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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 22, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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with the latest. >> we have learned through experience is a potential target for would be terrorists. there are a lot more of those than normal. police departments are stepping up their presents like shopping malls and christmas markets and new year's celebrations anywhere lots of folks will be gathering for the holidays. in chicago police parked their cars in the corners of daily plaza to block anybody from entering the christmas market there. they have been ramped up around christmas markets in new york city. they have been posted with counter-terrorism units to control and stand there as guard. in new york city the comblier said yesterday the heightened security measures will remain through the city's massive new year's celebration. no specific threat, but there will be a lot of reinforcement of the christmas markets. a lot of vigilance.
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definitely another opportunity if you see something, say something. donald trump weighed in on the berlin truck attack saying he has no plans on backing away from his proposal to block immigrants from countries with links to terrorism. >> 1 pun percent keshth what's happening is (inaudible) >> it's an attack on humanity. >> in one of the specifics we have heard from mr. trump on how he plans to stop the attack it is extreme vetting. we have more information to europe where an international manhunt is intensifying for the cold blooded christmas market killer. police along the german border searching cars for any clues for
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the 64-year-old tun naeshian man driving a truck through crowds in berlin left 12 people dead. the suspect is known to have contacts with germany's chief isis recruiter. he was also on a terror watch list and had been under government surveillance for months. officials suspected he may have been plotting an attack but he suddenly went under ground weeks before the massacre. police only able to identify him through the wallet and papers left behind. he is believed to be armed and dangerous and could strike again at any moment. the brutal assassination of russia's ambassador to turkey will inspire similar attacks. the terrorist sharing a list of russian embassy locations on social media this as we are learning the rogue police officer was actually a god de guard to turkey's president. the turkish government claims to
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have lengthy sa -- linked the assassination to a turkish cleric. the same person accused of a failed coup this summer. they called the claim quote ludicrous. your safety measures the focus of an investigation of the fireworks explosion in mexico city. >> investigators say vendors were displaying fireworks outside of the individual concrete stalls which were designed to prevent this type of tragedy. 33 people are dead, 12 reman missing. >> new overnight fire and police departments exposed to the fatal toxin ricin. they trained at an alabama
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facility where ricin was used since 2011. no illnesses have been reported but the training facility has been shut down. >> shocking body cam video which shows the tragic final moments of two police officers in georgia murdered in the line of duty. we want to warn you as we show you this, this video is disturbing. >> come here. >> he's going out the back door. >> wow. now the video shows the officers, nicholas far and jodi de smith responding to a domestic disturbance call. they walked through the front door to the back of the house through an alley way. the suspect then opens fire. the shooter lart taking hoinz life. >> prosecutors now saying
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there's a secret witness in the robert durst murder trial. they want that person's identity kept under wraps over concerns that person may be in jeopardy. durst was wheeled nude a courtroom yesterday where the lawyers insisted the 74-year-old poses no threat to any one. the hbo series claimed to have him on tape confessing to the murders of his wife, neighbor and close friends. >> this mystery of a military plane in the news that actually spooked many of us new yorkers low altitude fly by. we were wondering what it was. they were running an evacuation plan for the president elect donald trump sources telling the web site a massive plane and two helicopters conducting a relocation drill in case they needed to move mr. trump during an emergency. they were snapping videos some
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showing pictures of the aircraft circling mid town manhattan. bad weather around the holiday rush causing a travel nightmare. hundreds of passengers were trapped on the runway and trapped for hours. spokesperson for the airport says it is a domino effect of delays with more roots for the holiday weekend. they have rain and construction all kinds of things going on. major traffic tie-ups outside of the terminal. obviously a nightmare for a lot of people. lax says september 21st one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> speaking of travel, snow, ice, severe storms, not what any one wants to hear when they are hitting the road ways or the skies. >> no. it is that time of year. janice dean is on top of it all. she is here with us. >> connell, heather, i saw the lower third where it said pack your patience. i hate that expression. but there is a method fto that.
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it will be a little trying across the airports for the next couple of days. the good news is we are warming up relatively speaking. that is balmy compared to what we were seeing a couple of days ago. 36 in chicago, 32 kansas city, 7 in mosul law. 50 here on monday. the radar is quite right now. as we get into the next couple of days that's what things are going to ramp up. we have a weak system here across the great lakes. could bring a few snow flurries across the portions of the interior northeast and new england. this system across the southwest is going to move into the midwest and the great lakes on friday, but the wig weathbig we maker is coming on friday and saturday. christmas eve into christmas day. we are getting a lot of showers
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and thunderstorms. bad news because is its the busiest travel day of the year for them. that is our next weather maker. as we get into christmas eve and day we have a huge mess across the country, snow, ice, possibly tornadoes as well. i am going to show you the system as we go into the weekend. >> pack your patience. >> i think you will only see this in the state of florida. 125 pound motorcycle riding alligator naturally named rambo gets to stay at home with his owner. >> the women has been fighting to keep rambo as a pet. now she can give him all of the smooches he wants.
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>> he gets to stay with me. that's the biggest thing. see how he is sitting on my lap like a little baby. >> just like a little baby. >> they have a deal that they struck i guess where rambo is no longer allowed off the woman's property i am sure that is fine with the rest of us. >> he can no longer ride on the motorcycle i guess. >> it isn't only a florida story alligator on a motorcycle. >> that's only a florida story. >> i said it is only a florida story. >> i thought you knew of another one. >> we are new working together, you know. >> clothing controversy. wal-mart under fire for this t-shirt. why police are outraged. >> uber self-driving cars, you won't be seeing them on the road and why. >> who knew. this is great. the video going viral this
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no big deal. but my hygienist said, it is a big deal. go pro with crest pro health gum protection. it helps prevent gum bleeding by targeting harmful bacteria on your gums. left untreated, these symptoms could lead to more serious problems including tooth loss. gum crisis averted. >> i believe there will be reindeer flying over new york city in just a couple days, kids. stay tuned for that. in the meantime, removing the controversial black lives matter group on the online store only after complaints from police. it has the design bulletproof,
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black lives matter across the country. it led to outrage. the fraternal order of police sending the retailer a letter yesterday condemning it. they removed con federal flag purchase and removed black lives matter for being too offensive. it is obviously why police officers are offended by this shirt. harvard professor conducted the study determined to his surprise he admitted that statistics show that it is not in any way an increase of blacks by police officers and reports the study that shows whites are more likely to be shot than blacks in shoot don't shoot scenarios. the narrative black lives matter
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putting on the shirt bulletproof is saying cops are all shooting us. that's why cops are offended by the t-shirt. matt mccrory is still the governor is blaming left wing groups for pailing to repeal the controversial bathroom bill. it was passed earlier this year that forced them to use the bathroom on their birth certificate. it caused the states ten's of billions of dollars sparking outrage from businesses and celebrities. ambassador of the united states urging millions of immigrants to apply to citizenship here before president elect trump takes
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awes. >> new fitness standards allowing women to do pushups instead of the flexed armed hangs or pullups. >> the changes that go into effect the beginning of the new year, the intention is to make the force more resilient because they did studying shows there were better ways to assess upper body strength than the way they were doing it. >> regardless of gender all will have the option to choose between pullups and pushups. those who choose pushups can only score a maximum of of 100. >> if you are a man between the age of 21 and 35 you have to do 23 pullups for full credit. women the same age have to knockout 9 or 10. i say up front i know heather can do more of these up front. that's the elephant in the room.
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we want to know what you think about this. should female marines get special treatment or be held to the same standard as men. >> send your comments at twitter or facebook or we will share them later in the show. >> so much for flying the coup. a record number millenials are still calling mom and dad's house as home. it is the highest point in 75 years. that's since the great depression. experts say this are several factors for the increase including millennials are putting off getting married. >> we also have the most annoying word in america for you. the word -- the most annoying word is whatever. >> hello. it was his 50th birthday.
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whatever. >> a poll shows "whatever" irritates 38 million americans. the second most annoying is more of a term. it is no offense, second most annoying. and third place, you know, right? it is tied with i can't even. those are the most annoying. whatever was last year's most annoying word. whatever. >> people are still using it. >> whatever. i guess. >> you can use it in any situation. >> it is kind of annoying. also another one is to be honest with you. like what else would you want? >> remember when president obama said this? >> if i watch fox news i wouldn't vote for me either. you got this screen, this fun house mirror through which people are receiving information. >> we also vilified him through
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>> terrifying moments as a fed-ex driver clings to a van. an armed suspect climbing inside while the worker is making a delivery. the driver refuses to give up. there's a van full of christmas presents. look at this. he is finally forced to give up. there was a second suspect that
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pulls up. this is the second suspect i believe in the white car that comes up. you can see here and points a gun at the driver. the thieves stole everything inside. they abandoned the vehicle miles away. they are still on the run. >> uber hitting the brakes on the self-driving cars. the california department of motor vehicles have revoked registration on the 16 test cars. the program lasting only a week in san francisco. they accused uber of not complying with state laws on driverless vehicles. it was not obligated to have permits because the cars require continuous monitoring by a person. heather? >> you think? the video game series came out barometer 10 years ago now assassins made the big screen debut. let's step into the fox light. >> i sat down with the cast and
2:24 am
they told me what it was like turning a video game into a movie. >> whenever you hear movies based on a toy or video game -- >> you go, oh, please. >> right? >> he never made this kind of movie it was a new take. he's a pretty serious filmmaker. >> i thought it was such a perfect mix of entertainment and profound questions about the world we live in. >> send us over to partake. i don't know how you do it. we did par core. how much did you do and what was it like? >> it was important for us both marion and povik and myself that we did the action sequences
2:25 am
ourselves. definitely 95 percent ourselves. >> leap of faith, what was it like shooting that? >> damion walters 120-foot without any wire and free falls. you don't have to do that from that height we can add things later. he said no i am going to break my record on this movie. i am going to do it. that was the spirit of the shoot. >> >> you get a little nervous. >> did you do a leap of faith? >> of course i did. only for you. >> that was amazing some of the stunts you were doing. >> who knew. all in a day's work. >> take a look at my celebrity interviews or follow me on
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twitter and instagram. >> you never knew, did you. >> of course i knew. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. the time is almost half past the top of the hour. hack attack. a new warning days before christmas for those shopping for deals on discount sites. i need to hear this one. plus the amazing moments a new dad finds out if he is having a boy or a girl. his reaction is priceless. i accept i'm not the hiker i was. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both.
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>> this is a fox news alert. a target for terrorists new york stays time's square. the steps goibeing paining en rt now to keep america safe. >> europe's most wanted the prime suspect in the berlin christmas market massacre.
2:30 am
no stranger to authorities. how long they were on their way dar and the failed attempt to report him. >> there's another reason to belly up to the bar. great news about wine and how you can now avoid a hangover. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> that's one way to do it. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first." i am heather childers. >> i am connell mcshane. >> hue alert forter rist attacks following the christmas market massacre in berlin. >> new york city's times square has been called a major target for new year's eve. >> after the recent terror attacks we have seen in san
2:31 am
bernardino, orlando and in france one of the biggest concerns for law enforcement officials are lone wolf attacks. the nypd and home land department of security met saying while there are no specific credible threats they are concerned times square and the one million people expected to celebrate the new year could be targets for terrorism. bill de glass yo said the heightened second will remain in place through new years. time >> no specific threat. wi there will be a lot of reinforcement of the christmas markets and vigilance. definitely another opportunity if you see something, say sag. >> donald trump weighed in on the berlin attack as well.
2:32 am
he is vindicated to stop immigration for countries linked to terrorism. >> what is happening is disgraceful. >> it is an attack on humanity. >> he has no plans to back down on extreme vetting of immigrants as a whole. >> thank you, garrett. to europe now. an international manhunt is intensifying this morning for the cold blooded christmas market killer. the terror suspect has been under government surveillance for months. and de kellogg is overseas this morning in milan with the breaking details. >> connolly anis has been under government surveillance from may
2:33 am
until september. i was getting guns for an attack to carry out an attack in germany. the investigators decided they didn't have enough evidence. at that point he slipped through the cracks. they sort of downgraded him to a petty drug dealer. before that there were man nae other incidents. he has quite a criminal history. the question really is how he was allowed to move around so freely. how did he manage to slip surveillance. part of the reason is that the man who is most widely known as 24-year-old anise amari had told authorities over the years he had different nationalities. they couldn't deport him they didn't have travel documents for him. tunisia didn't know if it was
2:34 am
one of their own. police are offering a 100,000 euro reward. that's north of $100,000. they are searching many german cities. anis amri was born in what is now called by many people an isis strong hold of tunisia according to his father who whe in trouble and into drugs through out his youth. he was sentenced for violent crimes in tunisia. he fled the law not oppression and slipped into a boat with syrian refugees. he arrived in italy here in 2012 did four years of jail time for burning down a school in italy and upon release moved into an open border europe to germany where he was also arrested several times for various offenses was on a terror watch list at a certain point and reportedly on a u.s. no fly list. he was known as the faceless preacher because he always had
2:35 am
his back to cameras. back to the scene of the tragedy that occurred monday night. not all of the victims had been have had fied as of yet. that has been a particularly pain staking and painful process for loved ones. but we do understand that that christmas market in central berlin is starting to spring back to life today. apparently there is a smell of sausage and malt wine in the air, although clearly at the christmas market and some of the thousands of other christmas markets across germany theremgr added anxiety especially as this maunt continues and so many questions are being asked about how anis amri is a free man. >> especially after he was on the list. >> of course amy kellogg with the breaking news overseas. thank you, amy. back to the united states. donald trump announcing several more appointments to his administration. karl icon shochosen as advisor
2:36 am
overhauling several regulations. economist peter navarro on national trade council. search for the new boss getting smaller. cleveland clinic coulds grove will be a favorite after visiting trump tower. >> vice president joe biden is heading back to college. the soon to be jobless vp will be moving his office to the university of pennsylvania after the inauguration in january. no word yet on what exactly he will be doing there, but in the past he had said he wants to continue to search for a cure for cancer. his son beau passed away last year after battling brain cancer. >> the concerns of queen elizabeth's health. she delayed her christmas break because she is sick with a cold. she spent the holiday with the royal family and always leaves for the real estate on the 21st of december. this comes a day after she
2:37 am
stepped down out to pay for the 25 charities. hope the queen is all right. >> snow, ice, severe storm not exactly what any one wants to hear when they are about to travel. >> or any time of year but especially this time of year. janice dean our senior meteorologist in the weather center this morning with the news you need. good morning, janice. >> we have a few things we were watching connolly and heather. a weak system across the northeast and this thing across the southwest bringing beneficial moisture to southern california and beneficial snow to the skiers. this will move into the great lakes and midwest on friday. this big mess is beigoing to ca problems on christmas eve and christmas day. if you are traveling, just be alert, be in tune with your local forecast and your airlines. if you are heading out on the roads make sure you are set and you know what to do. there is the christmas eve storm across the rockies. a weak system across the east coast.
2:38 am
not too concerned here. santa can get through that. it is christmas day where you will have big issues across the central u.s. accumulating ice, heavy rain, possibility of storms including tornadoes, snow on the backside of this. looks good across the east coast, that will come in on monday. travel troubles on friday across the west. big deal here and that's going to move out across the central u.s. and santa is going to have to pay close attention to the local forecasters. i will make sure i am on santa alert. he can text me. he can call me. i will be there. i will make sure he gets through it. >> santa texts you? that's cool. >> i got friends in high places. >> you got to clear it out for rudolph. >> i know you like the panda video. there is a giant panda. he was caught on camera enjoying an early christmas present. the early christmas present a giant snowman. >> took off his head. >> this adorable and very
2:39 am
curious panda. this is at the toronto zoo. you can see him scratching at the snowman furiously climbing on top. you saw him stand on the head now he is turning circles on top of the snowman's body. he is so cute. he keeps falling off. keeps getting back up. >> gets up gevenl that's the whole point. the panda, he doesn't give up. >> it has been viewed like thousands and thousands of times. that's what we do. we watch pandas. >> love it. the time is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. a big win for your tax payer dollars. what the ceo of boeing just announced and what president elect trump had to do with it. >> plus remember when president obama said this. >> if i watch fox news i wouldn't vote for me either. you have got this screen, this fun house mirror through which people are receiving information. >> well, apparently we also vilified him through out his presidency as well. >> pulled over.
2:40 am
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♪livin in this crazy world
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♪so caught up in the confusion♪ ♪nothin' is makin' sense ♪for me and you ♪we've got to give a little love♪ ♪have a little hope ♪make this world a little better♪ >> the bully ceo vowi >> jackie ibanez is on the story. she joins us now. >> good morning heather and connell. the ceo of boeing trying to smooth things over with the president elect. >> the cost of the presidential plane saying this. boeing is building brand new 747 air force one for future presidents. doss are out of control. $4 billion cancel order! he met with the president elect at his mar-a-lago resort in palm
2:44 am
beach, florida promising to lower the price. >> keep costs down. the f35 we are trying to get the cost down. we had the chairman of boeing, the ceo and we are looking to cut a tremendous amount of money off the price. >> he met with lockheed martin after criticizing the cost of $400 billi $400 billion f35 stealth fighter. it is a dance. it is a little bit of a dance. wither going to get the costs down. these are great people and good negotiators, too. >> how did boeing plan to cut the costs? no spefkt details yet. the company says it is looking into modifying some of the government's long list of specifications. heather, connell. >> getting the job done and he's not even in office yet. thank you. >> hope the costs are not under your christmas tree. carbon express recalling the black and camouflage cross bows because they could fire while the safety is on.
2:45 am
there has been one report of a cross bow accidentally firing hitting someone in the hand. the company is offering free replacements. if you do groupon check your bank account. user information has been hacked into. the thieves are raking up massive bills. hackers stealing user names and pass words to order products from the site. putting users out $1,200. groupon says you should contact customer support immediately on that. >> have you ever woken up from a night of drinking feeling like this? >> well, this filter apparently could help cure your wine hangover. >> they have done research on it.
2:46 am
the storage purposes cause headaches and allergies. this wine purifier removes the sulfites and it costs like 80 bucks i believe. the filter is $3. >> let's clerk in with steve doocy. >> that looks great. >> we call him the mayor of grinch city. >> not the mayor but the sheriff. a florida law man laying down the law after arresting a woman accused of stealing lots of toys from toys for tots. it is called the county jail.
2:47 am
>> that's the woman who stole all of the toys. that sheriff is going to join us live. it kicks off 13 minutes and 10 seconds from now. >> the guy has the actual picture of the grinch. he is serious. >> grinch city, baby. >> can't wait. thank you, steve. >> when we come back, who made the list of the least influential person of the year. >> who could it be? we will be right back with more on "fox & friends first." don't let sinus symptoms bring you down now! because you've got a lot of cheering to do! get fast sinus relief...with vicks sinex. and get your head back in the game. sinex. the congestion, pressure, pain
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to clear your head, medicine.
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fox & trends, we were talking earlier and president obama thought we made him look
2:51 am
like a villain throughout the last eight years. >> he also claims it's not the real barack obama. >> well, we'll get to that in a little bit. he's done several interviews recently, kind of summing up his last eight years in office, taking a look back at his presidency on the whole. and he recently sat down with the atlantic and blamed fox news for damaging his image during his second term saying in 2008 i was never subjected to the kind of concentrated vilification of fox news, rush limbaugh, the whole conservative-media ecosystem. after i was elected it was employed in full force and it had an impact in terms of how a large portion of white voters would see me. he goes on to say, those critics aren't responding to the real president obama as heather mentioned saying, quote, they are responding to a fictional character named barack obama who they see on fox news or who they hear about through rush limbaugh. the interview part of the atlantic series called "my
2:52 am
president was black." okay. i was saying to heather earlier, at some point in my career i hope to be on this list put together of the least influential people. >> those are high aspirations, shane. >> we take what we can get. this is real. hillary clinton made "gq's" list of the most influential people. the list being an anger fueled rundown of everyone who ruined our year saying, i have no choice. when you lose an election to donald trump, you belong on the list. some others who made the cut, anthony weiner, billy bush, ryan lochte, peyton manning, the bush family and taylor swift. unfortunately, your name was not on it. but we can shoot for the stars. >> i wonder what hillary clinton's excuse will be for that. are we responsible for her being on that list? >> mum's the word. so a state trooper overjoyed when he finds out the gender of his baby. love this. >> this is fantastic. a vermont state trooper recently
2:53 am
found out the sex of his baby and his reaction totally priceless. trooper chris brown wanted a boy the first time his wife got pregnant up with a beautiful little girl named ava. take a look at his reaction when he finds out the sex of his second child. >> i'm so nervous. ah! ah! it's a boy! >> he had to tell the neighborhood. the video has gone viral on facebook viewed thousands of times, shared over 100. his wife nicole is due in june. my sources say chris is actually a pretty big fox news fan. he might even have a little crush on megyn kelly. join the line. >> that is awesome. that is amazing. >> that's a great video, it really is. >> he's a great dad. >> absolutely. speaking of which, those of us
2:54 am
that have children always try to come up with a good christmas card. this last one you have is a great christmas card. speaking of babies, many of us are getting christmas cards in the mail this week, but this could be the cutest one yet. six babies were born to them this year between february and june. so naturally, they featured the little ones on their annual christmas card. the fire chief says he usually chooses the fire truck image for the front of the cars, but with six newborn babies, he couldn't resist. i think that's a special present in the mail. >> i love it. >> look at that little guy. thank you, carly. >> have a very happily holidays. >> merry christmas. almost six minutes before the top of the hour. you're not off the hook yet. >> what? >> we told you about this, women in the marines, push-ups instead
2:55 am
of pull-ups. should they get special treatment? and apparently a value meal is no value at all. why the fast food giant is being sued. that's's co coming up. this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car.
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you could start your search at the all-new
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that might help. show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports at the all-new fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums. time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first, the good, a wisconsin cop going the extra mile for a student he pulled over for speeding. the teen explaining that he was late for a perception. he couldn't find anyone to help
2:59 am
him with his tie. the officer not only tying it for him but letting him off with a warning. now the bad, justin bieber, he's the bad. in hot water again. ♪ >> unfortunately for the 22-year-old singer, it's too late. he was just indicted in argentina for allegedly ordering his bodyguards to beat up a photographer and steal the camera and his money. and then the ugly, the parking lot justice for someone who was so engaged by a double-parked car they boxed it in with three rows of shopping carts. >> that's awesome. time to brew on this, the marine corps is releasing new fitness standards to allow women to do pushups instead of pullups. >> women don't have to do as many as their male counterparts. >> so we asked, should women get
3:00 am
special treatment or be held to the same standards? >> brad says same rank, same pay, then you should be held to the same standards. >> diane says god made women and men with different strengths than others. >> and barbara says they should all be treated the same. >> that's it. got to go. this is thursday, december 22nd, 2016. we start with a fox news alert. the world is on edge this morning because major cities around the world and across the united states warned of possible terror attacks following that christmas market massacre in the city of berlin, germany. >> right here in new york, police officers are ramping up security as the feds named times square a major target for terror attacks ahead of new year's eve. although no substantial specific threat yet. and this morning the international manhunt for this guy right here,


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