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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 27, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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♪ >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning. >> i am lisa due. >> i am pete hegseth. we have moved away from christmas music already. >> sadly. >> a p brand new war of words between the current and future president. >> president trump firing back against president obama saying he would have won if he ran. >> we have details on this new battle. >> good morning pete and lisa. not only did president obama say he believes he could have won a third term. he also said a majority of americans still believe in his core campaign principles of hope and change. >> the majority does buy into a notion of a one-america that is
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tolerant and diverse and open and full of en de and dynamism. i am confidence in this vision because i am confident if i had run again and articulated it i think i could have mobilized a majority of the people to rally behind it. >> that interview with president obama's former advisor and long-term friend david axelrod had only been out a few hours and mr. trump weighed in on twitter. mr. obama thinks he would have won against me. i say no way. jobs leaving, isis, obamacare, et cetera. he also gave his most pointed critique yet of hillary clinton's campaign. he praised her personally but accused her campaign of essentially being too cautious.
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he equated it to sports when you think you are winning you play it safe. he believes that's a big part of the reason she lost. >> kristin fisher. >> i think we are going to hear a lot from president obama over the next four years. >> in sports you think you are hitting on a lead you sometimes thi are vulnerable. he was saying i could have beat hillary clinton and we would have had a better candidate. >> u.n. vote against israel settlements. >> it calls for cuts of funding for the u.n. until that decision is reversed. >> kelly wright is lye with the latest. >> good morning to you. the ripple effect is still being felt in the united states as well as in the middle east. palestinian president mahmoud abbas applauding the u.n. security council resolution to condemn israeli salemenettlemen.
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he hopes countries will try to form a plan for peace between israel and the palestinians. israeli prime snirn benjamin netanyahu seeks direct caulks with palestinians, abbas has refused. it shows you how fragile the peace talks are. israel is reducing the diplomatic relationships with 12 countries which voted to condemn the settlements. it has prove that president obama opened orchestrate the u.s. security council resolution a vote it says will only hurt the chance for peace. >> this is very, very bad for peace, because in order for israel to negotiate a lasting peace with our palestinian neighbors, we have one car to bri card to bring to the negotiating table that's territory. everyone understands if you have a future piece there has to be some elements territorial compromise. >> mr. netanyahu is trying to bring it to mr. trump's
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negotiation. president trump's tweet of response to the u.s. security council resolution. mr. trump said this. united nations has such great potential but right now it is a club for people to get together. talk and have a good time. so sad. >> jim mcdermott of washington says israel and donald trump's response are the beginning of what he calls a war on american government. it all continues to play out. >> great report kelly. that brings us to look at who is talking and this morning molly hemingway senior editor is slamming the obama administration saying if the u.s. wanted to stop the u.n. deal they could have. >> the u.s. had every incentive to keep this from happening and they had the ability to keep it from happening. whether there's this other information is kind of irrelevant. we know the u.s. wanted it to happen because they allowed it to happen. this causes huge problems for all sorts of relations with israel. it goes against u.s. policy.
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we have never before said settlements are illegal as this policy does. it makes things difficult going forward. we have gotten 25 years of confessions with israel on the condition we would never allow something like this to happen. this is a major mistake by the obama administration. >> key points. they want it to hap opinion they allowed it to happen. >> digging in and gearing up to battle president trump's agenda starting now. threatening to block mr. trump's cabinet picks until they hand over excessive financial information and background checks. waters flat out refusing to meet the trump administration halfway. >> i have no he intention of pretending everything is all right, that we are going to work together. for me, i am going to fight him every inch of the way. this business of calling names and lying and, you know, retreating on your promises, et
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cetera, why should i trust him to be any different with me? >> nancy pelosi spearheading the charge drumming up democrats to defend gop attack on obamacare and the tax code. >> japan's prime minister riving in hawaii for a historic visit to pearl harbor. leader aba will spend time pay ing tribute to those who died in the 1941 attack. he won't be apologizing. it is the first visit from a japanese leader since the world war ii. he went to the cemetery of the pacific for the relief. it came six months after president obama visited hiroshima in japan a site where we dropped a bomb in world war ii saving many lives. >> mall madness across america as shoppers scrambled for post christmas bargains. swat teams dispatched and dozens
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arrested. >> what? >> cheryl casone is here with all of the details. what's going on? >> it has been insane these last 24-hours, guys. you have fights, stamm peedz, all out chaos happening. disturbances are reported at malls in 10 states across the country on the day after christmas. fights like this one that happened in fort worth texas a frighteningly common scene some prompted false reports of gunfire sending shoppers in a panic. and then shoppers in elizabeth new jersey stampeding to the exits after a fallen chair was mistaken for gun shots over a fight that had already broken out. heavily armed swat team with guns checking the scene. to ohio police say teens were running in different directions and potentially planned disturbance causing confused
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shoppers to run to the doors. >> oh my god. what the (bleep). >> then police in tennessee arresting several people following fights at two malls there. a similar scene also happening in aurora, colorado. watch this. the police handcuffing teens outside of a mall after a large dispu disturbance was reported there. malls also shut down in connecticut due to nasty fights breaking out. despite multiple reports of gunfire no police department says weapons were found and no one was reported to be seriously injured. merry christmas and back to you. >> that's why online shop. >> that's right. stay away. >> new yao nigovernight a glirme as a black box is recovered of a military plane.
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more fragments of the plane in the black sea were found including pieces of the fuselage. they are trying to find the second black box as the search intensifies for victims. all 92 people on board will believed to have died. >> lack of fuel is to blame for a crash that claimed the lives of a brazilian soccer team. the plane was so low on gas there wasn't an explosion. the pilots discussed stopping for more fuel but they never did. moments before crashing the motor shut off and they made frantic calls for help. 71 people were killed in the november crash. so sad. >> you need more fuel? >> we have to get it. >> extreme weather wreaking havoc on those trying to get home for the holidays. >> the upper midwest under 16 inches of snow shutting down every highway across south dakota and -- north dakota and southern south dakota.
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>> hundreds of flight delays at airports across the country. freezing rain drenching new england monday with more to come today. >> in parts of florida it is the warm he est december on record. janice dean is here with a look at the forecast. >> santa was wearing a hawaiian shirt in florida that's for shoe. look at the temperatures. new york 55 hear right now. ahead of this cold front we have the warm air from the south. we have cooler temperatures behind the front and the potential for a little bit of snow. the front is pushing across the north add ltlantic. we could see freezing rain and snow across new england. then we watch the next system move into the west. now if you are traveling we might have a few delays across the eastern sea board corridor. future radar shows the next storm system pushing across the northeast on thursday. next storm system from the west which could bring a little bit
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of snow maybe for new year's eve. stay tuned. for now forecast precipitation for thursday watching the storm system across the northeast on thursday and friday and we have to watch the next storm system moving to the west that could bring increment weather on new year's eve. forecast highs for wednesday cooler air moves into the northeast as well as the great lakes and northern plains. still very warm across the southeast. merry christmas to you both. >> keep the 50's and 40's coming. >> i know. i am going to have springtime wear today. >> you look great. >> frantic door to door search for an actress and joeing ga etch tooer who vanished on christmas day. trisha macauley's brother just posted on facebook they found her body. dc police have not confirmed this. it was just posted on facebook. it started when macauley failed to show up at christmas dinner missed a flight in utah the next
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morning. this man being questioned after police spotted him driving macauley's missing car. he is not yet an of oh fish shall suspect. >> just heartbreaking. >> memorials growing this morning as mystery surrounds his shocking death. the music behind the legendary 80's and 90's mega hits. ♪ >> mourners are leaving flowers and notes outside of his north london home. his partner found him dead in bed on christmas day. the singer was just 53 years old. his manager says it was heart failure. police calling it unexplained but not serious. there will be an autopsy. >> the time is 12 minutes after the ptop of the hour. president obama breaks out his favorite excuse blamed fox news
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channel. >> fox news i think specifically mobilized a backlash to this vision. >> the president's favorite bogeyman. but he wasn't done. >> plus all he wants for christmas is white genocide. what? that tweet from a professor calling an internet firestorm this morning. and his refusal to back down. >> we promised this ends well as you watch this video. the stunning video of a toddler being run over by a truck. how did he survive. he did but we are going to show you how. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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>> a professor with a history of white people said he is not the problem. critics of his satirical remarks
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are violent racists. george sicarilo over the weekend tweeted this. all i want tore christmas is white genocide sparking national outrage naturally. now of course as they always do, he says it was a joke. drexel calling the post very disturbing and they say they are taking the situation seriously. >> i don't want to meet that guy. president elect donald trump fepding his foundation. mr. trump tweeting i gave millions of dollars to djt foundation raised to receive millions more all of which is given to charity and the media won't report it. the president elect is in the process of shutting down his charity to avoid a conflict of interest as president. speaking of president elect trump mirroring the sentiment of many as 2016 comes to a close. tweeting in part the world was gloomy before i won. there was no hope. >> a new survey revealing how
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fed up we are with 2016. >> fox news correspondent will car gives us the silver lining on all of that. >> perhaps we started 2016 out on the wrong foot a call by the associated press and times square alliance show ago measly 14 percent got it better this year. about a third say it got worse maybe that's why mother joens declared the dumpster fire as the people meme of 2016. orlando stands as the worst shoting in the united states history. other notable things in france and pakistan. 53 percent of the polls say the storieses impacted them personally. stories of people being killed by police and vice versa were the year's most important news. an overwhelming majority like the presidential election as the biggest story and certainly the
2:19 am
noisiest. >> she is guilty of a very, very serious crime. >> donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger. >> the outcome may have been jarring in the nation but 55 percent think the coming year is going to become better regardless of the west wing regime change with a 12 point improvement from last year's fall. >> it has been a privilege to serve as commander-in-chief. >> being on the side lines benefited president obama he ends the year with a 53 percent approval rating according to the latest fox news poll. the cubs won the world series and u.s. women's gymnastic team swept gold in gymnastics in rio. will car, fox news. >> it is time to brew on this. showing americans we are hopelehop that are hopeless for the new year. >> send us your comments on facebook, twitter or send an
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e-mail at fox we will show them later in the show. >> the time is now 5:19 here at the east coast. this is a fox news alert. an all out manhunt intensifying right now for the last of six inmates still on the run after escaping from prison. >> she is back. jill stein again. she can't let go. the brand new investigation that jill stein is cooking up and calling for. america wants it. they want more jill stein. >> sometimes it is hard to let go. >> we are going to tell you about it.
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>> we are back with a fox news lart. a manhunt for the last of six inmates on the run after christmas jailbreak. police in eastern tennessee convicted felon is the most dangerous of a bunch. ripped a toilet with rescue bolts on the wall while ripping down a door. cops busted the second to last fugitive at a trarl park last night. >> it is at least creative. jill stein won't quit after failed recount bids in pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin the former failed breen party candidate is calling on the department of justice to investigate the integrity of the nation's electoral system. for lawyers demanding attorney general loretta lynch looking to what she calls grave concerns of human error in tampering she claims were uncovered. it is unclear how it changes her less than one percent vote she got nationally. >> remember donald trump getting votes in wisconsin.
2:25 am
president obama is blaming us at fox news for the backlash against him. i am blaming pete personally. >> in an interview with david axelrod most people will have a positive view of the nation over the course of his presidency blaming this news network for the negative approval numbers against republicans. listen. >> i would argue in partisancally somebody like mitch mcconnell or roger ailes at fox news. i think specifically mobilized a backlash to this vision. >> it is not the policies, it is us. obama going on to say that games republicans made in congress were because of the political maneuvering of those men and this network. >> and the time is 5:25 here on the east coast. firing back president elect donald trump taking new aim at the liberal media coming up next. >> oops the internet did it again. please tell me this isn't true.
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>> it is tuesday december 7th. a battle is brewing between current and incoming president. he is hitting back over president obama claims he would have won the election if he ran. >> if i had run again and articulated it i think i could have mobilized the majority of american people to rally behind it. >> we are live in washington as the warrer words heats up. >> israel doubling down insisting the u.s. was behind that united nations vote against israeli settlements. the evidence and the new calls for the u.s. to pull funding from the u.n. we will be live from washington.
2:30 am
>> a fox news alert, mayhem at malls across america. the shocking video as shots are fired, swat teams called in, yes, swat teams and dozens are arrested. >> good bargains. "fox & friends" continues right now. ohio blowed hearnigood morning . i am pete hegseth. >> i am lisa boothe. it is 5:30 on the east coast. a brand new war of words against the current and future president. >> president elect trump firing back after president obama said he would have won the election if he ran. >> kristin fisher is live in washington, d.c. with all of the details in this brewing battle. what's going on here? >> it most certainly is lisa and pete. it didn't take all that long after that interview aired for president elect trump to weigh
2:31 am
in on twitter. he said quote president obama said he thinks he would have won against me. he shouldn't say that, but i say no way. jobs leaving, isis, obamacare, et cetera. president obama made those remarks during the interview with former advisor and long time friend david axelrod. the president used the interview to deliver the most pointed critique yet of hillary clinton's campaign. he praised her personally but accused her campaign of being overly cautious. he equated it with sports. when you think you are winning you play it safe. he believes that's a big part of the reason why she lost. president obama weighed in on how much we can expect to hear from him over the next four years. >> at a certain point you make room for new voices and fresh legs. that doesn't mean if a year from now or a year and a half from now or two years from now there's an issue of such moment,
2:32 am
such import that isn't just a debate about a particular tax bill or a particular policy, but goes to foundational issues about our democracy i might not weigh in. i am still a citizen. >> i think that means we can expect to hear from him at least a little during the trump administration especially because he will be living only a mile away from the white house. >> i think we will be seeing a lot of him over the next four years. that's what that means. >> thank you kristin. >> a shadow government to oppose a top administration. >> he already hinted about that a few times. >> he is behind the vote against settle elements and more. they are cutting fundingu.n. un reversed. arlon kelly wright has the
2:33 am
latest on this. >> the ripple effect of the u.n. settlement vote is being felt in the united states and the middle east. mahmoud abbas today applauding the u.n. security council resolution to condemn israeli settlements in the palestinian territory. he hopes it will be the focus of a january conference in france where countries will come together to try to form a plan for peace between israel and the palestinians. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu seeks a different approach he wants direct talks abbas has refused. this shows the complicated and fragile steps towards peace there. they are reducing diplomatic relationships with 12 countries which voted to condemn the settlement. it has proof president obama helped orchestrate the u.s. security council resolution a vote it says will only hurt the chance for peace. oh oo this is very, very bad for peace.
2:34 am
in order for israel to negotiate a lasting peace with our palestinian neighbors we have one card to bring to the negotiating table that's territory. everyone understands if you have a future piece there has to be some element of a territorial compromise. as for mr. netanyahu he's hoping to find support in the trump administration. he is heartened by the response. mr. trump saying this the united nations has such great potential. right now it is a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. so sad. retiring democrat congressman jim mcdermott says israel and their response are the beginning of what he calls quote a war on american government. >> kelly wright, thank you very much. the u.n. has become a club for a long time defeat on israel. if we are not their friend we don't have many. this morning fox news
2:35 am
contributor charles krauthammer as he always does slamming the u.n. as a pointless organization. >> it is an organization that exacerbates tensions. it does not assuage them. he was born in hope the end of the second world war. turned out to be a disaster. any move to minimize our support for it. any move to get it out of the u.n. imagine if headquarters were in zimbabwe. it would get zero. we have good real estate in new york city and trump ought to foond a way to put his name on it and turn it into condos. >> he is never one to mince words is he? democrats digging in and gearing up to battle president trump'sed administration every step of the way. some blocking mr. trump's cabinet pick others refuse to go meet halfway. >> i have no intention of pretending everything is all
2:36 am
right, that we are going to work together. for me i am going to fight him every inch of the way. this business of calling names and lying and retreating on your promises, et cetera, why should i trust him to be any different with me. >> nancy pelosi is spearheading the charge drumming up democrats to defend gop attacks on obamacare and the tax code. >> president obama leaving the country more divided than it has been in decades. a new pew research center poll showing approval rating at 58 percent. that said only 15 percent of republicans improving his work as president making for the biggest divide between parties since the 60's. more persons prefer his way. michelle obama seeing a 72 percent approval rating. now to a fox news alert. mayhem erupting at malls across america. people cannot contain
2:37 am
themselves. post holiday shoppers throwing punches and starting fights even swat teams being deployed. that's a good use of their time. some of the mall brawls even sounding like gunfire. listen to this. >> what do you hear? >> shooting. >> a similar situation in new jersey as shoppers run for the exits after a fallen chair was mistaken for gun shots. heavily armed swat team as you see swarming the mall with guns checking the scene as they have to if there are reports. despite multiple reports of gunfire nationwide no police departments said weapons were found and no one was reported to be seriously injured thankfully. >> to extreme weather wreaking havoc on travelers trying to get home for the holidays. >> a blizzard baring the areas in the upper midwest over 16 inches of snow. shutting down highways and knocking out power to houses.
2:38 am
weakening systems and freezing rain which can be dicey on the way. >> meanwhile in parts of florida it's the warmest december on record. janice dean is here with a look at the forecast. >> that is it. some of the warm air is traveling northward taking a look at the temperatures right now. 55 in new york city. 53 raleigh. 68 tampa. behind that we have the cold air as the cold front moves through. the system is weakening but look at the 24-hour temperature change. you can see as the cold air moves in temperatures are dropping behind the cold front. so far airport delays looking good according to the faa. it is always good to check ahead just in case if you are travelling today. a new one is moving in the west coast, across the great lakes and will we have a another easter on thursday and friday. that's something to watch. maybe a winter storm for new year's eve.
2:39 am
forecast precipitation as we go through the next few days. maybe rain across the southern tier. we could see a storm again on thursday and friday. the northwest coast is going to remain stormy. look at the forecast highs today. 57 in new york city. a lot of folks may be wearing shorts. >> most people off of school and they have good weather. >> no shorts in new york. >> you never know. new yorkers can be a little crazy. >> they are crazy. i know you are all watching janice as you should be. get to your tv screens. this video is absolutely insane. check this out. a massive truck runs over a toddler as his grandmother pushes his stroller on a crosswalk in china. the big rig dragging the 3-year-old's body like a rag doll. truly it is a miracle. he walks away with scrapes and
2:40 am
bruises. that driver fined 21 bucks for not stopping at a light. >> a business business boy is being hail add here row. the 9-year-old said he couldn't fall asleep at a couch on christmas eve. it was tough. it was a good thing, though, he saw his house filling up with smoke. he ran to his parents's room to warn them. i said dad i see smoke in the house. then he said smoke, smoke? he was all worried. >> the family ran outside and called 911. they found a smoelding piece of timber in the basement was to blame. thank god everyone is okay. >> he is so cute, too. >> 40 minutes after the hour. >> so are you by the way. it is great to be with you this morning. all he wants for christmas is white genocide? that tweet from a professor causen an internet firestorm.
2:41 am
we are live at drexel university with his refusal to back down. >> as it should. >> did you ever get a gift card that you don't want. how to turn it into something that you do next. >> it's my party and i will cry if i want to. the chaos erupting as they hijack a 15-year-old bifrt day party. >> oh, come on. (avo) did you know two areas of your brain can make it hard to lose weight? contrave is an fda-approved weight-loss medicine that may help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... (woman) i'm so hungry. (avo) to reduce hunger. and your reward system... (woman) ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. across three long-term studies, contrave patients lost approximately 2-4x more weight than with diet and exercise alone. contrave is not for everyone. one ingredient in contrave may
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>> a professor known for hating white people says he is not the problem. his satirical quote. >> how drexel university is responding. good morning, dave. >> good morning to you. likely a teachable moment for this professor.
2:45 am
this controversial sweet coming over the christmas weekend. associate professor tweeted all i want for christmas is white genocide. it went viral not long after he sent that out. conservative web sites slamming the professor over the remarks. he is white. he called the tweets satire designed to mock white supremacy. he teaches race relations politics and global studies at drexel university. he has been on tv as a commentator as well. white genocide is an idea invented by white supremacists and quote a figment of imagination and should be mocked. it is not clear what actions the university will take just yet. the university reached out to the professor. they are going to hold a meeting over this. the university did call the comments utterly reprehensible and the professor fired back
2:46 am
saying he is defending his free speech. his tweets are blocked after the controversy. all i want for christmas is white genocide. a lot of controversy. >> david. appreciate that were roing. >> just stunning. >> incredible. >> president elect donald trump defending his foundation while taking shots at the liberal media tweeting i gave millions of dollars to djt foundation all of which is give tone charity and media won't report. he's taking steps to shut down his charity to avoid conflict of interest as president. >> did you get a gift card for christmas that you will never use? of course we have all gotten in. >> isn't it better that i ex campaigni change it for something i enjoy and get a lot of use out of.
2:47 am
>> what did you get? >> credit. >> cheryl casone from her sister network is here with how you can swap it out. >> there's a couple i might return. we have seen the rush to return unwanted gifts over the last 24-hours many americans are likely waking up with gift cards they might not use or want. if you are one of those lucky enough to get a gift you can take your card and either exchange, sell or trade them. first warning sites like ebay and craig's list are ripe with scammers. there are reports of sellers using up the gift card in seconds only to claim it was not subscribed. the seller ends up out of luck for this one. gift card marketplaces if you are looking to buy sell or trade card cash or card pool.
2:48 am
a reputable site can get up to 90 percent of the values. for dollars you can get a discount up to 35 percent and trade cards on card cash in particular. another site raise is a user driven site. similar to ebay but a lot less risky. sellers decide what they are going to accept for their money. i assume both of you got gift cards we don't have to say what you are going to do with them but we wanted to give you options. >> now i know what to do with the stack of gift cards. check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up. i want to see what's coming up. >> you have only seen me dressed for the record. >> could you show a little more enthusiasm when you toss out to me? let me tell you what we have planned. we will do the show in the next three-hours in 12 minutes. former israeli ambassador to the united nations to talk about the
2:49 am
friction between the u.s. and israel and why they are still going ahead building the settlements nis way. governor huckabee will be here talking the escalating tensions. he has been to israel countless times and understands where the relationship is going. we are going to talk about the trump verses obama would be fantasy clash. both talked about it yesterday. what do you think about who would come out victorious if they were to go head to head. the best deals of 2016. how you can still cash in the gifts that you absolutely hated and you can get in and tell everyone you had to return them because they were broken. all coming up on "fox & friends" for the next three hours. even if you were off today, get dressed.
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it was a christmas weekend
2:53 am
bloodbath in chicago. the grim tally at the end of a violent year with more than 700 homicides. the top cop blaming empowered gangs saying more gun laws don't stop gun violence because criminals don't play by society's rules. repeat offenders have tougher penalties. one police department may soon start paying officers to wear body cameras. the new york post reports here in new york city it's offering -- the nypd is offering a 1% salary bump for officers forced to yoot equipment in an effort to bridge the gap in a contract dispute with the police union. about a thousand cops will be chosen to wear them by the end of the year and the cameras will eventually be required for all nypd patrol officers. there is an app for everything these days. now one to help stop drunk driving. a virtual breathalyzer detects when someone who has been drinking -- walking wobbly.
2:54 am
it works using motion sensors. people have to wear google glasses. a microsoft band on the other. the method is 100% accurate. >> i will be 100% skipping that. despite the rumors online, britney spears is alive. ♪ >> this might be the best news i've heard all day. hackers breaking into sony's twitter account, sending this message. rest in peace, britney spears. followed a few minutes later by, britney spears is dead by accident. we'll tell you more soon. fans were sent into a tizzy. sony clarifying their account was hacked and the tweets were deleted. because of it, the world is still a better place, lisa. >> thank goodness she's all right. the it's 5:54 here in new york. a new poll showing americans are
2:55 am
hopeful for a better 2017. what are you looking forward to in the new year? your responses coming up next. a veterans wildest dream coming true. the christmas surprise that will make your morning proud of taylor swift. just because someone grows older does that mean they have to grow apart from their friends, or from the things they love to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals - and most of all, staying engaged - in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome, are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home.
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as we wrap up. the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good.
2:59 am
a world war ii veterans wildest dreams coming true this christmas. taylor swift gave cyrus porter, a world war ii vet a private living room concert. the 92-year-old loves swift because it helps him kengt with his grandchildren. next, the bad. a keens ner a, her father's invitation went viral. thousands of people poured in to wish her a happy 15th birthday. >> that's crazy. quite the seasonal drug bust. officers raided a home. they discovered in marijuana themed christmas tree. >> time for responses. >> americans are hopeful for a better 2017. we want to know what you're hopeful for in the new year. >> he looks forward to happiness and healthy and safe family.
3:00 am
less violence and donald trump making big changes. >> on facebook, she's looking forward to our country being respected and feared once again. there we have it. "fox and friends" starts right now. thanks for joining lisa and i. good morning. it's tuesday, december 27th. i'm abby hundreds mants in for ainsley earhardt. he campaigned hard for hillary clinton and she lost. president obama insists he could have beaten president trump. >> again, i articulated. i think i could have mobilized a majority of people to rally behind her. >> the president-elect is firing back. >> wow. >> tensions escalating also between the u.s. and it was supposed to be the greatest mideast ally. they claim president obama was behind that u.n. resolution. >> we have evidence, it's clear, that the u.s. orchestrated


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