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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 28, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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it was quickly followed up with a tweet saying it was meant as a tribute to her hairstyle. i'll see you back 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning to you. it's wednesday, december 28 pt. i'm abby huntsman in for ainsley earhardt this morning. we begin with a fox news alert. the obama administration again denying involvement in the anti-israel resolution and word this morning that secretary of state john kerry could be about to make things a whole lot worse. then, trump tower gets evacuated over reports of a suspicious package. but new york mayor bill de blasio's office mocks the president-elect because of it. where is the respect? i'm not seeing a lot. drama kicking off for the rockettes after the group is confirmed to perform finally at president-elect trump's inauguration. mornings are better with
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friends. ♪ oh, yeah. a little van halen at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. >> 6:00 a.m. jump in the morning. i'm ready to go. that gets me in the mood for the show. >> we were talking about the rockettes. where are they going to perform? up on the balcony. >> a one and a two. let's step on the cabinet. >> where are they going to perform? >> i don't know. >> a room that big. >> can we get on that? >> like beyonce doing a solo. >> 40, 50 dancers apparently. >> more on that story coming up shortly. >> there's a whole lot of news about what's going on with israel and secretary of state john kerry expected to speak
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later on today. but the obama administration is denying that there was any pre involvement in what played out here. israel is saying they've got proof that they were pre-orchestrated this entire thing. >> today, yelled in light of the u.n. resolution which is a blatantly u.n. resolution. not just about settlements. it's about the western wall and east jerusalem, it's a condemnation of israel. they're not denying they're -- we'll play some of that today. john kerry has moved up the lame duck secretary of state john kerry moved up his speech and there's a lot of speculation about what he might try to say and how he might shape the peace process. >> clearly, what he's going to do is push back on prime minister benjamin netanyahu who has been pointing the finger directly at the obama administration. a spokesperson for benjamin netanyahu was on the kelly file saying they have this evidence showing that the obama
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administration, as pete said, directed this. not that they were involved in this, but they planned this whole thing out, this u.n. resolution. watch. >> we know that there was deep collusion with the obama administration and the -- to push the united states at this resolution forward. i don't think everything i know can be shared on tv or shared with a global audience. i want to explain briefly why it's so dangerous. it reemts negotiations. it tries to give the palestinians everything they want up front. the idea that the jewish quarter of jerusalem, the western wall is occupied territory. what if somebody brought a security council resolution saying the heart of washington was occupied territory? >> a lot of people saying why is anyone surprised that this is playing out right now? if you look back at the past eight years and president obama's administration and the
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relationship with benjamin netanya netanyahu. >> although people have denied there's tensions. said oh, no, everything is fine. this is what happens on the way out the door. look at what they're doing. we've made this point the last couple of days. do you think this number one, this anti-israel resolution, the u.s. government would have let it happen and set the table for hillary clinton like that. and that john kerry would be out there today laying outlining sort of the palestinian side of this, pushing back against netanyahu and setting up a worse situation for hillary clinton? no. >> that's exactly what he's laying out is a pro-palestinian position. i think we have a map. we're not going to geek out. this is effectively what they want to go back to the pre-'67 borders which puts. it's like -- if d.c. were given away to an adversary force. the west so-called west back and the gaza strip, key areas and terrain that israel took after
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that war and has given back some of it. if you give back all of it and go back -- it puts them in this incredibly precarious environment surrounded by enemies and terrorist organizations. there isn't one piece of land that the israel hasn't given back that hasn't turned into a terrorist state. understanding the precarious existence of the state of israel. a vote in the u.n. might put -- some people say what does that matter, it matters because they try to condemn them. >> there are a lot of people questioning the purpose of the u.n. in general. for example a producer who covers the u.n., he e-mailed the story of a snapshot of the past year's u.n. he said that they've adopted 20 anti-israel resolutions compared to four for the rest of the world. one for syria, one for iran, one for russia. >> god forbid, they spend any time sang kim jong un is a
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bad -- take him on. hundreds of thousands slaughtered. let's do something about that imt. >> it's a anti-israel, bashing community. israel hats one friend on their side and it's the u.s. they've decided not to. john bolton on the o'reilly factor was talking about how this vote or extension is actually a reflection of how this administration has always felt. take a listen. >> i think there is a personal score to settle. i i think this is a deep reflection of obama's ideology and he sees israel. he dislikes american exceptionalism. he dislikes israeli exceptionalism. this is his way to set it straight. one more country, like the united states is one more country that he's going to try and upset in his remaining days in office. that's what this vote was about. >> i think that's an interesting point in this time of history. you're going to have more and
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more individual countries fighting for themselves and maybe congress taking a serious look at the u.n. once they get back in session after the new year. >> pulling funding, the lack of any relevance whatsoever and john bolton's point is right. it talks about john kerry's speech, the one he gives tomorrow or today is in line with international consensus. that speaks to what this administration is about. >> it won't pro-israel. it hasn't been for a long time. >> we bend to that, we bend to a different world. >> are they sipping their lattes too? >> in skinny jeans as well. good to see you lisa. >> i'm not wearing skinny jeans. >> you'd look great in them, i'm sure. >> oh, thank you. a fox news alert. two strong earthquakes rattling across state lines. the first quake was reported near the nevada/california state line. a second quake minutes later. it could be as far away as
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sacramento and carson city. no major damage or injuries. >> star wars fans mourn the loss of their princess. >> somebody is -- >> into the vault fly boy. >> actress carrie fisher died yesterday, four days after suffering a heart attack on a plane. her role princess leia made her a pop culture icon. mark hamill who played luke skywalker said she played such a crucial role in my professional and personal life and both -- carrie fisher was 60 years old. the president-elect firing back at president obama for saying he could have won a third term if he had wanted to. >> i'm confident that if i -- if have mobilized a d articulated majority of the people to rally behind it.
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>> mr. trump said the lame duck democrat kobts have stood a chance. he tweeted that hillary clinton campaigned hard and the -- the voters wanted to make america great again. this is two more names added to the trump administration. tom bosser and mr. trump's long time attorney, jason green blatt as special representative for international negotiations. a security scare at trump tower met with joke by a spokesperson for the mayor of new york. >> trump tower briefly evacuated as police investigated the suspicious package. it turns out to be a child's backpack filled with toys. after the all clear, incoming press secretary sean spicer tweeted, thanks nypd. to which mayor de blasio spokesperson says no problem, we'll send you the bill. the mayor asked the feds to pay for increased security in the
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city. and those are your headlines. >> thank you, lisa. >> thank you. >> that could have been really a frightening thing, though. >> they were scared. making light of it is a little odd. >> it is, yeah. that relationship has been strained for a while. >> true. the inauguration, can you believe this, it's 24, 23 days from now. that's unbelievable. >> not everyone has said they want to perform at the inauguration. to which mr. trump has said it's not about the a-listers. but the rockettes have -- are now confirmed, right? >> you know all about this. >> i've been following this. >> i'm trying to figure this out. >> you have a member of the rockettes trashing colleagues. at one point, basically laid it all out there and saying, "we do a lot of events. but there have been no events that could cause trauma in and doing this would cause trauma for some people. performing for donald trump is
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traumatic. do they need a safe space for the rockettes? what is the deal. >> it's going to be inside the bubble of the inauguration. the safest space on the planet. it's voluntary from what i'm told. you don't have to perform as a rockette. no one will force you. >> the union basically said you can opt out if you want. >> sure. >> what's the big deal. >> some have declined. elton john and kiss and david foster. >> i don't even know if they were asked. >> rumored to be possibilities, i guess. >> do the american people really care? the folks that voted for donald trump didn't vote for him because kiss was supporting him or not. >> the celebrity videos were never in his favor didn't care. >> tweet us, send us messages on facebook. e-mail us. let us know. >> friends of fox
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>> we're taking suggestions today. >> i actually was going to suggest. your voice. >> you're so nice. >> you know what, that's very nice. i'm going to keep my day job for now. >> she may sing for you later on. >> good stuff. i'll hold my breath. up next, what should the president-elect do with the u.n. going forward. charles krauthammer has an idea. i think it's good real estate in downtown new york city and trump ought to find a way to put his name on it and turn it into condos. love it. is the united nations worth your taxpayer dollars? a closer look at what they actually do. not so -- just called the 2020 -- an old age home. he said that.
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imagine if headquarters were in zimbabwe, the amount of weight and coverage it would get would be zero. i think it's good real estate in downtown new york city. and trump ought to find a way to put his name on it and turn it into condos. >> there's an idea. the last time there was a full breakdown of funding to the u.n., it was $7.7 billion. that's billion with a b. that was six years ago. in the wake of the u.n. vote against israel, is it really worth that money? here to break down the numbers, good morning ron. i wonder what do you think, first of all, about charles krauthamm krauthammer's idea. condos? >> we're getting into different analogies, it's like the greedy squabbling democrats and nothing gets done. that's the problem. you look at that and $8 billion
3:16 am
that was six years ago, right? you look at a simple statistic like this. the u.n. spends about 32% more on their employees than the same comparable position as the u.s. government. the money we're giving them is having a third markup alone. you look at who it empowers. it empowers them to do apt i willist real -- the leader of iran, the -- the real question is a cost benefit analysis. if you look at it from president trump and his benefit, what's the return on investment. and for united states, it's less and less and less. >> that's a good point. we had a presidential campaign where donald trump and hillary clinton talked about how the middle class has been shafted for a long time in this country and their tax dollars are not spent wisely. if you have a viewer putting on their work clothes in middle america, what are their tax dollars going to? what is even the rationale for
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the u.s. and our viewers to be giving their tax dollars over $7 billion a year to the u.n.? what's the rationale? >> there's a couple things the u.n. is supposed to do. food and education. if you look at the history of that, they've had really big scandals, in africa and especially central africa. they've used sexual exploitation. they give out aid in exchange for sex. they were spreading disease when they were supposed to be curing disease. then you look at what they're trying to do as far as stopping genocide and stopping war crimes and you see more than 500 times they've been asked to recently, they've responded to 20% of those. an 80% failure rate for responding to war crimes and genocide. what's the point of having this? the fact of the matter is, the united states could do this and for cheaper and in our own interests where we're not redistributing america's money overseas. iran -- this is a good question.
3:18 am
why are we funding countries and giving money to countries that hate the united states of america? how is that in our interest? >> someone coming to power now and may have a big voice in all of this of course is president-elect donald trump. he sent out a tweet saying the united nations has great potential but right now it's a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. so sad. moving forward here, ron, do you think as president donald trump will be able to actually shake this up? others have talked about doing that before. what might be different this time? >> i hope he does. i'm not saying he should necessarily leave the u.n. but he should threaten to leave the u.n. the real estate in new york is really valuable. we aren't getting anything from it. we should threaten to leave -- we shouldn't contribute more than a quarter of the budget. we're paying more than 182 other countries combined. we need a fair deal and a deal where america isn't giving our money to countries that hate us
3:19 am
and giving our money to hurt our own allies. >> a lot of dollars being wasted. the dollars of hard-working american taxpayers. >> right. that could be used on american infrastructure. that's what trump wants to do. >> we appreciate you coming in early this morning. >> thank you, ed. it was a signature pledge of president-elect trump's campaign. we are going to fix our inner cities. every single american will have the opportunity to realize his or her fullest potential. >> but can he actually deliver after eight years of liberal urban policy. we debate that next. new year, new prices. what's getting more expensive for you? also, what's getting cheaper in 2017? how about your grocery bill? we've got the numbers. you may be surprised.
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welcome back to quick headlines. weeks before he leaves office, president obama signing the emmitt till bill. reopening civil rights cases. he was an african-american teenager lynched in mississippi in 1955. it allows the fbi to bring
3:23 am
justice to those who committed crimes before 1970. the president and the japanese prime minister honoring the lives lost at pearl harbor 75 years after that surprise attack that triggered world war ii. at least america's involvement. the japanese leader did not apologize. >> i offer my sincere and everlasting condolences to the souls who lost their lives here. >> president obama also didn't apologize for the atomic bomb when he visited hiroshima last year. we are going to fix our inner cities. every single american will have the opportunity to realize his or her fullest potential. the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. >> but the question is can donald trump fix the inner
3:24 am
cities hurt by democratic leaders. richard fowler and janine ba really are here. >> you've heard him. this is something he campaigned hard on throughout his campaign. he talked about lack of job opportunities, failing public schools and crime. dineen, how does he make the inner cities better? >> donald trump is the only candidate who talked about the serious issues plaguing the inner city communities. what will he do? listen, he talked about school choice, the importance of having the power in the hands of parents versus government. he talked about educating our kids, seriously needed in the urban communities and he talked about economic empowerment, lower taxes, less regulation, that will incentivize companies to employ the individuals, because high unemployment is another issue plaguing these communities and bring in companies to invest in these
3:25 am
communities, to hire individuals. that is a great way to empower the communities. less crime and people are empowered for their future. >> that's what so many people are wanted. >> infrastructure, richard is a huge problem he hopes to tackle pretty soon when he gets into office. you say that could be a great thing for the inner cities. >> absolutely. i think a billion dollar infrastructure will be great for the cities. before the president-elect can do that, he has to take on members of his own party. anybody who knows anything, to fix the inner cities, you have to work with state governments. a lot of times in state government situations, the state government is holding back the inner cities. detroit, michigan, the public schools have been under the control of statehouse republicans and the governor for the past ten years. in that time, all they did, abby, was run up the debt and run down the conditions of the schools. this time last year we were
3:26 am
talking about detroit public schools and the fact that buildings were falling apart. the reason being is the governor dropped the ball. so donald trump, if he wants to pass a billion dollar infrastructure bill, i'll support it. but his people in his own party have got to get the work done and put the elbow grease in their state cap tols and across the inner cities. >> richard, they've been run by democrats politicians for many, many years. >> let dineen finish. >> they've been run by politicians for many years and seeing the high crime rates and deplorable public schools. you have people in office for many years, they've done nothing for the communities. they're no different from when they went into office. how can you talk about what you just mentioned and you're not even addressing the fact that you have oppressive politicians who have been harming these communities? >> so who has been running the detroit public school system? >> you have individuals running inner city -- >> the governor has been running the -- the governor of michigan,
3:27 am
a republican has been running. >> has done nothing for the communities. >> a figure then -- >> newark is another ex abby, where chris christie and tammy anderson have been running the districts. we're going to have a conversation about fixing the inner cities. let's find out where the problems are, which exist in a lot of state capitals and funds are allocated after they're given to the states and let's have that conversations. >> oftentimes that leadership comes directly from the top. you think about ben carson who is coming in to run h.u.d. how important is his role going to be? >> that's huge. dr. ben carson grew up in inner city detroit. he's a success story for these individuals. i do think he will make a really significant impact in his role at the h.u.d. administration. >> we can all agree that changes do need to be made and that's what matters most in the conversation sniemts good to have you both. >> good to be here. now a fox news alert.
3:28 am
president obama taking on vladimir putin with weeks left in office. we're live with the latest details. no clinton support, no service. the restaurant sparking outrage for refusing to serve its customers who voted for president-elect trump. cannot make this up. happy birthday to sienna miller. the actress is 35 years old today. ♪ don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr.
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early this morning, the obama administration planning to dole out punishment against russia over alleged interference in the 2016 presidential race. >> the clock is ticking for the president. who will hand over his executive authority in just less than a month now? >> kristin fisher is live in
3:31 am
washington, d.c. with the breaking details. good morning, kristin. >> good morning, ed, abby and pete. these punishments including economic sanctions and likely covert cyber operations. this was reported by the "washington post." they say the obama administration is finalizing the details and an announcement could come as early as this week. this is all the response to russia's alleged hacking of democratic organizations like the dnc and its alleged interference in the u.s. election. both the fbi and cia say russia intervened to help mr. trump win. the president-elect remained skeptical of such reports and russia continues to deny any involvement. still, the obama administration is continuing to push ahead with the punishments. according to the "washington post," the white house is wrestling with how to revise an executive order intended to give the president the authority to respond to cyber attacks from overseas. but didn't include efforts to actually influence the electoral system. they're reportedly trying to
3:32 am
make it very difficult for mr. trump to roll back any action that they might take. ed, abby and pete? >> thank you, kristin. let's toss over to lisa booth for the headlines. >> a lot more news. a new report revealing a horrifying reality. isis terrorists are in our backyard. starbucks barista, national guard engineer are all on list. all of them are in the washington, d.c. area. they're guilty of writing pro-isis blogs, planning ft. hood-style massacres and coaching terrorists on how to avoid getting caught. the report out of virginia giving to an intelligence officer how to better identify terrorists. the future of the democratic party is old. that's according to harry reid. when asked if he would support vice president biden for 2020, he told new york magazine it depends who is running. we've got elizabeth warren. she'll be 71.
3:33 am
biden will be 78. bernie sanders will be 79. if hillary clinton runs again, she'll be 73. not mincing words there. you can't eat here. a restaurant sparking outrage telling people who voted for president-elect trump, find somewhere else to eat. this bright yellow handwritten sign plastered on the front door at a cafe in honolulu, hawaii, reading if you voted for trump, you cannot eat here. no nazis. the owner downplaying it, saying anyone can eat here. doesn't sound welcoming. two off-duty firefighters go above and beyond the call of duty. the two jumped into action at gillette stadium on christmas eve. >> we could hear a yell to his father. dad, dad, wake up. what's wrong? >> there was no pulse. we got him out of his seat on to the ground and performed compressions, started cpr. >> the man is recovering at home. >> the firefighters say saving him was like winning the super
3:34 am
bowl. thank god for them. those are your headlines. heroes out there. >> good for them. >> that was a list of news right there. >> i know. so many stories. >> that restaurants refusing to sever -- >> the state of hawaii where president obama is right now. >> extreme weather and a winter storm hp heading east before the new year. thousands still without power across the great plains as they try to dig out from a christmas day snowstorm. >> the system now moving across the great lakes new england. it's leaving a trail across boston. i can see that one. completely crushed a home. will this winter storm ruin your new year's eve plans? i hope now. janice dean is here with more. >> is it going to ruin eric bolling's hair? is that what you're asking me? probably not. >> the answer is no. they should be okay. 38 degrees is what i'm
3:35 am
forecasting with cloudy skies. let's take a look at the maps. this time yesterday it was 20 degrees warmer here in new york city. it was 58, i believe, was the high. it's around 38 right now in the city. it's cold. winter is back. let's look at the radar. i'll show you where the storm system is now. the map is quiet right now. this time tomorrow, it's going to be rainy in new york city and in new england, up towards new england. a big snow event is on the way. the radar, i'll show you this storm system. it's gathered strength across the great lakes and it transfers its energy to a coastal low. what we call a nor'easter this time of year where the winds come from the north and east. we'll advance that and show you the big snowfall totals are going to be up towards new england. along the coast, it's going to be a rain event. it will be too warm for snow. as we get into friday, we could have big snowfall totals in northern new england. it will be blustery with wind
3:36 am
gusts and a big deal for commuters thursday into friday. the good news is, let's advance. let's show you the advisories for the northeast. parts of the northeast up towards new england. winter weather advisories posted. we'll talk about this tomorrow. the good news is for new year's eve, this storm will clear out and it will be better hair weather for kimberly and eric on new year's eve. special thanks to our stage manager joel. i don't have my clicker today. we've been having clicker problems all morning long. joel is my stage manager and my weather producer. big rounds of applause for joel. we love you, joel. >> he's in front of us. >> he's added things to his resume. >> he's a man of many talents. >> he is. >> love you, joel. thank you, janice. >> coming up soon, new prices looking ahead to 2017. which purchases will be more budget friendly and what can you
3:37 am
expect to make more of a dents in your wallet? >> joining us now with a breakdown of pricing trends, expert and best selling author nicole lavin thanks for joining usment. >> a lot of what janice was talking about with the severe weather will affect prices in 2017. specifically, the grocery store. it's a mixed bag and the pun is absolutely intended. prices are going to go up about a percent. actually in 2016 prices decreased for the first time since the '60s. what food inflation gods giveth, they taketh away. coconut products specifically. that's all the rage. coconut oil and milk and water. there's been severe weather in the caribbean which is where a lot of the coconuts come from. olive oil is going to go up because of severe weather in greece and in italy. i know. don't shoot the messenger. here's the worst one. vanilla. there's a shortage in
3:38 am
madagascar. not only are vanilla prices going up, that's not just going to affect your spice cabinet. ice cream, cakes. >> i love coconut and olive oil. avocados also. >> those prices have increased. it's crazy. >> abby, it's so crazy. >> avocados have gone up about 3 bucks each this year. but avocados will actually go down in price as will -- yeah, as will a lot of veggies. peanut butter, go figure, and eggs. >> not just food but also predictions on real estate and what we're looking at. >> real estate prices, specifically for new homes are going to increase about 5%. there are a lack of new home lots available. rents should incompeterease abo. prices of cars should go down
3:39 am
and electric and hybrid cars. >> nicole, what about air travel. reports suggesting gas prices are going up. that impacts on what the airlines charge. >> absolutely. it's nuts. you have to pay for everything these days, right, guys? united made headlines as well for charging for overhead bins for the basic economies. we'll see more of that and a lot of british airlines charging for complaints. seriously. if you have missing baggage and you call them up, used to be able to complain for free. now they'll charge about 33 bucks. >> they're going to sends it to mediation. if they're found valid, you get your money back. if not, you have to pay up. >> they're going to charge you -- >> that sounds worse than abby's avocado toast. >> what is avocado toast? 2016 was an entertaining year. 2017 we might have to entertain ourselves. sports and entertainment, will that cost more or less?
3:40 am
>> are you happy cubs fans? a lot of cubs fans are very happy. but not season tickets holders. season ticket holders should expect to pay 20% more. they are definitely cashing in on the world series success. also, if you have directv packages via at&t, that should increase $2 to $6 a month as well as some regional sports packages. >> the cubs made their fans waits decades to finally win the world series. they do it. been loyal fans and now they get jacked up prices of 20% for season tickets. that's kind of ridiculous. that's what you get for winning. >> thanks nicole. >> good to see you. >> it's been a crazy year on college campuses including massive protest by veterans when a college refused to fly the american flag. most outrageous college controversies of the year is straight ahead. >> i'm still thinking about avocado toast. first, he stabbed israel in the back. now he's getting ready to free
3:41 am
more terrorists from gitmo. national security analyst is here. why it may leave lasting damage.
3:42 am
. . . . .
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hey, searching for a great used car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at quick headlines. caught on camera. a trio of thieves smash through high-end designer store and make off with designer fur coats. the crooks knew what they were doing going for the sable coats which could cost up to $200,000 a pop. a gust of winds sends a man's savings flying through the air after he withdrew thousands
3:44 am
of dollars from a bank. oh, no. this video shows the guy chasing his cash. some good samaritans in china helped him pick it up. believe it or not, he got all of his bills back. at least that's their story and they're sticking with it. pete? president obama taking two parting shots on his way out the door of the white house. white house hoping to free 22 more guantanamo bay detainees before the inauguration on january 20th. as the u.s. turns its back on israel abstaining on a vote. here to react, the executive to the vice president for the center for security policy who also served in the army special forces. jim, you know the issues back to front. two issues. gitmo and israel. what are they trying to do with guantanamo bay and how would they get to closing it? >> pete, you know about gitmo having served there. the bottom line is, obama is trying to deliver on a political promise, not making national security decision with that. the people should not be back in
3:45 am
the wild trying to kill americans and others. so essentially now, he's supposed to release them to countries that will control them in some way. instead the only countries that will take them are countries that support terrorism. he's releasing them back in the wild and giving the enemies free draft picks. >> we've got the numbers of the recidivism rate. the amount of detainees. the bottom number is a key one. the total confirmed or suspected. upwards of a third detainees go back to the fight and could be higher. how are they looking at this through the lens of political promise and not a national security imperative? >> he wanted to turn terrorism into a law enforcement issue. he wanted to bring all those guys back to the u.s. and try them in u.s. courts. fortunately, congress put a provision in the national defense authorization act that said the defense department can't spend a dime to move them to the u.s. and stopped that insane move. they would have gotten constitutional rights that they have no business having and it would have been a horrible thing
3:46 am
and a horrible precedent to set. >> with just less than 30 days to go, based on the roadblocks that congress put in place, do you think he can close gitmo? >> no, he can't thank god for that. that would have been a horrible mistake. we need a place like that. >> trying to tie the hands of the president-elect. >> trump will put a giant sign on that and start stashing bad guys there again. >> speaking of that, when you look at the u.n. and the vote and the blatantly anti-israel vote that went on there, what are they trying to accomplish? john kerry is moving up a speech, hinting at going to the pre-'67 borders. what's the end game? >> obama has been anti-israel from day one. this is another parting shot. it's another reward to the -- israel did nothing to deserve this condemnation. the pre-1967 borders are untenable -- both parties agreed
3:47 am
there had to be a land swap to get to reasonable borders. the palestinians were going to get other land and the israelis were going to keep land that made the borders defensible. >> you talk about reasonable exchanges. we'll put up the ramifications of the vote. it's a so-called west bank ju dade a samaria. the western wall, which is the holiest site in all of judaism. potential boycotts of israeli products, settlements, east jerusalem, including the jewish quarter. this wasn't just about a push for peace. this was a stab. >> this was obama showing his true colors. again, he is anti-israel, pro-palestinian and a little bit too aligned with some much our enemies. in the end, he's made peace much more difficult to achieve by putting israel in a corner and it's not going to help in the slightest. it's another bad decision he made. >> why now? is it because hillary clinton
3:48 am
didn't get elected and they couldn't continue the policies? what are they doing? >> i think he's got a wish list of bad ideas that he's been wanting to do all along and his political consideration stopped him. now he's got absolute flexibility and he's using it to make all of the wishes of the hard left come true. >> totally unchecked. the president-elect, what's the first thing he could do or should do as it pertains to israel? >> as it pertains to israel, put the pressure on the u.n. to repeal this. we pay 22% of the freight for the u.n. he could cut off the money. he's donald trump. he's got friends in new york city. i would cut off their electricity. >> money and electricity. we'll see which one happens. good to see you in new york, jim hanson. if the mainstream media won't give him credit, the president-elect is going to do it himself as jim mentioned. why mr. trump is thanking himself. yes, he's thanking himself.
3:49 am
from one professor calling to the assassination of nra supporters to another calling for the band of trump voters. campus reform, he's in the hallway with abby. he's breaking down the most outrageous college controversy. he's shadow boxing as well. of the year ahead. campus craziness. you don't want to miss it. with directv and at&t, stream live tv anywhere data-free. join directv today starting at $35/month. no extra monthly fees. ♪
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3:52 am
welcome back. it has been a wild year on college campuses across the country. on christmas eve, a professor from drexler university tweeted this, all i want for christmas is white genocide, obviously sparking nationwide outrage, but now insists his words are simply misrepresented satire. the list goes on and on. >> he was just joking. here to break down the craziest college campus stories of 2016. >> i think if we had a top five list, he wanted to make his last-minute bid. >> strong bid. >> it's hard to get on the top five. >> it really is. >> what's number five? >> number five, all year we've
3:53 am
been covering this craziness. there's so much to choose from. we had a video where we asked young hillary supporters crazy quotes of donald trump's, but they were actually quotes, scandals of hillary clinton. we can see what happened. >> which candidate said they carry hot sauce with them everywhere they go to, quote, pander to black voters. >> that's trump. >> we're going trump on this one. what if i told you the correct answer is hillary clinton? >> oh. >> really? >> wow. >> would that be surprising? >> oh, wow. okay. >> that wasn't unbelievable. >> that hot sauce comment, i'll never forget. even they said, you sound like you're pandering to us. >> evidently it was not working. the fact they were college students like, oh, really? >> let me figure out the facts.
3:54 am
>> really, young people in general only go off of what they hear in the mainstream media. of course, they weren't giving anything negative about hillary. >> what's number four? >> rutgers university. a big posterboard around campus was telling students not to speak for fear of offending students and two think twice because they might micro aggress. >> we need to try that with pete for a while. >> it won't work. >> i can't say anything productive. >> how crazy is this? >> college is supposed to be a place where free speech is encouraged and tested. at rutgers and other universities we saw this mentality. >> these are all funny, but the sad part is that's more widespread than we think. you're using rutgers as an example, but this microaggression, 2016 is a year where that blew up.
3:55 am
>> absolutely. we saw this all around the country. places were completely restricting free speech and convincing children -- i'm saying children because they're not treating them like adults. they're not educating them on the importance of the constitution. the nra, of course. everyone loves to beat up on the nra. there was a professor a the a community college in ohio who said he needs to gather up some friends, arm themselves, and shoot up the nra until there were no survivors. he said, look, there's only one solution. a bunch of us anti-gun types are going to have to arm ourselves, storm the nra headquarters in fairfax, virginia, and make sure there are no survivors. >> that's horrible. >> the interesting point is he said us anti-gun folks are going to have to arm ourselves. you know they're not armed in the first place. >> which is funny. but then to play out some of these awful situations we've seen all around the country. >> it's completely wrong.
3:56 am
it really is awful. wrong is wrong. imagine if there's a professor that was saying, you know, we need to arm ourselves and shoot up a planned parenthood or shoot up any sort of place like that. it's wrong. of course, this would have had even more headlines if it was a conservative. >> it's not funny at all, but president anti-gun folks just grabbing a couple pistols and storming the nra headquarters. >> it would not end well for them. >> it was not the easiest year for trump supporters. he ultimately won the election. that might have been the gre greatest revenge. >> there was a protest. two donald trump supporters showed up. one was dressed as harambe. the other was wearing a richard nixon mask. >> is this a tweet? >> this was a professor who put this on facebook saying this is the university where i used to teach. all these current professors got on and said, what can we do to ban these students, do expel them from campus.
3:57 am
so we now have students that are so afraid of expressing themselves politically because they know that professors could literally expel them. >> and tragically, we see the flag desecrated on campuses as well. >> that's number one on your list. >> number one. this was already probably in our top five. the university flew the flag at half-mast when trump won the election. but then they took away the flag altogether because of students who weren't proud of what the flag stood for anymore. it's something to be proud of because it gives them the right to protest and be upset about the election results. >> that deserves to be number one. thanks for being here. president obama says he plans to take a break from public life after january 20th, but is he really just building a shadow government? ed klein has the scoop with what we can expect from the outgoing president. plus, you'll meet the little girl who spent hundreds o on
3:58 am
pokemon toys. remember the story from yesterday? she was sleeping apparently. she's going to tell you how she caught them all. i love this story. ♪ ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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4:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, december 28th. we begin with a fox news alert. the white house says it wasn't me. the obama administration again denying its involvement in that anti-israel resolution as secretary of state john kerry is set to make a speech that could make tensions a whole lot worse. and jill stein isn't the only one refusing to give up on the 2016 election. jill stein just will not go away. michael moore says he has a five-step plan to get president-elect trump kicked out of the white house. i'm sure it's a doozy. >> he's not even there yet. and this 6-year-old kid might be a genius. she cracked her mom's smartphone to spend hundreds of dollars on games by using her mom's
4:01 am
fingerprint while she was sleeping. so what happened when mom found out? we'll ask them live this hour. because mornings are better with your thumbprints. ♪ you know, we talk about a lot of big, important issues here, but this one is big and important. a mystery that must be solved. >> actually, no one seems to have the answer here on this couch. i'm excited to hear your theories later on the show. these are women sitting on the couch. it lookings like one of them doesn't have any legs. >> it's six heads and bodies. >> brian had a theory. a lot of people were getting angry. he was talking about how one of them had really big thighs. i'm not touching that. i think we can solve it without
4:02 am
offending america. >> that's a good way to go. this is exciting. >> we're going to analyze this as best we can. those women on that couch in that basement will be appearing live with us. so if we can't crack it, they're going to crack it for us. >> they're going to be sitting on a couch just like in that photo. >> america needs to know. this is a viral photo no one can figure out. >> where are those legs? why are they missing? >> it will be on our website. take a look at it. >> can we get kilmeade to skype in? >> he's going to get us in trouble. >> brian already made his contribution. >> it was enough. well, this story about the united nations, talking about real big stories and actual news, is interesting in terms of the anti-israeli resolution that passed last friday. every day there's been a new development. a huge one is coming today in terms of secretary of state john kerry giving a speech 11:00 a.m. eastern from the state department, where he is going to
4:03 am
lay out sort of the obama administration's vision for mideast peace, although after what happened last night, how in the world can you come up with mideast peace now. you can argue that it's gotten a lot harder because of what happened in terms of the israel bashing that was going on. >> speculation is that john kerry's speech has been moved up, effectively going to double down on the contours of this resolution, which most see as anti-israeli. they probably think it's laying the groundwork for some potential hypothetical peace deal. they're also denying involvement. they're denying that they were a part of the abstention in this t was so anti-israel. this is the state department spokesman, mark toner, yesterday talking about how they were not involved. take a listen. we'll chat about it. >> the notion that the united states was the driving force behind this resolution, that's just not true. united states did not draft this res loui resolution, nor did it put it
4:04 am
forward. we also made clear at every conversation, in every conversation that the president would make the final decision and that he would have to review the final text before making his final decision. so the idea that this was, again, precooked or that we had agreed upon the text weeks in advance is just not accurate. >> so the reason they're now on the defense, this all comes from israel saying this was cooked up from the very beginning, president obama leading this charge. >> when you hang it on, we weren't involved in the specifics, we didn't technically write it. okay, so we weren't involved in the language, but there's a report this morning saying vice president biden was on the phone, for example, calling the ukrainians saying, let's get this going, guys. the white house hasn't commented on that. but israel has. >> we had david keyes on last night. the spokesman for the israeli prime minister further saying that they did have proof. here's what he said.
4:05 am
>> we know that there was deep collusion between the obama administration and the palestinians in order to push this united states -- this united nations security council resolution forward. i don't think that everything that i know can be shared on tv or can be shared with a global audience. i want to explain just briefly why it's so dangerous. it actually pre-empts negotiations. it tries to give the palestinians everything they want up front. the idea that the jewish quarter can of jerusalem, the western wall, is occupied territory. what if somebody brought a security council resolution saying the heart of washington was occupied territory or the london bridge was occupied territory. >> hereso there's what the stat department says, then the israelis say, we have evidence, we're going to prove it. they understand how serious this is. this is land and the existence of a country.
4:06 am
we have a map of israel. israel had to fight for its existence for decades, surrounded by enemies like egypt, syria, and jordan. the pre-'67 borders make israel extremely vulnerable. t the golan heights in the north, that's not academic. if they don't hold that, huge portions of their entire country are under siege. >> it sparked this huge debate more broadly about the u.n. and what the purpose of the u.n. is. do they have something against israel specifically. this is really interesting. one of our producers who covers the u.n., he e-mailed us this information yesterday. he said just a snapshot over the past year that the u.n. has adopted 20 anti-israel resolutions. you compare that to just four for the rest of that -- one was north korea, one was syria, one for iran, and one for russia. just look at that.
4:07 am
that's a snapshot of just this past year, what they have focused on. >> iran, the big state sponsor of terror. give me a break. >> put that back up, if you can. 20 anti-israel resolutions at the united nations, which we spend billions on every year. the world is on fire. syria, aleppo, isis, north korea, russia is invading ukraine. iran is seeking nuclear weapons. one, one, one, one. 20 against israel. the u.n. is not an organization that exists anymore to educate and health care. it exists to bash the west. israel being the sort of canary in the coal mine, the easiest target for them. if israel doesn't have the u.s., they've got no guarantor. >> and coming out of that action, john kerry giving this speech today. with three weeks to go, why is the administration doing that? three years ago they could have been taking the hard steps to
4:08 am
get us closer to peace. instead, on the way out the door. >> i think all of this could back fair. underneath it all the, it is politics. as mike huckabee said, this is basically president obama giving the big middle finger as he's walking out the door to israel. you could see president-elect trump doubling down when it comes to strengthening our relationship with israel. >> you could see the embassy moving to jerusalem. but why now? i think they were counting on hillary clinton. they were counting on a slow roll extension of their policies, moving more and more toward the pro-palestinian stance. >> had hillary clinton won this election -- >> pray wouldn't be throwing these rhetorical bombs at israel. instead, they'd be trying to set the table. they're trying to leave this big mess for donald trump. >> i think donald trump is going to do a very nice job cleaning that up. >> we'll see what john kerry has to say later today. let's go to lisa boothe -- >> john kerry, please educate me
4:09 am
on the middle east. lisa, educate me on the headlines. >> i will do my best. a quake reported near the nevada/california state line. they could be felt as far away as sacramento and carson city. so far, no reports of major damage or injuries. meanwhile, tributes are pouring in as "star wars" fans mourn the loss of their princess. >> i should have expected to find you holding vader's leash. i recognized your foul stench when i was brought on board. >> actress carrie fisher died yesterday, just days after suffering a heart attack on a plane. her role as olympian success lea made her a pop culture icon. george lucas saying, she was our great and powerful princess, feisty, wise, and full of hope. her mother, debbie reynolds, said thank you to everyone who has embraced the gifts and
4:10 am
talents of my beloved and amazing daughter. and this guy just won't go away. michael moore calling on people to get donald trump kicked out of the white house. he laid out the steps on his facebook page. they are, making your presence known, writing to the dnc, forming a rapid response team to go to the inauguration protest, and running for office. i love this girl. and meet the dallas cowboys fan who just got sweet revenge on her ex-fiance. the woman holding up a sign that says, my fiance dumped me in a text message. he should have waited until after christmas. that's because she bought him tickets to the game. she used the tickets anyway and watched her team win big. those are your headlines. >> i love that story. talk about revenge. >> hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. isn't that what they say? >> and the cowboys won. so yesterday there was a scare at trump tower.
4:11 am
we saw it all blowing up on our phones, that there was an evacuation taking place. of course, like everything else today, it turned political. >> well, it shouldn't, but it does. >> there were people running from trump tower screaming. i think we can hear some of that. they were worried that there was an actual bomb. >> it ended up being a backpack that was just full of toys. still, you don't know what that is. >> of course. this is where the president-elect lives and where they' they're conducting the transition. sean spicer took to twitter. >> eric phillips, where mayor de bl -- mayor de blasio tweeted back and said, we'll send you the bill. the amazing nypd saying how could you make a joke about the
4:12 am
nypd responding quickly to this. >> and you could see it as a joke. the way that de blasio's office had treated the trump transition so far shows you how much animosity they have and how spiteful they've been. it doesn't look like a joke. >> also, just a lack of respect from mayor de blasio's office. whether you agree with mr. trump's policies or not, he is the next president of the united states. regardless of your political affiliation, there is a certain amount of respect, i think, everyone should hold for that office. >> the people running from trump tower may or may not have had anything to do with donald trump. they may have been shopping there. they may have been new york city residents. >> a lot of people running out, afraid for their lives. had something actually happened, i don't think anyone would be laughing. >> people forget that's a location that people could just visit. people are coming and going all day long. their packages and bags are inspected. you want to talk about see something, say something, that's the type of place you would want to do that.
4:13 am
>> the same thing happened at the actual white house, you wouldn't see someone tweeting about, we'll send you the bill. >> it shouldn't be any different. >> no, because it happens at the white house all the time. someone stupidly throws a backpack over the fence, and we all get locked out for a while. then they check it. they do their job. that's what the secret service has to do in that case. but they make sure everybody is okay. you kind of don't joke about that. >> i'm glad it ended up being a backpack full of ftoys and everything was okay. just a lelesses s lesson in the respect we should have for the office. >> all right. well, remember when president obama talked tough about syria? >> the red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my calculus. >> well, his calculus never quite changed. now president-elect trump is inheriting a crisis. former national security staffer inside the white house under president obama, jillian turner,
4:14 am
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give your loved ones ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can tell them where they came from -by revealing their ethnic mix. it's a gift as original as they are. order now at welcome back. president-elect trump about to inherit a world of problems. critics of the obama administration point to a legacy of failed foreign policy, so-called agreements, that have made us weaker on the world stage. here to break them down this morning is fox news contributor jillian turner. she was part of the white house national security council staff under both presidents george w. bush and president obama.
4:17 am
good morning. so you've seen deals like this on both sides of the aisle. under this administration, there's been some critical ones that are going top implications going forward. >> there's very few people out there you're going to find, even supporters of president obama, who are going to tell you that foreign policy has been his strength and that his legacy is going to be really solid there. there's a lot of questions opened up during the course of his administration that are going to have to be answered. >> a lot of questions. one of those is the iranian nuclear deal, which trump says he's going to tear apart. what are the implications of that agreement? >> it's interesting because this deal obviously hasn't failed yet. it's still active right now. but i kind of -- >> actively failing? >> i view it as a fail for the american people and even for the iranian people, who this was billed as being great for. this was this whole ground swell of support from the iranian citizens for this. this was going to open up their economy. it was going to help them grow their national economy. the reality is that ten years from now, if you check back with them, most of them are not going to have significantly better lives.
4:18 am
they're not going to have more money. and that's going to be one of the major tragedies to come from this deal that no one is talking about. then there's the whole reason it's bad for us. it's even worse for us. i think part of what we gave up here when we sat down to the table just do negotiate here without any preconditions was the leverage we had over the rouhani regime. that's something that's going to hurt us in the long term. >> absolutely. syrian red line, a lot of tough rhetoric that never materialized. chaos, humanitarian disaster. what are the implications? >> people will push back on us and say it wasn't really an agreement. there was nothing signed. there was nothing binding. i would argue that something the president of the united states commits to the international community is binding. there's an obligation for him to really account for what has gone down since he reneged on that promise. >> why does he continue to defend that decision, saying i know i didn't intervene the way i said i would, but that was the right call?
4:19 am
>> i think part of the reason is because nobody wants the united states to sort of take the fall for the ensuing civil war that we've seen over the last four years, which has had atrocious humanitarian consequences as well as the refugee crisis that's ensued. it's now gone global. we don't really want to sign up for the buck on that one. had he not reneged on, this some of this could have been mitigated. >> such a moment where america's prestige was diminished. >> and we disappointed a whole slew of allies. >> absolutely. so the russian new star treaty. >> this was signed in 2010 when there was a lot of excitement and hope about president obama. the reality is that every new administration does get a clean slate. they get to decide how they're going to deal with our allies and our adversaries around the globe. many thought that president obama and president putin were going to have a working relationship. i hold this up as a failed agreement in the sense that it kind of -- there was all this
4:20 am
hype. we look back eight years later or six, seven years later and see how far the relationship has really deteriorated. we can't even agree on how to fight common adversaries in i s isis. >> transpacific partnership. >> last one is the tpp. this is counted as a failure because it's wilting on the vine. >> and the president-elect has come out against it. >> the president put a whole lot of personal capital into it. it's not going to come to be. it's a whole lot of wasted energy. >> jillian turner, thanks for yourexpertise. you're going to be with us all week. all right. it can name the fourth president of the united states or order you meet za. but can the amazon echo solve a murder? the ground breaking evidence never used before, next. interesting. and this 6-year-old kid might be a genius. an evil genius. or a wonderful genius. she cracked her mom's
4:21 am
smartphone, spending hundreds of dollars on games, by using her mom's fingerprint on the phone while she slept. absolutely brilliant. so what happened when mom found out? now, that may have been when the chickens came home to roost. we're going to ask them both next hour. look at that cutie. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
4:22 am
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4:24 am
good morning again. time for your news by the numbers. first, $256 million. that's how much panasonic will invest in tesla's new production plant in buffalo, new york. the factory will make power cells for solar panels. next, 80%. that's how many middle-aged british people are overweight, lazy, or drink too much. hello. >> 0.2. fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son. >> the oxford university study found people between 40 and 60 years old are too worried about their kids. and 37. the boss says as long as they get projects done, it'll help with their work-life balance. sounds good, abby. >> wow. that does sound nice. thank you. well, even something as secure as touch i.d. can't protect a christmas budget from a crafty little 6-year-old.
4:25 am
the phone security system was no match for this pokemon fanatic who spent nearly $300 on pokemon toys while using her mom's thumbprint while she was taking a nap. they join us this morning. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> i see you're playing with some pokemon toys. what did you order from your mom's phone? >> can you tell her what you ordered? >> she's a little shy. >> she's shy all the sudden. >> so walk us through what happened. i think there's so many mothers waking up listening to this story thinking, this could happen to me or maybe it's already happened. when did you realize what she had done? >> well, interesting story. it had been an extremely busy weekend leading up to a monday evening that my husband was working late that evening. so i decided to get her ready for bed. we sat down on the couch to watch a movie.
4:26 am
i unintentionally fell asleep in the first probably five minutes of the movie. probably for about 30, 45 minutes. during that time, she got on my phone, which she plays on my phone to get on netflix or youtube. so i think i woke up at one point and saw her on my phone, didn't think twice about it. apparently she was on amazon for the first time. >> that's hilarious. so when you actually saw that things had been ordered on your phone, did you think that it might have been a hack? >> yes. my husband actually receives all the e-mails. we have amazon prime. so he mentioned to me that -- asked me what all i had purchased for her on amazon. i told him there wasn't anything i purchased. so we got on there thinking someone had hacked our account, looked at the address that it was going to, and it was coming to our home address. at that point, we thought, oh, she had possibly purchased them by mistake.
4:27 am
until we talked to her the next morning when i was getting her ready for school and found out that -- and that's when she told me, no, mommy, i was shopping. i said, oh, really? she said, oh, but don't worry, they're all going to ship right here to the house. >> ashlynd, did you know what you were doing? yes, you did. i see the smile on your face. she knew exactly what she was doing. then bethany, you let her keep the toys. >> well, we were able to return four of the toys. the other nine we were not. they were third-party sellers with amazon. all purchases were final. so fortunately, we had an elf on the shelf. the elf told santa claus about what happened. so santa intercepted those nine gifts and brought them on christmas morning. >> that elf, what would we do without those elves on the shelf? so bethany, how do you think she figured out how to do that? 6 years old, you're thinking obviously she watches everything
4:28 am
that you do. >> obviously. i know she -- i've seen her do things on my phone i didn't know how to do before. i had never seen her get on amazon be ever. in some ways, it's still a little bit of a mystery. we have amazon prime. that's programmed into my app. so that's how all of our information i guess was populated, because of that. but still, we're still -- it's kind of a mystery to say the least. >> i love this story. a wake-up call for all parents to be a little more aware of what's going on. ashlynd, you are a smart little 6-year-old. i love the story. thanks for being with us this morning. >> absolutely. thank you for having us. >> good to see you both. all right. coming up next, it was one of this year's most popular christmas gifts. now the amazon echo -- i just ordered one of these. it's fabulous. apparently it can solve a major murder mystery. that is crazy. and after he left office, president bush staid out of the spotlight, but president obama, well, he has far different
4:29 am
plans. ed klein has the inside scoop with what we can expect from the outgoing president. there he is. come on in. when cold and flu hold you back try theraflu expressmax, now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets.
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4:31 am
john kerry set to give a speech today on mideast relations. joining us now, ed klein, the author of "guilty as sin." a lot going on now. we're going to get to exactly how it appears president obama doesn't really want to leave the stage. that's big picture. specifically, this anti-israel u.n. resolution where the administration just abstained. it was basically barack obama again voting present. >> well, i think he had this in mind for a long time.
4:32 am
his rip with bb netanyahu has been so bitter. i think this is his last shot at netanyahu. also, of course, trying to box in donald trump as he comes into office. >> so that's the timing of it. they were assuming hillary clinton presidency, maybe it would have unfolded. otherwise, now they're getting everything done that they can at the end, which is where they really were to begin with. >> i think if hillary had won, i don't think -- i think they would have voted and vetoed this resolution and allowed hillary to carry on the ball. >> to tee it up for her. let's give her a chance at mideast peace. >> exactly. now, they don't want trump to get his shot in. this is -- you know, there's a lot of bitterness between obama and netanyahu. netanyahu came here, talked in front of congress, and tried to undermine the iran deal. this is going on for a long time. i think we're seeing the --
4:33 am
>> you think the white house is surprised by the backlash? it appears they were planning this for a long time. this is their last shot at netanyahu. they thought we're heading out the door, no one is going to notice. people have noticed, and they're speaking out. including democrats. >> absolutely. if you look at mr. rhodes, the deputy national security adviser, who by the way was the guy who set up the benghazi it was really a video that caused the -- >> the narrative. >> yeah. they didn't expect this kind of backlash. >> he also set up the narrative on the iran deal. >> really interesting. it seems like president obama was having a tough time letting go, moving on from his office gracefully, even saying a few days ago that had he been running in 2016, he would have beaten president-elect donald trump. have you seen this before? you try to imagine george w. bush acting like this when he gave the office over to president obama. >> we have a long history in
4:34 am
this country that when a president is done with his term, he packs up his clothes, and gives his successor a chance to run. this is the first time since woodrow wilson that a president is going to stay in washington. they've rented this huge 8,200-square-foot mansion in washington. >> where all the embassies are. >> there's nine bedrooms. >> the obama embassy. >> yes. and there's one bedroom for valerie jarrett. >> always is. >> they've been talking behind the scenes, according to my sources, about setting up essentially a shadow government. >> i've heard you talk about that and some of the outside organizations. what areas do you think they would focus on the most? where are they going to try to preserve the legacy or fight back against a president-elect trump? >> i think what we're going to see is something -- this is a little exaggeration, but something that is going to look a little like the anti-vietnam
4:35 am
war demonstrations back in the 1960s. there's already talk about mass demonstrations during the inauguration in washington. they're talking about storming -- that's the word they used -- the offices in capitol hill to try to stop the nominations of trump's various appointees. they're talking soros and a guy name tom stier, the environmentalist, donating millions of dollars. >> and building up this big organization once he leaves office. he was on "the ax files" with david axelrod,plans. here's what he said. >> with respect to my priorities when i leave, it is to build that next generation of
4:36 am
leadership. organizers, journalists, politicians. i see them in america. i see them around the world. 20-year-olds, 30-year-olds who are just full of talent, full of idealism. and the question is, how do we link them up? how do we give them the tools for them to bring about progressive change? i want to use my presidential center as a mechanism for developing that next generation of talent. >> when he talks about next generation, you play that right off what harry reid said. he admitted the democrats don't have a new generation right now, that joe biden and bernie sanders are all in their late 70s. so their bench is very old. >> very old. but you know, obama is going to have a lot of competition to set up this new government that he's talking about for the future.
4:37 am
he's got the bitter enders and the hillary clinton machinery who also want to be the leaders of the democratic party. he's got capitol hill. we're talking about schumer and nancy pelosi. >> elizabeth warren. >> the left wing. there's going to be a lot of battling inside the party for the heart and soul of that party. >> that's interesting, just sort of the bench and how many democrats want to take the lead there. many people saw the comment about president obama saying he would have beat mr. trump as really a shot at hillary clinton of all people. >> it was. here the president went around the country saying she was the most qualified candidate in history. >> his legacy is on the line. >> forget washington, jefferson, eisenhower, and so forth. his legacy was on the line. and what happened? he went to michigan, north carolina. he went to florida. each of those states went to donald trump. >> i feel like with that statement, he's almost going
4:38 am
back to his sweet spot as a community organizer, a protester, an out-and-out leftist. >> well, he's always been there. that's exactly -- we're going back to where he was when he first took office. exactly. >> and he wants to try to put that obama coalition that hillary clinton could not put together. >> exactly. >> ed klein, we appreciate you being here. >> always appreciate you breaking this stuff down. >> he's a smart guy. >> knows a thing or two. let's go to lisa boothe for headlines this morning. >> hi, guys. well, she made history as afghanistan's first female air force pilot. now she's being forced to seek political asylum in the united states. the captain claims being a successful military woman makes it unsafe for her to live in afghanistan. the 25-year-old was scheduled to go home last week after a 15-month training course with the u.s. air force. afghan officials want her request for asylum denied. now a fox news alert. the obama administration could soon be doling out a series of punishments against russia over
4:39 am
its possible interference in the 2016 presidential election. "the washington post" reporting those punishments could include economic sanctions and could come as early as this week. the fbi and the cia claim they have evidence that showed russia intervened to help mr. trump win. russia continues to deny any involvement. now, get this. one of the hottest holiday gifts of the season could help police solve a murder case. arkansas police reportedly issuing a warrant for information from james bates' amazon echo device. he's accused of strangling and drowning a man in his hot tub. the amazon echo includes an electrical personal assistant that's always listening for its wake word alexa. amazon is refusing to hand that information over though. and we've got to save them. a girl coming off anesthesia at the dentist office who thinks fish are drowning. listen to this. >> the fish are drowning. >> who's drowning? >> the fish. >> the fish are -- the fish are
4:40 am
>> no, they're not. they're drowning. >> she had just gotten her wisdom teeth out. her mother heard in the background trying to tell her the fish are just fine. those are your headlines, guys. >> i love it. >> that's going to live on forever. >> poor thing. it always lives forever on the internet. >> thank you, lisa. i didn't see the fish tank before. >> you know who's brilliant? miss janice dean. >> go on. keep going. >> that's all i had to say. >> beautiful and talented and amazing. >> look at all my friends out here today. where are you from? >> vermont. >> is it a happy birthday today? >> on new year's. >> are you here in new york city for new year's? >> i'm not, but it's my birthday present. >> very nice. any new year's resolutions? >> probably just to work out more. >> work out more.
4:41 am
me too. i haven't worked out since 1984. what's your name? >> lauren. >> where are you from? >> georgia. >> is this your family here? wave. wave, georgia family. what's your last name? >> hood. >> you want to say hi to anybody at home? what do you think of the weather here in new york city? your family is here with you today. >> it's cold. >> you're right. let's look at the temperatures real quick. thanks for coming, everybody. okay. so it's cold here in new york city. 20 degrees colder than it was this time yesterday. you can wave behind me. wave to everybody. they're all watching you on tv. i'm just going to get out of the way. you wave while i'm doing this. here's the next big storm system. this is a nor'easter that is going to bring a lot of rain along the coast and some snowfall across new england. this is our big weather maker as we head into thursday and friday. anybody traveling on thursday? no? that's a good thing. all right. i'll keep you posted. by friday, this is out of the way. then we'll have a very nice new year's eve, which is good news because kimberly and eric are
4:42 am
going to be outside in the elements. wave to everybody. more "fox & friends" for new year's resolution, right? oh, you're so quiet. okay. back inside. >> janice, get them fired up. >> i know, let's get them going this morning, janice. i love that. >> she's always got enough energy for everybody. >> please clap. president obama racing to make good on his promise to close down guantanamo bay. but our next guest says even if he does, it's still a complete failure. an army ranger who served at gitmo here next with a warning. and this photo is still stumping and breaking the internet. six girls but only five sets of legs. what's really going on in that viral photo? we'll analyze then talk to the girls live. they're coming up. >> they're re-creating it.
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
back with some quick headlines. remember this viral photo of hillary clinton hiking after her election loss? well, her forer rival, senator bernie sanders, was also spotted in the wild, sampling cheddar cheese at, you guessed it, costco. it makes sense he was spotted there since the self-proclaimed socialist loves the idea of paying for things in bulk like education and health care. starting january 1st, you can ring in the new year smoking a joint with a glass of champagne if you live in massachusetts and california. that's my plan. also in california, gun owners face new restrictions, and people in illinois have to find a new way to catch catch fish using pitchforks. those are some headlines, pete.
4:46 am
>> i usually hunt with -- >> she's on the curvy couch, not in massachusetts on new year's. president obama racing to complete one of his signature vows, freeing the final detainees and closing guantanamo bay. >> this as we learn nearly a third of those already released have allegedly turned back to terror. here to react, former gitmo medical officer and author of "saving grace" major montgomery granger. good morning. we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you. >> what do you make of the president? it really appears he made this bold promise eight years ago about shutting it down. he could not get it done during that whole time. he's trying to do everything he with to empty those prisoners as quickly as he can. >> and it's despicable. if you could say he cleared unilaterally that the global war on terror was over, maybe he considers all the detainees to be victims. i noticed in the article in "the
4:47 am
wall street journal" yesterday, it talked about 30% known and suspected recidivist from detainees. what about the other 70% we don't know about? where are they? >> we don't know. a lot of it is uncertain and unknown. here he is we less than 30 days in his term. what would you predict he's going to do with the time he has left? >> well, he's already sort of shown his hand that he wants to release about 18 additional what i consider very dangerous detainees back into the fight, which again is unconscionable. these guys would like nothing better than to kill us all. for us to win this war on terror, all islamists have to die or we have to take away their will and means to kill us. guantanamo bay is an important part of winning the war on terror. it is, in fact, the best safest place for detainees, unlawful
4:48 am
combatants in a war on terror. there's no moral comparison between gitmo and what our enemies do with their captives. we haven't executed anyone, beheaded anyone, hacked anyone to death, dragged anybody lifeless through the streets, or burned anyone alive. all things that our enemies have done to us and our allies. >> i pressed the president on some of these stats. he pushed back on me and said, no, no, no, it's not true, about the detainees being released and going back into terror. you've actually investigated this. what evidence do you have that he's actually wrong and that they do go back to terror? >> well, there's a long laundry list. some have gone back and become leaders in terrorist organizations. that's been all over the news. it really is incredible. the taliban five, that was a shock. but nothing shocks me anymore regarding this president and guantanamo bay. it really is a scary scenario.
4:49 am
but there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. i believe that president-elect donald trump will do everything he can to protect americans. >> speaking of that, you mentioned the massive misconception of guantanamo bay. you served there. i did there. i went back a year ago. it's amazing how we bend over backwards for these detainees and how well they're treated. how do you anticipate this facility being used by a president-elect trump? it looks like it will stay open, even though the numbers will go down. it could ramp back up. what's the best way to utilize it? >> well, i spent nine years with u.s. army military police units with enemy prisoners of war functions. i really think that what we need to do is improve it. think of it, all of us pay our taxes and we give them free d qura qurans, prayer beads, muslim chaplain, holiday meals. i think we need to step that back a little bit.
4:50 am
remember that although it's not a penal institution, we're not punishing detainees, we're keeping them and it should be a little more spartan. >> it's true. when i went back there, satellite televisions with 300 channels to choose from. actually, two tvs in case you don't like what you're watching on one. these are radical islamists seeking our destruction. >> and we're paying for that. >> major, good luck with the book. we appreciate you coming in. all right. well, this photo is stumping the internet and the couch this morning. take a look. six girls but only five sets of legs. what's really going on? this is a mystery. there are theories. we're going to get to the bottom of it. these girls are joining us live from that couch, re-creating the pose. >> counting it out. i see six sets. they'll give us the story finally. on this day in 1846, iowa became the 29th state to be admitted to the union. in 1945, congress officially recognized the pledge of
4:51 am
allegiance. in 1979, rupert holmes was topping the charts with his hit "escape." also known as the pina colada.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
all right. we're still talking about the story that's been trending now for two days. six girls sitting on a couch, only five legs. >> five sets of legs. >> but no one can seem to figure out where the legs are. >> it wasn't posted to make it a mystery. people started looking at it and realized, i can't find a set of legs. >> it's not even their basement. >> it's a friend's basement apparently in appleton, wisconsin. they took this photo very recently, posted it recently. we're going to break it down a little bit if we can. i'm going to give you my theory. i don't know that i have a perfect theory. these legs are mysterious. whose legs are those? i think they're hers, but they could be hers because these could be hers. this is where i think the mystery is. are her legs underneath hers maybe? sometimes girls sit with their
4:55 am
legs over each other. doesn't that happen sometimes? my theory is something is going on here. >> i'm going to come check this out. pete, i don't know what your theory is. you didn't give us a theory. you're right. this is the disconnect right here. >> look at that. whose are those? >> i think she's sitting on her l lap, and her legs are underneath here and her feet might be down over here. either that or -- yeah, i think that's what's going on. >> i'm going with girl one, two. she's going girl three, four. >> i feel like we need bill hemmer right now. this is like the billboard. her legs are in cuyahoga county. i think her legs, and i apologize, i don't know your name. we'll find out in a minute. her legs are behind the other girl's legs. >> you stole my theory. >> whose legs are those? >> isn't that her legs? >> her legs are underneath them?
4:56 am
>> yeah. >> why would she sit like that? >> she's the one with the missing legs. >> no, her legs are missing. her legs are right here. no, those are her legs. these legs are hers. >> we've established that. but guess what. >> no, we haven't. abby, these legs right here, they're hers. >> no. >> luckily, these girls are coming to join us from this photo. they're going to tell us -- there they are. live on that same couch where the photo was taken. >> they know the answer. >> i don't know how we booked s. >> they're laughing at us. meanwhile, the 2016 election was a bombshell for political pundits and pollsters alike who were wrong. not even crystal ball could predict this one. >> we're wrong. steve said, i want to see that egg on your face. steve, you're totally wrong.
4:57 am
i don't have egg on my face. i have omelet on my face. >> but he's adjusted course and is ready to make new predictions for 2017. that's next hour will larry get another omelet? plus, this pup is going viral for her epic food coma. wait until you hear what she actually ate. here's a clue. she ruined christmas. >> the legs are missing. where are the legs? >> here, here.
4:58 am
4:59 am
♪ when it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr. good morning. it is wednesday, december 28th. we begin with a fox news alert. this just in. a possible smoking gun that shows the obama administration's involvement in the anti-israel
5:00 am
resolution. john kerry reportedly had a significant role in this. >> john kerry always there. and drama kicking up for the rockettes, who are about to go perform at president-elect trump's inauguration. one rockette is trashing her fellow performers who want to be there. but that's not all. and you just heard our theories about this picture. where are the missing set of legs? this hour we're going to solve the mystery when all the women in that photo are joining us live from wisconsin. >> america needs to know, ed. >> time to get dressed. the ladies are dressed. they're coming up live next. >> they're laughing at us too. ♪ this hour kids are going to test these mini bikes and go carts on our plaza.
5:01 am
i guarantee you i will be on one of those mini bikes. i don't care what the weight restriction is. >> this is what i love about "fox & friends." you never know what's going to happen on the show. >> a couch in wisconsin, a go cart in new york, or mideast peace. >> it's called flexibility. >> there is some breaking news on that this morning. some new reports in. >> yeah, basically a report suggesting that secretary of state john kerry way back in early december sat down with palestinian leaders to start mapping out this strategy at the u.n. we're looking to get comment obviously from the administration about that. all we do know from our own reporting is that there was a meeting. we've looked at state department schedules and whatnot between secretary of state john kerry and these palestinian leaders. what we don't know is whether or not they actually talked about this resolution. that part hasn't leaked out until this report just moments ago. why is that significant? the administration in the last few days has been saying, what, us, involved in this? i don't know what you're talking about. if they were plotting and planning this as israel has
5:02 am
charged -- >> you can't know what was discussed. it's just like loretta lynch and bill clinton on the tarmac before the decision was made. >> they were talking about grandkids. >> golf and grandkids. >> this looks orchestrated, sounds orchestrated, is orchestrated, and nothing happens in the security council or at the u.n. or especially on a vote like israel without us knowing about it. an abstention like that, there were gasps in the u.n. chamber when samantha power did not raise her hand no and instead raised her hand to abstain. this is something that sent ripping effects across the globe. >> israel, they're the ones saying we've got real proof here, that this had been preorchestrated from the beginning, from president obama, from his administration. david keyes, the spokesman for the israeli prime minister was on "the kelly files" last night and doubled down on that evidence. >> we know there was deep collusion between the obama administration and the palestinians in order to push
5:03 am
this united nations security council resolution forward. i don't think that everything that i know can be shared on tv or can be shared with a global audience. i want to explain just very briefly why it's so dangerous, because it actually pre-empts negotiations. it tries to give the palestinians everything they want up front. the idea that the jewish quarter of jerusalem, the western wall, is occupied territory. i mean, what if somebody brought a security council resolution saying the heart of washington was occupied territory or the london bridge was occupied territory. >> so we had ed klein on the couch last hour. he's saying what a number of folks are saying, that people shouldn't be surprised by this. if this is the case and it had been preorchestrated by the obama administration, the relationship between netanyahu and president obama has not been good from the beginning. you look over the past eight years, there has been a strain there. so to sit here an say how could this have happened -- as ed klein said, this has been worked up for the past few years. now they're just acting on it. >> i'm hearing that we've just
5:04 am
learned that steny hoyer, a prominent democrat, is urging secretary of state kerry not to go forward with these remarks. we want to get more information on that. that would add even more intrigue here. why would he be saying that? number one, you've had prominent democrats like chuck schumer saying he didn't agree with what the administration did. number two, there's a lot of people puzzled. why would john kerry come out here now? it appears he's going to push back on benjamin netanyahu, defend president obama of course, and just make this perhaps even worse. and how does that move the peace process forward? >> it doesn't. >> democrats are saying, hey, hold up, buddy. that's interesting. >> steny hoyer saying it flies in the face of long-standing policies of the united states, this speech and what they're attempting to do. they were hoping they would have hillary clinton. it would be an extension of what they've been trying to do. they don't. they have donald trump. they're trying to box him in. you've said a couple times this could really backfire on them.
5:05 am
donald trump has been a staunch supporter of israel and i think understands how precarious their situation truly is and this isn't just a u.n. resolution. this is about land and the future and existence of a state. we put up the map a couple times. we won't geek out forever. the reality is land in that area is precious. there's also huge historic and religious ties. after the '67 war, israel was able to secure land that protected their very viability. the golan haeights, the gaza strip, which they've given away, and east jerusalem, which contains the old city, the western wall, the jewish quarter. >> he wants to go back, kerry r to the pre-'67 borders. >> this has brought up an even bigger debate about the u.n., about the purpose of the u.n. how impactful is it? at the end of the day, is it really just sticking it to israel in th
5:06 am
israel? this just gives you a snapshot of the past year. 20 anti-israel measures have been brought forth at the u.n. north korea is one. one anti-syria, one anti-iran, one anti-russia. >> you've got china building artificial islands in the south china sea. you have a migra migrant crisis. you have isis, syria. all of this going on in the world. the u.n. has become nothing but a breeding ground for anti-semitism and a bludgeon against the west, primarily against israel. if the united states is not there to defend them, then nobody else is. bb netanyahu said it so well. friends don't take friends to the security council. what we did there was throw israel under the bus. this is a bipartisan issue. you brought up steny hoyer. even chuck schumer and others have been staunch defenders of israel. they're going to fight back
5:07 am
against this. president-elect trump's instinct is to do something like scrap the two-state solution. >> you're going to have congress taking a serious look at these resolutions saying this is not right, we're going to have to take a vote. >> the very viability of the u.n. is at stake. a lot of us have questioned it for a long time. if this is what you're spending your time on, why are we funding you? >> and this report is in the "new york post." quoting a statement from steny hoyer, saying that he wants john kerry to pull back on the speech scheduled for 11:00 a.m. eastern. so when you have a leader in the congress, the democratic whip in the house, saying time out, don't go forward with this speech, this is dramatic. >> john kerry was not supposed to speak today. maybe next week. they moved that up because i'm guessing they weren't expecting the backlash they were going to get. now they're getting pushed to not give the speech this is getting complicated. >> you know what else gets complicated? when you hand over land to plo and palestinian authorities and it turns into a terrorist
5:08 am
statement. southern lebanon, the gaza strip, the west bank. that's what's happened. why are we not learning lessons from the past? let's do it on terms that make sense. >> a lot going on this morning. lisa boothe has other headlines. >> good morning. on to more international news. now to a fox news alert. iranian officials claiming to have warned u.s. military forces in that country's air space. an iranian general says they've issued warnings to a dozen fighter jets and drones as they conduct military drills. this is the latest episode in a tense year with iran. a u.s. navy ship was forced to fire warning shots when an iranian vessel got too close in august. and last january, u.s. sailors were taken into custody when they sailed into iranian waters. the "star wars" universe is a little darker this morning as fans pay tribute to their
5:09 am
princess. >> you're braver than i thought. >> come on. >> actress carrie fisher died yesterday, just days after suffering a heart attack on a plane. her role as princess lea cemented her as a pop culture icon. harrison ford, her love interest on and off the screen, called her one of a kind, funny and emotionally fearless. director stephen spielberg said she didn't need the force. she was a force of nature, loyalty, and friendship. carrie fisher gone at 60 years old. president-elect trump firing back at president obama for saying he could have won a third term if he wanted to. >> i'm confident that if i had run again and articulated it, i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> but mr. trump says the lame duck democrat wouldn't have stood a chance since he failed to help hillary clinton. tweeting, president obama campaigned hard and personally in the very important swing states and lost.
5:10 am
the voters wanted to make america great again. this as two more names are added to the trump administration. tom bossert and jason greenblatt. now a security scare at trump tower met with jokes by a spokesman for the mayor of new york. well, very scary there as crowds were sent running as police investigated a suspicious package at trump tower. it turned out, thankfully, just to be a child's backpack which was filled with toys. after the all clear, incoming press secretary sean spicer tweeted, thanks, nypd, to which mayor de blasio's spokesperson said, no problem, we'll send you the bill. earlier this month, the mayor asked the feds to pay for increased security in the city. those are your headlines. >> we've got a special delivery.
5:11 am
abby was talking about the high cost of avocados. >> lisa, you know this. it's gone up. >> she's really concerned about the prices going up. >> i've never heard of avocado toast in my life. >> this is a very important responsibility. >> you know what i say? it's cheaper to buy a loaf of bread and avocado at the store than it is to buy one piece of toast and avocado. >> i prefer white bread wonder bread, but it's good. >> can i just point out, by the way, ed, you always look good. pete's ensemble today. he has this camouflage tie, which is awesome, and matching socks to boot. >> this tie company, they make awesome ties. i'm not even paid for it. >> ed is still celebrating christmas this morning. >> in between planning our cooking show on fox, my mom got me some socks. >> ed's mom might book a show on fox.
5:12 am
>> she might. >> i'm eating all of abby's breakfast right now. all right. so the rockettes are supposed to perform at the inauguration. there are some complaining we're going to be forced into doing this. one rockette went anonymous to complain about donald trump, saying we do a lot of events, but there have been no events that could cause trauma, and doing this would cause trauma for some people. >> i love anonymous statements. >> the majority of us said no immediately, then some said yes, whether it's because they're young and uninformed or they want the money or they think it's an opportunity to move up in the company when other people turn it down. who thought there would be this much drama? just perform for the president. it turns out under president bush, the rockettes had performed. i don't remember that performance. >> young and uninformed, ed. >> do we need them there? >> at the end of the day, donald trump should probably just pull the plug. >> but here are some of the
5:13 am
artists who have declined. elton john, garth brooks, kiss, david foster. when i asked does the country care, because president-elect trump when he ran for this office, that was not at all part of his campaign platform. >> this is about the people, always has been. he doesn't care. i don't think people care. ultimately, it's going to be a new kind of inauguration either way. >> we asked our viewers to weigh in. look at leslie's tweet. let the gifted people in armed forces entertain. we don't want or need the entitled entertainers. >> i like that. another tweet, the american people will be the celebrities at peotus trump's inauguration. >> smells good in here. smells like avocado toast. >> it's great. are democrats the new party of no? well, they're already planning on throwing up roadblocks for the president-elect's picks for his cabinet. but can those nominations really be stopped on capitol hill? the publisher of real clear politics son deck to answer
5:14 am
that. and this greedy pup is going viral for her epic food coma. maybe she had too much avocado toast. wait until you hear what she actually ate. here's a clue. she ruined christmas. >> i bet she ate an entire turkey.
5:15 am
5:16 am
democrats gearing up to take over as the opposition party, vowing to fight president-elect donald trump's proposals and his cabinet picks. they're putting extra scrutiny on four specific nominations. rex tillerson, senator jeff sessions, steve mniuchin, and james mattis. i wonder, we hear about this every four years when a new president comes in or a newly re-elected president shuffles the cabinet. a lot of times there's a lot of
5:17 am
heat and not a lot of light. >> yeah, you're right, ed. you can go back to the turn of the century and count on one hand the number of nominees that have not been confirmed by the senate. there's another handful that run into problems in the vetting process, whether it's undisclosed tacundisclose ed taxes or nanny issues or whatever. but there's a lot of heat and there will be a lot of rhetoric. all of trump's picks are likely to be -- to sail through the senate with very little trouble. tonc >> to your point, since 1977, the only appointment nomination that's been blocked is john tower. as you say, if you've got a nanny issue or something else, oftentimes they pull out before it comes to a vote. so a lot of this just becomes a whole lot of noise. i wonder, look, on one hand republicans sort of made their own bed here because mitch mcconnell and other republican leaders said from day one they
5:18 am
wanted to block everything from president obama, but i also heard in this last campaign a lot of democrats saying when they go low, we go high. what happened to that? >> it's politics. look, politics is warfare. the reason that democrats are going to put up a fight and try and rough up these nominees in committee hearings as much as they can is because it's what the party base is demanding. they want opposition to trump. they want democrats to be unified, in opposition to everything trump does, starting with his nominees. they're going to focus on a few in particular. the one name not on that list that's getting a lot of scrutiny and a lot of attention is tom price at hhs. democrats think they can really leverage him and also his backing of medicare reform to really try and pry away some republican senators there. >> another big one to watch, we're being told, is jeff sessions for attorney general. our own james rosen was reporting yesterday that
5:19 am
sessions and his allies are getti getting frustrated because at this part of the process, you can't speak out and defend yourself. there are stories being written up, dredging up all stories of racism and controversial comments, as you know. this is another problem for these nominees. they can't say anything. their lips are zipped right now. could sessions have some trouble in the senate? >> i don't think so. i think republicans by and large are going to stick with him. he's a senator. there's a bit of decor rum that goes along with this. he'll get more deference than some of these other picks who are outside of the senate club. i don't think sessions is going to have any trouble, even as democrats try and raise those decades' old issues. >> we'll see if they're the new party of no after talking so long over the last eight years about, hey, let's work together. appreciate it, tom. >> yeah, exactly. you bet. thanks, ed. no clinton support, no service. the restaurant sparking outrage for refusing, that's right, refusing to serve trump voters. and this photo is stumping
5:20 am
the internet. six girls but only five sets of legs. we look closely. now it's time to get the real story. there they are, all the women join us live to explain the mystery from wisconsin next.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
some quick headlines. just weeks before he leaves office, president obama signing the emmet till bill, reopening unsolved civil rights cases. till was an african-american teenager who was lynched in mississippi in 1955. the move allows the fbi to bring justice to those who committed these horrible crimes before 1970. the president and japanese prime minister honoring the lives lost at pearl harbor 75 years after that surprise attack. but the japanese leader did not apologize. >> translator: i offer my sincere and everlasting condolences to the souls who lost their lives here. >> this came after the president did not apologize for the atomic bomb when he visited hiroshima last spring. all right. now we turn to a more fun story. >> the story we've been talking about for two days now. this picture, it has gone viral. we talked about it earlier as the buzz grew over what exactly is wrong with this picture.
5:24 am
>> if you've been watching, we analyzed the heck out of it for an entire segment. the picture stumped and broke the internet because one of the women seems to be missing her legs. we need to know what really happened. >> so we've got these women live now to explain it all. from left to right, victoria, kelly, anna, jen, whitney, and allison. good to see you all. >> good morning, ladies. >> morning. >> wow. >> so first of all, tell us how this -- we're all excited to hear what actually happened to those legs. i know you've been giggling at our theories because we're probably way off. how did this come about? where was the picture taken? why was it taken? did you mean to have missing legs? >> so essentially we thought we were taking a girls' picture just down here at our friend's house. when the picture was posted on facebook by allison, i commented saying this is so weird, where are my legs. from there, it just kind of
5:25 am
escalated. i think i can speak for everyone when i say we never anticipated it to go this far. >> we should also note for the accuracy of the photo now live, you're all sitting in the same spots and holding the same drinks. it's pretty early in appleton. >> and wearing the same outfits. you complied incredibly, very nicely. so you just answered the question there, third in from the left. ed and abby think it might be you. kelly, you don't have to reveal it quite yet, but my theory is that it's you. did you respond to it right away and see it and say this just doesn't look right? >> yeah, once we kind of figured out anna's legs were missing, it also looked weird by me too. it's kind of confusing on this side of the couch in general.
5:26 am
>> this whole side. >> can we confirm it is anna with the missing legs, and if so, anna, how uncomfortable is that? >> you know, i've really gotten some comments, like, do you have scoliosis? no, i don't. for some reason, i have a major hip tilt when i sit. i don't know. it's really strange. there's been comments like, are you a couch centaur. >> show us how you did it. >> reveal the mystery. >> whose legs are whose? >> these are mine. >> they're all there. >> do that again. re-create and move back again. >> we were all wrong. >> so whose legs are missing in the photo? it's kelly, number two. >> it's kelly.
5:27 am
>> we have a hip tilt going here. the curved spine. >> so i will give pete the credit for getting that it was kelly's legs. no one got it was the black pants covering it up. >> all the legs are there. you just can't see the black pants. >> they blend together very nicely. >> so pete had the right person but the wrong theory. you get more points than we do. >> guys, this has been fascinating. >> what will be your next trick? >> good question. >> we'll think of something. >> if you're drinking in a basement in appleton, wisconsin, at 7:30 in the morning, you're on your way. >> anything is possible. guys, thanks for being here this morning. we loved having you. thanks for helping us all understand where the legs went. >> nothing better than -- mornings are better with friends, here and in appleton, wisconsin, on a couch, re-creating a photo.
5:28 am
thank you very much. >> happy new year. thanks for coming in. we want to transition to a fox news alert. word this morning that president obama is out for revenge against vladimir putin for interfering in the election. we're live in washington with those details. that's coming up right after this. and $25 is all you need to cook these three complete meals for your family. we'll show you how it's done in minutes, then we'll eat it.
5:29 am
5:30 am
here is your shot of the morning. talk about a food coma. this takes it to a whole new
5:31 am
level. >> this dog ate her family's entire christmas dinner turkey. can you believe this? the pooch collapsing on the floor, unable to move after that feast. >> how long were they out of the kitchen? she left just a single scrap apparently on the counter. the family still able to celebrate after friends brought food over to them. but that dog, amazing. >> do you think the dog is that big or the turkey expanded the stomach? >> it's like after thanksgiving when you just need a nap. that one is just out. >> you know when the snakes eat an animal and it just sits in there. that's like that dog. >> i have a feeling it might not have ended well. >> yeah, we should move on. we have a fox news alert. >> we do. the obama administration reportedly trying to dole out punishment against russia over its alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election. >> but the clock is ticking for the president. who will hand over his executive
5:32 am
authority in less than one month? >> kristen fisher live in washington with the breaking details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it appears the president is now trying to use his executive authority to punish russia with economic sanctions and likely some kind of covert cyber operation. according to "the washington post," the white house has been wrestling with how to revise an executive order that was intended to give the president the authority to respond to certain kinds of cyber attacks but not cyber attacks intended to influence the electoral system. both the fbi and cia now say russia did try to interfere in the u.s. election in an effort to help mr. trump win, but the president-elect has remained skeptical of such reports, and russia continues to deny any involvement. still, the obama administration is continuing to push ahead with these economic sanctions and diplomatic censures. according to the post, right now they're finalizing the details. an announcement about the public parts of this response, not that covert or likely covert cyber op, but an announcement about the public parts of this
5:33 am
response could come as early as this week. ed, abby, and pete? >> we'll be looking for it. >> thank you, kristen. let's go to lisa boothe for some other head lines this morning. >> hi, guys. good morning. a fox news alert. a series of earthquakes rattling people out west overnight. the first quake was reported near the nevada/california state line. the second happening just minutes later. it was followed by dozens of aftershocks. they could be felt as far away as sacramento and carson city. there are no reports of major damage or injuries. and this, a new report revealing a horrifying reality. isis terrorists are in our backyard. honors college students, a starbucks barista t and a cop all on the list. all of them are in the washington, d.c., area. they're guilty of writing pro-isis blogs, planning ft. hood-style massacres. the report was given to intelligence officials to help better identify wannabe terrorists. and you may be hungry, but
5:34 am
you can't eat here. a restaurant sparking outrage, telling people who voted for president-elect trump, find somewhere else to eat. as you can see, this bright yellow handwritten sign plastered on the front door at the cafe in honolulu, reading, if you voted for trump, you cannot eat here, no nazis. the owners are now trying to down play it, saying everyone is welcome, but the sign is staying up. i have a feeling people will not feeling welcome there. all right. we're going to show you this video. a gust of wind sends a man flying through the air right after he withdrew thousands of dollars from his bank. this surveillance video shows the guy chasing his cash, as we all would. thankfully, some good samaritans in chinalped. they helped him pick it up. believe it or not, he got all of his bills back. thank god. those are your headlines. >> you would see me chasing after my cash. >> i would help you guys too. >> that's sweet, lisa. i know you would. >> you might put a few in your pocket.
5:35 am
>> maybe two or three. >> see. >> janice never would though. janice dean is the nicest human being of all. >> so listen. pete earlier today was like, that crowd at 7:30 was like -- are you guys happy to be here? [ cheers and applause ] oh, yeah. what's your favorite channel? >> fox news! >> yes! all right, all right, all right. now, birthday. happy birthday. what's your name? >> laura. >> where are you from? >> alabama. >> where are you from? >> alabama. >> what's your name? >> maddy. >> excellent. let's do some weather. then we're going say hi to everybody. actually, we're going to do some weather and ed is going to pan down this beautiful crowd. so give your best wave, okay? all right. here are your current temperatures. it's around 38 here in new york city. a little cool, but it could be a lot colder than that. we're watching a storm system
5:36 am
across the northeast starting tomorrow. it moves into new england into friday, where we could have a ton of snowfall. look at that crowd. i'm so proud of you guys. oh, yeah, pete. take that, my friend. >> janice dean, i approve. well done. >> thank you. >> no one motivates like you. >> i love it. i love their energy out there. love it, love it. >> outstanding. >> thank you, janice. >> scooters in a little bit too. >> we're going to try. you tried to save time and money in 2017. >> what if we told you with just 25 bucks and a quick trip to the store, you can make multiple meals for the whole family. >> here to explain is the author of a new cookbook. >> good morning. it smells good in here. >> it does. it does not cost a lot of money to make dinner for your family every night. and it's not complicated. i'm going to show you that today. i have three different recipes that kind of use the same ingredients and same techniques, but your family will think
5:37 am
they're eating completely different things. we're going to start with my chicken pot pie, which is really easy. the key to all of these recipes is you need to poach your chicken all day in your slow cooker. when you come home after a long day, your chicken is done. >> i just got one for christmas. i'm excited. >> just chicken and water. poach it on low all day. >> that's what poaching means? >> it's like boiling it. that's poaching. you'll come home, your chicken will be ready. you can start from there. we're going to start on the skillet. we have our chicken done. we're going to add some butter. we're going to add our frozen veggies. whatever you like. there's a nice mix there of carrots, peas, corn. >> i don't like the veggies that much. >> we're going to add our chicken that we poached in the slow cooker. simple ingredients here. we're going to add just some cream of chicken soup. mix all of that together with a nice pinch of salt and pepper. it already looks good.
5:38 am
a little salt, a little pepper. you wouldn't transfer this to a baking dish. turn your oven to 425. top it with refrigerated biscuit dough. >> who doesn't love those? >> so easy. you're going to top that. then you're going to bake it for eight to ten minutes. then your family has had chicken pot pie. look how pretty that looks. eight to ten minutes in the oven. that's it. >> what else can we look at? >> over here, chicken and dumplings. kind of the same thing. use the sames s bs b biscuits. tear your biscuits, put it in there. >> same soup. >> same soup, same biscuits. at the end of the day, it's done. i'm a texas girl. this is like a texas version of chicken with rice. it has your salsa, your green
5:39 am
onions, a little kick. you're letting the slow cooker do all the work with your chicken. at the end of the day, for hardfully any mon-- hardly any t all, you have three meals for your family. >> i'm eating it out of the pan. so good. >> so easy, so affordable. >> as you said, it's so easy to do, and the kids don't even know you're using the same ingredients. >> absolutely. everybody will be fooled. they'll feel like they had three completely different meals. you spent less than $25. >> thanks for being here. >> congrats on the book too. >> >> that stuff tastes good. >> thank you very much. the 2016 election was a bombshell for political pundits and pollsters alike. not even larry sabatos' crystal ball could have predicted this one. >> we were wrong. steve just said, i want to see that egg on your face. steve, you're totally wrong. i don't have egg on my face. i have omelet on my face. >> well, larry finally gathered
5:40 am
his thoughts. he joins us live with some political predictions. yeah, he's fearless. he's going to come up with new predictions for 2017. >> oh, he's back. and these kids aren't even allowed to drive, but they're burning rubber here on the plaza. no, janice has hijacked the kid mobiles. let's keep that camera right there. some kids will eventually be on them. adult kids like janice and me and ed and abby.
5:41 am
5:42 am
time for your news by the numbers. first, 15 wins and 16 losses. that's the wrong side of the ledger. that was rex ryan's record as head coach of the buffalo bills. the team firing him after less than two seasons on the job. next, january 7th.
5:43 am
that's the first of the cheapest days to fly in 2017. the winter deals go through march 5th, but watch out for a spike in mid-february when everyone wants to go on vacat n vacation. and finally, number one. scarlett johansson dominating as a superhero and taking it all the way to the bank. she has a bigger bank account than you and me. johansson named the top grossing actress of 2016 for the second year in a row. abby, over to you. >> good for her. thanks, pete. so the 2016 election proved to be a tough loss for political pundits and pollsters. not even larry sabatos' crystal ball could have predicted the outcome correctly. >> we were wrong, okay? the entire punditry industry, the entire polling industry, the entire analyst industry. and i want to use this opportunity to take my fair share of the blame. we were wrong.
5:44 am
and steve just said, i want to see that egg on your face. steve, you're totally wrong. i don't have egg on my face. i have omelet on my face. >> a little slice of humble pie. he has recovered and he's ready to make some predictions for 2017. good morning. how can we believe your predictions for 2017 after getting it so wrong? >> because i have ordered a brand spanking new crystal ball. unfortunately, they only make them in china. maybe that will change under the trump administration. but i ordered them in bulk. there was a discount for bulk orders. i'm going to give them to all the other pundits and commentators and reporters who also got it all wrong in 2016. but look, if it doesn't work out, i'm just going to go and sell pillows with the my pillow guy. everybody thinks i look like him anyway. i'm going to join forces. i'll probably have a happier
5:45 am
life. >> he's doing pretty well for himself. let's talk about 2017. one of your predictions you say is going to be a very productive year. >> yes. i take that again based on history and the fact you have a president, a senate, and a house of the same party. normally when you unite those three, you end up having at least eight months to a year of real productivity, legislatively and otherwise, before the natural political forces tend to take over and become somewhat divisive. so i believe there will be a lot of legislation, obviously a lot of new executive orders, a revoking of old executive orders, and most of the campaign pledges, i think, will end up being validated. >> well, in order to have a productive year, you need all sides working together. but you say this year is also going to be a polarizing one. >> yeah, i think it's important to note that even though you have the republicans working in tandem, we have a two-party
5:46 am
system basically. we have a very polarized system. that's true in the entire modern era. if anything, the polarization intensified in 2016. i don't see it going away any time soon. >> all right. the supreme court, that's a huge one for so many people. for many, the number one reason they went out and voted this time around. you say there will be a full supreme court this year. >> absolutely. you can't put a date on it. although, i wouldn't be surprised if it happened by midyear. i think it's going to be a very high priority for the trump administration. they've already got a list. trump released that during the campaign. a list from which he will take the nominee. again, he's got the senate. i understand the potential you could have that filibuster, but i think they'll be able to work around that. they'll have a full complement on the supreme court by the end of the year, maybe much sooner than that. >> all right. so every year it seems there are groups that are convinced that it is going to be the end of the world. you say 2017 the world is not
5:47 am
coming to an end. everyone just calm down. >> i found a great example, which i shared with you. somehow the total solar eclipse that's coming in 2017 will, in fact, destroy the earth. here's a prediction you can take to the bank. it won't happen. i really mean that one. it won't happen. >> all right. well, if not, you will do great at my pillow. i'm convinced. larry, always good to see you. >> happy new year. coming up, harry reid with a dire warning for his own party. who he's calling old and why he already thinks the 2020 election could already be in jeopardy. and these kids aren't even allowed to drive, but they're already burning rubber here on the plaza. there's pete. there's ed. there's janice dean. they're all going to go head to head with these young kids. you're going to want to stick around for this one. we live in a pick and choose world.
5:48 am
choose. choose. choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now, save $600 on our best selling i8 mattress, plus 24 month special financing. learn more at know better sleep with sleep number.
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get your motors running. there's a new american assembled brand of go carts and electric bikes for your little racer at home. >> the ceo joins us now with more. good morning. >> good morning. >> we have been so excited. these guys have been waiting to ride these all morning long. >> they're revving the engines. >> what's new with these? >> moa third of our sales were assembled here in the u.s. last year. the majority of our sales in 2017 will all be assembled here. >> good american jobs. >> we love that. all american made. walk us through some of these bikes. look at janice dean. >> he's on our classic mini bike. >> what a great sport. >> this american flag mini bike was assembled in louisiana. >> i'm going to fire your engine up. >> go, janice. >> the second is our 80 cc go
5:52 am
cart. same engine, lots of fun, safe. >> how cool is this? you love it? show us how to ride. >> go ahead. >> now, if you want to start off with the littler one, this is our e-mini. >> oh, my gosh. >> i love that. >> have you ever seen a toy with a metal disk break? me either because this isn't a toy, it's a machine. as soon as you're off your training wheels on your bike, you can ride this. >> boys on that kind of thing love it. like me, i'm a kid. >> this guy is still learning. >> absolutely. >> does this come with traini i wheels? >> this is brand new, launching this year. this is our e-1000. it's all electric. instant torque. you've been having a lot of fun on it, right? >> is it made for his size? >> as you can see, absolutely. people say what's the max side. having fun? >> for dad and their sons, they can all do it. >> one of the things we're
5:53 am
trying to do is get kids off the electronics and outside. today is a beautiful chilly day in new york, right. but notice they're out here running around like crazy. kids are on holiday break, couped up inside. we want kids outside. >> and they're safe as well. >> you want to ride? >> he loves a go cart. >> so where can people go to find these? >> the great thing is they're in lots of retails all over the u.s. go to your favorite search engine, find your favorite local store, whether it's home depot or walmart or sam's club. >> what's the price range? >> the great thing is we are an affordable price point power sports company. our i-mini starts at $249. our classic mini is $449. that classic go cart is $699. >> you got people out here all excited about it. >> we're really thankful. we've been very blessed. >> pete is such a natural out there. it's like he's done this before.
5:54 am
these are so great. what a great idea. putting the electronics away. focus on being with family. focus on doing something else. >> absolutely. and it's getting kids hands on with things they're doing versus just engrossed in those electronics. >> so great. well, thanks for being here this morning. this is so much fun. >> having a great time. i'm not quite sure we're going to get him off of it. coming up, more marharry re with a dire warning to democrats. my heart beats
5:55 am
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what's in your wallet? the future of the democratic party is old. that's according to outgoing senate majority leader harry reid. in a profile piece for "new york" magazine, when someone asked if he would support vice president joe biden for president in 2020, he said, it depends who's running. it appears we have an old folks home. bernie sanders will be 79. meanwhile, if hillary clinton runs again, she'll be 73. talking about kind of a vacuum at the top of the party in terms of young new leadership. >> all above 70. that's amazing. >> i have no problem with folks above 70, but eventually you're going to need a young crop. they don't have it. if that's what they're going to go for in 2020 -- >> you know it's a problem if harry reid is saying it. if he's publicly admitting that's a problem, then they've
5:58 am
got a bench to fill. yikes. >> what if trump had said it? he can say it, but double standards are everywhere. >> so true. we've covered a lot of fun stories today. here are some stories for the road. the countdown is on to new year's in times square. that famous waterford crystal ball was just installed. it's 12 feet high, weighs nearly 12,000 pounds, and is covered in nearly 3,000 crystal triangles. here's a live look at times square right now. over a million people are expected to ring in the new year at the cross roads of the world. "fox & friends" of course will be there live because new year's eve is better with friends. >> of course. >> we'll be here. >> we'll be up early no matter what with america. and this is a story i love. you do too, i'm sure. army capping off an excellent football season with a big bowl game win. the black knights beating north texas in overtight of the heart of dallas bowl. the final score was 38-31. this, of course, coming the year that they break the streak and
5:59 am
beat navy as well. abby, i'm sorry. a little bit of joy in my voice. >> how many years had it been? >> 14 years. >> every 15 years something happens. >> you're wearing a tie to celebrate today. >> big army bowl win. army tie. army camouflage. >> at least he's not rubbing it in. >> never does that. the biggest story of the morning. we solved the leg mystery. it was the black pants. >> we're still confused over who won. >> there's that picture. third from the left. >> the second legs belong to the third -- no, that's not -- they do. >> it's more confusing now. >> i'm just realizing right now -- i just figured out the photo. >> there's another pair of legs you don't see because it's black and blends in. that's the point. >> we've been wrong all morning. >> we had the exclusive this morning. >> solving the photo. it's kind of photo gate.
6:00 am
we solved it. >> these are the questions people want answered. we'll talk about it. >> we've got a official. >> now they bring the graphic out. >> this is getting intense. >> more on the after the show show at "fox


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