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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 23, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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take photos. greg tbreg that's a great idea for kids that don't have puppies, go to the airport and pet a puppy. >> you can cuddle up with them. greg: thanks for being with us. happening now begins right now. have a merry christmas. jon: president-elect trump calling for expansion of america's nuclear arsenal saying he's fine with an arm's race unless the u.s. is winning, hello and welcome to happening now on this weekend. >> i'm laura in for jenna lee. mr. trump started the nuclear conversation on twitter saying, quote, the united states must greatly strengthen and expand nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. jon jon that tweet came after russian vladimir putin promise today strengthen his nation's
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nuclear forces and putin held end of the year conference. we have live fox team coverage from london bureau but we begin with peter ducey in west palm beach, florida. peter. peter: jon, president elect is playing golf with tiger woods, not far from mar-a-lago where he stays down here and woods "ed a game according to transition officials. he's obviously one of the most famous athletes in the world but mr. trump has a message for anybody trying to say that his upcoming inauguration is going lack star power, he says this, quote, the so-called a-list celebrities are all wanting ticks for inauguration, but look what they did for hillary, nothing, i want the people. he is concern not just about russia but also about terrorists
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and rogue nations and mr. trump is also saying he's ready to move on from the notoriously expensive f-35 fighter jet program tweeting that he wants boeing to come up alternative. he did meet with boeing and lockheed. seems like the boeing meeting went better than lockheed meeting. making decisions for somebody who has not been sworn in yet and his newly minted press secretary says he's not breaking protocol by not asking the president who is in office right now for permission. >> no, he's the president elect. he doesn't need to check. i will say this, president obama and his team have been unbelievably gracious to the president elect and his team. we respect the fact that there's one president at a time and this president is not going to wait for things to happen, he's going to get things done. >> the eric trump foundation has announced that it is going to
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stop fundraising because eric trump admits that some donors could be expecting special access to his dad, the next president and his dad, the next president is weighing in on this also on twit internal revenue. his son's need to stop raising money for sick kids to avoid the possibility of a conflict of interest is a ridiculous shame, jon. jon: all right, he always calls it like he sees it. thanks very much, peter ducey. >> russian president vladimir putin also saying he would be willing to visit the u.s. if president-elect trump invites him. the comments came after putin's end of the year news conference. this is where he addressed everything from u.s. relations to the berlin terror attack. katie logan live in news room. hi, katie. >> that press conference lasted almost four hours. nothing unusual there. something mr. putin does every year. he talked about many things including u.s.-russia relations.
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he said he expected security and an economic ties to normalize future and denied involvement or interference during election. hackers were russians and democrats were wrongly blamed others for losing the election. russia had expected mr. trump to win and praised him for understanding the public mood in america, now, mr. putin addressed the comments that select yesterday about america's nuclear capabilities. >> regarding the newly elected president trump, there was nothing new, he said during campaign to strengthened nuclear aspect of the united states, strengthening the military forces, there's nothing unusual. >> there was very little else new from mr. putin today although he addressed a wide-range of topics as you say. he condemned attack in berlin and condolences and called for better cooperation in fighting terrorism.
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he also talked about syria saying the recent evacuation from aleppo wouldn't have been possible without russian help. he says he now wants to see a cease fire across syria. mr. putin didn't say whether or not he would stand to reelection as president, he said he would make the decision at a later phase. overall the tone of his press conference that russia expects relations to improve under new administration. >> thank you. jon: well, president-elect trump bringing campaign staffers to the white house with him n. the meantime he appeared to double town on his tweet about expanding america's nuclear arsenal. this morning he spoke with msnbs mikka. >> president elect told you what? >> let it be an arm's race. we will outmatch them at every path. >> and outlast them all.
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>> what about that accusation, i'm joined by political reporter jonathan, is it an arm's race, jonathan? >> i guess that's certainly what donald trump is signaling at the moment. i think there's a couple of con textual things. a lot of the people have hawkish world views and quite possibly that donald trump is reflecting some of that input. the second is vladimir putin made comments about upgrading his own nuclear arsenal so i think donald trump sees it as imperative that the united states won't be pushed around. jon: his spokesman sean spicer issued something of a clarification, other countries need to be put on notice that he's not going to sit back and allow them undermine our sovereignty.
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we will get in the role in a minute but is that a bit of clarification that's necessary to this particular story? >> well, this is sort of the g in the communications role for donald trump. i'm not talking about this comment specifically from sean spicer. i think the most interesting comments were kellyanne conway last night where they tried to clarify the comments from donald trump as this is more of an about modernizing and upgrading and then, of course, donald trump undermines that by saying, no, no, i really do mean an arm's race, i really do mean expansion. that's a pattern of communication that we are seeing through the campaign. when sean spicer takes the white house press secretary job, he's a very skilled operate e but he will have many instances where he does clean-up and then donald trump doubles down. it's just the way donald trump operates. jon: hawkish language from donald trump but also hawkish language from vladimir putin. >> no, that's exactly right. that's why i said.
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important context, before donald trump issued that tweet, vladimir putin was saying things about upgrading rush -- russia's nuclear arsenal. jon: as ronald reagan proved when he upgraded u.s. military forces and specially antinuclear forces, that is eventually what led to the demolition of the soviet union and berlin wall. >> donald trump has said that, that his philosophy is the reagan peace through strength. there has been a few consistenties in the campaign, one of them has to build up of american militarized and not taking any step to countries around the world. jon: jonathan swan, thanks. >> suspect has been killed, this after a shootout in milan,
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italy. most wanted man after attack in berlin monday which left 12 dead and dozens injured. amy kellogg, a lot of interesting background on this guy, too, right? >> yeah, lawyer, he did pass through france. lots of questions. the manhunt, of course, is over but police both here and investigators internationally will want to know what was he doing in milan, was he stopping here, does he have a network here or was he moving on some where else to rejoin other people. what's extraordinary, laura, is that the police here didn't stop him because they recognized him from all the media coverage over the past week, they simply thought he looked suspicious and so they asked for his documents, he did not produce them, opened a knapsack and shot one officer, wounding him in the shoulder and
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the officer's shot using similar to if not the same one used to kill the truck driver that amiri had. this all happened at 3:00 a.m. it all ended here. he was wanted for theft in tanasia. he fled with a group of syrian refugees on a boat, wound up in italy. spent time in jail for to your -- torching a school and center. part of that was down to tanasia not sending documents as well. he slipped across open borders to germany and asked for political asylum there and denied. again, they tried to send him to homeland, tanasia didn't claim him before he manage today --
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managed to kill 12 innocent people. also, laura, he was under surveillance for six months until this fall, he was organizing a robbery so that he could buy weapons for an attack in germany, when they didn't come up with the evidence, they dropped the evidence and the rest of the story is very clear and tragic from that point. laura, back to you. >> amy kellogg for us, thank you so much for that perspective. jon: overseas hijacking has ended now, authorities say two hijackers forced a libyan commercial plane to divert to molta, they threatened to blow it up but after several hours the prime minister says the passengers and crew got out of the plane safely and hijackers have vunded. no immediate report of injuries, it is not clear what the hijackers' demands actually were. >> jon, it is that time of year once again, time to keep your
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cool while traveling home or wherever you're going, you know it's going to be busy with wicked weather threatening the region. what's the secret to a smooth trip? >> go early. yes, i go early. that's my method. >> you definite i will have to come early and be mentally prepared to stand in line and wait. >> well, uncertain times too. it's important to remember the history of this holiday season and why it's important to keep christmas traditions alive. hey team, i know we're tight on time, but i really need a... ...sick day tomorrow. moms don't take sick days. moms take nyquil severe: the... ...nighttime sniffling,sneezing, coughing, aching, fever best... ...sleep with a cold, medicine.
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jon: final chapter of what you might call a house of horrors, this is a home in woodberry, minnesota where danny confessed to killing young jacob 27 years ago, minnesota boy disappeared. his disappearance a mystery for so many decades until recently he admitted to the murder. the home being demolished by a local developer. he says that he decided to help tend community's nightmare, that home owned by the killer of jacob being demolished right now . >> you may not have this on your calendar but today is expected
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to be the busiest travel day of the holiday season and travelers still feeling the ripple effects after hundreds of flights were canceled. it was a mess. more expected today. chief correspondent jonathan is live at lax, he's looking dapper and looking for holiday travelers. jonathan, what can you tell us? >> thanks, laura. it could be a whole lot better but could certainly be a whole lot worse. some 173 flights expected to be delayed through noon pacific time at lax, it's tough for travelers but they are getting there. the lines at the moment getting to the aircraft through check-in and security are no worst than they are on any other friday here at lax and the add rice to
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-- advice is come prepared. listen here. >> if you're checking the conditions at the airport even before you leave your home, check to see what the roads are like, how crowded it is. make sure you print boarding pass, that before you come to the airport, you have some sense of how much time you need to get to the airport. it's significain't that the majority are on arrivals and that gives you indication that it's weather across the country that are causing problems. there are delays at many airports and they are significant for travelers. >> i wasn't expecting so many people. >> how about flights oversold and operating money for people to take later flights and what not. >> you definite i will have to
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come early and be mentally prepare today stand in land. it's not as bad as it could be but we are expecting more bad weather here later, so things could get worse, remember nobody in la can drive in the rain, it seems pilot can necessarily taxi properly either. that was the cause of most the delays yesterday. it was drizzle. >> i remember being in los angeles when you and i worked together at the la bureau, you're right. when it rains there, things go sideways. >> all falls apart. jon: 149 days since president-elect trump has given press conference. new details on how the white house will deal with the press, president elect uses social
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media to reach the american people directly, our media panel reacts. >> it is absolutely fascinating and it makes every day, every hour just unbelievable. you know you're having that conversation with the american people and they could have it back with him asmy family tree,ing i discovered a woman named marianne gaspard... it was her french name. then she came to louisiana as a slave. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more
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tadirectv now.
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stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. >> when people are wrong, he's going to hold them accountable and correct the record. it's going to be -- he's used twitter more effectively in social media between twitter facebook and instagram. jon: that was incoming white house press secretary sean spicer as it's now been 14 t days since president-elect trump held a news conference. senior adviser kellyanne conway
8:23 am
says there will be daily briefings, there had been question about that. let's talk about lynn, sun-times, are you heartened that the daily press briefing is not going to go the way of the dinosaur in the trump administration? >> sure. i think it's great. what we don't know, though, is will it be televised. mike who is bill clinton's press secretary who started televised briefings who said through the years he thought thought it was a bad idea. i take them at their word if they have something daily and if the reporters can have a chance to yet questions answered, that's great. jon: bill clinton use today hear the record for president elect that had gone the longest without the news conference, nine days. it's been as we mentioned 148 since donald trump held a news conference.
8:24 am
he hasn't had one since he was elected. what do you think about that? >> well, since july, i'm a reporter, of course i would like him to have a press conference. there's so many questions to ask. he promised to have one december 145th -- 15th, to talk about he would divorce from business holdings, now he said that's in january. press conferences could be long, could be short, you could set him up in a variety of formats, that's a long time and i'm hoping now that he has his prez team in place that they figure out a way to have president elect and president trump available on a more routine basis, but, yes, of course, 149 days is too long. whatever that number is, 149 days is too much. jon: let's add to the conversation judy miller all reporter and fox news contributor as well, kellyanne
8:25 am
conway, judy was on gma this morning and talked about press availability in the incoming trump administration. she, of course, was the campaign manager who has been named counselor to the president. listen to what she had to say. >> this will be a traditional white house in the sense that you will have a great deal of press availability and you have a president that continues to be engaged with the press. jon: current administration, judy, as you well know promised to be the most transparent in history. that hasn't exactly happened. what are you looking forward to under a trump administration. >> well, i'm looking for more transparency as the lived. i'm looking for more access and i'm certainly looking for something beyond donald trump's favorite communication style which is the tweet. it's one thing for him to say, i'm not going to give up dts as he calls it, drain the swamp but it's another to be able to actually ask him a question and that's very, very important and
8:26 am
it's something that president obama did not like to do and i think by the way, it did not serve him well that he did so relatively few press conferences. so i think that donald trump has made mark as master of media manipulation, will continue to find interesting ways of getting his message across. i wonder whether or not this is going to be a huge role reversal of a white house press secretary actually correcting us rather than us holding them accountability for errors and misat the sameat the same-- misstatements of facts. jon: donald trump going straight through the american people without a filter as he does via twitter, that that is more beneficial, judy, what's your reaction? >> look, communication, nibble the first amendment as you jon and i think most people who look at our checks and balance system
8:27 am
and i think that the press isn't indispensable element in the democracy and that donald trump may not like that anymore than any other president and now he will be unusual but that's our job, we have to stick to it. he can have his say but we will surely have ours and if you have seen the coverage so far, it has been skeptical. it's pointed out that the man who promised to bring different people into the government has now selected a cabinet of the 1%, the richest people we ever had in government. let's see how it works. he's not going to stop and we are not going to stop. it'll be interesting. jon: the guy who he has chosen press secretary is somewhat familiar with the american people holding the same job for the national committee, i'm talking about sean spicer newly named for that position. he was on with mornings with maria in the fox business network, here is what he had to say about communications with the american people going forward listen. >> we have one in january that we are going to do.
8:28 am
but, look, i don't think the american people are sitting around saying, when is he going to have a formal press conference. he speaks very frequently on twitter and interviewed numerous times. he's going to continue to speak out. jon: i suppose the american people aren't sitting around wondering when the news conference is, lynn, i certainly know the press core is. >> well, there's a lot to running the country. there's a lot of questions that you have that often, you know, this is what reporters do, you think of things in the multiple, multiple areas of government to talk about. that's what you could address in the press conference without, you know, if the president is going to communicate in twitter. the obama white house did, snapchat, instagram, blogs u, they have tools but it doesn't mean that you exempt the press or carve them out from communicating.
8:29 am
i just think it's the whole package. i'm really encouraged by what sean and kellyanne said. president obama, first lady michelle used direct communications all of the time. sometimes jon and judy, i feel like i have to sin -- sign up for everything just to keep up for what the white house puts out. they don't always tell you. we have sent out a picture that's important over twitter. why would someone send me an e-mail? jon: it's tough keeping up. >> but i am very encouraged by what sean and kellyanne said and with all the contentious relationship that's ongoing with the press, if they want to do a reset, fine with me. let's jus move forward and have access, they have their ability to communicate, give us our ability to ask questions and give answer.
8:30 am
>> a lot of presidents have battled with the press and it's a healthy thing in our republic. >> yeah. jon: thank you both. >> happy holidays, jon. >> president-elect trump promise to go get a lot done from repealing obamacare to changing trade deals to rebuilding a wall. campaign rhetoric or will he actually deliver. when was the last time you took a taxi with no driver? well, california shoots down uber's plan for self-driving cars while another state opens its door to the idea.
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jon: fox news alert and president-elect donald trump has released a new statement on relations with russia. trump is saying in that statement a very nice letter from vladimir putin, his thoughts are so correct. i hope both sides are able to live up to the thoughts and we do not have to travel an alternate path. that comes in response to a letter from mr. putin that mr. trump attached to the statement, here is a portion of that. it reads in part, quote, i hope that after you assume the position of president of the united states of america you will be able by acting in a constructive and pragmatic way to take real steps to restore the framework of bilateral cooperation in different areas as well as bring our level of collaboration on the international scene to a qualitatively new level. so, there you go.
8:34 am
new ways of communicating under president elect trump. >> president elect hasn't taken office but he's bus you but he was immediately pressed to explain boss' remarks about boosting american arsenal. today he hit the golf course with tiger woods. he's been very busy. mr. trump promising to do a lot in first one hundred days like repealing the affordable care act and reworking trade deals, securing funding for a border wall and imposing term limits on congress and much, much more. so here is joe trippy, fox news contributor, former assistant to george w. bush. welcome to you, gentlemen, all right, we have a lot to talk about. joe, i want to start with you. president-elect trump's latest tweet causing waves about the strengthening the nuclear capabilities, but i want to ask
8:35 am
you about the bigture, repealing obamacare and building building the wall and, of course, promised to begin the very, i think he used three times, removal of criminal illegal imgrants in the first hour of being in office. how realistic is all of this, joe? >> it's as realistic as his ability to keep the republicans in the senate for the most part aligned with his agenda because first of all the first hundred days is critical. it is the period where he's going to be at his strongest to get things done. the first term and first two years, but the problem is can he hold mccain on an issue, can he hold rubio on his immigration -- it's about holding, because there's only couple of vote margins for republicans in the u.s. senate, democrats don't really have the possibility.
8:36 am
they can delay things, but stopping them, that's going to happen because he loses two or three votes and a lot of these controversial things he wants to get done could lose him a colins, maine, mccain from arizona and if he can't hold it together he will be get most hundred days, get protests out there, but democrats are going to be tough to stop it. >> when we look at what president obama's first one hundred day plan included in his first run, there were also some big-ticket items to get to like the economic stimulus package in february of '09. the plans and promises are usually pretty big, how do you think trump stack up? >> well, he does have a lot of big goals and the american people and the election results rejected the concept of incriminatallism and the american people for the last six years have seen the policy movement to this country grind
8:37 am
to a halt and they unified government under republican control and they want trump to move his agenda on top of the policy issues that he's fighting for which are big and complex, he also has a government to build and so the united states senate in addition to moving things like obamacare repeal has to spend a lot of time on confirming cabinet secretaries and the biggie, confirming a supreme court justice, so if hi gets some of the big executive action things done that he can do on day one, he gets the beginning of movement on passing legislation that he wants to pass an he start to build a government and confirm a supreme court justice. that would be a huge one hundred days and i think the people would feel satisfied that we are no longer with base as usual in washington. >> joe, mr. trump has selected at quite a good pace. what do you make of his picks? >> look, a lot of them are going to be controversial, you're going to have, you know, hearings that the ones
8:38 am
particularly that need senate confirmation, i think, but i think the -- most of them are going to get through. again, it's his ability to hold republicans and the senate, the house republicans have a big enough majority that he can lose 10-20 members from the republican side and still have the house pass agenda, the critical thing i actually think it's senators, mccain, graham, some of -- collins in maine are going to be critical to him. much more critical to him than his loyalists in the senate because if he loses some of them or rubio, again, on his immigration or some -- or the infrastructure spending, any of these things, he loses two or three republican votes he's not going to get part of that agenda won't get passed. so loyalists are going to be with him on everything. the people he has to pay the most attention to tend to be the people he's been, you know, in a lot of the way the meanest to in
8:39 am
tweets and things. it's going to be interesting if he can hold that all together. >> right. the communications team in place now getting in place is going to be very busy in the days to come. i need to leave it there. joe and scott, thank you so much for being here today. have a great holiday. >> merry christmas. jon: california said to be the car culture but uber's fleet of self-driving cars rejected by california regulators. now arizona's governor is lowing testing of the cars there. a push for business innovation, william live with the story in news room. >> jon, great story, it's not about money, safety or this permit, it's really about one company standing up to the nation's most regulated state and equally ta -- california telling the company you're not so special, when neither budged, uber said fine, keep your permit. we are going to arizona where
8:40 am
they don't strangle innovation with red tape. >> another sign along the list of many that companies see arizona as a great place to do business. they are fleeing california, they are ditching the overregulation and high taxation and arizona is a place that's open for business. >> here is what happened, california requires cars, quote, without active human control or monitoring to get a special permit. uber claims all of its autonomous did have a driver so they didn't need one. california disagreed and revoked license to operate. hours later uber fires back releasing photos along with this statement. our cars departed for arizona this morning by truck, we will be expanding our self-driving pilot there and we are excited to have the support of governor ducey. uber joins tesla, google testing cars in arizona but first they are going to need to up load the fleet with latest mapping
8:41 am
software as for the conflict, san francisco seems happy uber is gone while arizona is more free-thinking. >> autonomous were making unsafe and illegal turns fail to go get to the curve as close as possible and right-hooking somebody biking in the blind spot. >> kind of scary. >> the promotional reasons uber claims their cars are self-driving when they're not. california has a acon-- acon the -- acon >> the cars are going to arizona but uber will be going back to california. it's too big to ignore. jon: obviously. william, thank you. >> the recent terror attack in berlin targeting a christmas market and all it symbolizes, we will take a look at the history
8:42 am
of christmas next and why christian traditions like it are more important than ever wouldn't a deal on car insurance involve two parties discussing something? why not give you some say? or let your driving do the talking.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> targeted a cultural institution. terrorist chose a christmas market and all it symbolizes and got us thinking about the holiday here and all around the world and why it's so important to keep traditions alive. bob has written a book on christmas. there it is on your screen. he's an antisteeler designer and author of a very vintage christmas. bob joins us now. thank you so much for coming on this very important day and bringing some good props. as we are looking at your props, first, i want to ask you to tell us about the history of christmas. we know the reason for the season but in terms of the
8:46 am
actual celebration itself, i think a lot of people might be surprised to know that it hasn't actually been going on as long as we might have thought. >> exactly. a hundred years ago, only one in five household were celebrating christmas the way we see it now. people didn't have christmas trees or or ornaments. let's start with ornaments. most ornaments that came to the country were from germany. these are special because when world war 24 broke out, americans didn't want german ornaments. these ornaments just so americans were know they were american feature uncle sam shaking hands with santa, right. right there. and most people recall these
8:47 am
ornaments in their attics, you can still find them all over the place. i certainly have them. >> they are beautiful and i think a lot of people do actually remember them. christmas is important for so many people around the world, right, obviously we know this, what do you think is the number one reason that people wait for christmas? what is it that brings us together? >> you know, we all get a pass at christmas time to be sentimental. [laughter] >> okay. >> right? >> right. >> open up flood gate of memories and emotional and it connects us, and it adds continuity to our lives, remember this christmas when we did this and unpacked the ornaments, it's like visiting old friends. remember this was on our first christmas tree. wow, this is on old one, this one belong today -- belonged to
8:48 am
grandma. >> just had the same conversation. a lot of people aren't so fortunate enough to have memories, what can people that are not so fortunate have a tradition, start tradition or get involved with somebody else's, the best way i know how to feel better is to give of myself. i think if you're feeling low at christmas time, it's a great time to volunteer, give away something that means something to you that has history. head out to a flea market or any number of antique shops and they have old ornaments like your parents used to have. bring back memories. tell others about them and in a way people stay alive through the conduits. >> what's kind of the top thing that you look forward that we
8:49 am
can all incorporate into our home? a lot of us are decorating, trying to get everything ready for the weekend. anything that we can do to add festive punch to our house? >> the first thing we can do is put down cell phones and hand-held devices. >> i like that. >> beep, text, and bleep. spend time with each other. have people over to your home. go over with them. i grew up in a neighborhood where the navy base are bringing cookies and we would take cookies to them. yesterday my doorbell rang and i expected it was a neighbor who wanted something, it was carolers in this day and age. it made me so happy. i say sing christmas carols. visit with people. spend time. now it's the time when everything else can wait until next year. >> you're right on that. >> be with your friends. >> a lot of people will resinate with that message. we want to thank bob and obviously you want to pick up his book, a very vintage christmas. >> that's right. >> makes a lot of sense about now and decorate your home.
8:50 am
thanks for the tip. >> thanks, laura. >> all right, jon, back to you. jon: jumbo jet takes off from one of the in addition's busiest airports, then gets turned the wrong way. how close this plane came to disaster and what our aviation expert thinks went wrong? plus boy taking a job at mcdonalds at least for a day, but he's on a much bigger mission than just making money, we will tell you what he's up to. >> do the job and buy toys for tots so that way you can get other kids toys for tots. removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get healthier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush and experience an amazing feel of clean.
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jon: let's check out what's ahead on outnumbered coming up tat top of the hour, megan and
8:54 am
harris what do you have. harris: friday eve, no, the president elect warning that the u.s. will ramp up nuclear arsenal if necessary and then doubling down on all of that. whether all the controversy is warranted? >> uncle joe being uncle joe. vice president biden giving extremely honest assessment of hillary clinton's campaign and what went wrong. harris: all that plus #oneluckyguy. outnumbered guy, that's a hint. jon: we will be watching. see you then. close call in the skies over southern california, air traffic control apparently misdirected the crew of an triple 7 sending the jumbo jet in the wrong direction. instead of heading west from los angeles airport toward the ocean, and destination of taiwan, the jet was turned east toward a mountain range and into the flight path of another airplane. it took more than a minute for the tower to get the jet to
8:55 am
respond instructions and change course. eventually it did land safely in taiwan but reportedly it came very close to the mountains so how do we keep near disasters like this from happening, aviation consultant, formal commercial airline pilot. you listened to the air traffic control reportings of this particular incident, what do you think went wrong here? >> just about everything that could wrong for contributory factors in causing an accident was going wrong. you had a failure in communication between pilot and atc, english language understanding problem from people who don't speak the native tongue. you also had a very poor situation awareness of pilots that seemed to forget there was a mountain range out there. jon: yeah, at one point i heard the controllers saying, okay, you know, the eva jetliner had been sent on a course of 090 which is due east and atc
8:56 am
control turn left of heading of 270. it doesn't make any sense. >> nonstandard protocol for communications and at one point in time, turn southbound, what is southbound, what 190-degrees, 165-degrees, what is it? nonstandard type of turn. atc always defines turn right heading of, but you just don't say turn southbound or westbound . english is not their native language, that translation coming through and you hear it and the pilot says left, right, what? which way is my turn? jon: fortunately there were no casualties but they came within
8:57 am
500 feet of hitting mount wilson. thanks very much. >> thank you very much. jon: back in just a moment for e
8:58 am
8:59 am
jon: we have our christmas traditions here in the studio. [laughter] >> starting now. jon: here's my little fella. >> yeah, our friend bob richter just gave us these. vintage elves, you've got to love that. jon: hope you're having a great
9:00 am
christmas weekend. "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: fox news alert, italy's interior minister now says, quote, without a shadow of a doubt the prime suspect in monday's deadly truck attack on a christmas market in berlin was killed in an early morning shootout with police in milan. this brings an end to the massive manhunt that had a continent on edge and the 24-year-old suspect had pledged his allegiance to the islamic state savages on the terror group's web site. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg talcott is in berlin for us. greg? >> reporter: hi, harris. yeah, the truck attacker, anis amri, might be dead. but as you noted, his ugly message lives on. in a selfie-style video posted by the isis terror group, he pledged allegiance to it just hours after his death in milan. in it he says he will, quote, kill crusader pigs. remember, isis


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