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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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a sentimenter ten thousands times. count that. thank you for inning me. >> if president-elect donald trump apparently getting read to build some bombs? his worden expanding america's nuclear capability. also making some moves today. on the list his campaign manager kelly ann con we were is counselor and his new press secretary is g.o.p. big wig, sean spicer, and ward of americans among those injured in a christmas market attack in germany. in the wake of what happened there in germany, mr. trump is commenting on his campaign promise to temporarily stop muslim immigrants from coming to the united states, he says,
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quote, we know his plan. let's get to the news. i'm harrisç faulkner. more major staffing announcements today from the trump transition team. the president-elect chose his former campaign manager to serve as counselor. in statement donald trump said, kellyanne conway has been a trusted advisor and strategy just who played a crucial roll in any victory. a tireless and tenacious advocate of my agent and has amazing insight how to communicate or message. she was a visible surrogate and analysts say she helped him refine his message over the summer. he was already a hoe pre file republican pollster and today she said she is excited about her new role. >> i think when you have this opportunity, it's an honor but
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oliver humbling, the gravity and responsibility of serving at a serve level of the president of the united states, i respect the rest of the team. >> she said she wasn't actually moving from new jersey to washington, dc with her family. she says caring for her four i.d. wasç a factor in her decision to take the job but she knows the trump administration will be family friendly. the president-elect selected sean spicer to be press secretary. in palm beach, florida this president-elect is spending christmas. what else were we learning. >> fear cower members of the trump communications team during the campaign and now during the transition and they're all going to move to he white house in
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similar roles. the protect secretary is sean spicer who worked for reince priebus, and reince priebus is the chief of staff in the white house. also, added to the team, hope picks and so is jason miller, a communications director, rounding out the group going do 1600 pennsylvania, the social media man manager is going toço something similar. >> a couple more things to get to before i let you go. the president-elect weighing in on the nation's nuclear arsenal. what is that about. >> reporter: he didn't give a specific reason why. but the tweeted this today. the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such
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time as the world comes its senses regarding nukes and the post comes the same day that mr. trump received this second presidential daily briefing. a year ago he was trying to contrast himself with president obama and he doesn't think climate change is the biggest threat to united states, he says it's nuclear proliferation. >> someone had to apologize for saying donald trump was packing off his campaign promise to drain the swamp. >> reporter: the president-elect and a stop surrogate are won of the same page whether or not the president-elect plans to ken one of his most famous campaign slogans which isç drain the ju. he said we'll always be trying to dtj.
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newt gingrich says he thought trump disavowed the freeze but either misheard or mr. trump because today he said, i goofed. draping the swamp is in. thing the alligators should be afraid. his is what the next communications team may be contending with during the next administration. >> i'm going to talk about that just coming up. good to see you, thank you very much. >> emily gooden is manager of real clear i want to start where peter left off. with sean spicer the press secretary, they're already sale there will be changes, might move the chairs around in the white house press room. that will be interesting. no doubt he will be answering that come up in tweets from the
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new president. >> absolutely. a huge part of his job is to monitor donald trump&c twitter account. has to get alerts on his phone because the journalists do. >> i know there's an indication from a spoke person -- this next news conference just before inauguration, sometime in early january. so now he has this press team altogether. does it maybe look more traditional than we thought it would? >> reporter: yes, i think it will. sean spicer and jason miller are doing daily briefings so have gotten into the habit of doing this. and then nontraditional media things, too. and donald donald j. trump is ne first time to do that. president obama also went around the press corps when he did twitter town halls.
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so donald trump isn't the first president to do this but may do it more than we have seen. >> we weren't watching president obama's twitter account to find out what his military strategy would be. this would be different. nuclear capability came up in aç tweet. and i want to talk about kellyanne conway. not to put aside all of her captain abilities and what she has done in her past but her being a woman in that role is a big deal. why? >> it is. a huge deal. a huge, visible role in this administration. one over the top three jobs in the white house and it went to a woman, and we have the problems with donald trump and women during at the campaign so she's going to act as a counter to. that she and donald trump have a very trustworthy relationship. he trusts her opinion and she can tell him no, we shouldn't do
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this. and that's a valuable relationship to have in white house. one who can walk into the oval office and say that to protect of the united the united states. >> why does she get his ear. she is lovely and very professional, someone you can speak to. the campaign staff said everyone feels comfortable to go to kellyanne to talk about questions and concerns. she has the ear of everyone. >> the first team we talked, probably a fewç months before e election, about this situation. we had spoken previously. the first had gone out of her howth was, i don't know what i would ever do going forward. i have four kids. and i know that factored in her family, what else was she looking senate at first she said she want going to take a job with the administration. what changed? >> you're right. she said she didn't want the job
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and she didn't wants because she node what the job ails. have to be house at 6:00 in morning, until 8:00 at night, and your putting out a fire. it's a 24/7 job. but this offer she got -- she was offered press secretary and putting out fire. now she is substantial role as counsel to the president. a pathway straight to to oval office and that's hard to turn down. >> i'm getting out of all of the anuancement -- announcementsç today. but today you think that kellyanne conway because she is on par with the two others in the white house. you shawne spicer, part of the
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establish: reince priebus, gm, and then steve ban nonthe outsider. where do you put kellyanne conway. >> she is in team steve banon. they were promoted together to run the campaign. the won this white house for donald trump and he knows it. they're very close and something we'll be watching this two orbits in the out who,. >> how does the vice president president-elect elect fit into this. >> kellyanne used to work if him so the has strong ties. >> i ask that because you saw his week he first meat with national security adviser team and then mr. trump. he is taking the daily briefings. he has a keyç role in this
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administration already. so his ability to get along with the three pillars is critical. >> absolutely. and you might see him being the bridge between these pillars. >> interesting. >> yeah. he is going to be the person who has a leg in every camp because he speaks to everyone, diplomat, gets along with earn, and that's a role we'll watch him play. >> real clear politics is something that preelection we talk about. you look at the average of polls and then told us what they were saying. what are they saying right now about the president-elect going into january 20th? >> well, that's a great question. a trend i've noticed it that right about election day, donald trump's negative ratings was minus 29, and since he has been elected it's gone down to a minus 6. so that's a huge, huge jump, and more people getting comfort able -- comfortable with donald trump being president.
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>> all the polling are there those that dig deep irwith the questions? it's one thing to asking somebody, do you like somebody. it's another thing to ask why. >> as they say him make the appointments and the press conference inç january, people will get more comfortable as the learn more about donald trump but more details about his vision. he said he wanted to make america great again but hasn't given a lot of details. >> when will people start to feel the economy we are watching just burst wide open on wall street. when will that hit main street. you might see that negative number hit zero. be positive. great to see you. merry christmas and happy new year. >> we knew this terrorist was trouble. he was not allowed to flying and had contact with the islamic
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going back to germany now. the suspect in the deadly attack in berlin was already on the radar of german officials. also on the radar of u.s. officials before he plowed a truck in a crowded christmas market. "the new york times" cites american officials whoç say ans armory was on the united states
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no-fly lest and he was in touch with isis using an instant messenger. german officials say they found his fingerprints inside the truck. they've warned, he's consider, obviously, armed and dangerous. state department officials say two americans were hurt in the attack which killed 12 people. we are hearing from the suspect's family members? >> reporter: we are. we're at the scene of the terror attack. they just re-opened christmas market here in berlin. as we are learning more about the past of the prime suspect, anis amri. he grew up in few nearby -- tunisia and they talked his mother and she said he didn't do it. his brother said, if he did do it he should pay, and i his father said he thought the was a trouble maker and committed times in tunisia and left
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imprisonment in tunisia to italy. and inç italy he helped touch a refugee center and served four years in prison. out in just supposing what he was thinks when we came out in 2015. one analysis said he looked at the open are door policy created for immigrants and he decided he would go north and that's exactly what he did, going into germany spent 18 months here until this act. >> when you joined us we all remarked how quiet the market is, the christmas market there. it sits in she shadow of an iconic church. no music. heavy security. but they are open. >> it is open, yes. exactly. we'll give you a sense.
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actually now closing at 9:00 p.m. local time. a little dark. but let me step aside and give you an idea. this truck, just three nights ago, 25-tons in weight, barreling down the street to my right and entered the market. i'll step aside and james will give you an idea what is going on. most of the stalls are closed but you can see the lighting al that's exactly what the truck did. it barreled through there on either side of the stalls, hitting people, killing them, injuring them, smashing into the huts, into the decorations and ending up about 200 feet down there. again, the people are here. they came out. they say they are defiant. they say they do not want the terrorists to -- let them be cowed and that's why they have come out. i've been to a lot of christmas markets in my time here in europe and never seen anything like this. no music, no bright lights, a
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lot of people just paying their respects, feeling they should come out but not too much joviality. >> what happens in orlando and what we saw in paris, very sad development: president-elect donald trump appeared to suggest theber ain't attract proves the need for a ban on muslims in the nation. my next guest has idea about that. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go...
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wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. president-elect donald trump seemed to suggest the attack in berlin shows the need for his proposessed ban on some muslims entering the united states. when reporters asked him he said, quote, you know my plans
12:23 pm
and that all along i've been proven to be right. but trump advisers say the president-elect was just restating his most recent position, ban of muslims from high-risk countries and extreme vetting procedures for would be be immigrants. let's bring in our panel. aç form adviser to bill clinton gps." good to see you both. so, let's start with this news and first of all, what happened in berlin, and the comments. >> well, first of all, it is a understores the need to be very careful, internally in waynes days of the obama administration. i don't think now is the time to start talking about registries of muslims, and i think it is time, as you were saying before
12:24 pm
to move away from government by tweet and by sound bite, to policies that have the support of the g.o.p. and democrats. >> he mass tot gotten into office yet so we have to see what happens with policy. what does this tell you, wow eow any may lanz. >> there's a very smart move where can talk to liberals in congress and say you deposit like )e extreme? let go to middle which might have been his common goal, head fake. when donald trump talks bat muss rim rental industries he is talking about getting something done about putting in an everify system. stopping the immigration epidemic. >> doug issue heard you say it's sometime for democrats to step
12:25 pm
up to the plate is donald trump is ready to negotiate. it's time to do that. >> the more general point is, we have a serious problem with terrorism, with our position in the world and for the campaign to go on and on and on for the demonization of one side by the other and vice versa is wrong but it hurts our national security. >> evan. >> i would say that both sides of the aisle are sick some tired of the divisiveness -- >> the whole country is. >> we have a lot of serious 0 problems, including terrorism. the fbi that dropped the ball on the theç at the naive brothers and -- >> this idea in germany that he was already on the radar, armi
12:26 pm
was on the radar, not just in determine any but our. we know we have people in our country that we can't keep up with. he was enough surveillance in the country already. >> what you're suggesting is i think where trump was going, which is we need to have as tight and close scrutiny of these high-risk individuals as possible, because to have somebody is on the no-fly list and german intelligence is watching, arguably and potentially do something, this horrific, is very, very -- >> so you stay that but people in your party don't want that. they don't want mosques watched. those like in minnesota i covered where you have some imams who are preaching things that are counter to national security. we know that we have some badact ors out there.
12:27 pm
some people inç your party are against that. >> can i make a simple state? they are not democrats like i am a democrat. i'm mainstream. aisle patriotic, i'm for strong national defense and american values, period, full stop. >> let's look at is this way. you love evan. so sweet. member's your party are not fan a fan of the no-fly list. >> government is a blowedded bury, acracy and mistakes happened and donald trump promised to cut down on waste, fraud and abuse. we have an epidemic of government workers have -- offices that have 20 government workers when you only need three and that leads to problem such as peel getting on the no-fly list that shouldn't be on it. >> i want to get this in on syria. just in this afternoon, syria's
12:28 pm
largest city is under the control of the countries dictator. the armed forces report the last surviving rebels have been removed fromç aleppo. so we have that going on. when we come back i want to talk more foreign policy with you and this idea also of nuclear capability that the president-elect was tweeting pat short time ago. so it tight. don't go anywhere. everybody knows smoking is dangerous, but you probably never expected this. an e-cigarette is becoming more immediate as a threat than the real thing. how does that work? stay with us.
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>> more headlines. frightening moments on a bus in
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california when an e-cigarette head and exploded in someone's pocket. the guy told first responders the device was heating up and then blew up. he jumped around and tried to put out the flames and suffered third degree burns. a huge fire in japan spread to 140 buildings. started at a ramon shop. high winds helped the flames spread. nearly a thousand people were forced to evacuate. >> queen elizabeth ii is on the move. she traveled this morning to heç north of london. she is the word's longest living, raingeing mon naar. that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop
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12:32 pm
enough it's at 4.6%. that's the lowe's it's been in nine years. critic says the numbers don't tell the entire story of the obama economy. the unemployment raid does not factor in people who have given up looking for work, for instance, and during his campaign, donald trump blasted president obama's economic policy. the president-elect promising to boost growth in part by cutting back on government regulations. let's bring back our panel. doug and evan. evan, from wham we know about an economy that donald trump would usher in -- irrespective of the bump -- the big question is we don't feel what they're feeling on wall street. what will be different under trump? >> on main street people are hurting. wages have been stagnant and they're trying to get jobs and haven't got then jobs they want. we moved to more of a gig economy, especially among the
12:33 pm
millenials which are going out and doing part-time jobs. under president-elect trumpç hs tax plan calls for who irmedical lenals to get 15% and be caused testify corporate tax rate. >> i had not herd that. a gig economy. going to get a couple gigs. your party missed this. >> here's the big issue. the democrats ignored working class whites. win i windshield for bill clinton it's all we thought about in the '96 campaign. for some reason the democrats thought the obama coalition, which was unique. was going to be preserved. didn't happen and the democrats didn't understand that economic growth, expanding job opportunities and lifting up these -- at evan said, the really moribund economies of
12:34 pm
declining cities was the key to victory. >> so the economy, the first 100 days. >> i think we'll see an infrastructure bill. a lot of republicans skittish how much it will cost but we have brims and roads thatç are crumbling. it's a start. we have to reform regulations, repeal and replace obamacare. a lot of work to do, and team have a big job ahead of them. >> you mentioned today of carl icon being an advise for the president-elect. one thing he wants regulations to be eased up on is refineries because he is in the business. he understands well. >> you make a very good point. regulations, not only on refineries but across at the board, a is a real impediment to
12:35 pm
economic growth. and we need tax reform. if we get tax reform, regulatory reform, and an infrastructure built paid privately -- we'll have roaring group. >> you see infrastructure paid privately. >> they want to do everything with public dollars, which will only be inflationary, budget the budget. >> what gets down here? i want you to talk to each other. i love you both but something iç going to get donen ohill? >> i believe we need to have agreement, as you said, on an infrastructure bill, but i also believe that the republicans who have majorities in both houses have to compromise with the democrats. hope you agree with that. >> i agree with you on boat both
12:36 pm
comments. shows they're trying to put the country first. we can say we were adults unlike when president obama came into office with all three -- both houses of congress and said, i'm not even going to negotiate. >> people had seen this bicamera dance before and republicans trying to show new dance moves but there will be some sticking points where the two won't come together. >> i have a feeling it's the total cost of the infrastructure bill and how to be paid for. doug said the majority of his party likes to use public funds to push craziness. >> i wouldn't call it craziness. infrastructure is essential but that being said i take your point. we have to cooperate. the other thing we have to do is recognize on issues like taxes, we're not going to getç the redistribution that my part or part of my party wants. we need pro growth repatriation of corporate profits.
12:37 pm
we need to lower the rates but we got to protect the middle classic what about the idea from the president-elect of putting pressure on -- you've saw boeing lower the press of its plane. >> isn't that great. >> he said identity knock paying that and they lowered the price. so some of the pressure will work, and doug. >> absolutely. >> i think there are lot of people who are worried about the president-elect, specially with his twitter habits. it's a positive. he can go and if he sees malfeasance he can highlight it and look at the price drop. >> it's one thing to target companies companies and use the bully pulpit, i don't think you make policy with twitter, but we need people evan, and i dare say, people at least two think like i do, to bring this country together so we can realize our
12:38 pm
full potential. >> you're a fan of doug. >> i'm a fanç of -- most republicans don't. >> i want to talk about the military and where we are in foreign policy. as we look at what happened in berlin, we know that can happen here, it can happen anywhere. we know that anybody who hates freedom can borrow from isis and al qaeda. the end of the day is they want to kill. so, the president-elect has talked about shoring up our military, which has shrunk to world war ii time. cyberwelfare as well. >> on a day when we have ratified the fact that we effectively have lost syria to the russians, we have to -- >> you think we have. >> it's a fait accompli and bashar al-assad will be in four for the foreseeable future. there's a problem for the russians but the bigger problem is in the u.s.
12:39 pm
we're basely a secondary player in the middle east. >> how did that happen. >> because red lines were crossed when they shouldn't have been. >> when we saw president presida celebrate how much we have achieved in the middleç east. the he will have blood on his hands. >> i spoke to the u.n. envoy and told me he would like to meet with the trump transition team, and he said have to do a deal with russia to fight isis. are the democrats going support that? >> given the hacking, which i don't think cost them the election but underscores the degree to which russian influence is being felt in the world, there is going to have to be a willingness to engage with the russians, but not on their terms. it has to be with mutuality. we worry about europe.
12:40 pm
the baltics. ukraine. we cannot just give in to what vladimir putin wants. >> of course we can. what we need to do is actually show strength to russia because we have not done that in the past eight years. we should retaliate -- >> you think this is the president to do it. >> president-elect trump? absolutely. think president obama should start in conjunction with president-elect trump and that is a good cop/badç cop. >> he's only there for 1 days -- 17 days. >> i hope it happens but given he is more likely to play more golf courses than sadly working on compromise. i hope and pray he and general madison and general flynn recognize that evan is right. get tough with the russians, it's not saying pretty please,
12:41 pm
vladmer. it's saying here is our bottom line. >> do you get your democrat card yearly? i don't think they're going to give you another one. >> we have two days to christmas so i'm hoping it's in the mail. >> doug proved that democrats are not always wrong. >> thank you both. the game in games on in north carolina after state lawmakers failed to reach agreement on the so-called bathroom bill. >> protestser yelled "shame" in the state capitol building after a deal between republicans and democrats fell apart. consider scrap thing law which forced trapped trance gender people to use the bathroom that matches their birth certificate. rock stars cancelled conerts and
12:42 pm
moved the all-star game. john roberts has more on this. >> reporter: good afternoon. look like this would be an easy thing. in the the end not so easy. who is to bottom line for the failure to repeal the bathroom bill? depends on which side of the aisle. the republicans blame the incoming governor roy cooper. cooper says that's not true. democrats accuse republicans of planting a poison hill in now repeal. the cooling off period of a none of months during which no city or town can enact antidiscrimination bills. democrats insist that cooling off period would lead to a total ban on such antidiscrimination laws.
12:43 pm
the city of charlotte not to enact new laws the moment the bathroom bill is repealed. from the left. >> i know there were enough democratic and republican votes in the house and in the senate to fullyç repeal house bill 2 f they had just been given a chance. >> now, not only was there a split between democrats and republicans but the republican party was split right down the middle, 16 republican senators voted for repeal, 16 voted against repeal. of the ones who voted for repeal, many of them came from districts near urban areas like charlotte and raleigh where they were in close racism. among many of the senators who
12:44 pm
voted against repeal, they come from rural areas, more conservative areas, where voting for repeal would have probably hurt themç 2018. so they want tote get on record as upholding hb2. pat mccrory thinks it will end up in the supreme court. >> i watched the debate and just seemed to get so much bigger than the issue of just the bathrooms as you just pointed out, which mens it has legs into the new year, john roberts, thank you very minute. president-elect donald trump calling on the united states to stop a controversial u.n. resolution that trump says would be extremely unfair to israel. stay with us. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop
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u.n. u.n. officials postponed a vote on a controversial resolution which critics call anti-israel. the resolution demand israelis stop settlement actives in the west bank, calling them a violation of international law. protect protect trump urged the u.s. to see to it. president obama has refused to endorse anti-israel resolutions in the past, bushing forç israeli-palestinian negotiations. in 2011 the u.s. vetoed a resolution similar to the one today. david lee miller is in the new
12:48 pm
york news room. what do state department officials. >> they refused to say if they would veto the resolution, spokesman said, i quote, we never preview our votes. now, during the past several months there has been a great deal of concern by israelis in what is called an obama december prize. obama and benjamin netanyahu have had strained relationship. israel's prime minister issued a statement calling on the u.s. not to change course. >> israelis deeply appreciate one of the great pillars of the u.s.-israel alliance. the willingness over many years of the united states to stand up in the u.n. and veto antilles
12:49 pm
resolutions. >> as the united states has long mainedç peace between the. >> the trump transition team says it gave the white house a heads up before the statement was made public, and this afternoon israel's u.s. ambassador tweeted a thanks to mr. trump. >> well, nobody wants to see a slow at the in the u.n., i imagine. so, i'm guessing why they postponed the vote to save face? >> here's the become story. the resolution cowling for israel to stop set. ment active was sponsored by egypt. the israelis were blind sided and never searched any advance notice from cairo. the israeli prime minister called on egypt's president to call of the vote, and it's worth noting that israel and egypt have had increasingly better
12:50 pm
relationsship since sisi came to power but we could see a vote on this draft or slightly different version before the council. and again, the obama administration will have to decide whether or not to abandon the policies of the past. thank you very minute. a fox urgent now. brand new video just century faced over the big -- surfaced of the big rig that plowed into she i christmas market. this came from someone's dash cam are. just watch it. i haven't seep it. just came into the newsroom. there's now natural sound which means you can't here voices but you have a view, and this would look like inside someone's vehicle. just so you know, 12 people
12:51 pm
guide that attack, dozens injured, including two americans. that truck was moving 40 miles-per-hour along that street into that market. we'll be right back. cious nature for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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this story got our attention. teach your dog to and stay quiet or else the police could shot and kill her if they consider your dog a credit. a federal appeals court -- police shot and killed a couple's two dogs during a search for drugs. this officers said the animals were barking and one of them, quote, moved a few inches. they claimed the dogs are aggressive. nolan, when you consider the millions of americans who have pets this is jarring.
12:55 pm
i want to start with what went right and what went wrong about what happened in michigan and that couple. >> okay. well, i don't think it's quite as jarring as it may seem at first glance. the ruling in the case was really limited toç a very specific set of factual circumstances that were present in this case and that are, i wouldn't say unusual but not common. so the six inch circuit court of appeales laid down a rule for when it is reasonable to seize, quote unwrote, someone's dog, or kill the droll. i it's a drug raid purr unit to a warrant ask an officer would fear for his own life and safety, the court ruled killing the dog, seizing the dog in legal terms, would be reasonable and that's what the sixth circuit said.
12:56 pm
>> how far reaching is this? happened in michigan but could it happen elsewhere and could this decision impact the country? >> it could impact the country if the plaintiff whose case is dismissed and gone, appealed to the supreme court if the supreme court takes the case and affirms the sixth circumstance -- circuit. then it would be aapplicable to the country. thisç decision would by highly persuasive and i think probably followed in most circumstances by most of the other circuits because it make goods sense. if an officer has a warrant, there's a situation that could be dangerous, there's in this case put bulls -- pit bulls, one of whom an officer testified in an unrebet butted way, republicked at them. >> i never like to categorize the dogs but in this sense the police felt threatened. thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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the dow has been in a red spot. inveryposts notç impressed. maybe their talking to relatives who can't find jobs. we'll let neil take it. could he the pause that refreshes or the pause that just keeps a stop going on the quest for 20,000. you're watching "your world." a world of confusion now around a president-elect who seems to be doing the right thing when its koles to sending a populist message, and ail of this on the same day he is forming a national trade council that he says would look after american corporations and not corporate honchos interests. donald trump as president-elect has sent a message to the


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