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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 22, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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dvr the show and above all stay tuned for bill o'reilly. he's up next. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" tease desk. >> donald trump's doctor is not worried about trump's health saying if something happens to him, it happens to him. i'm starting to think med school is not as hard as i was told. and is the lonely heart going into the rock and roll hall of fame? some say no, and some say -- well, you know where i am going with this. don't turn off the show after half time like you normally do. stick around as tom has a new hash tag you can play with. tom? >> thank you, andy.
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let's welcome our guests. she has three names so you know she is important. she is the author of the con conversationalist. no, no, notorious. he is only here because he knew not to steal the poster when he was in north korea. and he has the heart of a child and the face of the same child. sitting next to me, joe mackey. okay, let's sart the show. donald trump's long-time doctor is back and i am happy to report he hasn't changed one bit. we met dr. bornstein last year when he said trump would be, quote, the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency. does he still feel that way? in an interview bornstein said of trump, he is a few bounds
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overweight which anybody can see, but that's it. i never found anything wrong with him. even if he is not in perfect help, if something happens to him, it happens to him. it is like all the rest of us. no, that's why we have a vice president and a speaker of the house and a whole line of people. they can just keep dying. i believe that's the hypocratic oath. we learned the back of his business card have the phrase on them that means very famous doctor. and in high school he played in a band that played at high school dances, weddings and parties. i believe we have old footage.
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good band, isn't it? i like the outdoor setting. and what do you think? it seems trump is healthy. he does admit he is a little overweight. >> look, some of the greatest presidents came in the greatest health. fdr died after being president and gerald ford had pro found learning disabilities. >> he is the oldest president, matt walton and that's something i forget. people are older now and are healthier because they have better health care. >> guys like the fat, lazy stand ins. >> no, no, trump -- 70 is the new 60, as they say. i don't think his age is a concern. he seems very vivacious and
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the four hours of sleep he gets at night can't possibly be hurting him. >> some people just don't sleep. apparently trump sleeps about four hours a night. >> as well as maggie thatcher and winston churchill, i believe. >> it is the type-a personality. they can get by without much sleep. >> i think liberals need to be afraid. if donald trump goes and he could, let's face it, you look at mike pence who is even scarier for liberals and then it gets progressively worse for them. donald trump who -- i actually voted democrat for a few and they want to keep him in power. >> whether from the right or the left, people admit that mike pence is even more conservative than trump, right? >> he is worse in every way than trump. >> i didn't say worse. i said he is more conservative. >> that's what i said. trump is popular and trump can
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speak to people. mike pence is an awful nobody has been and would have been put out to pasture. >> liberals, they should want trump to stick around. >> who ever is in the office they will regard as a nazi so they won't be happy. and republicans won't be happy either. >> what do you think of the doctor here? i don't think people understand. >> doctors arey eccentric people. you don't want the person in charge of your health to be looking like he is in a jam band right after he gives you an examination where he is vague the whole time. this looks good, knock on wood. itit is not bad if you die. i am an optimist. >> he is honest like trump and says what he is thinking. do you think that attracts
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trump to him as a doctor? >> i don't know what attracts trump to him. even if they are similar in person national, you still don't want to die. you are the president and you are 70. you have to start taking care of yourself a little bit. >> i think he was saying americans as a country, we don't -- we don't have to worry. we have a solid democracy and a line of succession. >> if he passes away and then you get to paul ryan and nobody is happy with paul ryan. >> is paul ryan next some speaker of the house is after -- well i think people like him. he is popular. trump has said he is warming up to him. he is growing on him. moving on, he lives in a high-tech home and it is true. facebook founder mark zuckerburg introduced an artificial intelligence system he created in his spare time which he has so much of.
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>> good morning, jarvis. >> good morning, mark. it is saturday. you only have five meetings. the room temperature is set to a cool 68 degrees. >> earlier this year i talked to jarvis and it it uses artificial intelligence and to figure out what to do. >> max woke up a few minutes ago and i am entertaining her. >> let's practice sound management. >> jarvis, your mandarin is soothing. jarvis helps me get dressed in the morning. jarvis, fresh shirt. >> fire in the hole. >> hell ya. >> jarvis knows how to make breakfast. >> can you set up the con freps line? >> remember the check on the ai guidance system. >> nothing like starting the day with dry toast and mob to
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wash it down. you may wonder who does the voice of jarvis. that's a secret. nobody knows. >> jarvis can play all of our favorite music. >> play us some good nickleback songs. >> i'm sorry, mark. i can't do that. there are no good nickleback songs. that was actually a test. >> that was totally uncalled for. this has been pretty fun. >> so this has been pretty fun. leave them in the comments and i will try to build some of them. >> here is a suggestion, no more nickleback bashing, mark. >> he really came down on nickleback. in case we didn't get the joke they repeated it three times. >> what i don't get is if you are building an african-american slave >> if you are building a slave why would you give it an
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african-american name? >> what is his name? >> it is morgan freeman. >> you want like a sophia lauren. >> if you have a woman as your assistant they think that is sexist. >> you feel guilty when it is somebody of african decent. >> he does have a great voice, right? >> and it is very hard in the voiceover market if morgan freeman and people like that are taking gigs like that. >> digital assistants. >> the one good thing about jarvis and i can't for the life of me figure out where he got that name. the one thing about jarvis is he is the most lively member of that household. >> exactly. mark zuckerburg doesn't have a heck of a lot of personality. who is the guy, jesse eisenberg who did him in the movie? i thought he gave him more
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personality in the movie. zuckerburg, should he have hired an actress to do the commercial for him if. >> yes. yes. i can take solace in this because he is a billionaire who is younger than me, but he is the worst tv host i have seen in my life. if he was on tonight he would be killing the segment. >> he is not a tv host. he is on the internet. what people love about the internet is mediocrity. he just wants people to tell him what else the robot can do for them. >> it does make it seem real. he is not a great performer. it is real. the thing is real and the dry toast is upsetting me. who does that? unless you are sick or hung over why would you have dry toast ever? >> it doesn't even seem like he has a good life. >> it it is not that nice of a house. >> it is not. >> it is nice enough. >> but it is not a billionaire. >> it is not golden. >> if i was mark zuckerburg i
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would ask jarvis, why did my wife marry me? >> it is not because of your personality. you are boring. i use motorized curtains because that is ridiculous. >> look, did you see the whole video? he has other voices in there and there was even a schwarzenegger who was like don't go out there. it is dangerous. stop! it is getting away. >> arnold schwarzenegger couldn't stop a baby? i don't think so. there is a scary part where it says it can let people into your house when you are not there and it lets his parents in. who wants their parents at their house when they are not there? >> i don't know if that was his real parents, but they seemed to be getting along quite well. do you think you would use one of these, matt? it seems strange to have your house so wired. even though jarvis isn't real it seems like there is a robot watching all the time.
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>> if you get in that head space i suppose. this does president seem like it does anything more than my iphone already does. >> you have siri. >> yes you have siri and you have eko. turn on the lights and turn off the lights. >> is it an inconvenience? would you like to turn the lights off yourself? >> i like a remote control. i am not gonna lie. there are times i don't want to get off the couch to turn off the lights because i can't afford my heat bill. >> imogen, you have a nice, comforting voice. >> it is accent. >> you siri does president -- does president -- does not understand me. i have to use british siri. the rock and roll hall of fame has announced next year's
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inductees. nickleback is not among them. the class including pearl jam, journey, 2pac, joan biez and english rock band yes and elo orchestra. i am a huge fan of pearl jam and i love their unflukinged -- unplugged album. >> i remember it differently. 20 years and it still holds up. matt, any problem with this list? they are all superstars. >> i have a problem with these lists in general. famous people awarding themselves for being famous. the thing about the cleveland
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rock and roll hall of fame is it is that's the only thing to do in the city. >> i think you will get some angry mess sphredges cleveland. messages from cleveland. >> perhaps. >> did you ever see the beginning of "the drew carey show" there are eight things to do. >> and thisy have a sports -- and they have a sports team. >> what congresses tuesday rock and -- what constitutes rock and roll. 2pac is not rock and roll, but he is, i guess -- >> obviously that has become the genre that has taken over rock and roll. >> it took six hip hop artists to get it. >> should we do away with the hall of fame? >> not at all, but it has become the biggest hard rock cafe in the world. i don't think there is anybody that will not get in eventually. >> we will all get in? what do you think of the two
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british bands? yes and elo? >> fine. the thing is this is great. it is a safe conversation topic for when you go home for christmas. you don't have to discuss politics. i think janet jackson has been numbered again. it has been snubbed again. >> i think janet jackson is still young, right? she is still cutting albums. >> this has been bernie loses and hillary loses and now joan biez is put in. >> there is a a lot of terrible, influential people. >> what about the rest of them? >> 2pac has nothing to do with rock and roll. he does not belong in the rock
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and roll hall of fame. >> country songs are more like rock and roll. john denver should be in. >> what is left of him. >> i think john denver is great, rocky mountain high. >> the hits keep coming. john denver, "take me home country roads." >> so he is not eligible, john denver? >> i don't know what the criteria is. >> you know who is rock and roll if donny osmond. he salts rock -- he is a little rock and roll and she is a little country. >> you have to put mozart in and joe mackey because it is a free for all. let's tear the whole thing down and put up a denny's. these are music artists. there is no reason to have any kind of building and ceremony. they had a ceremony for the rock and roll hall of fame in brooklyn. >> you can't do everything in cleveland. you need people to show up,
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right, matt? >> if any of these rock stars have an infamous past or a scandalous past would disqualify them? >> no. >> a lot of them have used drugs. >> coming up, is $8 too much for a chopped cheese sandwich? ask me when i'm hungry.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. we are learning more about the man accused of driving a truck through a crowded berlin christmas market killing 12 people. investigators say 24-year-old amary has convictions in
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tunisia. he was deemed a possible jihad threat. despite being under surveillance he managed to escape deportation. an international manhunt continues this morning. a $105,000 reward has been posted for information leading to his capture. the berlin masacre has been prompted police in the u.s. to increase security at open air christmas markets. they say it is too early to say what sparked a deadly explosion at a fireworks market. vendors may have been ignoring safety rules at the venue located north of mexico city. there were three previous explosions since 2005. tuesday's blast killed 32 people and many more are hospitalized and some are fighting for their lives. anxious families are searching hospitals for missing loved ones this morning. reports from eastern aleppo report the evacuation of civilians and rebel fighters are in the final
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sage. it will soon be under full control of the syrian government. the u.n general assembly wants to investigate and prosecute possible war crimes against humanity. serial yaw and itsal -- syria and its ally object. and there is a plan to put self-driving cars on california roads. after they launched the service in san francisco the dmv demanded uber stop until it got a special permit for the car. no word if they plan to apply for the permit. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye." the high end grocery store whole foods known for items like $6 uh spare gus water and pre-peeled oranges is now under fire in new york for selling an $8 chopped cheese sandwich. you probably don't know what a chopped cheese sandwich is because you don't live in the hood like i do.
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i will let my homie explain. >> the easiest description is steak and cheese. instead of it being steak it is hamburger meat and you chop it up and throw whatever kind of cheese you want and toppings you want. the best description is a wonderful magical sandwich that has tested times in this mythical and it is one of the best sandwiches created in new york. >> the $8 whole food version is being criticized for gentrification. and it is being criticized for cultural appropriation. can you take the sandwich out of the hood? let's see what speedy mormon and the guys in queens think. >> it is like a rueben [bleep] bread and feta cheese and humus and quinoa.
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>> so whole foods is appropriating. they are taking something and repackaging it for rich people. that's okay. jeffrey says it best. >> i feel like the chopped cheese one day will be served on a panini, like peta bread and toasted down for $13 and served at five star restaurants. just don't come to our neighborhood and try to raise the prices. >> does that make sense? everybody can have a chopped cheese sandwich. but just don't go in their neighborhood and change the price, right, mackey? >> and if you don't like it, don't go to whole foods. whole foods is clean. a lot of the bodegas near me there are cats. i said why are there cats near your store? he said because the cats get the mice. i said that's still a bad answer. >> that could lead to the charm. let's look at the guys at the deli. they have an answer as to why
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the sandwiches taste better. >> if the grill is clean -- -- >> you don't want to eat there. if he made a bacon egg and cheese -- right now i taste eggs and grits. >> matt, makes sense, right? >> sure. >> you need the dirty grill so you can taste anything else on there. >> there is no argument for dirty grease. i am confused by why people are are -- you know it will be more expensive. everything is more expensive. if you want to save money go to the bodega next door and get it there. at the were also complaining about the $14.92. >> that's right. >> our entire history is built on criminal behavior. at what poimt is it okay to actually salute or take pride in some of our national symbolism. this is one more problem, one more -- the moral police are
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out there saying you can't celebrate 1492 because it lead to the slaughter of native americans. so does everything we have done in this country and we still salute the flag. >> we still salute the nag. it is columbus circle and columbus, imperialism, et cetera. is there anything wrong with whole foods selling a sandwich inspired by guys in the hood. >> i have lived in brooklyn my will whole life and i never heard of the sand witch. sandwich. which -- this is the same as a cheese steak is no such thing. >> they dispute that. do you hang out on the hood of your car eating like these guys? >> sure. the poimt is, i am familiar with brooklyn culture. i went to elementary school in flat bush. this is monk sense cal and i -- nonsense cal and i don't
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know where they get the idea. >> do you think it should stay there, or do you think it is okay if whole foods has theirs? >> this is what happens. you have a $4 sandwich and you can pay $400 in whole foods. that's what you do. embrace it and be happy. >> isn't all cultural appropriation? >> we can eat chai -- chai neats food. >> chop suey which is all over the place back in the day with its american invention. it is just like pizza. american pizza is dissimilar. >> curry is the most popular dish in the uk. >> and you love your indian restaurants. >> and there is evidence it was in india. >> and you make it on your operation infinite own.
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>> that's what i was saying, it is good. >> that's the message. take the sandwich. steal it. wrap it in a special bread and sell it for twice the price. that's the american way. coming up, a new episode on the "red eye" pod cast. subscribe on
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welcome back. time to find out what we got
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wrong and what we missed from "red eye" news desk. >> are you trying to hypnotize me with your cup? fdr died soon after being president. >> yes. >> he was president for 12 years. >> soon after his re-election. >> it was his fourth election. >> yes, thank you. >> imogen, you said churchill only slept four hours a night. cocaine will do that to you. >> and champagne, yeah. >> and also i agree with you that the left would like mike pence a lot less than they like trump. they want trump alive. joe, you said you don't know what attracts trump to bornstein as a doctor. he was a great med student and stat news says he is a caring and dedicated doctor and there is no barrier where the patient ends and our personal lives begins.
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he makes house calls. >> i would like more boundaries with that guy. >> he makes reverse house calls. >> he does reverse house calls too. i am not sure why that is better than going to his office though. i guess it is good for his neighbors. mark zuckerburg's home ai. you pointed out the historical con ma stations of zuckerburg using an african-american voice for this. i guess morgan freeman tran sends race? >> sure, why not, and time. >> as tom mentioned we thought the same thing. that seems a little weird. matt, you .ed out that zuckerburg took the name jarvis from the butler. i don't understand. he should have got paul betney who was in the movie to do the voice. >> maybe paul was more expensive. >> more expensive than morgan
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freeman? >> i just came back from there. not fun. >> imogen, you said of zuckerburg eating dry toast, who does that? don't you put beans on toast? >> we put stuff so it is no longer dry. >> beans on toast? >> yes. very nice. comfort food. >> this wasn't in the video, but this was in the fast company article about jarvis. zuckerburg said to jarvis play something like the red-hot chili peppers and it plays nirvana. it says that is a reasonably close analogy, would you say? >> i would not say. they are not similar. >> from the same time i guess. >> the peppers are still going. >> you said this is nothing like siri or amazon deco. that is true. he pushed it toward customization, but he can do
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that because he built it for himself. >> which i want. >> who doesn't want a t-shirt. >> here is a t-shirt. you can have it. you wouldn't take it. >> it killed marge flanders. >> it is shoft t-shirts -- soft t-shirts. >> the rock hall of fame. tom, 2-pack, really? 2-pac. >> it is not two-pac. >> it is 2-pac. it is not 2-pack. >> oh you learned that in your hip hop class? >> no, by the way the guy pronounces his own name. >> 2-pack.
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>> a lot of people think pac, as i call him, does not belong in the rock hall of fame. rock and roll is not an instrument. rock and roll is not a style of music. it is a spirit and it has been going since the blues, rock, jazz, soul, punk rock and hip hop. what connects us is the spirit. it is not about being like what came before you and more like creating your own path. >> i don't agree with the nonconformist part. >> it was in reaction to 1987 when paula abdul hit number one. this was no alternative millional alternative rock. >> you don't like any grudge? >> no. >> you are missing out. >> nickleback. >> matt, you said there is nothing else to do besides the rock hall of fame.
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you said don't they have a sports team? >> you said yeah, a good one. >> well the cavs won the championship and the indians went to the world series. >> i said a good one. >> every time we do a story i list the performers who should be in the hall. journey and yes were on my list in the last couple years. it is working out. and getting in before king crimson is absurd. we can all agree on that. an $8 sandwich and the chopped cheese. matt, you said you don't know why people are up in arms about the price tag. i don't see a problem here. if you want to spend $8 for a sandwich at whole foods, go for it. if you would rather go somewhere else -- >> i thought it was a cut cheese. i never heard of it either. lived in new york my whole life and never heard of it. it looks like a hearty
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sandwich and i pay freaking 8 bucks for a sandwich at the paw bodega anyway. >> we get walton size. >> i don't know if you can handle that. >> you said you live in new york and you never had a cheese sandwich. >> they are in brooklyn and queens. >> >> you think brooklyn is real new york? >> it is the real new york. >> that's so sad. >> you are lucky you are not in this room. >> i can't even go to brooklyn because i don't have a passport. >> we don't president what you this anyway -- we don't want you there anyway. >> you brought up a cat in the bodega and you thought it was a negative thing. they had a big piece on chopped cheese and they quoted someone saying a good chopped cheese has to come from a bodega with a bulletproof glass and a guy behind the
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counter named mohamed. jie i don't like cats in -- i don't like cats in any situation. >> it is considered a plus. it is a pea tire and not a -- it is a feature and not a book. >> you are done? >> yes. >> thank you, andy. >> coming up, why does peta want to give justin bieber a brain scan? first, kennedy. >> hello, "red eye" flat foots. on the next "kennedy" we will look at the last ditch hail mary against trump.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. president-elect donald trump's transition team is calling it, quote, a big win for taxpayers. the president-elect said boeing has committed to building a new air force 1 for less than the original quoted price of $4 billion. mr. trump met with boeing's ceo at his florida home earlier this month. mr. trump made headlines blasting the company for alleged cost over runs with the new fleet of planes and called for the orders to be canceled. arkansas police are now
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offering a $40,000 reward in the hunt for the killer of a 3-year-old boy. the boy was shot and killed during a road rage incident while christmas shopping with his grandmother. police say the shooter was angry at the grandmother for taking too long at a stop sign. the north carolina state senate repealing the so-called bathroom bill. it requires transgender people to use restrooms matching the gender on their birth certificate. critics say it uh tooks the lgbt community and lead to a number of boycotts across the state. it was passed earlier this year after they approved an anti-discrimination ordinance when the city council repealed. >> there is a record 20,000 high on the dow jones. it is coming 15 points before losing a slight loss in the session it has been roughly 9% since the election.
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i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines, go to you are watching the most powerful name in news. that's fox newschannel. have a great morning. map glf peta is angry with america's sweetheart, justin bieber, for wearing an extaff with his big. coat and his big candycane walking out of an l.a. holiday party. tmz was nearby and asked if the coat was real. bieber said no. >> hey, is the jacket real, bro? is the jacket real? >> hell yeah that [bleep] is real! >> oh, i was wrong. peta said in a statement
12:46 am
sometimes i think justin bieber needs a brain scan. i suspect his neurons are underdeveloped or undeveloped. that's wordy. dave, he tweeted, wanna feel old? here is what the ikea monkey looks like now. >> you think that's a big burn? do you remember the ikea monkey? i didn't understand the reference. you don't know the ikea monkey? if we have a picture of the ikea monkey -- there he is. he does look like him. >> i had that coat as a kid. that's what russian kids wear. >> is bieber coming out of barney's beanerie? have you been to barney's beanerie? >> i don't know if it is real or mott. maybe he was saying it was to get people mad. he likes to get publicity.
12:47 am
>> i have seen fur making a come back in the fashion world. i don't know cash dash -- the article said there are baby tigers tigers and wolves and i don't know what animal is that he has on aside with the fact that he is wearing dead animals hunted for their skin it is in bad taste because look how stupid he looks in it. >> that's the issue. >> the problem is his brain is underdeveloped. he is only 20 -- how old? 20 something years old. yes, in fact his brain is underdeveloped. >> how long has he been around? >> and the amount of drugs in that time too. is he gonna go into the rock and roll hall of fame? >> i don't think he will be in the rock and roll hall of fame. >> it is rock and roll by ice cube's definition. >> first of all does he look good in the coat? >> clearly not. 1k3 peta had a point that he does need to get his head examined.
12:48 am
>> how do you feel about fur in general? >> i have learned on american tv that peta is really, really scary. fur is bad, obviously. >> you are afraid to criticize him because you say peta will come after you. >> it is worse when i said something on fox when i said something nice about president obama. >> because the peta people are crazy. >> i will take that baton. i had a wallet and it broke and i went on facebook and said, hey, what leather should i get for my next wallet, eel, stingray, water buffalo? somebody said why don't you get baby seal while you are at it. i found a place that sold baby seal and i bought it. it is an ethical to kill a seal as it is to kill a cow. they are not endangered.
12:49 am
>> at the are not endangered. there are plenty of seals. >> and it keeps my money warm. >> do you have a whiting fluffy wallet? >> no, it is gray. you say guess what animal this is. they say pony and i say, no, seal. you get funny looks. >> they don't give up their skin willingly. mackey, is fur ethical some. >> you know, i don't have a strong opinion on it -- what i do have an opinion on is i think the people -- first off justin bieber needs to get a cane wrangler. you don't want to leave a party and hold your own cane. i think the tmz people need their head examples. they are like bad spies. did you find out what the nuclear scientist did? no, but the actor's shirt was green.
12:50 am
who cares? >> coming up, new year's resolutions are right around the corner. stay tuned.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" korly, dave smith, guy benson, tom codder and gaf vip mcinnes -- gavin mcinnes. look, i was thinking about new year's resolutions. i realize that i spend way too much on coffee. i spend a lot. i realize if i give up single origin beans and put the money in a savings bond i can send my youngest daughter to college. then i realize i love coffee and colleges are left whipping cults so i am not stopping. i invite you to join me. bad habits are mott that bad. are not that bad. self-improvement is over rated. you hospital say i am going to
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the gym and never go. you should say i am lazy and i will watch every episode of "everybody loves raymond." this year i will not give up coffee and scotch. use the # sorry not stopping. i may read yours on the air. no sopaing. >> i love everything you said. what i won't give up is eviscerating people on twitter. i get a lot of heat on it and it is fun sending people to therapists. >> why do they have to go to therapists? they know you are trying to push their buttons. >> i am not! they think they are smart and i am stupid. this is not an 80s movie where i stand up and cry, but it is where i eat your children. >> trump has people around him saying we have to take his twitter away. is there anybody that tries to make you stop? >> the guy on my right
12:56 am
committed suicide and the guy on the left is the only one now. >> any anti-resolutions. >> i will not give up something that is a horrible idea every time i do it and that's coming on your show. that's until dr. bornstein and the interns get into the rock and roll hall of fame. you have advisors telling you mott to come on? >> every time. >> i love it. i love tom shaw lie. >> imogen, what do you think? >> i am not giving up wine. >> every night you have your wine. >> i love my wine. my wine is an important part of my life. >> sorry not stopping. what do you think? >> soda. everybody says you have to stop drinking soda. my philosophy is live fast, dye hard and leave a good looking corpse. >> the soda will make it happen, right?
12:57 am
>> oh yeah. >> sorry not stopping. let's see it on twitter and all of your social media. imogen, lloyd webber, michael malice and joe mackey. that does it for me, tom shillue. good night.
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the plain truth, president-elect trump meets with aircraft manufacturers he says are charging the government way too much. this is "special report." welcome to washington. leave it to a man with his own 757 airplane to try to cut a deal on a new version of air force one. donald trump met today with the makers of the presidential plane and the military's newest warplane to see if he could cut costs that he said are out of control. peter doocy has the latest tonight from florida. >> reporter: good evening. the current president once


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