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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 26, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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the scrawny little sapling with one or two ornaments. "your world" is next. have a great day. who says christmas is over? is the biggest tax break around the corner? good morning, i'm trish regan in for neil cavuto. president-elect donald trump is 25 days away from taking the oath of office ready to push a major tax cutting agenda. supporters wanted him to go big and go bold, but there are some signs that there could be some resistance in congress. i want to go right now to steven moore, economic advise tore the president-elect. food to see you, steve. i know you want tax cuts and have wanted them forever, but let's be realistic here. and when could we actually see some meaningful tax reform?
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>> well, trish, i think donald trump wants us to gallop out of the gates on january 21st and move aggressively with this as the heart of his economic recovery plan. that means cutting taxes for businesses and getting the rates lower to put more money into the coffers of the businesses to hire more workers and raise wages. i will make a prediction to you, trish, i think he can get this done in about the first 150 days. that's a pretty rapid time to get something through the house and senate and signed into law. everybody wants jobs right now. they know that is the priority. i think he can get democrats on board that tax plan. >> but you mentioned the corporate tax cut. what about reince priebus who has approached this as a two-tier approach? you might see corporate tax reform first where you see bipartisan support and then the individual? >> you know, trish, i've been working on tax reform for almost 25 years.
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and so this is a tricky road. i agree with reince priebus that i think the business tax cut is cleaner, it's easier to do, everybody sees the obvious benefits to the economy of that. when you talk about the individual rates, which i'm very much in favor of reducing to make the tax system simpler, but you know this, trish, think about the mountain of special interest groups that don't want a simpler tax code. they want the reductions and the loopholes. so you have to take on some of the most powerful special interests in washington to get this done. it can happen, it happened under reagan. >> let me get back to the idea of having this come forward in parts. a lot of people might oppose this and say, look, if you're going to do a tax cut, let's get a tax cut for everyone. not just corporations but individuals as well. and keep in mind, steve, a lot of small business owners, they file as individuals as opposed to corporations. >> trish, you're exactly right. so i want to clarify something because you make a very important point. when i talk about this business tax cut, because i helped with
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some of the key advisers like steven manuchin as the treasury secretary, but there are 26.5 million small businesses in this country. and the business tax cut is not just for corporations but for the small businesses, too. they will pay a 15% rate as well. it doesn't matter if you're talking be about general electric or the korean grocer down the street. they are all going to benefit from the tax cut. >> well, that's encouraging. let me ask you this, it is almost a religion for you, steve, you have been pushing less regulation and lower taxes per many years now. it's exciting to see a candidate who has a shot of getting this through and has, not just the oval office, but he's got the house and the senate. so what do you think it could translate to, in terms of
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economic growth, in terms of him standing up there and saying, look at how much growth we have generated, so much for the 1.8 annualized rate that obama gave you, now we're looking at what? >> 4%. i think we can double that number. so i think we can get between 3.5% to 4%, which is going to feel like the difference between going 18 miles an hour down the road and 30 to 40 miles an hour down the road. so it feel a lot swifter. when you get the rates of growth, trish, what is going to happen is you'll see benefits to workers immediately. they'll have more say in terms of getting higher wages. you know, the biggest problem i think in the economy in the last 15 years has been that the average middle class, working class family in america has not had a pay raise. and, in fact, a lot of them have had a decline. >> it's been that way for the last 20-some years. we all deserve a pay raise in this country. hopefully the lower taxes will generate that. the flip side is how to pay for it all. one would hope you're going to
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grow the economy and overall bring in more revenue. we'll see if it happens. steve moore, thank you so much. taxpayers are not getting a break. and that is obamacare not helping. tax care subsidies increased by $10 billion in 2017. that's on top of top average premium hike of 25%. you add all this up, people don't like to at this up. but when you add it up, there's no wonder why repealing and replacing obamacare is high on the president-elect's agenda. mike kelly, head of the ways and means committee, is joining me now. congressman kelly, good to see you. i know this is a priority as well, not just tax cuts but some kind reform for obamacare. can he actually get this repealed without having a plan to replace it? or do they need to come through with this simultaneously? >> well, trish, we are going to
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do a responsible replacement model. when you use the term "repealing," they think you're pulling the rug out from under them. come january 21st we won't have insurance? what we have done as republicans is say, look, we weren't involve in the first affordable care act. it was pushed through in the middle of the night, not well thought out and certainly was not responsible to the people who we are stewards for, and that is the hard-working american taxpayer. this is about an insurance policy. how do you make an insurance policy affordable? you just talked about the huge raise in premiums, but also in deductibles and co pays. for a lot of americans, they say, i make a lot of payments when it comes to insurance policy, but until i reach a certain level, i don't have insurance. and for many of them, it's 16,000, 17,000. so what we are focusing on is getting something responsible to the people who pick up the
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subsidi subsidies and that is the american taxpayer. >> how do you get this through? this is a big undertaking. >> listen, it's not big, it's huge. one thing i want to stress, though, because i've heard friends, you say you complained about it, now it is your baby, you take care of it. we have inherited a very bad loss. and president lincoln said if you want to see a bad law repealed, aggressively enforce it. this is for the administration and the weight of the affordable care act is coming into view. what we have said from the beginning, it has to be patient centered health care. something that can be truly affordable to those who pick up the tab. and i'm going back to this, that is the american taxpayers. we are getting hammered. >> i know, the numbers are pretty out there, up 26% is the increase in the subsidies. and it's all costing taxpayers. in other words, you have to pay for the stuff somehow, some way, there's a lot more in market
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principles to introduce here. for example, shouldn't there be competition across state lines, congressman? >> oh, absolutely. listen, i think we look at that, i'm a dealer and my whole life has been replaced on a better product at a lower price to drive the buyers to you. the same thing is true in insurance policy. look, you have a policy, that is a better policy and better price, that is all inclusive or inclusive enough for those people buying it, they're going to stream to that. but this was always designed for one reason and one reason only, they wanted a single provider, single supplier, that was the government taking over health care. that's not a surprise to any of us. how do we roll it back? >> what is going to happen? how long is it going to take? >> it's going to take a lot longer than a couple weeks. it will take a lot longer than 150 days. i think we are looking at something a year or two years out, maybe longer, because it is that complicated. and we want to do something that is responsible. a lot of people talk about the way you land the plan.
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we have a responsibility to americans who get up for one purpose and one purpose only, to put a roof over the heads of their family, food on the table, clothes on their back and something for the future. we have really loaded these people so much. it's the old saying, don't worry about the mule, worry about the wagon. we have to fix this for many americans. >> you have your work cut out for you. >> we do, but we can wo do it. >> stay positive. okay. anyone remember this? >> in the event donald wins, no doubt in my mind the market tanks. so i literally have put on more than 100% hedge that i'll put on stronger if it looks like there's a better chance -- >> what does that mean, donald trump wins in november, what is mark cuban doing? >> mark cuban, if the polls look like there's a decent chance that donald trump could win, i'll put a huge hedge on that is over 100% of my equity position and my bond position as well
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that protects me just in case he wins. >> well, then i guess mark cuban lost a bit of money. because so far so much for that whole idea. but we are asking how long is this rally going to last? and later on, the recount didn't work, the pressure on electors didn't work, now they are pressuring on protesting donald trump's swearing in. what will come of this? or you could push that button. sfx: rocket launching. cockpit sounds. skip the bank, skip the paperwork, and go completely online. securely share your financial info and confidently get an accurate mortgage solution in minutes. lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. (whisper) rocket
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stocks didn't go down after president-elect wdonald trump ws nominated president. what does it mean for the markets? >> sure, look. trump has a very, very ambitious first 100-day agenda. and that is getting priced into this market. and for many, the holidays are
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all about miracles. we don't need a miracle this holiday season, but we need a big, bold, pro-growth policy to keep the market moving. if you don't get that, you're going to see disappointment in the markets. >> that's a good point. >> the eggnog wears off. you can get a hangover in january. that's what i worry about. >> john, the market is always running in anticipation. certainly, they got something very wrong. and the market mostly thought hillary clinton was going to win. they were wrong on that one. let's hope they are right on this one in that they are anticipating that there will be growth, but it is dependent as larry points out on this tax reform. and, you know, we were just saying, there are many different ways this could go. it may not be as big as some people are hoping for. what would that do to the markets? >> well, we should temper how quickly aax plan can be rolled out. i think that a number of regulatory changes can be made
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pretty immediately in january, but you have to remember with respect to tax reform, that's going to have to be debated in congress and signed by the president. that could take a number of months. and actually implementing it takes time. so i think in terms of the timeframe of changes, that may not happen until 2018 and 2019. >> steve just told us it will happen in the first 150 days hopefully. so if it doesn't, if it doesn't happen right away, and you're advising people to temper expectations, lindsey, how is the market going to react to that? >> well, you will deaf fitly see volatility around the tax policy as well as deregulation and all the other c promises he mak makes. now, i know we're approaching the eighth year of the bull market, but it could run until inauguration day. there's a tremendous amount of momentum in the market. there's still excess cash on the sidelines.
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and that rotation out of bonds into equity should support the market over time. >> larry, one of the things i keep hearing is sort of better expectations. people are feeling more positive about things. how much does that count in the market? >> it matters a lot. many see tax reform, all the things we need to get this economy finally moving. and there is always the risk we could get a stalemate in washington. change comes slowly to washington. so that is what we worry about. washington won't move as fast as they want it to move. it is about expectations. >> it is about expectations, right? i mean, to a certain extent, if you continue to harp on business, if you continue to see business as the enemy, john hea hartley, then business reacts accordingly and ceos become nervous getting money into the economy and to get it to start working for them. so now there's an opportunity.
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there's an opportunity for that to change, in part, maybe because this is a guy who comes from business himself. >> i think one of the most important pieces of the tax plan will be how well the corporate rate is reduced to. and president trump and paul ryan are on the same page, they believe the corporate tax rate needs to be reduced from 35% as it currently is down to 15%. currently, we have the highest corporate tax rate and we have seen tax inversions over the past few years of companies leaving the u.s. and taking jobs and tax dollars with them. >> it is sitting overseas, you get $2 trillion sitting overseas helping other economies instead of ours. lindsey bell, last question to you, the one concern the bears have these days is that interest rates are going to move higher more quickly than some people anticipate and expect. and they worry about what that would do to the overall economy combined with a stronger dollar.
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how are you equating for those potential risks? >> well, i think you nailed it in the head, those are the two biggest concerns as we approach 2017. we're going to need to see the economy and earnings expectations come up. as you mentioned at the start of the segment, high expectations are baked in. so for them to offset those concerns, we're going to need to see those come to fruition. >> it's good there's optimism out there. thank you so much. all right, everyone. in the wake of the deadly attack in germany, president-elect donald trump wasting no time calling it terror. is that going to help the fight ahead? this is the goal post. the end zone. the goal of every team. we know you have goals. like getting exposure for your idea or business. with godaddy website builder, you can easily create an awesome mobile-friendly, get you more exposure website. we call that...a website builder touchdown. get your free trial of website builder now.
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after the truck attack on a christmas market in berlin, president-elect trump wastes no time pinning this attack on isis and calling it terror, stating innocent civilians were murder
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in the street as they prepared to celebrate the christmas holiday. isis and other islamic terrorists continue to slaughter christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global job. dr. jesser, good to see you. you must be encouraged by this in terms of donald trump's response? >> absolutely. it's refreshing, you know, that this president currently, obama has been so quiet, there's no tipping point for him that whatever mobilizes him to help identify and treat the disease, at least if you want to mobilize the muslim community, if you want to treat this muslim problem with a muslim solution, you have to identify it. and, you know, the new mantra will become, it's the global jihad, stupid, right? we have a jihad problem within the house of islam, and it's not islamophobic or anti-muslim, i
1:23 pm
will tell you as a muslim it is pro-muslim, it's pro-islam. it's tough love. you have a there ocracy problem. >> why is it coming from those in the islamic states? >> well, i would tell you that it is not just the violence, we need to shift the access from focusing on violence to focusing on the political islam. and our muslim reform movement has identified that where the source is that we have not gone through a separation of mosque and state. we have not gone through sort of the americanization or westernization that christianity went through and its enlightenment and reform and resolution. every islamic country, trish, whether secular or military dictatorships, they are all run by sharia-state identity. we have not defeated the role of sharia in public law. and until we muslims separate out reason-based law, civil
1:24 pm
society like western modern society from the sharia state that is massagistic, that treats jews in an inferior way, until we recognize that the sharia systems are the cauldrons brewinging the radicals in all over the world. >> president obama said you're empowering the islamic radicals by identifying them. what do you say in response to that? >> i say it's the opposite. they empower the islamics to speak for all of islam by telling americans we don't have a problem. when you engage muslim communities with respect and not the bigtry of low expectation,
1:25 pm
let them not allow christians to build churches, then that is their islam. they are not going to make it to western values. no, treat us with respect, demand equality and let us start to reform. that's the way to treat us we quality rather than this bigotry of low prpexpectations. >> thank you very much. you continue to do that. china has been flexing its muscles, even go so far as stealing one of our drones before giving it back. is it time for us to get tough like donald trump has been saying pretty much forever? >> china is absolutely taking advantage of this country, neil, i feel it very strongly. i know many chinese people. i know many chinese businessmen, and they laugh at the stupidity of our politicians. >> what would you do if china were telling you straight up and fly right, u.s., get your debt under control, don't lecture us about our currency, on and on and on, what would secretary or president donald trump do? >> i would tax the hell out of
1:26 pm
them. i would tax them back to china. >> reaction right now from lieutenant colonel tony schaeffer. colonel, he's talking about taxes them, there's been a lot of concern in the business community about potential for tariffs, he's talking about potentially a 35% tariff that he would impose on china when they sold goods here. now do you think that is really going to happen? is this just rhetoric? >> i think it is very possible. look, mr. trump has been very clear on holding people, things and countries accountable. so i think he's correct. china is running a table. they don't respect us or respect our economy. they don't respect the situation within the pacific. and they are very vulnerable, so i would say the president needs to look at getting serious regarding some of their other actions. for example, they are claiming -- i think it was a few days ago, they claimed the japanese are now -- they want
1:27 pm
the japanese to give up islands they have. so i think you have to recognize that within the context of their own economic situation, the south china sea is critically important. and they need that access for fuel and food. so, you know, there's a lot of things we can do. >> we do have leverage. by the way, they need to sell their goods over here to our country. let's talk about this drone for a second. >> sure. >> they said, you know, we're giving it back and donald trump tweets out, you know what? let them keep it. which i have to imagine, colonel, probably threw some people a little off guard, much like his phone call with the president of taiwan did. how valuable is that? >> look, one of the things i have heard from the people i talked to up at the trump team, they are functioning more like they are in charge already. because president obama just isn't doing anything. and that is the sad truth. i mean, look, the fact is this, president obama reluctantly has been doing nothing to be involved in this. so i think what we have to look at here -- >> they have to know, you
1:28 pm
know -- they are having a little fun along the way, which is why they took the drone. >> that's right. i think, look, the chinese are possibly going to give it back and should. this was seized in international water. we had the right to be there and had the right to do peaceful recognizance and to study whatever is happening there. and i think mr. trump has to do and say what you're going to make the chinese look at what the situation is. >> that said, the concern, the fear out there is that donald trump could get reckless and maybe he says something or tweets something that gets the chinese really mad. and maybe they retaliate. and there's this fear to find ourselves in this very difficult global situation. what is it that makes you comfortable enough with his kind of foreign policy that is so different from anything anybody else has ever seen? >> i go back to reagan. president reagan was told during the berlin speech, don't say mr.
1:29 pm
gorbachev, tear this wall down. the left went bonkers over that, predicting we would have all sorts of conflicts. next thing you know, the wall came down. so one man's provocation is another man's strength. and i think we are long overdue for strength and i thinkwhere w. >> colonel, thank you very much. all right, everyone, take a look at this. imagine if this was a trump supporter. >> you don't deserve to be in america! >> imagine if this was a trump supporter refusing to accept hillary clinton as the next president. why the silence from the media now? does this hypocrisy need to be exposed?
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this is a fox news break.
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i'm doug mcelray in washington. the israeli leaders continue to publicly accuse the obama administration of having orchestrated the resolution, a sentiment that the white house denies. the israeli ambassador to the united states will join me live in studio at 6:00 p.m. tonight. and president-elect trump has announced that he plans to shut down his foundation in order to mitigate concerns of conflicts of interest. new york's attorney general says the charity will be forced to remain open until his investigation is over. russian intelligence says no evidence of terrorism or sabotage has been found in connection with the plane crash on sunday. 92 passengers and crew are believed to have died on the flight bound for syria. i'm doug mcelway in washington. join me tonight at 6:00 p.m. for a special report. now back to a special edition of "your world." what do you make of denying donald trump the victory? >> well, neil, people just got
1:34 pm
to get over it and go on. >> perhaps some good advice. that was west virginia democrat joe manchin telling neil that his fellow democrats just need to move on. but you know and i know they're not. in fact, word is that the left is planning major protests on inauguration day. this despite urging a recount that went nowhere and putting pressure on electors to backfire. so is it time to just step back and ask this question? if these were the faces of trump supporters fighting a president-elect hillary clinton, would the media be going nuts over that? i want to ask my next guests. hadley, double standard? >> you know, that's a lot of what's got president-elect trump elected. americans feel like the information they're getting is very sectioned off, depending on where you're coming from, a lot of people are only seeing sort of partisan sources of news.
1:35 pm
there's a lot of skepticism of the mainstream media that because it tends to lean left, the presentation of news stories is not only biased but the selection of what news stories they cover and how much time and how much space to give them in publications is something americans are asking more questions about than they have ever. >> it feels as though this has not been a fair situation. that it has been completely acceptable, hadley, for members of the media to take on donald trump in a way that has an edge like i've never seen before. >> what we're seeing now with the inauguration protests, absolutely, people have a right to protest as long as what they're doing is legal and not threatening public safety. but the bottom line is this, we've got to treat both sides of this argument fairly in the way that we cover these stories. and we also have to hope that people who are protesting now will also come to see that there's another side to the story and that ultimately we're all americans and have to work together, regardless of who is in the white house. >> and you look at the numbers here and how he got elected, and
1:36 pm
what i would point out is that a lot of people that maybe would have traditionally been voters in the democratic party, the blue-collar democrats in states like ohio, in places like pennsylvania, they voted for donald trump. so don't the democrats need to get over it for their own sake, for their own well-being, if they want to have a future in politics? >> well, i would say that the democrats are making, certainly the elected officials, are making steps forward to working with donald trump. or president-elect donald trump rather. ja chuck schumer said he's interested in some of the plans regardi regarding infrastructure. >> he wants money for new york, i guess. nancy pelosi and harry reid, some of the things they have said, and frankly some of president obama's comments and certainly his wife michelle obama who has given up hope telling oprah winfrey that. >> well, i think there -- i
1:37 pm
certainly think that president obama has worked very hard to have a very peaceful transition with donald trump. they certainly differ on the opinion on russian interference of elections. something that the fbi and cia back. but i think, you know, in regards to sort of hadley's point regarding protesters, you know, as long as its peaceful protest and it will be one march, that they have gotten the permit to have the march on january 21st, i don't think it is the day of the inauguration, it's the day after, as long as these people -- >> so they do their protests, hopefully they do it peacefully, and do they need to move on and do a little soul searching and figure out just exactly why they lost so many americans in this election? >> well, you know what? they didn't lose a lot of americans. >> they did. and it is not just the white house. it's not just the white house they lost. >> okay -- if you're going to ask me a question, let me finish. it just just certified she walloped him by 3 million votes. democrats retained our seats in the senate and gained two. and in a year we should have lost seats in the house, we
1:38 pm
actually gained six. >> i appreciate that you're trying to spin this as a win. i appreciate it. but i got to tell you, you lost. >> i'm trying to object to the opinion you are saying, you guys are completely done in the water, which is narrative here the entire time. i'm objecting that specific opinion. >> i appreciate you keeping up the hope, but i'm going to give the final word here and say, you know, you kind of took a beating. so you've got a lot of work to do. be prepared. >> thank you so much. >> good to see you. thank you. cold as ice and paying the price. bitter temperatures are taking a bite out of americans wallets as they heat their homes. so how long is this going to last? we're on it. and then a look back at the moments that led to president-elect donald trump's wild go. neil has been there through it all. what was his favorite moment? you'll find out. stay tuned.
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test test test test test. test test test test test.
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could we see higher oil prices in the new year? we'll look at what to expect. what do you say, phil? >> trish, it's going to be ugly. old man winter is not going to be kind. in fact, i think that the year of low heating bills is over. you know, americans have really gotten used to low prices the last couple of years when it comes to heating their homes. forget about it this winter. because this winter is so much colder and because we have, you know, slowed down the production of energy, our production of natural gas is falling, our production of heating is falling, we are going to see prices maybe 30% to 40% higher than last season. that's terrible for most americans. no, i know, wow is correct. especially if you're paying bills. and over the course of the winter, you're talking about the
1:43 pm
average american spending $600 to $700 more than they did a year ago. >> and you know, it takes a bite out of something, right? that's less money than you can spend elsewhere in the economy. >> maybe that is why i gave less presents this year at christmas. people are not spending as much. but you're right, it's hurting them hard. >> did you know you were going to be a meteorologist when you studied to become an oil trader? you're watching the weather. >> i never did, but you know what? i'll tell you, this year, i keep telling people, i'm not a weatherman but try to play one on tv. but it doesn't workout sometimes. >> okay. phil flynn, thank you so much. watch for those oil prices. ahead of the swearing in, neil looks back at how president-elect donald trump managed to take his republican and democratic rivals out. you totaled your brand new car.
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with the inauguration ahead, we're looking back and neil has been there every step of the way. >> i am incredibly honored and
1:48 pm
grateful to have had this chance to represent all of you in this consequential election. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all america. and this is so important to me. >> welcome to the republican presidential debate here on the fox business network. >> the three of you did a great job. >> the one e-mail i got a quick out of was from joe that said -- >> follow the road to south carolina. >> welcome to the sixth presidential debate. >> how do you attack a network that does not respect presidential borders?
1:49 pm
>> well, i'm happy to get a question this early on. i was going to ask you to wake me up when the time came. >> the u.s. says natural born citizens are eligible for the president of the united states. stop me if you've heard this before. >> my friend donald said he had his lawyers look at this from every which way and there was no issue there. since september, the constitution hasn't changed. but the poll numbers have. >> i hate to interrupt this episode of court tv. but the real -- >> i'm trish regan along with sandra smith and from the wall street journal, gerald seis. >> it is time here in iowa. >> i'm having a big problem with adele. she's got this song that mike huckabee parodied. ♪ so iowa caucus night >> her people got back to him very quickly and said, stop, you can't use it. >> hello, it's me. >> i have richard dreyfus with
1:50 pm
us. he's going to back donald trump for the united states. >> that is going to invoke traffic. >> iowa has done what it so often does, make idiots out of pundits. >> live from manchester, "your world >> we had our call on this. we could have been inside where it's warm and cozy or the staff said, why don't we go outside? it's only 20 degrees. what the hay. >> extremely handsome. great posture. >> on the phone with us right now, marco rubio. >> no matter how offensive -- [ no audio ]
1:51 pm
>> that she's not some sort of distance observer. her candidate is hillary clinton. >> i know you want to start a fight in the democratic party. but i'm not going to play. >> i would never do that. >> no, never. >> okay. >> gop convention is on. neil is out recovering from heart surgery. he is doing well. we want trump. i think that's what i'm hearing from the delegates right here. >> it's a political theater. this is what people used to look at conventions for. >> giuliani speaks today. he's an italian american. that speech is -- >> to your heart. >> it's opera. >> donald trump is the agent of change. he will be the leader of the change we need. >> cleveland is buzzle over last
1:52 pm
night's fireworks. >> vote your conscience. vote for candidates who you trust to defend our freedom. >> we will make america proud again. and we will make america great again. >> you are looking live at the dnc in philadelphia where the gavel is about to slam down. it will not be debby wasserman schultz do it. are you prepared now to support hillary clinton? >> i'm not. >> we're going to continue to work hard. >> let's build a better tomorrow for our beloved children and our beloved country. and when we do, america will be greater than ever. >> i said in an interview with neil, to whom i offer my best wishes for a speedy recovery.
1:53 pm
>> i am very happy to be back. ♪ welcome back >> welcome back. >> i've had a lot of democrats over the years said, you know, that neil, he doesn't even have a heart. after this surgery, i've got proof now. >> gary johnson is here to answer for this. >> what would do you if you were elected about aleppo? >> about? >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? >> if it's kissing my chances good-bye, so be it. i've always been served really well by telling the truth. >> you didn't hear it from me but there's apparently a presidential debate tonight. he came into the spin room. set that up -- >> he made his way around the geometric scrum. we were pinned off by veal. >> what are they saying? >> he showed a very good understanding in depth of all the issues. >> i think donald trump crushed this debate. >> okay.
1:54 pm
with prior republican nominees for president, i disagreed with them. but i never questioned their fitness to serve. donald trump is different. >> donald trump today on how he handled himself versus the last debate? >> when msnbc said it was a draw, we won by a knockout. >> jeff is here to announce he is supporting donald trump. i've gotta get my notes up to -- it's all eyes on vegas. ♪ we love kneel cavuto ♪ >> do you like cirque du soleil? >> there is room for everybody. >> i want to go to steve wynn. he has overseen construction of our operations for golden nugget, the mirage, treasure island, i could go on and on. >> go on and on. >> right. keep it going.
1:55 pm
>> no idea whether it's russia, china or anybody else. >> i am not quoting myself. i am quoting 17 -- >> you have no idea. >> that went well. governor rick perry back from dancing with the stars. >> my knee survived it. >> you beat me to the dancing with the stars. good to see you? >> good to see you. it's nice to touch you. >> same here. i get that all the time. you thought donald trump won and he's going to be the next president? >> i said lobby her. >> the american people saw tonight the strength in donald trump's leadership that i think will continue to drive the momentum in this campaign. >> i think he gave the measured answer he gave and didn't say, i'm going to agree to the election. >> that's a very good donald trump impression. all the debates are over. in the next 19 days, it's up to you to decide. all right. it's anyone's guess how this night is going to turn out.
1:56 pm
it's safe to say it's not unfolding like most people thought it would. whatever he is pulling off tonight, he's doing largely on his own. >> give him credit for that. he has done fighting with the world. >> whatever happens in the election tonight, whether trump wins or loses, the republican party is very different. >> dr. carson has been so patient with us. he is a doctor. that's what doctors -- they're very patient. >> no doctors with no parents. >> he seems to have a better path to 70 right now ironically than she does. if that surprises you, i want go out here looking at the markets. it really surprises them. they are panicking. >> cheering the nikkei as well as -- >> that does seem like a crazy nikkei crowd. >> it sounds like usa. you are right, it was nikkei. >> donald trump has won the state of florida. >> the people here obviously very excited. they think we're in the moment
1:57 pm
of history. >> adam, they have -- hillary clinton is worried. she tweeted out, this team has so much to be proud of, whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything. they cannot fathom what they are witnessing. the front runner for the presidency is on the verge of losing it. and donald trump is shocking the world right now. >> he made enormous inroads into changing what we consider the normal run of the table in politics. >> back even in new hampshire -- wait for the map to reset for us. i may have to do it manually. the map is getting tired, too. it didn't anticipate staying up this late. >> they said he staggered and cursed his way to the republican nomination over much more qualified candidates. through it all, donald trump was his own man. she had all the surrogates. she had the president of the united states. she had michelle obama. she had everyone going for her. >> how the media portrayed this -- they had a cover of "new york" that said loser across the
1:58 pm
front of it. >> just obnoxious. it's incredible, folks. you are living through history and watching it on fox business network. i'm assured rival business channels have you covered in skillet commercials. reports that john podesta might address the troops after all. >> she's done an amazing job. and she is not done yet. >> donald trump has won pennsylvania. it is a moot point. donald trump is the next president of the united states. >> the president-elect of the united states of america, donald trump. >> usa! >> thank you. i say, it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> donald trump does have to unite the country. he does have that on his plate. >> you will happy to know that mark cuban tweeted out, we need to give president-elect trump a chance. support the good. lobby against what we disagree on. no one is bigger than us all. >> i think donald disqualified
1:59 pm
himself. you cannot question american democracy. >> mark cuban -- >> hug, hug. you are a hugger. >> one thing, it's time for mark to grow up a little. >> i do hope i never cross you. i don't want to be diminished -- >> i'm speaking to the reality. >> we told you we would be here every step of the way. we told you it's consequential, we were going to be here. i don't know what the other guys are doing. we meant it. >> what an amazing run it has been. thank you so much for joining me today and thank you for being there throughout this election year that certainly is one for the history books. you can catch me every day on the fox business network on the intelligence report weekdays at 2:00 p.m. eastern. will be there tomorrow. hope to see you there. i will be back in for neil at 4:00 p.m. i will be seeing you on both networks. we hope you had a very merry
2:00 pm
christmas. good night. hello, everyone. merry christmas. i'm juan williams. it's 5:00 in new york city. and this is "the five." welcome to our christmas special. we're so glad you are able to join us tonight. we have a big show ahead. santa stopped by a little while ago to drop off presents for us. we will open them later. before we do, we want to reflect back on this remarkable year 2016. we made a lot of new memories together here on "the five," particularly during our two-week road trip to the convention. grab some eggnog. it's time for our road trip rewind.


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