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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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was born 121 years ago today. i'm john scott in for shepard smith today. your world is next. trish regan in for neil cavuto. president-elect donald trump set to omake a statement at any minute right now on the economy. you're looking at a live picture in palm beach florida. he will be speaking there at least coming to us in some way, shape or form and coming white house press secretary saying that the news should be very positive for american workers, so we'll see what it is he has to say. we've already heard him step in to help save some jobs at carrier, we saw him go and cut costs at boeing on the new air force one and of course pressure lockheed martin to reduce cuts for its fighter jets. what can we expect now? we're going to bring you that statement just as soon as we get it. welcome everyone.
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this is your world. peter doocy is there with the president-elect and peter, what are you hearing? >> reporter: trish, the president-elect has already shown us these meetings have the ability to move markets because the ceo came here for a sit down with the next president and left without making a deal to lower the costs on the f-35 program that came later. so we don't know exactly what today's announcement is going to be, but it is said to be positive for american workers and it is the first thing the transition team is doing on their first full day back from a holiday weekend where the president-elect pointed out, he thinks this election alone has been great for the economy tweeting the u.s. consumer confidence index for december surged nearly four points to 113.7. the highest level in more than 15 years! thanks, donald! this is the first time the transition team has teased a positive economic announcement
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like this one without giving us any kind of details or contacts about what it might be, which means that it is unlike -- we don't know if it's going to be like the one where he just came completely out of nowhere at trump tower popping out of the elevator to announce a $50 billion investment that could create 50,000 american jobs or if it's going to be more like the announcement about carrier keeping factory workers in indiana in exchange for insensitives which has been very publicly talked about for months. the announcement should come in the next hour or so. how the white house reacts? remember over the holiday weekend when the white house thought that the president-elect was getting too much attention or at least more attention than president obama, a senior official came out to say there's only one president at a time and that is something transition officials addressed today. the president-elect knows there's just one president at a
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time and this one can do whatever he wants for a couple weeks, but january 20th is fast approaching. >> we will see what this big announcement is. he's certainly keeping us guessing, keeping the suspense. we know it's going to happen sometime in the next hour so everybody sit tight. the president-elect taking credit for a surge in consumer confidence, but does he need an across the board tax cut in order to really cut things off. can he do it and what would that mean for confidence. i want to ask our market watchers. john, look consumer confidence has picked up considerably. we haven't seen levels like this since 2001. some people are calling it the trump effect, how much effect do you think he's having on things? >> i think it's no coincidence is seeing a new highs also the university of michigan is also hitting new highs. that's not only a trump effect
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but also having a republican congress effect as well. this is the first time in six years that we don't have grid lock and on top of that we have a president or we're going to have a president that supports growth economic policies. i think it's no coincidence that these indicators have spiked up. i think that people are certainly very optimistic about what kind of economic's message the new year is going to pri. >> one of those policies that could jump start this economy and create some growth is tax cuts. he's planning on the big tax cut across the board hopefully for both individuals and corporations. as we watch this upside in the market recently, in general there's been an optimistic positive attitude is that dependent on these tax cuts? >> i think the optimism goes away. i think the single most important thing he can do right
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now is put more money in people's pockets. we have as john mentioned, we have a median household income that adjusted for inflation is still lower than it was in 1998. it's lower than it was in 2007. people are not feeling richer, they're feeling poorer. we have a labor force participation rate that used to be 66% just a few short years ago, is now barely above 62%, so people don't have jobs and they don't have a lot of money in their pocket. i think to answer your first question, donald trump is showing leadership qualities, that's why the optimism up, now he needs to put money in people's pockets and put jobs on the ground. i think he's trying to do that with things like carrier, i think we're off to the races if we get the tax cuts. >> people have been crying out, monica for some kind of change. he's promising to deliver it, promising to look out for the little guy in this economy and
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things like carrier for example, have given some little guys some hope that there's a chance that someone in washington is going to care as opposed to what you've typically seen over the last eight years. how much of this rhetoric that we're hearing right now from donald trump and some of the actions are contributing in your view to the positive outlook in the economy? >> i think consumers are looking at the dow go up and up and up and they're getting ready to where they're dow 20,000 hats, but that's not exactly why the market is going up. the smart money, the institutional money is driving the market up because they're looking at inflation. everything that donald trump is talking about means prices are going to rise so money is moving from bonds to equity. we had 150 billion come out of bonds and 60 billion go into equities so what's causing the market to go up is not necessarily the euphoria for the economy -- >> i want to expand on this, because one of the concerns in the overall marketplace is that
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with all this spending that's anticipated, via a big infrastructure program and with all these tax cuts coming hopefully our way, the thinking is that the cost of borrowing money is going to have to go up. the fed has already moved and you might start to see interest rates in general tic higher. what does that do to the overall economy in it happens too fast. if it happens too fast, i think we saw way, way back i guess it was under bernacky and it was month after month after month it killed the market. i think if the rise in inflation -- rise in interest rates by the fed is a result of looking at a ramping up economy, if it's therefore after the fact, i think we're in good shape. i will disagree with one thing that was just said. when you only have half the country approximately invested in the stock market i don't think that's the reason for the confidence. i think it's more trump's
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actions. i think the stock market helps and it's going almost straight up since he was elected but i don't think that's the cause. >> i would expand upon that. curious to hear hartley's views, but when someone comes out in his -- in his position and makes a statement like he made on carrier or, for example, takes aim at the cost of the f-35 program or the air force one being built, that gives americans a sense, john, that there's someone out there looking out for everyone and i think that that may have played some kind of role in this overall consumer confidence number. >> it very well could have. i think these are smaller moves that could maybe shift in the -- a lot of people and a lot of
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business individuals are really looking forward to is actually bringing down the corporate tax rate and having serious corporate tax reform bringing that down from the current 35% rate which is the highest down to 20 or maybe 15% and finally bringing home some of those tax -- some of those dollars there's roughly $2.5 trillion sitting off shore. >> working for everybody else's economy, by the way, and not ours. unfortunately i have to leave it there. john, thank you so much. good to see all of you. i do want to remind you we're waiting on donald trump who is expected to release a statement or come and speak there at mar-a-lago. you're looking at a live picture of the door in which he goes in and out in palm beach, florida. he will be making a statement on the economy. we will have that for you momentarily. i want to move to israel. the u.s. is behind the controversial criticizing israel's expansion of settlements. >> the united states did not draft or originate this
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resolution nor do we put it forward. >> john kerry also said this. >> we made clear to others including those on the security council that it was possible that resolution were to be balanced and it were to include references to insightment and terrorism that it was possible the united states would then not block it. >> so did the administration have a hand in this vote or not? with me right now former new hampshire governor, what do you think? >> happy new year to you? >> indeed. i want to get your perspective on these events today because these have been pretty startling to see and there are a lot of folks that are worried that the obama administration including israel that the obama administration quite purposely
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orchestrated this vote. what do you think really happened? >> look, i think what the obama administration has done is extremely clumsy and inept and in terrible timing and they've actually by doing this, they've confused the history on the issue a bit and i think it's important for us to remember that every presidential administration since lynn den johnson has expressed serious concern about the settlements, some stronger than others. i think jimmy carter called them illegal, for example. in the administration i was in george walker bush, president bush had a really difficult time with prime minister over the settlements. so the u.s. position has not dramatically changed in terms of its frowning on them put what obama has done with his timing here in doing in the last three weeks of his administration is create concern that he's leaving
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a complex problem even more complex for his successor. >> is he? >> well, i think any time you deal with an issue like this in the middle east, it's a quagmire. this has been a quagmire for administrations for over 40 years and it's hard enough without somebody playing games like this in the last three weeks. >> governor, we stood by israel and to your point and maybe a quagmire and the settlement issue may be difficult, we've stood by israel throughout and this -- at least in the israeli's views and in many, many foreign policy makers, it feels like a departure from that. is it? >> that's the whole point. by doing it so clumsy and ineptly and doing it in such a bad time, he's making it look like it's a fundamental departure and that's the point i was trying to make. administrations since linden johnson have all expressed
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serious concerns about the settlements particularly the ones in the west bank and a lot of foreign policy experts suggest that there is no solution to the conflict between the palestinians and the israelis without recognizing the impact that the settlements have in the process. >> well, donald trump certainly is spouting some very different rhetoric. before the speech we saw him tweeting and he said and i quote here, we cannot continue to let israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. they used to have a great friend in the u.s., but not any more. the beginning of the end was the horrible iran deal and now this u.n., stay strong israel. january 20th is fast approaching. how different do you think, governor, our relationship will be with israel, how much more can they trust us when this current president is out of the white house? >> well, i think it's not just israel, i think it's the rest of the world that will have more trust because the obama
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administration has been antag niezing our alleys and losing any fear or respect from our enemies. i think the trump administration with israel and frankly with the ar abnations is going to commit a better climate of trust that the united states recognizes its responsibilities as the sole super power in the world. >> we have been the power, the sole super power and when you suddenly avoid that role for various reasons, it makes it that much more difficult. it's good to see you, governor. thank you very much for joining me today. >> you're welcome. come on up and ski. >> secretary kerry says no one's done more than president obama. more on that coming up. parties discussing something? why not give you some say? or let your driving do the talking.
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the second night of mall
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violence, hundreds of juveniles converging on a philadelphia mall after organizing the disruption on social media. police presented the majority from entering, four teens arrested just the incident in at least a dozen mall brawls nationwide. author of the book the deflorables guys to making america's great. unsurprised miners should be banned from the mall. >> she disagrees. >> let's get some specifics here. how old would you have to be to go to the mall unsupervised in your view? >> i think anyone under the age of 18 and that is not something that todd sterns came up with. there's an industry group called the international council of shopping centers and they have a security task force right now a hundred malls around the country have these bans already in place. look, paul blart mall cop should not have to wear body armor to
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monitor what happens at your local shopping mall. >> sure. if you're 17 and a half years old and you need an escort to the mall todd. >> it's the moms and dad. we're talking about a parenting issue here. many of these parents are treating the mall as a baby-sitter. this is a shopping center. this is a place of commerce. and i know a lot of people are talking about the shoppers but what about the people that own those businesses who are not allowed to engage in commerce because the mall was shut down by -- >> i just want to point out. i was never allowed growing up to go hang out at the mall, but i did have some friends and parents that did allow them to do that. but rachel, you say todd's a little being -- little too much here. how do we really address this and in your view why is a curfew not the answer or supervision not the answer.
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>> i don't disagree with him that at the root of this is a parenting problem and a nationwide problem. there's just a lack of respect for authorities and adults, it's these lazy parents and unruly kid that are ruining the shopping experience for so many people. it should be on a case by case basis. some of this has been coordinated on social media as well so i think it depends. i think the mall's are in a really tough spot, trish. on the one hand, if you ban children from going in or teenagers from going in the mall they won't ever have the mall shopping experience that i have as a teen. they're already facing a lot of competition from online retailers. that's a big dilemma for the malls right now. >> you think about some of these retail shops, they specialize in teenage business. >> and that is the big concern here. what happens if you implement the curfew will you lose those teen shoppers. on tuesday a task force was
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convened by the shopping center's organization and that was the big topic of discussion, do they implement more mall security, do they implement these bans on kids under the age of 18, again a hundred shopping centers already have those bans in place and the bans are actually working, so they've been able to cut down on that violence. >> your 17 and a half years old and you're not allowed to go to the store by yourself? >> in many stores they simply can't control all of these kids and they don't know what's going to happen. so they err on the side of caution. >> it's nuts this video. it's nuts. it is. i was just going to say. i saw the video and this is what i have to say. shame on those kids and shame on their parents. there was a time when you could see a kid acting unruly at a mall, you could walk up to them and tell them to stop being disrespectful and you wouldn't be afraid of getting hit or attacked in the process. these kids have attacked the police officers. this is a really -- very bad
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situation, but i do think it should be taken on a case by case basis. there are malls across the america where these kinds of things don't happen and i think a ban would be detrimental to the retailers. >> thanks so much. secretary of state john kerry insisting no administration has done more for israel's security than president obama's. is that how the israelis see it? oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird".
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nir bar . this administration has been israel's greatest friend and supporter with an absolutely unwavering commitment to advancing israel's security and protecting it's legitimacy. on this point i want to be very clear. no american administration has done more for israel's security than barack obama's. >> secretary of state john kerry striking a defiant tone. kerry claiming no administration has done more for israel than president obama's. what does the mayor of jerusalem think of that one, mayor nir barkat joins me right now with his reaction. so what say you? john kerry sz he's been a frnds
1:25 pm
and they have done more for israel than any other administration. is he right? >> on the security side i think israel and the united states are cooperating and we certainly would like to thank the administration for the help on the security side. the challenge, though, is on policy in the middle east. and unfortunately, in the last eight years and i've heard nothing new from john kerry tonight, the failed policy is how do you work in the middle east? it failed in syria, in iraq, in egypt, libya. we've promoted iran which is now the biggest threat in the middle east is better off and as a consequence of the wrong policy in the middle east, today it looks like israel and the united states are not aligned on policy. that's the problem. not on the security side. >> and yet he blames you, he says the reason israel has all the problems it has is because of israel itself and actions that they have taken.
1:26 pm
how do you respond to that? >> well, you've got all the middle eastern fleeing, hundreds of thousands of people fleeing all around the state of israel, we're an island of sainty. we're very open, the state of israel is the only democracy in the middle east and we're to blame for everything? i think that one should open its eyes and maybe it's the poll will si that is wrong and israel has been saying all along you got to align israel, fight radical islam that is the biggest threat, funding all the terrorist that are not only hurting israel, they're hurting all the moderate ar ab states. they're fighting christians in europe. think a second, maybe the policy is wrong. >> it's not easy being there and being in the position that israel finds itself in and i
1:27 pm
imagine it's been made increasingly difficult by not getting perhaps the support that you have needed from washington, especially in the way of some of these rhetoric and i'll share with you john kerry in addition to blame israel for the problems it now has, it also -- he's also saying that basically, look, we need to tell israel that because israel's our friend and sometimes you got to tell friends the tough truths even though they may not want to hear it. so he says he's telling you the truth and you guys say, no. look, this is -- this is a serious problem that is going to carry some serious implications going forward given that the u.n. security council just did this? >> i think that american/israel are great friends and they may mean well, they're just wrong. the policy is wrong. it failed all over the middle east. we have shown and demonstrated we know how to strike deals and peace with the biggest threat we ever had which is egypt.
1:28 pm
we've done that. there's nobody on the other side on the palestinian side that is recognizing the jewish state, nobody that is willing to denounce terror, nobody with leadership that can stand and negotiate and want to negotiate and we're to blame for that? i think the usa and i believe the new president-elect trump, which probably has a very different strategy and policy in the middle east, i hope and believe, the strategies will be aligned. >> so donald trump tweeting today, israel, rest assured, january 20th is coming very soon. how are you thinking about january 20th and how are you thinking about your relationship with the incoming administration? will things in your view be very, very different? >> well, i believe so because ideology i cannily we're more aligned. when i've heard president-elect trump's ideas and strategies of working together, alliance and
1:29 pm
the big alliance in the middle east and globally against radical islam which they are the bad guy and in the middle east you have to be very aggressive and bad with the bad guys otherwise they laugh at you and the consequence of that you sometimes not as good as you want with the good guys. so the ideology is right. now what we need to do is align interest and work very hard to make the world a safer place against radical islam. >> benjamin netanyahu coming out today and really blasting john kerry and this administration for what was said earlier told and also there was an israeli cabinet member who said that john kerry and what he said was just pathetic. has it reached that point now as we enter the final weeks of the palm administration, where you in israel can say their policy and their actions really are pathetic? >> i think anybody means bad and we've demonstrated the fact that
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israel and the united states are aligned on the security side shows that -- we're aligned in our values and our will to make a better world. however, it's just a failed bad policy. you need to change policy and things will probably be much better than they were before. >> all right. we'll be watching for that. i do want to point out everyone that we called the u.s. state department and asked them to comment on this and we did not hear back, so thank you very much mr. mayor for joining us. we appreciate you being here today. >> my pleasure. we're getting some new reports that the berlin terrorist, amri may have had some help in carrying out the terror attack that killed 12 people.
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a tweet by sin abandon by the late carrie fisher has been since called tasteless. we're back in 60 seconds.
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i'll see you here.
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german police have detained a 40-year-old as a possible accomplice. authorities initially questioned the suspect after finding his number in the truck attackers phone. fox correspondent is in london. >> reporter: there are new developments in the investigation into last week's berlin christmas market attack that left 12 dead and nearly 50 injured all in the name of isis. german police have detained a 40-year-old suspected to having something to do with the attack. his number was found on the cell phone of the man believed to carry out the attack. annis amri. three others linked to am rirks has been arrested in tunesia.
1:35 pm
pictures and messages amry sent that he was driving around. it turns out he went to holland first and trains over to italy. basically traveling through five countries or 1,200 miles. it's suspected during most of that time he was the most wanted man in europe. again crossing all those national borders unkey tekted. naturally there are a lot of questions raised about security and the immigration policy of germany chancellor but right now germany and all of europe are gearing up for a new year's eve very much on high alert. trish. >> thank you very much. a new poll by a german weekly magazine finds 68% of germans feel there is no connection between the isis terror attack and migrant
1:36 pm
policies and that worries. >> hi, trish. well, basically what happens is in france and germany the two most powerful countries in the european union, the ideological left control the space so they tell people this prop ghaagandp that's led to disaster after disaster and europe is being killed by political correctness. i just got back from two weeks in europe. i spoke at think tanks in finland and czechoslovakia and they realize it's a disaster but what has to happen as france and germany have to take the intellectual space pack from the left. we need conservative media and conservative think thanks in the biggest countries in the eu. >> 68% of germans don't see the link between the isis attack and
1:37 pm
the fact that merkle into that country more than a million migrants who are leaving in refugee centers many of whom are not working and bring with them an ideology that is very much at odds with european culture? >> well, trish, it sounds crazy but it's believable because the people in germany and france the two biggest and most powerful countries in the eu are told if you criticize islam and say anything bad about -- >> here's what i'm wondering, though. you think about brexit for example, and how the polling data, i'm wondering if this is just plain old wrong. if those germans deep down they say to themselves, gee, i don't really like merkle's policies and i worry this has created this environment but no one is willing to say it, j.d.? >> it's a nightmare. we have to have people on both sides of the atlantic speaking up against this craziness, so i think that we have to just push
1:38 pm
the germans and push french to wake up to what's going on. i think the people are eventually weighing up. this guy was 24 years old. he spent four years in italian prisons because he tried to burn down a refugee camp the germans wouldn't even deport him because he doesn't have a passport. it has to change. we should be pushing our french and german allies to do the right thing. >> we saw that last new year's eve, where there were hundreds and hundreds of women that were sexually assaulted and attack and yet there was this effort among members of the media and the government to make it all hush hush hoping they could sweep it under the rug and it would go away. the problems that europe now faces and frankly we face as well they're not going way. it's good that folks like yourself are speaking up about it. it's good to have you here. >> thanks transition.
1:39 pm
president-elect donald trump tweeting that smooth transition is over. has there been a nastier hand off ever in our history. we'll be right back.
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. . . . . . . . .
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i want to remind everyone we are waiting right now on donald trump who is going to be speaking any minute on the economy. he announced that he'll be making the statement. we don't know what it is. they've given us know guidance but he is supposed to be making a statement. it looks like he is walking towards those doors right now so our cameras will continue to stay on him as we wait here for donald trump. looks like he is going to give that speech right now. so let's listen in. donald trump promising something on the economy. we did have some good consumer confidence numbers.
1:43 pm
let's see if he alludes to that. >> thank you. >> do you think they're trying to undermine you? >> well, that seems to have been brief. donald trump again i want to remind our viewers promised something around this time on the economy. he is expecting to make some kind of statement. i guess now was not the time. we'll continue to watch there in florida to see what it is that he may have up his sleeve here. our next president is not liking what our outgoing president is saying. trump doing by mest to disregard the many enflam tri president obama statements and road blocks. thought it was going to be a smooth transition, not!
1:44 pm
and that is breaking with tradition. frank, good to see you. i can't remember any kind of transition quite like this one. have we ever seen anything this disagreeable? >> the worst transition you have to go back to 1932 in the midst of the great depression, hoover was not happy that he lost in a landslide and was very uncooperative with franklin roosevelt. there's a wonderful cartoon of hoover looking absolute sulen as fdr road from the capital to the white house in sheer joy about taking over the country, probably the most difficult we've had in the last 50 years to be the jimmy carter to ronald reagan transition. again it was a time of hostage taking, difficult economic circumstances and reagan's philosophy was different than jimmy carter's but the key point is this is not really about
1:45 pm
making it difficult on donald trump. if trump did this great tour of the country, obama seems to be doing -- i've been trying to figure out the right language so i don't get fined by the fcc, an f.u. tour. in that he is so critical. i think we'll all be okay with that. >> i think so but that sort of, that captures it in your view, huh? >> yes, what he said about hillary clinton and her campaign and drawing that contrast. what he has done to israel and to benjamin netanyahu, that there are people that he has had political difficulties with and those -- by the way, republican members of the house and senate, the people who he's disagreed with over the last eight years he's gone to great pains to draw a contrast between the things that he says and the things that they have done in a way that makes me think he's trying to
1:46 pm
settle scores before he leaves and that's not presidential particularly for someone like barack obama who is such a great communicator. >> what effect does it have on the nation? >> it has no effect because we all are divided. the people that love barack obama will be offended by what i just said. the people that dislike him intensely will think i haven't gone far enough. there's no way to satisfy anyone at this point. this for me will be my last appearance on fox for 2016, all we are looking for is someone that can bridge that divide, bring people together and my hope going forward is that we will speak a little bit less and listen a little bit more. we will answer less questions and ask for questions. >> i'm with you on that one for sure. one thing that seems to have caught donald trump's eye was president obama's statement that had he run again, had he been
1:47 pm
permitted to run for a third term, he would've won. could he have? and regardless of that, was that really the kind of thing you want to say? >> it is -- it's not the thing that you want to say. i don't believe based on how americans feel about the country, only 30% think the country's headed in the right direction. it's very hard to win an election when possess mix is that high. that most people feel 78% feel we are weaker today, that the world is a more dangerous place than it was, that they feel less secure today. how do you win an election when three out of four voters think that your foreign policy has essentially failed? it's a huberous and i understand why he did it because he doesn't want to be held responsible for hillary clinton's loss but by the same token when you asked questions about the condition of the america today versus eight years ago there are a lot of those questions that the public says no, not only are we not better off, i'm for afraid, more
1:48 pm
anxious, more fearful of the future and trump's election has begun to turn that around. >> thank you so much. frank, it's good to see you. i feel honored, last appearance of 2016. good to see you. sin abon everyone apologizing for this tweet. many found it offensive. take a look there and many others are asking if we just become way too p.c.
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thousands have taken to social media to mourn the loss of carrie fisher. cinnabon is facing backlash over it's so-called tribute. tweeting, r.i.p., carrie fisher, you'll always have the best buns in the galaxy. any say it was tasteless but any disagree. tell us why this is a bad idea to do at this particular time. >> regardless of good intentions, and cinnabon clearly feels badly about this and intended to do the right thing and give tribute. it is absolutely inappropriate.
1:52 pm
take aside the appearance of brand promotion. this is someone who was public about her weight. she was a spokesperson of jenny craig. she died of a massive heart attack and they make sticky buns, for crying out loud. >> i just thought she just died and maybe you don't want to think about a sticky bun, that it might be inappropriate. >> kracat, you are saying, everybody should just get over them. >> you are mad because it was a cinnabon association and she struggled with her weight. that's insane. i'm pretty sure that anybody that knew her personally, cinnamon rolls are not affecting their grieving processes. carrie fisher says she wants it reported she was drowned in the moonlight and strangled by her own bra when she died. she didn't have problems with
1:53 pm
jokes about her death. i don't think she had a serious issue with cinnamon rolls. i think the saddest thing is we have so many adults getting angry at a cinnamon roll company. >> cinnabon said, we have great appreciation for the life and career of carrie fisher. our intention was to pay respect flew an image we created in her honor. we are sorry it appeared disrespectful to some and it has been taken down. >> it actually is a cinnabon in her hair. i hadn't thought of the angle that justice went to. however, maybe it was kind of appropriate for a company to be profiting off of or seemingly profiting off of someone's death. >> are they profiting? is anybody going out to get a cinnabon because they thought
1:54 pm
this tweet? people go out to eat one if they are at the airport and the mile. >> and you can smell them a mile away. >> nobody is going to get a commemorative carrie fisher cinnabon. >> justin, we laugh about this but when someone dies, there is sort of a protocol. if you are a company, you shouldn't try to call attention to yourself via that person's death. >> that is it. it is the appearance of impropriety. even in comedy, there is a term, too soon. she is not buried yet. i think that's what this is. this has the appearance of self-promotion at a time that is just not appropriate. the image itself is cute but it is just not the right time. they are right to retract it. it was the wrong thing to put out. >> wow. i'm reluctant to say this but as
1:55 pm
i look at her hair style, those were great buns. no offense to anyone. i'm just going to go out on a limb. >> if when i die cinnabon tweets a joke in my memory, i will consider myself lucky and i will come back to haunt anybody who tries to ruin a little bit of fun. >> thanks, justin. good to see you guys a nas nor'easter is on its way. millions of americans in its path. we get the latest on the storm and that's next. you're here to buy a car.
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i'm a little excited about this. before the ball drops on new year's eve, you can get ready for a lot of snow and rain. accuweather stephanie olmo. what's it look like? >> we are dealing with the calm before the storm. tomorrow, we are dealing with a big storm system that's going to make its way across the northeast. yes, drish, y yes, trish, you did say it. we are looking at some snow. snowfall totals at 12-18 inches of snow specially across new hampshire and even up into maine. good news for ski country for the skiers. it is a dream for them. it is just bad timing, one of those travel days, thursday and friday. this is what we are dealing with. temperatures expected to drop as
1:59 pm
well. we're looking at heavy snow, blizzard conditions tomorrow. late thursday into friday morning across maine, a good portion of maine all the way down into vermont and also new hampshire with increasing winds, poor visibility, whiteout conditions. so traveling could be quite lengthy at times here. boston down to new york city, tomorrow looking at some wet weather, some rain. hey, i'll tell you what, for those heading out to times square to see the ball drop, well, fortunately, it is going to be dry but it is going to be cold. many folks head out there. they have to layer up. i know you are going to be there for several hours. it is going to be on the chilly side unfortunately. some of the temperatures running below normal for this time of year. a good chunk of the northeast region trish. >> we will be watching for it very quickly. we watched donald trump come out and he didn't address the cameras at all but one of the reporters did ask him there at
2:00 pm
mar-a-lago, what did you think of john kerry's speech? he said, and i quote, it speaks for itself. don't forget. join me tomorrow on the fox business network at 2:00 p.m. where i am every day. i will be back in here for neal tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. i hope you join me again. "the 5" is next. this is a fox news alert. debbie reynolds, the mother of carrie fisher, has reportedly been rushed to the hospital. tmz is reporting it is a possible stroke but does not have information. the 84-year-old whose daughter died has been distraught since carrie's emergency friday on a united jet. we'll keep you posted as soon as we get more information. the obama administration attempts to mop up its mess after turning its back on our greatest ally, israel. it only made things worse today. earlier, secretary of state, john kerry, delivered what seemedik


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