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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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honor flight. see the video about the documentary and support them. pack your tishs. thank you for watching "special report." good night from washington. "tucker carlson tonight" is up next. ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the top down your foot on the gas, the wind in your hair, driving as american nothing actually is more american than driving. it's our birth right. it's both a joy and a necessity when your country span as continent is it about to end abruptly? driverless cars are coming. maybe sooner than they think they are. are a are the ramifications. what happens it millions of americans who drive cars and trucks for a living? there are at least 4 million of them. joining us now one of theç most foremost experts. professor in columbia in new york. the author of "driverless, intelligence, cars, and the road ahead."
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thanks a lot for coming on. >> my pleasure. >> this is a really interesting topic and a cool topic and driverless cars are a marvel. anyone who ponders it for a minute starts to feel concerned for the millions of americans who drive for a living. so what will happen to them? >> well, i think there's -- you have to look at the big picture. and realize that what we're about to experience is a transformation to transportation as a whole. so we're going to have a lot more cars being driven. a lot more traffic. and a lot more production of cars. also, the industry as a whole is going to grow in a big way. we're going to have a lot more car manufacturing, a lot more mechanic jobs. a lot more jobs for maintenance of roads. so overall, we're going to see, i think, an expansion. but it's true that some jobs are probably going to go away, not completely, and driving is one of them, for sure. >> well, so that's not a small thing though. this is not buggy whip
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manufacturing. according to the census, driving commercially, either delivery or trucks is the singleç most common job in the majority of states. i think 29 out of 50 states. it's number one and number two and a bunch of others. this is a huge disruption of a massive part of the labor force. i know you have thought a lot about the technology behind. this who is thinking about what happens to those people? what exactly are they going to do? do you think? >> you know, i agree with you. part of the reason we wrote this book was to sort of get people to start thinking about driverless cars in a big way to understand the ripple effect of this technology. it's not just technology itself. it's not just about to replace cab drivers. it's really you have the ripple effect of the economy from lot loss of jobs but growth many sectors of the jobs. i think what's going to happen is that many of these drivers will have to start looking for other jobs. but unlike other
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transformations that involve growth in let's say software industry, at the 20' expense of other industries. what we're going to see is expansion of the entire industry. see a lot more jobs in factories in manufacturing cars, in taking care of roads and so forth. i think overall it's going to be a net benefit but there is going to be some adjustments to be made. >> well, i mean there are tp)juz be massive adjustments. and i guess that's my concern. so a lot of people are thinking about, this a lot of for-profit companies are involved. the government is subsidizing it as you know directly and in road maintenance. the main point, of course s to save on labor cost because that's a huge cost for a lot of these businesses. this is very much a market-driven idea. who is sitting and thinking seriously about what these people are going to do or is it a faith based assumption that they will be fine and other parts of the economy will expand and they will be taken up there? i mean, is there anyone who is really plotting this out? it's happening soon as you pointed out. >> yeah. you know, i don't know if anybody has actually plotted out the precise path. but the assumption is and i
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think it's going to happen going to see overall growth in the economy because of this. so it's a little bit like you know, what the internet did for communication. what jobless cars are going to do for transportation is really expand the entire economy. allow a lot of new opportunity, new kinds of businesses that we enabled and, again, a new kinds of manufacturing jobs. so, overall it's going to be an expansion. but i agree. i share your concern. >> well, it might actually what the internet did for book stores. destroyed them forever.ç and, you know, there is upside of course also. the problem is it's not just any 4 million people and that's very very low end. lots of ancillary. it's high school educated men in rural areas. if you look at the states where driving is the biggest occupation, they tend to be far from economic center. so there are already places with high unemployment. especially among men. women work at the schools
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and hospitals. men don't have any other full-time work other than driving that causes massive social. a lot of people on disability. a lot of people on unemployment there are going to be social ramifications. again ask you the same question a third time. again, who is thinking about that? >> so right now i don't have a good answer. again, this is why we wrote the book is to sort of basic highlight it's coming sooner than you think. >> right. >> going to happen in the next decade and it's something that we have to start thinking about. what happens when these jobs but also, you know, i want to point out all the other things. the, you know, the thousands of lives that are going to be saved and, again, the new economy that's going to grow out of it. and, you know, my hope is that a lot of these drivers will find jobs that are suitable for them in these other sectorsç of the industry that will grow. again, it's not just growth in the software industry where it's difficult to see how these drivers will find employment. these are growth in other
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industrial, manufacturing sectors that i think can absorb these drivers with their skills. >> well, god bless you for not telling me that they're all going to be software coders which is the normal response from the tech ware community. thank you for acknowledging that. the government is subsidizing this. why would government be subsidizing what is obviously a job killer. why is this inevitable. the tech companies don't own the road. the government does. the dot can say no and why shouldn't they if there is a massive social cost attached. we don't know the consequences. you conceded that. >> right. i think it would be a bad move to shut it down pause what will happen in the rest of the world? i can tell you i get phone calls all the time from analysts from other countries saying what can we do to get this whole energy driverless cars happen in our country? what does our dot need to do to allow autonomous driving
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in our country? right now it's all happening in the u.s. it's a wonderful thing because we will be able toç sort of spearhead this thing. just like the internet happened here first. it created transformation to the entire planet. but a lot of the big companies in this area are all here. we want the same thing to happen in the u.s. when it comes to driverless cars. we want the first driverless cars to appear here. we want to have the big businesses around us evolve here. we want to sort of set the, you know, lead the world in this area. >> but you. >> if we don't do it someone else will do it. >> maybe, maybe not. pardon my skepticism when it seems all the benefits go to well educated urban alet's like me and probably you who don't drive anyway who live in the middle of cities. the pretext is safety as it often is. highway safety deaths are the lowest. i graduated from high school in 1987. twice what they're today. the numbers are going down to. say this is all about safety when it is realably saving
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businesses labor costs a little insulting, no? >> no, no. i think, first of all, last year of the car fatalities went up by 8% because of distracted driving. i think this will continue to go up. we have, you know, 30,000 people fatalities a year in the u.s. that's a huge number. that's just fatalities, not¿ counting people who can't think or walk after a car accident. so safety for sure is a good reason. but, again, i am pretty sure that the economy will grow once we have this transformation. we have new business models. we will have deacon guested cities. we have a lot of people spend enormous amount of time commuting to work and back. all time can be saved and rest and spend more time with the family when they come home instead of being exhausted. the benefits are tremendous. now, it's true. >> they might be. but wouldn't you also conclude when jobs leave your town the death rate goes up from oxycontin od's
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and cirrhosis and obesity and slow forms of suicide that accompany mass unemployment. that doesn't concern you too. >> it is a concern. bigger picture is what we're seeing is artificial intelligence, automation, robotics is sort of taking away jobs in the more general path. not just in driving but, in factories and we will see that happening more and more. so the big question is what do we do balancing automation, artificial intelligence, which increase productivity per se. how do we balance that with job loss? >> exactly. >> that's a very important question. that's a question that weç need to look at from economics point of view. >> you think? because i can tell you, this that nobody in my world cares at all. and god bless you for at least raising the question because nobody in rich person world has given a single thought and they really ought to. professor, thanks a lot. >> this is a very important question. and glad we are talking about it. >> amen. we are out of time
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unfortunately. thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> down in mar-a-lago plucket trump has put together his communications team. that's not the only news coming out of transition today. a lot has happened. peter doocy has every last detail he is in palm beach. hey, peter. >> hey, tucker. the president-elect from mar-a-lago following up with one of the ceos telling social media to tell lockheed martin going over budget with government contracts that is he ready to move on. he tweeted this earlier today. based on the tremendous cost and cost overruns of the lockheed martin at 35 i have asked booing to price out a comparable f-18 super hornet. remember yesterday the boeing ceo was there too. he spoke to reporters and said air force one is going to cost less thanç mr. trump thought and that was seen as a good thing. the lockheed martin ceo though who was at mar-a-lago never came to the cameras.
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mr. trump spoke instead. he thought maybe he could be able to get the cost of f-35 down but lockheed martin had good negotiators on their side, too. we now know who is going to stand at a podium in the brady briefing room to defend the president-elect's policies and get peppered with questions by reporters every day. it's sean spicer. the former rnc communications head who has worked very closely alongside the next white house chief of staff rnc for years. which means the outsider president is about to have two veteran gop operators in key posts within his white house. today the president-elect also elevated a trio of other communication staffers the key jobs. hope hicks who is almost always by the president-elect's side and worked in his personal office before the campaign was announceside moving to washington. jason miller who joined the campaign after initially working the cycle for ted cruz is going to work in a trump white house and so will dan as scavino running the
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very popular accounts. shortly before announcements wereç made ivanka trump was getting berated in front of the children coach cabin of commercial airliner by somebody who disagrees with her dad's policies so much that he couldn't keep it together in front of her three children or the young child that he was apparently holding. jetblue kicked the aggressive air traveler off of that flight but says that they later rebooked him on a later flight. tucker? >> wow. manners in decline. peter, thanks a lot. appreciate it. the state of new york decided to bans people from resting out apartments on sites like air b and b for fewer than 30 days. the question is why? interests are competing which are the most important? joining us now is liz krueger, she co-sponsored the bill. thanks for coming on tonight. >> my pleasure. >> so i think most people kind of assume they have a right to decide who spends the night at their place. why don't they? >> well, if you are living
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in your own place and you want to rent out part of it, say the bedroom or you want to sleep on the couch and rent out your bedroom, that's fine. this is the issue of renting out apartments intended for residential use to other people as quote, unquote, illegal hotel rooms. >> okay. but i'm sort of missing the distinction, if it's myç place -- if it's not my place it's between me and the landlord and not you and the state of new york. if it's my place why shouldn't i want anyone over on the terms i choose? >> again if it's a single family home double family home, fine. if it's an apartment, it's not your place, it's the landlord who owns the place and your neighbors have rights, also. so you are not allowed to have people come and move in without your being there for less than 30 days. >> right. >> that's the law. that's actually been the law since 1911, -- 2011. >> sometimes it's worth reassessing why we have go up the mental attic see why
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it's up there. is it still worth having. >> the complaints are not coming from neighbors so much. that can be handled more locally than statewide. hospitality industry that seized a threat from air b and b and sites like it. they have taken money from politicians. i don't know whether you have but lots of politicians have because they don't want competition. >> complaints come from people who live in the buildings. 80-year-old said there are strangers with keys coming in and out of my building. i'm scared. people who say our children can't run around the hallways anymore because we don't know who is coming in and out. landlords who say i'm tryi%g to stop this and i can't get my arms around it. so, in fact, the complaints that drove the legislation i passed in 2010 and the complaints that drove the legislation that just passed this year increasing fines has been driven by real life people living in apartments here in new york city. >> well, you make an entirely fair point. i have to say. i wouldn't like thatat all. so, yeah, no.
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i get it? >> people put their life savings into buying a condominium. moving their families in and suddenly discover that somebody has set up illegal hotel arrangement in the apartments around them. you know, there is a reason why there are different standards for hotels. increased security. more levels of egress to come and go. higher fire standards. because there is more people coming and going. residential buildings aren't designed for this purpose. and, of course, as more and more units come off the market, in a city like new york, where we're desperate for affordable housing, it's actually having the impact of raising everybody's rent and making it tougher for people who live here. >> oh, come on. >> and find some place else to live. >> you convinced me on the first part. i didn't expect to be won over but you won me over. but on the cost of living in new y]rk city that is a lot your fault. rent control makes apartment space more scarce than it would otherwise be. i don't know a single person with a rent controlled
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apartment in new york city who is not rich. it's not helping the poor you know that because you live in the upper east side. >> rent control is a small program at this time at this point. only people who have been in the apartment basically before 1947? or rent stabilized. >> average household and rent stabilized is earthquake about 30, 32,000 a year. it's not the rich. there is not one apartment that's been built since 1974, under rent stabilization. where the landlord developer said i want to be in the program. they don't have to be. they chose to be. to get a tax reduction. >> right. so the public is subsidizing. this you know as well as i. i know the neighborhood you live. in do you know people who live in rent stabilized apartments. i know do you because everybody does in new york city. that's totally unfair. it does make everyone else's rent go up. why not get rid of that? because it doesn't help. >> it's a separate question than the air bnb question. >> you raised scarce city so
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there you divoncht scarce city has lots of answers and solutions. in a perfect world where we have the model of rent regulation,ç no. but in a city where over a million people who would have nowhere else to go would actually end up losing their apartments if we did away with regulation, that's not an option for us. we need to preserve affordable housing, which includes not allowing air bnb illegal hoteling to take apartments off the market. we need to try to build more affordable housing throughout the five burrows, but none of this is going to get done overnight and illegal hoteling is making it worse. >> and more jobs that aren't necessarily finance industry, stew. you got me. if i was living in an apartment building with a bunch of randoms with keys in the hallway i wouldn't like it either. senator, thanks for joining me. it was interesting. >> thanks for having me, tucker. ♪ >> now it's time for twitter form the nightly forecast of social media's most inat the bus stop weather patterns. it was a stormy day on twitter today. ivanka trump got it off to a
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rough start. showed up at jfk today, the airport and got on to a jetblue flightfullying in coach. twitter user matt wrote this ivanka flying in commercial. my husband chased them to harass them this man wrote. husband went on to do just that tmz reported he beratedç the future first daughter and her kids on the flight and in front of a bunch of people. exiter had mixed reactions according to political party not surprisingly. joe matar i support the verbal harassment of donald trump, ivanka trump and anyone else related to the trump family or administration. i bet you a thousand dollars joe matar describes himself as tolerant open-minded person. he reveals otherwise. ivanka trump flies jetblue question mark? she does. liberal tweeted this liberals class war earliers are by ivanka trump travels
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on comernl airline? let that sink in. >> love trumps hate w they go low we go higher. >> i'm a liberal and what happened to ivanka trump is disgusting. she is not her father. don't harass random people. get that tattooed on your arm joe matar. >> please put matt lasner. proud of himself accosting a mom with kids. fascist left exposing itself. bill wrote as mattç lasner i thought women but intolerant liberals like you. tmz reports that ivanka landed in san francisco, switched over to private plane. apparently prearranged. had nothing to do with the incident on jetblue. that's tonight's twitter storm. coming up next, cnn anchor help make a racially divisive hoax go viral on the internet? it certainly looks that way.
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we have details coming up. also, the suspect in the berlin christmas market massacre is still at large on the run. americans fear a similar could happen here. sebastian gorka has answers next. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. what bad knee?u'll ask what throbbing head?
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>> well a video went viral yesterday of two men being kicked off a delta flight allegedly for speaking in arabic. that was their claim. there is some problems with the story though. first up, one of the men is a youtube prankster known for these types of pranks designed to show how racist americans are another problem, delta and other passengers on the plane dispute the story. vehemently.
4:23 pm
here is part of the video that went viral. watch. >> we're getting kicked out because we spoke a different language. this is 2016. 2016. look. delta airlines are kicking us out. >> he went on to hector all the other passengers that didn't do anything wrong. here is what they had to say after they were kicked off the flight. >> no prank at all. >> while we're in there and getting accused and people telling us they need to leave right now. we felt like we were tastes. looking at each other laughing. >> as we noted, that video went everywhere on the internet yesterday and was swallowed whole by virtually everyone in the press confirmed suspicions that america, outside of washington, new york, and l.a. is racist and retrograde. partly because cnn media critic brian stelzer retweeted it without checking to see if it was true. joining success a media report at the hill newspaper and he has been following this since the beginning. joe, i was a little confused by. this because i'm familiar with who brian sellser is, i
4:24 pm
have known him since he was in college. he was the guy jumping up and down about other news organizations are irresponsible. before you tweet something out check and recheck. that's journalism double-checking to make sure it's true. it seems he had a hand in disseminating a hoax. >> i have to correct you there, tucker. actually the quote is on one of his shows a couple weeks ago we need a new rule for the web triple check before you share. if you do a 10 second google search on who adam saleh is, this prankster you just outlined, it would show that he does this sort of thing. is he a professionalç hoaxer, he has done this with airlines before. the source is already highly questionable. when somebody like that shares that video and shares it without context who this person. it gives the story legs. gives it legitimacy, helps it go viral more and most importantly it, basically is hurting american businesses because trending on twitter
4:25 pm
yesterday was boycott delta. singers like olivia wild saying never fly this airline again. i never quoted winston churchill i'm going to do it now. a lie can go halfway around the world before the gets its pants on. even if the story is dewunk it's impossible to put the toothpaste back in the tube. this has already hurt delta irreparable. >> check this guy for one second on google it was like tiawain brally accusing you of assault. let's put up in case our viewers haven't seen it some performance from brian stelzer on fake news one of his favorite topics. >> fake news has become a plague on the web and especially on socialç networks like facebook there are so many unreliable sources about this election. so we need a new rule for the web. triple check before you share.
4:26 pm
>> this is a guy who said there were hundred drildz of swastikas being painted on a building. i was convinced he wanted to be hillary's press secretary. that's fine. he has a political point of view. is he a progressive. is he activist. how does he get to pose as a media critic on purportedly nonpartisan news station. >> let me give that you quote first, tucker. i found it remarkable. he said about trump supporters six days after trump was elected. we are seeing hundreds of swastikas. racist language, assault or bullying across the country. this has been disproofn completely. no one can verify anything around hundreds of swastikas or hundreds of people being beaten around the country did. brian stelzer apologize? no. did he retract? no. was there any accountability from management? no. you have inmates running the asylum and that's the problem here. i say a new year's resolution, tucker, basically journalists that purport to be straight news reporters, like had you kirk
4:27 pm
eicken wald last week you proved him to be advocate. brian stelzer should change the name ofç his show countdown with brian sellser. conservative media bias calling out trump every turn. people will respect the fact is he being transparent. >> that's exactly right it wouldn't bother me. if npr would pretend to not be bias. cnn has not responded? seems like irony of a guy decrying fake news. have they retracted his we did the? have they apologized for it and corrected record at all. >> you can go on twitter and see that is still up. doing damage. still retweeting it out stelzer standing by it only trying to point out the virality. that's why fake news is dangerous and hurts american business, tucker. >> thanks a lot, joe. i appreciate it.
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well, here is something new, women in the marine corps now have different fitness standards from their male counterparts. new rule will allow women to dodge the flexed arm hang and pull ups in favor of pushups if the women decide to do pull-ups they have to do fewerç than men do. men between the ages of 24 and 35, 23 pull-ups which is a ton more than i could do. women in the same age group 10. there is a catch. if you choose pushup. 70 out of 100. pull-ups 100. those points can effect future promotions but again they do not effect the nature of the wars that the marine corps has to fight. marine corps study found just 45% of women in boot camp can complete three pull-ups you get the point. new politically correct version of baby it's cold outside. two people behind the song are here. stay tuned ♪ baby i'm cool with that
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♪ this evening has been ♪ i'm hoping you get home safe ♪ so very nice ♪ i'm glad you had a real good time ♪ my mother will start to worry
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♪ this holiday, the real gift isn't what's inside the box... it's what's inside the person who opens it. give your loved ones ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can tell them where they came from -by revealing their ethnic mix. it's a gift as original as they are. order now at
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. worry ♪ hey what's in this drink. >> had to be had out there ♪ i wish i knew how ♪ your eyes are like stars right now ♪ break the spell ♪ i'll take your hat your hair looks swell ♪ i should say no, no, no.
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>> that, of course, the classic christmas song "baby it's cold outside" written during the second world war. it's 70 years later that means someone somewhere found something to be offended about. some say lyrics have creepy offensive overtones. new version was penned with updated lyrics, here it is ♪ what's in thisç drink ♪ la croix ♪ i wish i knew how to break this spell ♪ i don't know what you're talking about ♪ i have to say no, no, no no sir ♪ you would have the right to say no ♪ at least i'm going to say that i tried ♪ you deserve the right. >> singers and song writers you just saw lydia liza and josiah lemanski. thanks for joining us. >> hi, tucker. thank you for having us. >> you have great voices and i listened to your song about five times. you are obviously really talented. what was wrong with the original version? why not just sing that? seems a little better to me. why didn't you?
4:34 pm
>> yeah. the original version we don't -- i mean, it's fine we do like the original version as well. the thing is just that listening to it in our generation's context is definitely different from the 1940's context. >> yeah. >> sounds different to different ears. >> what do you mean by that? sounds different is not good in this case i have the feeling or you wouldn't have rewritten it. >> we have rewritten it just as like a fun thing to do between us. >> yeah. >> we weren't necessarily offended by the first version. we just were listening through it and we were like that doesn't sound so great when you take all the music away and the history ofç it. today it sounds pretty creepy. >> pretty creepy. you are young people. you live in the modern world. you hear hip hop and rap. explicit references to rape. encouragement to rape is really common in that music. >> that's true. >> have you rewritten any of lil' wayne or anything? >> we're completely aware of
4:35 pm
that, too. it wasn't necessarily an attack on anything. >> yeah. >> really? >> it was fun and seemed context gal because it's christmas time and the song was on the radio allot. we don't agree with those types of lyrics at all and songs like that. we don't condemn that at all. we weren't really out to change the whole world on this. >> yeah. or get rid of the original at all. we just wanted to update it to new ears. you know. >> so the critique has been that you made it less romantic, that while consent is obviously essential and i don't think anyone would contest that, explicit legalistic consent is maybe less romantic than say implication or nuances. do you see that. >> yeah. we did it on purpose. i mean, we were trying to be like militant and funny about it. it was especially the part where he says you reserve the right to say no twice. >> no one is going to say thatç in a regular conversation. we know that. >> what do i know? i'm 47. >> let's be weird. >> does it seem like we are in the middle?
4:36 pm
it's always important to remember that we are in anner are a, no matter where we are living or when, we are in a moment, maybe our current moment is a moral panic of a sort where people are very easily offended. and a twitter and a lot of pearl clutching going on about this or that offensive statement. >> yeah. >> do you feel that or do you notice that. >> i totally agree with you on that in the pc cops kind of stuff like that really is going on right now. people are offend dollars because we are having -- we are trying to have some conversations at once with like the oversaturation of media and stuff. it's hard to focus on one thing at a time. and so everyone gets upset about a lot of things at once because there is a ton to be upset about. >> there is a lot of information. >> what do you think? all kinds of traditional children songs if you look at them through the lens that a lot of people are looking at this song through it's easy to get offended. yankee doodle dandy whip the girls be handy. is that adding to rape culture or mary had a little lamb? is that insensitive to the
4:37 pm
animal rights people? does it feel that way? >> you know, i wouldn't necessarily say that that's, you know, offensive or promotingç rape, but i think it can't hurt to zeus update it you know, just update it to a different song, if you want to. let's have some fun with it. >> so yankee doodle got the girl's consent before getting handy with her sort of thing? >> not necessarily. >> kids, everyone is afraid of what the kids are listening to. they want to make sure they are listening to good, wholesome stuff. >> right. >> sometimes it can be taken differently than how other kids take it making one version good example. couldn't necessarily hurt. >> you are familiar with the son farra fair jocka. he is asleep and the doesn't wake up. a little insensitive to narcotic helnarcoleptics.
4:38 pm
>> no. >> i wanted to see. we are on the same page. as much as i'm making fun it because i think it needs to be made fun of you are obviously very talented and i appreciate you coming on. >> thank you, tucker. >> berlin terror attack causing new fears here in the u.s. what is being done toç keep us safe? what did the germans do wrong if anything.lose stacy next. touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis.
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taltz may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection or have symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz. including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. now's your chance at completely clear skin. just ask your doctor about taltz.
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for over 100 years like kraft has,natural cheese you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay... fox news learned a massive international manhunt underway at this hour for suspects to truck into berlin christmas market killing 12 people and injuring dozens more including two americans. known to intelligence agencies, reportedly was on the american no-fl notify list. similar attacks could happen in europe and throughout the united states.
4:43 pm
here is terror expert sebastian gorka thank you for joining us. >> absolutely, tucker. >> how did it happen? >> it's not the police. it's the politicians. the security services knew this guy was a bad guy. that's why he is on our list to in fly. he was convicted of arson in italy, spent if you are years in prison. he has an recordç for assault known to be associated with isis. statements he has made. there is simply toward jihadiy ideology. this guy was meant to be deported from germany. but the tunisias where he came in said no, we don't want him. you can keep him. the political decision was is he to be released. >> this happens in the united states all the time where we attempt to deport someone and the person -- the country of origin says no thanks, worry not interested either and the person remains here at some point a political backlash to this. nobody thinks the last
4:44 pm
terror attack is going to take place in germany. >> there has to be some kind of response. the politicians have to pay the price of this. this is going to happen again and again and again. we have had brussels and paris twice. just now breaking news in australia. they planned the largest plot for australia christmas day. global, america, international and it is going to increase. >> if you let people into your country who hate you, why would you be surprised when they act against you and would do our elite think that that statement is so controversial and defensive? >> the question is do you allow ideology to trump national security? and that's what these politicians have said. right? multiculturalism is moreç important than being safe than when you go to the christmas market in berlin. that's really what they are saying. >> no evidence the public agrees in any country. >> brexit, in my opinion, is a response to this. the trump train is a response to this. we reject multiculturalism and moral -- we want to have sovereignty. we want to have borders.
4:45 pm
the war is an expression of common sense national security measures. >> so, just to be clear, there is a distinction between multi-culturallism which is unsustainable. lots of cultures at war each other. multiethnic. >> absolutely american. >> correct. >> but the idea that we have to sit and allow people to come in, who hate our culture and we're not allowed to say anything about it, is that a new idea? >> tolerance of intolerance is suicide for a nation. right? either a nation -- the word nation means something and has contented or it doesn't. and if it doesn't, you let everybody in. including those who wish to destroy what you historically stood for. because europe has lost this battle, really. i mean, this is why brexit occurred. what does europe stand for today? does it stand for christiandom? does it stand for western civilization? probably say probably not. >> interesting.ç so, there was another apparently plot foiled in
4:46 pm
australia. >> so the prime minister just made an announcement very recently, he used interesting phrase, a multimodel attack, so probably sin controllized different methods of violence were plotted. multiple arrests. egyptian and other national lebanese. one egyptian as well. they have stated this is the largest plot they have intercepted in australia since 9/11. >> and it was plotted for christmas day? >> for christmas day, tucker. >> are authorities here concerned? >> absolutely. they have to be. look in the u.k., in europe, we now have armed police with automatic weapons protectinprotecting creshes, nay scenes, who we like it is a religious wore war. one side has declared war on christianity. isis, english jihadi manage screen called that issue break the cross and they had a photograph of a jihadi on
4:47 pm
top of the church pulling the cross down off the roof. doesn't get more explicit than that. >> ask any of the israelis who moved from france whether it's a religioá] war and they know it is which is why they left. >> dr. gorka thanks for coming on. >> merry christmas. >> you have seen correspondent mike tobin for years out on the streets for period operiod of time protests. did you know he would rather be on the top of a mountain? he just was. on top of the tallest mountain in the americas. he survived. zone next. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. for over 100 years like kraft has,natural cheese you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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time now for the friend zone where we invite our friends in the building here on fox on to the show. tonight we are joined by mike tobin. somebody you have watched for years onç television. is he in our chicago bureau. i know mike. i had no idea what an
4:51 pm
amazing and very accomplished outdoorsman he is. you climbed one of the tallest mountains in the world. i can't pronounce it in argentina. the largest mountains in americas? >> highest peak outside of the limb lay himalayas. >> known as mountain of death. 90 people have died on it many americans recently. what's it like? >> there are s. a whole graveyard for people who didn't take the mountain seriously. mountaineers and people around climbing tend to give pretty dramatic names to the different mountains. when i claimed the ager murder face and climb past death bevwek. there is not a lot of verdict call drop severe altitude. get up to 23,000 feet by the end. you start thinking of cruising altitude of jets. what you are getting close. dealing with climatization.
4:52 pm
that's particularly why i chose this mountain. i wanted to see how my mountain did above 20,000 feet. so far so good. it worked out pretty well. i climbed with a guy namedç gaspard. he was strong as a bull moose. we knocked out the summit. we burned all of our bad weather days. the mountain threw everything at us it possibly could. wind storms, snow storms, avalanches, everything but flying monkeys, but we were able to summit on our last possible day. >> so, at 23,000 feet people die and have dyed from pulmonary edema from not handling the altitude. you can't really know, can you, whether that's going to hit you. >> you can try to do things smart by going gradually into the altitude and also what i did ahead of time, i have this weirdo michael jacksonish tent that was delivered to my house. and we started reducing the oxygen in my bed about the month before i went to climb and got up to 12,000 feet
4:53 pm
and then we went up to base camp at 14,000 feet. i really didn't have many problems with the altitude. part of the effect of the bad weather is we got pinned down in certain camps and that slowed down our progress and more gradually introduced me to the altitude on this climb. >> i don't mean to playoff at you because i know it's serious and you could die if you screwed it up. you set up oxygen deprivation tent in your apartment? >> well, my house, yeah.ç my girlfriend called it the michael jackson tent. >> what did the neighbors think. >> my neighbors don't come into the bedroom. my girlfriend thought it was weird and poked a lot of fun at me. essentially what you do is you force poor quality oxygen into your bed while you are sleeping and that makes your body start kicking out red blood cells. the interesting thing now that i'm back at regular altitude it's hard to breathe. the air feels oppressive. i got used to the extreme altitude. you think it would be super charged like blood dropping. i get to the want to stairs and i'm a little bit winded.
4:54 pm
>> like living in beijing. is that a fox flag you have on the peak. >> what a profound company suck-up i am, huh? it's interesting. [ laughter ] >> you are a company man. >> the guy who gets the prime time show, huh? >> i would be dead if i attempted that mike tobin that is so impressive and so cool that you did that. i'm not coming with you on your next adventure but i'm impressed that you did it thanks a lot for coming on. >> thank you i'm glad to be on your show when it's not such heavy content all the time. >> this is the after dinner mint. this is the happy part. good to see you. >> what is the most pompous thing you heardç lately. "tucker carlson tonight" at is our email. we will read the best there is a lot to choose from and increasingly pompous world. stay tuned. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, designed to let couples
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>> and now today pomposity we ask what is the most pompous meaning lack of self-awareness, puffed up silly thing have you heard today a lot to choose from. what will the white house correspondents dinner look under president trump reporters begin to worry. reporters are actually worrying about the white house correspondent's dinner as you can imagine let me check with cnn and get back to you. maybe the brian stelzer program. kyle wrote ex-girlfriend once wrote pumpkin spiced lattes are once a symbol of white privilege. need to find a new girlfriend. anything that came out of keith olbermann's twitter mouth, hands down, that is true, he is theç king of that. joseph herbert tweeted this obama talking about his record and his legacy both of which you will not be surprised to know he gives an a. tomorrow as you choose the news, he tweeted important story to us tucker carlson and we will put it on the
5:00 pm
air. tune in every night at 7:00 for the sworn enemy of lying, pal pomposity, group think. don't forget to dvr us. "the o'reilly factor" is up next. don't miss that great show. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm juan williams in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. you are under siege from islamic terror and the threat to the u.s. homeland. the tunisiaen man behind this week's attack in berlin has ties to other islamic radicals and supposed to be deported from germany months ago. yet somehow he was still allowed to roam free there. intensifying calls in the u.s. what president-elect calls extreme vetting of refugees coming into this country.ç% >> over the 400 plus terrorist cas


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