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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 27, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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carrie fisher was 60 years old and she will be missed. thank you so much for joining me today. hope you're off to a great week so far. i'll see you back here tomorrow. donald trump won't give up his twitter. his spokesperson saying we can expect trump to keep tweeting while in office and if the last day is an indication it's going to be interesting. obama claiming he could have beaten the billionaire in the election. plus what to watch when republicans have control of the white house and congress. we'll look at the gop's priorities from obamacare to tax reform. and the brawls at the the malls, why did so many fights break out? also, remembering carrie fisher, the actress who played "star wars" icon princess leia
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has died. that and the news ahead this hour. i'm john scott in for shepard smith. donald trump says there is no chance he would have lost the election to president obama. the president elect responding to the president's claim that he could have beaten trump in this past election. president obama making that comment in an interview with his former advisor and chief campaign strategist david ax axlerod. >> i'm confident if i had run again i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. i know in conversations that i've had with people around the country, even some people who disagreed with me, they would say the vision, the direction, that you point towards is the right one. >> of course under the constitution the president cannot run for a third term so the matchup is purely hypothetical. in that same interview president
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obama said hillary clinton might have played it safe because she thought she was winning. he also said she performed wonderfully despite what he called unfair attacks and mistreatment in the media. obama claimed clinton's loss was not a reflection of his eight years in office. trump tweeted president obama thinks he should have won against me but i say no way. jobs leaving, isis, obamacare, et cetera. peter, the president elect apparently is going to keep tweeting once he takes office. >> reporter: he is, john. the person who will eventually be responsible for plaining what a president trump did or did not mean from the oval office is press secretary shawn spicer who takes over the job come january
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20th. spicer said in an interview he's excited that his boss is going to keep tweeting because nothing has ever been done like this before and the amount of people he can reach like that is massive. >> combined with facebook and instagram it's well over 40 million. i think that allows him to add an element of a conversation that's never occurred. >> reporter: there have been questions about whether or not the president elect was going to keep using his twitter handle. those questions have been answered and another signal that things shouldn't change from the trump tower to the white house is the official helping mr. trump with his social media has been named to a similar role in the white house. >> also on twitter mr. trump defended his foundation. >> reporter: right. he is defending it basic lie there's a lot of talk about this new york attorney general investigation and he's not directly addressing that,
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instead he's focusing on the good work his charity has come. he said i've given millions of dollars given to charity. the foundation unlike most foundations never paid fees, rent, salaries or any expenses. 100% of the money goes to wonderful charities. the new york attorney general's office is apparently investigating the trump foundation because they want to see if any of the money that was donated to the foundation was used for political or personal purposes. the attorney general says that no matter what the president elect wants to do he cannot shut it down until their probe is over. >> so there's a new member on trump's countecounterterror tea >> reporter: a new position has been created for assistant to the president on homeland security and counterterrorism. the quote says the role
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performed by a deputy national security advisor in the previous administration is being elevated and restored to its independent status alongside the national security advisor, a decision that reflects the commitment president-elect donald trump has to the safety and security of the nation, its people and territory. he looks forward to working with the attorney general michael flynn. >> looks like a nice day in west palm beach. enjoy it. >> reporter: they're all nice. >> yeah. donald trump promises to bring down the cost of taking care of kids and elderly relatives for millions of americans. analysts say child care can cost more than college tuition in many states and nearly half of people over 55 do not have any money saved up for retirement. we are live with more. how does the president elect say he plans to help people in this situation? >> reporter: one example, john, president elect trump says he
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wants families to be able to make the decision, to be able to afford to make the decision whether or not they want to stay home and take care of their kids. same goes for taking care of an aging relative. we have bullet points on child care. the president elect wants mother who don't get paid leave from employers to receive six weeks guaranteed ma ternty leave. those under a certain income ceiling could deduct expenses up to a certain amount, this includes stay at home parents and for low-income families the government would provide rebates. right now waiting lists for assisted child care seems never ending in many states. nevada is ranked 47th for child well-being. the director of the children's cabinet says mom's there spend a majority of their income on child care. >> child care is necessary to stabilize families so they can go to work. it's necessary so children can
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have a foundation in those critical years where 90% of their brain is developing. >> reporter: sara is a single mom on a wait list at the children's cabinet. she's struggling and considering a second job. and we don't have that sound there, but trump's plan would be able to help single moms who right now are just working with a patch work of help from family members as well as relatives and doing what they can but truly struggling. we spent time with these families. they're having a difficult time. they're very hopeful for the trump plan. >> it's not just child care, caring for an elderly relative is not cheap either. >> reporter: absolutely. and just one example, when you think about someone who has suffered a stroke, around the clock care for that person costs between $85,150,000 a year.
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president elect trump says he wants to be help with those rising costs. for elder care he wants a savings account that rolls over and is proposing a pretax deduction. the country is facing a serious dilemma in the form of labor in the industry. in colorado the average age of is nurse is 50 and 5% of nurses go into long-term care. >> i think one of the things as americans we don't tend to think about what we'll do when we're not able to care for ourselves. >> reporter: executives say we need to start thinking about how we're going to plan for our aging selves. executives say it's too soon to know how the a plan will impact them. >> what are the cost estimates here? >> reporter: yes. we talked to an economists at the tax foundation.
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here's his analysis. >> i could see this proposal running at least $500 billion in ten years and maybe closer to a trillion depending on what things get included. they may have to scale that back because they might think that's too much to cost the treasury. >> reporter: trump says that cost however will be offset by growth in the economy and a rewriting of the tax code. >> thank you. well, republicans will be in control of both the white house and congress next month, which could make it easier for the gop to push through legislation, but analysts say on certain issues republicans might not vote along party lines and some might even reach across the aisle to democrats. let's bring in our panel. republican strategist brad blakeman and jessicaerlich. if republicans and democrats are going to start working together
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on things it sounds like the kind of congress where pigs might fly. >> yeah, cats and dogs living together. it's crazy we might actually see some functionality and some legislation coming out of congress for the first time in many many moons, but there's a lot of hope. it will be interesting for sure to see the way that i think the trump white house decides to whip and work with congress. i think that will be very interesting. i believe mike pence is in charge of it and he is a former member of congress. very familiar with how both the house and senate work. it could lead to a lot of cooperation but there are certain things that the democrats agree with the president on and certain things that the republicans don't. health care is going to be a major issue that is going to be very divided along party lines, but there's certain things like infrastructure where the proposal that president elect trump has put forward is very popular in a bipartisan way and
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there are a lot of republicans concerned about the stimulus and they may have to rely on democrats in the senate in helping get that legislation through. >> that piece of legislation could cost $1 trillion according to preliminary estimates. you have advised presidents if you are advising president trump what would you say to him about pushing for a $1 trillion infrastructure bill? >> i would say go for it, but we're gonna go for it in a different way than barack obama did. we're going to am or ties those costs over the life over the investment over 15 to 30 years to enable us to afford a home we couldn't afford for cash. that's what donald trump is going to do. these are investments that are going to be used and paid for by the users of that investment
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over a period of maybe 50 years. we're not spending money today. we're creating jobs today but amortizing the cost. >> you're not worried about busting the budget no. >> we're going to be getting income in from the treasury when we start lowering taxes and getting rid of capital gains, creating the velocity of money that's needed. it's money in taxpayers' hands, not tax payers sending money to the government. >> donald trump campaigned on a platform of repealing obamacare. would you expect that to come out of this congress? >> i do actually, but it will be interesting to see because there's a lot of pushback already even from some rank and file republicans, but particularly from the health insurance companies themselves just to repeal it without having a replacement is a dangerous place to put everyone in in terms of what we've seen with
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health care. there's going to be some replacement and right now we haven't really seen a set plan come out of the house or the senate that would be a strong replacement plan, whether donald trump has something up his sleeve i think is yet to be seen. there's been a lot of talk, but nothing solidified and i think just to repeal it and have nothing to replace it with is really going to be a major problem. >> brad, we have 15 seconds. tax reform, do you expect to see it? >> yes. i think we'll see it probably within the first 100 days. this is something that donald trump has to work quickly on. we have the majority in both the house and senate to do it. >> all right. thank you both. ahead, the 44th president versus the 45th. barack obama says he could have beaten donald trump in the election just past. trump doesn't buy it. who you have voted for. the comments and reaction coming up.
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more now on president-elect donald trump and president obama at odds after mr. obama said he could have won the election against mr. trump. trump tweeting no way that would have happened. barack obama says he does not think the election outcome means his message of hope and change was a fantasy. >> what i would argue is that the culture actually did shift, that the majority does buy in to
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the notion of a one america that is tolerant and diverse and open and full of energy and the problem is it doesn't always manifest itself in politics, right. >> let's bring back our panel. his approval numbers were in the mid 50s -- are in the mid 50s as he wraps up his second term. could he have beaten donald trump? >> well, i think there's a lot of hiypothesis there. there were simarities in the sense of the strength of their two personalities to clear fields and break barriers and do
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things no one else has done. with see that with obama and we saw that this year with donald trump. it was an unusual election cycle we saw him go through. a lot had to do with a cult of personality around the two. they're very collhar riss matti and that's what people look to. it would have been wild to see. >> most people do not have a shortage of ego that run for the presidency, but it's not the first time that president obama has suggested he could win a third term. could he. >> we'll never know that, but
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this was the year of the outsider. we saw that with every republican that donald trump managed to beat and clinton was the ultimate insider. don't take my word for it. listen to barack obama when he told people that if you don't vote for hillary it's a reflection on me and if hillary doesn't win it's as if i was on the ballot. he said that in rally after rally. mr. president, i'm sorry, but hillary clinton's loss was your loss. >> i mentioned he has a positive approval rating of about 50 % or so but 70% of people think the country is on the wrong track. isn't that a direct repudation of what barack obama has been up to for these last eight years? >> they don't balance out with each other. i think people see the track that the country has been on going back longer than obama was in office.
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i think they are looking more at like the last two decades rather than just his administration because the numbers just don't match up. that could have to do with the fact that a lot of numbers we've seen in the last election cycle were wrong and didn't match up at all, but i think it has to do a lot with the way that people really hate congress. congress has some of the lowest approval ratings in the history of our nation, whereas the president himself has higher approval ratings. i think people look at it as a split. to brad's point, the president -- hillary clinton did win 3 million more of the actual popular vote. so i think with obama thinking he could have strategized differently, gone out and given his message to people, it would have been maybe a different scenario in that sense. he hasn't given up the hope that got him into office both times that we saw before. >> brad, your former boss has
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been silent since he left office. do you expect the same of this president? >> no, i don't think he will fade away. i think he will be a thorn in the side of donald trump. the question is how soon will that happen and it's my hope they'll follow the lead of fo m former presidents and give donald trump the ability because we only have one president at a time. >> thanks. ahead we'll take you to hawaii where the japanese prime minister is set to visit the pearl harbor memorial with braum. president obama w president obaw .
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president obama and japanese prime minister shinzo abe making a historic trip to pearl harbor today. other japanese leaders have traveled to the site, but abe is the first sitting prime minister to visit the memorial with a u.s. president. it sits above the sunken uss arizona. on december 7th, 19,412,300 americans died when japan attacked pearl harbor. the two leaders wrapped up a private meeting there which might be the last one obama holds with a foreign leader while he's president. kevin, this meeting has been in the works for quite a while, huh? >> reporter: yeah. more than a year if you can believe it.
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i think that underscores the closeness of the relationship between these two allies which is all the more ironic when you consider the history they will be marking of the history they will be marking today. we had a chance to talk about the importance of this day not just for the greatest generation of americans, but also for both of these leaders. this relationship is obviously one of the most important in the american sphere in the pacific rim, the attacks that propelled the u.s. into world war ii happening back on december 7th, 1941, a morning of terror and shock and heroism it should be pointed out as the japanese bombed pearl harbor. today is a reciprocal trip. the president visited japan earlier this year. the prime minister's visit marks
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hope for the future. >> i think the alliance is so strong and it has support. i think president trump will recognize that. >> reporter: how interesting. a close relationship borne out of conflict but one of importance. >> there are a lot of expectations around a visit like this. what do we expect to hear from prime minister abe? >> reporter: if you're looking for an apology, you'll go wanting. that's not going to happen. keep in mind the president did not apologize for the bombing during his visit to japan earlier this year. instead what you should expect is to hear the prime minister really talk about the sort of the themes we heard president obama talk about when he was there. let me give the folks at home a sample of that and that will be more reflective of what we should hear later today. >> since that fateful day we
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have made choices that give us hope. the united states and japan forged not only an aliance, but a friendship that has won far more for our people than we could ever claim through war. >> reporter: wreath laying, a tour and remarks of what is yet to come on this very busy day here. >> how concerned do leaders in japan say they are about the incoming trump administration? >> reporter: by and large they would tell you they have concerns at least based in part on what we heard the candidate trump say on the campaign trail, but i think they would also tell you fairly quickly that the strategic relationship is so important and so enduring that they're not really worried about some sort of strategic shift that might undermine the long-standing relationship between the two nations,
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although the financial dynamics may change a bit if president elect trump has his way. >> thanks, kevin. both president-elect donald trump and israeli prime minister blasting the united nations after friday's vote and there's word israel has no plans to back down. that's next.
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. .
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taking aim at the u.n. again after the security council vo d voted. trump wrote the united nations has great potential but right now it's a club for people to get together to talk and have a good time. israel leaders have criticizing the vote and "the new york times" reports israel will go forward with plans to build new homes in the west bank. john, what are israeli officials saying about this tonight? >> reporter: they continue to take a hard line approach and stance saying that the obama administration was definitely behind this. in fact, one senior israeli official has told me that he has personally seen sensitive material and information proving without a doubt that the obama administration helped orchestrate and craft this
12:32 pm
resolution. the obama administration is firing back saying that's not the case. still, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu continues to take that stance and he over the weekend called the resolution a shameful ambush by the obama administration and israel will hold its ground regarding settlement policies. in fact, construction in some of these settlements is moving forward, although some of that construction was already slated to happen even before this resolution. but nonetheless, the prime minister isn't backing off. he continues to take a hard line stance. he's also says that israel will reassess its ties with the united nations. >> what else are we hearing from the obama administration on this? >> reporter: well, the obama administration officials have said again that the u.s. didn't draft this. they said the egyptians and palestinians drafted the resolution and it was put
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forward that the u.s. had no involvement when it came to that. the deputy national security advisor for president obama was on channel 2 news last night here in israel and again defended the obama administration saying that it wasn't involved, but more so that it's been no secret that president obama and secretary of state john kerry have had concerns about israel's settlement policies and he went on to say that they've been very -- they've expressed a lot of concern about that and israel has absolutely known about that. >> and israeli officials say they're not making any changes to their settlement policies? >> reporter: no. again, the prime minister said that construction is moving forward in these settlements. again, some of that construction, to be clear, had already been slated to move forward even before this resolution, but they're not backing off on that and the prime minister says that this is a country that will continue to maintain and stand its ground,
12:34 pm
but the question and the concern is that if israel continues to take that hard line approach, will there be another resolution drafted and proposed to the security council that will be even more binding than theat wa that if israel doesn't tread lightly it could see even more condemnation coming its way. >> all right. thank you. let's bring in david ruker, senior correspondent for the washington examiner. i'm reminded a couple of years ago when crimea was voting russia went to the security council and quashed the illegal seizure. the united states didn't do
12:35 pm
anything like this time around. >> reporter: no. i don't think what president obama is trying to effect is going to work here. >> what's he trying to effect? >> reporter: i think what he's trying to do is leave an architecture for a peace deal behind such that even though he's out of office in less than 30 days, you create a scenario in which the palestinians and their allies in the region believe -- look at the idea of settlements and whatever else john kerry, the secretary of state, is going to talk to in the coming days, as the basis for a peace deal and it's probably going to be counter to what the israelis and the incoming trump administration would look toward. i think that is the purpose of this. once you have it out there and set the precedent for what happened at the u.n. it becomes something that people who approve of the policy can go back to time and time again. >> so without a doubt in your mind, the obama administration was trying to permanently change
12:36 pm
the kwoegs here. >> reporter: yes. the settlement policy as the president sees it is nothing new. the timing for this u.n. resolution that he did not veto is what is curious. i think it's his way of trying to effect policy with the little time he has left in office. the problem is that the prime minister netanyahu as a matter of internal politics and international politics can't really afford to allow israel to be governed by u.n. resolutions because most of them directed towards the peace process or lack thereof are hostile towards israel so he doesn't want to make it seem as though israel is going to pay attention to these. on top of that, if you look at this resolution, it doesn't distinguish between settlements in the west bank that would become a part of a palestinian state and home building and apartment building in east jer
12:37 pm
rus lum and in that part of ils that is behind a security barrier that is understood will be a part of israel if there ever is a two-state solution. >> can president donald trump undo much of what's happened here or is this essentially a permanent change. >> reporter: the only way he can do is to get a resolution passed without a veto. so if he can get russia to go along and china to go along then i suppose he can undo it. what he can do is with his team reset u.s. policy towards israel and the palestinians away from what the president has done. he can deemphasize this focus on settlement building which was never treated as that big of a deal by either side and try and set new conditions for a peace process. the question is what exactly trump wants to do.
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a year ago trump was saying he was going to be neutral and a year later he's acting like a conventional american politician in siding with israel and talking about reestablishing a stronger u.s. relationship. >> thank you. >> thank you. ahead, unraveling a mystery in the black sea. investigators say they found a black box from a jet that crashed with more than 90 people on board. it could help them figure out why it went down, but teams are also looking at another possible clue that could help crack the case. that's next.
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investigators in russia have begun to study the flight data recorder for clues into what caused a jet to crash on christmas day. teams found the black box today and brought it to a lab outside of moscow. russia's transportation minister said it was too early to learn what caused the crash but they have not found evidence it was a terror attack. crews have recovered at least a dozen bodies. all 92 passengers are presumed to have died when the plane crashed including members of the red army choir. the jet was on its way to syria but crashed minutes after taking off. we are tracking developments. what else are the investigators looking at? >> reporter: there's a
12:42 pm
possibility the plane might have had bad fuel so investigators are now testing samples taken from the fuel tank used to fill the russian plane. we're told those results could be in as early as today. experts are looking at pilot error or technical malfunction. this type of aircraft has been involved in 39 fatal accidents over the years and most were attributed to bad weather or human error, though some crashes were caused by the planes being overloaded. when a plane goes down shortly after takeoff being overweight is a real possibility. we've learned there are several witnesses to the crash including someone who filmed it. it's a big boost to the investigation. of course the cockpit voice recorder and black boxes will give investigators the most vital information.
12:43 pm
so far only the flight data recorder has been located. >> but it's not terrorism. russia was quick to rule that out. >> reporter: it's mostly because of the 12 bodies that have been recovered so far. none of them show any signs of explosives. some experts say the debris field was very wide and that could point to a possible explosion. there's conflicting reports about the final transmission between the cockpit and air traffic control. several news outlets say during the final transmission there is was no panic in the pilot's voice but then suddenly the pilot stopped responding and two minutes into the flight the plane dropped off radar. a 24 hour russian station has now published what it calls a script of the cockpit
12:44 pm
conversation with one pilot yelling about problems with the plane's flaps and shouting commander, we are falling. another agency also says the planes flaps were not functioning in synch causing the plane to stall. the russian defense ministry has not confirmed that information. we should note the jet that crashed was 35 years old. >> thanks. violent fights breaking out at malls all across the country on the day after christmas. reports of fights in 12 malls in 12 states. now investigators say they're trying to figure out whether of them are connected. rob schmidt is here with more. >> reporter: some of this video is scarey, violence erupting at shopping malls all over the country after a very quiet weekend. people coming out after christmas and young teens and young adults mock these malls.
12:45 pm
some of the best video is here in ft. worth, texas. there appears to be in connection between the fights. this video recorded near cleveland, ohio. it shows more of the same. teens meeting at the local mall and a fight erupting, pushing, shoving, punching, running sending shoppers fleeing for exits. >> i seen a girl get trampled over. it was scarey for real. >> reporter: at an outlet mall in new jersey the sound of a chair hitting the floor during a fight sent shoppers into a panic. people thought they heard a gunshot. around eight people were hurt in that one. people screaming shots fired in a mall on long island sent everybody running are fo tfor t there.
12:46 pm
>> police say some of these fights were apparently coordinated on social media? >> reporter: they're saying that two of them were coordinated on social media, but they're not all connected to each other. you had a number of fights in a number of states and two of them were were coordinated on social media. at least two of those individual fights, about 500 teens swarming the food court and one officer said he was surrounded by an unrulely crowd and that's when the decision was made to shut down and evacuate this mall. no customers were hurt. a lot of malls were busy on the day after christmas. a lot of people wanted to get out of the house after a long weekend and this is what happened. >> awfully nasty. thanks. crazy criminals, daring rescues and amazing animals, some of the stories caught on camera this year. we have some of 2016's most
12:47 pm
extraordinary moments. >> reporter: surveillance video, dashboard cams and cell phones catching this year's most dramatic and bizarre moments. take a look at this. an officer stopped to inspect a fallen tree limb and narrowly escaped being crushed by another giant branch or how about this video from georgia where a clerk took on an armed robber by fighting back by hitting him in the face with her hands and the cash register. this guy wasn't after money. apparently he needed a board or go to catch a surf. it's not just criminals caught on tape. look at these people creating a human chain to save the driver of a car engulfed in flames or these heros in alaska coming to the aid of a driver whose car flipped over and caught on fire.
12:48 pm
heroism wasn't sure this year either. people banded together to reach a motorist whose car was becoming submerged in flood waters and this women in her sinking car and her dog trapped inside until moments later, her rescuer pulled him to the surface. a lot of surprises in the land of surveillance and dash cam video this year. check out this mom's reaction when she realizes that the cop who pulls her over has her military son waiting in the backseat to surprise her home from deployment over seas. in texas cameras caught a car going the wrong way on a normally busy highway. fortunately it was late at night and there weren't many people on the road. in phoenix cameras caught these love birds in the middle of a live traffic report making for some embarrassing moments especially when police got them
12:49 pm
down. 2016 has been a tough year for cops but this camera shows what being a police officer is really about, community relations. officer bobby white was responding to a noise complaint in a florida neighborhood but instead of approaching the teens with negativivity he joins in the game. an officer saw a car hit the deer and then the dash cam caught the deer jump in the backseat as the driver stepped out to make sure everything was okay. it gave up and ran off into the woods. not like this deer, though, which came right up to a cop in texas for a good sniff and help getting past a fence. this hawk is looking at a weather cam and this mom's video that went viral getting a kick out of a cha backa mask to surprise her kids. that one racking up millions of
12:50 pm
views online. 2016 was quite a year for caught on camera and as we all use technology more what we capture on video will only get more interesting. in new york fox news. >>
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carrie fisher who rose to fame aspir princess laeia has d at the age of 60. she had been in the hospital after suffering a heart attack during a flight from london to los angeles on friday. just days ago, her mother, debbie reynolds, tweeted she was in stable condition. fisher recently repriced her famous "star wars" role last year in"the force awakens." anita, on sunday we heard she was stable at the hospital. what do we know about what happened? >> well, of course we all heard those reports that she was in stable condition after that massive heart attack. but we are learning today from tmz that carrie fisher apparently never regained
12:54 pm
consciousness from the time she was rushed to the hospital to ucla on friday, she was unresponsive the entire time. passengers on the flight reported that fisher seemed lifeless and that it took a good ten minutes for paramedics to get her pulse back. >> so what do we know about her health leading up to that heart attack? >> well, we know carrie fisher has always been very open about her various health issues. in her best known book postcards froms edge, she wrote about her long battle with depression, drug addiction and mental health issues. she said she wassed a digts asso cocaine and prescription drugs. and she talked about bipolar disorder and how drugs helped her to manage the manicness. and so people wonder if it was a cumulative effect. >> and who from hollywood are we
12:55 pm
hearing from? >> from so many people. social media is filled with condolences today. a few that tap out are from her co-stars from the original "star wars" film, on twitter mark hamill post this had picture about and wrote no words, #devastated. and also from the original cast billy dee williams tweets i'm deeply saddened at the news. she was a dear friend who i greatly respected and admired. the force is dark today. and this just in, a statement from harrison ford who says carrey otherwise wie was a one . and from the star wars creator george lucas, he says she was extremely smart, talented actress, writer and comedian with a very colorful personality that everyone loved. carrie fisher is survived by her brother, mother, and daughter and of course a universe filled with adoring fans. back to you.
12:56 pm
>> gone too soon. anita vogel, thank you. and we'll be right back with a look at the opening of the world's largest indoor theater. and it happened on this day in history.
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on this day in 1932, radio city music hall first opened its doors. it's part of rockefeller center right across the street from us. it started out hosting both movies and stage shows. the christmas spectacular debuted a year later starring the world famous rocketrockette. every year more than a million watch the dancers kick.
1:00 pm
a great place to take in a show. i'm john scott in for shepard smith. thanks for joining us today. your world is next, trish regan in for neil cavuto. you are looking live at mar-a-lago where donald trump is spending the holiday week, but no holiday for democrats who are vowing to battle his nominees and pretty much his every move. one is even refusing to meet with him. >> no, i don't trust him, i don't believe him, i have no intentions of sitting down with him. i'm going to fight him every inch of the way. and i'm going to help show the american people that they, too, cannot trust him. >> so is this really how we'll start the new year, how we'll start a new administration? welcome, everyone. i'm trish


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