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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  December 25, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PST

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. ♪ ♪ i don't know if there'll be snow but have a cup of cheer ♪ ♪ have a holly jolly christmas and when you -- >> merry christmas! it is finally here. we are up and we are ready to start. >> we have a huge show today as you can see a live look there in new york city, before the sun comes up this morning. we have a big show. we will be 69ing our families. peter doocy will be skyping with his at home. are they in florida?
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>> they are celebrating christmas. >> your dad is coming in. >> my dad will be here. >> my mom and i think my kids. the kids are deciding who is getting involved. my niece, my nephew, at delmonico kitchen in manhattan last night. we had a pre-christmas dinner. i figured out what the christmas tradition is. what do we do? >> and we will be skyping to mine in utah. we will probably get a fourth of them at least. that's still a lot of people. >> every christmas my mom ins t insists we open on capitalism day and not christmas eve except paja pajamas. that's the tradition. we always got new pajamas. what are they called? >> oncesy? >> i only wore a oncesy here. >> tell them to send a photo of you in pajamas. >> we don't want that picture. >> santa claus had a really busy
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24 hours. >> santa! >> there he is. merry christmas, santa. he will be answering questions this morning. make sure you send them in and he will be sitting there letting you know how things went. >> i just saw father jonathan. i forgot about midnight mass. he probably didn't get a lot of sleep just like santa and he will be here. >> and your favorite, another tradition my family always does is christmas eve and we still have our pajamas on from the day before and we all pick one of our christmas movies. " "eflsman is probably one of our father. >> "home alone." old "home alone." >> you know why? because you scream just like mccauley calkin. >> where do you think i got it from. >> i like "a wonderful life." >> i like that one.
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>> not a comedy but it's fun. >> also, gifts ev s everybody g. remember the one we showed yesterday. we will show it again. >> earlier this morning. >> that's actually "home alone." >> is that you? >> my sister similarly excited. >> that's the best expression. >> we want you to send in your videos. we will play them on the show. >> or if you have grandkids now or they're opening them and a great video from last year. >> it's all about family today. all about home videos. christmas movie, santa. a good show today. >> the air hockey thing in the basement. big memories. >> yeah. send it in, we'll play it. >> were you that excited for this morning when you came in? >> i was screaming and people were coming into the makeup room. >> you hear people screaming
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when you come into work at 4:30 a lot. streets have manhattan. also, we did a secret santa yesterday. >> we do have a secret santa. >> we will do names today. >> i hope i was your person. >> i got rick. >> we'll tell him later. >> he's not listening. >> he's not listening. >> i can't get myself. >> at least you knew you would like your gift. >> that's true. >> we're running out of time, santa. >> see what i got. >> tomorrow -- i got mine. >> all right. we're excited. >> tomorrow. >> so no one knows who has each other. >> rick picked himself at fist and had to switch. >> he didn't want himself. >> we were going to ask you if
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you were us, what would you get us. >> friend at fox news. i want to know. >> funny gifts. we don't want serious stuff. the big man is in the house today. santa claus. he is answering questions and delivering presents all night long and delivering your tweets. what was the hardest part of your route last night? >> the weather. >> where at? >> going over finland. it was very cold, very wet, the snow was coming down. >> wow. you look great. didn't realize i had not -- rick doesn't normally give us the finland forecast. >> in fact i think maybe i never have. >> santa hopefully not caught off guard. were there more kids on your naughty list this year or nice list? >> no. more kids on the nice list. very few on the naughty list. >> not a lot of coal last night?
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>> not a lot of coal. >> it's been kind of a long year, tough campaign. would you say -- >> what was santa running for, tough campaign? >> he was running with a lot of gifts. >> what would you give president-elect trump or hillary clinton, if you had the chance, santa? >> that's a tough question. i'd probably want to be able to give them some peace and some joy and some hope for the new year. >> i like that. not political. >> a good message. >> are you feeling tired this morning? >> a little run down. i'm ready to go, looking forward to everything. >> you made us those reindeer treats yesterday and hopefully you kept some in your pockets for when you needed a snack. >> and your crackle. >> pretty good. >> how were the cookies and milk? did you imbibe and indulge? >> yeah. there was plenty of milk and cookies, hot chocolate, apple cider, a great time delivering all the presents. i look forward to it.
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i'm a little full right now. >> we'll give you a chance to digest. >> that's a good gig. >> you mentioned president-elect donald trump and trying to bring him peace and harmony. last night, he and his family went to the church of bethesda by the sea in palm beach by the breakers hotel. >> where he got married to melania in 2005 and has a lot of meaning for him. he got a standing ovation. >> we have video for him when they walked in. [ applause ] >> that's nice. a nice feeling. >> i wonder if everyone knew he was coming or a surprise? >> i bet shay saw -- they saw st service. >> there was chatter as he was
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there last year wondering if he was back. t >> the reaction was different than when vice president mike pence went to see "hamilton." thinking of a more positive reaction. >> where he stays, everybody wants to get a look. >> have you been to that church? >> i have not been inside but drove by it. he's in palm beach and you can drive by if you want to see where he is and what he's been up to. >> has it changed? you know that area pretty well. >> people around there just love donald trump right there in palm beach. they want to see him. he obviously has been at mar-a-lago for years. people like what he's done with the place, cleaning it up and fixing it up, i should say. he's the big draw there at palm beach. >> the big man.
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>> talking about president-elect donald trump he is now taking steps to shut down his charity avoiding any conflict of interest in the move to dissolve the donald trump foundation was excessive as he prepares to take over the white house this month. democrats still finding something to complain about blaming him for closing up shop. the president-elect says he will find other ways to pursue philanthropic efforts. a military plane carrying nearly 100 people crashes into the black sea just minutes takeover-off. there are likely no survivors. the plane was traveling from sochi to a russian air base in syria and military and reporters among those on board. russian officials say the crash could have been caused by a technical malfunction or crew error but not terrorism as they're saying. more backlash against the u.n. to vote to block settlem t settlements in jerusalem.
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prime minister netanyahu saying they will be assess their ties and israel speaking to prime minister netanyahu to wish him happy hanukkah and no u.s. money for the u.n. until reversed. one very happy time for one family. the new orleans saints air force airman anthony williams surprised his family at halftime after he was on the verge of missing another christmas. his mother and four daughters leaping into his arms crying hysterically during the on field reunion. williams home before flying back to qatar. i love those stories. heart-warming. >> you see the screaming, almost like a peter doocy kind of scream. and lucky to be with their
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families. >> this is our family this morning. including rick. >> good morning. merry -- happy christmas. i'm just a week ahead of myself with the new year's. >> what's going on? >> i will give you my number and you can call ahead. see how i did that to exchange numbers with santa. >> he didn't give to it back to y you. >> i will have it unless he calls with an unblocked number. >> temperatures nice across the south. we broke record high temperature is across the southeast. we will see that again today. it will feel like spring. east coast looking good. a few showers stalled out against the tennessee valley. no problem at all. big problems across the west. we had a lot of snow across arizona yesterday and it will pull across the northern plains by the time we get towards this
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aven afternoon. a big blizzard is setting up. this northern plain area where we have blizzards going on, a foot of snow and very windy conditions. see this purple here, that's e icing and watching an ice storm set up along with this really really rough conditions across that northern tier. be careful as you're headed out to grandmas. tomorrow up to the 60s in louisville. pretty warm, no major cold air in place for about another week. good news. >> that is good news. >> thank you, rick. coming up, being called a christmas miracle, this woman and her family stranded near the grand canyon, how searchers were able to find them in several feet of snow. plus, "it's a wonderful life" is a christmas classic. sharing his top five, just ahead.
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pope francis delivering his christmas day message. ing the world's 1.2 billion roman catholics saying christmas has been taken hostage by materialism and wants more humility and less gifts and more feasting and less self-center self-centeredness. >> i was looking at the pool
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report that donald trump went to bethesda by the sea for mass last night and it was rector, james har lin, who says everyone needs to make room for the savior. if we make room we will have the strength and grace to follow god. >> it's what pope francis tried to say, if we fill our hearts with everyone else, there is no room, an emptying that needs to happen of not only material things but an emptying of self. what blocks us from loving and receiving love. the love of god and others. it's anger, anxiety, fear, rese resentment. a sense of this isn't fair, how did that happen to me. that's a lot harder of getting rid of the press and extra drink or whatever. how about making room in your heart to love? that's not easy. >> i love that. you gave a christmas mass last night. what was your message? >> i don't remember. it was two hours ago. >> it was at midnight.
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>> basically, how amazing that god would give us a second chance, not just coming as a savior degrees in armor and coming to defeat our enemies, no, he came as a baby. how absolutely -- who is afraid of a baby. god made himself and the christian theology we believe, god made himself into the form of baby so he could be held by any. >> we had a lot of pictures of pope francis at the vatican. there he is christmas afternoon mass. >> he kind of cheated, you know. he had midnight mass at 9:30 at night. my parishioners would give me hell if i did that. >> literally. >> there's this gallop pull that says faith is an important part of american lives but there are a lot more non-believers now. 74% of people say they identify with the christian religion, 5% non-christian and 21% have no religious identity.
3:18 am
eight years ago, it was only 15%. what changed in eight years that there are so many more people who say they don believe in god? >> i don't think they necessarily say they don't believe in god, saying they don't identify with a particular religion. sometimes it's the way a poll is asked. it's an a beautiful thing people are honest about their doubts, one way to look at it. another way to look at it, too, 90% or 80% that agree on something, try to get one thing in the united states of america that's 80% or 90% of people agree on, that's pretty strong! >> how do you bring them back, if there are more and more people leaving religion, identifying religion. >> kind of on the sidelines. >> i think, there's a lot of people who say now, i won't go to church or identify as being christians or mormon or protestant or jewish, because my grandparents are that.
3:19 am
that's a good thing. people who will say i will find out on my own. there's a pulling back. for example, when i was down in a church in soho, lower manhattan, all super young hip kids in their between who have everything. they would tell me their parents didn't go to church and they were coming back in huge numbers because they got too a point, life has to have a bigger meaning than just money and just materialism, not all bad. >> they figured that out completely on their own. >> i'm a little bit mad this morning. someone stopped me outside my church the other day. i'm short, i'm like 5'7". they said to me, father, you know, you're a lot taller in real life than you are on television. i think it's because of people like this. nobody ever told me i looked taller in real life. anyway, merry christmas! merry christmas! >> you are our favorite here,
3:20 am
short or tall, whatever you are, we always love having you. merry christmas. >> has something like this ever happened to your family? >> let me see it. >> she wrapped up her damn cat. >> the christmas videos going viral this morning. >> speak of great movie, where does a christmas story rank in kevin mccarthy's top five? the editor join us live next. >> first, a message from our troops. >> hello. i'm in afghanistan and like to send a shout-out to my family. happy holidays, love you, miss you! i'll never find a safe used car. start at the new show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom.
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♪ nothing like getting in the christmas spirit by watching a classic holiday flick. >> if you can't remember which one is worth your time, kevin mccarthy joins us with his top five christmas movies ever! merry christmas, kevin. >> merry christmas!
3:24 am
i have to say, i'm at my in-laws in southern maryland. i just got married this year. i'm using my father-in-law's neighbor's house because my father-in-law does not have wifi. this wonderful lady, linda, woke up early to let me use skype at 6 a.m. >> is the rest of the house asleep still? >> her father is sleeping upsta upstairs. >> hilarious. help people out wanting to watch a good christmas movie today. what would you say? what was the number 5 christmas movie? >> before i get to my basic list. over the years, "diehard" has become a cultural movie, not a technical or literal christmas movie. it does play on christmas and i watch it every christmas with my wife. i think "diehard," i think you can consider it a christmas movie, like "lethal weapon." it doesn't fall-like the normal
3:25 am
one but "diehard" is the one. 92 number 5. >> this movie i remember this as a kid, watching the movie and bb gun scene, this scene alone is one of the most iconic moments in movie history. >> a breach of etiquette by s p skipping the triple deare and going right for the throat. >> that must be where the "dumb&dumber" scene came from. >> that's why like you, abbey. >> one of the greatest movies of all time. >> it is awesome. another action movie you and i share a love for. christmas is all around us. this is a beautiful film with multiple stories all connected throughout the film, great cast, hugh grant, liam neeson, kyeira knightl knightley. i love the scene where he is now
3:26 am
in "the walking dead" saying you are perfect for me and not for kids but worth seeing it for a romantic comedy. >> and, of course, hugh grant. >> number 3. >> next one is the nightmare before christmas. this movie holds a special place in my heart only because when i proposed to my wife, this is the big theme around this movie. both a halloween and christmas film. the idea behind this movie, thought, motion and animation, tim burton produced it, a beautiful love story, jack and sally, very special between me and my wife when i proposed and tha thankfully she said yes with this in the background. >> hopefully the nightmare had nothing to do with it. >> no nightmare. >> and this is a favorite. >> it is. they're actually showing the movie in theaters across the country. you go to your showtimes online,
3:27 am
you can find a theater near you pl playing. "it's a wonderful life" arguably the greatest lesson learned about appreciating your life and loving who you are. i loved jimmie stewart in this movie. let's take a look at one of the best scene is in the movie. look at this. [ screaming ]. >> merry christmas! >> merry christmas! >> merry christmas. >> i mean, i'm sorry, i have to jump in because it's so americana but awesome. no "dumb&dumber." >> you're right. it's a classic. >> you're right. no dumb&dumber. >> you and i are now best friends. >> i love the soundtrack and plan it every christmas. it's "home alone". >> this movie, by the way, can i
3:28 am
say as i've gotten older i realize how truly violent this movie really is, you think about what he does to joer bes er bjo and daniel stern, let's look at moments. >> i love that. >> that's so good. >> i was waiting for the kevin part. >> i didn't know what that was. >> it was me and i was excited. also, there were two burglars at the house. and my parents were out of town, they left me alone, i had to get rid of them before they got back. >> it actually worked perfectly. i mentioned that earlier. >> did your father, peter doocy film that? >> he did. directed and edited. >> he deserves and academy award. >> that was awesome. i need to go back and re-watch
3:29 am
this segment. i got a lot of recommendations from ""fox & friends." you can tweet me at kevin mccarthy tv. i will be back at 9:40 with the best recommendations. >> what about "elf," one of my favorites. >> there are so many. i'm happy you mentioned "dumb&dumber," i just love that movie. >> send us your favorites. get us o the air the name of your neighbors and in-laws so we can give them a "fox & friends" mug. >> she's already up making breakfast for her 98-year-old father. the best person i ever met in my entire life. >> merry christmas, see you soon. >> coming up, being called a
3:30 am
christmas miracle, this woman and her family stranded near the grand canyon, how searchers were able to find them in several feet of snow. >> it's christmas morning and you still don't have a gift. not too late. we have very last minute ideas. >> really? who doesn't have a gift yet? >> and singing christmas carols for us right after this. ♪ ♪ from s
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park means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ all the stockings you will find hanging in a row ♪ ♪ mine will be the shortest one you'll be sure to know ♪ ♪ johnny wants a pair of skates, susie wants a sled, nelly wants a picture book ♪ ♪ yellow blue and red ♪ now i think i'll leave to you shoes for me dear santa claus ♪ >> how good are they? >> every year they come in and are awesome. >> that's about the best thing to wake up to on christmas morning. the girl scouts of nassau county singing our favorite christmas songs all morning long and they do such a good job. >> awesome. we have so many people working with us over christmas. working yesterday and today. show director, lisa, with her
3:35 am
sister. merry christmas. >> love that. >> ""fox & friends" cfirst co-host with her sister and dad. >> and we have a picture from torrington, connecticut. >> and the 2016 christmas card you saw yesterday. >> great! >> this is writer adam breitbart with his girlfriend, brooke, at the rockefeller christmas tree, a classic. >> and our producer with six of his nieces and nephews over thanksgiving. >> and our writer, with her family, taking their christmas photo, key west, florida! >> that sounds nice about now, doesn't it? >> production assistant, nikki and her younger brother celebrating at home in miami. she's great.
3:36 am
>> and last one, our technical director celebrating one as a kid in one of his favorite ph o photos. >> what a great shot! >> i guess we didn't tell vitto because he likes to ham it up. >> put on your santa costume. >> we'll show you later. >> maybe after some headlines. >> we do have headlines to get to this morning. and outpouring of support to carrie fisher, the 60-year-old star of "star wars," had a heart attack on a flight from london to l.a. harrison ford saying i'm shocked and sad about the news. our thoughts are with her friends and family. and billy de-williams, sending his love. a family stranded at the grand canyon more than 24 hours, found alive. karen klein, her husband and
3:37 am
10-year-old son got stuck on a snowy road after a gps led them on an alternate route at the canyon's rim. karen went off to get help in 3 feet of snow and below freezing temperature. they were rescued after her husband and son found a cell signal and called police and now being treated for frostbite. glad they're alive. on the football field, the houston texans clenching the active south beating cincinnati bengals, 12-10. today not as chiefly f-- cheerfl for star quarterbacks, two breaking legs and will be out indefini indefinitely. and better for cleveland browns beating the san diego chargers, 20-17. >> more like losing it as you saw, didn't win because of a touchdown, won because the other team missed the tying field
3:38 am
goal. >> and one woman spent hours wrapping christmas gifts before realizing she should have labe labelled them. this person bought clear saran wrap and thought it was silver wrapping paper and when you run out of clear tape, the next bet, use duct tape. >> and not as easy as it might look, making a gingerbread house but it probably tasted good. >> send your holiday hiccup, we all have them and the gifts that start happening over time. >> send us your pictures and funny stories. >> any mishas at home at "fox & friends".com, send them here. >> did you use saran wrap,
3:39 am
peter? >> i will tell the truth, nothing is wrapped yet. >> i get you. good morning, for your christmas morning, if you're hoping for a white christmas you have it. especially across parts of the four corners you have this big storm bringing fresh clean snow, the snow may be across parts of the northeast. not as clean as we had rain to go through. here's what's happening today. big storms across the central plains. blizzard conditions across the dakotas and an ice storm across north dakota and minnesota as well. it is warm across the south. that heat will continue through today and tomorrow. a quick look at what the future brings and towards tomorrow, if you're doing shopping after christmas. not a bad day. all right. send it back to you inside. >> christmas is finally here, as you know, if you're watching. if you forgot somebody on your list, don't worry, it's not too late to get them a gift.
3:40 am
>> really? >> here to show the ideas, our lifestyle expert, good morning. merry christmas. >> there's still a way out this late in the game? >> there's still a way out, a few places open. the supermarket, drugstore and liquor store. >> oh, yeah, merry christmas. >> the low hanging fruit is gift cards you can get from retailers and restaurants. they actually have a gift card mall kiosk section of the supermarket. if you want, you can do a gift basket with movie theater gift cards or itunes gift cards or popcorn and candy. >> sometimes these are the best gifts of all, the uncle for a christmas dinner i forgot to get something for. >> you can also get their favorite restaurant. >> the best is when you get them on christmas day the next day, everything is on sale. more for your money. i like that. >> now the dress store. you can get a lot of openings
3:41 am
there. the first one is a twist on the lump of coal. what i've done is i actually got gift bags and filled it up with charcoal and one minute masks and you can get a black gift bag and write "coal" on it. they're a lot of fun. >> that's a very nice way, much nicer than actual coal. >> here, perfume. perfume sets really easy. we have three different options, jennifer lopez, jay love and the holiday collection. >> nice when you have a perfume collection. >> i don't think you want my scent. >> then, makeup, too late to go to a makeup store but you can go to the drugstore and pick up makeup. i got a makeup bag from the
3:42 am
drugstore and filled it up with different makeup from neutrogena, spf 20 and healthy ones and you can see different colors and play that up. >> great. most importantly for many people is the liquor store, last minute gi gifts. >> is this buying for yourself or others? >> buying for yourself or oth s others. the limited edition bottle is the way to go. the bevel deer red, a limited edition. it gives twice. 50% gets donated to the red foundation and the limited edition, 1 liter bottle of silver, really great. we forgot one more thing at the drugstore, the spa pedicure and fill it up with a sound machine and bath balm and wet and dry ped duis. >> you can e-mail them a gift card. >> last resort, you can e-mail a gift card, a nice card, and
3:43 am
order something online and print a picture of what you bought them. >> that's when you know they got it last minute. >> sometimes things do get out of stock. that is also an option. one year my husband did it for my birthday a week after christmas and it was fine. >> you also know they got it last minute if somebody we are giving gifts to gets the special bevel deer. >> we appreciate it. a new movie is bring bring faith back to the big screen this christmas. it's hard to raise a christian family with liberal hollywood. david r. white on deck. and we will skype with steve doocy in just a little bit. fist, a christmas message from tucker carlson. >> merry christmas, "fox & friends," especially you, ainsley. hope you spend it with the people you love most.
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. . . .
3:46 am
a quick look at the christmas morning headlines. a merry christmas from the bush family. jenna hager bush from the texas ranch captioning it wishing you love this merry christmas. and arnold schwarzenegger is pumped up for christmas. >> merry chri i hope you are working out to celebrate. >> "terminator" apprentice host on this christmas eve. the 69-year-old wishing everyone a fantastic 2017. >> he is known for keeping the faith in the film industry. take a look. >> we're at war.
3:47 am
the war of ephesians 6, not against flesh and blood but against the powers of this world and against the spiritual forces and heaven lly realms. if we insist on denying that, we've already lost. >> pretty powerful. that is actor producer, david, who has produced among the biggest stars and the new one out from hollywood where he shares is strength. actor and producer, david, this is such a powerful message and a powerful book. why did you want to do it? >> i think everybody has a dream and desire in their heart. often we let fear and self-doubt come in and stop us from doing the things we really want to do, passionate about doing and why we wrote the book. >> you work in hollywood, you live in hollywood with your family, three children. what is that like as a christian, being someone of
3:48 am
faith? is that challenging at times zbloochkt sure,it is. always it is. i started a company called "pure flix" in 2005 to go with what hollywood does and the focus on faith and puts us outside what hollywood does. when our films come out we find out life imitates art a lot of times and there's a lot of blowback and push back on different aspects. >> why do you think that is, you think about hollywood and talking about religion and even with the election, this pushback to values and american family values, right, and faith, why do you think that is in hollywood? >> i don't know. it's more and more, too. the attack on freedom of religion, freedom of speech, even when we did "god is not dead 2," when we put up the billboard the dvd was coming out, we got attacked on that
3:49 am
because they called it incendiary and almost hate speech because there was a quote, i'd rather stand with god than be judged by the world -- i said that wrong, i'd rather stand by god and be judged by the world than be judged by god. >> you have seen an increase of people wanting to watch faith-based film. guy you think that is especially in today's time? >> more and more people are searching for their foundation, our belief what this country was founded upon, these family beliefs and values. we found 150 million people go to church once a month. there's a hunger for this kind of conflict. we started and t number of people streaming this content is extraordinary. >> they moved so far way from it, like they want to come back and lost so much in their life
3:50 am
and that hunger. this book speaks to that and an important message. thanks for doing that. this society, we need that right now. thanks for being with us this morning. >> remember the town that removed a cross from its christmas tree after one person complained? it is back up. the woman that helped make that happen is joining us next. ♪ the itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress.
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he got full replacement and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number setting is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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a happy ending to a story we reported earlier this mornts after a cross was removed from a small indiana town's christmas tree when just one person complained to the aclu. >> residents there fought back and now the cross is back on the tree just in time for christmas. today. joining us now one of the women who helped make it happen. trisha hudson. >> good morning. >> good morning. merry christmas. >> tell us, just get us caught up. what exactly happened here with
3:54 am
the cross in the beginning when it came down? >> well, everyone was disgusted that one person could do that to our tree and christmas. but we all worked together and worked with the aclu and had our negotiators -- we got the cross back up entree. it's not on the top. but it's on the tree as well as many other crosses. >> that's important. so the compromise is, walk us through that. it's not going to be at the top of the tree. it will be near the top of the tree and other stipulations as well. >> well, i don't know what other stipulations there were. >> my understanding is that it's only lit at night. so they put it near the top. and they only light it at night so it's not lit up during the day. it was some sort of compromise to say, okay. >> i knew there was a compromise. >> are you happy with that? >> oh, yes, we're very happy. thrilled that the cross is back up there and we have the star on
3:55 am
the top. the whole town is very happy with all the situation so much cooperation. >> were you upset that some people were so offended by the cross on a christmas tree that they complained and made a case out of it and had it taken down around christmas season? >> yeah. this was rather upsetting when we first started. as far as we know, there was only one person that complained. but i think it's all been worked out now peacefully. there's no repercussions. it's just turned out very nice. we're all very happy. >> how did you make the cross? there's a nice story how you put together all the little crosses. >> we bought the wood and cut little 18 by 12-inch crosses and put them up on the square for anybody to pick up and take home. also, we had a group from
3:56 am
magnolia, ohio, who brought us over 1,000 little white crosses to distribute. we were very grateful to them, too. >> that's really awesome. the governor of your state is the vice president-elect mike pence. this christmas he's happy about it as well. >> i bet he is. >> merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas. we appreciate everybody's help and prayers getting us through this. >> thank you. merry christmas. coming up, do you want to know what christmas is like in the doocy house? i know i do. >> it is exciting like that. we're going to talk with my dad in moments. >> do you spend christmas on social media instead of with your family. the social media dos and don'ts you need to know this morning. santa is here after a long niept delivering gifts. he's going to answer your
3:57 am
e-mails and tweets. first, another message from our fox news family. merry christmas everyone. we've been thinking that naughty is under rated. >> yeah, a little bit. >> by the way, our partner sandra is with the elves. she's in the north pole hanging out with santa. merry christmas everybody. >> merry christmas from outnumbered. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. ♪
3:58 am
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4:00 am
♪ >> coming to "fox and friends." >> santa claus is here at "fox and friends.." >> many people are waking up to see what santa claus has brought them. including peter doocy. >> good morning, peter. good to have you here this morning. obviously, giving us the weather all morning long. did not give santa the weather. >> didn't know there would be a storm. >> in mere moments, we'll have santa. but we'll also have the next best thing to santa, which is steve doocy. >> we're going to have to wait and see if he's in the santa suit. >> that would be cool. >> we'll have to wait and see what goes on in the doocy
4:01 am
household. >> seen a video from every christmas that we've had in my life so far. i don't know what's left. >> a very special doocy christmas here. >> come on down. >> hey everybody. look at your car. >> so this is the video that my dad shot of my sister and i running from our bedrooms downstairs racing down to see what santa left us. you can see we got taller every year. >> i love that the video is pretty much every family can relate to this. when you're waiting for your parents to say it's okay to see what santa brought you. you haven't slept all night long because you want to see what santa brought. >> oh, yeah. >> still do. >> send them in. friends at fox we've gotten really cool
4:02 am
pictures. we got this of her fab five children in colorado. we want this video. >> this shot is from sabrina. check out her dog celebrating hanukkah. >> rebecca sent this video of her daughter opening a favorite gift from her grandparents in florida. >> this is from mimi and cassie. >> a -- [ screaming ] >> that is so adorable. >> keep the videos coming. >> thank you. >> that's like the full doocy. >> there are many videos like that going on at this very moment at 7:00 a.m. send us your videos. >> i didn't get to do that last night. because my wife and i brought these gifts from my sister.
4:03 am
my sister said we're doing it tomorrow. she did the psyche. i've been teasing her about it. she's really mad at me. >> we gave the gifts and she didn't bring them. she said i got to go to her house today. >> haven't you been told it's about the giving. >> i'm not mad. >> it doesn't matter if i get -- it's about the giving. >> we should ask santa. >> when is the last time sapt a got a gift. >> cookies. >> and mike huckabee said -- >> how was that chinese food? >> how was it? >> santa? >> i'm sorry? >> he's napping. been up all night. >> we had governor mike huckabee on from arkansas. he likes to leave santa, he leaves chinese food for santa. how was that? >> i love chinese food. i have it at least twice a year. >> twice a year. >> your favorite are still cookies, right? >> nothing like a good glass of
4:04 am
milk and cookies. >> the viewers, santa, are sending in questions. how did rudolph do last night? >> he did fine. >> he got you where you needed to be. >> he guided me straight through. >> man of few words but they always matter. how did you meet mrs. claus? >> i love this question. >> it was a long, long time ago. we were working in the shop, she came in and applied for a job. so we started working together and year by year things just -- kind of an office oromance. it's been going on for a long love at first sight. >> that's really sweet. >> you're still going strong. that is so great. >> santa, we're going to keep checking in with you all morning long and keep sending us your
4:05 am
questions for santa. >> waking up this morning. there's no place like home on the holidays. since we're celebrating with all of you, we're bringing our own families on the curvy couch. >> joining us now via time face time our own steve doocy. >> merry christmas. >> do you have the annual log on the tv behind you? >> peter, we were watching the occasionally dirty love actually last night on netflix and i realized on netflix there is a channel that just says fireplace. so this morning i thought i would put the fireplace on. >> that's cool. >> you're right about love actually. my sisters always want to put that movie on. i don't get it. >> it's one of my favorites. maybe it's just women that love it. >> i've seen it a hundred times. the awkward scene where they're making a porn movie, makes it a not movie to watch with your
4:06 am
family. i'm just saying. maybe -- peter -- mom has been busy. we're just here waiting for peter. santa is coming. he came last night. as you can see, plenty of stuff. the huckabees have chinese food for santa. the doocys left french's crispy fried onions. the santa loves it and the reindeer. >> you opened up my present for you. unwrapped it. >> very nice, peter. very nice. >> speaking of opening presents. >> you were nice and sent us the best christmas home videos we've seen. we've been playing it on repeat ever since. peter doocy looking at his gifts for the first time. we can play some of that now. >> the mastermind behind the videos is doocy. you filmed this every year. >> i did.
4:07 am
you know, when i was growing up, we lived in a bunch of -- the unique thing about having -- for 20 years, we've lived in the same house. so as a reporter, i figured okay, early on in our marriage to mrs. happy, i thought, okay, what is one image that i could do every year for the next 25 years? watch the kids running by. the interesting thing is, if you notice, in some of those -- special gift. in a lot of the images it's dark because, just like in the fox newschannel, we actually all worked. we worked every christmas eve, every christmas day and every new year's day and easter because in the beginning we wanted to make sure as many people could see the channel as possible. we actually -- my wife talked to
4:08 am
santa, sent him letters, wrote letters, burned them up in the fireplace, asked santa if he could show up on christmas eve. he always did in the early years and we would celebrate christmas eve and open the gifts that time. later on, about ten years into the fox newschannel, then we actually got to celebrate during the daylight hours. >> did you ever find out how santa was able to put together that air hockey system in the basement and get around that tight corner? >> that's what we were excited about. the hockey game, air hockey. >> you know, the interesting thing about that was i think we were at church when that delivery was made by santa, and years later, our neighbor ed told me that it was so big getting it off the sleigh into the basement, ed the neighbor helped santa which we are eternally grateful for.
4:09 am
thank you, santa. >> it's great. we do still all run in to see the gifts. it's just people sleep a little bit later now. my sisters are both in their 20s. we're not up right at the crack of dawn. but we do go down. we check to make sure that santa had one of the cookies. it looks like the cookie jar was mostly empty. i don't know if there's any left. >> i'm sure that mary and sally, my sisters will be asleep at least when i get home. >> we're just waiting for peter. peter, i love that necktie, it looks a lot like the one i wore on friday. >> i don't know if anybody noticed, but i started the show with a different tie. i did go upstairs and get it. >> i was thinking of one special
4:10 am
story. when peter was probably ten, we went to the world premiere of the miracle of 34th street, the john hughes edition, and we watched it across the street from where you're sitting at radio city music hall. it was interesting because john hughes sat one row away from us and watched peter to see where peter would laugh. after the show there was an after party and all the stars were at this event and peter, what is the one memory you have of the miracle on 34th street world premiere? >> i am hoping that this is the right answer to this because if not, it's going to sound a little weird. but i remember seeing santa in the bathroom. >> really? >> that's something you don't see. >> sir richard attenborough was there with his santa business and peter said, dad, that's
4:11 am
santa. >> that is adorable. you're still as excited to see what santa left you each after that experience. >> we have to leave it on that note. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for sending the videos in. >> merry christmas. >> peter, come on home. we have the cookies and we'll do our christmas talking points. >> merry christmas, steve. the whole family. >> super uncomfortable. >> i just pulled up some maps here for santa to show you. this is what it looks like across north america. that pink is really, really cold. santa, you were in finland. not that bad right now. must have come through that area of low pressure. that probably caused problems. 39 degrees in -- europe is looking good. the other real cold air is across parts of eastern russia and towards mongolia and china.
4:12 am
here in the lower 48, things are looking present i good. really warm. more temperatures across the south today. back into the 70s and 80s here on christmas day. paragraphs of southern georgia throughout areas of florida. the east is looking good. few scattered showers in the tennessee valley. big storm we're watching is across parts of the west. that's going to be moving in torlds the plains with that blizzard we've been talking about for the dakotas. >> if only you gave santa the weather the day before he flew. a day late. >> you might get a lump of coal when we do the secret santa because you didn't help him out. >> i'm trying. >> next hour, if you watch, if you were watching yesterday, we all picked each other's name for a secret santa exchange. we're going to be giving your gifts in the next hour. >> arguments about how much we were going to spend. is it $25, is it $50. >> if you were in our shoes, what would you give each of us
4:13 am
as a secret santa gift? >> janice dean's book for peter, visit from the folks for ed, you cannily christmas sweater. for abby, national park calendar. >> that's a great idea. those are good thoughts. sniemts this is from@dial a rotor. i bet kilmeade gave everyone his book. >> keep sending those in. those are hilarious. coming up next on the christmas rundown, how the president-elect is spending the holiday and the reaction from the midnight mass. >> talk about a holy stroller. brian kilmeade and cardinal dolan hit the streets. the message up next.
4:14 am
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4:16 am
that is the president-elect and his family kicking off christmas with midnight mass and a standing ovation when they walked in. >> mr. trump begins taking steps to shut down his charity avoiding any conflicts at president. >> lauren blanchard live in d.c. with the details. lauren? >> good morning and merry christmas guys. president-elect -- president-elect donald trump and his wife melania attended bethesda by the sea last night. a nearly 125-year-old church in palm beach. popular for celebrities and politicians. when the trumps arrived, they received a standing ovation. they received communion during
4:17 am
the service and greeted members of the congregation. the sermon focused on making room for god and letting go of resentment. all of this on the same day that mr. trump announced he would be shuttering the donald trump foundation to keep him from controversy. in a statement, he said because i will be devoting so much time and energy to the presidency and solving the many problems facing the country and -- it may not be that simple. the foundation has been under investigation by the state of new york since september. and the state attorney general's press secretary tweeted last night the foundation cannot legally dissolve until the investigation is complete. mr. trump said in his statement, he'll be pursuing his strong interest in philanthropy in other ways. back to you. >> merry christmas. thank you so much.
4:18 am
excited for the trumps in palm beach. you saw it there. it's everybody knows in palm beach that he's there at may-- mayor a lag owe. >> you see the coast guard behind you guarding the water. >> it is funny when we're there by the causeway. people will launch a canoe or something out there -- it's a protected water base. >> they got married there in 2005. that was nice. second year in a row they've done that with cameras rolling. coming up, a holy stroller. brian kilmeade and cardinal dolan hit the streets of new york. the christmas message is coming next. you spend christmas on social media instead of with your family. the social media dos and don'ts. first a meesage.
4:19 am
>> hi, i'm currently located -- i'd like to wish my family and friends in charlotte, north carolina, a happy holidays, merry christmas and happy new year. i love you and miss you guys, can't wait to see you. something new has arrived. ♪ uniquely designed... for the driven. ♪ introducing the first-ever infiniti qx30 crossover. lease the first-ever infiniti qx30 for $299 a month. visit your local infiniti retailer.
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4:22 am
fox news alert. there are believed to be no survivors after a russian military plane carrying 100 people crashes into the black sea. the plane was travel from sochi to syria. it could have been caused by a technical malfunction or a crew error. vladimir putin declaring a nationwide day of mourning. more backlash against the u.n. blocking israeli settlements in jerusalem. benjamin netanyahu threatening to withdraw reassessing ties. texas senator ted cruz vowing to block funding until the vote is reversed. peter? well, the weather outside is frightful. so it's a perfect time for brian kilmeade to ask a famous person to skip lunch and take a walk with him. >> brian was blessed to take a walk with a holy stroller. cardinal timothy dolan, the
4:23 am
archbishop. ♪ hallelujah ♪ >> normally on our strolls, i talk about i go to -- this is a time when the guest greets me. we're privileged to have cardinal dolan inside st. patrick's cathedral. a place i didn't know i'd be allowed to go to. >> blessed christmas to you and all the folks. >> poinsettias out and the christmas tree. here we cheat a little because we know that the people are here already. the spirit of christmas. the spiritual version of the rockettes. >> i wouldn't use that a nonalo but you can. >> the altar, that would be the chair. the only person a that would sit there would be me. you want to try it? >> i don't think i'm worthy imt. >> neither am i. >> who is missing?
4:24 am
>> the baby jesus. >> i'm seeing a family looking at this and they say, but something is missing. and of course, they knew it was the christ child. i tell them that became the christmas holiday -- that's the message of christmas. something missing in our lives and that's god. christmas, of course, we reclaim him because he became one of us. >> i came here in 2003, 2005, what would i -- >> what would have been different? what would have been different in 2016. >> that was the way it was when i came here. it was dark, it was dirty, it was damp. >> that, of course is the symbol of the holy jesus. we didn't know that was there. it was covered with soot. when they restored all that, it sort of brought it all back. >> as i've noticed, people taking your picture wherever you go. >> i think they're taking yours. >> no, they're taking yours.
4:25 am
could i get the sense of what it's like being cardinal doman on fifth avenue? >> if i'm dressed like a priest, people recognize me and i love it. people will come up and say hello, they're from all over the world. in general, i love it. i love it when that happens. >> let's grab our coats. go outside. >> brian, i'm glad they didn't ask you to meet -- >> i know. >> our morning workout. >> you can handle it. i don't know if i could. >> this is what it's all about. >> let's take a walk. >> all right. >> the hardest adjustment for you. this is what i'm talking about. you can't just be -- you're never tim dolan anymore. >> that's all right. i don't want to be. i want people to in some way see jesus through me. >> in the backdrop, you see the bells. >> special time of year, no doubt about it. >> on this fifth avenue, you saw a lot of the protests after the election two blocks away.
4:26 am
the president with 50% of the country didn't vote for him. a lot of people point to that. how would you characterize this time in america and what would you say to everyone out there on christmas? >> you know what's going to be said, when i come in to this cathedral on christmas eve for midnight mass, there's going to be s.w.a.t. teams. isn't that something. in the house of peace, we would have to have protection. that reflects all the trouble that's going on. but is that not the message of christmas? at the darkest time of the year, at the time when we're tempted to be filled with doubt and discouragement, we're reminded that ultimately light trumps darkness, goodness is going to have the last word over evil. that's a powerful christmas message. we need a little christmas. >> certainly need a little christmas right now. >> i love father said we feel
4:27 am
nervous walking into church. he said no, this is who we are. you go to church and you're reminded of why we celebrate christmas. that's what we celebrate. >> father jonathan made that clear. all right. still ahead, do you spend christmas on social media instead of with your family? social media dos and don'ts to letter this morning. >> he hosts a special that puts christ in christmas. todd starnes is here with christmas trivia. >> uh-oh. >> pass or fail. >> come on in.
4:28 am
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4:30 am
we're back with a very special christmas shot of the morning. stephanie freeman, the best gift of all. this is the perfect -- she got engaged to her boyfriend travis. >> congratulations. steph and travis. merry christmas. >> what a beautiful couple. great time of joor to get engaged. >> during the holidays. you can still see "fox and friends" and other shows. >> christmas last week with her
4:31 am
family in wisconsin. >> producer, jeff fields with diana and two daughters, isabella and gi an a. >> production assistant with her mom julie and sister alley at the houston nutcracker ballet. >> producer nicole with her mom monica and dad and siblings jesse and perry in las vegas. >> this is writer, kelly with her dad johnny, sister cara and mom julie in chicago just over the weekend. >> here's writer shannon with her dad at the christmas story house in cleveland. >> this is head writer kyle and his sister mary kate. >> green room producer, kelly may with her brothers andrew and michael, mom sandy and dad. >> sara freeman, with her -- >> that's really cool. >> we get a lot of the credit. we're the faces you see out there. the staff behind the show and you can attest to this, rick,
4:32 am
they work around the clock for us. >> this is the one day we get to see what the families look like? >> now i recognize where they came from. >> it's so great. >> you're so right. >> we teased this before about the dos and don'ts of social media over the holidays on christmas day. so we want to go through these to give people a sense of what they should and shouldn't be doing with their families. here's the first one. what you should not do. posting photos of gifts instead of family and constantly checking your phone. photos of drunk -- complaining about other social media -- maybe put the phone down altogether. >> you want to post a drunk uncle. >> if your uncle is drunk, it deserves to be posted on christmas. >> what about gifts? >> some of the gifts i might post as well. >> really? >> some amazing gifts. >> maybe an amazing gifts.
4:33 am
>> maybe the ostentatious ones, maybe a new car. when others are struggling. >> i never thought of getting a car for a gift. >> maybe because of the commercial. >> the mercedes with a big bow. >> i got young siblings, two younger sisters. 17 years old. where you go out to dinner at night and they're constantly -- it's that generation, all they know now. when it comes to a day like christmas, the one time when family can all be together for 24 hours sometimes, put your phone down. you can always catch up the next day or the day after that. >> without a doubt. >> easier said than done for some people. >> maybe you have one of those things you put it into a bowl, everybody's phones goes away and you're just together. >> my husband and i have a rule when we go out to dinner, we leave our phones at home, we don't want distractions. the one hour we get to have a great conversation. >> great rule. >> we're going to do trivia about what we really know about
4:34 am
christmas. >> we're going to get tripped up i think. >> we have headlines to get to. starting with the sad story. the outpouring of support for actress carrie fisher, the star wars star remains in intensive care after she had a heart attack on a flight from london to l.a. her co-stars are sending well wishes. harrison ford saying i'm shocked and saddened to hear the news about my dear friend. anthony daniels writing on twitter. at last i know what i want for christmas. the galaxy's princess fully functional once again. >> they'll need more than a drivers license to get through tsa security. in missouri, montana, pennsylvania, oklahoma oklahoma washington and others will have to are use a passport and -- it was put in place to make it harder for terrorists to use
4:35 am
fake i.d.s -- the switch will start in 2018. a christmas plea taking to twitter asking his followers to help the people who kept him safe after his leaked classified documents. hiding out in russia, he's raising money for refugee family who housed him in hong kong suggesting that a -- as a last minute gift for the activist in your life you could help those people resettle in canada. okay. not everything can go smoothly on christmas. earlier we showed you this. using duct tape. topping that guy wrapping an entire present, look at this in duct tape after realizing he didn't have gift wrap. i love that. >> be hard to unrap. seems like a long -- >> the expression on his face. >> the merry mistakes. e-mail us at friends at fox
4:36 am we'll keep showing them. it's helpful for people who need last-minute tools. >> last-minute -- >> plenty of us still around. it's christmas. we all know the reason for the season. how much do we really know about this holiday? >> here to put us to the test. fox news radio host and the author of the new book, the deplorable guide to making americans great again. todd starnes. do your worst. >> we have the justice league of knowledge here. question number one. this year's annual christmas tree lighting ceremony raised eyebrows in canada. was it because, they actually called the christmas tree a christmas tree. b, it cost more than a four-bedroom house in a gated community or jill steinwanted a recount of the christmas tree lights. >> the answer is b. it cost more than a four-bedroom house in a gated community.
4:37 am
the boston globe said this cost more than a quarter million dollars. but the canadianss paid for it. >> i wanted a recount. >> you're supposed to give us the answers. >> question number two. how much would it cost to buy the 12 days of christmas? >> what are the choice sns. >> all the presents in the 12 days of christmas. less than $50,000 for more than $50,000. >> i got it. >> i'm going more. >> i'm going the under. >> i'm going over. >> doocy, you guys are getting the correct answer. $34,363. >> just a slight increase from last year. >> i went -- it's a fun poll. they polled new yorkers about the yuletide season. what sort of greeting do people
4:38 am
in new york state prefer to use. merry christmas, happy holidays for one of the seven words we're not allowed to use on the radio or fcc. >> i checked with bill o'reilly. i got it right. >> guys, this is a shocker. doocy is absolutely correct here. as well as ed. merry christmas. 51% of new yorkers. here in the big apple, it's only 39%. >> that's what i was thinking. >> that's not too bad for the first round of the trivia. >> we're doing more? >> we've got more. >> you do this christmas special every year. tell us about it. >> this is our third annual fox radio christmas show. we do this as an old school. homage to the old school radio shows of the '30s and '40s. we film it in front of an audience at bellevue baptist church. it's an all-american celebration reminding people of the reason for the season. just a lot of fun. how can people hear it?
4:39 am
>> the great thing is we have the whole show, you can watch it online. todd we have the video of it. of course, it plays all christmas day on hundreds of radio stations around the country. we have grammy winner jason crabbe and 400 teenagers singing on a massive singing christmas tree. >> i love that. >> when do you celebrate christmas with your family? >> we celebrated right after we filmed this. most of my family is in the mid-south. we ate fried turkey and smoked a pork butt. >> we look forward to watching that today. >> merry christmas. >> next on the christmas rundown. an incredible way to give back to gold star families. >> the presents are open. it's time to eat. we have the last-minute christmas brunch ideas. that sounds great. first, a message from our troops. howard out here at the air base working ammo.
4:40 am
like to make a shoutout to all my people back home. my mom, barbara libby, my wife and three kids. y'all have a good holiday and enjoy life. type 2 diabetes. listen up. we're not professional athletes... but that doesn't mean we're giving up. i'm in this for me.
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4:42 am
good morning again. pope fran is delivering his annual christmas day blessing from the vatican moments ago. [ speaking foreign language ] >> the pontiff, of course, speaking from the balcony of st. peter's basilica in front of a massive crowd. he said christmas has been taken hostage.
4:43 am
he's urging compassion from refugees reminding christians that jesus was a migrant. the united states marine corps is getting into the holiday spirit with an awesome new video. >> ♪ >> how incredible is that. jingle bells playing as our heroes set off guns and explosives in the background. merry christmas to all of the men and women who put their lives on the line to keep us safe not just christmas day but every day. abby? >> thank you, ed. >> speaking of service, christmas is time for giving. one mother is determined to let the families of fallen service members know they're not forgotten, especially during the holiday. >> believe with me, she's here
4:44 am
now to help -- >> good morning. >> good morning, merry christmas. >> for our viewers not familiar, it's a nonprofit that provides gifts for gold star kids at christmastime and bouquets for gold star wives on valentine's day. they try to renovate gold star family houses. how did this program get started? >> well, you know, i've just been a -- my whole life. we started with a small dinner, nine moms came. we had -- the mothers left encouraged and we left inspired. from there we incorporated as a nonprofit. we've been dedicated to bringing hope and help to gold star families ever since. >> how did it originally start? you met a gold star mother that inspired you and growing up, you always wanted to find a way to give back. and this was something close to your heart? >> yes. my father was a marine, his
4:45 am
brother was a marine. my father was the american dream. he received a lot from his service in the marine corps and went on to have a very successful career. i've been grateful for that. yeah, so we just -- i always looked for a way to try to give back to the military and met a gold star mom. really encouraged and inspired me as a mother. from there, we just began serving these families who lost loved ones. >> a lot of our viewers on christmas want to know how they can help this amazing effort that you're putting forth. how close are you to your goal of $300,000 for this project? >> so far, we've raised approximately $35,000. so we're pretty short. this is a real opportunity for americans to come on board and be a part of a christmas miracle. we're really hoping that everybody before they get into unwrapping their gifts this
4:46 am
morning goes to our website, believe with and click on the project called the house that love built and participate in in awesome opportunity. >> tell us about aaron vaughn and the house you were trying to build for the family. >> so aaron vaughn was a navy s.e.a.l., he was killed august 6, 2011. i actually reached out to his mother on july 4th through twitter and sent her a picture of my four boys and said in honor of men like your son aaron vaughn, i vow to raise these boys to make a difference. subsequently, we met and she's one of the inspirations for beginning this nonprofit. >> what are you trying to do, trying to build a home, right? >> we're trying to purchase a home here in south florida for her. 2011 we were in the middle of a deep recession and karen and billy vaughn had been struggling financially like so many of us had. they lost their son and their home and their business. i can't do anything to bring
4:47 am
back their son. but i think as grateful americans, we can all chip in $5, $10 and really do something for this family that's given us so much. >> quickly, remind people how they can help and make a difference, even if it is a dollar here, $5 there? >> if you go to our website, believe with and you click on the top where it says help buy a gold star family a home or you click on the project, the house that love built, you can read the story right there and donate immediately. i'm not asking people to give large amounts of money. hon. lest i, it would mean more to the family to say thousands of families give this home to you. out of love and grat ud, we want to give back to this family. >> what is your christmas message before we leave? >> it is because of families like this that we have the
4:48 am
opportunity to celebrate in safety and security. i just want to thank ul of our military families, all our gold star families for your continued sacrifices on our behalf. thank you so much from a grateful nation. thank you. >> thank you for what you've done. the community of these gold star mothers together, that alone is so special. thank you for all that you do. merry christmas. >> thank you. merry christmas. >> have a good day. >> powerful. weigh talked to my dad earlier. now it will be time to talk to ed henry, his mom and daughter and the entire family just ahead. >> can't wait for that one. what's your favorite christmas classic, is it a wonderful life. we'll share your favorite christmas movies. bill o'reilly. >> merry christmas. you guys are up early on the "fox and friends" broadcast. this is o'reilly. i'm probably napping. i'm propping asleep. but the magic of videotape.
4:49 am
it gives me the opportunity to say i hope you and your family have a very happy christmas and a great holiday season. thanks for being very loyal to the fox newschannel. ♪ ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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4:52 am
from my family to yours, happy holidays, everybody, i hope you enjoy it with your families as i will be. merry christmas. happy holidays and merry christmas there. the gifts are open and it's time to eat. still need last minute ideas for your christmas morning meal or brunch. >> jackson has you covered and owner of entree metropolitan cater. good morning, merry christmas. >> merry christmas, guys. it's french toast, the way to start off, it's sweet and delicious, this is a brown sugar sweet french toast. it has orange segments, little brown syrup and it's delicious. >> you like to make the french toast lovely.
4:53 am
>> my secret for french toast during the holidays, i use e eggnog instead of milk. >> that's all. >> that's all, everything you need in there. super easy and sweet. i don't think you've seen this. an all-purpose spice i have on my website that you can use on everything. >> what's your site? >> chef jay >> very easy. >> looks like a potato. >> a roasted potato kind of situation there. i put fried sage on top of it. it's really good. melt butter over top of it and put it in the oven for an hour. >> why just have regular sage when you can have fried sage. >> fried is so much better. >> this looks like a baked egg situation. >> this is a brussel sprout and pepper frittata. >> i want you to eat. >> wow.
4:54 am
>> absolutely. brussel sprouts and eggs in it. >> what's the secret? this is so good for families like mine that are so big, it feeds a lot of people. >> it's so easy. the secret is just potatoes at the bottom that holds it all in place. >> can you feed 55 u. the huntsmans are -- >> i can feed 155. >> it's just an egg mixture. if you're vegetarian you can put only vegetables, if you like meat, load it up. you can add whatever you want to it. super easy. >> and make it into a breakfast sandwich or have it plain. >> put it in a cast iron skill let, go to town on it. this is hot cider for you. and i've put this again, the sweet is really good -- >> i love how you have a full cinnamon stick inside. >> it makes it so much better. >> what did you rub the top
4:55 am
with? >> tastick sweet. >> that's half of it, you want your kitchen smelling like christmas, cinnamon and apples and french toast. >> if somebody -- everyone is opening presents and don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, how do you get that together? >> i would get whatever you want to put in it together. put that -- mix it all up and put it in the fridge in the morning, potatoes on bottom and throw it in oven, 35 minutes. >> it's like an omelet but you bake it. >> you don't have to sit over a stove and wait for it, simple and easy. >> merry christmas. >> great recipes, thanks. >> coming up on this christmas, who doesn't like watching home alone. we're talking top films next hour and your favorites, and we're dealing our secret santa -- what could be in those
4:56 am
boxes? rick is getting his right now. the big reveal is coming up next. ♪ there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening. fixodent plus adhesives. just one application gives you superior hold even at the end of the day fixodent. strong more like natural teeth.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
♪ simply having a wonderful christmastime ♪ ♪ the choir of children sing their song ♪ >> merry christmas to you and your family. i love that christmas song. it gets you up in the morning. >> everyone is probably getting up looking at what santa brought them. >> special guest, ready to give them out. >> secret santa it's not just secret santa, real santa is here. >> yeah. >> he was here. >> a couple of minutes ago. >> must be taking a nap. good sport, came and joined us this morning, hasn't slept all morning long. >> my mom came in to cook on thanksgiving and she has been sort of basking in the facebook sunlight for a few weeks because her friends have been like saying you're great, you're a natural on tv. it's going to her head. that was our thanksgiving feast with the family.
5:00 am
last night we had another one in manhattan with the family. my sister didn't bring my gifts. that's okay -- >> now you're saying it's okay but you said it was a terrible. >> i was a little upset. gave gifts to her and her family. >> it's about the giving. >> because we haven't had presents. >> i'm excited about this. we did skype with -- so excited to open the gifts, we did skype in with your dad last hour and he told me that so he was facetiming on his phone and said the tri-pod he was using in the kitchen at the house was a toma tomato. he tried an orange and it was rolling away and so a tomato. >> he's like the film maker, sends us video of you screaming and you and mary and sally excited and now -- >> i didn't know how much he loved christmas and here's one of the videos that he filmed.
5:01 am
>> that's me. >> still very excited. i rundown stairs every chance we get. >> every family can relate to that moment because they are all up this morning waiting to see what santa brought. usually haven't slept all night. we tried to find rudolph and when our parents said you can come down and see what santa brought, it was crazy. we want to see your video. we know so many of just all of our family. >> my parents who tell me if you saw santa you wouldn't get presents that year and that would sort of make you go to sleep. i would peek out and all of that. we've been asking you, what's your peter doocy moment. here's a picture of her daughter, jay lynn, dressed up as cindy loo hoo. >> this is my granddaughter becca with her new jeep. >> james sent this picture of his christmas present, two
5:02 am
daughters sitting in a manger. >> so great. keep sending in photos all morning. >> we should check in with santa. >> this is an exclusive, this is a fox news exclusive santa, still here. still in the corner. a lot of people sending in questions for you. some people open their gifts -- >> a lot of happy kids today. >> the first one is something that i didn't ever know that i wanted to know this but i'm very serious. >> mrs. clause is a very special name. her name is merry. merry christmas. >> merry clause. >> we found out last hour that you met mrs. clause in the shop when she was making toys , it was an office romance. >> yes it was and still is. >> what do the reindeer eat during the busy flight around the world? you made us their treats yesterday on the show. >> the reindeer have a variety of food they like to eat when
5:03 am
they are traveling, anything from carrots and oats and apples and a lot of the preschool kids and kids in kint kindergarten make a magical reindeer food that are left. >> lindsay also sent this. when christmas is over, where's your favorite place to go on vacation? >> my favorite thing every year is taking a cruise in the caribbean. i love relaxing on the ship and getting out of the cold. >> hope you have a good swim suit for that. that's not going to feel so good in the sun. santa, we will be checking in with you all morning long. >> all right. merry christmas. >> the last stop of the day. if you're watching yesterday, you saw us pick out our secret santa with a little help from the real santa.
5:04 am
>>. >> running out of time santa. >> let's see what i got. tomorrow, we're excited. >> this is challenging but we figured it out eventually. >> now is time for big reveal. >> i'm going to go first and give peter who is mine, you get two gifts. >> i get two gifts. this is the one first. >> i'm guessing it's clothes. check and open it. >> hard to live up to the hype you know, look at this, wild cats. >> i did a little research on you, figured out he's a little obsessed with villanova. >> my alma mater, reigning national champions in basketball. >> i also did research on social media and found that you have your own twitter handle but another one that was made for you so we could show you here,
5:05 am
literally it is dedicated specifically to peter's hair. amber waves of mane, has a few hundred followers. i gave a gift thought she would enjoy but you could use for hair. >> is this like product? >> it's a hair dryer. that drying power without the wait. >> on the road and reporting all over the place, a hair dryer can be very useful to get that volume. >> is there a plug in here somewhere? can you give our viewers tips. they have been sending this in -- how do you keep that mane together? >> i come my hair one time in the morning and then i never touch it ever. >> i comb it, put stuff in it. >> what keeps it up there. >> it's a secret.
5:06 am
>> i don't how to describe it, maybe like a wax -- >> like this and that and good for the day, that's it. >> now we know. >> abby, you didn't screen it. >> you've got two. small box. what are we doing with the wrapping paper? this like jewelry or something? >> oh, wow. knotty tie company. i feel it's a pocket square. is that rick -- oh, my gosh, that is hishysterical. i will be wearing this on monday. i'm here with abby. >> will you wear this every
5:07 am
christmas day. very disturbing. >> what's disturbing about that? >> a little disturbing. i'm going to have rick's eyes like poking out. >> pocketsquare or hand kerrchief. >> always. >> all right. hopefully this will be better. >> i've got more gifts and they want me to move on. it looks like something from -- this is awesome! i'm a yankees fan so this is awesome. best gift, thank you. >> merry christmas, ed. >> i love it. that is awesome. i really appreciate it. now, i've got -- it's a puppy. >> i did research on what rick likes. >> it's heavy too. >> it is very -- it probably
5:08 am
weighs 25 pounds. >> a huge tennis fan. >> i am. >> oh, my gosh, that's so good. that's so good. that's so good. >> no wonder it's so heavy. raining tennis balls. >> our floor manager is not very happy. >> i've never seen anybody get loose tennis balls, usually they come in a thing -- >> that's a really great idea. >> thank you so much. >> i have something else. that's more of play and i thought for work, what do you get the guy who has everything at work? here you go. a tennis racket? >> this kind of makes sense. very -- don't open it inside, it's bad luck. >> this is one of those -- this is that -- >> that's called a better brella, we tested this out on "fox & friends" and it's
5:09 am
fabulous. it opens from the inside. >> bad luck to open them inside. >> upsidedown is good luck. >> becomes a bucket for water though -- >> it opens reverse. maybe from in there. >> oh, rick, if you're getting into a car, see the door closes and it goes in that way. >> go inside you do this and now all of the water is caught inside. >> you know what, rick, there's no perfect solution. just say thank you. >> merry christmas. >> very thoughtful. >> abby -- >> is this from you, rick? >> we did research on you and i've known this about you for a very long time -- >> don't give too much away. >> clothes? >> abby has a golden retriever. >> oh, my gosh, you put golden on my shirt. >> that is my baby puppy. >> is that your actual dog?
5:10 am
>> that's the cutest thing. >> oh, my goodness. for george, he gets to wear me. this is hysterical. look at the back. >> i'm putting that on him today and will tweet a photo out. >> so great. rick, thank you, that is so thoughtful. >> you know, by the way, you have another one. before abby gets her grand finale gift, this one is for you. this is like regular christmas that's it's spontaneous. >> i hope there's like a four-minute break after this. >> there are tennis balls everywhere. >> does anybody on the couch know how to juggle? >> i think this one -- >> went over the 50 bucks but macy's has good sales right now. >> very nice. >> i'm going to be the most stylish -- >> i do know, i'm obsessed with
5:11 am
tennis and play a lot. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, everyone. peter, i'm a little insulted but my head is not a size 8. it's a little big but -- >> pretty good hair too. >> not as good at peter's. we want to give a special thank you to modell and knotty ties for making these gifts for us. thank you, everyone. tennis balls are flying. this is crazy. >> next, how the president-elect is spending the holiday. reaction to those at midnight mass. >> what's your favorite christmas song? let it be christmas one of them? send us your top two and we're going to play them.
5:12 am
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if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. a fox news alert, rescuers are seeing no sign of survivors. >> referee: a russian military plane crashes minutes after take off. it was traveling from sochi to the russian air base in syria. service personnel and military choir and reporters moeng those on board. officials say it appears to have been a technical issue or a crew issue. there's more backlash against --
5:15 am
netanyahu threatening to withdraw from the u.n. saying israel will be reassessing its ties and ted cruz tweeting this. folks with israeli prime minister netanyahu to assure him of strong support in congress. no u.s. money for the u.n. until it's reversed. >> the president-elect and his family kicking off christmas with midnight mass and standing o. >> he begins taking steps to shut down the charity to avoid any conflict of interest as president. >> here are the latest details from lauren. merry christmas. >> president-elect donald trump and his wife melanya celebrated. a 125-year-old church in palm beach. when the trumps arrived, they received a standing ovation. the first couple received communion during the two-hour
5:16 am
service and greeted members of the congregation, it focused on making room for god and letting go of resentment. all of this on the same day he would be shuddering the donald trump foundation to separate himself from controversy. because i will be spend -- devoting so much time and energy to the presidency and solving the many problems facing our country and the world, i don't want our good work to be associated with a possible conflict of interest. but it may not be that simple. the foundation has been under investigation by the state of new york since september and the state attorney general's press secretary tweeted last night the foundation cannot legally dissolve until that investigation is complete. mr. trump also said in his statement that he'll be pursuing his strong interest in philanthropy in other ways. peter, and abby, back to you.
5:17 am
>> thank you, lauren blanchard. >> has anyone like this ever happened to your family? >> i don't -- she wrapped up her damn cat. >> we're going to share your christmas fails straight ahead. >> we talked with peter's dad and now it's time to skype with ed henry's family on his christmas morning. they are joining us next. cannot wait for this. ♪ quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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5:20 am
we are bringing our families right here to the kirby couch. >> ed's family joins us via skype. good morning. >> there's my mom. >> hello. >> hello. how is the morning going so far? we're lucky enough -- >> so far, merry christmas,
5:21 am
abby, steve and -- >> did santa come to the henry house? >> actually, we're waiting to you guys so we don't make a mess. >> can you ask my sister colleen. >> he definitely came, we can't ask for more in the living room. >> i brought gifts to dinner last night and my sister didn't bring any for me and the children. are there any gifts there? >> maybe, we'll see. >> okay. christine, you came on on thanksgiving to make one of your famous potato dishes and ed is said you've been basking in facebook glory ever since. >> yes, also, i have to apologize to you, everybody told me you tried to kiss me and i didn't kiss you and it looked bad and i didn't mean that. i was a nervous wreck, i didn't know where i was supposed to go. >> i will forgive you this time. >> christine. >> i'm getting letters and nice
5:22 am
comments on facebook, they said fox should give me a cooking show. >> we'll talk about that. that's a pretty good pitch right there. >> christine and ed, tell us what young ed henry was like on christmas morning opening presents. >> well, i think the funniest incident was we bought colleen, his sister and ed a puppy and we put it in a box and ed would walk over to the box, opens it up and he went, shut the box and ran and sat on the couch. then colleen looked at him and said, what is going on? she walked over to the box, opened it up and her eyes like bulged out of her head and she shut the box again and ran back to the couch. so finally, i walked over and big ed walked over to the box so
5:23 am
we took the puppy out and the pup puppy's name was muffin, a cocker spaniel. >> like the best gift ever. >> my parents traumatizing me at an early age. >> who puts a dog in a box. >> the poor dog. >> cute puppy. >> i'm sorry, i messed up. my bad. after all of these years i feel so bad. >> are you nervous opening any box now -- >> i think somebody is going to jump out like before when i got this wonderful pocket square. >> another time they opened up all their presents and i asked them to take the garbage out and the two of them looked at me i don't want to take the garbage out now, i want to play with the toys but when they went out in the backyard on the patio there was two brand-new bicycles and then they were happy they took the garbage out. >> i love that. i want some of the siblings in here. you have your son patrick there? >> there he is. >> this is colleen --
5:24 am
>> colleen, you're ed's sister, give us a sense of what it was like to grow up with ed henry? what was christmas day like with him other than being freaked out over a puppy? >> he's always a lot of fun and good big brother. >> you remember colleen, do you remember the puppy in the box as well as ed does? >> do you remember the puppy story? >> no, the puppy story i don't remember. the bicycle story i do. >> she tried to block it out it was traumatic. >> one family tradition you all have is opening pajamas, can't open any christmas gifts until christmas day but on christmas eve you open pajamas. >> when i was a child, no matter how poor or rich, my mother always made sure we had christmas pajamas and that was the only one we were allowed to open on christmas eve and i kept
5:25 am
the thing going and so did my sister. now colleen does it, last night we opened up our presents and we all right now have brand-new pajamas on. >> you're not wearing yours. >> they are here in a box. >> that's my present i think. >> he told us he got zero presents yesterday. >> i didn't get anything. >> we're all excited mom about your upcoming cooking show. we'll have a date on that. >> i love that idea. >> i'm looking forward to it. actually i'm making meatballs and sausage and eggplant parmesan. >> can i come over? will you kiss me on the cheek back if i come this time? >> yes, i will and hug you too. they called me cold irish and i felt bad. >> abby will be first guest on the cooking show. >> i'll be the first guest. >> don't forget patrick and melia the children are here,
5:26 am
merry christmas. >> i'll see you later. thank you. have a good day. >> love you. >> good idea the cooking show. it was her idea. i think she's the only one pushing it right now. she says people on facebook want her to have a cooking show. >> there's demand for something. >> four or five or facebook. >> how many on facebook went an ed henry cooking -- >> zero. >> christmas is all around, what's your favorite tune? we're counting them down next. >> ever run out of christmas wrapping paper and try to solve with wrapping paper? christmas fails next. >> first a message from the troops. >> stationed in south korea, wanted to give a shout out to my family and friends in philadelphia, pennsylvania, happy holidays. this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this.
5:27 am
and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car.
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5:29 am
>> from all of us on the breaking news scene for fox news channel across the country and around the world, merry christmas and happy new year to you and yours. enjoy the family and we'll do the same. >> thanks, shep. >> probably down in oxford. >> probably. >> we want to do a fox and friends shoutout to our staffers that work so hard on the show. >> producer ashley mitchell with
5:30 am
husband patrick celebrating their daughter's first christmas. rachel rosen blat with sibling sara and mom from their saint lucia vacation. >> and with her sister samantha on the annual trip to the radio city spectacular show. >> and lauren woodhall mom and sisters britney and lindsey. >> here are family friends, his setup, a llama, santa hat on. >> check out matt leech's christmas card with his dad and -- >> is that a wine cellar? >> it looks cool. >> her mom and sister natalie. >> so beautiful. we love lauren. field producer with her dad and sister a.j. in aruba.
5:31 am
>> director tom mcguinness matt, riley jax after they opened presents. >> they look really happy. >> talking about favorite christmas day movies other than dumb and dumber. >> i love dumb and dumber, not necessarily a christmas flick but jim carrey is in a lot of christmas flicks like -- >> as soon as you said that. >> then there was that one. >> grinch. >> the grinch, he was the grinch in the grinch stole christmas. >> and then -- >> that might be it. >> anyone? >> abby's favorite though is -- >> i love elf. >> if makes me laugh and it's in new york city. >> oh, my god! santa is here. i know him. >> who doesn't love will far rel in general. he's huge and in the film he's
5:32 am
elf and sitting in these tiny little chairs and doesn't realize how big he is. >> that's the same workshop, santa and mrs. clause. >> merry class. >> my favorite movie, home alone. >> i can't seem to find my toothbrush, i'll pick one up when i go out today. other than that i'm in good shape. >> definitely the least christm christmassy. >> that's me taking over him in the movie. >> screaming because i saw an air hockey table. >> you are really the same person in that moment. >> we looked a little alike when he was young. if you look at him there, you can see me as -- >> you had better hair though, peter.
5:33 am
>> in adulthood it turned out dramatically different. >> not singing about -- >> it's a wonderful life. it's got a message and fun and classic and it gives you a little more like a little christmas message when george bailey finds out what life would be like if he had never been born because he's going through a hard time. and i think we've got a clip from that. >> hello bedford falls! merry christmas! >> merry christmas! >> yeah, mr. potter, the scrooge character. >> screaming in every clip. buddy the elf and -- george bailey. >> will far rel was jumping up and down. >> i love your favorite. rudolph the red nosed reindeer, i'm not sure it's a movie but it's a tv special. >> we've all seen it though. i have to watch it every year at christmas and i think for me it
5:34 am
was actually a weather thing, like the north pole -- those trees that were like covered in snow and it was so beautiful and i wanted to live in that place. here's a clip. >> rudolph, christmas is not off and you're going to lead my team. >> i am? >> yes, sir, you and that wonderful nose of yours. >> so something that happens to me every year i think when that movie starts airing is i will get a million tweets that say, he looks like her by. >> i get it from all different kinds of people, the only thing i can assume people see it, looks kind of like that guy on fox. >> because of his hair. >> for people to connect those dots. >> and it is because of the looks and not because i wanted to be a dentist. >> that is a great story. we've been asking you all all morning about your favorite movies, what you like to watch
5:35 am
on christmas day. this one is coming in from tracy in florida. i watched two yesterday doing baking, miracle on 34th street and santa claus. >> and chuck in pennsylvania says it has to be it's a wonderful life because it really is. >> i agree. like you, ed. >> that's awesome. >> favorite christmas song? >> i'm first. i like bing crosby. because he's got that song from hawaii -- are we going to do clips on these? ♪ >> he has a soothing voice though. >> i don't think i've heard it. >> we're doing early live shots in hawaii and i bring it in the -- and everyone thinks we're having a blast in hawaii getting up 2:00 in the morning and everyone is a "today" show and every network is mad at their morning show.
5:36 am
i would be playing that. stop playing that darn song. >> brings me back to -- >> >> very frustrating. my favorite christmas song would be alvin and the chipmunks. what's your favorite christmas song? i googled christmas songs and i looked at the list and decided this is my favorite. >> my favorite movie is elf so naturally my favorite christmas song, it's cold outside. it is dean martin. ♪ i really can't stay ♪ i've got to go away ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ so very nice ♪ ♪
5:37 am
>> we can stop talking. >> that's really cool. >> mine is i didn't know the name to mine either, it's a jolly christmas medley. ♪ >> we found it. it's because the video of it which is a couple of characters from orange is the new black. >> you did find that video, that came together and made this medley. >> really happy and i love it. >> so i tried to get them onto the show for christmas one time and our senior producer right now producing at the time he was like no, i don't think so. >> his name is shawn by the way. >> i don't think so. because i don't think -- orange is the new black had just come
5:38 am
out, i don't think anyone who know who they are. later on i run into the one that plays crazy eyes on "orange is the new black" at a funeral, sad story and see her at the funeral and tell her the story i wanted to get her on the show and i said but our producer at the time thought nobody knew who you were and -- she said, interestingly enough the first time she was ever on tv was on qu"fox & friends," brought in a they sang on qu"fox & friends." >> shawn didn't want that -- >> come on, shawn. >> i love that story. >> now would never come on. >> now she's won emmys and stuff. >> you have a new umbrella. >> look at the weather map, we'll show you what's going on. a white christmas for some, where there is snow on the ground right now. we'll see that melt across parts of nebraska because it is really
5:39 am
warm you see that green -- that's the warm air on it, a little cooler across the west. no major problems temperaturewise, all of the cold air in december is gone. here you go across the east coast, you're looking dry, snow across the west. arizona yesterday had a major snowstorm. >> i think when you -- >> your producer, not going to -- >> then the senior producer is mad at me now. not putting up the video. >> cool guest. >> the question is what do you make the main event in your pocket? >> i'm going to make it abby -- >> make it like one eyed abby. >> that's a little creepy but i like it. >> it is such a lovely christmas
5:40 am
morning. we have other headlines to get to this morning. we start with this, an outpouring of support coming in fror actress carrie fisher, the 60-year-old "star wars" star remains in intensive care after she had a heart attack on a flight. harrison ford saying this, i'm shocked and saddened to hear the news about my dear friend. our thoughts are with carrie and family and friends. >> sending my love, please recover. >> terrifying moments as a train barrels into a suv pushing it down the tracks. the driver narrowly escaping thanks to nearby firefighters. they saw the woman after she turned the wrong way and got stuck on the trucks in santa fe springs, california, quickly pulling her out of the car luckily, all escaping seconds before the train came barreling through. no one was hurt. >> and an christmas eve -- eventful christmas eve on the football field, the texans clinching the afc south beating
5:41 am
the bengals 12-10. not as cheerful for some star quarterback, karr and marcus marriott ta breaking their legs and will be out indefinitely. a better ending for the cleveland browns, beating the san diego chargers 20-17. and tis the season for a holiday hiccups, dave e-mailed this picture, cleverry wrapped present after he ran out of paper and had to do a hack job with scraps he had around and rick had this suggestion, if you run out of christmas paper, just add the word jesus to any happy birthday paper and it works, right. >> that's what it's all about, right? >> keep sending us your merry mistakes. >> that's fun. >> i love the clear wrapping paper. >> saran wrap. >> most of the time you probably know what's in there, right.
5:42 am
>> unless it's a puppy. >> i was freaked. traumatic, stop bringing it up. >> at the airport. >> i'm sorry, sir, you'll have to check that. >> i'm sorry, that bag won't fit. >> i'm not checking my bag, okay. >> there's no need to raise your voice, sir. >> i'm not raising my voice, this would be raising my voice to you. >> we have hassle free tips to get your gifts home safely and girl scouts are here frnassau county, long island. ♪ we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ♪ ♪ good tidings for christmas and a happy new year ♪ ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ ♪ we wish up a merry christmas
5:43 am
and a happy new year ♪
5:44 am
5:45 am
some quick christmas headlines, santa is finding creative ways to get, ditching reindeer on the east coast of florida opting for a surf board instead. on the gulf coast with no ways to surf, santa hooked on a paddleboard. >> frigid temperatures, santa jumped on a jet ski and world's tallest artificial christmas tree unveiled, made from a wire tower, 283 feet out beating the
5:46 am
current record holder of 255. >> thanks pete pete, if you're traveling home this christmas, how do you avoid a scene like this. >> i'm sorry, you have to check that. >> i got it. >> no, it won't fit. >> i'm not checking my bag. okay. >> there's no need to raise your voice. >> i'm not raising my voice, this would be raising my voice to you, okay? >> we have all been there. so how do you make it a hatle free holiday. travel expert lee, good morning, merry christmas. >> merry christmas, happy hanukkah. >> how all can rerelate to that scene. >> don't scream bomb on a plane number one. it's the holiday season, expect the unexpected and plan ahead and -- >> special gifts you get, the expensive ones, you do not want to check them in. >> want to have them on your person when you travel just in case, the only way you can ensure they get there is to have them yourself, as long as they
5:47 am
are not too large. >> they've got to be small. >> you don't want to be that person. >> how do you protect your package. if you're carrying your most valuable gifts -- >> use bubble wrap or foam peanuts and maybe surround them. if you check bags, you definitely want to use this stuff to wrap them because it's the easiest way to ensure they probably won't get damaged and for me, the best way to do it is really think ahead and maybe shift ahead so you don't have to deal -- >> bring home leftovers when you get home from the holidays and wrap it up and bring it home. >> yeah. >> cookies -- >> not gravy. >> so this is a hard shell suitcase, in order to protect your bags you would check or carry it on, it's best to have this because it gives you a little extra protection. a lot of the soft carry-on cases or checked bags can get hammered
5:48 am
whether in -- >> bounced around. >> either by the cargo hold or overhead bin or whatever it might be. take what precautions you can. >> the gift experiences. >> gift experiences with the tsa and airports can be a little dicey. >> you don't say. >> shocking, i know. but what i recommend is if you insist on wrapping them ahead of time, just bring some spare wrapping paper as you see there because if for some reason it sets off security at the tsa, they might be forced to unwrap them and that could be annoying to people and really spark in outrage or something. be prepared and have extra wrapping paper or as i would do, the destination, just in case because nobody wants to get in a fight on krchristmas. >> pack the wrapping paper in a bag with the gifts. >> absolutely, minimize the possibility of getting in an argument. >> it gives you a little alone
5:49 am
time when you're there. >> gifting experiences? >> gifting experiences, you want to have the best possible experience obviously but again, for me personally, i like to shop online because i think that's the best way and you can really avoid all of this because you can ship to your destination or whoever you're sending it to. if you want to use one of these services whether it's one of the majors or one of the services that specializes in shipping luggage, you can actually do it ahead of time. it's generally between 50 to $100 and really you just avoid all hastles and bag fees as well. >> you probably don't want to take wine or big bottles because that's not going to make it through. >> with that particular bottle, i'm a yankees fan, wouldn't take a -- if you are going to do that, you have to put your liquids in a checked bag and cover that in some type of bubble wrap, don't want to have champagne celebration in your bag because it will ruin everything else in your bag. >> this was produced by our
5:50 am
friends at fox sports wine, that's maybe why we can promote it a little bit. >> great tips, very helpful. everyone will be traveling the next few days. >> thanks, appreciate it. happy holidays. >> we just skype in with my mom pitching a cooking show. we'll find out what do the huntsman want? it's holiday with the huntsmans next hour. >> girl scouts have an amazing performance but first a christmas message from jenna leigh. >> merry christmas from your friends at happening now. we hope it is filled with family and food and fun and maybe a little football. ♪
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> merry christmas, it does not feel like christmas until you belt out the classic holiday tunes. >> here are the girl scouts of
5:54 am
nassau county chorus with silent night. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:55 am
♪ >> big thanks to the girl scouts of nassau county, been joining us all morning. that's beautiful. >> we've been talking about our favorite christmas songs, silent night is always so beautiful. >> it's the best when you hear a chorus singing it. >> keep e-mailing us your favorite songs. >> we want to know and we'll share them next hour. coming up, call him the holy stroller, timothy cardinal dole an, hit the streets of new york
5:56 am
the cardinal's christmas message just ahead. >> we skyped with peter and ed's family, up next, you'll skype with my christmas family. first a christmas greeting from our troops. >> from the new jersey international guard air way, i lover my family and miss you brianna and everyone else. love you. ♪ you got it! what do you think? if you're going to wish, wish big at the lexus december to remember sales event get up to $2500 customer cash on select 2016 and 2017 models for these terms. see your lexus dealer. the markets change...
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if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. here comes santa claus, right down santa claus lane. ♪ ♪ so jump in bed and cover your head because santa claus comes tonight? >> a hair dryer. >> that rick? >> that's so good. that's so good.
6:00 am
>> you put them on -- >> that is my baby puppy. >> we've had a fun morning here on fox and friends, i hope you have as well. we did our own secret santa last hour and as you can see we're really excited about it. >> i know, couldn't even wait to take it off my jacket. >> this is special. you've got your jacket underneath the t-shirt. >> something about getsing a new yankees cap you feel you're getting to the yankees stadium, i can play first base. i can't but -- >> this pocket square is not just awesome, it's creepy because everybody's face is on it. >> thank you for using it as a pocket square. >> i'll never forget to wear this again. >> always want the most memorable christmas ever and this will be that at least for me.
6:01 am
>> the best part it's made out of the same substance that keeps peter's hair together, it's like d. it's cool. >> if you're watching your other gift was a hair dryer, you have a twitter handle specifically for his hair. >> a compact styler with dual voltage. >> you use a magic -- >> i don't know what it's called. i have it, it's in a little -- >> come on, trying to downplay it. >> doesn't want anyone to know his secret. >> three teenagers in bennington vermont this christmas morning. >> wendy sent us a picture of her granddaughter aub bee putting the angel on her tree. this is from michelle. ron and his dog wish you merry
6:02 am
christmas. this is from my golden george as well. >> it's you on dog's back. >> i'm going to put it on as soon as i get home. he'll be miserable. >> you have to wear them together though. >> you can't do one and one, it has to be together. >> i've turned into one of those crazy dog people. >> no, no. >> got his own instagram account. >> your dog does? >> my instagram is only pictures of my dog. >> santa, santa gram. >> he's tired and been delivering presents all night long. you don't have an instagram account i'm guessing but you did have a long night and people are asking you questions this morning. what is the worst thing that ever happened when you were delivering a gift? that's a great question. >> i got stuck in a chimney once coming down. >> good answer. >> did it hurt. >> too many cookies that night.
6:03 am
>> amy wrote in asking if you ever had to stop and ask for directions. >> years ago, yes, i did before we had gps and rudolph was there. >> rudolph is like -- the original -- >> finds his way. >> did you always want to be santa claus when you were growing up, want to be an astronaut? >> no i always wanted to be santa claus. it runs in the family. >> it seems like a really good job. make kids happy all the time. >> i do, i love what i do and love meeting and talking with all of the children around the world. >> did you want to be santa claus or were you just santa claus? did you have to apply for that job? >> it's a family business. it's been passed down. >> we've been talking about the dos and don't of social media, santa this morning and a lot of gifts that i'm sure you gave
6:04 am
last night and this morning to kids were maybe phones or computers or something tech. what is your advice for christmas day being with your family? should you put your phone away or think people should be excited and use them? >> i think they need to put away all electronics, put away their phones and spend time with friends and family, reflect back on our military that are spending time overseas and away from their families and for our first responders too. i think that's very important. >> sure. thank you, santa. >> that's why you're santa because you just said that right. >> you can't take the man out of santa or santa out of the man. >> sometimes you have to take them out of the chimney. >> you do though. >> poor guy got stuck in there, always worry about that. >> you worry about getting stuck in the chimney? >> no, worry about santa. >> there are things you should not do on christmas day and people compiled a list of what not to do. first one is posting photos of
6:05 am
gifts not family. i noticed on facebook this morning, tons of pictures of people's families and haven't seen pictures of gifts. >> your own family, not somebody else else's. if you're going to post a picture, it should be of your family. >> it would be weird if i posted a picture of your family. >> doocys are pretty cool. >> if there's ever a time to leave it up in your room, it's christmas. >> photos of drunk relatives -- >> it was a bad experience, right, live and learn. >> not photos, get the video camera out and memories. >> fair game. if they are going to be drunk and act that way, you can film. >> that's fair game. >> what about overtweeting on christmas afternoon? >> i think people want to rest. take a breath. maybe put it down. >> i don't know.
6:06 am
i don't know. >> a lot of family, nothing to do and they want to tweet. >> yeah. >> for a lot of people social media gives them some sort of family or connection. for people without -- maybe older people who have lost loves ones, it's a place to check in. >> we hit on technology a lot and it has become a great tool to communicate, our troops from overseas and families that have skyped in as well. we'll skype in with my family, the utah clan, huntsman clan are out in utah -- they are out in utah this morning, two hours earlier but they'll call in in a few moments to see how their morning has been going. >> i've been on the show for 11 years and they live in arizona, it's a big time difference and the night before they don't sleep well because they are nervous because they are going to be talking on tv. and then they have to get up at like 5:00 in the morning to do
6:07 am
this. i've done it so many times i'm giving them a break for christmas, my christmas gift. >> great tease for next year, every other year. >> occasionally you've got to get them in. >> we'll get them on. >> we have headlines toe get to this morning. annual christmas day blessing from the vatican. >> the pontiff speaking from the balcony of st. peters in front of a crowd of $40,000. comfort for everyone scared by war. the pope also urging compassion for refugees reminding christians that jesus was also a migrant. and christmas is the time forgiving and one mother is determined to let the families of fallen service members know they are not forgotten. especially during the holidays.
6:08 am
providing gifts to children who lost heroic parents fighting to keep us safe. here's what she said. >> it is because of families like this that we have the opportunity to celebrate in safety and security. i want to thank all of our military families and gold star families for your continued sacrifices on our behalf. thank you so much from a grateful nation. >> what a special woman. you can donate or register to volunteer at believe with the united states marine corps is getting into the holiday spirit with an awesome new video. ♪ >> as you can hear jingle bells playing as heroes set off guns and explosives in the background. merry christmas to all of our men and women who put their
6:09 am
lives on the line every day to keep us safe. >> that's really cool. >> that's wonderful. >> can't take myself seriously when i'm wearing this -- >> ed has shed his hat. >> took off the hat, it was messing up my hair, crimping my style. >> rick is still in his shirt. >> i have video from my sister's facebook page of snow in arizona. big snowstorm there. they are in the mountains. that's my niece and her daughter, my great nieces, man, i'm old. having a snowball fight in prescott, arizona. >> that's a lot of snow. >> almost a foot of snow in flag staff. prescott close to a foot as well. my other sister's house in her backyard. beautiful scenes and white christmas in arizona. you don't get white christmases very often in arizona, when you do get it you like it. santa was complaining about the
6:10 am
weather in finland. on a world tour, the cold air is way towards the north. europe really warm right now, 55 in london, 33 in helsinki. and the coldest spot has been across northeastern russia, feels like minus 40 and beijing you're 26. that's the coldest air anywhere. the u.s., we're looking good across the east. we have a big storm across parts of the west, this is going to be a big one for us today across the far northern plains, brought snow yesterday to arizona, still snow now in the rockies and this afternoon, across the northern plains and brings a blizzard to the areas of north dakota and south dakota. some spots will receive over a foot of snow and blizzard conditions today and tomorrow as well. >> thank you, rick. >> last night at midnight, second year in a row as most famous person base he cically i world, donald trump and his
6:11 am
family went to mass and when he walked in everyone turned around and stood up and clapped. watch this. [ applause ] >> they are obviously having a great christmas because the pat try arc is the president-elect now. >> a lot of meetings for president-elect trump and his wife melania. where they got married in 2005. that was back in 2005 when they were rolling up to get married and here they are years later. i bit they never knew they would be walking in in 2016 on christmas eve as president-elect and standing ovation. >> very nice car they were pulling away from the church in.
6:12 am
you should see the car now? >> what's it like? >> a suburban. >> what's the entourage like? >> they have motorcycles that stop traffic. everybody else in palm beach any time you go somewhere, you end up stuck at the draw bridge. >> he doesn't have to worry about that. >> no dbridges. >> here in new york city, it's great with traffic. >> traffic is getting worse and worse. >> lovely. >> he hant does to worry about that. but the pastor at bethesda by the sea was saying to the president-elect and everyone about letting the lord in and reminding everybody about the season and obviously some big decisions ahead for the president-elect amid all of the paparazzi and everything we're showing, big standing ovation, it keeps them grounded and what lies ahead. >> that was nice to see. >> that will win again next year --
6:13 am
>> brian kilby had a chance to talk to cardinal dolan. >> topping the christmas charts right now. ♪ >> merry christmas to all of my friends, steve doocy was moderately good and brian kilby will get coal and a ins ely gets the best present from santa. everybody watching out there, we're witching you at the hannity show great christmas and new year.
6:14 am
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6:15 am
it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪ the outside is frightful for it was the perfect time to ask a famous person to skip lunch and take a walk with him. >> with timothy cardinal dolan
6:16 am
the arch bishop of new york. ♪ >> normally on our strolls i talk about i go -- this is when the guest greets me, we're pr l privileged to be cardinaldolan. >> a lot of catholic churches you have poinsettias out and christmas tree. here we cheat a little bit during the advent. we know the people are here already for the spirit of christmas. it's like a spiritual version of the rockettes. >> i wouldn't make that analogy but you can. >> the altar would be the chair. the only person that would sit there would be myself. it's comfortable too. want to try it? >> i don't think i'm worthy. >> neither am i. >> we put ours up early except
6:17 am
who's missing? >> baby jesus. >> i'm seeing a family looking at this and say, but something is missing. and of course they knew it was -- and i thought that became my message of christmas, something is missing in our lives and that's god. and christmas of course, we acclaim because he became one of us. >> in 2003, 2005, what would have been different? >> let me tell you, that was the way it was when i got here in 2009. first thought it was dark and dirty and damp and that of course is the symbol of the holy name of jesus. we didn't know that was there. it was covered with soot. so they restored all of that and it just sort of brought it all back. >> people taking the picture wherever you go. >> i think they are --
6:18 am
>> they are taking yours. can i get the sense of what is it like to be cardinal dolan on fifth avenue. >> if i'm dressed like a priest, people recognize me and i love it. they say hello from all over the world. in general, i love it. i love it when that happens. >> brian, i'm glad they didn't ask you. >> i know. >> morning workout. >> you can handle it. i don't know if i could. >> this is what it's like -- >> let's take a walk. the hardest adjustment for you -- this is what i'm talking about, you can't just be in -- you're never tim dolan anymore. >> that's right, i don't want to be. i want to be the people in some way see jesus through me. >> as we hear the bells in the backdrop, it's christmas time. >> i love it. >> no doubt about it. on this fifth avenue, we saw protests after the election, two
6:19 am
blocks away is the president which 50% of the people didn't vote for and pointing to that. how would you characterize this time in america and what would you say to everyone out there on christmas? >> you know what's going to be sad, when i come into this cathedral for christmas mass, there's going to be s.w.a.t. -- in a house of peace we have to have reflection but that reflects of the trouble going on. but is that not the message of christmas, at the darkest time of the year, at the time when we're tempted to be filled with doubts and we're reminded that ultimately light trumps darkness, goodness will have the last word over evil. that's a powerful christmas message. we need it. we need a little christmas. >> powerful message indeed from cardinal dolan, and saint pat's is a special place.
6:20 am
>> a few blocks from us. >> right in the middle of all of the christmas decorations and everything with rockefeller center and tree across the street and the shopping of fifth avenue that also makes it special. right in the center of the big shopping district is a reminder of what the season is all about. >> i love seeing the expression on people's faces when she saw cardinal dolan -- this is an interesting duo. >> and who's that guy with kilby? >> i don't think so. coming up, we have skyped with my family and we've skyped with ed's family and now it's time to meet the huntsmans, will join us moments from now. >> can't wait for that. >> putting more christ in christmas and this morning here to put our holiday knowledge to the test. that is next. >> first, another message from a service member overseas. >> hi, i'm specialist casey with 37th in columbus ohio. currently stationed in kosovo.
6:21 am
i wanted to wish my family and friends a merry christmas and happy new year. can't wait to make it home. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels.
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edition, first, 108 million is home homes santa will visit this year, that's twice higher makes delivery to all kids that made the nice list, 1.5 billion is how many christmas cards were sent out around the country this holiday season. finally, $70 billion, that's the cost of unwanted gifts americans are expected to return. abby, i hope you don't do that. >> no, this shirt will live on forever. it is classic. >> 108 million number come from? >> is it 108 million? >> he's here, we'll have to ask him. >> we have a brief response to it. >> it is christmas and the real reason for the season. >> how much do we know about the holiday? >> here to test our knowledge, fox news radio host and author of "the deplorables guide to making america great again",
6:25 am
huge, todd. huge. >> you quiz us last hour and we had a mixed record. you have new questions about christmas. >> the first one, this is going to be a tough one. a modern version of the nativity scene caused a bit of controversy this year. some called the hipster nativity scene sack religious, did it include mary drinking a latte, b, joseph taking a selfie in skinny jeans or c, all of the above. >> this was a fox and friends special. >> you guys have above average intellect. this is the correct answer, c. the hipster nativity includes solar panels on the barn and wiseman on segue. >> and amazon boxes with the guys delivering the packages. >> had man buns. >> the poem the night before christmas was titled what, santa
6:26 am
claus is coming to town, breaking and entering when elves go bad or c, a visit from saint nicholas. >> i'm going to go with c. >> i'm gg to go with c too. >> this is the correct answer, visit from saint nicholas. >> these are easy. s.a.t.s, c for everything. look what everyone else is doing. >> oh, the truth comes out. >> they cover their papers. >> the final question, many folks in louisiana celebrate by taking part in a special ceremony, a, making a big cast iron part of the jumbo lay i can't or dressing up in mardy draw costumes on bourbon street. >> i'm going b. >> i want a, i want jambalaya. >> peter is correct, they burn bon fires, it dates back to the early settlers and they burn
6:27 am
massive bonfires around the levee so santa knows where to go to find the cajun kids. >> that's why you're here. >> did you do bonfires to figure out yochristmas special? >> no, we did not. we filmed my big box christmas special in tennessee's it's the most politically incorrect christmas show, we celebrate both the secular and sacred. it was a wonderful time, 1500 listeners came from all over the country to watch just a great two-hour shinging the great christmas carols. >> you can watch the entire show,, on radio stations coast to coast all day. >> seems like you had a strong lineup. >> jason crabbe, meredith andrews and my lynn haze family from north carolina and this
6:28 am
massive singing christmas tree, more than 300 kids from all across memphis, really was a throwback to those big variety shows of the 30s and 40s and 50s. >> this is the third year you've done this. is it getting bigger and better every year? >> it is, we've had interest from other areas, we want you to do the show in our town. we're going to look at that next year -- >> the music is simply incredible. blues and r&b. >> we'll be watching and listening. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> going to the movies, a tra christmas tradition for some families, but what should you see? the top five flicks right now. >> we've all skyped with peter and ed's family but now my family. there they are! >> hi! >> merry christmas! ♪ ♪ music playing
6:29 am
6:30 am
6:31 am
i know i always focus on profits and who's doing what with the green. this year in particular i think
6:32 am
it's important to treasure other things like living, like your family and loved ones, like you guys. merry christmas. and many, many more. >> what an incredible year he had. >> we love him here at fox news. >> come back stronger than ever. >> merry christmas, neil. >> we want to hear from our fox and friends family. they've been sending photos of families all morning long. >> then we've got a.j. hall's baby cousin reagan celebrating her first christmas in california. the tree on top of the car. >> here's santa claus giving a present to baby janice way back when. >> that is a classic. >> this is our producer megan mcdonald with her boyfriend ed. >> popular name. >> kelly cramer's baby ella meeting santa for first time. >> this is -- i've got to get
6:33 am
this one right, executive vice president with mom jean, son jared and nieces and sisters, that's three generations celebrating christmas. >> beautiful family. >> here's executive producer, gavin and cole opening their presents this morning. >> awesome. >> hopefully watching "fox & friends" in the background. >> and shawn growman with his wife and baby. >> that's great. >> really cute photo, shawn. >> and there's no place like home on the holidays but since we're celebrating with all of you, we're bringing our families right to the kirby couch. >> my family celebrating from salt lake city, utah. can you hear me? hi, dad. >> no. >> they can't hear us.
6:34 am
>> hello. >> can you hear us? >> we might have to call them back. >> can you hear me? we'll have to call them back. i had them get up extra early, so 7:30 there. before they seen what santa brought them. we'll call them back and get them on the line. >> we'll go to you for the weather this morning. >> you know what, people are saying it's cold out here. >> yeah, it is pretty cold. >> he's from san diego. >> hey, everybody, we haven't been outside all morning long and they have been waiting patiently. has it been worth it? >> yes, it's worth it. so excited. >> inside we've been thinking about you out here. where are you from? >> panama city, florida. >> nice and warm. florida has been too warm. >> 78 last night at home. >> not so here. take a look at the weather map and show you what's going on. everybody wants a white
6:35 am
christmas, not happening in florida, certainly. but i'll tell you what, southern arizona, southern new mexico, snow because of the storm we had yesterday. so a very fresh coat of snow there. the storm is moving across the plains and maybe a little bit of severe weather and strong winds especially across parts of kansas and nebraska. then we'll start to see the big storm get going across the far northern plains. by this afternoon, blizzard conditions in south and north carolina, some spots over a foot of snow and in purple, that's an ice storm. we'll watch icing going on from around fargo down towards the southeast towards around minneapolis area. be very careful. this is future radar, very heavy snow by the afternoon. tomorrow if you're traveling home, conditions looking better for almost everybody, the tail end of that front will be moving through. but not a ton of moisture associated with it. no major problems there with that at all. temperatures today, 63 for christmas. in kansas city and incredibly
6:36 am
warm, tomorrow, we still remain warm, a little bit cooler across the northern plains and tuesday one cold day in fargo at 16 but overall it doesn't stick around long. warm back up into the 30s, a much warmer week. we won't be complaining about the cold temperatures, right? >> yes, sir. >> easily trainable. there you go. you're on tv. >> tell him to put his phone down. >> we've been talking you can't use phones on christmas day -- >> he's totally -- all right, there we go. we got one here. uh-huh. we got a live one. >> we just busted santa on his phone in the studio. >> we did although i think he was calling mrs. clause. we're having technical difficulty with my family, we'll get it back up and running. it's snowing in utah, could be weather related. rescuers are seeing no sign of any survivors after a russian military plane carrying nearly 100 people crashed into the black sea minutes after takeoff. the plane was traveling from sochi to a russian air base in
6:37 am
syria. the cause of the crash is not known yet but some experts are pointing to terrorism. russian officials are rejecting that as of now. vladimir putin declaring tomorrow as a nationwide day of mourning. then there's this brand-new concern over queen elizabeth's health at this hour. she's missing christmas mass because she's sick with a cold. instead staying inside buckingham palace to recover and will join the royal family later. this is the first time she missed christmas service in many years. real life grinch steals christmas from a little boy in front of thousands of people. the sack men no timber wolves mascot snatches it away seconds later. >> crunch, what are you laughing at? what are you laughing at? crunch? >> oh, crunch says he would never give a kings fan a play
6:38 am
station. >> minnesota timberwolves, that's so mean. >> they were playing sacramento i suppose. >> many were outraged and fans are calling it a cruel joke. the team insists the boy was in on the prank and went home with the game console. they look like they are friends. ever wonder what silent night would sound like if chewbacca would sing it. apparently we know now. ♪ >> i don't think we ever needed to know what it sounded like, i would have been okay without that. >> folks at the youtube channel put this together in very clever editing, matching snippets and it is clever but i'm not sure i want to replay that. >> i don't know. that might be -- it was sort of like yesterday when we were
6:39 am
talking about carrie fisher and her co-star chewbacca was reacting and started quoting it, i thought are we going to do this in chewbacca voice -- sorry, it went through my head yesterday. >> we'll try the huntsman family again. are they there? are you guys there? >> merry christmas. >> yay! merry christmas you're in salt lake, city, utah. >> you've got to tell rick it's snowing out here. his weather forecast was accurate. we got about 6 inches of new snow on the ground here in salt lake. >> are you throwing snow balls at each other yet? >> rick, he always wanted to be a weatherman. >> dad did. >> i want to ask you, you seem very assertive, your dad was looking at the tv, looking off camera and you pushed his face forward. i thought that was a very strong move on christmas.
6:40 am
>> you see the tree behind us, that was chopped down by your brother, i hope we're not fined for that later on. >> the tree looks a little bare but will is my brother is in the military, they are not able to be on skype this morning but went in the mountains and chopped down the tree by himself, right? >> everybody is doing great, we miss you abby. >> merry christmas. >> we miss you too. >> and that great guy you're married too. >> love you, guys, very merry christmas. >> thanks for joining us. >> i don't think they could hear us half the time. >> they got every other question. >> we love technology for those awkward movements on live tv. >> we were just in the huntsman house for christmas. >> still media trained, i'll answer whatever question i want, he was great. >> their hits at the top of the
6:41 am
billboard charts. ♪ >> penta tonix here to perform a christmas favorite straight ahead. >> going to movies is a christmas tradition for many familiar lie families, kevin mccarthy is revealing the top five picks. >> is he waking up the neighbors? >> he went to the neighbor of the inlaw because they have wi-fi. show us his old house. he's here next. ♪
6:42 am
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are you planning on seeing a christmas movie with family? >> kevin mccarthy joins us right now. where are you? >> good morning to you, merry christmas. here's the thing, i'm in southern maryland at my inlaws' house, my first christmas as a married man and i'm over at the neighbor's house using their wi-fi because my father-in-law does not have wi-fi. so this wonderful woman woke up at 6:00 a.m. this morning, helped me do my 6:20 a.m., taking care of her 98-year-old father, amazing breakfast this morning, in their house doing my skype hits on "fox & friends." >> sounds like the making of a star wars movie? >> i agree, i think george lucas somehow was involved in writing
6:45 am
the script. >> i love it. >> we've been talking about our favorite christmas movies all morning long. you have the best suggestions for things in theaters right now, right? >> earlier today we were talking about the best christmas movies "home alone"" christmas story", home alone, these are films you can see in theaters now. the first is "rogue one." no question it's for star wars fans. the problem is the movie does issues in the middle but once you get to the third part of the movie is delivers exactly what star wars fans want. there's a two minute scene that i would watch on a loop for 24 hours, it is the best scene this star wars character has been involved in any star wars movie. >> get some popcorn in the middle of the film and finish. what's the rating? >> i gave it a 4 out of 5. >> what about number four on your list? >> a lot of people might not
6:46 am
want to actually leave their houses and want to stay in inside with family. this film is such a gem and everyone who recommended it too has been so happy, "sing street." and the director of this film did a movie called once. a wonderful film about a young teenage boy who starts a band to impress a girl he likes and the song, right now, you're going to be singing these songs for months. my wife got me the cd for christmas, cannot wait to listen to it again. this is a movie you have to see "sing street." available on netflix. nominated for golden globe for best music or comedy. >> and give it the best rating possible. >> 5 out of 5, no question. >> still only number four. what's number three? >> i love this film, these are just in order of how to see them, moana for me was a beautiful animated film. i love the rock. i think they did a brilliant job
6:47 am
with the music, created music for hamilton. it works messagewise. the animation is amazing and film makers who made this movie did the little pmermaid, an old school type of classic disney animation. they were done on hands drawn and this is all cg and beautiful to watch. i do recommend seeing it in 2-d. don't watch the extra $3, if you're going with your whole family, save money. >> what do you give it? >> 4 out of 5. wonderful film to watch. >> number two? >> i've got to go with a rival, these next two, two the best i've seen all year long. arrival is a masterpiece beyond words and the ending blew my mind. jeremy rener and amy adams. the director has not directed a bad film yet in his career. he did prisoners and now he's doing this sequel to blade
6:48 am
runner which i'm geeking out about. you'll think about it for weeks afterwards. has the best musical score in a movie i've seen this year. 5 out of 5 as well. >> this is the one i'm going to go see today, la la land. >> i'm expecting you to send me a message after you see this movie. over the time we've been doing segments together, we have the exact same movie taste, dumb and dumber, "love actually", this movie while very different from those, it's about achieving your dreams, emma stone and ryan gosling. i'm predicted right now this will win best picture at the academy awards this year and the director of this movie, by the way is 31 years old. second movie, a film earlier called "whiplash." when you watch the movie today, pay attention to ryan gosling's hands when he's playing piano. it's all him. >> i thought you were going to
6:49 am
say pay attention to ryan gosling, which i have no problem doing. >> my wife and i were at an event and he happened to be there and she didn't look at me once. she was staring at ryan gosling. anyone else i would be upset. >> i give it 5 out of 5. opens up nationwide today. "hidden figures", tweet me about that one if you want, an amazing movie, see that as well, opens up nationwide today, "hidden figures", thanks for working so hard to get on with us and thank you your inlaws and inlaws' neighbor. >> i might have to use your wi-fi more often. >> thanks, kevin. >> nice to see you guys. >> they are topping the christmas music charts. ♪ >> grammy award winners
6:50 am
pentatonix will perform a christmas favorite next. >> a christmas greeting from one of our troops overseas. >> hey, everyone, i'm colonel jeff hegel rext and here in operation resolve. want to give a shoutout to my family in fayetteville, north carolina and my wife and kids and my son at ohio state. merry christmas and go bucs.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
pentatonix. they're at the top of the music group, the acapella group pentaton pentatonix. >> i thought they were a group from the pentagon. what is that, an extra something? what does that mean? >> they write all the stuff themselves, they're so good, here they are. snowed goth rest ye merry gentlemen, less nothing you dismay ♪ ♪ remember, christ our savior was born on christmas day ♪ ♪ to save us all from satan's power when we were gone astray ♪ ♪ oh, tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy ♪ ♪ oh, tidings of comfort and joy ♪ ♪
6:54 am
♪ god rest you merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay ♪ ♪ remember, christ our savior was born on christmas day ♪ ♪ to save us all from satan's power when we were gone astray ♪ ♪ oh, tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy ♪ ♪ oh, tidings of comfort and joy ♪ ♪ ♪ fear not then, said the april gel, let nothing you affright ♪ ♪ this day is born a savior, of a pure virgin bright ♪ ♪ to free all those who trust in
6:55 am
him from satan's power and might ♪ ♪ oh, tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy ♪ ♪ oh, tidings of comfort and joy ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ god rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay ♪ ♪ remember, christ our savior was born on christmas day ♪ ♪ to save us all from satan's power when we were gone astray ♪ ♪ oh, tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy ♪ ♪ oh, tidings of comfort and joy ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
6:56 am
when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital... my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd have waited two more days, you would've died." if i'd have known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it.
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6:58 am
♪ baby, it's cold outside ♪ >> a special song there. >> love this. this is one of our producers,
6:59 am
stephanie friedman, got the best fwift gift of all, engaged to her boyfriend, now fiance travis. >> last night he preposed. >> i think it was right by the rockefeller tree. how quint essential is that? >> earlier we did the secret santa. >> we called the real santa who has not slept all night but still awake for us. >> watch what we had earlier. >> now it's time for the wbig reveal. it's a hair dryer. >> oh! my gosh. oh my gosh, that's so good. that's so good. oh, my gosh. you put golden -- oh, that is my baby puppy. all right, so someone oner asked
7:00 am
me to stand up to see the full shirt. this is my puppy, a photo of him watching our show. "fox & friends," that's golden george. >> someone asked me to pull abbie out of my pocket square. here it is, merry christmas! good morning, a new year brings a new administration and a shakeup to the white house. hi everyone, thanks for being with me. merry christmas, i'm maria bartiromo. this is "sunday morning futures." president-elect donald trump putting the final touches on his administration with just a few weeks until the inauguration, what can we expect in 2017? i'll ask former house speaker newt gingrich in just a few moments. next for the democratic party, hillary clinton nex election night defeat and failure to give a majority in the senate. and what will changes to tax rates and regulations do to the economy under the president-elect? i'll sit down with these


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