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tv   Americas News HQ  FOXNEWSW  December 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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and buy coffee there, they're just checking your bag -- >> you can't fly over it these days, either. thank you for joining us today. >> merry christmas "america's news headquarters" starting now. >> president-elect donald trump moving full speeded in, naming his communications team just moments ago, sean spicer along with several high profile. welcome to a brand new hour inside "america's news headquarters." we're seeing a little back and forth over mr. trump's apparent softening on one of his key campaign pledges. which of mr. trump's famous campaign speech lines is supposedly now back in after it was out for about 48 hours.
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>> one of the two most famous lines up there with build a wall and drain the swamp. breaking newsç about the brand new communications team. the person at the mode yum most frequently at the brady briefing room in the west wing of the white house will be sean spicer. he is well connected in washington dc. his appointment says a lot about what may be going on behind the scenes. he also worked very closely for years with reince prebus who is the incoming white house chief of staff. so he will be the front facing part of a communications arm at a white house run by somebody who is known as one of the top campaign communicators. he will be joined -- part of the core four of the trump team that is starting in the campaign,
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working on the transition, and going to the white house. hope pick will be be there as well. and then jason miller, the communications director for the campaign dan çscavino who has helped mr. trump speak to millions of people, he will be there as well as an assistant and helping with social media, too. first the drain the comments were in, and then they were out, is it back in? out, what is it? >> it is back in.
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that's what the president-elect said. someone incorrectly stated that the phrase "drain the swamp" is no longer being used by me but dts is something we are always trying to do. >> they talked about draining the swamp was constitute for the campaign. but gingrich said i goofed "draining the swamp" is in. donald trump will do it and the alligators shouldç be nervous. >> all right, from someone that makes a lot of goops, can i guess we will goof on and move on. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> another fox news alert as we continue learning more about the terror suspect that slaughtered 12 people in berlin.
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we have brand new video of the suspect. a short selfie clip from a social media sight. it's not clear when or where it was made, but the man hunt to find him has as expanded. afghanistaners say they found his fingerprints on the truck that plowed through the berlin christmas market. a place today that is trying to get back to normal. great, what can you tell us? >> we are just at the reopened christmas market. the investigation into the terror attack is in high gear. that means theç search for the prime suspect, angela merkel under a lot of pressure says officials she thinks very close
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to nabbing him, other local media offices they say the expect has been on the radar for many months before the attack here. arrested or detained several time and he was monitored after threatening to make an attack in berlin. he has to have been on a no fly terror list. . yet, he slipped through the net. . >> you see it did reopen here this morning. can you tell us what vibe are you getting in people are out
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and about? >>. > time when a 12 time truck came barrelling county the street. i'm going to step aside and let the camera man show you the scene. that truck went right between those two lines of stalls at 40 miles per hour hitting individuals, killeding them, injuring them, slamming into the stalls, into christmas trees, ending up about 200 feet down there. one witness said it was terrible. again, you see people out. i have to tell you i have been to a lot of these markets and this is the most er'r eerie. >> we will survive.
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and we'll keep our values. life goes on here. >> u.s. embassy officials tom me that twoç american officials we hurt in the attack. one still remains in the hospital. >> devastating. >> the berlin terror suspect has a history of dodging efforts. he went by at least six different aliases and he was tracked for months by authorities. he was also on a terror watch list. thank you for joining us, sir. these are unconfirmed reforts. fox news did not girl, that they
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had a file that included hundreds of pages of reports of discussions of him carrying out an attack. him trying to obtain weapons. why was he on the streets? >> good question. it is rarely a lack of information or exposure. we had our own instanded in which fbi,ç cia, or other law enforcement, security services, or intelligence have had access to these individuals. but there is steps working with our partners, detaining individuals for various activities. many of the countries have
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counter terrorism laws that allow them to detain someone for a brief period of time. the laws are stricter. the private rights are greater. and there share really a requirement, the greatest for cooperation, to share that information. it is because of what the police are doing. >> i want toç focus on kba intelligence. >> even omar mateen with the orlando nightclub shooting. authorities had them on the ra
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door or had tact this morning. as far as sharing of information. just as you said, but they had an online profile, and monitoring that online profile and making sure the fbi, homeland security, as well as cia are aware of it. in the u.s., we consolidate with the intelligence community and particularly cia. >> what type of vetting isç taking place?
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do you think we will see them slow down as they come into the country? >> the vetting process for the refugees is strong. and because we do consolidate information with the cia, you have and the problem is just as the situation as i'm reading, he used a false name. so how do you vet somebody when they're coming in, when they have no documentary tion. sor when they're not citizens yet, and how do you monitor them once they're in the united states? >> all right, sorry we have to
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leave it there, we thank you for joining us, and we don't pretend it is easy, but i think a lot of machineries areç very concerne. >> coming up, a record number of americans are set to travel this holiday weekend, and the rush to get to grandma's house is already on. >> in the meantime, new numbers showing population growth in america is at the slowest since the great depression. two big reasons why it is happening and we'll explain. news breaking in just the last hour on the evacuation of aleppo. a update for you after the break.
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the last group of rebels has just evacuated from aleppo. the red cross estimates some 34,000 people have been relocated. hi, john, what's the dauest? >> as you just mentioned, syria's military, they annoyanced they have full
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control of aleppo and so the vicious and brutal fighting over the last two months as syria's military launched that offensive back in november. also pickup trucks, some of them have been following their weapons. and also, of course, the evacuations of thousands and it slowed the progress of the operati operation. now earlier today, syrian president bashir al assad said that it is not just for syria,
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but russiaç and just watching these intense and they have had talks excludeing the united states. >> thank you so much for that update. >> back here in the u.s. population growth in america, america is at it's lowest level since the great depression. there was more deaths and a likely contributing factor is a drop in immigration. the biggest growth was in florida, california. donald trump has not even taken office yet but some are
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talking about 2020 already. who the democrats might want to see challenge him in four years. and the first and final campaign managers, both going to washington, but will they be taking on different roles? we'll tell you more about that coming up.ç when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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we're opening more xfinity stores closer to you. visit us today and learn how to get the most out of all your services, like xfinity x1. we'll put the power in your hands, so you can see how x1 is changing the way you experience tv with features like voice remote, making it easier and more fun than ever. there's more in store than you imagine. visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. brand new information, president-elect trump picking sean spicer for press sec tear. we have foxç news contributor d
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contributor guy benson joining us. i'm grateful to have you on set with us. let's talk about sean spicer. he is hugely influentialinfluen. i know sean a little bit and you can't find a harder working guy in washington. i think this is a job he took on in the last year with all of the craziness going on. so i think he really earned this position and i think it is a good pick. >> i want to talk about a few others, kellyanne conway, it's not a cabinet position, but it's hugely influential.
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i think we got the idea that if she wanted a big role, she would get it. this morning she saidç you're here of four, this is a lot of responsibility, can you make it work. her answer was i don't play golf and i don't have a mistress so it gives me more time than most men in washington dc. >> she came on at a pivotal moment in the trump campaign where it could have gone in the dumpster, and she pulled it back on track. >> absolutely. i want to talk about cor cory lewandowski. we heard him mention it this morning on fox and friends, i want to get your reaction.
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>> i think if you have to put them in chronological order, it's towards the bottom of the corder after tax reform, making sure people have jobs, renegotiating bad trade deals. repealing and replacing obama care. i think at the end of the day, it's about the eco%omy. >> i made a big booboo. >> donald trump likes draining the swamp, he intends to drain the swamp. the alligators should be worried. >> okay, we make booboos, but we also love wind si. why are we getting the different
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messages. >> we all hear about goofs. i think trump wanted to get out in front of that saying this is something that i care about. this is one of the top two or three slogans that helped hip win. i think maybe lewandowski is about to start a consulting firm. he is setting himself up to be an alligator in the swamp, but he says he won't be a swampç dweller, he just wants to do what is right for the country. so it is fine. i'm curious why they both did this. backing away and then getting a
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reversal. >> wouldn't you have liked to be a fly on the wall when you got that call from donald trump. >> we love having you on, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> a record 103 million americans are expected to travel for the holidays this year. so 94 million will be reaching their destination by car. how will the weather factor in. our okay meteorologist is with us today, rick, what can you tell snus. >> nothing bad overall. sometimes we get horrible storms. this is not your general place you might see this. weç need the rain. we have two forms here. the first is a warmer storm. areas around phoenix have seen
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over three quarters of an inch of rain. relays there. parts of the northeast, that is not a big problem. we have winter storm advisories including this right here. that is for christmas day when we're watching a secondary storm. here is the first storm. more rain moving into southern california. this is a much colder storm though, more rain and snow in the mountains of l.a. by the time we get into sunday, the energy moves in across the far northern plains. nothing that will be too problematic, saturday not that bad, but the west is more accurate. big storms, southern planes. siesing and snow, but hopefully
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everybody by sunday is where they need to be. >> people hear storm,ç but the want a white christmas. >> coming up, the state department briefing right now where the administration is reacting to the controversial resolution on is raily -- israeli settlements. and a close call for one man after his ecigarette malfunctions in his pocket. that and more coming up. due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. ds çç
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ds. some headlines that we're watching today. suicides are up in some cities. so are minor, but in chicago, it is a 56% jump. and ikea is recalling a dresser after they were falling over and killinged toer wills. uber has to remove their self-driving cars from the roads in california because they refused to gepç the proper permits. the state department briefing under way. the war in syria, but the israeli -- israel is a hot topic
11:32 am
right now. rich what is the latest on the resolution condemning israel? >> this is a very touchy issue that typically is not the u.n. security council. it called for and demanded that israel immediately cease all activities in the occupied palestinian territory. these are usually the resolutions the united states votes against and with israel on, but it's unclear if they were going to do that this time. the spokes man was just asked if john kirby would vote for this issue and he said we never preview our votes. secretary of state john kerry also said i cannot accept the notion that the settlement is not aç barrier to peace.
11:33 am
this is something the president-elect came out on asking the obama administration to address this resolution, but it's unclear if the united states would have done that. this vote is being put off indefinitely for now. >> so many people are wondering if there has been a update about berlin and the terrorist attacks there? >> the two americans that were among those injured in that attack, and the united states and the state department are coordinating with german officials to find out if anyone else was injured in that attack. meanwhile, the man suspected of doinggermany reportedly had him under arrest for some time, and let him go. news organizations caught up with his brother who is talking about turning himself in. >> we are worried. we have no information about his
11:34 am
location or status. i ask him to turn himself into the police so we can find the frus and be in contact with çh. >> the german government denied him asylum in june. the man was let go, and now, they're searching for him again. back to you. >> rich, thank you so much for that update. back to politics now for president-elect donald trump, staff picks that may be all about the presentation. donald trump prefers people who have the right look. at least partly because the president-elect said he thought romney "looked the part." let's debate. former campaign manager for
11:35 am
howard dean and a fox news contributor. i think i may know your answer to this. those who aspire to look the park, look put together, what is the problem with him picking these picks? >> i don't see any problem. i think the picks, his cap nate and staff picks have beenç inspiring and revealing. he knows he wants to change things in a i big way. i think it is instiering and revealing because he has shown he understands the audience. the audience for him moving forward, primarily, is not the united states congress or the u.s. senate. he wants to directly communicate with the people behind him that know the ideas of command and communicate. i hi he has a lot of people, and
11:36 am
by the way a name that america will come to know very well, it is dap scavino. the man in charge of the social media campaign. >> all right, joe, the "washington post" was talking about who will be heading the pentagon. these are people who are very qualified, among a number of other positions. what is the problem with them just looking the part. >> don'tç think there is, dona trump televised it. he talked about people's works
11:37 am
and calling some folks ubly, others fwufl, just the way he grades things. i think it is a factor for him. even i think he made it clear. >> i want to look to the future now. who the democrats wanted in 2020, about 60% of the people say they didn't want hillary clinton to be running. we see high numbers with all of the possible picks there, joe biden, bernie sanders,ç elizabh
11:38 am
warren, but do they want fresh faces? >> yes, they want fresh faces particularly when the party lost the election. certainly the fresh face that no one thought of or knew of or thought at the time that could run, beat the establishment party and win is someone named trump. i think there is a huge opportunity. there is a vacuum with lots of people stampeding into philly. >> and i know that we heard joe reference the autopsy report in
11:39 am
2012 amid the gop side, are we seeing that on the democratic side?ç if you look at nancy pelosi, we're not seeing fresh faces yet. >> this is the moment i have been waiting for. i think they need to find a transformational candidate that has the ability to create a movement that inspires as opposed to conspireing with the party for a nomination. here is my advice of who you're looking for. someone that can motivate, that thinks outside of the box, great on their feet, who is willing to take on mediocrity in pursuit of excellence, and is social media savvy. bernie sanders and donald trump provided a road map for the future of politics. i would look for someone just like that to carry the banner moving forward. >> thank you for joining us, that's all we have today, thank you. >> merry christmas.
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>> the dow trending down slightly so far today, moving away from the historic 20,000 mark. it's trading at about -- let's bring in lori for the latest, i don't have what it is. >> probably not hitting the milestone mark today. the traders on the floorç telle there is a strong sell. so the dow is down 24 points. today, government data came in talking about spending in december slowed and personal incomes were flat. some of the companies that benefitted from consumer spending, walmart, jc penney's, they're all down today.
11:41 am
back to you. >> i do have one more question for you, i saw that oprah has been losing weight, is that helping weight watchers stock? >> yes, you know, you'll recall that oprah winfrey took a stock. today after sthe announced she lost 40 pounds, launching a new ad campaign, the shares went up 14%. >> thank you forç . >> have you ever wondered how valuable your mcdonald's value meal is? >> amazon making christmas wishes come true, even for last minute shoppers. hear is adam shapiro with more.
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with the pieces of president obama's -- elevating a woman to a big role in his administration. kelly ann kahn way says she is on the same level of steen ban non and reince priebus.
11:45 am
that is coming up on "shepherd smith reporting." a man is suing a local mcdonald aes franchise saying theç value meal for a burger i 44 cents cheaper when everything is purchased separately. he said it is about the morals of it. >> thank you for having me. >> first, i want to ask you what this suit targets. we look at face value and say couldn't he just ask for a price reduction or go to the manager. >> it targets deceptive business
11:46 am
practices. you think okay, if i pick this order, i save money versus paying for each item separately. what consumer goes and does the math? no one does. >> a two cheese burger deal for $5.90 orç purchased separately $5.49. >> in illinois, it says, there needs to be a deceptive practice, and they need to have suffered actual harm as a result of whatever the deacceceptive
11:47 am
practices. >> how do they prove deception and it is a class action suit so that makes it different. >> proving deception, the preface itself is the business practice. they don't need to show intent, they don't need to show malice. it is simply enough they were marketing this as being cheaper and it company. >> and we have for example here, mcdonald's and fork, a two cheeseberger meal is $5.ç 99. if you order it individually it is $5.86. >> what would have ever thought to do the math, nobody ever -- >> i never counted it up like
11:48 am
that. >> most consumers see extra value. why would you not trust it. and you might see mcdonald's wanting to quell these plaintiffs by dishing out a quick settlement. they could be hit with punitive damages and be forced to repay attorney's fees. >> thank you so much. probably not the last we have heard about it. >> as millions of americans scramble to find a last minute gift, amazon is promising delivery on orders in as little as two hours and they're doing it with people, not robots. >> adam, is delivery absolutely guaranteed? it isç guaranteed if you go fo the one hour option.
11:49 am
you have to be an amazon prime customer, and you have to be in an area that has an amazon prime now hub. so you have a $7. 99 charge for a guaranteed one hour delivery. and they have all kinds of stuff, elizabeth, these centers are really state of the art technology. all of this stuff is put into these haphazardly based on the buying patterns of people throughout new york and the new york city area. there is a computer that temperatures the people which cubical to go to when you order something. no there are no machine that's go ping here like you see at the huge fulfillment centers that are 28 football fields around.
11:50 am
we're right across from the empire state building. >> i know where to go if i was aloe vera juice. up, mystery military plane and two helicopters were circling around manhattan for 40 minutes last week. then there's this. >> behind the camera, over the cliff. oh, up, be careful. i sent him into a true. 0, man. dutch. dear lord. are you okay? >> our photographer taking a spill on the slopes courtesy of jeff flock. jeff? what are you doing to our photograph center. >> don't blame me. come on, don't blame me. he fell down and is up now. shooting this as we speak. will i crash him again? you better stay tuned and find out! oh, dear.
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last week many new yorkers were concerned about a military plain circling over manhattan despite a no-fly zone and now the event was part of a rescue exercise. they were trying to figure out how to get president-elect donald trump out of trump tower should the need ever arise. sources tell nyc news, the military was looking for places to safely land a helicopter in the middle of new york city. to -- no easy task. >> a winter hurt -- as is our camera man, dutch, who is
11:55 am
redeeming himself on the slopes after taking a pretty good spilç earlier in the day. jeff flock is like from the grand geneva ski resort. >> it is a beautiful day. an ideal day for skiing and this is just such a great thing because this time last year, they were mowing grass on this very hill. unbelievable. we have had an early snow, early cold, all good, and that's just what they needed because last year, this was not pretty. it was a year that viz sits to ski resources were down. >> what are they offering this season? >> reporter: now it's funny. used to be snowboarders were
11:56 am
persona nonagree to o. the ski schoops and now they're out here, boarders. there's ice skating and winter sports. that's the key to profitability for these ski slopes. not just skiing anymore. has to be something cool and new, and soç far, kind your fingers -- keep your tippingers crossed, it's a great year. >> thank you, jeff. have a great holiday. huh. a scientific breakthrough of the tiniest proportions for this little fella, just in time for christmas. we'll explain coming up. ♪ bells will be ringing ♪ 0, what a christmas. ♪ your insurance company
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including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. if you need other reason to quit smoking, another e-cigarette explosion. you can see it sparking inside a man's pocket. and in fresno, california, the fire department was called to a mon -- man who was on fire. >> in canada, creating the world's smallest it measures just three microns. that is not visible to the human eye,ç but a micron can fit inse
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a sentimenter ten thousands times. count that. thank you for inning me. >> if president-elect donald trump apparently getting read to build some bombs? his worden expanding america's nuclear capability. also making some moves today. on the list his campaign manager kelly ann con we were is counselor and his new press secretary is g.o.p. big wig, sean spicer, and ward of americans among those injured in a christmas market attack in germany. in the wake of what happened there in germany, mr. trump is commenting on his campaign promise to temporarily stop muslim


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