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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 23, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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them. >> right. >> we have a poll in my house. that's for a different show! thank you for joining us. >> have a wonderful merry christmas for your family. >> if you have to r >> breaking news this morning as a massive manhunt comes to an end. terror suspect in berlin christmas market attack killed in a shootout with police in milan, italy. good morning, i'm greg, live in america's news room. >> bill and martha are off. authority says was killed without a shadow of a doubt this suspect in a berlin attack that killed 12 and wounded dozens more. at any moment chancellor merkel is expected to make a statement.
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fist amy is live in italy. how did this wind up in milan? >> well, that's what italians are asking, specifically investigators molly, who want to know final destination and does he have a network here. amiri started out yesterday in france and he took a train to italy and finally to milan, central station at which point he shifted to a north eastern cub you shall of milan where he was picked up at 3:00 o'clock in the morning and ultimately shot but because there are free borders between european countries, molly, armari was able to slip freely within the three countries until two police officers stopped him on a square in this milan saw bush at 3:00 a.m., he simply looked suspicious.
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thank goodness colleague quickly shot armari dead. no identification documents in his bag n cell phone, just train thickets and several hundred euros. i believe what happens to know allows federal citizens that the government is present italy is present. >> he was identified ultimately by his fingerprints, molly, and there was communication, of course, in the middle of the night between milan and berlin for that molly. >> certainly the massive manhunt underway. how did he manage to move freely across europe? >> ad say of terror and crime
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began here in italy and ended here in italy. he began the epic journey in tanasia. he wasn't fleeing political oppression, he was fleeing an arrest for theft. slipped on to the boat and mingled in with sir age refugees and ended up in italy and he set a refugee center on fire. at that point he was thrown into jail for several years and when he was freed, italians try today deport him but they couldn't get the documents for tanasia. that gave him time to slip over to germany. he was monitored by the germ mans from may until september of this year suspected of trying to organize a robbery for attack in germany. germany also tried to expel him.
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his family in tanasia has been widely interviewed, molly, they say he was a trouble maker, he was into drugs and into drinking, and he was never particularly religious and apparently he radicalized in prison and we are hearing reports here in italy that he may have pledged isis to before he died. molly. >> another breaking news story, hijacking situation on the island nation of molta, officials say two suspects armed with grenades diverted a flight to molta, more than a hundred passengers were to be on board but most if not all of them have been released. authorities say some crew is still on board that plane, no word on what the the hijacker's
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demands are. >> president-elect trump calling for expansion of the american arsenal on twitter. the united states must strengthened and expand nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. peter ducey has more from the trump estate in palm beach, florida. what is trump saying about this this morning, peter? peter: trump's team is out clarifying saying that what he meant about that tweet about expanding arsenal is there a lot of terrorist and rogue nations trying to get their hands on nuclear weapons. they want to make sure they have moderate enough arsenal and we got details about who exactly the president elect was trying to reach with that tweet about us having more nukes.
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>> in response to a lot of countries, russia, china are talking about nuclear capability. his point which a lot of people are leaving off, unless they come to their senses. under donald trump presidency business as usual. he's going to protect america. if they improve nuclear capability, america will act. the reason talk like that and the tweet about expanding arsenal is raising eyebrows is because recent u.s. policy specially under president obama has focused on arms control and trying to reduce the size of the u.s. arsenal, molly. >> interesting, we just heard from sean spicer.
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peter: the folks that got job were with him, the face of the communications team is sean spicer, long-time rnc and longest political staffers joining team before he entered the presidential race. jason miller who started this past cycle with ted cruz but became communication directors for mr. trump is going head to his white house in a similar role. and cavino obviously changed the way campaigns communicate with the people who helped him do that, are staying with him. >> keeping an eye on the transition as it goes, thank you. >> thank you. greg: fox news contributor.
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guy, good to see you. we must greatly exexpand nuclear capability. that's a pretty controversial, how you interpret that? >> that's the point. it's very vague. there's different interpretations. one of the big appeals as donald trump as can date was and he said this over and over again. we need to keep our enemies and adversaries on their toes. we have to keep them guessing. you might say this is a good thing. foreign powers wondering what a president trump might be talking about with nuclear weapons that will at least get their attention, let's maybe think twice before we mess around too
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much. on the other hand, you need to give absolute clarity and certainty to allies, so you don't have part-time in london and berlin and sidney all across the world wondering what did the u.s. president elect just mean. >> that's the problem with announcing policy in 140 characters. no. he means halting nuclear proliferation through strength. well, that seems like the opposite of trump's tweet, doesn't it? >> it does. now you have, again, some of the allies wondering, is the spin from the press team the truth or was this some sort of insight into donald trump's thinking about nuclear weapon that is he just dashed off in a tweet. i think that there's an argument
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to be made that it's a very good platform for him, twitter, that is. >> right to. >> to communicate in a whole host of topics having such a limited character limit when you talk about serious as nuclear weapons and warfare, i don't know if that's an appropriate venue for that, greg. and you don't want to nitpick too much but maybe we can agree on that. >> well, apparently there's no agreement between trump and his team. >> right. >> because this morning reportedly he communicates with the host another network and says something to this effect, let it be an arm's race. we will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them. now, you know, a lot of americans are going to say, wait a minute, we don't want another arm's race that will escalate beyond our budget and bankrupt us and same way it happened to the former soviet union.
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>> the president of the united states or the incoming president should not in favor of or your - yourning for arms race. we can probably win. but who is they, who is involved in the race. the goal particularly in parts of the world where things are not stable like they are here. more nukes created whether iraq or pakistan, they have nuclear weapons as well. you don't want more nukes floating around and god knows who gets their hands on them. >> allowing japan and north korea to develop nukes. guy benson, we will leave it at that. >> thanks, merry christmas. >> the suspected terrorist in the berlin christmas market
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massacre shot and killed in italy. what we are learning about his final days on the run. >> and russian vladimir putin stepping up to the microphones for his year-end news conference, what he's saying after the turbulent 2016. >> gridlock at the airport. christmas trouble rush as delays pile up. >> 30 minutes to get in and out. >> we got the plane off of 6:37, on the tarmac, we were two and a half
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>> police in australia say they boiled a major terror attack conducting massive rate overnight detaping five suspects were inspired by isis and planning an attack in multiple locations in that city possibly on christmas day. the country's justice minister says the attack was eminent and, quote, would have been the most serious in terms of its intense efforts. >> tanasian refugee is now dead after a shootout with police in milan, italy. authorities saying he used six different names and three nationalities in travels across
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europe. former u.s. navy seal, enemies, foreign and domestic. great to see you. >> good morning. >> italian authorities stumbled upon him. >> the fact is this is becoming like a social norm. people see it every day on the news and my worry that people in america are being decentized because it's not happening yesterday. wouldn't it have been better to take him alive if they could have. i'm not criticizing them. they did what they had to do to defend themselves but he's part of a larger network in germany, how embedded and lethal is this terrorist and also in europe and mightily have learned a lot? >> maybe, most probably the point is these are soldiers of the islamic state. there's not a lone wolf thing
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like you said, the issue is they are the bottom totem pole. greg: does this berlin attack of the marketplace expose serious gaps in european security there. there appears to be lack of data gathering, coordination and, of course, these open borders with uncontrolled immigration. >> correct. >> this is a huge lesson for the united states because without controlled borders, this guy in the last three days trying to get away from this thing. this is what happens when you don't have controlled borders like we have in the southern border to have united states. people come in and out freely. this would be a huge lesson in security. >> the chairman of the german police union said, quote, the question 82 million germans probably want an answer as to
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how many more thinking time bombs are roaming around here. >> whose side is merkel on, just take away provision, you could now ask people to -- muslim immigrants or immigrants from radicalized areas to register, he took that off the table, he took it off the table and you have to ask whose side are the leaders on, almost like they are trying to set up trump for failure. >> it takes months for security and forces to make arrests, often they have to let suspects go for lack of evidence, their system of justice improve and detention is different than ours. are german police and security forces outnumbered and undermanned? >> i couldn't speak to whether or not they are underarmed. i know our police force quite frankly just not prepared to
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deal with this because of the rules that they have to appear to and also with the hatred towards police officer that we have seen. they're scrutinized under every single thing and worried about losing their job every single day. this is something we need to support our law enforcement much more heavily. when i see a law enforcement officer i thank him. we need people in america to be supportive of that so they know that we have their backs. >> yeah, every time this happens overseas, there's deep concern here at home, often times local communities and their law enforcement escalate their alerts. we are going to see more of this not just in europe but here at home? >> we are. over the holidays, i've already seen it. the militarization of police officers because they have to and the problem is it's unsustainable, financially it's unsustainable because we don't have officers to work double or triple shifts because they have families too.
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>> you're a country fan? >> nineteenth, before inauguration. merry christmas. >> they are coming. they know. >> i hurt so bad. >> you could tell the young boy dangling, how rescue teams brought him down? greg: president-elect trump taking direct aim at the defense industry over the pentagon's defensive program but mr. trump's tough tactics help or hurt in the long run. >> what you will see from donald trump an his administration is looking at every budget, at every number and every program and saying is this the best we can do. can we take this money and return it to the middle class, can we provide tax cuts. that's what the american people sent him there to do.
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greg: we are just now getting new pictures from aleppo and sheer devastation there. syrian-state television releasing this video of the previously rebel-held territory which is, now, of course, in government hands, the once driving city reduce today a wasteland of rubble . syrian bombed teams, dismantling explosives and booby traps that were left behind. >> president-elect trump taking on the defense industry yet again tweeting based on the tremendous cost and cost overruns of the lockheed martin
6:25 am
f-35 i have asked to compare hornet. corey weighing in on hannity last night calling pitch perfect. >> we see a ceo saying, you know what, mr. president elect, we are going cut taxpayer cost and deliver this on time. that's what we want from our president, that's what we are expecting when the american people are expecting and that's what he's going to deliver on. >> joins me now to talk about this. let's kick off that appears donald trump is pinning two companies against each other. [laughter] trish: this is what you would do in the business community and this is a background he comes from. no self-respect and ceo is ever going to pay one dime more than anything than he has to. he wants to get the best price. nobody cares, it's something else's money.
6:26 am
>> it's our money. trish: you're spending taxpayer money, he's coming in and saying, no, no, as a matter of principle, i'm not going to pay more than i have to and negotiate on behalf of the american people, this is why they put me here and it's pretty refreshing. >> what's interesting because he calls out boeing initially for the air force one cost, chats with them, we are going make this more affordable and calling lockheed and talk asking boeing, where does he go next? next head of the company heading back to mar-a-lago to meet? trish: everybody who has seen business with the governnt is going to want to have the meeting and to be more aggressive and try and offer the government the best possible deal and we need that, we need that kind of a discipline, fiscal discipline imposed on some of the projects, $400 billion.
6:27 am
that's half of obama stimulus plan. that's a lot of money. and so if you can start to get these numbers into a more manageable space, it's going a long way as making us as a nation more productive. our government needs to be more productive for us in terms of what they're spending. they haven't been. >> president elect has inserted himself in business dealings, now we are seeing with the defense contractors, it's fascinate to go watch. is it sustainable? can he keep doing this once he assume it is presidency next year? trish: you know, it's a really good question. you can't stick your nose in every deal that's happening but some of the bigger ones out there, certainly 400 billion-dollar f-35 program, it's worthwhile to get in. the 4 billion-dollar air force one carrier, that was worth getting involved in. companies like carrier was a big thing on the campaign platform. i don't know if he can go around
6:28 am
to every company that's potentially shipping jobs overseas but he's setting a tone, molly, think about it. if you're a company and you know the president is out there and he can get up and go after you in a big way affecting your business, you may think twice before you decide to ship all of the jobs overseas, we have even seen apple, tim cook had a meeting recently, bringing production of the iphone back into the u.s. from china. companies are taking notes. >> we are not just talking to boeing and lockheed martin, right? trish: meeting with tim cook, came out to employees and try today -- tried to explain why he had the meeting. why should the big ceo have to explain employees why he's meeting with the president elect because so many employees don't like him, but tim cook is smart, he knows -- he knows where bread is butter effectively and he needs to get along with the
6:29 am
president of the united states if he's going to continue having a productive company and all of the ceo's are recognizing that and it's really the expression, new sheriff is in town, it's true. >> fascinate to go see it unfold. i appreciate it. >> russian president vladimir putin holding his annual year-end news conference this morning. what he's saying today to democrats here at home who blame him for hillary clinton's loss. >> and president-elect trump sticking with his pledge to drain the swamp in spite of what one top republican says. >> this is a phrase, i tell you, i didn't like it, it's not hoaky, we are going to go to washington and drain the swamp.
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greg: top story this morning, tanasian suspect in berlin market attack killed out in shootout in italy. two officers stopped anís amiri during rue tone stop and pulled gun from backpack and the officer now reportedly in the hospital expected to recover, no word on how amiri traveled from berlin to milan, 12 people were killed in the marketplace there and more than 450 -- 50 others were injured.
6:33 am
we will have much more on the developing story. >> president-elect donald trump insisting that he's still committed to drain the swamp. actually, we will always be trying to train the swamp. dps. apparently someone is newt grinning gringrich, the former speaker apologized. >> i want to report that i made a big boo-boo, i talked this morning with president-elect trump, he reminded me, he likes to drain the swamp. i mischaracterized it the other day, i goofed, draining the swamp is in, the al gaiter should be word and you would hear me write about more al gaiters and the swamp. >> juan williams political analyst and author of we the people and mercedes, former media spoke person for george w. bush and fox news contributor. >> good morning.
6:34 am
>> i heard you chuckling there for a moment. insider is snafoo and him walking this back. >> for him to say boo-boo, that's sweet. obviously what he is doing is bringing the heavy weights, outsiders. not typical politicians to take on key cabinet positions here in washington. he really wants to change it up here in washington, not have business as usual. the other component of this is obviously what we talked about ethics reform, lobbying reforms. this is something that we haven't seen in leadership and open government law that was passed in 2007 where congress did move forward to limit lobbying efforts, but again, lobbying has been around since
6:35 am
the beginning of the republic, this isn't going to be a challenge, but if anyone can take on a challenge, it's going to be donald trump. >> not the big mistake insider politics is concerned, newt gringrich walking it back. is there a mix-up in communication. >> i think donald trump that he didn't say it first, you heard. took to it and then it became something that the audiences at his rallies responded to and began chanting. something he embraced at that point. it's not only newt gringrich and corey lewandowsky is saying it's a low priority. billionaires and millionaires and generals and people are the central figures in the swamp of washington, the too big to failo
6:36 am
disappoint us on this one, what about the wall, what about immigration, what about obamacare, i think it's -- i think the reason that so many people including specifically donald trump are telling newt, hey, walk this back, they don't want to set him up to be a guy that is about to disappointment a lot of his supporters h. >> he's not going to disappoint his supporters, i don't know what you're talking about, juan. what donald trump is trying to do is ensure in his mind focuses of job creation, focuses on the american worker in those communities like michigan, like ohio, like pennsylvania who have suffered, who haven't been able to rebuild their lives because of the fact that you had industries leave their communities and so, i think, it is center in his mind to ensure that the american worker is front and center. >> that's not draining the swamp, mercedes. >> you put in talented people in place in key positions and
6:37 am
successful generals an really think in a different way how to run this hard-washington bureaucracy. >> i appreciate you but that's not draining the swamp of people who have run for decades. drain the swamp, get the people who have been enriching themselves, the people who have been protecting themselves and not looking out for the little guy out of washington. what you get even when you talk about jobs, a question about how do you bring coal-mining jobs. there's going to be very hard to fulfill. when you talk about manufacturing jobs, again, you can talk to the ceo's at the big companies but they are going to tell you wages, wages are much lower in méxico and elsewhere and even if you reduce taxes and regulation, it's not going to expect sate for that automation. huge factor. when you see newt gringrich walking this back is really the
6:38 am
donald trump, the president elect walking it back and say, i'm going to try to deliver on my promises and don't see this one as the first one i failed you on. >> does it have a broader meaning and is that why it's appeal to go people? >> i think it does, molly. i really think that at the end when you're looking at it is bringing the ultimate outsider into washington and that is donald trump. and i think when you look at the people he's bringing in, these are individuals who many are not from washington, it's not going to be the way if hillary clinton would have won, where she would have brought her washington insiders to run the administration. i think what you're going to see a lot of the individuals who are creative in their thinking, bringing business success, whether it be military success into the administration. i also think that there's the lobbying component to it as well and that's going to be one of
6:39 am
the trickier parts. lobbying has been part of the republic, the question is how would it be managed by this administration. >> i just think you're on your heels on this one, mercedes. >> i have great heels, i don't know what you're talking about. >> the too big to fail crowd. the idea that we were going to get the bumbs out of here. >> thank you so much. that was extremely spirited. we thank you. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> president vladimir putin holding his year-end news conference today addressing everything from the berlin terror attack to the recent american elections and whether he intends to seek another six-year term in 2016. live in london with more on this. have we learned anything from the news conference today of significance? >> well, greg, the annual press conference lasted three hours,
6:40 am
53 minutes. one of the things mr. putin talked about was relations with the u.s. he said he expects security and economic ties and denied any involvement in hacking the u.s. elections, the democrats blamed others for the loss. he did say russia had anticipated the results and praised president-elect trump for understanding the public mood. and also directly addressed comments made yesterday about america's nuclear capabilities. regarding the new elected president trump, nothing new, he was saying about strengthening the military forces, there's nothing unusual. >> that was the rule, the tone of his press conference is that russia is expecting relations with the u.s. to improve under the new president and mr. putin also suggested he was ready to visit the u.s. should he receive an invitation from the new
6:41 am
administration, greg. greg: all right, so this -- it was about an hour, so what else did putin do? >> mr. putin also condemned last monday's truck attack in berlin offering condolences there and he mentioned the situation in syria, saying the evacuation from aleppo would have been impossible without russia help. he also said he wants to see a seize fire across syria. he would make a decision at a later stage. greg: thanks very much. >> why a trade war with beijing would be in the works and there's also this. >> my arms are hurting. just take deep breaths. >> i can't. >> they know.
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6:46 am
had escaped following that attack, killed in milan by -- in a shootout with police officers. greg: beijing firing a shot across the incoming administration after the appointment of this man, peter navarro, noted hawk on china trade policies to lead a new national trade council in the white house. steve moore joins, economic adviser to president-elect trump transition team. good to see you. >> by the way, i'm still terrify today see what happens to that girl dangling from the -- greg: stay tuned to fox news. [laughter] greg: it's a little boy. we will let you know what happens, pal. peter navarro, he wrote a bunch of antichina books, one is called death by china, portrays china's real economic villan and
6:47 am
america's more dangerous adversary. i read about half one of his books, allowing china to join the wto. world trade organization. destroy millions of jobs, is he right? >> well, look, i mean, there's no question that right now one of the biggest issues for the united states going forward over the next 10-20 years would we be the super power or china. i don't agree with everything peter says, but i think his central point is important. china is not playing by the rules, greg, they steal our intellectual property. we estimate $200 billion a year of intellectual property, patents, vaccines, they simply steal and don't pay american manufacturers for that. i love donald trump at the negotiating table driving a better deal with them and that
6:48 am
may mean that we are going the change the way we tax, i think peter agrees with me, we have the dumbest tax system in the world. we tax what we export to other countries but we don't tax what's imported and there's a lot of talk about maybe shifting that, we are going to tax what's imported and that tax will be produced here. trade in investment with china is way out of whack, totally out of balance. trump to that end, vowed that on his very first day in office, he would declare officially that china is a currency manipulator and then he was going to slap a tariff on chinese import and pretty stiff tariff at that. will he keep that promise, steve? >> i think he's going use that as a club over the head of china to get them to start changing some of the ways that they operate. for example, we've opened up, greg, our markets to the chinese, obviously, we are importing something from them.
6:49 am
they haven't opened up their marketstous. i mention the fact that they are stealing and cheating. in other words, there's a good argument to make that china needs more the united states a lot more than we need them and we ought to use some of that leverage to make sure there's balance in trading relationship with them. i believe by the way, greg, if donald trump succeeds in fixing regulatory structure here in the united states and fixing tax system and bringing tax rates down, i think that's going to solve 80% of the problem and you're going put the u.s. manufacturers and other exporters on a level playing field with some of the other countries, but china is a place that really has not played by the rules and you know, what's the name of donald trump's best selling book, the art of the deal. he knows how to cut deals that are going to be american workers' interests. greg: a substantial, i think it was up to 30% at one point in
6:50 am
time tariff on chinese imports, steve, something that severe, won't that prompt a trade war with china that would damage the american economy and hurt consumers? >> greg, i think, you know, that that 30% tariff talk was really a threat to china and, look, this is what trump does so well, he basically puts out something out there to say, unless you start cooperating, you are going to get hit with this. we are going to have a 30% tariff against china. i don't believe so, i don't think that's going the happen. we are going to see better negotiations with china, level out the playing field. right now we are hundreds of billion of dollars of trade deficits as you just mentioned with china. that cannot persist and the american people won't tolerate it. you get rid of regulations and get rid of taxes, you don't need tariffs. i'm a free trade guy. i think trump does but it has to be on a fair basis.
6:51 am
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greg: libyan hijackers have surrendered. they were reportedly members of a progadhafi group. more than a hundred passengers on board that left libya and landed in the island nation of molta all passengers appear to have been released and in good condition. >> mother nature threatening
6:55 am
halvic -- havoc, two day offense gridlock because of weather and other problems and now a winter storm can cause more trouble elsewhere. what is it like there today, jonathan? >> i have holiday cheering news. things are getting back on track after the terrible day yesterday with something like 230 delays and cancellations, the numbers are getting better so far today. officials have just told us that they expect 138 delays through noon pacific time today so that's a lot better than the numbers that were being talked about earlier of 400. the lines you can see from terminal one are pretty busy, generally a friday busy, i would say, not to say that travelers haven't experienced frustration. listen here. >> we arrived at 4:07 and got
6:56 am
off the plane at 6:37. >> like another 20 minutes. he hasn't seen so much airplanes on one track in a few years. it took us a while to get to our gate, but we are here now. >> and we are expecting what la people call a win ster storm coming through that could affect things later today. winter storm, the rest of you and the rest of the country call it drizzle. >> we hope you guys make it through that. what about the rest of the country? >> there are issues everywhere because there's a real winter storm in large parts of the country and that's why the arrival numbers here at lax, for instance, far more delays on the arrival side than departure side because many airports being affected as you take at look at four airports around the country, so everybody is experiencing to some extent.
6:57 am
>> they are operating for people to take later flights and what not. >> first delayed four hours and then got canceled completely and i came here and made another flight for today. >> and the advice from airport officials, be prepared, if you're flying today, get to the airport early. >> domino effect, thank you, jonathan at lax. greg: breaking news this morning, an international manhunt is over the berlin terror suspect killed in a shootout with police in milan italy. now there's word of video him showing pledging allegiance to isis. we will have a live report from berlin coming up next. stick around get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables.
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oh, that smells so good. aw, and it tastes good, too. we can provide the right care, right at home. >> breaking develop and, an international manhunt comes to a deadly end as isis releases killing video of berlin suspect anis amiri putting allegiance to the terror group. greg:the new videotape coming after the terror suspect in the christmas attack killed in a shootout with police in milan, italy. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg alcott has more on this. what do we know about the killing of the suspect? >> reporter: in the past couple hours we put the pieces together.
7:01 am
the breaking news in the past hour, the other side of the link between the isis terror group and the attacker the targeted individuals in the market behind me in berlin. a stuffy style video made by anis amiri pledging allegiance to isis was posted on the isis propaganda arm of the video feed a short while ago. in it, he said he made shortly before he committed the act, he was killed, referring to the west and the blood of their victims would not be shed, isis claimed responsibility for this act. this as authorities are explaining how this man-made 600 mile trip to milan first coming from berlin, and by train to raman, italy. all the while, he was the most wanted man in europe. there was a european warrant out for his arrest, it only helped
7:02 am
police in italy give routine stop of the man, investigators in the past two hours saying they are looking very hard at whether a network supported him here and back here in berlin as well as on that trip, a lone wolf. greg:what has been the reaction? >> reporter: in the past hour we have heard from the politician most under fire, german chancellor angela merkel gave a tv address and spoke for a lot of people in this country. she said, quote, by the end of this week, just before christmas, all of germany breathed a sigh of relief that one terror threat has gone. officials say they are investigating not just how he got to milan with everyone looking for him but how he was able to stay in germany for 18 months while through most of that time he was under suspicion
7:03 am
for terrorism by a range of officials. >> he is dead. >> >> yes. >> relief, unease and huge political repercussions after this terror act. >> thanks. >> more on this with the founder and president of the american islamic forum for democracy and author of the book a battle for the soul of islam and american muslim patriots fight to save his faith. thanks for being here. to start things off this
7:04 am
individual, with someone known to be watched by authorities as a suspect should this have ended up the way it did? >> i don't think so. as the fact start to come in it is mind-boggling. it is one thing not to be able to protect our citizens in the free world from spontaneous militant jihadists who are nonviolent for months and years and turn violent overnight or within a few days, this guy didn't only make this bizarre trek 600 miles we just heard to italy but he came from tunisia in 2011 seeking asylum in italy, was in jail for four years over violent at a migrant center and italy said you don't have papers, you are out of jail, get out of the country that deported him to where? nowhere come into the eu and sent him out, he ended up in germany and germany in march of this year had him tracking for being a suspect of national security threat and his roommate
7:05 am
was being arrested a few months ago in november for being part of an isis network and he was in the last year committed four different acts that brought him to the attention of authorities, be it a drug act, violence at a bar, the failure in german intelligence, failure of the police network -- >> we have seen this before, someone who ends of committing some sort of act being on the radar previously, paperwork snafu changes what could have been so different. what should have been done in european nations where they are seeing an influx of challenges related to islamic terrorism. >> reporter: this guy is a lone wolf, stop alone will terminology, they are part of a global jihad. i have been asking for the mantra, the global jihad,
7:06 am
stupid. if they are coming from jihadist countries like tunisia, syria, they need to be on the radar. we need to monitor not just the ones that are known is known to police, the ideological footprint of islamist follett -- website, anti-western, anti-semitic, identification movement, there are a lot of those, not on the radar, the access is about violent extremism and it should be countering violent islamism and political islam which is allegiance they have not to western secular states but islamic states was for a guy to seek asylum from tunisia is bizarre. tunisia is not clamping down, a little more discerning on complaints of asylum. mali:the majority of these refugees are coming from syria. there have been strides made as
7:07 am
far as joint terrorism task force entities overseas and improving communications from european nations but the terrorists have networks and they go from country to country and return to the country of origin or go to europe. what can be done to infiltrate into the system? >> we need to work with reforms, you know the terminology of jihad, san bernardino shooters were educated online, pakistani deal bundy type school, these are terms and ideologies that are sharia statements that we need to be monitoring. the fact that he got a weapon when he went into italy meant he had some connection unless he brought the weapon with him 600 miles, but the bottom line is his roommate was connected to isis ideology, both connected to a radical imam known as the
7:08 am
clarion project so this stuff is known to many of us. analyzing this from the outside i can't believe it wasn't known to the security apparatus and if it wasn't, need to be working with muslims to get this that are secularists and believe in the need for reform against islamic mentality. mali:what can be done against post-attack, he made from into milan but what comes next? >> the next step is to unravel what his contexts were and the ideological public footprint from facebook, social media. he declared allegiance, that should have been a public footprint that i am surprised we weren't monitoring and the paris attack, november 2015, they committed a second attack because they were holding out in mozambique in march 2016 in belgium so the community, most muslims are part of the protection of our country, some are insurgency communities that are protecting these, that we need to shed the light of day
7:09 am
upon them. if you are in this country you are going to help protect us against militant ideologies and ideologies that are incompatible with society. >> thank you for your insights. greg:israel asking the trump transition team to help prevent a united nations security council vote on israeli settlements. prime minister benjamin and yahoo's government is said to have reached out to president-elect trump after failing to persuade the obama administration. richardson at the state department with more on this. the united states was prepared to vote against israel birds were they going to abstain? what was it going to be? >> they were going to do both. what would have been a major policy reversal the united states was going to allow the security council to approve a measure that would have
7:10 am
condemned israel to its building of settlements according to reuters, stating two western diplomats, several administration, white house and state department officials refuse to comment how the united states would have voted. egypt sponsored this resolution included after pressure from israel and folks on the trump transition team. these other resolutions, the united states will vote with israel on, block the security council though of late the obama administration has been more vocal about israel building settlements. earlier this month john kerry said he cannot accept the notion that the israeli settlements are not a barrier to peace. letting the egypt asked revolution past would have been a fight lymphatic registration of that statement by the obama administration. >> israelis not getting much help from the white house, turn to donald trump to for this effort. >> right. and donald trump then turns to twitter and facebook, he posted on facebook a statement saying
7:11 am
the resolution being considered at the united nations security council regarding his real should be vetoed. this puts is real in a poor negotiating position and is extremely unfair to all israelis. this is the position that mirrors that of the government of benjamin that and yahoo. trump transition official confirms the president-elect did speak to the president of egypt about moving forward on a possible peace process in the middle east. even though president barack obama is in office for the next month it appears the region is already turning to the next president. gregg: the egyptian president probably decided i am going to need a friend in the united states in the white house and donald trump will be there in less then 30 days and he capitulated. thanks. molly: the next press secretary talking about what the media can expect from president-elect trump once he takes office.
7:12 am
>> what donald trump has proven as a candidate as president-elect is when people are wrong he will hold them accountable and correct the record. molly: their calling donald trump the first twitter president. what that means for the white house press corps. gregg: joe biden making headlines of his own with candid comments on hillary clinton and her campaign. we will tell you what he says. molly: what caused this gigantic wall of fog.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
gregg: heavy rain creating dangerous driving conditions, the storm flooding much of the region causing serious accidents on the roads was forecasters expect the bigger system to sweep through the area over the weekend. molly: president-elect trump nominating sean spicer as the face of mister trump's communications team but as the president-elect will continue to speak for himself on social media. >> there is a difference between calling people out and understanding the role the press plays in a free society. the press has a right to go out and communicate things but what donald trump has proven as a candidate and president-elect is when people are wrong he is going to hold them accountable and correct the record.
7:16 am
he has used twitter more effectively in social media between twitter, facebook entrance to graham. molly: the editor in chief of weekly standard, thanks for being here. let's kick this off, sean spicer got the job. what is he in for? >> it is going to be a challenge, with what he is discussing, donald trump has revolutionized the way presidential candidates have communicated in a successful manner, went around the mainstream and went directly to the american people and did it in such a way, the challenge is your words manage more as a candidate. it can spark global conflicts that could trigger a trade war. what he is likely to see is the
7:17 am
communications team spending time as they had in the past couple days explaining what donald trump meant, clarifying what he said about tweets. >> a big difference, >> in the reagan white house, the speechwriters have a power to make policy because what came out of the president's now that is the policy. policymaker that aids were trying to get their language into these speeches so it became
7:18 am
policy. you see the exact reverse. 140 characters, the policy teams scramble to the communications aids to try to make sure their clarification of what the president said is what becomes popular and that is what we are seeing in a debate over nuclear capability. donald trump had a tweet, we need to expand nuclear capability, his aides said he is not talking about an arms race. donald trump in an interview said let's have an arms race. there is this disconnect that will be helpful for the trump presidency and the world to have clarity, what they are getting from president trump. molly: we can see a pattern with this. how do they communicate? there is one step and another step and walk back, how does the press corps handle that and make sure the american public understands what is happening? >> it changes the way we report on these things, donald trump
7:19 am
tweeted to do this, we are waiting clarification of what it means and we have seen the press doing that, tweets on trade that he spent on boeing, carrier before that, seems to be making policy, delving deep into the weeds of policies of these deals, it is not clear what he is going to do because of what he said in 140 characters. the press will need to step back and wait for this to unfold. it is a different challenge. we have talked many times about how the news cycle has sped up, 24/7 news cycle, with social media. it is going to take patience on the part of journalists to not jump to conclusions based on the latest tweet from the president. those policies will take a while to ripen. molly: it will be fascinating to see those steps unfold.
7:20 am
thank you. gregg: donald trump called for warmer relations with russian president vladimir putin but both leaders are calling for an increase in their nuclear stockpiles. our panel is here to weigh in. molly: military leader sounding the alarm when a top air force official says he needs asap, as america's newsroom roles on this holiday weekend. ♪
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
molly: a young boy gets caught on a ski lift. >> all right, yay! molly: the lift operator called for help and ski patrol jumped into action and quickly realized they would need a ladder to handle the situation and that is when the boy started to panic. >> i was afraid he would keep kicking and then fall and break a leg or something. molly: once they got the latter the ski patrol was able to climb up and bring him down. gregg: the backpack saved his life. a top air force officer sounding the alarm. he says his service is short 30,000 airmen, live from the pentagon with more on this. >> reporter: over the summer top
7:25 am
air force official sounded the alarm, sending 700 pilots and 4000 mechanics short. now they say the problem is getting worse was the air force chief of staff says he needs 30,000 airmen, general david goldstein said, quote, the shortage of people fundamentally changed the way we do business in terms of the operational risk day today. air force officials say they need more airmen to handle intelligence, reconnaissance, refueling, space, and nuclear forces. and another -- this is what he will pentagon reporters. >> it is a crisis. it is not an american birthright but something you have to fight for and maintain. >> in desert storm, for 25 years, went to the middle east,
7:26 am
when saddam hussein invaded kuwait. >> at the start of the gulf war, 134 fighter squadrons, 55. the air force currently is doing 74 strike missions against isis and the skies of iraq and 90% of the refueling nations. gregg: thanks very much. molly: new information on the top story, the suspect in the deadly terror attack in a market in berlin killed in a shootout with police, more details straight ahead.
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
molly: the man suspected of carrying out the truck attack at a christmas market in berlin is now dead. there is his picture. anis amiri was shot and killed by police in milan, italy during a routine stop by police. isis has released a videotape showing him pledging allegiance to the terror group. he was a tunisian man wanted for driving a truck through a crowded christmas market in ireland monday killing at least 12 people. more than 50 others injured. molly: developing story, hijackers in custody after diverting a libyan airliner. the plane en route from a libyan city to another forced to land
7:30 am
in a small mediterranean island, malta. john huddy has the latest details. if you can walk us through what happened. >> reporter: the drama is over after a couple hours. attendance situation. let me walk you through this. the two hijackers were seen leaving the plane with the flight crew not 45 minutes ago and gave them selves up to soldiers posted on the tarmac and now in police custody. the situation started at noon in malta when the flight landed at the airport with 100 people, 18 on board including the flight crew. the flight left from the libyant was never to do malta and maltese officials say the two men threatened to blow the plane up with hand grenades. emergency teams were sent to negotiate with them and after
7:31 am
2:30 the 109 passengers were relieved but the flight was kept on board and 30 minutes after that, the flight crew disembarked again with hijackers. all the people on board appeared to be okay physically, this is rattling those people. the drama came to an end. molly: what do we know about the hijackers? >> it is unclear what their motivation was. one of them stepped out of the plane, waving a green flag. there are unconfirmed reports that the men may have been seeking asylum in malta and the flag, this is unconfirmed, the flag may have been associated with the late moammar qaddafi and symbolized a new pro qaddafi political party that the hijackers were again reportedly
7:32 am
caught in malta. but our circumstances, the egypt air flight that was hijacked by a man diverted to cyprus. and that case, suicidal explosive belt turned out to be fake. these guys had hand grenades, going to blow the plane up in the egypt air flight case, this guy was upset about a broken marriage, wanted to see his estranged wife and could be politically motivated. we are waiting for more information on that. molly: a strange way to get your message out. thanks. gregg: joe biden reflecting on hillary clinton's that he lost in the election nevermind the controversy over email scandal, the clinton foundation. in an interview joe biden
7:33 am
basically chalk that up to lack of vision saying, quote, i don't think she ever figured it out. i think it was hard for her to decide to run. our fox news digital politics editor, a moment of confessional and clarity. is joe biden right? >> hillary clinton in her campaign very intentionally and obviously planned to run for president as people joked, seinfeld campaign, the campaign about nothing. the key was to just be steady and still and quiet and let the focus stay on donald trump and for much of the campaign it rather worked. at a couple points she had a large lead in the polls, doing quite well but at the end we found she made a gross
7:34 am
miscalculation, the voters disliked both candidates and she was counting on these people, voters who didn't like both candidates went for trump at the end whether it was because of the comey letter or whatever the reason was, the focus came back to hillary clinton and she was judge not to be suitable for the presidency and go gregg: all these close aides to hillary clinton behind her back bemoaning the fact she has no message. i jotted down a couple of them. she has terrible instincts, the other one says all tactics and no vision. even her close aides new she doesn't have it going on here as a candidate. >> the competency candidacy. she ran sort of as george hw bush did, the last person to keep the white house in the same party for three terms in 1988, to say i am going to be kind of like the guy who is in there now but even more confident i more
7:35 am
qualified. i am all those things. voters are desperate, hungry for change. barack obama's approval ratings are quite high but americans overwhelmingly want change. she did not sound like change. he did not sound like vision. she said like a caretaker at a time people wanted entropy. gregg: it reminds me of 1979, cbs's roger munson, running for president, overwhelming favorite to win the nomination, mud asks him a really simple question. why do you want to be president? kennedy's answer was hesitant and rambling, incoherent, he stammered. he had no answer, no message. same sort of thing with hillary clinton in a way. >> if she could have answered honestly, i thought about it many times, very good
7:36 am
comparison. if she had answered honestly i suppose she would have said something along the lines of because i am the best, i am number one. i know more people, i'm smarter, more qualified, more confident come all of these things, she would have said that but then she would have said name herself, it can't sound like that because it will candidly do arrogant. how many people did it take hillary clinton to come up with a tweet, 30 people, how many lawyers, what they did was spend more than $1 billion and created what they thought was the death star that could destroy any opponent but in reality they created something so musclebound and so not all that when it came time to change they were not able to do it. gregg: the belief that it is my turn, i deserve it and that mentality tends to negate the need for a message in the mind of a candidate who feels like she is the inevitable person for this job. >> aren't we funny as voters?
7:37 am
americans, we want you to work desperately to become president. we want you to spend your time in iowa and new hampshire, run for president for two years, seek our approval but we also demand that you not want it too much which is a strange thing. some candidates are able to do that. certainly donald trump was able to telegraph that he was eager to be president but didn't see consumed by the power itself. barack obama, george w. bush, people good at running for president say i am interested in you, eager to court your support, it is cool if i don't win. hillary clinton never did it seem like it would be cool if she didn't win. gregg: she started on this blame everyone else to her. i will blame the russians, james comey, the bogeyman, if she is looking for blame should she looked no further than the mirror? she is the one who decided to use a private email system, unsecured, unauthorized in the
7:38 am
basement of her home, she is the one who decided to maintain ties with her own foundation while secretary of state. all these controversies that arrested in scandals and hurt her. >> then fail -- there is a macrocosmic issue, microcosms you talk about. in each case when caught she won't take responsible for the individual thing. instead of coming out on the server saying it was stupid, it was foolish, disclosure, she tried to defend it. in each case where she should have made a clean break with things that ask voters for their forgiveness they tried to hold it out and hold the line as long as they could and it hurt them so much more and the same is true at the end of this election to make a good point, at the end of the election the first thing hillary clinton should have said is i had a historically good opportunity to become the first female president, almost never happens, keep one party for more than two terms, things could be great for democrats and me and i
7:39 am
missed. he didn't start there, she started blaming other people and that will hurt democrats ability to get better after this loss. they will blame externalities rather than internal issues that hurt them. gregg: this happens when you surround yourself with sycophants who won't tell you the truth. great talking to you, thanks. molly: president-elect trump and vladimir putin seemingly embracing nuclear expansion. what each of them said and what mister trump's statement was in response to the russian leader. gregg: a natural phenomena and that has to be seen to be believed. ♪ (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes,
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molly: smoke on the water, a massive wall of see smoke. in minnesota happened last weekend came up against -- as well as negative 38 °. gregg: donald trump, both talking tough on nuclear weapons, top military officers that moscow needs to strengthen its nuclear arsenal. and greatly strengthen and expand nuclear capability at such time as the world comes to
7:44 am
a consensus regarding nukes. former director for david cameron, founder and ceo. and senior political strategist consulting. and nuclear power. president-elect trump has yet to become the president back and forth between a world leader and vladimir putin, and foreign-policy, given until january 20th. in eight years. and engaging on these issues, i disagree with what he's talking about, we know where china
7:45 am
stands. it is interesting to see trump talking in this way, nuclear weapons, every briefing he got, what about nukes, this is dangerous, not to say i don't think there shouldn't be some innovation to make weapons better, seems irresponsible, and arms race, and get on the same page. >> this is very much in line, and modernize nuclear capacity, the really important point was as you accurately reported,
7:46 am
vladimir putin started this, built-up russia's capacity is a response to that. and how to make things like that and not a get a strong response from us in the us. >> president-elect trump needs to respond when vladimir putin said something over russia. he is a responsive person. i will come at you harder. this is the first -- and president obama wants the world with no nuclear weapon. and concerns about the deal.
7:47 am
and neocons and the like. this did not seem trump he and -- and i am all for it. let's just think back to the previous pre-trumpian world. you know what is going to happen. wants to expand capacity. and in the real world nothing happens at all. this immediate direct response has a bigger impact. it is a great way to reinvent the way diplomacy works because
7:48 am
it is needed. >> something that is not clear, he can do a lot of things he can do without approval with a whole bunch of other people who may go for it. on both sides of the aisle interested in expanding nuclear arsenal with protection purposes, not to go after them. molly: here we are talking about it. the american public getting a look at what could be the policy as far as -- >> made his position clear and his attitude clear and what we need in government and politics is the more human approach and the bureaucratic approach hides the truth and complicated diplomatic niceties, clear statement is most effective. molly: thanks for joining us. we will see what comes in the next ft in time for christmas our men and women in
7:49 am
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. . . jon: plus terrorist who hit berlin killed in milan. we have live fox team coverage. also the trump tweet that has set off the national security world and why he's doubling down this morning on a possible arms race. on the day before christmas eve, we will take a look at the history of holiday in america and why traditions are so important. coming up, happening now. >> well, some troops are perhaps in for a treat this christmas
7:53 am
time receiving care packages thanks to a special group called supplies for soldiers, their mission is to raise awareness. joining me now, cofounder such a wonderful project. tell us how it got started. >> nancy got deported as civilian and while she was there she saw the need that our troops -- saw things that our troops were not getting, personal items that you couldn't buy at the px. you have an amazon, credit card and do what you need to do. she developed her own care bag where she handed over 1400 care bags on her own.
7:54 am
when she came back to the state, she continued the mission. in april, became a nonprofit and since then shipped out over 8,000 pounds. >> greg: nancy, stockings, christmas stockings. >> yes. christmas stockings were this year and we send over 226 stockings to 12 units or locations. they already started getting them. some of them gotten them and distributed them and what's wonderful about the whole thing after playing a game that i developed to win a stocking, hay take everything and put it on the table and share it with battle buddies. this was born out of your own experience? >> yes, best experience i could ever, ever ask for.
7:55 am
>> really? >> i would go back tomorrow if i could. >> what is the greatest needs. >> right now what happens is nancy talks to a chaplain overseas in afghanistan, she gets the needs, the current needs, right now we are going through wintertime there but we have to plan for two months out. it takes us about two weeks to pack the boxes and about two to three boxes to get them there. five weeks away from their next thing. so what we are sending, what we collect, we collect hygiene items and food items that are collection drives, we organize and we pack them. we ship out 25 to 30 boxes of items that weigh about 40 pounds each. >> egg boxes don't have eggs? >> no. girl scout cookies, mary kay
7:56 am
cosmetics, sunscreen that they donated as well as the food donated. right now the biggest need that we are looking for is, of course, donations to pay for it because those boxes cost about 30 -- 40 pounds cost to ship. greg: wow. >> we are looking for corporate responsors for two things. one is big bulk items that they are asking for as well as high-ticket items that will provide but really drain us like x box's. greg: you have a facebook page? can we put it up? >> and .org is our website. greg: we are happy to help any way we can. getting the word out, best of
7:57 am
luck to both of you. mark and nancy wolf. molly. >> suspect killed in a shooting with police, how officers brought down the most wanted man in europe
7:58 am
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now's your chance at completely clear skin. just ask your doctor about taltz. >> if you plan to fly this holiday weekend, look on the look out for furry friends. therapy dogs being unlearned throughout many airports across the country hope to go soothe the mind of dog folks, these are out of the dallas-fort worth airport and encouraged to pet
8:00 am
and, of course, encouraged to take photos. greg tbreg that's a great idea for kids that don't have puppies, go to the airport and pet a puppy. >> you can cuddle up with them. greg: thanks for being with us. happening now begins right now. have a merry christmas. jon: president-elect trump calling for expansion of america's nuclear arsenal saying he's fine with an arm's race unless the u.s. is winning, hello and welcome to happening now on this weekend. >> i'm laura in for jenna lee. mr. trump started the nuclear conversation on twitter saying, quote, the united states must greatly strengthen and expand nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. jon jon that tweet came after russian vladimir putin promise today strengthen his nation'


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