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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 23, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> duke it out. >> you know what? merry christmas. that's it for us. tune in monday for our christmas special at 5:00 p.m. eastern. to all of you, have a very merry christmas, everyone, happy hanukkah to all who celebrate. this is a fox news alert. a huge policy shift tonight for the u.s. regarding israel. president obama choosing not to veto a u.n. security council resolution condemning israeli settlements in palestinian claimed territory and demanding they stop. the u.s. has in the past almost always vetoed such measures but not this time. not even after israeli leader benjamin netanyahu urged a veto and not after president-elect trump did the same. we have fox team coverage. kevin cork with the president in hawaii on why the administration made such a bold move. we begin with david lee miller at the u.n. tonight. good evening.
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>> reporter: good evening. for the first time now in nearly four decades, the u.s. has failed to veto a u.n. security council resolution condemning israeli settlement activity. the u.s. officially abstained while the remaining 14 other members of the security council voted yes. the resolution calls for israel to immediately and completely cease all settlement activity in the palestinian territory, including east jerusalem. samantha power said the u.s. would veto any resolution undermining israel's security. she said the resolution voted on today did not meet the requirements for a u.s. veto. >> it is because this resolution reflects the facts on the ground and is consistent with u.s. policy across republican and democratic administrations throughout the history of the state of israel that the united states did not veto it. >> reporter: minutes after the
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vote, president-elect trump tweeted out -- the vote on the resolution, which was sponsored by egypt, was supposed to take place yesterday. mr. trump called for a veto at that time and soon thereafter egypt took the resolution off the table. this morning, other countries put it back in play. many israelis were angry and disappointed but not surprised by the u.s. vote. relations between president obama and netanyahu have been strained. there has been growing speculation about some type of obama december surprise. republicans senators john mccain and lindsey graham expressed outrage. on the other side of the aisle, new york democrat chuck schumer joined the chorus of criticism saying, it's extremely frustrating, disappointing and confounding that the administration has failed to veto this resolution. israeli reaction has also been
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very harsh. the office of the israeli prime minister said israel rejects this shameful anti-israeli resolution and will not abide by it. the statement went on to say that israel looks forward to working with president trump and the future u.s. congress. >> david lee miller live at the u.n. reaction has been harsh. not just from republican. the white house moved to explain why it did what it did. kevin cork is it traveling with president obama in ohio and reports from honolulu. hello. >> reporter: you are on the money. the president made this decision by himself but not after close consultation with key members of his inner circle, including joe biden, john kerry, susan rice and u.n. ambassador samantha power. it's also important to point out what deputy national security adviser ben rhodes had to say about this today. he said, the abstention vote was
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because the u.n. hasn't been impartial on the issue. >> when it comes to status issues, we believe those should be negotiated between the parties. >> reporter: rhodes repeating the assertion that the president has done more for israel's security than any other u.s. president noting that $38 billion military aid package. but when asked whether he thought israeli prime minister netanyahu was committed to peace, rhodes sounded skeptical. >> at a certain point, the words and actions become irreconcilable. that's what we're concerned about. >> reporter: john kerry said the united states acted with one objective in mind, to preserve the possibility of the two state solution. he went on to add, while we do not agree with every aspect of this resolution, it condemns the violence and incitement and settlement activity and calls on
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both sides to take steps to reverse current trends and advance the proe prspects for a state solution. not all that we will hear on subject. the administration tries to thread the diplomatic needle on this one. >> kevin also we know the president signed into law the national defense authorization act today but not without controversy. right? >> reporter: that's right. it has always been complicated because it comes with strings attached. i can tell you right now this t does include $3.2 billion in military spending. that includes, by the way -- this is important for a lot of our viewers -- some 2% increase -- a little more than 2% increase in salary and pay and compensation for u.s. service personnel. that's important. as you pointed out, it comes with a few strings attached. and some restrictions. it also handcuffs the president in his effort to try to close the facility at guantanamo bay. it adds new restrictions on transfers related to leaving gitmo.
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we will watch how that plays out. back to you. >> kevin cork traveling with the president in hawaii. thank you. let's talk more about the u.n. vote and the u.s. decision. danny danone is the israeli ambassad ambassador. >> good evening. >> your reaction to the vote? >> we are disappointed. we heard president obama saying the only way to promote peace in the middle east is with negotiations and not to adopt resolution with the security council. we asked what happened today. what changed? why the u.s. abandoned israel and allowed a shameful resolution to pass at the security council. >> republican senator tom cotton out of arkansas had to this to say. he says president obama is personally responsible for this anti-israel resolution. his diplomats secretly coordinated the vote. yet he doesn't have the courage of his own convictions to vote for it. do you think the president or
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the ak sdaks ccusations are out that secretary kerry pushed this? >> we heard from the administration they would support constructive steps to promote peace in the middle east. there is nothing constructive about this resolution. when you look at what the palestinians will do now, they will not come back to the negotiation table. they will continue to come back to the u.n. asking for more resolutions regarding the peace process. i think the people in the white house are aware that it is not constructi constructive, it's not helpful. i don't know why they change the policy of the u.s. a longstanding policy of standing with israel and not supporting the enemy of israel as the u.n. >> i want to play a little sound from a senior palestinian official. their reaction on what just happened today at the u.n. and get yours. >> this is a day where the international community have utterly rejected settlement activity, the policy being
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employed by the israeli government. i hope this message is a clearcut message to the israeli people to reach out to achieve peace and to understand that the way to security and peace for all of us is through ending the israeli occupation, ending settlement activiactivities. >> does it take you one step closer to achieving peace? >> absolutely not. i have heard that hamas celebrating the great victory. it's an empty victory. we know the only way to move forward is with direct negotiations. we did it in the past with eg t egypt, with jordan. for the palestinians, it's easier to come here to pass resolutions and continue with the violence in the middle east. it will not bring us anywhere. i think the people in that administration are aware of that. the people who voted today, they knew that voting for empty, meaningless resolution. >> i understand the prime minister's office said that israel does not intend to comply with it. my understanding also of the
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resolution is that it doesn't contain sanctions for israel. where do we go from here? >> well, now actually the palestinians will continue to come back to the u.n. to international organization. they will try to have another resolution against israel instead of coming to the negotiating table. somebody wants to promote peace in the middle east, it is through direct negotiations. we welcome president-elect trump's statement. he said the only way to promote peace is to have both sides sitting down and negotiating, not through the u.n. which we know is biased. look what is happening in syria. they are focusing on israel, telling the jewish people we cannot actually build and pray in jerusalem. it's outrageous. >> ambassador, we appreciate your time today. thank you. >> thank you very much. the reversal on israel is not the only foreign policy item causing an uproar tonight. peter doocy is in florida on the
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evolving relationship between donald trump and vladimir putin. >> a christmas card from the kremlin arrived today. there was no mention of the increasing tensions over nuclear arsenals. instead, russia's president wrote to america's next president in a letter dated last week that his holiday wish is that after inauguration, the two nations can, quote, take real steps to restore the framework of bilateral cooperation in different areas as well as bring our level of collaboration on the international scene to a qualitatively new level. mr. trump says that was a nice letter and that i hope both sides are able to live up to these thoughts and that we do not have to travel an alternate path. the cordial nature is confusing since an msnbc anchor said she spoke to mr. trump this morning using sean spicer's cell phone and he took a more aggressive posture. >> let it be an arms race. we will out match them at every pass.
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>> reporter: the back and forth began yesterday. >> translator: we need to strengthen combat capability of strategic nuclear force. >> reporter: trump pledged -- putin's response was saying he wasn't surprised. >> translator: mr. trump, there's nothing new here. during his election campaign, he has spoken about the need to strengthen u.s. nuclear capabilities. >> reporter: days before christmas, eric trulmp announce he won't campaign for his foundation. now his dad is weighing in. tweeting --
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just yesterday, counselor to the president kellyanne conway warned what would happen if the eric trump foundation was targeted. >> these folks are trying to help people in need. those people are going to suffer now. because folks are pointing out what they think improprieties. >> reporter: the world's most famous golfer joins the world's most famous golf course owner for a round of golf today. tiger woods who lives nearby asked to play 18 with the president-elect. we're told they ditched golf carts and walked the course and were out there for about five hours. >> peter, thank you. president obama has promised to smooth an efficient transition. he is enacting new regulations to ban offshore drilling. both sides are making life difficult for each other. rich edson tells us how from the state department tonight.
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>> reporter: a coordinated respectful transition of immense power. >> president obama, who by the way i have gotten along with so well -- no, no, no. he is really doing great. he has been so nice. >> it's been a few days since i last talked to the president-elect about a whole range of transition issues. that cooperation is going to continue. >> reporter: however, the obama administration is constraining its predecessor and donald trump is setting and confusing u.s. foreign policy the month before his inauguration. president obama banned drilling this week in hundreds of millions of acres of the arctic and atlantic oceans and used a 1953 law to ensure a more difficult process for the next administration to reverse that prohibition. the current president also dismantled a dormant immigration registry system liberals feared the incoming president could have used to fulfill a campaign promise and ban immigrants from certain countries. >> things are going to happen
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like you haven't seen happen in many, many decades. >> reporter: for his part, the next president is already reshaping american foreign policy. the president-elect criticized the central init will he gens agency for determining russia had interfered in the u.s. election. blamed the outrage on bitter democrats. russia's president joined him in that opinion. >> translator: in my opinion, it's humiliating. one must be able to lose with dignity. >> reporter: mr. trump accept aid phone call from taiwan, anger rg china. he has threatened china over its trade and economic policies. while the president-elect called for congress to increase spending on the u.s. military, he also declared on twitter that the country must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability. then president-elect trump interfered with an obama administration vote on a u.n. security council resolution criticizing israel. trump urged the u.s. to vote against it. and israel enlisted the trump transition team to pressure the resolution supporters to drop
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the egyptian sponsored measure. >> the president-elect is looking beyond that. speaking with egypt's president regarding negotiations on a middle east peace process, president obama finishing his term while the president-elect donald trump looks forward to his is an explicit demonstration to the world at how much u.s. policy has changed because of this election. >> rich edson from the state department, thank you. the fbi and homeland security department are warning law enforcement officials about isis calls for attacks on u.s. houses of worship over the holidays. fox news told the posting mentioned a number of specific churches. we're not told how many or which churches were mentioned. there remains no specific credible threat to the homeland. the current tlhreat is in line with standard rhetoric. the tunisian man is dead tonight. he was killed in a shoot oout wh police in italy.
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angela merkel under pressure over her open door immigration policy is ordering an investigation about how a suspected terrorist could allude detection before and after the attack. donald trump is tweeting about it calling it a purely religious threat which turned into a reality. we have the latest from the german capital. >> reporter: gunned down and killed on a street in a suburb of milan, the man thought responsible for the deadly truck attack in berlin monday night. the 24-year-old tunisian man, anis amri, seen in a video posted by isis just hours after his death, pledging allegiance to the terror group, somehow made his way from berlin to southeast france and then by train to milan, italy. a trip of some 600 miles. all the while, he was the most wanted man in europe. in fact, he was only caught by a routine italian police street patrol when he was asked for identity papers, refused and
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shot the police. they fired back with deadly aim. >> translator: the state police reacted and the person who attacked our officers was killed. >> reporter: the shootout triggered a firestorm of recriminations in berlin. despite police surveillance and tightened borders, how he could have moved around so easily. and how he was able to stay in germany for 18 months before the attack while under suspicion. did he act alone? >> translator: it is very important to determine whether there was a network of helpers of supporters in planning and executing this deed and the suspect's escape. >> reporter: very much under fire, angela merkel. as more reports indicate that amri could have taken advantage of the huge influx of refugees to germany in 2015. and with the immigration system swamped, he was able to act at will. >> translator: we can be relieved at the end of this week that one acute threat has ended for the general threat of terrorism continues. >> reporter: relief and fear
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echoed on the streets of berlin today. >> he can be dead there. >> reporter: now he is caught. now he is dead. >> yeah. >> it's a relief. there's no more danger. i don't think it stops there. >> reporter: german officials say they remain on high alert. the investigation remains open. which means we could be seeing more raids like the one police staged at a mosque which they believe emoamri attended. this as the outstanding questions remain and the unanswered threats also are out there. that's why the people here won't have a restful holiday. back to you. >> thank you very much. two libyans who hijacked a plane and forced it to land in malta are in custody tonight. they allowed 118 passengers and
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crew to leave the plane before they came out. the hijackers had hand grenades and threatened to explode them. however, our partners at sky news report the grenades and guns were fake. the pilot says the men were seeking political asylum in europe. we conclude our series on the first 1 0100 days of the tr presidency with what he intends to do to help families with childcare and elder care. in dallas, protesters demand the firing of a white texas police officer after a video of him wrestling a black woman to the ground before arresting her and her two teenage daughters was posted on facebook. the incident began in a neighborhood wednesday afternoon when an officer was called over a dispute between the woman and a man who she says had physically confronted her 7-year-old son for littering. the officer has been p restricted duty. memphis, a man dressed as santa robbed a bank. he had been handing out candy
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the fbi is investigatin ing breach of security that happened in 2010. two sources tell fox news
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forensic analysis of the hacking suggests it was a chinese state sponsored operation. a separate government official says the chairman of the fdic acknowledged it in congressional testimony in july. china appears to be preparing to put surface to air missiles on islands in its disputed territories for the first time. u.s. officials tell fox news the missiles have been moved from the mainland to the south china sea. it would be the latest move from an increasingly aggressive china since president-elect donald trump took a congratulatory phone call from taiwan's president raising questions about the longstanding u.s. one china policy. it appears president obama and the u.s. will not be directly involved in the fate of syria. russian leader vladimir putin says moscow, iran, turkey and syria will hold peace discussions in january. putin says the next step is a nationwide cease-fire. the state department says the u.s. will continue working with its partners toward that goal. carrie fisher is in critical
3:25 pm
condition after a cardiac episode. she was rushed to the hospital upon landing. the 60-year-old fisher is best phone for portraying princess leia alongside harrison ford. tonight we wrap up our series on the first 1 000 days the donald trump administration with a look at how he intends to help people with childcare and elder care. the story from reno, nevada. >> reporter: single mom sarah can't afford traditional day care. >> i'm the working poor. >> reporter: she relies on family and baby-sitters. a reality that hit her while on the phone with her mother. >> i never seen my kids. i'm at work constantly. is this really what it takes to
3:26 pm
have to be able to take care of my kids? she's like, yep. >> he will focus on making quality childcare affordable and accessible for all. >> reporter: president-elect trump's act would guarantee six weeks paid maternity leave. it would offer dependent care savings accounts that roll over year to year so people could start setting aside money before they even have children. those under a certain income ceiling could deduct childcare expenses up to a certain amount. same for stay at home parents. for low income families, the government would provide spending rebates through the earned income tax credit. to make all this happen, tax foundation economist alen cole said it would require a lot of money and rewriting the tax code. >> i could see this running $500 billion in ten years. maybe closer to a trillion depending on what things get included.
3:27 pm
they may have to scale that back, because they might think that's too much to cost the treasury. >> investment in human capital, in allowing parents to go to work and obtain self-sufficie y self-sufficiency. >> reporter: this woman works for a non-profit. the state ranks 47th for child well-being, according to researchers at university of nevada las vegas. >> a mom who makes the median income in nevada with an infant and preschooler would have to spend 54% of her income just to pay for childcare. >> reporter: while parents we talked to and experts say they are hopeful for the improvements promised, today the fact remains childcare in this state and many others is more expensive than college tuition. the other part of trump's prose poal, addressing the insurmountable expense of elder care. for example, colorado is expected to see a 68% increase in the 65 plus population
3:28 pm
between now and 2030. according to a report prepared by the keystone policy center. >> he wants savings accounts for this purpose as well. trump proposes a pretax deduction limited to $5,000 per year for elder care costs. until trump's plan takes shape, it's a holding pattern for those in the business of care. >> those of us in the operational side of the business are a little reluctant to invest too heavily not knowing what lies ahead. >> reporter: this woman runs senior living communities. she said an issue is labor. the average age of a nurse in colorado is 50. and only 5% of nurses go into long-term care. >> when people come to us, this is their home. so all the services that they need from doing laundry to cleaning their room, those require workers. our biggest cost center is our labor force. >> it's not easy being a
3:29 pm
caregiver. >> reporter: karen brown left her career to become a family caregiver. her mother saved significantly. around the clock care following a stroke shattered the nest egg. assisted care runs them $85,000 a year. >> if my family situation is any clue, the challenges we had were around two issues. money and care givers. >> reporter: brown makes the issue of elder care her mission. something she feels americans need to consider earlier in life. >> you hear that phrase it takes a village. to care for, to love, to nurture them through that -- the early years. i actually say it takes a village to care for an aging person in the last chapters of their life. >> reporter: over and over, they say it's expensive and complex because it requires humans. it's not something you can automate. >> you can watch all 15 parts of the series on our home page
3:30 pm good news on this night before the night before christmas. lauren green shows us how some are working very hard to make sure kids going through an incredibly tough time have a good christmas. >> reporter: for thousands of christian refugees fleeing isis terrorists and civil wars, christmas will come with sadness and hardship. many have lost homes and way of life. one organization is trying to make a positive difference. >> we're giving them a christmas that children -- a christmas that the way it used to be before they were displaced or refugees. >> reporter: the program is callcall ed christmas for refugees which has given thousands of children a taste of christmas. this shows how for a few hours children whose lives have been changed forever through war and strife can still believe that christmas means something good and pure. in the basement of a local
3:31 pm
church, they sing songs, eat a meal, even get a visit from santa. at the end of the party, they each go home with a bag of food and gifts. >> many of the children had ipads and went to private schools. now they are sitting with the family in one room often in a tent, no transportation, no school, no nothing. without hope, without a future. and with much of their homes particularly those in the end of a plane destroyed. what we are trying to do is give them hope, to bring christmas back to them the way it used to be for them before this devastation happened to the christian community in the middle east. >> reporter: this year the program will help 6,000 children. including thousands in northern iraq. most will never be able to return to their homes because they have none to go back to now. most are destroyed and looted. the program helps give them hope that regardless of where they are, it is still christmas.
3:32 pm
in new york, lauren green, fox news. the dow gained 15, the s&p 500 finished ahead three, nasdaq picked up 15. donald trump goes nuclear again. supporters of israel are not far behind. we will get reaction from the panel when we come back.
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does not diminish the united stat states' commitment to israel, the only democracy in the middle east. we would not have let this pass had it not addressed counterproductive actions by the palestinians. >> that is our ambassador to the u.n., samantha power, after the abstention from the vote. let's bring in our panel.
3:36 pm
jenna goldburg, molly hemingway, charles lane, and charles krauthammer. to anyone who thought it was going to be a quiet holiday week of news, it's not the case. what do you make of this? what ambassador power said is this doesn't diminish the u.s. commitment to the security of israel. that's not how israel is interpreting this. >> that's not how any observer is interepreting this. this is like me punching you in the face and saying i'm not pushing you in the face. of course this didminishing america's support for israel. this is to no productive end. we spent eight years listen to supporters of israels insist that obama is unparalleled in his support for israel. he is going out the door flipping a middle finger to israel for no apparent purpose. if you listen to ben rhodes, you
3:37 pm
will listen in vain for an answer. this reveals that all along the rhetoric and posturinger ing to is they have always thought this was about the settlement. this is a way -- they held off doing this earlier because they knew it would hurt hillary clinton. now that hillary is gone, they're doing it out of spite. and out of a sense of emotional commitment to screwing israel. >> to be clear, we are one of the few who had veto power over this so it never went anywhere at all. the u.s. affirmatively chose not to do that. we have audio from the phone call with ben rhodes this afternoon explaining what had happened and why. here is a bit of that. >> the israeli government wants the conversation to be about anything other than the settlement activity.
3:38 pm
>> a lot of people would argue thisesolution also isolates israel, moves to that end. >> yes. this if anything gives false hope to palestinians. it doesn't change our policy. it won't change in a few weeks, we'll have returned to what our position of strong support of israel has been for 40 years. it will give false hope to palestinians. they will think that this gives them claims to something. it could lead to more violence and showing this kind of moral cowardice and abstaining on this vote, not supporting this democracy, is a perfect end to eight years of foreign policy bungling. >> we got the tweet today -- there's a tweet from donald trump saying as to the u.n., things will be different after january 20. it's something that israeli leaders are embracing and celebrating and noting. in all the reaction to the vote today. >> yeah. just to pick up on a couple of the points, this does change something real. it changes international law. security council laws are
3:39 pm
international law. that's a tremendous weapon now in diplomacy the palestinians can wield. >> my understanding, unless i'm getting this wrong, there are no sanctions imposed on israel. >> no. but the declaration of what's legal and illegal in the name of the security council is extremely important for propaganda purposes, for legitimatizing people who might try to make private sanctions like the boycott. >> international criminal court. but just to pick up on the point about what i think is fascinating in terms of the domestic politics of this, just as you said the israelis are now kind of openly placing their hopes in a republican president coming in and crying betrayal at a democratic president, we have come a long way when support for israel pass an almost unquestioned bipartisan thing. now you are seeing not just a split between the parties but you will soon see a split within the democratic party that will
3:40 pm
be provoked by this step. because president obama has thrown -- and john kerry have thrown their weight behind the voices that have been insisting for a tougher quote unquote policy on israel that will put a lot of pressure on the pro-israel forces within the democratic party. some of whom have been heard from such as chuck schumer today. >> we just got something in from debby wasserman schultz. i condemn the u.n. passage of what she calls this one sided anti-israel resolution as well as the united states reckless abstention. bipartisan condemnation. >> what happened today is that the united states joined the jackals at the u.n. that was a phrase used by pat moynihan, the great democratic senator, the former u.s. ambassador who spoke for the united states standing up in the u.n. and to resist this kind of
3:41 pm
disgrace. to give you an idea of how appalling this resolution is, it declares that any jew who lives in the jewish quarter of jerusalem, the jewish quarter, inhabited for 1,000 years, is illegal, breaking international law, essentially an outlaw, can be hauled into the international court and international courts in europe. which is one of the consequences. the jewish quarter has been populated by jews for 1,000 years. in the war of independence from 1948, the arabs invaded israel to wipe it out. they did not succeed. the arab legion succeeded in concurring the jewish quarter. they expelled all the jews. they destroyed the synagogues. for 19 years, no jew could go there. the israelis got it back in the six day war. now it's declared this is not jewish territory. it's called the jewish quarter, but it belongs to other people. any jew who lives there is an
3:42 pm
outlaw. that's exactly what we supported. the resolution is explicit in saying settlements in the occupied territories and in east jerusalem. >> it does. my question is, why now?we be a about to leave. >> yes. he didn't -- >> but there's been this very tenuous public cooperation between obama and netanyahu. although we hear behind the skeep scenes they don't like each other, there are issues they disagree on. publically, they stayed united. why now do you blow that up? >> in 2012, running for re-election obama spoke at the meeting of the jewish lobby. he said, is there any doubt that i have israel's back? that's why he didn't want do it while he was in office. that's why he didn't want to do it in 2016 so it would injure hillary and show to american jews who tend to be democratic
3:43 pm
it was a farce. he does it on the way out. that's part of why it's so disgraceful. he didn't even -- he hid it until there would be no consequence. now he is out the door and the damage is done for years. that resolution cannot be undone. >> let me bring up a quick point. i talked with senator graham today who chairs the subcommittee who controls u.n. funding. he was talking very tough about he is going to do everything he can to block the funding unless this is rolled back or use it as some kind of leverage. >> i think that points to an important dynamic. this is going to set off a war between congress and the united nations that's going to have ramifications for a long time to come. there's a bizarre irony to this in that everyone tells us that netanyahu and obama don't like each other. this is a gift to netanyahu. what this does is it allows netanyahu to say persuasively to his critics, i have been telling you for eight years, i haven't ruined the relationship with
3:44 pm
america, it's all because of obama. now obama shows his true colors and he can say, look, i was right. >> he will have backing now from senator graham and others. what do we make of this accusation by senator cotton and others who have said this was specifically orchestrated by president obama and john kerry? >> the israelis have been saying that for some time. they say this is done behind their back. >> our own lawmakers are saying the white house are doing that. >> i'm not sure tom cotton is privy to all these conversations. i my say i'm struck bit disconnect here. look what's going on in the middle east. half a million people have been slaughtered. you have war in yemen. iran is pursuing a nuclear weapon. the issue that the u.n. security council is focused on is this. >> jews lives in the jewish quarter. it tells you how perverse the u.n. is and why it's time to cut
3:45 pm
the cord and stop giving them money. >> we will see if senator gra ma'am gets his way. next up, our panelist naughty and nice list is here. you may have to make last minute changes based on this conversation.
3:46 pm
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contest of ideas as to which direction to take the party. after every single loss, the political party that loses, they go and they do a retrospect of what happened. where did we make a mistake? what did we do wrong? that debate will ensue and hopefully the party will grow from it. >> vice-president biden reflecting on our most recent election. our panel is back with us. molly, i will start with you. he also said in an l.a. times
3:49 pm
interview about losing the election, these are people i grew up with their kids, they're not racist, sexist, but we didn't talk to them. some analysis going on. >> people give joe biden a hard time for his ethical lapses and not being the brightest bulb. this is a guy who won senate 16 times. and his political instintcts ar on point. it's fine if hillary clinton needs to cling to conspiracy theories. but that's not a good plan for the democratic party or the media. there needs to be reflection. his point about the inability to communicate with the working class voters is something democrats should heed and stop clinging to the conspiracy theories about russia or comey or the electoral college being the source of all their problems. if they want to regain the presidency, legislatures, governorships, they have to take a real hard look at themselves about how they have lost the people. >> okay. with that in mind, what does the group of people running for the
3:50 pm
dnc chair or the handful that we have left say about where democrats go and how they move forward if they're trying to avoid some of the pitfalls? chuck? >> well, i mean, of course, whos associated with the bernie sanders wing of the party. and who is considered very controversial in part fairly or not because he is african-american and a muslim and there are people within the party who feel that -- know nothing ininherently wrong with that. >> i think there are specific statements and things he has made. >> and past associations with farrakhan. >> not just those characteristics or those things. >> i'm sure he would love the u.n. vote today. >> so keith ellison has become, for better or worse, the sort of vocal point in the party about the direction of the party. i would say that, you know, when you really think about it, if 100,000 or so votes had gone the other way, which they easily could have. we wouldn't be having this conversation. there would be no soul searching going on in the democratic party. and so, it's worth
3:51 pm
remembering that the republicans had their autopsy at the end of the last election that said go this way. they went the opposite way and they ended up winning the election. so, you know, kudos to joe by den for being intraspeckive but it may not have in the end amounted to very much. >> i want to make sure we get to your naughty and nice. we asked to you give us the year-end decision on this. jonah we will start with you. go through all of your naughties first. >> my naughty i rarely go with sports on the show but colin kaepernick the football player who decided to set a bonfire of arrogance and asininit yrmt denigrated america, denigrated police officers and praised fidel castro. couldn't bother to vote. he did damage to his sport, he did damage to his reputation. he did badly and gets a piece of coal in his stocking. >> molly? >> i'm going to go with lena
3:52 pm
dunham who recently said she had an abortion so she could have good feminist credibility in addition to how monitor russ of notion of killing her unborn might be speaks to all the celebrity idiots, people who think their voices are worth listening to when they are actually turning off a whole host of voters,. >> chuck? i don't see how you could pick anybody other than vladimir putin to be the that thiest person of the year. bad enough that he stole al bunch of emails from the democrats but much more cons questionablely and much worse his performance on the international stage helping the massacre in aaleppo and other things continuing occupation of ukraine. i guess kind of goes beyond naughty. >> taking himself, crimea as an extra prize. >> yeah. >> charles? >> well, especially today, i have to go with barack obama. i know it's not surprising. >> surprising that the president tops charles krauthammer's naughty list for 2016. >> the guy has 8 years to
3:53 pm
enact his agenda. he twice wins so he has two mandates and yet at the very last minute when he has lost legitimacy when is he a lame duck he leaves last minute land mines behind, things he could never have done when he was still an active politician in the sense that he had to protect himself or the party. he shuts down the artic of the atlantic for oil and gas drilling exploration and he stabs israel in the back just as a cota. i give him the lump of coal. he is sort of retired for the next 8 years. the lump of coal will help him to light the fires during his years of civilian life. >> is he not a fan of coal as we have come to learn over the last 8 years. >> that's true. >> now we must briskly get through our nice list, joan. >> that okay. in distinction from colin kaepernick vince, 67 years the voice of the dodgers. he retired as gracefully and as generously and as much class as any public figure
3:54 pm
left the public stage i can think of. nice note and otherwise pretty ugly year. >> molly? >> this one pains me a little bit as a st. louis cardinals fan but have to give props to the chicago cubs who did such a good job. year very politically divisive such a good season of baseball and that world series was one for the ages. >> chuck? >> in a year when the epidemic of opioid addiction and abuse was a tragedy across the country, the center for disease control and prevention and its head tom freidman took a stand in pushing doctors completely reevaluate the way they prescribe these medications. i think it's a good policy that may save lives. >> our final 30 seconds to our own dr. krauthammer. >> this is the vin skully of politicians, david cameron, he loses a referendum. he goes to the queen. he offers his resignation, she accepts. he leaves the parliament. he returns to private life. he leaves no land mines
3:55 pm
behind. still obsessed. that's the way you are supposed to do it. if only we had a queen. >> oh, well, i'm not sure the u.s. is ready for the monarchy but we do enjoy following the one across the pond. we fought a revolution for that that is it for the panel. special holiday message for you up next. ♪ ♪
3:56 pm
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>> finally tonight, bret baier may be off for the holidays but he did not leave without first wishing you a very happy holiday. check it out. >> hi, everybody. merry christmas. the bears are coming to you again. wbaiers are coming to you again. paul, amy and daniel since i took over "special report." believe it or not january 5th will be 8 years and there has been a evolution of this family. >> paul? >> paul and daniel and my wife amy. >> merry christmas, everybody.
3:59 pm
>> happy new year. >> we wish you a merry christmas. >> we do very forcefully. >> we are excited for the holidays, very excited for christmas. and we are going to get through it, how? fair, balanced and unafraid. >> that's good. >> so we look a little different. but we do want to give you a holiday message here. merry christmas and a happy new year and we hope you have a great holiday. >> daniel? >> merry christmas and a happy new year. >> amy? >> wishing you a blessed and healthy new year. >> here's to a great 2017. we'll see you in the new year. >> they are so cute. so much fun to see the boys over the years how well they have done. some of you know about paul and daniel and their stories and lived through up and downs of some of paul's health challenges with amy and you can see how they are flourishing and doing fantastic. thanks for watching "special report" tonight. i'm shannon bream. good night from washington.
4:00 pm
in the meantime, merry christmas and happy hanukkah. "tucker carlson tonight" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." as you have doubtless seen on the news everywhere, a member of the tolerant left screamed at ivanka trump and her family, including her young kids on a jetblue flight yesterday. the man who was the lawyer from brooklyn berated her about her father before being kicked off the flight for disorderly conduct. even while the liberals thought his behavior went too far. not all of them thought that some of them thought it was justified and that would include our next guest. she is lauren duca a journalist who tweeted this today. ivanka trump is poised to become the most powerful woman in the world. don't let her off the hook just because she looks like she smells good. lauren duca joins us. thanks for coming on.


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