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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  December 25, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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levin: i don't really know him. i mean... trump: let me get--i'll get on this side, maybe, if it's cool. that is the longest interview i have ever done in my life-- and intense. come here. levin: thank you so much. trump: believe me! president-elect trump pledging to shut down and turf war heats up between mr. trump and the president obama wight white. i am molly line in for gily banderas and this is the fox report. >> the pair walking a tightrope of contrasting policy and styles, mr. trump's tweets talk about president the position on israel and praise for vladimar put pine's attack on the hillary clinton. and gator teeny is live there.
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>> he plans to dissolve his own foundation. >> reporter: molly, we are less than a month away with. this the latest example of the trump family getting rid of many conflicts. the donald j. trump foundation was at risk of conflicts of interest and including an investigation by the new york attorney general. he wants to avoid conflicts. and i am proud of the moneyy raised for many organizations in need and because i will be devoting so much time in energy in the presidency and solving many problems in our country and world i don't want good work associated with a possible conflict of interest.
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eric trump is suspending the operations of his own charity to avoid conflicts of intchlt and yesterday president-elect trump wrote my wonderful son eric will not be allowed to it raise money for children with cancer because of a conflict of interest with my presidenty see. he raised millions of dollars for them and now much stop. wrong answer. >> the president-elect is cut canning deals with defense contractors like lockheed martin. >> yeah, they became the latest target of president trump as he's not a fan of the f35 fighter jet program particularly the cost that exploded to $380 billion. and on twitter, mr. trump tweeted based on the cost
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overruns, i asked boeing to price out a comparable f- 18 super hornest and this was the day after he met with the company ceo and lockheed announced that the ceo spoke to mr. trump and committed to lowering their cost. i know mr. elect trump wants the best capability of our military at the lower cost for taxpayer and we are ready to deliver. the president-elect does not have plans that are schedule canned here in maralaggo and he is trying to make it through the stormy weather in florida. >> i was going to say props to you for bringing that report are. thank you, kevin. israeli's freedom freedom lashed out after the united states abstained from the
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resolution that called for an end of the construction in the west bank and claims that u.s. lead arers are fighting it. >> reporter: here in the west bank, christmas celebrationses are under way in beth lehem, it was swift and decisive from benjamin netanyahu. saying that the obama administration did a high jacking of israel in the u.n. the u.s. abstaining and breaking america's long-standing policy of protecting israel will in the unite would nations and maniy agree that president obamay's parting shot. the resolution demand that
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israel cease all activities including oast jerusalem. and prime minister netanyahu said the resolution will be revoked. >> i will tell you how the resolution will bey revoked. it will not be us retreating from the territory but for us holding our ground. >> reporter: the prime minister recalled the ambassador with senegal and new zealand. they are co-sponsorses of the resolution. and prime minister netanyahu takes a hard- line stance palestinian leaders celebrated the passage and palestinian president said it was a blow to israel. and soited as a clear and unoon musmessage to prime minister netanyahu. >> this is what the international commit community
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rejected this. >> still prime minister netanyahu said israel will reject the resolution and adding that it will call for arms to allies around the world, friends who have had enough of the way the u.n. treats israel. pope francis celebrating christmas with with a midnight mass in the vatican. ♪ ♪ [singing)] here's a look at st. peter's basilica. pope francis said christmas was taken hostage by materialism and the season needs more humility and addressed the ongoing croisis in syria and called for compassion for refugees, tomorrow he will deliver the message from the balcony of the
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st. peter's basilica. police in germ no are step itting up security after the christmas attack. now investigators are working to find out if anyone helped the suspect while he was on the run especially because he had to cross two european board pers. hery's more in the latest arrest in the attack. >> reporter: they believe there could be others that provided logistical support. security forces arrested three men who has a link to the suspect. one is his nephew. there were conversations between the two about supporting isis and amir sent him moning. a mri was driving the truck when he killed 12 people.
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his id was under the drivery's seat and his fingertips were on the truck. he had been be under surveillance. despite being one of the most wanted men in europe. he was able to take a train to italy. he was finally shot dead by italian police in milan aftery he pulled a gun in a routine id check. given his links to extremist, many this germany are wondering why the authorities didn't stop him sooner. the video of amri is out there pledging allegiance to the group. there is increased security including here in london. in germany police have spot checks on borders that are usually open upon. president-elect donald trump
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making big changes for the country 's roads and railroad infrastructure. >> our insfra structure is going to hell. get the shovels ready. >> and 100 years of planning, that and all of the day's headlines ahead on the fox report. >> i am currently located as a marine and i would like to wish my friends and family happy holiday and misses you all and
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>> the first female airplane pilot in afghanistan look for asylum here in the u.s. she was supposed to go back to afghanistan and now said she is afraid for her life. she said the spotlight brought threatses and sending her in hiding from insurgents and relatives. president-elect trump talked about overhauling the infrastructure. >> our bridges for deficient and roads in disrepair and our airports are like third world country s. i want congress to support airports and bridge and tunnel
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and rail weighs all over our nation. we are going to build it on time and budget and three times what it is supposed to cause. >> the subway is getting ready to open. rob is here with more. first phase of the second avenue subway will be ready on time. >> after a hundred upon times. plenty of time to do it. governor cuomo said if it is not ready blame him. the subway line finally just opening phase one to the public. 4.5 billion and it will service the manhattan entire east side and taking care of upper east side. it is critical will when president-elect trump won the white house by selling america's
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vision first. >> it was started a hundred years ago that there should be a second avenue and deadline is january 1st and we are committed to it that deadline and the train is going to rain if we have to push is down the track. that train will run on january 1st. >> reporter: there is bridges deteriorated and aging highways and airports. vice-president biden said laguardia was like being in a third world country. >> will president-elect trump be able to do that? >> he wants to spend 1 trillion. and he's critical of billions going overseas that could be used to rebuild our failing roads and bridge and trains. some of the democrat and the
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president have a common goal. it gets congress and the president-elect have to find the moneyy for the project. one of the first democrats to show support was new york senator schumer who told chris wallace he would love a bill in the first 100 days. it is a bill mr. trump may have a hard time getting passed his many concerned where the trillion would come from as we push to being 20 trillion. >> and i live near boston. and the teague could use overhaul. >> and it could be who gets it. >> and see where all of the money goes. thank you, rob, we appreciate it. >> and pilgrim and tourist from around the world are flocking to
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bethlehem to celebrate christmas eve. it is the traititional birth place of jesus. they take in the manger square and listen to christmas songs playing on the loud speakers in. arabic. >> it is unique and never seen anything like it. and i love the public square in the back and the amount of people cluster together. and it is just enjoying their time. i think for me, it is meaningful because it is christmas time and here's where everything started andy yeah. so i am enjoying it a lot. >> despite the holiday cheer, security forces are on high alert because of the conflicts in the region. >> and the owner of the warehouse where 36 people died in a devastating fire.
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he is facing lawsuits. millions of people around the world are face itting an uncertain world. how? refugees are trying to get in the holiday spirit despite terror and fleeing wars at home.
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the parents of victims including a 20-year-old who died in the arms of her boyfriend filed a wrongful death lawsuit. 36 people died in the disaster. one of them michaela gregory died on the second floor of the building and they blame the
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building's owner and the couple who transformed the warehouse in an artist community. will? >> reporter: good evening, molly. this is the deadliest fire in more than a decade. her loss is so raw they will not celebrate christmas this year. their attorney cast a wide legal negwith number of people with ties to the ghost ship called a death trap. there was a makeshift staircase and no signs of smoke detector or sprinkler system. the fire started and stranded them on the second floor and her father explained they are pressing forward with legal action. >> our daughter will never come home and there is not a day that goes by we don't miss her. she was a good kid.
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her and alex loved each other and wanted to have a good time. we'll never see them again. and we just want justice. >> and the laugh was filed one bep half of 23-year-old griffin madden and claims that the defendants are responsible for horrific gross negligence. >> we filed the lawsuit against the owners of the building and and those who are involved with the event and promoters and person who is putting on the shows. and we filed against person who was like the manager representing out the place and building these stars that were made out of pallets. >> reporter: only one defendanty responded and omar
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vegan is doe mying both andy he's not had a minute piece gains the fire. and separate claims against the city of oakland and the county. even though neighbors launched complaints, the building had not been inspected. there is still an open criminal investigation. molliy. >> as we settle in christmas eve, it is important to remember that thonds of christian and those of other faiths will fight to escape terror and war. it is rough on the children of refugees and lauren green spoke with people who are working hard to make sure the kids have a great christmas in spite of the hard ships. >> for thousandsy fleeing the scourge of terrorism, christmas will come with sadness and
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hardship. many lost their home and way of life. one organization is making a positive difference. >> we are are giving them a christmas the way it used to be before they were displaced or refugees. >> reporter: the program is called christmas for refugee and giving them a taste of a merry christmas. and show how for a few hours, children's whose lives are changed forever can believe that christmas means something good and pure. in the basement of the local church they sing song and eat a meal and see sanda and go home with a bag of food and gifts. >> many children had ipads and went to private school and now sitting with the entire family often in a tent with no transportation and without school and hope and future. and much of their homes in the
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ninevah plain destroyed. we are trying to bring christmas back to them before the devastation happened in the christian community in the middle east. >> most of them will never be able to return home because they have none to go back to now. most are destroyed and looted. the program gives them hope regards of where ever they are are. it is still christmas. >> lives are forever changed. still ahead. escalating tensions between president obama and israeliy prime minister netanyahu. but is this just the last straw in a long tumultuous relationship? we'll have a look back over their a liiance. and the president and michelle
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obama what they say to the americans celebrating christmas, next. ♪ cleared >> celebrating the holt
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the white house over the eight years has been be a privilege. we have welcomed a half million guests and our pastries chef baked cookies. >> president obama and the first lady delivering the final christmas message and encluded words to the troops. >> they are spending the year in hawaii. and kevin cork is traveling along and joining us from ho noluyendyk. >> reporter: you are right. heart felt thank to troops abroad and here at home. i mentioned christmas eve because there was an interesting part of the message today, that
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was an actual acknowledgment for the reason of the season. >> tomorrow as first family we'll join our fellow christians to rejoice in the birth of our savior. we'll celebrate his birth and remember his eternal message of compassion and hope. >> sharing the message of christ on this yeary's message to the american people. the president spent time hitting the link and always does that on vacation. first lady remineded us of the troops. >> as always many of the troops are far from home and their families are serving and sacrificing. their koufrj and dedication allow the rest ofitous enjoy the season and that's why we try to serve them well. >> andy we cannot say enough
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about the troop and veterans. and we thank you and all of us here at fox news, we thank you. >> it is a beautiful back drop. merry christmas to you as well. >> israeli prime minister firing back at president obama after the u.s. abstained on a vote for the u.n. resolution to stop building on the settlements of the west bank. this is not the first time. >> the u.s. used veto power. but another blow to the u.s. relations. friday you obama abstained from voting. it condemns the controversial israeliyy settlements.
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netanyahu said the obama administration failed to protect israel but colluded with it behind the scones. over the years, the president's administration is critical of the israeliy settlements and saying they are counterproductive to it peace talks. abstaining from the vote was in line with the president's policy. >> we can't champion expanding settlements and a two state solution. one has to make a choice between settlements and separation. >> reporter: back lash continues from democrat and republicans on the hill. paul ryan said the vote was shameful and the now unfoyed government will work together with israel. netanyahu locks forward to
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working with president-elect trump. the president received feed back from human righty's groups. >> and tune in to fox news sunday. former spoker newt gingrich talks about the incoming administration. >> president-elect donald trump bringing in kelly anne conway who will be counsellor to the president. she is the first woman to lead that campaign. kristin fisher. >> reporter: just in case the mother of four can find time to be counsellor to the united states. kelly ann conway made it clear she can do them well, maybe better than a man. >> i don't play golf and don't have a mistress.
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>> it is that statement that made conway an asset to president-elect trump. she brought discipline as mr. trump's third campaign manager for a billionaire not listening. he listened to her more than most. and a man having problems winning over woman voters. she wassan asset. >> i learned the contrition and humility and what i saw privately as well. >> reporter: being the first woman in history to manage a winning campaign. and she stated her opposition to mitt romney. >> i am not sure we have to pay for that with a secretary of state position. >> reporter: she has run a republican polling and
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research. she was a favorite for vice-president mike pence when he was running for governor and senator ted cruz. but she's having a hard time winning over the kids to go move to washington. >> you are a mother 100 percent agreement would be fantastic. >> 75 percent she referred to her fwefl year old daughter is the lone hold out. her daughter had started keep the conway kids from moves to dc and has over 200 signatures. >> fascinating look at one of the powerful personalities heading to washington. >> and a family a dozen years in the making. and cementing their bond further and love, love, love this story. the story coming up next.
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♪ >> the jewish celebration of hanukkah getting underway and rededication of the holy temple. and dc will be celebrating with the national hanukkah ceremoniy and the u.s. air force band is set to perform. we interview political leader ares and sometimes the most amazing interview comes in the form of regular americans living
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their lives. jon scott, "happening now" anchor interviewed a couple with a child and brings back the lesson. >> their love story. dashing soldier meets young woman and courtship and marriage and prayers for a child. you two wanted which were. >> yes. >> you tried for 16 years? and decided to adopt? >>y we had discussed it before, but i don't think we ever gave up having a baby of our own. we got pregnant once and miscarried at 18 weeks. >> you decided to adopt. >> we anyhow someone who got pregnant. >> she became pregnant and
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decided not to keep the child. and you said what? we'll take it. >> she was only 11 weeks pregnant and it was amazing. and i got to go through the whole pregnancy with her and took her to every doctory's appointment and saw the sonogram and it was an amazing experience. >> they named robert junior and blue eyed love bundle displayed unnerving signs. >> he was two days old andy we thought he had quit breathing and we took him to our family doctor and they checked him over and said he's fine and probably is colic. turns out he was not fine. >> they sent us to a neurology and found out he was sewing the entire 20 minutes. that's the same day the adoption
2:42 am
was final otherwised. the day the child fully became their own and the day they learned his diagnosis. >> he has infractable epilepsy and that is uncontrolled. he takes seven medication and has an implant. and still has seizures daily. he also has a cerebral palsy and he's not able to sit on his own or walk or stand. but he has an amazing personality: >> to say that shannon and robert ps sacrificed for their son is underestimate. they had good jobs. >> i was an election electrician. she had the good health insurance and everything else. and there are really no other options. we are taking a financial hit
2:43 am
but our only concern and our biggest concern was our son. and the epilepsies started to get worse and worse. and the seizures, they were so bad. >> 25 or 30 seisures a day. >> shannon and robert sleep in shiftses so one parent is aware to see the seizures. >> we attach it to the tow. and let us know he's having a sewsure. >> but it doesn't always work. >> home is a tiniy double wide on the out skirts of houston. shannon found a job in the oil industry. >> after surviving many rounds of layoffs and my entire department was let go. i am the financial provider for
2:44 am
my family. >> her income when she has it brings their own problems. >> currently he gets ssi. that enables him to get medicaid. it is all based on income. when i work. he would lose his medicaid, twice a year. because i got three paychecks in those month and if i worked over timy we would go over the income guyed line which let me tell you is a joke and he would lose. >> he was penalized because you had a job? >> yeses. >> no matter what we can't lose the medicaid and it is keeping our son, it is coping him alive. we have been responsible hard working people and like a lot of americans are. we don't want hand outs and we
2:45 am
are in a position of doing whatever we have to do for our son. we will do that. >> so, this is how you transport bubbiy. >> this is i stroler. >> why don't you get him a whole chair. >> they don't think he needs it. >> how many miles on the van. >> the a c went out and robert foundoused on line and spent two days under it is van watching youtube videos. >> it worked sort of. >> we are a half an hour from the hospital. >> if he could spoke to you. what would jose. macand cheese.
2:46 am
mows. -- it is basic. that is about whery he is here. >> and that might be where he is for a long time. this boy, doesn't speak or stand or sit without help upon. ♪ you will never know, dear, how much i love you. >> yet they are madly in love with their son and devote themselves to meet his many needs. >> i am sure there are people who watch this and say don't they feel cheated they waited so long and they get this chuld? >> he is a blessing from god. he's perfect. >> we have a good life. it is not alldom and gloom and like that at all. >> we love him to death. and don't feel sorry for us. and he enjoys life his own way.
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>> and the way we just love sharing in that. >> incredible story of challenge and love. that is john scott reporting. bubby friends is start itting a go follow-upped page to cover the medical needs that are not covered on medicaid. >> our incredible fox fewers donated more than $260,000. >> and a new york woman is working to make christmas better for dogs without a home. one thing she wants every shelter dog to have this holiday season. >> something of their very own
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and they are cared for and not forgotten and they are thought about.
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>> a long island woman working hard to it make sure a kog stays warm this christmas. they are getting blankets for every shelter dog in new york. >> it is part of valerie's weekly routine. >> i am love with every single one of them. >> each year she gives them gifts and her inspiration is this goichlt the pitull is valerie's best friend.
2:52 am
>> we instantly fell in love. >> buster was dropped off andy she can't take him home. they go on dates. but more like mr. and mrs. clause. a mission to give every dog in new york state a new blanket. >> it lets them know they are cared for and not forgotten. >> blankets for bit offer. she cloekted 150 blanket and this year received close to 4000. and couldn't do it without the help from the community. >> people who are good friends have become family. >> she delivered them as far as syracuse and part land. >> we want people to know that our dogs and cats are loved and cared for.
2:53 am
>> they plan to go to another four shelters to it deliver blankets before christmas eve. jodi goldberg fox five news. >> and now sweets. an edible charity in seattle in the 24th year. the gingerbread village raising money for the juvenile doib founding a. the event it free. but they raise 850,000 donated to the great cause over the last two decades. >> locks like art. it is beautiful. >> and just in time for the holidays, a new book shows how vintage ornament can give us's reason to it stay unmruged. >> i started to collect christmas when i was seven years old. and now thousands and this happeneds and this happeneds
2:54 am
ofornaments later. vintage holiday objects connect us. and people tell me, wow, me grandmother had had an ornament like that. one of the best way to have a vintage christmas is put down the cell phone. you can go to garage sales. and the wood on the album. that is vintage christmas. and shiniy bright kopgz. these are the boxes people remember. uncle sam is shaking hands with santa claus. >> maybe they want it brought
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now and you can put it in vintage wrapping mayor upon my last chapter in the bock is called pay it forward. >> if you have a special ornament and deckation and tell me about what me mother did to me. and that enupon joy efg -- and that is enjoyed and connects us. >> i have a few of those as well. santa is working hard to deliver the gifts all over the world. we are watching whery he is headed next.
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♪ don't want a doll. or dinkiy toy. i w w w w w
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>> before p santa took the sky he hit the water. he novembers virginia. the reign deer and flying elvesand given the grinch. the santa event is now in the 29th year and takes place on christmas eve. and here's the report that kids are waiting for. we are keeping a close eye on santay's whereabouts. based on norad in colorado.
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it first started in 1955 when a newspaper ad, listed the wrong number. and the air force colonel thought he was being pranked and now every year volunteers from the military track sundaya as he makes his way around the world and looks like he's in chile right now. that's the one the kids wanted to see and that's how fox reports. december 24th, christmas eve and i am molliy line. and happy hanukkah.
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♪ ♪
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. ♪ ♪ i don't know if there'll be snow but have a cup of cheer ♪ ♪ have a holly jolly christmas and when you -- >> merry christmas! it is finally here. we are up and we are ready to start. >> we have a huge show today as you can see a live look there in new york city, before the sun comes up this morning. we have a big show. we will be 69ing our families. peter doocy will be skyping with his at home.


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