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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 25, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PST

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we're back here on new year's day. see you then with the latest buzz. a war heats up between president obama and his success soft after they refuse to block the condemnation. the prim minister calls it shameful. we'll discuss. as the president elect attends christmas eve services, one of the top advisors says no thanks to a white house job he acre cemese accepted a few days ago. >> christians around the world are celebrating the birth of their savior. look at festivities around the globe including the vatican where pope francis delivers this annual christmas message.
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merry christmas, i guess that's the proper greeting today. nice to be with you at home. thanks for joining us. i'm leyland vittert. >> i'm elizabeth prann. >> condemnation from capitol hill this christmas weekend is virtually unanimous and overwhelming after the united states drastically changed our policy regarding the jewish state. the obama administration chose not to veto a u.n. security counsel resolution condemning jewish settlement expansion and palestinian claim territory. here is what happened, the u.s. abstained and one that highlights stark differences in both tone and policy between the current president and mr. trump. we'll hear from israeli prim netten yah njamin netten yah
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minister benjamin netten yaheta the president vacations in a warm honolulu, hawaii. nice to see you. >> reporter: merry christmas. betrayal, anger, frustration some of the sentiments we're hearing from israeli leaders after this stunning decision by the united states not to really back a key ally after that u.n. resolution vote. the u.s. instead choosing to abstain instead of veto and vote against this settlement resolution. people obviously have been talking about this at length and this is a situation i think where we'll hear a lot more about this in the days and weeks to come, especially as we look forward to the brand-new trump administration. benjamin netanyahu calling the shameful. he said he in fact was looking forward to the trump administration. >> i told you i'll carry on thursday friends don't take friends to the security counsel. i'm encouraged by the statements of our friends in the united
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states, republicans and democrats alike. they understand how reckless and destructive this u.n. resolution was. they understand that the western wall isn't occupied territory. i look forward to working with those friends and with the new administration when it takes office next month. >> boy, listen to that. maybe netanyahu not menacing words. he's not the only leader, leyland looking to the next administration. >> we feel betrayal. we are extremely frustrated. we are angry. >> thank god in 25 days we will see a change in the american administration and also a change in american policy. >> a diplomatic and symbolic wound. the trump administration is very probably going to have a dramatically different take on this particular issue and others
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we've heard, the president elect sort of warned the united nations things will certainly be different when he takes office in less than three weeks and we'll be watching very carefully. back to you. >> said that on twitter among other places. kevin cork in honolulu, hawaii. as you hear from kevin, the israeli prime minister had choice words about the united states calling this resolution quote shameful and said that it will make the peace process harder, not easier. here to explain david key spokesman for prime minister netanyahu joining us from jerusalem where it is christmas night. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> robert frost said betrayal is the worst word in the english language. did the obama administration betray israel? >> i think what we're seeing is an abandonment of israel and an abandonment of a long-standing american policy.
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this resolution that the western wall, one of the holiest sites to judaism was built, a place where jews lived and praised is illegally occupied territory. that's absurd. that's delusional. that's inmoral and historical and pushes peace further back. no surprise israel was deeply, deeply disappointed by this u.n. resolution, this security counsel registration lungsoluti the obama administration sustained from vetoing. it's a long-standing policy to protect israel -- >> the only person -- >> could have changed. >> david, the only person that could make this decision is the president himself. our reporting from kevin reports that the president on vacation made this decision to abstain from this vote. this was not taken lightly. the question is and it's no secret that the prime minister
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and the president have had shall we say frosty relationship and clearly it has gotten frostier now. do you think this was personal? this the president of the united states taking a parting shot at the prime minister of israel? >> well, we have rather ironclad information from sources in both the arab world and internationally that this was adele l a deliberate push to help create the resolution in the first place and so it's deeply disappointing this is the path of president obama, of course, we're deeply grateful for the military assistance israel has gotten but this pushes peace further away and no surprise that many, many senior democrats and republicans have condemned this resolution because when you think about the actual barrier to base, it's not the fact that there are jus in tews in the we wall but the fact that the palestinian authorities refuse to recognize israel as a jewish
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state. it's because of the fact that the palestinian leadership is paying a monthly salary to anyone who murders an israeli. it's because the palestinian leadership is naming soccer stadiums and streets after mass murders of jews -- >> david, i understand you don't feel like you have an honest broker to deal with on the other side when it comes to palestinians. ben roon a conference call with number of journalists said the israelis brought themselves, brought this upon themselves and said hey look, we didn't feel like prime minister netanyahu continued expansions sometimes against the wishes of the united states, always against the wishes of the united states and said hey, this is the last thing that we had to try to make it clear that we felt the israelis were not exactly living up to their end of the bargain. your response? >> well, ben rh ben rhodes is i
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key factors. he has called to meet the president with peace. he's said no. it's going to come from mutual reck nation and respecting others and understanding the narrative of the other and so long as the palestinian leadership refuses to recognize a jewish state in any boundaries, that actually remains the barrier to peace. so it's not the fact that some jews are living in -- >> for folks that don't follow the peace process and for folks that a lot of people say hey, whatever happens to the u.n. doesn't matter because they haven't done anything that consequential in a long time, what is the real negative effect? is the real world effect on israel that this resolution has? why are you so worried about it?
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>> well, this resolution could encourage those who seek to boycott israel, those who seek to protest israel and liberal democracy in the middle east. this actually gives a tail wind to those seeking to isolate israel. of course, there is a totally contrary trajectory taking place. many countries around the world are coming to israel because of our expertise in count counterterrorism and expertise in technology. the idea that jews living in judiah living to peace, it didn't get peace it got a ter r terrorest organization calling for genocide. it's more complex than that issue. it's an issue that can be solved but take twos to tan go. as long as israel continues to call for peace and palestinians continue to say it's better to kill an israeli, that will
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remain the real barrier to peace and it's a tragedy for both. >> appreciate your time, sir. happy hanukkah to yours and yours. >> happy hanukkah and merry christmas. >> all the best. >> bye, bye. >> elizabeth? >> as part of the continued coverage, the pakistans threatened the country with war presuming pak, presuming pakist pakistan's word against d.a.s.h. the pack spkistans were respondo a fake news story. >> let's bring in judy miller. she joins us now. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you and merry christmas to all and happy hanukkah. >> we've been talking about israel over the past three or four days. this tweet came out posted on awd. we saw the israelis react and say listen, this was a fake news
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story and they left it at that. but what does this tell you about the effect we're seeing on the internet when fake news stories come up and ensiginsigh at a time when temperatures are high? >> exactly. it indicates that fake news really does have consequences, and in this case, when you're talking about two nuclearized nations, you're talking about potentially severe consequences. now, defense minister pakistan did not know this was a fake news story but one would have thought that his ministry, someone in his government might have checked it out before he replayed in this extraordinary -- >> especially -- >> in a tweet and retweeted thousands overtimes and i just checked online it's still up and not been removed. it's not like it gets deleted with ade delete of 140 characte.
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like policy is being made on twitter on a number of occasions. >> exactly. this is really serious stuff because what most people don't realize that is it even our nuclear arsenal, some of it is still on a kind of very hair trigger alert and that is that someone can make a terrible mistake and you can have a world crisis actually sparked by fake news. it's kind of hard to imagine but we've just seen an example of kind of reckless talk that can quickly escalate into reckless action. >> speaking of escalation. we had david keys on earlier as he spoke and he said i quote that the u.n. on friday was an bayne do abandonment. what's your reaction to that? >> i was really shocked that president obama has chosen the last days of his administration to single handedly change what has been long-standing american
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policy in the middle east, and that is that we do not condemn settlements because we do not opine on whether or not they are legal or illegal. that issue was last discussed internally in the united states in a formal way under lyndon baynes johnson and since then, we have taken the position -- we have not taken a position on the legality of the settlement status. something that is supposed to be negotiated by the parties. for president obama to hand president trump as he comes into office a major flair up between israelis and palestinians and israelis and the arabs over the status of settlements does the incoming president no service and it does the country no service and it does the peace process no service. so i'm very disappointed in
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president obama's action. no matter how you feel about the settlements, no matter how you feel about how the israelis are doing -- >> you're hearing that from both sides of the isle. i want to get in one additional topic with you in the aftermath of the berlin terror attack. we seen a populous shift and we can note brexit is one of them. what do we know after the most recent attack in berlin? >> she's without a doubt one of the most talen inspired leaders at a time europe really cries out for leadership and this has severely complicated her governing prospects, her ruling prospects and she has indicated all indications are that she will run but i must say to have this kind of event when she was such
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a strong prophoonent it raised questions about the agreement, the principle of free movement within europe among the member states. i mean, how this terrorists was able to go in five years from six jails in sicily from italy to germany and neither country just in the national security. not only on each individual and that's one of the pillars. for the general. >> traveled to france and a
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apprehend apprehended. >> absolutely. huge points to italy. italy where he was shot and they didn't recognize whom they pulled over before they shot him. >> thank you so much for joining us covering the range of tip picks. merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas. >> russian rescue workers plane crashed there is no indication that anyone survived. 64 members require among the passengers. the plane was headed to a russian air force pass. officials believe support caused the crash. not ruled out. >> in a christmas eve issue, president e lelect donald trump
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vowing to avoid potential conflicts of interest. it was controversial on the foundation live in washington following this. hi, lauren. >> hi, leyland, good afternoon. after the president elect donald trump won the election last month, many wondered what would happen to his business empire and non-profit? now we know. mr. trump announcing he's directed lawyers to begin dissolving the charity in a statement the president elect saying to avoid even the appearance of any conflict with my role as president i have decided to koncontinue to pursuy strong interest in other ways. it wfwas established in 1988 to donate proceeds and no paid staff and run by mr. trump and his three adult children. it operates essentially at no cost and 100% of donations go to
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charity but mr. trump hasn't personally donate in a number of years. instead, many wealthy friends filled the coffers. closing the foundation isn't unexpected because it's been under investigation since september for the way it collects and disburses funds but shuttering the foundation may not be that simple. the press secretary for new york's attorney general tweeted last night the foundation cannot legally dissolve until that investigation is complete. while the deputy director tweeting these harsh words, might be tough to shut down a foundation under investigation for fraud but taking a step back there is nothing trumper than shutting down part of the empire that might do good while leaving the for profit company in tact so he can still profit off the presidency when he takes office. merry christmas or something. mr. trump hasn't given a
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timeline when the foundation will be dissolved but will continue to pursue in other ways. >> lauren in washington, merry christmas to you and yours. for more insight. stay tuned after this show, fox news sunday chris wallace does not take a break on christmas. one of trump's most out spoken supporters, former house speaker newt gingrich joins at 2:00 p.m. on fox news channel. well, everyone wishes for a white christmas but sometimes winter weather is clogging highways and stressing out airline travelers and drivers facing snow in the mountains outside of los angeles shutting down interstate 5 for a few hours. california state troopers closed lanes on the highway for a few hours on christmas eve. meanwhile across the rockies and utah, snowstorms have started and forecasted to roll across
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the country. the winter weather caused blizzard warnings in the dakotas and ice storm warning in minnesota. and finally travelers in colorado may have a long wait time and icy conditions have officials on edge. that's why denver is planning ahead with icing trucks and extra staff on call. they need all the help they can get. more than 93 million people are expected to travel around the country this christmas, a staggering million plus will travel through denver international airport alone, dia. that's a lot of people. ahead on america's news headquarters, the white house, new occupants coming in. we go behind the scenes how the trump transition is getting ready to run the government. somebody who is there with what happened the last time and home for the holidays as this military veteran gets the crist
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mile on earth, not far on earth. merry christmas. >> that's right. merry christmas, in a world sadly beset by violence and terror, faith, bethlehem to the vatican. once again, this career, take a look at the church, the birthplace of jesus and a big draw is always midnight mass where the latin patriot of jerusalem this year made special mention of palestinian authority president abas was one of several palestinian leaders of that u.n. resolution friday and certainly on the minds of people who had mass today in bethlehem and here in jerusalem, as well. politics aside, tourism numbers were up in bethlehem because of
9:25 am
the relative quiet. when you may remember there was a wave of terror attacks in parts of israel including here in jerusalem and west bank leading up to christmas on christmas eve and christmas day. so while it is calmer this year, there is an underlying tension as terrorism and war plagued. thousands packed st. peters square to hear pope francis' christmas message calling for peace and co-existence in a world he says scared by war particularly in syria, where the recent events as we've been reporting on horrified the world as that city has become a symbol of the inhumanity and terror of syria civil war n. regards to syria, pope francis said in his message that quote, it is time for weapons to be still forever. and for the international
9:26 am
community to actively seek a negotiated solution. leyland? >> john in jerusalem where it is christmas night. instead of a white christmas, how about a bronze one? high of 86 and nice and warm in the land down under. many australias are celebrating christmas holiday at the beach for surfing for those of us bundling up. >> there is the surfing fan to and lifeguard santa. can we go there for christmas? >> how one lucky vet's wish came true. >> that's awesome. he never asked for anything. but we saw a need there and decided to give. >> also, while the future family gathered to celebrate christmas eve, the trump administration
9:27 am
received a christmas surprise and not necessarily one they wanted. garrett penny has the very latest, hi, garrett? >> it is 80 degrees here in palm beach, florida where the president elect and his family are celebrating christmas and one of the big questions is santa, stay tuned.
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president elect donald trump isn't sworn in yet but there isn't a shakeup. jason miller decided not to take the white house communication job after being named to the position earlier in the week. garrett penny has the latest from outside where donald trump is spending his holiday. hi, garrett, merry christmas. >> liz, merry christmas to you, as well. this announcement does come as a surprise. throughout the campaign and through the transition, jason miller is one of the most
9:31 am
visible spokespersons for donald trump and just two days ago, the transition team announced he would come on joining the trump administration as the white house communications director. miller and his wife are expecting the birth of their second daughter in january and last night in a statement, he said after spending this past week with my family, the most amount of time i've been able to spend with them since march of 2015, it is clear they need to be my top priority right now and this is not the right time to start a new job as demanding as white house communications director. and as of right now, miller says in coming white house press secretary sean spaicer will tak an the responsibilities, as well. for president elect trump, he and his wife attended mass ovation by the sea and welcomed with a standing ovation. they spoke about making room for the savior in our lives and doing so by letting go out resentment we hold on to.
9:32 am
ha harlin told reporters it's a message we all can use. >> it hope it flies to everyone, president elect or someone off the street, that we have the opportunity to move on in our lives and we pile up resentments and things that get in our way. we hope we can let them go. >> reporter: this morning the president elect sent out a merry christmas tweet and we haven't heard this from the transition, i can tell you we have heard reports that santa did in fact pass through palm beach last night, liz. >> so glad, i was going to ask you that. reporting live, thank you very much. all right. for more on the trump transition and santa tracking, let's bring in wall street journal white r peter nickelous from florida, as well. peter, nice to see you. at some level, you think about this, jason miller leaving two days after he accepted the job
9:33 am
saying he wants to spend more time with his family. he knew he had his family two days ago saying his wife is pregnant with their second child due in january. she was pregnant with her second child two days ago. any idea what gives? >> there may well be a back story here that we don't know about. i'm sure more will come out about this. i think one thing is clear as it raises the question how much vetting has been done on senior white house officials. jason miller would take on an important position and he knew what the demands were and the white house knew. did they vet those and come to some judgment about whether he was up to the job? it raises the question about whether this is going to happen with cabinet nominees. we've seen reports that their financial records maybe have not been fully reviewed and will take a hard look at that. donald trump is somebody who picks people based on his own judgment and instinct and that can be protective, constructive and powerful but also, can leave
9:34 am
open the possibility of nominees scouts in close sets and nominees not being fully forthcoming about potential problems. >> to that point, peter, one thing to pick somebody for businesses where essentially you're inside an organization and so long as you do your job, your personal life may not matter that match. who you've given money to may not matter that much. picking people in the public spotlight is very different. do you get the sense that the trump organization was caught a little flat footed on this? do they realize they got perhaps an open flank here or blind to it? >> well, i think it's an embarrassment because just two days before jason miller made this announcement, they had rolled out their whole communications team. he was going to be a major part of it. jason miller is the public face of this transition for weeks. he's been on daily conference calls with reporters and on tv constantly.
9:35 am
it is a bit of an embarrassment and raises the question of how thoroughly they look into the backgrounds of the appointees and a real commitment from these folks to serve and so i think that this might just be a look of what's to come. >> speaking of surprise. this is a tweet from someone else part of trump world. a.j. delgado involved in the hispanic out reach. we have the tweet. here it is, congratulations to the baby daddy on being named white house comms director. thoughts? information on that? >> i've not done any reporting on that. i'm aware of the tweet but not confirmed it. >> is this is story line that the press core that is covering mr. trump is starting to go down? is this sort of turning into a distraction now between christmas and new years?
9:36 am
>> well, i think the departure of a senior whitous oce house ol is a distraction. it's not the message. he's prided himself together on putting together a senior team more quickly than barack obama did in 2009 and 2008. this is definitely a setback and as i've said, it raises the question about whether he is acting maybe too much and making some of these appointments without necessarily looking into their people's backgrounds sufficiently. so -- >> real quickly, they are now saying that sean spacer, former rnc spokesperson named white house press secretary will take over the communications director role. there is a picture of sean, somebody who is a friend of the network and we'll see on an awful lot in the comes months and years from the white house. how does this work? have we ever had a situation with a director that's a spokesman or find somebody long
9:37 am
term to take one of those jobs? >> this is unusual. i thougdoubt this is going to persist. they will divide this up as past white houses have done and a separate communications director. the press secretary is a big important job responsible for daily briefings and a lot of work involved. it's more of a strategy position, how to position the president, what the message should be across administration. >> any names you put in there? we know kelly ann conway turned down press secretary. any names for comms director? real quick? >> laura ingraham is mentioned as a possible, you know, possibly joining the communications team. so we don't know if sean spicer maybe will move from press secretary to communications director which would open a slot. so it's unclear but my guess is he won't be doing both these jobs so ultimately they will split them up. >> it continues. you're there to cover it. merry christmas and thinks for
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coming in on christmas to you and yours. >> merry christmas, leland. >> nobody is going to throw me out. no payment. it's just something you would not believe. i've never heard of anybodychri. 55-year-old mark holman had a tough year. a stroke deprived him of his health. daniel and cynthia mostly bought him a home. they raised the money by selling many of their own possessions, truly in the gift of christmas. and coming up, president elect donald trump is not pulling punches when it comes to the u.n. resolution on his settlement. how the obama administration can sustain and the vote is effe effecting the trump administration. as if the dmv wasn't on the naughty list, why the department
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in southern germany more than 50,000 people will not be home for christmas any time soon. they were forced to evacuate after construction crews discovered a world war ii arial bomb last week, not something that you want to learn about. there is no telling how long it will take to disarm the bomb. the historic district was nearly destroyed back in february of 1944 by both british and u.s. arial bombardments. >> hope nobody was afraid of heights or didn't have a jacket. scary moment for over 100 skiers on christmas eve. the chair lift broke down in the mountains of northern italy. the lift was carrying 120 skiers who were stuck about 30 yards up in the air. this looks like helmet cam video. rescue crews had to enter through the hatches on top of the gondala's and repair the
9:44 am
skis down to safety. not that we're counting but 27 days until president barack obama moves out of the white house and president elect donald trump moves in. and what started as a smooth transition of power seems rocky as trump speaks out on the recent decision to abstain on the u.n. vote. here to weigh in, fox news contributor julian turner whoas obama administration. thanks for joining us. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. >> before i get to the question, i want to bring up the news of the weekend that we've been talking about, we've seen critics of president elect donald trump for weighing in on foreign policy and some saying listen, he's reassuring alleys and setting the stage and tone. where do you fall in between those two points of view? >> i think that somewhere in the
9:45 am
middle, meaning i think that, you know, he has president elect trump has a mandate. he's going to be the commander in chief in less than a month so he's certainly allowed to voice his opinions on matters, especially of foreign policy because of all the policy that a president makes foreign policy is really his domain. it's his prerogative to set the tone for relations but at the same time, he wants to, i think, that he also has an obligation to president obama or whoever the presiding president may be -- >> cannot step on toes. >> exactly. not undermine his policy while still the commander in chief. it's okay for donald trump to speak out. but i don't think it's appropriate for him to start negotiating with other countries. i think it's too early for that. >> i also think that we need to keep in mind that sometimes the headlines are consumed by cabinet picks and that people maybe then make hypotheticals say thing is what this person will do and not necessarily
9:46 am
engage income policy but people make that 24 news cycle. should people focus on the decisions he's making and what can they interpret from the cabinet picks he's making right now? >> i think everything that the trump transition team has done so far on national security and foreign policy signals major change. everything from how we project military power abroad to how we deal with the nuclear question to how we negotiate with allies and how hard align we take when it comes to negotiating trade deals with them and that thing. so i think it's not a news flash to any american that u.s. foreign policy is undergoing major transformation. he him civil says things all the time that indicate change is coming. >> there are certain assumptions that some are making that they shouldn't. we seen a number of generals,
9:47 am
maybe more so than we have this administrations past and people immediately think that that means it's going to be a hawkish administrati administration. that's not necessarily true. >> yeah, agree with that 100%. i think there is a lot of misperception about military positions and i've spent the last ten years working for military senior military folks who are now in policy making positions and the one really important thing i've learned is that these are folks who have personally firsthand either paid the price or seen friends and people they work with pay the price and because of that are actually more likely to be cautious when using military force on and boots on the ground, which is a phrase i don't like. the assumption they are hawkish
9:48 am
is misguided and the idea because we have generals in cabinet positions we'll start instigating wars where we're at now -- >> we only have 30 seconds left but i want to get to the point you've been involve in a transition. can you tell me one of the biggest challenges as you make that move, make that transition? >> i think the biggest challenge for any new administration working through the last one is managing the first one to three months of the new administration because things are so chaotic and disorganized and so much institutional knowledge that floods out of the white house and new people that come in who don't have experience that i think really trying to manage our security needs during that time is the most challenging. so i think we need to be more vigilant than ever -- or the government needs to be more vigilant than ever about preventing terrorist attacks and
9:49 am
americans being targets. >> thank you so much. we really need insight. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> leland? >> all right. elizabeth. here is a quick question, what do you get an endangered animal for christmas? i'll tell you the answer as one florida zoo went out. and refusing to take no, no, no for an answer, tell you whether santa got his wish coming up. >> three hos is always good. merry christmas. ♪ ♪ ho, ho, ho up on the house click, click, click, down came the chimney was good st. nick ♪ >> i want to send a happy christmas greeting out to my friends and family in iowa. i love you guys and see you next
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year. ♪ ♪ ho, ho, ho
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public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. everybody loves holiday decorations, even our four-legged friends. zookeepers in tampa, florida, that gave some of their endangered species on display guesstive decor to make the season bright. well, this tiger seems to be having fun with a christmas tree. the animals responded in kind having fun with new decorations. what kind of animal is that? >> i don't know. it's an aardvark. >> ashley says it's an aardvark. shouldn't you just give them food like christmas cookies? i mean. >> cookies, some carrots maybe. >> i would say christmas cookies
9:54 am
for sure or maybe a cool license plate that he could drive around in. that brings us to our next story. >> nicely done. >> all this santa wanted was a vanity plate with the trademark ho, ho, ho. am i right? when utah's department of motor vehicles said no, no, no to fred lane's request, the santa look alike made his voice heard. >> we've done different drives for homeless. i'm working with people that are lefgs in the state and people that are disadvantaged. >> so he definitely made his case convincing skeptics there is nothing unsavory about ho, ho, ho. the naysayers had a change of heart and he got his license plate. now you have the most absolutely random story to tell your friends and family. i bet they didn't know it. >> he's driving a convertible and wearing a fur hat. >> obviously he's a santa look alike. he has to dress the part. >> goes with the territory. >> ho, ho, ho, he has to live it up.
9:55 am
>> one could argue having a license plate that says ho, ho, ho is being in character at all times. >> as he is. there's still an hour left of real news coming up. new year, new congress. we'll tell what you 2017 holds as congress faces the trump administration. then this. russia search and rescue crews still looking for answers in a plane crash that left 94 people missing, where it was heading. there were also high profile passengers on board. the holidays should bring joy. so why are you still putting up with complicated cash back cards? some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back to places they choose... then they change those places every few months. quicksilver keeps it simple. with quicksilver you always earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. 'tis the season for simple.
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what's in your wallet?
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(vo) it's that time of year again. when you realize you still didn't get quite what you wanted. that's why verizon has the best deals of the year on the best network. like a free smartphone when you add a line or switch. no trade-in required. choose from the samsung galaxy j3, the lg k8 or stylo, or the the motoz play. all free. and as if you needed another reason, switch to verizon now and get up to $650 to cover your costs. there's still time to get exactly what you want at verizon. . merry christmas one and all. >> merry christmas to you, leland. i don't want to be anywhere else in the world but right next to you. >> there's a lot of people who feel that way. you are the lucky one. we're happy to have you spending your christmas with us, as well. we'll get to the news at some
9:59 am
point. i'm leland vittert. this is "america's news headquarters" hour two from washington. >> president-elect donald trump vows to dissolve his charitable foundation. but democrats say it's not enough. we'll look at the potential conflicts of interest mr. trump faces as the clock ticks toward inauguration day. millions of people around the world are celebrating christmas day from holy mass in rome to beautiful light displays, gifts and holiday music. we'll take you around the world to all the day's festivities. >> christmastime means family time which, of course never between elizabeth and i could sometimes spell drama. one pastor shares his message of faith and how to keep peace around the christmas table. fox news alert. a lot of news for christmas weekend. president-elect donald trump vowing to dissolve his charitable foundation. a source of controversy on the campaign trail as was the clinton foundation.
10:00 am
ethics experts are applauding the move but there are still a lot of questions how the change will be made. lauren blanchard breaking this down on christmas. so you think about a charitable foundation, the donald trump foundation for years now. it's been helping everybody from veterans to children to law enforcement. so where is the problem here and what is he trying to avoid? >> the biggest problem is the way the president elect's foundation collects and disbu e disburses fwnds. it's the reason it's being investigated by the new york state attorney general. the foundation was established in 1988 to donate proceeds from mr. trump's book "the art of the deal." it has no paid stuff and run by mr. trump and his three adult children. it operates he says at essentially no cost and 100% of donations go to charity. but mr. trump hasn't personally donated in a number of years. instead many wealthy friends filled the coffers. he announced last night he has ordered his attorneys to begin closing the foundation saying in a statement because i will be
10:01 am
devoting so much time and energy to the presidency and solving the many problems facing our country and the world, i don't want to allow good work to be associated with a possible conflict of interest. shuttering the foundation isn't unexpected because it's been under investigation by the state of new york since september. but democrats aren't buying mr. trump's explanation. the deputy communications director for the dnc saying in a statement trump's announcement today is a wilted figure leaf to cover up his remaining conflicts of interest and pitiful record of giving. shuttering the foundation may not be that simple. the press secretary for new york's attorney general tweeted last night the foundation cannot legally dissolve till the investigation is complete. leland? >> so lauren, we have the trump foundation as it relates to donald trump. we also have the trump foundation as it relates to his son eric. that's done a lot of.
10:02 am
eric trump said he too would stop fund-raising. >> about $1.5 million primarily for st. jude's hospital is how much eric trump's foundation raises. he's announcing he too will suspend his charity. he said on thursday after reports of the trump sons possibly giving generous donors special access to their father. obviously now that would be a big problem. the president-elect tweeting his displeasure saying this isn't this a ridiculous shame? he loves these kids. has raised millions of dollars for them and now must stop. wrong answer. as for the trump foundation, we don't have a timeline of when it will be dissolved. but the future president said he will be pursuing his strong interest in philanthropy in other ways. back to you. >> certainly the president has a lot of ways to pursue those ideas. speaking of mr. trump and the trump transition, jason mill are
10:03 am
incoming communications director is going to step aside to spend more time with his family. that is not jason miller. that is daniel hal pert to talk about mr. miller stepping aside. it's amazing. a couple days ago, jason miller communications director. then two days later he suddenly decides never mind, i'm going to step down. i want to spend more time with my family, a family had he two days ago, and my wife's pregnant. couldn't the communications director come up with a slightly better plan? >> obviously, look, something happened here. not just a spontaneous. he came to the realization he has to spend more time with his family. his wife is due in a few weeks. and he does want to spend more time with his family. i talked to him, i reached out to him today. he said he only wants to say what his statement said last night. there seems to be more here. there is another senior adviser to donald trump who has made allegations. >> shockly, we have some of
10:04 am
those public statements. a.j. delgado was a hispanic outreach person during the campaign and still with the campaign? >> as far as i know, yes. >> that could change. but she just tweeted congratulations to the baby daddy on being named white house commk director. her twitter account is now suspended. there's a lot of dots here. >> let's not take it too far. we don't know. neither side has come out and said much beyond tweets like that. there's been a lot of tweets suggesting there's something going on. i don't want to get ahead of what we know. it seems quite unsavory and something scandalous brewing. >> there's a lot of people who picked up on the sound bite from the kellyanne conway. play the sound bite and then we'll talk about it. >> we were talking with juan williams. he was questionings, kellyanne has four kids. how is she going to do it.
10:05 am
he got creameded on twitter. >> i want to say the to everyone. i would say that i don't play golf and i don't have a mistress. so i have a lot of time that a lot of other men don't. >> when she said that, everybody kind of laughed and thought it was funny. maybe she was on to be something or knew something we all didn't. >> probably so. probably she knows a of what's going on. the post reported a few months ago that jason miller had gone to a gentleman's club while at an after the las vegas debate. >> with a.j. delgado. >> and a few other staffers on the campaign. there had been reports like this surfacing. the good thing if you're donald trump, you clears this out of the way. this isn't coming into the white house with you. it's a problem. you don't want this on your team. >> at the same time, it's coming out on christmas eve and christmas. slow news time.
10:06 am
people aren't paying attention this week. not what we're talking about isn't important. to your point, you've still got two or three weeks before the inauguration kicks off to clear this out. it's not a scandal that breaks in february or march where you're trying to roll out an agenda. >> there's no good time for something like this. >> peter nickles, we had him on last hour. he said what this brings up is the serious question of vetting by the trump organization. it's one thing for this to happen. what other things verbatim they vetted? who else are getting to to announce and have to have pull out. any thoughts on that? >> almost daily, the transition team does a conference call with reporters to tell them where they want to go. one of the bench marks to talk about their success is where they are in terms of naming people in comparison to other transitions and other administrations. they're very proud of the fact they're on a record-breaking pace and that people are coming out quickly.
10:07 am
as peter alluded to, the downside may be that some of these people may not have been vetted properly. >> are your sources within the trurp administration sort of realizing that this is an open flank for them or just full steam ahead as they would like to argue ahead of schedule and under budget? >> i think there's a little bit of worry. usually the case is during the transition, the transition kicks off after the conventions. they start vetting people way before we know who's going to win. you may have wasted a lot of time by vetting people you will never use. the problem here is that the transition on the trump side was not run so efficiently and they weren't vetting people. so the vetting only began after trump won and so there's only been a few weeks of it. you're talking about obviously the key names we know but there's thousands of people beyond that who you want to know, are they clean, will they look good and will they represent the administration well. >> any other names you're
10:08 am
hearing they're sort of having second thoughts about all of a sudden? >> i don't think they're having second thoughts so much. i think there's concern on a few of the big names of course, once they turn over their taxes, some of them have to turn over taxes. >> rex tillerson, his e-mails what is in the exxonmobil files. >> somebody in congress will say we want all your correspondence between exxon and russia. he has to turn all that over. there isn't much indication that the transition team has had a lot of time to vet every single one of those. >> rex tillerson was four or five days from the first time he was announces. it would have taken a lot of lawyers to go through. merry christmas to you and yours. we'll see you soon, buddy. >> liz? >> great interview. more reaction from both sides of the aisle. when it comes to all things transition, let's bring in garland nixon, a ceo of new
10:09 am
america and sean noble is a republican strategist. thank you so much for joining us. i want to continue the conversation, if i can start with you, sean. if there is anything unsavory, we're not assuming that is the case, but it has been out of the way. is this something we can forget about and move on, focus on names like sean spicer and other cabinet members getting named? >> i mean, this is the way the process works. you have a situation that has potential to do some damage to the administration and you take care of it. this may not be the last time this happens. i mean, there are. >> that's what i was going to ask you. how unusual is this? it's been quite awhile since we've talked about a cabinet transition. maybe we have short memories. >> it's not unusual at all. i think every time there's a transition and new people are coming into a new administration, there's going to be a few hiccups. it's not that big of a deal.
10:10 am
the white house is going to run efficiently. jason is a great guy. >> garland, what's your response? miner hiccup or something more perhaps unsavory? >> i do think it's a minor hiccup. there are a lot of policy issues that come to the forefront. there will be a lot of discussion regarding the various members of the cabinet whose business interests are directly tied to the industries they'll be regulating. once we get to the cabinet members and start getting to the nominees being vetted through the senate, that's when we'll get the big -- we'll start to see the big stories come out sflo garland, i want to stick with you and get sean's response. another topic we've been learning about over the past 24 hours that donald trump will be dissolving the trump foundation. the charitable of his work. presumably you felt there were probably conflicts of interest here. is that argument that i assume you had before, correct me if i'm wrong, is that argument now
10:11 am
dead because it's no longer part of his business dealings? >> to some extent yes. once our president-elect takes office, if this doesn't exist anymore, there won't be anything that can be tied directly to decision making, the decision making process or decisions that he's making as president. certainly there's some investigations going on and there's some things being looked into. the other part is he's going to be in charge of the irs and the other organizations that would affect those decisions on a national basis anyway. i don't think they're going to go far. >> sean, i want to read a statement from the dnc spokesperson that reads in part "trump's announcement today is a wilted figure leaf to cover up his remaining conflicts of interest and his pitiful record of charitable giving." do you think we'll still see democrats argue that there are some really sketchy details that happened with this charitable arm that is now being buried? >> no, you saw the quote there.
10:12 am
there's a quote in the "new york times" president secretary for the ag in new york saying they can't shut this down because we have them under investigation this is much ado about nothing. what's amazing is the level of hypocrisy from the dnc. can you imagine, look at what clinton did when she was the secretary of state with her foundation. i mean, if she had been elected, would they be shutting down the clinton snoungs i don't think so. >> keep in mind, she was a politician at the time and donald trump was, this is a personal business that we're talking about here. this is apples to oranges. >> exactly. so the fact that this would have any impact is i think a joke. this is much ado about nothing. he's shutting it down because he has to focus on being the president. this is a foundation he runs with his kids. it's not a huge staff. there is no staff. this is just a process of saying, i'm not going to be
10:13 am
involved in charitable giving while i'm the president of the united states. i'm going to shut this down. >> garland, does this hurt the democratic brand? if they continue to harp on this, not only did we see this particular statement but eric walker had a number of tweets, i think it was yesterday he continued to talk about this. is the democratic party hurting itself by harping on something and if they look in the mirror and saying maybe we had unsavory activity, as well. >> no, we're kind of in an environment where during the last administration people were arguing over the cost of the gas for air force one. we're in a kind of a jerry springeresque kind of environment in politics. very shortly, we'll going to get into concrete issues. as far as the democrats, i think we have strong policy issues that we can take vac of. >> that's a whole other panel. garland and sean, thank you so much. it's christmas. i appreciate your time away from your families. >> thank you, merry christmas.
10:14 am
right now a story we've been following. russian rescue crews searching for any survivors after a military plane carrying 92 people aboard crashed into the black sea. crews recovered some wreckage and at least one body. plane took off from the resort city of sochi and disappeared from radar two minutes after taking off. it was good weather at the time. the flight was transporting 64 members of the alex and drov ensemble choir for a christmas concert near the syrian province of la ta kia. authorities say they're investigating all possible causes for the crash. at this time, they say they have not ruled out terrorism. irony of modern times. the holiday season that has been celebrated as a time of peace and community now comes with a warning from governments to be vigilant from outside attacks. our own rob schmidt is in new york with the very latest on heightened security steps.
10:15 am
hi, rob. >> reporter: hey. cowardly threat by isis calling for attacks on soft targets like churches over the holidays is being met with impressive show of security by law enforcement. the fbi issued a bulletin telling state and local law enforcement to watch out for these types of attacks through the new year. at st. patrick's cathedral in new york city, security airtight for last night's christmas eve mass. there were beautiful uninterrupted services inside but outside, security as you can see in the video was tight. more security around churches and synagogues will be seen nationwide in response to that bulletin. this follows monday's isis inspired truck attack on a christmas market in berlin. 24-year-old anis amri stole a tractor-trailer, killed the driver and ran the truck through a crowd killing 12. he was killed by italian police much to the relief of those in berlin, the city that remains tense with a terrorist on the
10:16 am
loose. this style of attack appears to be a new trend of attack. soft targets and easily obtainable weapons like stealing a truck. the horrible attack in nice, france, over the summer was the first time we saw this. 86 people killed in the south of france. the nypd made precautions against this style of attack during the parade here last month. the department used garbage trucks to block vulnerable locations where a vehicle could plow into the parade. there are no credible threats againstness u.s. location. you can expect to see a lot of security through the new year. back to you. >> rob schmidt, thank you so muc much. >> the same indifference when christmas becomes a lead -- when the lights of commercialization cast a shadow on god's light, when we are concerned for gifts but cold towards those marginalized.
10:17 am
we have to set it free. >> that is pope francis with a somber message for his billion member congregation speaking last night, the wholly father delivered a homily reflecting on the victims of war especially the children invoking a nativity story. he bemowned the fact many children aren't allowed to rest in a crib this weekend. told his flocking to "set christmas free." >> after the break, donald trump says paul ryan is like a fine wine appreciated more and more every day. but will ryan and his caucus fall in line behind the president in the new year? we'll look at donald trump and the next congress just ahead. it's one of the country's wealthiest zip codes but not all the residents are feeling love this christmas. we'll explain after the break. and a final stand or a parting shot. it depends who you ask.
10:18 am
we'll update you on the state of the relations between israel and the u.s. following the controversial u.n. vote. kevin is traveling with president obama and he's in hawaii. hi, kevin. >> reporter: hey, an escalation from israeli lead areas. when we come back, we'll talk all about it as fox news continues on this christmas day. kevin corke. >> i'm from minneapolisman. to friends and families, i love you all, merry christmas and a happy new year.
10:19 am
10:20 am
welcome back on this christmas. well, overnight, of course, santa did all of his work. long journey. as he passed over mexico, he may have been delayed by a pair of
10:21 am
eruptions from a volcano that is aptly named fire. the two eruptions happened friday and saturday just when santa was leaving the north pole spewing smoke and ash more than 8,000 feet in the air. the fire volcano is located in the western portion of the country. video as you can see of the explosion there. thankfully the eruptions were not a danger to anyone and hopefully the reindeer made it through the clouds okay. time now for a story we've been talking about. president obama and benjamin netanyahu have clashed over the past eight years nearing a dramatic finish this weekend. the obama administration choosing deannouncing israeli settlement exprannion. the first time the u.s. allowed add anti-israel resolution to pass in over 30 years. kevin corke has more on the story in hawaii where he must have lost my invitation to join him on christmas day. hi, kevin. >> listen, you're always
10:22 am
welcome. aloha from hawaii. you can come and join us any time. it's a wonderful place to spend the holidays as the first family will do for the last time in office. you're right. a big story obviously as israeli leaders continue to escalate the criticism of the outgoing obama administration for their lack of support in the u.n. security council. they're taking it a step farther suggesting the u.s. orchestrated that u.n. security council resolution vote criticizing israeli settlement construction. we've been talking about this, a 14-0 vote stunning when you consider the history of u.s./israeli relations as it relates to the u.n. a real slap at israel. that's how it's being perceived. listen to what one israeli leader told us earlier today on fox news. >> we develops rather ironclad information from sources in the arab world and internationally that this was a deliberate push by the united states and in fact they helped create the
10:23 am
resolution in the first place. and so it's deeply disappointing this has been the path of president obama. >> over decades american administrations and israeli governments have disagreed about settlements. but we agreed that the security council was not the place to resolve this issue. >> ironclad information that the u.s. orchestrated that vote. it doesn't get much stronger than that. we're waiting to hear what the administration may have to say about that. donald trump the president-elect made it very clear he has a very strong sense of his support of israel and he has also warned the united nations things will be different once he takes office in a few weeks. we'll watch carefully. if i hear back from the administration on this i'll let you know. back to you. >> kevin, thank you so much. well, back to christmas. the hope and cheer of the holiday season is lacking for thousands of christians forced
10:24 am
to flee their homes from terrorism and civil war. mostly in the middle east. but one group is working hard to make sure those children and their families feel the spirit of the season, religion correspondent lauren green with that. >> reporter: for thousands of christian refugees fleeing the scourge of isis terrorists and civil wars, christmas will come with sadness and hardship. many have lost their homes and way of life. but one organization is trying to make a positive difference. >> we're giving them a christmas, the children, giving them a christmas the way it used to be before they were either displaced or refugees. >> reporter: the program is called christmas for refugees. which has given thousands of children a taste of a merry christmas. these ins from last year's celebration show how for a few hours children whose lives have been changed forever can still believe that christmas means something good and pure. in the basement of an undisclosed local church, they
10:25 am
sing songs, eat a meal, even get a visit from santa. at the end of the party, they each go home with food and gifts. >> many of these children had ipads and went to private schools. now, they are sitting with the entire family in one room often in a tent, no transportation, no school, no nothing. without hope, without a future. and with much of their homes particularly those in the nineveh plain destroyed. and what we're trying to do is to give them a little hope to bring christmas back to them the way it used to be for them before this devastation happened to the christian community in the middle east. >> this year the program will help about 6,000 children in displaced areas including thousands in northern iraq. most will never be able to return to their homes because they have none to go back to now. most are destroyed and looted. but the program gives them hope regardless of where they are, it is still christmas. in new york, lauren green, fox
10:26 am
news. all right. still ahead, congress is home for the holidays but they'll need to hit the ground running when they return in 2017. we'll tell you about all the issues looming on capitol hill. one group now has bragging rights for a big holiday tradition. their claim to fame and how they did it coming up. ♪ if you have a typical airline credit card,
10:27 am
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♪livin in this crazy world ♪so caught up in the confusion♪ ♪nothin' is makin' sense ♪for me and you ♪maybe we can find a way ♪there's got to be solutions ♪how to make a brighter day ♪what do we do?
10:30 am
♪we've got to give a little love♪ ♪have a little hope ♪make this world a little better♪ ♪try a little more ♪harder than before i think we all know president-elect donald trump has major plans for his first 100 days of his administration. he's going to need help from congress. first to confirm his cabinet appointments followed by a vote on the president-elect's trillion dollar infrastructure plan. we'll look at how president donald trump will be working with congress as he turns his plan into reality. >> both trump and house republicans say their number one priority is to create jobs. to do that, they'll try to make american businesses more competitive by lowering the corporate tax rate. they differ slightly in the details. trump's plan would cut it from 35% to 15% while the house plan
10:31 am
would only cut it to 20%. kevin mccarthy said bottom line, the corporate tax rate will go down no matter what. other top priorities include improving border security and repealing and replacing obamacare, two issues where most republican lawmakers and the president-elect see eye to eye. one issue where trump may run into trouble especially with conservatives is his trillion dollar infrastructure plan. >> the trillion dollars is very expensive. what you can do currently today the regulations to build a road, you wait a decade for that. you could see reforms there. what i liking about president-elect trump doing, he brings that business idea in. >> in terms of timing expect things to move very quickly as soon as trump is sworn in. mccarthy says he set the schedule so the house would be in session more frequently during mr. trump's first 100-days in office. five-day work weeks instead of the typical three to four-day
10:32 am
work weeks congress got used to. >> we will not miss this window of opportunity. america put trust in us and want to see change. we're going to make sure it happens. >> this is the first time in ten years that republicans have controlled the house, senate and the white house and they're clearly trying to make the most of it. liz? >> never a dull moment. kristin fisher, thank you so much. >> merry christmas. >> kristin will be covering a lot of that as will be our fox senior produce chad pilgrim who knows the halls of congress perhaps better than the back of your own hand. heard a lot from kristin about the different things that are on the agenda, a lot of things that both sides want done. which hills are republicans willing to die on, which hills are the democrats willing to die on here? let's start with the republicans. they want to repeal obamacare and see a real opportunity here. they came very close were it not for president obama's veto of this budget reconciliation
10:33 am
package which eliminates fill busters. they'll use the similar tactic in the coming year. that's going to be the hill the democrats will die on. nancy pelosi. >> you're telling me that both sides are willing to die on the same hill. who wins that battle? >> it's going to be very interesting. democrats are saying we'll go to the mat here. nancy pelosi is planning a couple events in the next couple days saying push against this. we're not going to let them repeal obamacare. maintain medicare. >> are we going to see more ads like the grandmother in the wheelchair being pushed off a cliff and those things we saw a couple years ago? >> paul ryan said a couple weeks ago, i see the democrats are back to their meta scare tactics. that was something chuck schumer took issue with and so did pelosi. i want to watch for how many vulnerable democrats from the senate up in 2018, the map is
10:34 am
very bad for the democrats are willing to go along with this. heidi heitkamp in north camp, claire mccaskill in missouri, sherrod brown in ohio, joe manchin in ohio all up in either purple or red states. i talked to a senior democratic source the other day. he said we're not going to go for that. some democrats if they see an opportunity to have a vote against obamacare or to repeal, maybe they're getting somewhere. >> reconciliation lowers the bar though. throw out the 6, this elite process as i said earlier which bypasses filibusters. it's 51. >> that's all you need. >> the republicans had 51. add a couple sweeteners from democrats up in 2018, you get to that point. we've got the obamacare issue to that hill. the next would be tax reform. as we talked in the break, the last time there was success it will tax reform was 30 years ago. this is something president trump says is going to be
10:35 am
massive tax reform. again, a hill the democrats are willing to die on? >> depends what's in there. they'll say if it's just tax breaks for the wealthy, we're not going to go for that. the tough thing is, some democrats might come along is whether or not they can work out something on the debt ceiling. the debt ceiling, the total amount of balance the federal government is allowed to carry at any one time will come due in about mid-march. they think if they can change the calculus in terms of how much revenue coming in, maybe they will people on both sides of the aisle to raise the debt ceilinging. > one big package and put it through at once. >> you can't add to the deficit spending. if they repeal obamacare, that drives up the deficit because of the tax revenue that's brought in. i'll come back to this term, budget reconciliation. it has to be budget neutral. you can't add to the deficit.
10:36 am
this is a very, very narrow path they have to walk. >> you're an expert in their row paths. the other big fights coming on capitol hill will be over mr. trump's cabinet. the key person we've heart the most controversial about is rex tillerson, secretary of state nominee because of close ties to russia. we've already seen four republicans say they potentially have issues with this. >> marco rubio and rand paul, ted cruz, lindsey graham have said there might be issues there. they have not outright defeated a president's nominee for a cabinet position since 1989. that was john tower, who was president bush 41's nominee to be secretary of defense. with a 52-48 edge in the senate for republicans, it only takes a couple republicans to defect. >> also in terms of whether or not the president is willing to use up so much political capital to ram through somebody that he likes. the big easter egg question if you will, you called it a big
10:37 am
goose egg question is the supreme court. that is something donald trump ran on hard. we have names. where is this lining up in terms of a fight? >> people don't know the. a lot of people think one of the best moves he pulled off during the campaign especially to you christian conservatives was to release that list of names. and they said okay, just only on the abortion question, we're going to go for that. people will be watching that very, very closely. think about some of these senate nominees or these senate democrats up in 2018. some of them might say okay, we night not vote for this person but we're not going to filibuster. there's never been a fulfill buster for a supreme court nominee. garland didn't even get a hearing or a vote. this could be very interesting again. they have maintained the 60-vote threshold, had the nuclear option for nominees. a lot of peaks even if they
10:38 am
oppose the nominee. >> any chance they'll go to only 50? >> mitch mcconnell is skeptical of changing the rules. because they think it might be so favorable to republicans in 2018 if things go well for them, they might have 60 votes. >> they wouldn't have to use it. >> chad, well, we will be counting on your reporting during those first 100 days. thank you, sir. elizabeth? winning this world record has an entire city rocking around the christmas tree. city officials from have i lampb ca say they've broken the world's record for the world's tallest art if i recall christmas tree, a style and wire structure including more than 6,000led lights and more than a million pinecones for the decoration. it's a whopping 238 feet high. >> how big of a basement do you need to keep that in the other 11 months of the year. >> what if you had to put the
10:39 am
star on the top. >> who had to do that. >> a crane, a helicopter perhaps. >> a drone. >> we'll get back to you on this. next, home for the holidays could be the very last one. this could be the last holiday for desperate residents in palo alto, california. how did the if ferrari and the trailer park fit together? we'll let you know coming up. also, flying the unfriendly skies. a man with his toy learns the hard way well, taking a flight with your drone can lead to somebody got an i plus for writing this, can lead to fights. >> i was shocked and scared. 15 seconds later, he was making threats. when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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10:42 am
welcome back. merry christmas. hope you're having another cup of coffee. residents of a mobile home park
10:43 am
in palo alto, california, worried this could be their last christmas in their homes. the owner of the park and the city of palo alto are locked in heated battle whether or not some of the last affordable housing options in palo alto will be replaced or whether everybody gets to stick around. we have more. >> the own other of this mobile home park in palo alto wanted to close it for years and do something else, maybe build condos or apartments. that's not sitting well with his tenants or with local city officials who are doing everything possible to keep this last bit of affordable housing in palt low alto, right where it is. the latest chapter in the battle over the low rent mobile home park finds city and county officials partnering with the local housing authority to offer to buy the property or if the owners refuse, acquire it through eminent domain. >> it's actually an elegant solution and acknowledges the owners' right to just
10:44 am
compensation if the public purpose is established to use this property for this public purpose. >> reporter: she argues the purpose is the welfare of hundreds of tenants who say they can't afford to move out. >> we have nowhere else to go. there's no way for 95% of us to be able to live in thcounty. >> reporter: they won a victory this week when a judge invalidated the city's permit allowing the park to close. and in pricey palo alto, an appraisal calculated costs at about $8 million. the lack of affordable housing isn't his fault he says but now at square one, he may have to pay for to redevelop his property. his lawyer calls that extortion. >> it's one thing to take property for a school or a road or firehouse. here, they're taking the private property for the benefit of other private individuals. >> reporter: and a federal lawsuit is pending in a case that is being watched closely by
10:45 am
property rights groups and tenants advocates alike. claudia cowan, fox news. i'm trying to learn how to fly off the instrument panels and seeing what my range is. that's when the guy started shooting at my drone. the guy was a neighbor of this kansas man. apparently not too happy at the remote controlled device or drone flying over their community. chris says he was not trying to invade anyone's privacy and planned to use the drone for his real estate business. no one was charged in the particular incident and different cities have very different regulations. a flyer should beware. luckily the shooterer santa, he just hit the drone. >> it brings up so many questions. you think about this, no charges were filed. imagine if somebody got hurt. >> that's true. >> bullets go up and also have to come down. whole brave new world we live in. coming up after the break, a little town of bethlehem where
10:46 am
worshipers reveal their faith in song. we'll be speaking with one pastor who offers practical advice to help cope with household anxieties that can keep families apart at a time when they should be very much together. ♪ grandma got run over by a reindeer walking home from our house christmas receive ♪ ♪ you could say there's no such thing as santa ♪ >> i'm senior airman arnold. the 614th aoc. my mother teresa arnold and my best friend back home in vandenburg. i miss and love you guys. beyond is a natural pet food that goes beyond assuming ingredients are safe... to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food.
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>> never gets old. voices of the choir ringing in christmas in bethlehem at the church of the nativity. the faithfulnativity. the faithful gathered at the church built on the spot where christians believe jesus was born. as you might imagine, security was very tight in bethlehem after recent attacks on christian targets in egypt and elsewhere in the region as isis called for attacks on churches. we know this is a time for joy and celebration, but for some the holidays can also bring anxiety, loneliness and guilt. money problems, sometimes family grudges more often keep loved ones apart, but it doesn't necessarily have to be this way. pastor phil waldroup help families help keep the peace during the holidays. pastor, thank you for joining us. merry christmas first and foremost. >> thank you and merry christmas to you too. >> i want to ask you because i'm
10:51 am
certain you have a lot of families come to you for advice. what are some of the biggest challenges this time of year for families? it doesn't marry where thtter e live or what they believe in. >> it's always a challenge because holidays are emotional da days. we talk about joy and peace and love and happiness, and it causes us to be happy. but it can also be very painful for family who's are going through struggles or families who have division, and especially for parents who have children who are made some very poor decisions, and they see them wasting their lives. >> i want to ask you a little bit about that. you had said, i know to some folks who i work with, that you don't want to shun any family members for choices any have made that aren't necessarily in conjunction with the choices that you've made. how do you remind yourself at a time when maybe you're in close quarters with that family member? >> well, the choice always has to begin with us. whether we're a parent or whether we're a brother or a sister, and the choice we have to make is to include them but
10:52 am
not necessarily approve the decisions they're making. so we can make it a day when we're talking about positive things and good things and expressing love to our family members. at the same time, we're not approving the bad decisions that they have made. >> all right. maybe decisions that aren't good or bad, they're just different. listen, it's an election year. people have made very different political decisions. how do people keep the peace? sometimes they're staying with family members throughout the holiday week, throughout hanukkah, throughout christmas and into the new year. and one decision isn't good or bad. they're just different. >> well, sometimes people are different, and it's okay for us to be open and honest without emotions. oftentimes our conflict comes when we get very emotional during the holidays because maybe someone brings up an issue and the person reacts, and it just escalates. so the best thing i find is to either avoid those issues, but it's okay to say, hey, guys, when we're together, let's have a few ground rules. maybe you say, i'm a republican.
10:53 am
i'm a democrat. we're going to differ. so let's just say while we're together during the holidays, we're going to talk about things differently and talk about things that we have in common, not our differences. >> more ground rules. have the a good time and keep it like that. keep it simple. i do want to ask you because obviously it is the year end, so perhaps families are including new members this year. so what if you have someone that you're celebrating the holidays with who maybe they celebrate a different religion than you do, and this is the first time you're spending the holidays together, welcoming a new family member? >> well, we always welcome new family members, and there's a key word. it's called respect. when we have someone who has a different faith tradition, it's okay for us to acknowledge it and to learn about their faith position and how we may differ without being unkind. i think the key word is the love, of course, but to respect each other and to let each other know that we respect them and that we're not going to be
10:54 am
condemning them or trying to avoid their differences. but instead love them and respect them for what they believe. >> all right. we'll leave it at that. pastor, thank you so much. what a great message on this christmas morning. thank you so much. >> well, thank you so much. again, merry christmas. >> you too. all right. coming up, a sight that would warm even clark griswold's heart. how one house became a hit -- you can tell why -- of the holiday season. can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee?
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well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet?
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♪ don't worry. i won't sing. santa sees you when you're sleeping, and he knows when you're awake. but can jolly old saint nick swim? and based on this video, i would say we have proof that he can.
10:58 am
in south korea, santa hit the pool at a local aquarium. santa and a troop of, i guess, elf mermaids entertained the crowd, showing that while santa normally deals with snow, he's quite quick underwater. would he have reindeer or like dolphins to pull the sleigh? >> i would definitely say dolphins or beluga whales. >> dolphins go faster. >> it does rnlt mattn't matter. whales are cuter. >> santa and his beluga whales coming to a house near you. >> check this out. this guys gets a prize for the best christmas decorations. he has been raising the bar for christmas lights for 34 years at his home. this year's theme is gingerbread houses. he uses more than a half a million lights. i checked it out online. he's so popular, he's on yelp. >> he's on yelp? >> he's gotten hundreds of reviews. he has 4 1/2 stars, and he's
10:59 am
quite popular. >> you can find him on yelp. i have two questions about this story. one, who pays deacon dave's electric bill? does he get a donation from yelp. >> if i were him, i would ask for donations. >> how much longer does it go on? does yelp say that? >> no. i can't answer all these questions. like i said, there's a half a million lights. he's got 87 reviews, all of them positive. 4 1/2 stars. >> can't you get five stars? this is worth a five-star, i think. yelp is somehow ripping this guy off. what kind of scrooge goes to a display like this and says, oh, no, it's only three stars. >> he's in california, so you should make your way over and talk to him about it. >> we might just do that. there's a lot of news this weekend, and chris wallace is covering all of that. he probably won't have nearly as much fun as we did. >> i don't know if he's going to have deacon dave on there. >> newt gingrich, chris wallace
11:00 am
coming up next. thank you very much for being with us. merry christmas to you and yours. we'll see you next weekend. i'm chris wallace. president-elect trump turns his focus to national security as a wave of terror attacks hits europe. [ sirens ] >> an attack on humanity. that's what it is. it's an attack on humanity. and it's got to stop. >> as the president-elect huddles with his national security team, we'll discuss his plan for taking on isis and protecting the homeland with one of his most outspoken supporters, former house speaker newt gingrich. then on this day of faith and family, a look


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