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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 23, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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has been shot and killed in milan, italy. he is dead without a doubt. the interior minister saying there. >> that's how he phrased it in the news conference. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> have a merry christmas everybody. >> that's right. it is 6:00 here in new york city. we start with some breaking news. there are reports an airplane, a jetliner, a libyan flight on the way to tripoli was possibly hijacked. that's what it sounds like. has been diverted to malta. it has landed there safely. emergency crews are standing by. >> here's what we know. it's an airbus, a-320 with 118 people on board that plane. the two hijackers on the flight threatened to blow up the plane. >> all right. their demands not known yet. we're keeping a close eye on this. it's the wild west in libya we know. we'll keep you posted as we get more information. this is how i thought we were going to alert the show.
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we have another fox news alert. the suspected terrorist wanted in the christmas market massacre in berlin just shot and killed in italy. >> this comes amid a brand new isis holiday kill list. the targets, churches. all across the country here in the united states of america. >> here with the breaking details. he's been following this throughout the morning with heather. on both of these stories. connell. >> the worldwide man hunts for this terrorist. it has been confirmed. overnight, he was shot and killed. he got in a shootout with police in italy. he's wanted for the bloodbath in berlin. 12 people left dead as a result of that and he now is killed. this started as a routine traffic stop at a train station. they asked him for his i.d. when they asked him for i.d., he pulled out a gun from a backpack
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and he opened fire. shooting at the officers. so police fired back. one officer was hit but is expected to be okay. amri lived in italy but he lived in germany where he carried out the attack. we have chilling details of the attack. you see the truck barreling throughout entrance of the christmas market in berlin. just terrified shoppers seen in the video running for their lives. it comes amid this new threat. we talked about isis actually pledging to attack right here on american soil. they released this kill list, isis did, asking for lone wolves and sleeper cells to turn u.s. churches into a bloody horror movie. the names and the addresses of thousands of churches in the united states, in canada as well, france and the netherlands all on this list. churches right around christmas. now, the newest terror fear hitting a fever pitch here at home as well.
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you can expect beefed up security in major cities. this one, new york, is included. boston, chicago and others as well. so that's what's happening and it has been a very, very busy morning, guys. i guess at the top of the list, you have what -- a man the most wanted man in the world after the attack in berlin, he's dead this morning. >> thanks, connell. here's the big question. how did he get out of germany? is it really that easy. to go to italy. do you need i.d. to get on a train. you need that on amtrak. what i.d. did he have? you have the wild shootout in italy. why was he going back to italy? what connections did he have in italy? why did he feel so comfortable going there? >> i want to see the list of churches. if you're going to church, many of us do on christmas eve. >> sure. >> for the midnight mass. there's a list of churches they're targeting here in the united states. >> that's right. according to your point. the beauty, the enticement of the eu back in the day was so
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that you could travel from one country another and not be bothered with paperwork. that makes it so simple. apparently this particular guy was caught on closed circuit television going into a mosque. they figured he's in there now. they miss him. ultimately, he made his way to milan where he's dead now. >> by the way, an italian officer took a shot in the shoulder. injured. and the other one took him out. >> donald trump was tweeting yesterday about nuclear weapons. i don't know if it's because of what happened in berlin, if it's because he met with 12 people from the pentagon or lockheed and boeing. he said the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. >> you know why he said that? because earlier in the day vladimir putin said he was going to do something about nukes. putin said we need to strengthen the military potential of strategic nuclear forces,
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especially with missiles complexes that can reliably penetrate any existing ond prospective missile defense systems. you got putin saying we're going to beef up our nuclear facilities and what not. then you got trump tweeting out, you know what, we're going to do it too. take that putin. >> it's a response to putin saying we're the powerhouse here. >> when you look at the two checkbooks, we have the ability to do it. i'd like to see their checkbook. they're flat on their back broke. the -- >> take that, russia. >> this happens in the '80s. ronald reagan says i'm not talking. i'm going to sprint. we're neck and neck. this happens in 2016. people are saying, wait a second. if vladimir putin is going to upgrade. instead of begging him for a deal like we have been. let's show him we're willing to beef up what we have. among the people impressed with this tactic is charles krauthammer. >> what he's saying to the world
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and our own foreign policy establishment is we're not going to adhere to all the beliefs and the myths of the last 50 years, which is that more nukes are bad, less nukes are good. that is not always true and we're not going to be pursuing nuclear reduction agreements with the russians in the hungry way obama did and then end up with little and perhaps making us worse off. >> you got russia coming out earlier in the day, saying they're going to beef things up. donald trump using the twitter machine, 140 characters saying we will do the same thing. keep in mind, currently the united states has 5,000 warheads and russia has 5,400. >> really? >> we're off. >> jason miller said what are we talking about? he came out and got his -- he said he's just saying he's going to be looking to improve and modernize our deterrent capability. we've got this other problem
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called north korea who has nuclear capability. >> it's the all of the above strategy. meanwhile, have you noticed there are some people and we've been talking about it the last couple of weeks, can't get over the fact that donald trump was elected president of the united states. ivanka trump was on a jetblue flight at jfk heading for san francisco yesterday. i'm sure you've seen portions of the story. she was with her children. that's when they actually landed in san francisco. she and her husband jared and their three children. what started out as an innocent family trip out to hawaii turned an international story because a couple of new yorkers couldn't take the fact that donald trump was elected president of the united states. >> these two guys on board with a baby, they were walking down the aisle, saw ivanka sitting in coach -- >> there is no coach on jetblue. we're all equal. it's a society in which we all get on together. >> a lot of people were commenting, why isn't she on a private plane. >> to me it's not worth the
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extra leg room. >> he starts yelling your father is ruining the country. why is she on our flight. she should be flying private? >> apparently the guy, this lawyer, dan goldstein, a lefty. he was agitated. he was visibly shaken. the jetblue staff said let's take him off the flight. he and his husband were trying to portray themselves as victims. they wound up deleting their twitter feed. the husband is apparently an associate professor at hunter college and they're presenting themselves like they were the victims. there was a tweet that the husband put out, matt lass ner said ivanka and jared at jfk flying commercial my husband chasing them down to harass them. banality of evil. that shows intent. that shows they were out to make them uncomfortable. >> that means that they -- you're right.
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they wanted to feel like the victims. the first tweet makes it sound like they were berating them. >> in rebuttal. she was so calm during the process. matt lass ner came out and tweeted this out. ivanka and jared on our flight. my husband expressed displeasure in a calm tone. jetblue staff overheard and kicked us off. he said that guy is lying. how embarrassed are you at hunter college and you employ these clowns and they're embarrassing the -- >> one of them. >> they're embarrassing your entire -- even if you didn't vote for him. how is this proper conduct for a professor to be acting? this is this guy talking afterwards. >> that was my toss. >> about to be regretted -- was it a bad idea to do it in front of kids? >> he makes a good point.
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>> she's on the plane with her kids. they're berating her and harassing her. she is a registered independent. doesn't necessarily mean -- >> my point is, i'm sure -- anyway. >> the election is over. the daily -- anyway, jetblue bounced them off a flight, put them on the next one. >> why did they put them on the next one. they should be forced to walk everywhere. >> he had his kids. why would he want to act like that with his child? >> good question. the new york daily news said -- really hates trump. they say, this is extraordinary and an airplane is no place for the type of invective unleashed on ivanka trump. >> retraction tomorrow. >> even the lefty newspaper saying they were over the line. what were they thinking? >> by the way, i don't care if it's joe biden, jimmy carter. doesn't matter. that's not the way you act. >> it's manners. everyone nowadays is so mad at everyone and gets -- feel like
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they can yell at cab drivers because they're never going to see them again. where are your manners, people? >> use an example. jackie with the headlines. go ahead, jackie, you go ahead and talk for a while. >> you guys have manners. i appreciate that. >> you at home, you have manners. thanks for being here. we're getting a glimpse at the story we brought you yesterday. between police and a potential terror suspect in florida. look at this. deputies confronting the suspect at his home in newport richie when he suddenly attacks the officers, grabbing for a gun. >> got my gun. police were doing a welfare check after the suspect's mother called a relative saying she was afraid to be around her own son. earlier, he had attacked the father after they confronted him about a smell in his room. so far investigators have not
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found the -- a fox news alert. two massive international terror plots we're following this morning targeting busy areas packed with people stopped overnight. first in australia, seven wannabe islamic extremists including this guy here. they've been arrested thank goodness. police say the group was planning a series of christmas day bombings including at a church. in germany, two brothers are also locked up at this hour accused of planning a deadly attack at a shopping center. the obama administration doing away with the program that required immigrant men from muslim nations to register with the federal government. this amid speculation over whether the incoming donald trump administration may try to renew it. the program was formed after the terror attacks on september 11th. president obama suspended that program in 2011. the department of homeland security put out a notice yesterday officially removing what it called "out dated regulations." odell beckham jr. showing
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the frustration all giants fans are feeling, banging his head against the wall of the visitors tunnel after they failed to clinch a playoff spot. they lost to the eagles last night. that isn't the only thing the star receiver lost. apparently that wasn't the story what brian told me. the nfl fining him 18,000 bucks for wearing these cleats to honor the late sports broadcaster craig sager. brian has the actual story. >> 2419. >> that's what i metropolitan to say. >> the big story is, too, the dallas cowboys have clinched the division. >> good for them. >> poor eli. coming up friday, anthony bourdain -- is cooking up controversy this morning. why he says he will never eat in one of donald trump's restaurants coming up. >> i wonder how donald trump will take the news. talk about a holy stroller. >> holy stroller.
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because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car. president-elect donald trump flexing his negotiating muscles work to go make better deals for americans and save money. >> trying to get costs down,
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costs. primarily the f-35. trying to get the cost down. we had the -- boeing, looking to cut tremendous amount of money off of it. it's a dance. it's a little bit of a dance. but we're going to get the costs down and we're going to get it down beautifully. >> well, from carrier, saving jobs there to boeing and lockheed martin, is mr. trump changing the presidential paradigm as not commander in chief but negotiator in chief. >> brad glick man is here to talk about this. >> good morning. >> yesterday, trump tweeted out, based on the tremendous cost and cost overruns to lockheed martin f-35. i've priced out a super hornet. what's he doing? it sounds like he's playing one company against the other company to get a better deal. >> that's what businessmen do. that's what presidents should be doing. donald trump is setting the tone. he may be speaking to a few
3:18 am
companies, but in tult actuality, he's speaking to a few companies. we're getting a good deal for the taxpayer. donald trump will expect every cabinet person and every political appointee and every government employee, civil servant to put america first. make sure we're getting a good deal and attentive to cost overruns and contracts. why shouldn't the president be involved? he won't be a micro manager but he's setting a tone to make sure there's accountability. >> when you say he's not going to be a micro manager. he's not going to go through the great big official budget and go page by page but he's setting an example by what he's doing so that the people who head up the various departments. what's the message that the pentagon is getting from this, hey boeing, how much would a jet be from you? >> absolutely. what they're doing is shopping it around, exactly what they should do. the large industrial complexes
3:19 am
are sometimes sole source vendors and sometimes they have to subcontract even where the competitors for the large contracts. you get paid no matter what. donald trump is saying, wait a second, everybody is entitled to make a fair profit but not a huge profit at the expense of the american people because we don't have other option when is bidding products. we're not going to go overseas, we want to use american companies. >> i was talking to somebody who didn't vote for trump but was impressed with it saying it looks like there's a new sheriff in town. things are going to be different in washington, d.c. going forward. >> as a taxpayer, isn't that what we want. we want a bang for your buck. we're looking for the best product at the cheapest price. but we're not going to settle for a product that is not in keeping with what our needs are. donald trump is going to be fighting for america every day and that's what we're missing in this country is the leadership and the tone and the
3:20 am
responsibility. >> there you go. >> all right. thanks for joining us from phoenix. he's out there with his family for christmas. thank you very much and merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. >> it's 6:20 in new york city. you've heard of a sanctuary city. but what about a sanctuary country? one just voted unanimously to become a destination for illegals. where is it? we'll tell you. brian takes his celebrity stroll to holy heights when he hits 5th avenue with cardinal dolan and wait until you see what happens. what could possibly go wrong?
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♪ ♪ ♪
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we have headlines for you now. celebrity chef anthony bourdain says he will never eat at any restaurant owned by president-elect donald trump. he took to twitter and said i am not boycotting anything. i choose to not patronize chefs who tacitly support deporting
3:24 am
half the people they've never worked with. >> woods posted this shirtless photo of himself on twitter with a white goatee in the caption christmas tradition that my kids love. mac daddy santa is back. >> he really likes donald trump. they've been friends for years. >> it's a special time. i get to introduce my latest celebrity. probably my most enjoyable. sorry sammy hagar. the weather outside is frightful. it's time to skip lunch and take a walk with him. two days before christmas, i was blessed to take a walk with a truly holy stroller, timothy cardinal dolan, the archbishop of new york. let's walk. ♪ hallelujah ♪
3:25 am
>> normally on our strolls, i talk about i go to -- this is the time when the guest greets me. we're privileged to have with us cardinal dolan inside st. patrick's cathedral. a place i never thought i would be allowed to go to. a blessed christmas to all of you. >> you have the poinsettias out. >> here we cheat a little. we know that the people are here already. the spirit of christmas. >> the doors are always open. >> the spiritual version of the rockettes. >> i wouldn't use that analogy but you can. >> that would be the chair. the only person that would sit there would be myself. it's comfortable, too. you want to try it? >> i don't think i'm worthy. >> neither am i. >> we put ours up a little early. except who is missing? >> i think the baby jesus. >> i'm seeing a family looking at this and they say, but something is missing.
3:26 am
and of course, they -- i thought, that became my christmas homily. that's the message of christmas. something is missing in our lives. and that's god. and christmas, of course, we reclaim him because he became one of us. >> what would i see in 2003, 2005, what would have been different? here we are in 2016. >> that was the way it was when i got here in 2009. first of all, it was dark, it was dirty, it was damp. >> that of course, is the symbol of the holy name of jesus. we didn't know that was there. it was covered with soot. >> wow. >> when they restored all that, it just sort of brought it all back. >> cardinal, as i've noticed, people have taken your picture wherever you go. >> now they're taking yours. could i get the sense of what it's like being cardinal dolan on fifth avenue? >> if i'm dressed like a priest, people recognize me and i love
3:27 am
it. people will come up and say hello. they're from all over the world. in general, i love it. i love it when that happens. >> let's go outside. >> brian, i'm glad they didn't ask me to -- our morning workout. >> you can handle it. i don't know if i could. >> this is what it's all about. >> let's take a walk. the hardest adjustment for you. this is what i'm talking about. you can't just be -- you're never tim dolan. >> that's all right. i don't want to be. i want to be the people can in some way see jesus through me. >> i've only seen you mad twice. >> the u.s. secretary said the bishops have been against health care. malarkey. we've been at it since 1919. >> the only other time i stay angry is when the e-mail leaked out about, from democratic transmissions back and forth that says there needs to be a catholic spring in which catholics demand an end of
3:28 am
middle -- >> if it had been said about the jewish community or the islamic community, within ten minutes there would have been an apology and a complete distance from those remarks. hasn't happened yet. that got my irish up, too. i thought it showed leaders in the democratic party and traditionally so many catholics have been loyal to the democratic party. it showed leadership in the democratic party that i thought were extraordinarily insensitive. >> as we hear the bells in the backdrop, it's christmastime. >> yep. thank god. i love it. >> christmas season, a special time. no doubt about it in this country. on this fifth avenue, a lot of the protests after the election. two blocks away, the president, 50% of the country didn't vote for him. how would you characterize this time in america and what would you say to everyone out there on christmas? >> you know what's going to be said. when i come into this cathedral
3:29 am
on christmas eve for midnight mass, there's going to be s.w.a.t. teams. in a house of peace, we have to have but that reflects the trouble that's going on. but is that not the message of christmas? at the darkest time of the year, at the time when we're tempting to be filled with doubt and discouragement, we're reminded that ultimately light trumps darkness. goodness is going to have the last word over evil. that's a powerful christmas message. we need a little christmas. >> what a nice guy. excellent interview. >> you need to be there. he's such a natural. i hope someone doesn't take this wrong. he's a natural talk show host. he could do a show by himself. a little bit later, we talk so much more. chris white did a great job condensing it to four minutes. we have more sound bites from our stroll. >> i love that he addresses
3:30 am
politics. i love that he showed us the christmas message in the manger. they don't put jesus there until christmas eve. he took us inside a beautiful cathedral. a lot of folks haven't been to new york. they don't know what it's like. >> they put $177 million in to updates. they have things we can identify with. leaky pipes, windows need to be cleaned. he had to supervise that and be a contractor. >> the scaffolding on the outside, how long has it been up, ten years maybe? >> it was up for a long time. i will tell you this, i know a number of prominent catholics who raised a lot of money to restore st. pat's to the pristine glory. it's beautiful just in time for kiss ma christmas. >> a popular restaurant chain refusing service to officers and you might be going there over christmas. >> you never know what happens on "fox and friends." you might even get a message
3:31 am
from shaq. >> or a massage. >> wait a second. >> i meant massage. >> sorry about that. >> the best moments of 2016. ♪ my heart beats one hundred thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. oh, that's graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless...
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back here with a fox news alert.
3:34 am
the latest on the reports of a hijacked plane. two hijackers reportedly taking control of a libyan flight threatening to blow it up. >> as you can see, it has been diverted to the island of malta off the coast of italy. security officials rushing to the scene and are now on standby trying to figure out what they want. >> like the 1980s again. what they want, not yet known. we'll bring you the details as the demands are voiced. >> potential hijacking now in malta. >> heading for tripoli. >> we'll keep you posted on that. 26 minutes before the top of the hour on this day before the day before christmas. >> tomorrow is christmas eve, you're right. >> i know. officials in oregon county vote unanimously to become a sanctuary county. portland -- a county has been acting as an unofficial safe zone for illegal immigrants and
3:35 am
refugees. county commissioners say they wanted to get something official on the books. mr. trump would cut funding to all sanctuary cities. it's about time. the u.s. government reportedly now asking select foreign visitors to hand over their social media accounts. travelers arriving in the u.s. on the visa waiver program are given the option to provide their facebook, twitter and other social media pages. the new policy comes as washington tries to improve ability to spot people with ties to terrorist groups like isis. law enforcement officers turned away from the cheesecake factory. listen to this. the restaurant chain now apologizing after threats of boycott after six uniformed corrections officers were refused services at a washington location. they were told to leave because they were carrying weapons. the cheesecake factory allows uniformed officers to carry their guns. star college basketball
3:36 am
player gray son allen suspended by duke university following his latest tripping incident. the guard earning a technical foul after stretching out his leg to conveniently trip the opponent. allen drawing a temper tantrum when the coach benched him for the rest of the first half. he couldn't even look at reporters in the locker room after this. >> i'm not proud of it. i just need to move on. >> this is the third time he's tripped an opponent. knows are your headlines. >> what a meltdown. he's suspended indefinitely. coach k wants to try to work with him. my goodness, what the heck is that. >> not his first time either. >> third time. >> jackie, thank you very much. well, as i mentioned a moment ago, today is the day before the day before christmas. we're almost to the end of the year and you know what every tv news show does toward the end of the year. >> bloopers? >> some of them do. we have those every day.
3:37 am
>> this is our chance to look back. >> this is what we have rehearsals for. >> this is the best of 2016. >> thank you, santa or mrs. clause. >> ho ho ho. >> let's take a look. >> you got to get dressed. >> come on, come on. go. >> live from new york city. this is "fox and friends." 2016 is here. mornings still are better with friends. >> again, you should have your clothes on. >> your new rule for 2016? >> please get dressed everyone. >> you got to put something on eventually. >> get dressed. >> going to need a bigger couch. >> for what? >> more people will come. >> want to officially welcome our friend ainsley earhardt to the curvy couch. >> it's wonderful to be here. >> and that is why i never dance on television.
3:38 am
>> i never thought i would be dancing with cedric. >> we will rock you. ♪ ♪ >> i said hey craig, how would you like to write a "fox and friends" jingle? >> only get my news from "fox and friends." >> i want to talk to "fox and friends." >> any time anyplace. >> >> do you have time for breakfast? >> probably not. >> take a look who is in the
3:39 am
kitchen? >> you cooking for me back there, brother? >> let's go. >> today is the first day of the republican national convention. >> cleveland rocks. >> cleveland rocks. >> welcome to the south philly sports complex. >> tonight is the first presidential debate. >> i brought you guys with me too. >> karl rove arrives. you're probably better off walking. >> we're going to take the pulse of the people at diners all across america. >> i actually kind of feel like the guy fieri of fox. diners, drive-ins and doocy. >> do you know how to pound a chicken? sniem i lo love too.
3:40 am
>> that sounds personal. >> does this come with a heart surgeon? >> having a great -- mornings are better with -- >> friends. >> whose idea to take their shirts off? >> i don't think we brought shirts. >> wait a s.e.c. >> you jumped over shaq. but you never jumped over steve doocy. >> today is hug a news person day. >> we're live. >> look at the prompter. tell me what's wrong. >> well, it says brain where somebody has not -- >> i'm glad this is a rehearsal. >> judge napolitano. just picked him up in an indy
3:41 am
car. >> what's your favorite morning show? >> "fox and friends." >> we would just like to thank you all for watching once again for making us the world's number one cable morning news show. that's it for today. thank you very much for joining us. bye, have a great day. >> man, that was a fast year. >> megan mcdonald, so good. >> she is great. >> can you believe it's been a year? >> no. >> i can't wait until 2017 though. >> all the conventions are over, the debates are over, the election is over. that was a crazy year. >> then this month, the inauguration and the super bowl, we're all going. >> road trip. road trip. >> reminded me. i went to buy my wife a birthday present using the indy car. i went over to the polilace a bk away and got her a world's greatest wife trophy.
3:42 am
>> better than the shot glass. >> getting more use out of the shot glass. anyway, thanks to you for making us number one. we know you have a lot of channels to watch. thank you. >> thank you so much. we love you all. >> all right. meanwhile, still ahead, groundbreaking treatments for cancer could be on the market soon. american taxpayers could be in the middle of the deal. how would that work? >> how do you work the gadgets under the tree? >> we could have brand new wireless headphones. >> we say happy birthday to actress susan lucci. >> you and susan sitting in a tree. >> pucker up. >> what a way to end the show! that looks so real. >> how could i forget. >> what did your wife think about that? >> she doesn't watch the show. >> look at the eyebrow raise.
3:43 am
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groundbreaking new treatment for cancer could come to the market soon. but it could also come at a high cost to you, the taxpayer. kite farma -- it's sparking debate as to whether taxpayers are on the hook for helping with a drug that could end up unaffordable to most patients. dr. sapphire is a radiologist
3:46 am
and joins us now to talk about this. good morning, doctor. >> good morning. thanks for having me today. >> it sounds like a great idea. is it a good idea? >> absolutely. they're one of the three leading contenders racing currently to bring this novel technology to everyone. what it is, essentially amino therapy shlg it's not just another way to treat cancer, it has a potential to cure types as little as one dose. very commonly, we have a private sector who is a temgt to go bring the technology to the market and they need to work in collaboration with some of our experts, universities and hospital systems to test the safety and efficacy of the medications. most of the systems are under the $32 billion budget from the national institutes of health and so that is where you're seeing some taxpayers' dollars helping bring the medications to the market. >> i've lost a lot of my family members to cancer. it's the one thing in our family that continuously hits us pretty hard. so i would pay millions of
3:47 am
dollars if i had it to help fight cancer or find a cure for cancer. i know that i was doing research, the company that's doing this, the first to market new treatment. their stock is worth $170 million. the critics are saying the owner of the company, the stock market are making a lot of money off o. the americans are paying for the research and the development and then if you needt you have to pay again. are critics on point with that? do you agree with them? >> essentially, the nih does not take equity in the companies. once it comes to market, the profits stay with the private sector. nominal going back to the government. we see the medications come out and they're price gouged. a lot of the insurance companies won't cover them and patients can't afford them. patients could get well and they can't afford them, so they end
3:48 am
up dying? >> we have a lot of treatments saving many lives as we mentioned before. cancer deaths on the decline. with the implementation of the -- we've started groundbreaking thinking on how do you solve this. by indirectly decreasing billions of dollars of research and developments by the pharmaceutical companies we'll bring the treatments to the market in a less expensive way faster, saving more lives quicker. >> how far are we from maybe making the drugs free or making them more affordable for the insurance companies? >> free, i don't think that's going to happen. we live in a free enterprise market. arbitrarily capping markets is not necessarily the right thing to do either. that's the way america is based on. we definitely should not be decreasing funding to our nation's top scientists because we all suffer if we do that. >> will patients get a discount since they've put money into research? >> that's going to have to go through -- we're going to use the cures act to decrease how
3:49 am
much it cost toss bring these to the market. if we're increasing price competition, they will become more affordable. >> good deal. thank you, doctor. good to see you again. next hour, he was named the white house press secretary, sean spicer is here. you've seen the commercial for the amazon echo. kurt the cyberguy has put it to the text. >> alexa, play christmas music. >> here's a station for christmas music. holiday favorites. ♪ >> there it goes. cartels, militias, terrorist groups. they all need a place to park their cash and cherna is their dirty little piggy bank. we're going to insert into the country while nobody is looking. we're going to steal their money, sir? no, we are going to destroy it.
3:50 am
we're going to finish this mission. anything we find is ours. do you want to trust a bunch of black water marks? i mean the rush, i've never felt anything like it. if we stay here we're going to die. then we die.
3:51 am
3:52 am
last month we ran a story about a man. we stated that austin christ was suspected of voting of voting under his deceased grandmother's name. he says his grandmother is alive. there were claims that he may have had a gun. it turned out not to be true.
3:53 am
we apologize to mr. christ and his grandmother. amazon echo. we are looking for a set of batteries. today's most anticipated gifts are hands free, wire free and over the top. how do they work? >> our cyber guy is here to show us. good morning. >> are you ready for christmas? >> i am ready. you opened the greatest tech gifts under the tree. what are they? these are so hot. this is the apple air pods. everybody talked about apple's wireless ear buds. they released on monday without telling anybody. they are clambering. you simply pull them out of the box and you open up the little container and it will
3:54 am
automatically catch up with these. listen how these sound as i jump onto the next one. that the left. that's the right. grab those and i'll move onto this thing. it will be a hot gift not for a lot but for many. this right here, apple watch, so so simple. everybody gets one of these at some point. you go through the arm screen prompts. it will say english, united states and start pairing. it's three steps. you'll see this little thing. you point it at it and you open up the watch app and it gets to know your phone to your watch. it's that simple. not hard. everybody wonders, what do i do now that i have got the watch. this is sold out until january 30th. >> i bought them all. >> alexa echo.
3:55 am
>> all right. show us how it works. >> it's like what doesn't it do? you can do things like alexa, wikipedia fox and friends. >> it is a news show that airs on fox news channel. >> and how about this. alexa, what's the weather in columbia south carolina today? >> alexa, what's the weather in columbia, south carolina today. >> today's forecast has mostly sunny weather with high of 56 degrees. >> you want to know two key things, one is to shut her up.
3:56 am
don't mean to be rude but you want to be able to say alexa give me our flash news. >> today -- >> alexa stop. >> so it's great if you have babysitters coming into your house. they can play christmas music for my daughter or toddler music for her. if you get it you can turn the volume up and down this way. i always have alexa turn the volume down. alexa turn the volume up. >> if some stranger try to use your echo. >> they will be able to use it. >> they are? >> it didn't recognize my voice. >> that's because you're talking like this. we all have our own dialects.
3:57 am
go to settings and then voice training so it starts to know you. the last thing to do with you. this is amazing. alexa, raise the temperature in the hallway 60 degrees. >> i couldn't find any smart devices. >> alexa stop. alexa stop. >> just like at home, no one did it to you. >> all right. i don't think nick is going to come in. we'll show it to you next time. of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr. listen up. etes. we're not professional athletes...
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4:00 am
it took hundreds of man hours to put up the reindeer. the perfect way to start the 7:00 hour of christmas eve eve. >> doesn't it remind you of love actually. >> speaking of communications,
4:01 am
donald trump named his to a much needed that will be sean spicer. it turns out spicer will be here shortly. so we have a busy half hour. jackie joining us with breaking news about a hijacking. >> good morning. >> good morning. stomach turning photos immerging from a hijacked plane. you can see the man sitting in the cockpit on the phone. reports say the hijackers have hand grenades and threatening to blow up the chipotle bound plane that landed in malta. we'll bring you the latest as details come in here at fox news. breaking right now the suspected terrorist in the berlin market massacre shot and killed in italy. he was wanted for mowing down
4:02 am
people. isis pledging to attack right here on american soil. the terror group releasing a kill list asking for sleeper cells to turn thousands of u.s. churches into a bloody horror movie. > tu police arrested three wan to be islamic extremists including this man. the group accused of planning horrific christmas day bombings. it included a church and train station. and first we take a carrier and a boeing. president-elect trump is setting its sites on the f-35 fighter jets. he says based on cost overruns i have asked boeing to price out at comparable super hornet. it is the biggest weapons initiati
4:03 am
initiative. we'll ask the press secretary about this coming up in about 20 minutes. those are your headlines. i like that. you shopping around? >> thank you. >> it's nice, right? >> yeah. it is. >> it is different than what has p operated in the past. i love the fact that there's a lot of military people telling him about what it can do and how the f-35 might not be necessary or putting pressure to do something better. >> a lot of people were criticizing him for having generals on his cabinet, a triem example of why he needs their expertise. >> yes. the president-elect giving his administration the official voice. >> so who are they? let's turn and get the latest details on the official people who will be bringing us what
4:04 am
donald trump will be saying over the next four years or maybe more. all right. >> reporter: it is interesting because the sean spicer pick was widely expected getting that job of white house secretary. he was seen as having the inside track in part because of his time at the rnc. but they did make it official. spicer already doing the job. he was here last night saying that mr. trump plans to hold the media accountable watch! there is a different in calling people out and understanding the role. the press has a right to go out and write stories and communicate things. i think similarly what donald trump has proven is when people are wrong she going to hold them accountable and he is going to correct the record. >> rounding out that are
4:05 am
familiar with. the press secretary will serve as the director of strategic. she had been the main contact. his communications adviser takes on the role of director of communications after the 20th of january t. transition team has a couple of meetings with potential two spots in the cabinet. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> he is so loyal. he continued to have the same team. >> all right. >> let's talk about one of the things some of the team will be working on is the social media. before we show you the tweet let's show you what precipitated
4:06 am
it. putten says we need to strengthen. putin was saying hey, world, we are going to beef up our nuclear capabilities. >> the message doesn't seem to be getting through. we will give them blankets. we never even gave them arms to fight back. that's why this tweet really means more. >> yeah. he is reminding everyone it is a super power. the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. >> we asked you guys at home to weigh in on this in the first
4:07 am
hour. the majority of your e-mails say they loved that he is doing thithi this. >> that's right. w wa can washington can't figure out what he is doing. b becky says do we honestly believe other countries are following the rules? >> another says it's about time somebody said it. >> elaine says i never understood why by stepped back while other major players stepped up. hardly someone who has been on the ground floor of trump support. wi >> what he is saying is we are not going to adhere to all of the believes and the myths of the last 50 years.
4:08 am
it's not always true and we are not going to be pursuing nuclear reduction agreements with the russians in the hungry way obama did and ended up with little and perhaps making us worse off. >> so the news is we are not going to rollover anymore. >> great. christmas is one day away and hanukkah is tomorrow too. it wraps up. >> it starts tomorrow. >> it starts tomorrow? >> yes. >> he was with kind enough to give us a half hour to go through st. patricks and get a sense of what his life was like. we did talk about politics. i asked him about his relationship with the guy who lives just down the block in the tower. here is what he said. >> i got a nice note. i think his family will be in florida. i invited him. i said you know, if you want on
4:09 am
sunday before your inauguration -- >> so maybe you will. >> who is the donald trump you know? >> i only had one long sit down with him. it was comfortable. it was pleasant. you know who we talked a lot about? >> does that ring a bell? >> absolutely. >> and i had known. >> positive thinking? >> yeah. i had known that donald trump's dad and the president-elect were very moved by him. so i said mr. trump, can we talk about the appeal? he perked up. then he said too, he said when i was groeg up there were these great religious leaders. >> and he could be that and he does research on donald trump before he talks to him and he is a cardinal. i asked him too about this
4:10 am
election and catholics. they didn't go democrat. they went for barack obama twice. they went by 7 points to donald trump. listen what he thinks the impact was. >> it's the industry to analyze the catholic vote. they can't do it. i have read scholars say maybe what helped trump is wisconsin, ohio, indiana where he did -- he was victorious. that could have been places where they felt close to mrs. clinton. whether it's happened or not i don't know. >> well, it's been 50/50. barack obama did get the cathol catholic vote both times.
4:11 am
you know, his message was potent. that was jobs and security. >> and he did have a head of the campaign staff. >> you don't do that! it hurt hillary clinton, don't you think? >> that's what they did. they set up a group to do just that. they had a group and an agenda to push the catholic church. that usually doesn't work too well. >> okay. if you missed it in the first hour we'll show it again. it is so cute and so great. he shes us the manager saesz. look how beautiful it is. they have taken off the scaffolding. it is exquisite. >> and they had scaffolding for years. they had candles -- they still have a lot of candles and soot
4:12 am
on the inside. they spent millions and millions of dollars. it is absolutelyprestigious. >> did they still have the wedding? >> absolutely. people just kind of found a place. 12 minutes after the hour. a fox news alert. isis telling followers, should you stay home from church this sun or saturday night? we'll tell you coming up next. and the radio city rockettes, we'll tell you about the single rockette who has tears in her eyes when she's dancing and she doesn't like donald trump. and sean spicer has something to say about that.
4:13 am
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on every purchase, everywhere. leave complicated behind. what's in your wallet? my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian
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4:16 am
putting out a holiday hit list calling for bloody celebrations into the new year. authorities in australia forward a terror plot. >> how should christians respond to this? robert joins us. pastor, you heard about the threats, what are some of your parishioners saying they should do? >> christians above all people should not surrender to fear. got has not given us is the spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. if christians stay home this weekend well, isis wins. it doesn't mean churches shouldn't try to secure their congressmen. we don't aplllow backpacks into our sanctuary. that's exercising common sense. >> do you believe we have come
4:17 am
to a place where you can't take a backpack into church and you have be padded down and go through an x-ray machine? he said they will have s.w.a.t. teams over the weekend. >> this threat against churches along with what happens in germany and turkey underscores the need to deal with isis. i was talking this week to a military official who said we could we rate kate isis if it were not for these artificial regulations that we are shackled by. the good news is we have a new commander in chief coming, president donald trump who is resolved to rid the world of isis. it will alleviate suffering of christians around the world and making our nation more secure. that's something we can all rejoice?
4:18 am
>> and the problem is those that inspire those so in a cyber sense we have to attack this and take some of this down. do you believe christian leersd had to speak up more. in the case of berlin clearly it was a christmas celebration. do you to do more? >> absolutely. we must stand up. we must protest against christians. again, i'm glad we have a new president who understands that christians are being attacked not only around the world but in our own country as well. so i think it's going to be a new day for christians in america. >> do you give us a christmas message? what is your message for the folks that are watching? >> look, regardless of what
4:19 am
happens in the world it cannot extinguish the message of christmas. if our greatest need would have been for education god would have sent a teacher. our greatest need was for forgiveness. that's why god sent a savior, for unto you is born this day in the city of david a savior who is christ the lord. that's good news of great joy for all people. >> that gives me chills. i love christmas. thank you so much. great to see you. merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas to you all. > >> do not cower in fear. is that a swipe at donald trump? and remember this air force veteran who had a message for protesters? >> ain't nothing freechlt you
4:20 am
don't get your way. you act like a two-year-old, burn up people's stuff. >> i love that guy. he has a message to the man who harassed ivanka trump and her children on the plane. ♪ with advil, you'll ask what bad knee? what throbbing head? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. yeah, chevy was great in that. who played the wife? beverly d'angelo! juliette lewis costarred as the daughter.
4:21 am
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4:23 am
>> the obama add mip strags doing away that required muslim men. the department of homeland security put out a notice officially removing what it called outdated regulations. if those immigrants want to become a u.s. citizen it will cost more. applications fees are jumping from $545 with the rising costs in the immigration agency. >> thank you very much. jet blue is throwing a passenger after a flight after he harassed the oldest daughter
4:24 am
on a plane with her husband and young kids. the man shouting your father is ruining the country. that as michael moore vows to lead a nationwide protest against the president-elect. the question is why can't liberals accept this and just be proud americans like we are supposed to? good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm doing okay. he is a lawyer, dan gold steste. matt tweeted out ivanka and jared flying commercial. my husband chasing them down to harass them.
4:25 am
what do you think of these guys thinking i will disrupt her. >> you can't harass people no matter who she is related to or anything else. those people should understand that. they do not want to be harassed. they should extend that courtesy to other people. you know, think about what you went through when you first got married or when people first found out that you were, you know, in a homo sexual relationship. >> well, as it turns out this couple tried to portray themselves as being victims themselves because they got kicked off the plane. jet blue made the call. it comes down to this, if you
4:26 am
have a problem "conditiwith th y candidate do it with the candidate. >> this race is totally different. more and more people think they can do whatever they want. to most depressing thing is those two guys adopted a child and did it in front of that child. what are you teaching that child that you adopted? maybe we should investigate that adoption agency. not only is he teaching a young child that he adopted but also may need to put a camera in his classroom. >> these guys are not unique. a lot of people on the left who can't get their heads around the falkt that donald trump won and he is the president-elect.
4:27 am
>> right. a lot of people now, they are not used to losing. everybody gets a trophy. look at our school systems, everybody gets a trophy. if you're not taught early in life that there's a possibility you won't win every time then when you get older and you lose you throw a temper tantrum. i mean come on. grow up. >> mielk moore essentially predicted trump was going to win. he said the majority have spoken. silence is not an option. hillary clinton won by 3 million vets. if you take out the states of california and new york it turns out donald trump beat her by 3 million votes. >> correct. correct.
4:28 am
>> i hate to say ill will but michael moore is totally disrespectful. he sits around and makes all of these conspiracy theory movies. for him to say disrupt something again, your speech does not cover you. i think that something happens at this inauguration he should be charged. he needs to be made an example of. >> i was reading online there are some groups calling for violent disruptions. if that were happening ahead of a democrat it would be a big story. nobody is really talking about it. >> they are not because they will slip it around that they were peacefully protesting. i'll tell you like this, if
4:29 am
there was a clan rally i won't go over there. >> what does your t-shirt say? >> it does americans it doesn't matter. you're american before you're any of these things or you cannot be that in this country merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> all right. thank you very much. e-mail us at fox well, a major contribution. there they doing the winter
4:30 am
show. occupy of the rockettes says he is dancing but she has tears in her eyes. we'll ask him about that as fox and friends rolls on live from new york city.
4:31 am
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4:33 am
there's a tradition where people live some kind of alcoholic beverage out for santa instead of cookies and milk. i don't know if it's a good idea. take a look at what happened. oh, yeah, a little longer fall than i thought it was going to be. >> i don't think it was supposed to happen like that. it's time to bring in this next press secretary of the united states. >> congratulations sean. >> thank you. >> i know it's a great day for you. when did you first thing i got this job? did you know the call was coming? >> i hoped it would come. until donald trump decides it's not official. until he called and said con
4:34 am
graj lag gajlations it will be a little bit -- >> she will be could be sell lor -- c -- and i think we'll continue to round out the team in the next few weeks. >> so who are you -- you know, being the official spokesperson is a daunting task. >> yes. >> i have noticed over the last number of years some of the people have become very parti n partisan. are you going to try to keep it straight? >> i think my job is to make sure i articulate his agenda and make sure if people get it wrong then i got it there and correct
4:35 am
the record. >> chaktly. >> we have more on how he with make lives great. >> so you'll be in their face? >> if something makes it you have got this all wrong. >> at the same time we want to work with folks but we are not going to let facts that are not correct go by. >> he did an unbelievable job. you saw hiss communication ability. he said to george bush, i will do it if you include me in on the meetings. i have got to be in on the meetings. he did not want to have any go between. he wanted to make his own conclusions about what he thought the president was trying to convey. do you have to be at the
4:36 am
meetings in. >> no one dick tickets terms to donald trump. he has been very sure in whatting what you want to communicate and our job is to go forth and do it. never make a precondition and never tell him what you want. >> tell us what he meant by this. he tweeted out talking about the inauguration sellties wanting tickets. he says the a list celebrities are all want. >>. >> it's about in the that haven't been answered by washington. he wants that recorrect.
4:37 am
>> the rockettes have accepted. a young woman by the name of febi. she went the instagram and said i am speaking for myself but please note after we found out the news we have been perform with tears in our eyes and heavy heart. >> if she could she would hang up her you shoes is and not show up. >> he is one with the shoes and kicks high. president obama wants an inaugurati inauguration. it's amazing to me how many folks will call him when nobody is looking and say can i talk to you about something? >>. >> they call him in private. >> he looks -- look at all of
4:38 am
the people that came out. he doesn't need celebrities. people are coming to see him. it is his movement people are coming to. they are not coming to see a performance. too often people are worried about the results. air force one bringing in the ceo's and getting the costs down. he is getting things done already and he is not president. >> here is the exact tweet. he said the united states must greatly strengthen its nuclear capability until such time that the world comes to its sens with
4:39 am
regarding nukes. >> it was in response to a lot of countries. what people are leaving off, i think their countries to suks seszs. >>. >> should he have checked in barack obama first? >> no. . i will say this we he is dpoing to get thins done. >> there's a new sheriff in town. he respects the american
4:40 am
taxpayer. this is about getting things done and getting it done right. >> we have never had a president me gauc negotiatining crabs. >> you can take a deep breathe right now. have you taken the time to say i he called back into corm tower and help us out. be the rnc yies aeyes and eers. have you thought about your dad and how proud he would? >> i have and i would. it is unbelievable to speak for this country and the
4:41 am
president-elect. i know my father would be proud. >> and you earned it. >> thank you. >> all right. >> all right. hets change over to jackie! good morning. we have got a lot for you to see this morning. a dramatic high speed chase caught on fran red camera. police on a chase against two fl florida counties. he dashes across a golf course where he was we venn which willy arrested. he was wanted for several charges including ago valg va i assault to an officer. >> changes in dee yet and
4:42 am
alcohol consumption and staff at just medical facilities. now, some visitors will hand that information over to authorities. travelers arriving in the u.s. are now given the option of providing their facebook, twit are and other social 3450ed ya pages. washington tries like isis. and those are your headlines. what do you think about handing other your social media? z >> if some one checked a facebook they would have found they were not raemly maried. >> who will be like, yeah, just give it to you. anis clrks dean.
4:43 am
>> and what else is made? he is there live to count them down. ♪ ♪ when it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr.
4:44 am
4:45 am
4:46 am
♪ sing it, johnnie. >> call it a christmas promise. a cross taken off a christmas tree after one person come pland. now it's back up. a man sued the town to get it renewed. it started a petition and then this. >> it broke our hearts when they cross got pulled down. we believe it's our right to remember. >> the cross can't be on top of the tree. good job.
4:47 am
> . >> a man bought the 20 foot christmas tree. it couldn't fit so he decided to dut it c -- cut it through the roof. >> i wonder ho you much eggnog he had had. the united states in for a one-two store. one in the west and another creeps towards the east. >> rain slick roads. police rofrting 200 crashes in less than 24 hours. storms move across the country. delays and cancellations pielg up -- piling up at the airport. >> we have a look at the fox cast and folks who are braving the cold today.
4:48 am
>> it's not too bad out here. where are you from? >> australia. >> are you having fun in new york city? >> yes! what do you think of the weather? it's cold. >> what about you? >> it's cold. past 24 hours a storm across the midwest. the big weather maker is across the west coast. this one we'll watch for christmas eve and christmas day. it has ice, blizzard conditions and severe weather. chicago will be delayed across the west. christmas eve and christmas day, that's where -- where are you guys all from? >> i'm from manhattan here. >> you told me you are bill's buddy. >> we love bill o'reilly.
4:49 am
>> where are you from? >> ohio. >> nice coat, my friend. >> from texas. >> and you have a sign here. >> yes. >> what do you have to say at home? howa howard, ben, there's ten of us. >> thank you for coming to fox and friends. zbli didn't know they had big fur coats like that in texas. >> is that a coyote. >> go ask him. he is right out there. it is a holiday classic in almost every single house. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. the top listed christmas movies.
4:50 am
he promised to wait and he fulfilled that promise. nice suit. ♪ e, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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4:53 am
classic holiday. >> yes. we will have the top five movies to help you out. >> how are you doing? >> we are doing great. >> we get five movies. your number five best movie, a christmas story, why? >> yes. die hard. i have to put that on my list somewhere. it is a movie. it takes place on christmas eve. die hard is an awesome christmas movie. christmas story is an amazing film. i remember the whole idea of the bb gun. let's take a look. watch this. >> i triple dog dare you! he skipped the triple dare and going right for the throat. >> he gets his tongue stuck to
4:54 am
the pole. >> yes. >> number four, love actually. >> number four, i love this movie. my favorite christmas song of all time is christmas is all around us. there's a great sign where lincoln is showing the cards about saying you are perfect to me. that's actually is lead actor from the walking dead, which is crazy to think about now. but that movie is a phenomenal movie. it is available on netflix and has great stories all throughout. >> all right. we'll see. i love a good romance. >> nightmare before christmas? >> yes. my wife, when i propoeszed to her i proposed with to her with a nightmare before christmas scene. it has an amazing music. he did a brilliant job.
4:55 am
it is a classic. it has an element of halloween and christmas combined into one movie. >> she said yes? >> she did. >> number two movie, here is george bailey running through bedford pauls. >> hello bedford pauls. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> that is a classic. one of the greatest scenes ever. >> i love that scene too. >> i love the lesson is appreciating what you have in your life. it is a wonderful story. i got to get to number one. >> okay. >> this is my personal favorite growing up as a kid. i know it's not as good as it's a wonderful life but i have to go with home alone. it is so fun to watch. let's take a look at one of the
4:56 am
most memorable scenes. look at this! i can't seem to find my toothbrush so i'll pick one up when i go out today. other than that i'm in good shape. >> yes. the family left the kid at home when nay went to a big bare -- he has a cameo in the she quill. it is very kood. >> makes a lot? >> what about fred clause? >> you know what? ? you i do not like that movie. i can want stand that movie unfortunately. i just don't like that film. >> thank you very much. merry christmas to you and your wife. >> merry christmas to you as well. >> it has been a great year. he got married a few months ago.
4:57 am
>> and they are still married. >> uh-huh. he was one of the leaders of the movement. >>. >> he is running as a conservative now. >> this morning eric is changing his tune. he joins us live nechlkts and we are counting down the best moments of 20 16 right here -- 2016 right here. >> do you like to pound a chicken? >> that's a little personal. 's . a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ they are singing about christmas and this is christmas eve christmas eve. a lot of people not going to work today. >> a lot of people making flights so they can make it home to see their parents for christmas. >> yeah. >> and watch it for the first time and make it a habit and remember to get dressed. >> thank you. >> as you're about to see in a summary of 2016 getting dressed has been kind of our theme for this year. >> he talked about the election. you talked about isis.
5:01 am
you talked about very important issues over the last year. one thing is you telling them to get dressed. >> a lot of time people are wearing boxers and -- >> it makes you uncomfortable. >> i want them to say i understand what they are going through. >> don't you have snaps on the back? >> no. >> not really. >> no snaps? >> in a dress? >> all right. anyway. thank you very much. you have made it a terrific year. >> we are a news channel and we have some news. we have some breaking news about the passengers on the jet. >> yes. we do. you're looking at live pictures of that hijacked plane we have been telling you about all morning long. the staircase opening up moments ago. women and children starting to pour out of it. is dramatic scene unfolding as reports say the hijackers off to
5:02 am
let everybody off of the plane. no word on why the plane was in route to tripoli. they were keeping the crew on board. and breaking right now as well, the terrorist killed -- he was wanted for mowing down innocent people. they are investigating if he gets help carrying out that attack or -- on the other side of the world more attacks on churches stopped just in the nick of time. lowed with explosives.
5:03 am
ie profile. and those are yourlines. >> it's christmas time. >> it is. turning to the trump transition now, giving its official voice. >> mr. trump announcing members of his communications teams. >> that's right. we are live outside trump tower with the latest. give us is list. >> reporter: it's really the headline of it. spicer was scene for some time as having the inside track for this role largely because of his ties as they worked together as the rnc. so a few moments ago spicer was on fox and friends and he gave us this preview of what we can expect from him.
5:04 am
watch. >> yes. make sure i articulate his agenda and make sure if people get it wrong or they don't interpret it correctly i get out there. >> i can call him out? >> absolutely. if they don't do it accurately. we are going to call them out. >> reporter: won't be afraid to call out members of the media. a couple of cases. it is for the director of communications. whole picks doesn't do on camera interviews. he takes on the role of director of communications inside the white house. looking forward the transition
5:05 am
team has a couple of meetings we should keep an eye on for next week for potential candidates. they have to fill the position. look at this meeting. she served in that department. >> all right. thamg you very much for the live report. >> tts it's sent out a between and everybody is asking what is he talking about? spicer told us more about it. >> russia, china and others are talking about extending their nuclear capabilities.
5:06 am
i think countries need to know under a donald trump presidency business as usual is over. he will act and protect america. if they increase their nuclear capability it will act. they are not going to wait for things to happen. he is going to get things done. >> and donald trump said this, let it be a race. we will out match them and outlast them all. >> people love that. viers were saying they love the fact that you are doing this and being strong. >> this is all on twitter. >> also on twitter yesterday, if you followed matthew lazner you saw this tweet. ivanka and jared on jfk flying
5:07 am
commercial. the man got in ivanka's face, your father is ruining the country. they ruin the country and now they ruin our flight. also, why is she on our flight? she should be flying private. >> he was carrying a baby too. jet blue pulled him off of the plane and tmz was interviewing him afterwards. >> was it a bad idea to do it in front of everyone's kids? >> think if you employ this jerk. >> 100 colleges. >> here in new york. >> here in new york.
5:08 am
it is toward a cleb. >> i would think you have to be em bar ranned to on a jet blue plane. ivanca never raised her voice. she never over reakd. >> show flew all the way to san francisco and wound up getting onto a private jet. we had an airport vet who has put out amazing videos in the last couple of months. here he is talking a little bit about how you cannot harass family members of candidates.
5:09 am
>> you can't harass people no matter who she is related to or anything else. by all people, those who are part of the lgbt community should understand that. they should extend that to other people. a lot of people are not used to losing. everybody gets a trophy. if you're not taught rlly in life then when you get older and you lose you can't handle it. you're 25 years old. you throw aantrum. come on, grow up. >> she is the daughter of the president-elect! she will play a big role in the administration. fechb it was president-elect trump, is that the way you act
5:10 am
in life. >> hey, your dad is ruining country. can you? >> i think people screaming at each other to to it look witter. they -- they feel like they have the right to say anything. >> i blame it on caffeine. >> ban mountain dew. >> and certain lattes. >> decaffeinated ones. >> we asked you for your comments. a stranger screaming at a mother. they must have been terrified. you are right. >> kevin says hypocritical. they don't like the when they
5:11 am
are harassed but then they do it to others. >> am i allow today read this? >> the actions of people lately show such lack of respect for anyone. >> everyone is allowed to have an opinion. >> you feel it's okay. while you have another kid! it will probably be the only opportunity. think about the politics of how the country has been running the last tennessee years to so. >> she is worth so much money and she is sitting -- >> i was told by people that know there is a first class in
5:12 am
jet blue. >> but if you sit in the middle of the plane you feel like it but you a tv and you can watch fox news. >> yes. they always have a tv. >> how many monitors. >> that's right. >> if you have on a jet blue flight right now and you have watching us take a picture of the back of the head rest of us right now. if you have internet service e-mail it to us or twit us. >>. >> show us the leg room. >> and start clapping on your plane right now. >> good morning jet blue. coming up on this friday before christmas president-elect donald trump is holding another
5:13 am
company to speak to the fire. we have details. good morning, sir. you're next. and i get to the streets with cardinal, what he had to say. >> are you a holy stroller? ♪ fact. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
5:14 am
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5:16 am
donald trump calling out lockheed martin calling out for the price of the f-35. . >> look at that. he is shopping far cheaper plane. it is so he can be the negotiator and chief. >> he is taking shots. that's for sure. he is telling us he will spend taxpayer money much better. he will get more for less. he is quite prepared to go into contracts already signed and renegotiate. he had direct communication via
5:17 am
tweet of all things. >> lockheed martin share rs tumbled after that tweet? >> yeah. they are down. we don't know to what degree is contract will be renegotiated. watch out. >> how do you feel about that? >> it is about the tweet. that's fine with me. the idea though, that raises ha hackels among some conservatives? >> how about you? >> better value for our taxpayer money i'll go with that. >> because it's new. >> sure.
5:18 am
because for too long it has been that's the price. let's just pay it. now they are shopping around and looking for a better deal. >> have you seen something like this before? >> no. he is wielding all that authority right now. she kissed your cheeks and you can see the red marks. if you were donald trump and wanted to rain in the costs wouldn't you look at that program that said there's $115 billion, wouldn't that be more effective? >> who is to say he is not going to do that anyway? >> he'll do it my way. >> you know, ultimately for the
5:19 am
people who voted for it the message is clear. it will be a presidency unlike anything we have seen in a while. >> absolutely. >> we have never seen anything like this before in six weeks and three days since the election. >> republicans would be outraged. do you think that barack obama supporters or do you think americans have a right to be upset? >> this is unique. >> they are very upset who were doing this kind of thing. you know, have you ever seen anything like this? >> saving money. he is a businessman.
5:20 am
>> you're so happy i figured it out. it is the perfect mix. he is formatting your show. that's why you're happy. >> it is all about politics and money. that's what we do. that's what we do. we have 40 minutes to get over to your studio. >> indeed. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas one and all. coming up anthony is cooking up controversy. why he will never eat at one of donald trump's restaurants. and whinnie cooper stole kevin's heart on the wonder years, remember? >> yeah. >> now she is all grown up and in a brand new movie. she is here to tell us all about it coming up next. ♪ when you have a cold, you just want powerful relief.
5:21 am
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5:23 am
trump teeing up with tiger
5:24 am
today. tluf trump playing a round with tiger woods known as mac daddy santa. he posted christmas tradition that my kids love. mac daddy santa is back. celebrity chef says he will never eat at any restaurant owned by mr. trump. he said i am not boycotting anything. i choose to not patronize chefs that support deports half the people he ever worked with. >> he is on the right network. she first won our hearts as whinnie cooper on "the wonder years". >> hi. did you get my message? this is your order? >> i knew it was the only way i would get to see you tonight. >> you have seen her on the west
5:25 am
wing and "how i met your mother". now she is starring in the s sequ sequel, the wrong woman. >> it is called mommy i didn't do it. great to see you. >> talk about your new movie. >> it is called mommy i didn't do it. it is a courtroom drama suspense thriller. it will have you on the edge of your seats. i played a housewife accused of attempted murder. i go from being a very quiet sweet housewife having to really fight for her life. her high school teacher has been murdered. i decide to defend her. if your child is in danger you will do whatever you can. of course you're going to defend
5:26 am
her. if you start to seem more innocent of course your going keep fighting for your child you don't know who your child is. it is a really fun movie. it is airing january 1st. that's the day everyone wants to relax on the coach. squl yes. >> you have partied the night before. i will be live tweeting. bring your phone to your couches. >> i hope so. >> we ak which willy have 30 minutes from the movie mom my i didn't do it. >> can you bail me out or what? >> i tried. it's a lot of money. >> what are you saying? i have to spend the night here? >> i'm so sorry.
5:27 am
>> all of those years of law school for what? you probably think i'm guilty. >> never. >> because moms never think their kids are guilt gy. >> you have to get yourself emotional by worked up? >> no. i have been acting for 30 years. >> how long will it take you to get ready to cry? >> there is always in between moments. i say give me ten minutes or so. people are doing stuff to you during that time. i have a trick. i wear contact lenses. i'll take out a contact some times so i can't see as well and that helps me go into my bubble. we shoot them in a short amount of time. there's no time to sit there and
5:28 am
i need to prepare. you have to be ready. that's one of my tricks. >> we grew up watching you ton show. you were the daughter -- >> thank -- they like you a 17-year-old daughter? you're on 18. [ laughter ] >> she is a math quiz. >> i did help. so my books make a great last minute try christmas gift. >> i'll see you guys live tweeting. zwl thank you. >> you too. still ahead, you have heard of a sanctuary city.
5:29 am
one county voted to become a destination for illegals. we'll tell you where it is at. and strollers hit the streets. wait until you see what happens. ♪ ♪ what's in your wallet?
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
>> from december 26th burger king is doing cool things. a burg ir king will allow customers to trade unwanted gifts for whoppers. now you know what to do with that fit bit your girlfriend gave you. trade it in for a wlopehopper. >> i will trade in this thing that says help me loose weight. >> we have got a long way to walk, guys. >> yes we do. we have a lot of show to go. ericson will be with us in about five minutes. right now let's look at headlines. >> they vote to become a
5:33 am
sanctuary county. it was acting as an unfushl safe -- unofficial safe zone. county commissioners say they wanted to make it official. mr. trump threatened to get federal funding to all sanctuary cities. cheesecake factory apolog e apologizing after turning them away at lunchtime. here is why. six officers claimed staff in washington state refused to serve them because they were armed. beckham reportedly banging his head several times after the family failed to clinch a play
5:34 am
off point. the nfl fining him 18,000 bucks for wearing these cleats. they are very colorful. i like those cleats. >> they got rules. >> the rules are the rules. >> it's just a pair of shoes. if you're hitting the road today for the first time pack your patience. it's going to be a real mess depending where you are. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have such a crowd here today while i do the weather we will pan across the crowd. here are your temperatures. it is 41 across the great lakes and warmer across the gulf coast. nicely done everybody. we also have a storm system that
5:35 am
could bring snow and ice and maybe severe weather. so be really aware of that. keep in touch with all of the folks. make sure you're keeping in touch with the airlines. do you have anything to say to the friends at home. ? >> merry christmas fox and friends. >> yeah. >> and the holidays, where america comes to say hi to fox. >> we welcome you. the weather outside is frightful not just here but just about everywhere. it is a perfect time to skip lunch and take a walk with me. luckily i was blessed to be able to take a week, holy stroller himself, the archbishop of new york. you don't believe me?
5:36 am
watch. this is the time when the guests come and greets me. it is a place i never thought i would be allowed to go to. >> merry christmas to you. >> here we cheat a little because we know that the. >> the doors to. >> that one the chair. the only thing that would be myself is that -- >> i don't think i'm worthy. >> neither do i. >> what is missing?
5:37 am
>> baby jesus. >> i'm seeing a family looking at this and they say but something is missing. i said that's the message of christmas. something is missing in our lives and that's god. christmas of course he became our list. >> if i came hear in 2003, 2005 what would be different? >> it was dark, dirty and damp. >> that is a symbol. we didn't know that was download it started to broad ping them back. >> they have taken yours. >> can i get the sense of what
5:38 am
it might be? >> if i'm dressed like a priest people will recognize me. they will say hello from all over the world. in jefr. >> i'm glad they sknt p. >> all right. let's tack a ak. >> that's all right. i just want bm we have a sick pair i want. m. >> and we have got from there
5:39 am
needs to be a catholic strength in which they if within 10 minutes there woif been aby ch. >> they it showed i thought leader in theic ert. it was extraordinarily intentionty. >> it's christmas time. >> thank god. i love it. there has to be an elect. a lot of people pointing to that. how would you characterize this time in america and what would
5:40 am
you say to everyone out there on christmas in. >> you know what's going on said? when i come into this cathedral for midnight mas there will s w s.w.a.t. guard. it reflects of the trouble that's going on. is that not the message of christmas? at the darkest time of the year it would be filled with sthous. we are we minded goodness will land the worst word. we need a little christmas. >> the cardinal has a chest cold and bronchitis and still did the walk and interview and everything. we did talk about his dreer and what he did at five years old. at five years old he was sitting
5:41 am
in church with his grandmother. he said see that? that's what i want to do. at 10 he was making all of his neighbors come in and he would give mass. >> beautiful story. i like how he shoused that. he was one of the leaders of the never trump movement. ♪ >> i don't think it's the siend bite we wanted -- >> yeah, but this morning ericson is not going to be changing his tune. ♪ my heart beats
5:42 am
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5:44 am
he said donald trump could not do it. >> he is not going to be president of the united states. all of the polling is very consistent on this. the republicans if they nominate donald trump will nominate the only person more untrust worthy
5:45 am
than hillary clinton. that's the reality of it. i am not going to play a part of it. >> i'm telling you the reality. >> you can bring me back in november when he lost. >> we didn't bring him back in november. we brought him back in december. former never trumper eri eric ericson is joining us. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> how did you get it so wrong? >> you know, the polling. look in the primary. all of the polling showed trump would be the republican nominee. i thought there's no way. it was right. it was consistent all the way up until the day of the election. bashing my head against the wall. the party was committing suicide. now we are in this world. there really were a bunch of people that didn't want to admit they wanted trump. >> he was right. he said the system was rigged. it looked like the polls got it
5:46 am
all wrong. you as a conservative were a never trumper. a lot of people were like hey, i can be the believe erickson would be a never trumper. trump was the standard for the party. erickson says don't vote for him. >> yeah. i still have all of the concerns about donald trump but i do think agot the election so wrong some people haven't come to terms with. i'm happy. i would rather him succeed. >> so you're saying he is the president of the united states. let's give him the benefit of the doubt. i understand your impressed with her cabinet picks so far, right? >> yes. i think thus far the secretary
5:47 am
of state doesn't actually look like he is in the pockets of the russians. dellerson will be good. you can't go wrong with defend. these are good miks! what do -- it looks like he saved about a thousand of those jobs. he is not the president of the united states yet. yesterday he put the squeeze on lock heed martin saying i asked boeing to price out a new jet. what is he doij? a lot of people are going hey, we have never seen a president do this before. >> it stands in contrast to the last eight years with barack obama not having done this. it is a terrible airplane and a terrible deal. i do kind of wish he would stay off of twitter a little bit more. right now he is showing that he will be engaged in the job.
5:48 am
the fact that the sleft -- the left cannot handle the fact they are out of power. >> all right. now he is saying give the president a chance. thank you very much. merry christmas. >> you bet. >> all right. thank you very much. we are counting down the best moments of 2016 on fox and friends like this one. >> you got to get dressed. >> go. ♪ >> what a year it has been. we will look back coming up. first we'll look at jared! who was driving that? a shoot without who launched that attack. >
5:49 am
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the things about fox and friends, you miss a little you misa l miss a lot. >> we have taken the entire year, the highs -- >> and the lows. >> watch. >> you have to get dressed. >> come on. come on. >> go. >> this is fox and friends. ♪ >> 20 16 is here. you should have dwoels on. >> you have the put something on eventually. >> get dressed. >> you'll need a bigger couch. >> for what? >>. >> we want to welcome you to the curvej couch. and you personally rekweed a dv.
5:53 am
>> and that's why i never dance on television. ♪ >> we will rock you. >> sweet caroline. ♪ >> i said hey, chris, how would you like to write a fox and friend single? >> right here on fox and friends. >> i want to talk to fox and friends any time any place.
5:54 am
>> do you have time for breakfast? >> probably not? >> take a look who is in the kitchen. >> you cooking for me back there, brother? >> i'm ready. let's go. >> today is the first day of the republican national convention. >> cleveland rocks. >> live tonight is the rel cook -- real. >> if he offers you a ride you're better off walking. that's all i will say. >> we will take the polls of people all across. >> diners drive-ins. >> try to imagine an kids right now. >> that zuchinn irk.
5:55 am
>> is it -- >> does that come with a heart sur gent. >> i. >> morns are better. >> you never chauffeured over steve duc yrk. >> >> look in the prompter and tell me what's wrong. well i'm glad this is a
5:56 am
rehearsal. >> we just picked him up in an indy car. ♪ >> what's your favorite morning show? jnchts wul we like to thank you for wrd oar. >> dedo everybody zblchl we p. >> you know what i'm exsighed for? ? frm. >> a lot of time to fill. >> we'll be right back. ♪ advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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5:59 am
get ready because today festius for the rest of us. >> happy festiv u.s. -- festious. you gathered and told your loved ones how they disappointed! it is cleaning. >> it is definitely made up. >> a it is so nike 90s. >> it benefits for the rest of them.
6:00 am
>> right. >> we have a poll in my house. that's for a different show! thank you for joining us. >> have a wonderful merry christmas for your family. >> if you have to r >> breaking news this morning as a massive manhunt comes to an end. terror suspect in berlin christmas market attack killed in a shootout with police in milan, italy. good morning, i'm greg, live in america's news room. >> bill and martha are off. authority says was killed without a shadow of a doubt this suspect in a berlin attack that killed 12 and wounded dozens more. at any moment chancellor merkel


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