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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  December 23, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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that is it for us tonight. i'm jesse watters in for bill o'reilly. merry christmas and happy hanukkah, everybody. please remember, i'm watters and that is my world. breaking tonight, two huge stories potentially impacting america's stand in the world. and setting the agenda for president-elect donald trump's administration. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm sandra smith in for megyn kelly. hours ago in a surprise move, president obama deals a parting shot to the israeli government and prime minister benjamin netanyahu by abstaining from a vote at the united nations to pass and an unprecedendd resolution to dae clair the state to be in violation of international law. president-elect trump is raising concerns that he may shatter decades of u.s. policy when it comes to nuclear weapons,
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suggesting in a tweet that he may quote strengthen and expand america's nuclear fire power. then appearing to double down on that in a private conversation that was reported on another network. >> president-elect told you what? >> let it be an arms race. we'll outmatch them at every pass. >> and outlast them all. >> and outlast them all. >> that setting off alarm bells with even russian president vladimir putin responding. we'll be joined with sean duffy and former assistant defense secretary larry corb. first to kevin in hawaii. >> reporter: get ready for tweet reaction stories for the foreseeable future. and every now and again you'll see president-elect trump sort of put out a tweet and that will drive the news cycle and that is certainly the case, a very
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interesting story relating to a tweet. we all know that president-elect trump called the u.s. military the greatest the world has seen. he's also made it clear that he wants to enhance the military and that includes modernization of the nuclear arsenal. part of the tweet yesterday, he said in part the united states must greatly strengthen and expands its nuclear capability until such time that the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. it was that comment about expanding that has a lot of people wondering. what did he mean by that. and obviously the second part is what's the russian reaction to it. if you listen carefully to russian president vladimir putin he seemed to sort of shrug his shoulders at it. take a listen. >> translator: as for the newly elected president, mr. trump, there's nothing new here. during his election campaign he's spoken about the need to strengthen u.s. nuclear capabilities. there's nothing unusual about it.
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>> reporter: meanwhile, transition comes, director jason miller tried to clarify things a bit saying in part, president-elect trump was referring to the threat of nuclear proliferation and the critical need to prevent it. particularly to and among terrorist organizations and unstable road regimes. he also emphasized the need to improve and modern sniez our deterrent apeability as a vital way to pursue peace through strength. very interesting use of the phrase peace through strength for those of you old enough to remember reagan. maybe drawing from the past to describe the future of new u.s. nuclear capability. and in case you're wondering, no, the white house didn't have anything to say about it, not even on background. they're steering clear of it. >> kevin kork, thank you. we're getting new reaction to president-elect trump's handling of foreign policy issues. former defense secretary robert gates tell the washington post, quote, there is some value the
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president-elect's disruptive approach in the u.s. not being so reliably passive. congressman sean duffy is one of the first members of congress to support donald trump and larry corb. congressman duffy, i'll start with you first. this is sparking new concerns about the president-elect's policy on nuclear arms. >> listen, i think it's refreshing to a lot of people across america. you have donald trump responding to putin who is talking about strengthening his own nuclear arsen arsenal. and the fact that america has been so passive over the eight years that's emboldened not just russia but china. you have putin who went to the ukraine, to crimea, now he's in the middle east for the first time since the end of the cold war. russia thinks they can push us around. donald trump pushing back forcefully with his tweet says, listen, there's a new sheriff in the white house, he's going to be fully engaged in a way that says we are going to build up
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our own nuclear arsenal, we're going to modernize it and make sure we can meet any threat that exists in the world including that from russia. it's heartening and refreshing. this is what bob gates is talking about. he's a little unpredictable which gives him better negotiating power when he deals with russia and the rest of the world. >> larry, everybody trying to make sense of the order of the events here. this tweet and this leader saying this. it did appear that trump's response, his tweet was a response to vladimir putin because it came in a couple of hours after we heard that pledge from putin saying he pledged to enhance his country's nuclear forces. but then you heard putin say hey, there's nothing new here. >> well, there isn't. we have an arm's agreement with russia that says by 2018 both of us are going to be down to 1500 and 50 nuclear weapons. in order to get that treaty
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ratified, president obama had to promise to nuclear our fources. basically in in fact you want to expanding with you would have to tear up all of the arms' treaties going back to president reagan. you put bob gates in with nuclear weapons. when i was in government working for president reagan, he did not want reagan to negotiate with gorbache gorbachev. he does have a great deal of credibility on this issue. and i think it's rather ironic that congressman duffy is saying that because the person whose seat he took in the congress, melvin laird who i also worked with, he was the one who said we don't need nuclear superiority. what are you going to do with it. we needs to put the funds into conventional weapons and that's why he worked with president nixon to get the first arm's control agreement with the soviets. >> when you look at kellyanne
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conway, campaign manager and now a chief position in his administration, kellyanne conway said this is about posturing, trying to clarify some of donald trump's tweets. she said he's making the point that this is about nuclear proliferation in the face of rogue nations and regimes that are stock piling weapons. >> and then donald trump comes out and maybe pushes back on his own team and staff in kind of an odd way. back to larry. larry had a chance to work for ronald reagan and everyone thought that ronald reagan was going to start the third word war. he was too aggressive, a cowboy. but he understand that with american strength he would bring peace. and we all know in the playground in america, bullies go off the weak guys, not the big kid on the playground. larry saw that in the '80s and we can see that again in 2016. >> we'll keep following it.
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thanks for joining us tonight. breaking tonight, an outpouring of outrage from some celebration from others. after president obama directs his u.n. ambassador to allow passage of an unprecedented united nations resolution condemning settlement construction in israel. in moments we'll speak with governor mike huckabee who is calling this a be trail of israel. first david lee miller has the latest from the united nations in new york city. >> reporter: sandra, some u.n. observers say the vote today underscores a radical shift in u.s. policy. for the first time now in nearly four decades the united states has failed to exercise its veto power in stopping a resolution addressing israeli settlements. before the vote the u.s. would not disclose what it was going to do but many israelis did fear that there was going to be what they call some type of obama
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december surprise. the relationship between the u.s. president and the israeli prime minister has been very strained over the last several months and longer and many feared this vote would be the consequence. a short time ago the u.s. ambassador to the united nations cast her vote abstaining when it came to this resolution. she said it does not diminish u.s. support for israel. here's more of what samantha power had to say about the reasoning behind the u.s. position. >> some may task the u.s. vote as a sign that we've finally given up on a two-state solution. nothing could be further from the truth. >> reporter: and a short time ago we heard a tweet from the president-elect donald trump, he said and i quote, as to the u.n., things will be different after january 20th. others have also been speaking out very publicly following the u.s. failure to use its veto on both sides of the aisle.
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new york democratic senator chuck schumer, john mccain as well as south carolina republican lindsey graham all very critical of the u.s. position. back to you. >> all right. david lee miller. thank you. here now governor mike huckabee who has been deeply involved for years with issues involving israel, frequently visiting israel and meeting with the fishes at the highest levels. your response to that breaking news today. >> sandra, i'm so outraged i can't even hardly contain myself. what obama did today was extend a real nice final farewell and wave to israel and prime minister netanyahu. he just bothered to use one finger in the middle of his hand to do it. this is the most amazing position he would have taken. if donald trump gets -- the first thing he does i hope is send some jackhammers over to turtle bay neighborhood in manhattan and jackknife the
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united nations off into the river and float it to wherever it needs to go. this is an insult to israel and every person who loves freedom. and when people use the terms settlements, they may think of the israelis build a bunch of tents and mobile homes. these settlements are communities and neighborhoods with schools and synagogues and shops and permanent structures where people live and raise their families. and judea and samaria belong to israel. obama is saying that the western wall ought to be part of territory that's given back. this is insane, so beyond anything that we've seen in 40 years. it's just stunning. >> the first thing that the president-elect did do, donald trump tweeting out after the vote, as to the u.n., things will be different after january 20th. what do you expect the president-elect to do? what will his response be or should it be, governor huckabee? >> i think he ought to say we're not going to continue to spend
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money to fund the u.n. if they're going to do stupid and frankly idiotic things that are hurtful to any hope of peace. there's no peace ever going to happen from going along with the state sponsored terrorists of iran. here's what we've done, sandra. for the past few years under this administration we've been kissing the backside of the iranians, the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world and we've been kicking the backside of the only real true loyal friend we have in the entire middle east, the israelis. now somebody explain why that makes any sense, even in a world of insanity like we sometimes see in the diplomatic world. this doesn't make sense. it's a clear indication that president obama, no matter what he says clearly is not cordial or even supportive of the free and democratic process of peace that lives in israel right now. it is an outrage. >> let me share with you, slamming president obama as well as secretary of state john kerry
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for being behind what he calls a shameful move against israel at the u.n. he called this an abandonment of israel which breaks decades of u.s. policy. obviously this makes an already icy relationship with the u.s. and israel even icier. >> well, it's interesting that even democrats like chuck schumer and others have also said this is not a good policy. this is not a good position. this is not about partisanship. this is about common sense versus insanity. and for president obama to push a policy that embraces the iranians and then goes and brushes back our one true friend and to somehow pretend that israel doesn't have a right to protect themselves to live in a secure environment, a place for their people to live and judea and samaria are not illegal territories. they are the good-given boundaries that israel has
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rightfully taken possession of. >> it will be interesting to see what chuck schumer's response is now of an administration he's been so supportive of knowing that right before the vote he said he had spoken to the administration numerous times, as recently as this morning, the morning of the vote and in the strongest term possible urged them to veto this resolution. this will continue. thank you for being here. >> thank you, sandra. more troubling news regarding a key u.s. ally as we learn that the berlin terror suspect has been killed by police, after traveling through two different european nations. former dodge attorney jay christian ie d christian adams here is here. plus we are just one month out from president-elect trump's inaugurati inauguration. so what should we expect? we will talk with senior adviser for the trump transition team katrina pearson about that.
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breaking to night, a dra mat uk and deadly end to the international manhunt for the berlin terror suspect. the week long search for anis amri ending early this morning with a shoot outin italy. this comes as isis releases a new video today showing how radicalized this individual had become, despite being known to multiple authorities. greg pal cot is live in berlin with more. >> reporter: sandra, we're learning more but there are questions too about the killing of 24-year-old tunisian anis am amri, the man believed to be
9:19 pm
responsible for the deadly attack here at the berlin christmas market on monday night. officials are trying to figure out how amri made the trip from berlin to milan via france. that was the italian's officials account. but the french officials are saying they can't confirm he was in their countcountry. however is it that he got down there, all the while he was the most wanted man in europe. even so, he was gunned down just by a routine police foot patrol in milan. when he was asked for his identity papers, he refused and then the shootout ensued. now the video just released today underscores the connection with isis and this truck attacker. in it amri says that he will kill kroo seder. he also pledges allegiance to the terror group. that was put on the website a couple of hours after he was killed. timing is everything. now the big question is whether he had support of an isis and
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islamist network and maybe more importantly how he was able to operate in germany for 18 months leading up to the attack when the officials here were trying to deport him, when we was under surveillance. more and more critics here are saying that it's german chancellor angela merkel's open door immigration policy in 2015 that could have contributed to the problems. first of all, the border was swamped when he came in in the summer of 2015. they weren't watching. and then when he was moving around committing his crime, planning this attack, the immigration offices, the customs offices were also swamped so they weren't keeng takeeping ta on him. >> our next guest seems to think that political krekdnecorrectne blame that this suspect hadn't been deported, stating on twitter that nermly seems to have lost the ability to defend
9:21 pm
themselves. thank you for being here tonight, sir. what are you hearing from the people of germany in the wake of the attack and their ability to defend themselves? who do they blame for this? >> well they blame the ones who with any sense this guilt, the decades long inability to defend themselves. germans were attacked not because they lack the tools to defend themselves. they lack the will. this is going back to world war ii, the germans have embraced this idea, they call it liberal democratic values that basically take away all of the tools they have to defend germany. you don't see these attacks happening in poland or hungry or all of the other eastern european countries who are fighting the war on terror along with us. these attacks happened at a german christmas market because of ideologies in germany that stopped their ability to defend
9:22 pm
themselves. >> there's concern that we're losing our ability to defend ourselves here. do you see any similarities to what happened with this, with this man, i mean he avoided deportation several times. his ability to move around considering his past. there are concerns about our borders here. what similarities are you seeing? >> well, thankfully for america, germany is further down the path than the united states. but look at all of the similar things. open borders, a loud lobby group within each country that doesn't want to shut down the borders from these threats. you have a loud group in each country that talk about democratic values that prevent you have doing the things necessary to protect yourselves. those are suicidal values. you have in germany and throughout europe this utopian idea of these open borders that allowed this murderer to go from germany to france to italy, finally caught 600 miles away
9:23 pm
when he should have been caught almost instantaneously. there's an attitude in europe, particularly in germany with the civilization nal guilty that the germans have that restrain their ability to fight this islamic threat. >> what does the future look like for germany and for europe that continues to deal with this severe problem? >> sadly carnage seems to be a requirement before somebody realizes the error of their ways. that's now happening in germany. germans are realizing, as they are throughout europe, in england, italy, that they cannot continue this way. notice how they caught him in italy. it was a may i please see your papers stop. you know, one of these politically correct policing steps. that's how they finally caught up with the guy in italy. >> thankfully they got him. thanks for being here. well the fact that this suspect managed toic it through not one but two different countries before being caught is drawing new attention to the president-elect's plan for quote extreme vetting of some muslim
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immigrants. and while critics were quick to pounce on his suggestion, his plan has been proven 100% correct. they seem to be ignoring what president obama is doing with respect to mr. trump's plans. matt bennett is a former tendy assistant to president clinton. good to see of you. carl, you talk about this all of the time. you're behind the extreme vetting that the president-elect has proposed. would it work and would it prevent something like this from happening here? >> i believe so, absolutely. and look, you had this guy, the shooter in turkey who took down the russian diplomat. he was vetted after the coup and 20,000 police officers were let go and he slipped through the cracks. you think we can adequately vet people overseas that want to come here? absolutely not. i'm foregoing the next stop further and stopping immigration from that area until we find out what's going on. we cannot afford to bring people this country when we don't know
9:25 pm
who their intentions are. >> all of the while people are talking about trump's extreme vetting. they're ignoring president obama's actions in the white house, dismantling this visitor registry before frutrump can ree it. >> the business registry hasn't been used since it was passed 15 years ago. we have extreme vetting. it takes two years for a refugee to make it to the united states if they're coming from that part of the world. and we do not see anything like what is going on in europe for two reasons. one is they're a lot closer to the middle east and the folks were coming directly out of syria and over border to western europe. and second, our muslim community is much better assimilated than it is in europe. and we see vastly fewer problems and nothing like we've seen in paris and belgium and now in berlin. >> so what are we going to expect to see from the president-elect? here we are, about to enter the
9:26 pm
new year, carl. and when he was asked whether or not he still intends to set up this registry for muslims, he said you know my plan. what does that mean? what is he going to do? >> i think he's going to reinstill this thing that obama is taking out. it hasn't been used since 2011. the fact is that obama's dismantling this, it makes you wonder whose said is president obama on. >> oh, please. >> carl, go ahead. >> that's offensive and ridiculous. >> anytime you make a point to somebody who doesn't agree with you on the left it's call offensi offensive. >> to be clear for everybody listening, we're talking about the national security exit entry registration system. your point is what? >> my point, first of all when carl said you wonder who side president obama is on, is what's offensive. i don't take offense to everything he said, just to that. and the fact of the matter is -- >> how do you explain the timing
9:27 pm
of this? why would the president do this now with just a few days left to go in office? why would this be a goal? why would it be anything other than symbolic? >> i don't know. look. there's a bunch of things that president dos when new parties are come in to replace them to kind of cement their legacy. i really have no idea why he's doing it at this point. but as carl himself pointed out, it hasn't been used in seven years. >> but by doing this it slows president-elect trump's ability to revive it or whatever his plans are for it. carl higbee, last word to you. >> president obama is putting these refugee programs above the american citizens and i think it's disgraceful. >> thanks to both of you for being here tonight. >> thank you. coming up, the president-elect's new secretary made major news last night when he seemed to refuse a direct answer on whether or not we can expect traditional press bri
9:28 pm
briefing under a trump administration. molly hemingway is here next on whether this is a good or a bad thing. >> you had hinted with megyn kelly last week maybe daily press briefings aren't needed. are you gogogogogo
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ooshgsz the brother of carrie fisher says she is getting treatment in a los angeles hospital but is not releasing further information. there are unconfirmed reports the 60-year-old suffered a heart attack before landing in los angeles on a flight to london. fisher rose to stardom as princess leia in "star wars" and
9:32 pm
is an accomplished author. a long day for minnesota vikings football team. one of the plane's landing gear caused the plane to get stuck. vikings play the packers on saturday. now back to the "kelly file". to "the kelly file." you had hinted with megyn kelly on this program last week, maybe daily press briefings aren't needed. are you going to do away with those? >> it's not a question of getting rid of certain things. maybe we add certain thing. we want to be innovative as we look at all of these positions. >> will there be daily press briefing briefings.
9:33 pm
>> i believe there will be but maybe we h add an element it to. >> sean spicer has had to answer quite a few questions since appearing on our program last night. and suggesting we could see some big changes with the way the new administration deals with the press. but despite the president-elect's contentious relationship with the media who he referred to as dishonest and corrupt, some folks are suggesting that change could be a good thing in the case. molly hemingway is senior editor. what kind of changes do you think are coming? >> right. when we've heard from transition officials that they might be willing to shake up what's happening in the briefings, people get nervous. and they haven't been specific about what the changes right be. i'm optimistic about the possibility of change. these daily press briefings have become opportunities of grand standing on both side. you have the reporters who ask questions designed to make for a
9:34 pm
good hit on their television show and you have the press secretary dripping with disdain for the question. we get very little information and these things could use a freshening up or a change. i don't if that's more press briefings, different people asking the questions, maybe having them daily but not on camera. there are lots of things that i hope both sides could look at for how to improve the process of getting information. >> the in-coming white house press secretary did suggest that last night. saying maybe not everything is on camera. maybe we bring more people into the process. it's hard to imagine what would work best or better than it is now. what would you like to see change? >> well, you know, i think he's going to continue to do what got him in office, whether people see that as better or not better, he's going to continue to engage the american people
9:35 pm
even through twitter. the first time we've had a president that will tweet his own tweets. there will certainly be press briefings but i think overall what people are going to have to get used, especially those in the media, is that mr. trump is not going to allow the media to control his narratives. even if his press secretary gets out and says something he doesn't agree with we can brace ourselves for a tweet to follow shortly after about what he really meant. this is an exciting time to see things change. you will see a lot of authenticity. you will see things that will be challenged, like they talked about his comments on nuclear war. >> it does seem like the american people do think that's quite refreshing to see the president-elect not yet the president, we'll see how that works out. but sean spicer did indicate that the tweeting will continue. the american people sort of feel like they're closer to the person running this country when he himself is putting out a
9:36 pm
message and it's not going through all of these different channels. >> there are a lot of benefit to that. you do get to hear directly from the president-elect without the filter and that filter has posed a lot of problems where people try to tell you what something means instead of letting people speak for themselves. if you're trying to hold people accountable, you can't let them control the transmission of the information. that happened too much under the obama administration where the press, either because they were liberal or because they liked obama, they let that administration get away with not being transparent, not very accountable and i'm thinking that maybe because the press is so hostile to donald trump, they will hold him for accountable and work together to get answers about what our government is doing. this is really about something much bigger than what who is president is, but about a huge federal government, how it's spending money and held accountable. the press needs to do a better job of hold our highest elected officials accountable and they would have been in a much better position to do that if they
9:37 pm
hadn't be so compliant in the present administration. one month to two until donald trump's inauguration. there are several reports of the star studded snub for the 45th president's big day, including many former commander in chiefs. katrina pearson is here on that next. >> on january 20 of 2017, the day i take the oath of office, americans will finally wake up in a country where the laws of in a country where the laws of the united states are this is your daughter. and she just got this.
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test. test test. test. teps test. test. test test. test. test test. test. test one month from tonight, donald trump will officially be our next president. and with time kwukquickly runni out until the january 20th inauguration day, there are new questions about how huge and star studded the event will be. in just a moment katrina pearson will be here to respond. but first, peter doocy from palm beach, florida. >> reporter: president-elect says he doesn't really care in hollywood stars are recording artists want to mingle with him in d.c. on inauguration weekend
9:42 pm
because he saw that happening with his democratic opponent for the last knew months and it didn't do much good. he took to twitter saying the so-called a-listers are wanting tickets to the inauguration. look what they did for hillary. nothing. i want the people. looks can be deceiving and that the president-elect has been getting calls from a lot of a-listers who want to be front and center on january 20th. >> it's amazing to me how many of these folks, these so-called celebrities will pick up the phone whe looking saying i would like to be part of this or can i talk to you about something. >> can't do it in public b. >> they call him in private. >> some who have been rumored are elton john, kiss, david foster and gather brooks who priestly suggested that he would see singing for the new president as a form of service.
9:43 pm
he's still not going to go. what kind of entertainment should the guests expect? jackie ivan coof "america's got talent" is going to be there to sing the national anthem. the radio city rockettess are going to be there to perform. one dancer claimed she was being forced to perform by the parent company who owned but said you're only considered for the event if you volunteer and for the inauguration they've had more volunteers than they have spots for dancers in the routine. >> well besides the celebrities boycotting right now, president jimmy carter is the only former president to rsvp for mr. trump's inauguration. katrina pearson is a senior adviser for the trump transition team. carter is the only one toclinto?
9:44 pm
what about george w. bush? >> this is a celebration that many of the people in the country have been waiting on. there's only a handle of us that saw it coming from miles away. and the focus isn't going to be on celebrities or politicians. the focus son freedom, american patriotism and unity and what actually brought the campaign across the finish line, that is the american people just as the president-elect said. >> the president-elect tweeted out alist celebrities are wanting tickets but he doesn't want them there. that's because the a-u list celebrities don't want to be there. which is it? >> it's sort of like the campaign. we had all of these support eer behind the scene saying we support you but didn't want to go publicly. as the president-elect says it's not about the a-list celebriti s
9:45 pm
celebrities. it's about the people. >> what do you expect? what is that day going to look like? i mean considering the impact that donald trump has had, the unprecedented campaign that he ran, what is that day going to look like? how will it be different than other natural rale dinaugural d? >> there is hope finally in this country. a lot of people feel relieved. the markets look great. people feel confident f kcabout their future and the president-elect is filling stadiums across the country with hardworking americans. you're going to see a lot of people show up to watch the inauguration. it's going to be historic, very exciting. and the committee has done a fantastic job of putting together programs that they will be releasing. if you want tickets, there's a website for that. and follow everyone on twitter
9:46 pm
at trump inaugural for the updates. >> we have reports that donald trump has tapped the beach boys currently fronted by mike love for those who are wondering, to perform at the inauguration. do you know anything about that? >> well, no. and i can't confirm that. >> that's people magazine. >> the trump inaugural committee will make those announcements. i highly suggest going to the website and following them on twitter. >> we do know that gene simmons told tmz that k.i.s.s. politely declin declined. perhaps more importantly because it is tradition that all former presidents are invited to attend the ceremony when the new president is sworn in, president barack obama 2009 enjoyed the presence of all four living presidents. so it is going to be a big moment to see who turns out for donald trump. will hillary clinton be will
9:47 pm
with former president bill clinton? >> it wasn't a traditional campaign by any means. we saw the exact same thing happen during the cop vengs. so i would suspect we might see something similar. but the president-elect has always been focussed on the american people, that's the focus of the inauguration. >> thanks for being here tonight. when we return, the special group helping wounded warriors spend the holidays with their loved ones and what you can do to help make this christmas season special for our nation's heros next. ♪♪ something new has arrived. ♪ uniquely designed... for the driven. ♪ introducing the first-ever infiniti qx30 crossover. lease the first-ever infiniti qx30 for $299 a month.
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we want to highlight . ♪ we want to highlight a special cause this christmas season, luke's wing sincere a
9:51 pm
nonprofit organization dedicated to helping wounded warriors and veterans unite with their loved ones. here with me sergeant james pierce has been a recipient of the great support of luke's wings. fletcher gil is the founder and ceo of luke's wings. thanks to both of you for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> sergeant pierce, i want to start with you first. what does this organization mean to you considering you were very much helped by it? >> yes. so the organization has helped me out for the last four years. they have flown me home several times, but also recently they helped me find the love of my life. i just got engaged about a month ago. >> yay! congratulations. that's wonderful. should i get into details? how did that introduction happen? >> sure, just ask away. >> no, that's lovely. i mean it sound like all together, fletcher, you have started an amazing thing. i mean you took a major -- i guess you could call it risk doing so because to found this thing, january 2008 until
9:52 pm
january 2012 you took a salary of a dollar a year. why was it so important for you? >> thanks for having us. merry christmas to everybody watching. it was important to me for a lot of reasons. i get that question a lot and it is interesting because the answer is sometimes different, but, you know, i lost my father without a chns to say goodbye to him. that was part of it. you know, i know what happened on 9/11, i know what we're doing, i know the fight we're fighting. and to see our fellow americans go into battle on our behalf, they come back injured, you know, and we found out in 2007 that our wounded warriors at the military hospitals like walter reed, they get some support in terms of travel for their family, they're allowed three people to come in. now, we realized that it was a huge problem for the families and wounded warriors, the mothers were staying by the
9:53 pm
bedside, they wouldn't leave or go home because they knew it would be hard to come back again on their own dime. so we stepped in in 2008, and we started communicating with the families and saying, look, don't worry about travel. from here on ous we're going to take care of all of your flights. and that's what we started doing. in 2008 we delivered 18 airplane tickets -- 19 actually if i remember correctly, and now we do it every two to three days. >> that's a beautiful thing. in sergeant pierson's case, you were injure willed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan october 1st. the attack was 2012. the attack killed three of your teammates. this is an unbelievable cause i'm sure. what specifically happened there and how did luke's wings step in and help you and your family. >> as he was saying earlier, only one family member is allowed to stay with you at walter reed and they flew my mom and dad back home because obviously wore them out a little bit. so they would almost change
9:54 pm
shifts, and luke's wings came in and provided the flights for us. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing excellent. i can't complain at all. >> so good to hear that. i'm sure, fletcher, that's music to your ears that you helped a family, you helped this man that sacrificed so much for our country. you've got the program, no soldier spends christmas alone. how does that work and where do you see in the next couple of days? >> thank you. in the last week or two we provided 145 flights making sure our wounded warriors are with their families on christmas morning. we also provide flights throughout the year, and of course it is a busy time for us, too. our veterans in hospice care, so they're never alone as they're passing away, and we're rolling out a new program for our fallen officers. so any police officer who is attacked, you know, on a blue lives matter type of situation, we can step in and provide flights for that family. let me quickly say that to james, he is a success story having his loved ones with him
9:55 pm
the whole time since 2012 of course has helped. i want to extend a very special gift to james. he doesn't know this, but srs distribution out of texas and the srs raise the roof foundation, big supporters of luke's wings. they're going to be providing all of the flights vis-a-vis luke's wings to james and your family for your upcoming wedding. >> woo-hoo! >> how does it feel, sergeant pierce? >> oh, boy. i can't wait. >> so merry christmas to you, and on behalf of all of us. we love you and thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> wow. thank you for your service, sergeant pierce. and, fletcher, thank you for what you are doing for our service men and women. >> of course. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. for more information just log on to we will be right back.
9:56 pm
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get your copy of "settle for more" now. it is a perfect gift for anyone on your list or for yourself. it is a great book to help you unwind over the long holiday break. hopefully you have one. thanks for joining us tonight. merry christmas, happy new year. i'm sandra smith and this is "the kelly file." ♪ welcome to "hannity." president obama stabbing israel in the back on his way of office. i'm eric bolling in for sean tonight. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton is fired up and will be here with reaction. first in what many are calling the ultimate betrayal in america's alliance with israel, the obama administration earlier today allowed the united nations to pass a resolutioning valleyi settlements in east jerusalem and the west bank as a flagrant violation of international law. valleyi prime minister is


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