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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 21, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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your list. if you haven't finished your shopping. get your copy of "settle for r more" on amazon on anywhere books are sold. i'm san a dra smidra smith and e kelly file. >> welcome to "hannity." president-elect donald trump is reacting to the terror attack in germany. tonight newt gingrich will be here with reaction in just a moment. but first, the president-elect earlier today was asked about his plan to fight radical islamic terrorism and the berlin christmas market rampage. take a look. >> you know my plan all along, and what's happening is --
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>> joining us with reaction is the former speaker of the house and fox news contributor newt gingrich. so the world is getting scarier and scarier by the day. is it great timing that we have a president donald trump coming into the office? >> well i think it's necessary timing. i think the american people in part voted for him because they felt that liberals did not have any solution and that somebody would be honest objectively about the assault on christianity. about the assault on the humanity. and about the viciousness of our opponents. and trump was willing to knock aside all of the political correctness and describe reality in a way that the average person sees every night on television. and i might put in a very brief plug, eric, for my book "treason" because the policeman who shot the russian ambassador is a perfect example of what
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i've been warning about hp he. here is someone loyal to the other side, engages in killing someone in a very important act who only got in the room because people thought he was part of the security force. >> so speaker, we have the christmas market attack. we have the attack you just point out in turkey. what is this? is this the timing? is this the -- the jihadists are specifically targeting big groups clearly. western, infidel clearly, but also christians? >> and clearly targeting christians. remember also that in jordan this week in a much less reported example because it wasn't in western europe, the police uncovered a group of terrorist that ahad a running fight. needing to a crusader castle a tourist attraction. three tourist killed and seven policemen killed while the four terrorists also killed. one of them was a tourist from canada. a woman from canada. you had three fairly significant
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attacks and then this doesn't count all the local violence we're so used to in syria, libya, somalia, you name it. but also in the the deliberate targeting of a christmas market. and the kind of confused response of chancellor merkel who is responsible for letting a million refugees into germany and is now faced with the fact they have had a series of assaults in germany from refugees. they now believe it is a tunisian. and you know, these thing will keep going on. this is the second attack using a truck. we should expect more attacks like that. >> speaker let me -- >> in a war with -- >> well they are. the germ answeans said we're at with terrorism. what about here in the united states? we've seen a massive increase in the number of refugees that we're allowing into the country. almost 400% increase from syria
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alone. president obama is bringing in, has been bringing in more and more refugees every year. are we just becoming an open target for similar types of attacks? >> well, look, if you're a liberal part of the liberal elite you're not allowed to think clearly about any of this. it is politically so incorrect so you have to pretend it's not true. and you have attacks that are clearly refugees and immigrants in places like france, belgium, germany, you would think there is a lesson there for america but the obama administration was incapable of learning it. part of why hillary clinton los lost. i think people add dehad a deep instinct she didn't know the reality of the threats, wouldn't do things to meet them. trump is very different. he is assembling a very professional team. general mattis, general kelly, general flynn, these are first-rate people dealing with these kind of issues. i think we will see a very significant shift in the
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american attitude towards dealing with terrorism around the world. >> mr. speaker, let's pivot a little bit. president obama announced a couple of initiatives, some as recently as today that will end up costing people money. the epa rules and regulations. some off-shore drilling bans that he put on. permanent bans in off-shore drilling. tell us how an incoming president donald trump should handle these initiatives with 30 days left in president obama's term. how do you handle dismantling some of those? >> i think that you use your executive orders repealing them. you tell the interior department secretary, pay no attention to that. the congress has an ability to go back in an act we passed when i was speaker and they can review anything done in the last 60 days of an outgoing administration and they can repeal it. i think you will see a cooperative effort between
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senator mcconnell and speaker ryan and president trump and vice president pence to go through those sort of things. you know, obama is sort of paying off every left wing ally he has and then when we roll back they will have good campaign fodder for 2018. but i think the country understands, you're not going to create jobs by doing the kind of job-killing regulation answers job-killing government involvement involvement that barack obama fan stands for. >> it could cost $5.1 billion in paperwork hours alone. again, this is 30 days left before he leaves the white house. what is the plan here? is he trying to cement some sort of legacy and environmental legacy this is. >> i think he is trying to do two things at once. trying to say to all of thinks left wing allies, like, i'm really you. look at the good things i'm doing. and setting up a whole series of fights where the republicans
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repeal these things and that gives them a whole new argument politically with their left. it is very clear the democrats learned nothing from the election. and not just the defeat of clinton but the fact that there are now more republican state legislators than any time in the history of the republican party since 1854. the fact that there are 35 republican governors, 25 states in which the legislature and governor of republican. the fact we kept the senate, kept the house. none of that is sichkinking in. you get increasingly stridened party whose primary battle cry is anti-trump. that's the road to being a minority for a long time. >> what lies ahead for president obama? he clearly -- he is young, active. very political. is this some sort of -- i don't know, some type of clinton group? clinton already carved out that
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environmental space. can he compete with them? >> who knows. president obama is talented speaker. tremendous allies around the world on the left. i'm confident that people like george will be thrilled to work with him. put him on a board. depend on how much they care about money. we learned that bill and hillary clinton cared very deeply about money. did all sort of things for money. i don't know that that will be true of president obama and michelle obama. they are very different people from the clintons. i think we will have to wait and see. he is very young. long career ahead of him. michelle is very young. the two will be very active as a couple for another 30, 35 years. we have no idea what that will be like. >> so he can run for another office, just not president again. will michelle obama run? >> he won't do that. if you've been president of the united states for eight years, there is probably no office you want it run for except maybe secretary-general of the united nations. >> what about michelle obama?
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>> she said she doesn't want to run. she is obviously a very strong woman. and again, it is a little hard to know. i don't think until people stop and realize how long the time horizon is, they start saying gee, what do we do for 10, 15, 20, 25 years, then you think differently. i hope they take time off. my good friend, zander, when he lost the governorship after eight long years as governor, they took their family to australia for year. they wrote a book about it later. they went to australia and got to know each other again. he said it was one of the best years of his life. i hope president obama and michelle obama will relax. whether we like them or dislike them they add truly historic achievement and a lot to reflect on and a lot to be grateful for and hopefully take some time with their daughters he and just
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unwind a little bit. this has been a rng eiglong eig years. >> certainly has. coming up, hillary clinton's campaign still can't get over the fact she lost to donald trump. we will show you her latest complaint. and we will be joined for reaction. and refugees behind the christmas market terror attack, but that isn't stopping president obama from dramatically increasing the number of migrants coming into the u.s. dr. sebastian gorka and rick granel are here to weigh in. that and more as "hannity" continues. once i heard i was going to
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good evening. i'm jackie ibanez in new york.
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president-elect donald trump reacting to the christmas market attack in berlin, germany. mr. trump saying the violence is an take on humanity and violate his assessment -- validates his assessment of islamic inspired threats. president-elect also suggesting he might go forward with his plan it temporarily ban muslim immigrants. a manhunt is under way for the man involved in the track take. the 24-year-old tunisian. and police making an arrest in the preelection burning of a black church in greeneville, mississippi. the church was also spray painted with the words "vote trump." police say they don't believe it was politically motivated. the suspect who was an african-american of the church is scheduled for a court appearance tomorrow. i'm jackie ibanez. how gback to "hannity." >> welcome back. president-elect trump is weeks from being sworn in as 45th
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president. many liberals are playing post election blame game and one of their favorite targ sets fbi director james comey. clinton campaign press secretary fallon went on a tirade against comey after the fbi unsealed court filings of its probe of hillary clinton. tweeting in pote onquote, on a n new election data freshly suggests decisive impact of comey letter it is salt in the wound of fbi rational was this flimsy. and yes campaign made esor especially in wisconsin and michigan but comey must account for his actions too, given how unsupported we now see they were. so it wasn't hillary's fault. it was the russians, comey's. >> they are on step 8 of the 12-step program. i hope they can get through this before the end of the year.
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they were expecting a coronation. they had fireworks out. they didn't understand what was going on in america. and i think is difficult to overcome that kind of loss. they were expecting it to tush out vastly different than it did. i understand it. but at some point for the gf of themselves and their party they need to look in the mirror and understand they add flawed candidate, flawed campaign, flawed message. >> what is the flaw there? i remember four years ago your group reince and yourself put out a gop autopsy. now four years later, flourishing across the board. white house. state legislature. governor's mansions. and democrats are going -- wow, we need an autopsy report. >> under are two things. one, we at rnc, put the infrastructure there. technology and ground game. and donald trump brought the message and candidate. when combined you can't stop
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that. that's an unstoppable foot. >> i heard you didn't have a ground game. >> and apparently we did. i think for a lot of folk in the liber liberal media they insistered because hillary clinton was a lot of talk they didn't believe what we were selling. i think we proved everyone otherwise. there is not much left to win on the republican side. we've got control of the state legislature. governor, secretary of state up to the presidency. i think we are healthy and vibrant party. donald trump breeds new life into the party which is very helpful and mote vietiivating tc and got people excited. they have a problem. >> and 2018 looks great. >> we will continue to pick up seats. i think that not just political party but when you see access of what donald trump will do day one, the first 100 days, first year, it'll be the stuff that will talk and repeal and replace obama care. focus on infrastructure. american jobs first. buy american, hire american. there is renewed focus on the
7:17 pm
american worker, american business, american taxpayer that this country hasn't seen. >> what is this business about president obama throwing last-minute regulation on america? thank you very much, donald trump, here is an anchor, grab it. >> i think it means it will be 30 days before we have to undo some of those things. but i understand, look, he has 30 days left. president obama and he will try to do everything that he's got left on that list of his. luckily for the american people and american businesses, donald trump will come in and bring that much needed help that they have been looking for for a long time. >> how does a trump campaign see when a president on his way out 30 days before he leaves throws a permanent ban on off-shore drilling and permanent, not just until he is gone. >> everything that's done, there are ways to undo it. president obama is trying to do what he wants to do in the last remaining 30 days. but i think donald trump won't, we are going to make sure on day one the focus is back where it should be. on making sure we have economic
7:18 pm
growth. job creation renewing system of health care that puts patients first. so there is going to be real change in the end of business as usual. it will come on january 20th. >> back in liberal politics, are we done with the clintons now for a while? >> i think so. i don't -- look, they lost on election day. then helped fight recounts. they lost recounts. lost vote to donald trump through efforts. and fund this effort and got behind this effort for the electoral college and she lost five electors. three to colin powell. one to faith spotted eagle and one to bernie sanders. everything she's done in the last 40 days has gone backwards from what she tried to do. i think at some point for the greater good of themselves they've got to start it understand that they lost this election because of their failed message, not anyone else's. all they stuff they want to blame on everyone else, it wasn't jim comey that put a secret se secret serve he together.
7:19 pm
it wasn't jim comey that sent classified information on that server. she did something and she got caught. it is their action, their words and their failed message that cost them. >> one final question before we leave you here. the world is, everyday is a more dangerous place. i would like to personally see president-elect donald trump in the briefings everyday. is that crazy? >> he got the presidential daily brief this morning with a host of admirals. every single day his national security team is 100% briefing and making sure he is up-to-date on every threat that our nation facees. >> very comforting. shawn, spicer, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> while authorities expect a refug refugee behind the germany terror attack, the number of migrant president obama is letting into the united states is exploding. we will show you shocking statistic. and reaction from dr. sebastian
7:20 pm
gorka and rick grinel. plus -- >> one month from today, donald trump will be i nnaugurated. he is nearly finished with his cabinet. the billionaire president surrounded himself with billionairees. >> liberal media is finding a knew way it attack donald trump but claims that members of his cabinet are too successful in the real world. from the trump transmission team, here next to respond. all that and more as "hannity" continues. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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7:23 pm
increase in the number of syrian refugees entering the country. joining me now with reaction is the author of defeating jihad, the winnable war. dr. sebastian gorka. as well as fox news contributor rick grinel. 390% just from syria alone. total number looks to be somewhere around 110,000 refugees. our audience will be fairly shocked at the number of refugees coming into the united states in total. >> as they should be. especially when we are told by the fbi that we cannot vet people coming from active war zones where there are gee addy organizations like isis, al qaeda. what is even more disturbing, earlier this year the senate, one of the committees in the senate published a report based on department of justice figures. that looked at who is executing terrorist attacks in america after 9/11. we have prosecuted 580 people in america since 9/11. two dozen of them had refugee
7:24 pm
asylum status. 33 people were here illegally on visas that had expired. and they are from all of the obvious places. yemen, pakistan, afghanistan, iraq. this is a no-brainer, eric. this is a threat that is real and already harming americans. >> have we learned nothing from germany? have we learned nothing from paris? have we learned nothing from niece, france that sometimes if you're bringing in refugees sometimes they radicalize, self-radicalize, and they become dangerous? >> sometimes the obama administration cent hasn't learned the lessons. europe hasn't learned lessons. i look throughout europe and specifically in germany just what is not happening. i'm amazed that government aren't responding. if you're living in europe and seeing this unfold you're seeing that a gentleman has eight different names and was on a
7:25 pm
target list, but is slipping in and wreaking havoc and part of this radical islamic terror network is unfolding across europe and your government is not responding appropriately, i think this is a big problem. we need to learn the lesson of what's going on in europe by saying, we've got to slow down. is isis has already sederic they are trying to take advantage of europe's refugee crisis. so let's take that clue and let's slow down the process, let's get it right. let's work with the united nations who when you have a situation like syria where refugees are flooding out, the u.n. is first on the ground. they are the ones that are supposed to be looking at these refugees and deciding, are they legitimate? are they true? are they going to other countries? we have to get this right. and when i say we, i don't mean
7:26 pm
just the united states. i mean every government in the world. we should be able to work together even figure this out. >> dr. gorka, please help me out here. we are talking about extreme vetting. how can you extreme vet that comes from a country like syria when their known employment records with no school records, criminal records, doesn't matter how much time or how thoroughly you vet people, if you don't have the information to start with, aren't we going to get bad actors? >> my parents are refugees. they escaped dictatorship and arrived in the a refugee cramp in austria with nothing. no money, no documents, no nothing. how were they allowed to settle down in western europe and how did they prove to the refugee camp offices that they are not members of the secret police? how? through an extensive series, weeks of counter intelligence views. where their story had to stand
7:27 pm
up 20 times would 10 times, 20 time, until the national security will allow them in. the idea we are going to sit down with 50,000, 100,000 refugees, and have each one be interviewed for weeks on end will never happen. that's why mr. trump's moratorium on war zone refugees makes sense. >> and rick, i'm looking at numbers. 110,000 refugees admit in the united states. let's just say we're 99% effective. that's 1100 terrorists that we could be letting in. say we're 9 th9.9% effective. that's 110 would-be killers of americans. >> i don't think we are compassionless. if we look at someone who has no records, they have no, you know, marriage certificates from the damascus city hall because damascus city hall is burned
7:28 pm
down, if you don't have proper documentation, i don't think that means we compassionately have to let you in. i think that means you don't get in because you don't have the proper identification. you don't have the proper information. i don't think that that is, you know, a moral hazard. i think that it is the right thing to do. it is certainly is a product of war. a terrible thing. and that's why we go back to the original problem when the syria crisis was unfolding. that's when you have to try to solve these issues. we're now six years past where many refugees who have been living in tents are frustrated and you can't blame them for wanting a better life. but i think that the international community has to do a better job in the very beginning to solve these problems so that once you can solve the problems they go back to their original country. that's why they have family.
7:29 pm
that's why they know the language. that's where they want to go. >> so dr. gorka, i'm looking at numbers and we took in more somalia refugees than syrian refugees. iraq, almost the number. several hot spots. some places frankly very dangerous places, we are taking a lot of people from these countries. >> eric, you know why? because we haven't had leadership in the world for eight years. there are 65 million displaced persons in the world today that's more than after world r wwar war 2. this is the price of having a destabilized world. come january 20 there will be leadership. as mr. trump said, it is much better on the long run for everybody, us and the refugees, to keep them in the region, to protect them, provide safe zones and aid and keep them close to
7:30 pm
the homes that eventually they have to go back to. that's common sense. >> we will leave it there, guys. thank you very, very much. up next on "hannity" -- >> a month from today, donald trump will be inaugurated. he is almost done with list cabinet. the billionaire president has surround id himself with billionaires. >> the liberal media doesn't get it. they are criticizing donald trump's cabinet for being too successful in the business world. and later -- >> first off, try to recognize that america was never great for anyone who wasn't a white guy. >> and tv news is under fire for releasing a vitdeo slamming quoe white guys. we are joined with reaction. that much more straight ahead on "hannity." just because someone grows older
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ever. leader and titans of industry, art, sports, science are reaching out and want to find ways to help. >> that was president-elect donald trump promising to assemble a cabinet of ceos and business leaders to help clean up washington. of course the out of touch mainstream media thinks that's bad thing. take a look. >> one month from today, donald trump will be inaugurated. he is nearly finished with his cabinet and outside national security the billionaire president has surrounded himself with billionaires. >> critics like senator bernie sanders say mr. trump's choices fly in the face of his populist campaign message. >> when you appoint billion airs it take on the establishment -- >> having millionaire and billionaire cabinet secretaries is not unprecedented. they attract the treasury and commerce departments. but neither president obama nor
7:37 pm
president joshgeorge w. bush ad single billionaire in their cabinet. >> joining us now with reaction is the author of "hopping over the rabbit hole", anthony sca scaramucci. i'm in favor of them heading this corporation government that we have called america. >> i would love to have the left headline the hatred of billionaires and american success stories is over but that won't happen unfortunately. they think by pitting classes against each other, that's a good political advice. but i'm the product after middle class family as i know you are because i read your great book "wake up america." so for me i would tell people that message from the top here
7:38 pm
is we want to hire the best people, most talented people in each one of these areas to help the people of the united states. and a rt of the billionaires referenced are classic american success stories where they built themselves up from middle class origins to where they are today. so for me i want to see a restoration of that where working class families have those aspirations tore their children and grandchildren and if we get the policies right, eric, we can do that for every american. i'm excited to have the opportunity to be a part of this election process. >> you know very successful business leaders have in common. they know a good deal and a bad deal. they know when to walk away from bad deal and know how to cut the fat. if they are overemployed in certain areas and need to move employment from here and there or even cut employment in certain situations they make the whole unit theant kn entity, bi
7:39 pm
and better everywhere. >> there is no political vindictiveness. there is problem solve be. there is a practicality to the responds to things. the president-elect himself has called for a problem solving presidency. one that's practical. one talking about bringing clean water back it flint, michigan as an example. one that is talking about giving families great school systems where their children, no matter what the zip code of the child is, they get into a great school system and get the opportunity that we want all of your children to have. so what i don't get about the left, and it is very puzzling to me, why they don't like rich successful people. i don't understand. i think it has something to do with they think that rich people gotten there through a nefariou way and that is not true. >> or at expense of other people who may not be as successful.
7:40 pm
that spt necessarily the case. as you know, a rising tide floats all boats. and all levels of the intrum spectrum. >> i complete hay agree. there is a lot of criticism of right-leaning billionaires. in left-leaning they don't. if you're adding to society and creating a lower cost product and delivering a terrific service to somebody and there is billions for millions of people that want that service and that's makes you rich and you are creating jobs and helping other families pay their health care expenses, there is nothing wrong with that. i hope the future of trump administration stands for that. a beacon for success. a beacon for the american dream. and a message to people that grew up the way you and i grew up which is that you can be successful too. >> imagine you're just starting an expansion football team.
7:41 pm
if tom brady says, i've been at new england for a long time and i'm going to walk away and try something new, and can you get a tom brady and another quarterback, guess what? take the quarter backs. >> wore fortunate? america to have some of the biggest titans in the world to work for america. >> and they want to do it and they don't want any pay for it. that the other brilliant thing. i guess bernie sanders wanted us to go to craigslist and look at names on craigslist for these big jobs. you know something? president-elect is trying to hire the best people, most talented people in america. he's got a diversified cabinet. african-americans, women, there will be more diversity to this cabinet going forward. but these are exceptionally talented people. >> one of the big questions out there and a lot of push back from the left is rex stillerson. i know this man from 20 years in the oil industry. but the question is, and the
7:42 pm
concern is that over the years, since he has been ceo of exxon, he has been quote to vladimir putin, should this be a concern? just tell us about that relationship. >> well, in so many different way webs rex tillerson is an eagle scout. if you know anything about the character test you need to go through to become an eagle scout, this is the typical quintessential american man going to protect america and think about american interests. if the nonsense he is friends with vladimir putin and that would mean that somehow the russians could carry favor again the interest of the united states is absolutely nonsensical. the president-elect picked secretary of state debbie tillerson for a lot of reasons. who are are the most important ones. he knows he has the skill set, verbal dexterity and joo political understanding of the world to get the job done. and the second reason and this
7:43 pm
something i love about president-elect, he knows that secretary of state designee tillerson cares about the interest of the mer cab people and knows we need to have global harmony and global peace. we've got put american interests first. we are delighted by that pick and they will do a a terrific job. >> as ceo of exxon, tillerson was in 200-something countries. our state department is in 100-something companies. so he has more expensive foreign leaders. i got to run. thank you very much. appreciate having you on tonight. >> merry christmas. happy hanukkah. best to your family. >> you as well, talk to you soon. >> first off, try to recognize that america was never great for anyone who wasn't a white guy. >> outrageous building after mtv news put out that video lecturing white member.
7:44 pm
sheriff david clarke is back with reaction. that and more as "hannity" continues. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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back to "hannity." mtv posted a video slamming quote white guys. >> hey fellow white guy, it is about to be a new year. >> a few things can you do better in 2017. >> first off try to recognize that america was never great for anyone who wasn't a white guy. >> can we all just agree that black lives matter isn't the opposite of all lives matter. black lives just matter. there is no need to overcomplicate. >> and blue lives matter isn't a thing. >> blue skin? right? i mean -- they weren't born
7:49 pm
blue. >> stop bragging about woke. >> mtv has since taken the video down. we reached out to them for a statement and they said after careful consideration mtv news has determined that the video does not meet its editorial standards and has taken it down. welcome larry elder and sheriff clarke. blue lives matter is not a thing. i beg to differer with mtv. do you, sir? >> first of all, what does mtv have against white people? i don't have anything against white people and i don't have anything against white malees. what i use to determine whether or not i like someone is not the color of their skin or religion. it is if they talk stupid or hateful then i will make a determination i don't like them. this white people bashing the american public, voter i should say, this past november spoke up. they've had enough of it.
7:50 pm
the white male has been bashed continually by the left and democrat party. rolls up in november. wept to the polls. enough of this crap too. it is time for the country to come together and identity crushed on november 8th. it is time. he said you may not have voted for me but i'm going to make sure you're part of the american dream of the success we're going to have. that is the gettysburg type of address donald trump needs to make. >> absolutely. >> the left is good at developing this. and the victim. playing the victim card, always. >> well, that is right. there are two groups you can malign in this country and ridicule without any kind of push back. and white males sheriff clark just now pointed out.
7:51 pm
one of the secrets, just because you have black friends doesn't mean you're not racist against black people. let's talk about that. there was a poll two years ago, asking blacks, hispanics and whites, which is the most racist? and regarding anti-semitism, 12% is anti-semitic but 30% of blacks are. a study found 60% of hispanics felt there were few blacks who weren't lazy. it is ridiculous. >> larry pointed something out. very to ask you this. people are going to push back. can african americans be considered racist? >> of course they can. if you look at al sharpton and
7:52 pm
obama. look at eric holder. and i can go on and on. but here is the thing. this country has been great to me. america has been great to me. i've been able to reach my full potential. i've been raised not to view everything through the lens of race. when i look at you, eric i don't see a white guy. i see a tv host. i was ecstatic when he did and he kept it up. donald trump was sincere that life in the american ghetto is horrible. so it's time for the country to come together. the liberal media is going to continue to undermine this president. and smear him and all of the people associated with him. but it is high time in this country for everybody to push
7:53 pm
back against this hateful ideology coming from the left. >> same question to you. >> can african americans be considered racist? >> of course they can. are you kidding me? al sharpton made statements against white people and jews. my goodness. of course. but the point is that racism is no longer a major problem in this country. don't make bad moral mistakes. if my father could have, his biological father was a janitor, kicked out of his house at age 13, became a marine, started a small cafe, retired in comfort. if he can do it, anybody can do it in america. >> sheriff clark? >> we have a chance with when donald trump is sworn in as 45th president of the united states, to experience a post-racial
7:54 pm
presidency. it did not happen underarack obama. >> do you, larry? people are saying opposite might happen. they're concerned. again, let's go back to what numbers were. >> decide experts despite the alleged racism that he had against blacks and hispanics he got a higher percentage of the hispanic votes than mitt romney did. higher than john mccain did. and of the 700 counties in 2008, and 2012 he flipped a third of them. so i guess the third of them contacted a case of racism that they didn't have in 2012.
7:55 pm
he has a message of inclusion. make america great again resonated within black communities. sure. democrats, it's going to take time for numbers to flip in terms of the monolithic black voting pattern but i believe donald trump has begun to chip away at it. if he continues it's going to spell doom for the democrat party. >> i see a great law enforcement officer and great radio host. >> thank you very much. >> sheriff clark, coming up, tonight's question of the day is next, stay with us. when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay... you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline.
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welcome back to "hannity". time for tonight' question of the day. after the terrorist attack in germany should the u.s. be taking in more refugees? head over to
8:00 pm and let us know what you think. that is all we have time for. don'ting for wret to catch "the five" every week night at 5:00 p.m. eastern. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm jesse watters in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get right into our top story. germany still reeling after that deadly truck attack christmas market in berlin. isis is taking credit for the attack leaving former new york city mayor rudy giuliani to slam president obama's foreign policy legacy. >> he is going out of office leaving us a world much more dangerous than the world that he was given. he was given a stable, i wouldn't say stable but relatively stable iraq. certainly not. >> stable enough for him to feel good about pulling the troops out. >> stable enough so that he could have reduced the troops. he never


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