormy across the southwest. one spot we have rain and snow, southern california, arizona, we need it. we have two storms. one that's going to move through there tomorrow and today and another one comes into the west. this will be our trouble kind of travel troublemaker across the southwest and the west on friday/saturday. but the really no major problems travelwise. if friday is the way you're traveling hope, looking good. saturday, christmas eve, not west.g that bad as well except the one day that if it was the big travel day is sunday christmas day.
12:55 pm
hopefully people are not going anywhere. ice storm across parts of the northern plains. rainstorm, severe weather including a tornado or two across parts of the south. and snow across the rockies and the far northern tier. >> then again, christmas day. >> miami, 81. >> always 81. >> always 81. sunny in florida. sunny in miami. >> always. >> thank you, appreciate it. barefoot bandit. we dug through the archives for that animation. the former fugitive known as the barefoot bandit is trying to back in the air legally this time. that's coat on the harris moore, he's been a team when he broke out of joouf i have and led cops on a cat and mouse chase across the united states and to the caribbean. police said he steal cars and boats and plane, oh, my. he did a lot of it without wearing footwear, finally got caught in the bahamas. ended up behind bars for a few years. a few months ago officials let him out. now that we're caught up, colton harris moore is 25 years old. says he wants to get his pilot's
12:56 pm
license. in fact, he started to a gofundme page to pay for private and commercial training. problem is federal probation officials shut it down. he still owes 130 grand to a bunch of victims. the barefoot bandit says his career hopes are just on pause and he wants a career in flying to pay back the money. don't you. we'll be right back.
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on this day in 1891 a gym teacher developed a game called basketball. happened, according to this, at a ymca school in springfield, massachusetts, where students were hold up during a blizzard. james naismith took another teacher's challenge to invent a game to give the kids a break from boredom. he handed his students a soccer ball and told them to throw it in some peach baskets. naismith drew up a set of 13 rules and one of america's
1:00 pm
favorite sports started with a case of cabin fever 125 years ago today. should newsbreak out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world with neil cavuto" is coming up. see you later. all right. you are looking outside the trump compound in florida and that is the ceo of boeing. donald trump wrapping up a meeting with him and very shortly the ceo of lockheed martin. of course, the two big aerospace defense contractors. he is obviously exacting some concessions out of them. remember, it was boeing that donald trump criticized upon taking office after his election victory that the quotes he was hearing on the cost of the new air force one, a variety of planes, actually at least two planes, was getting out of control. and that the new generation for at least a couple


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