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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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tweets pomposity. that's about it for us tonight. tune in each night at 7:00 much the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. dvr the show if you haven't already. ♪ ♪ >> hi i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's dive right in to our top story, the feud erupting between donald trump and president obama. critics say the president took a thinly veiled shot at mr. trump yesterday when he said this. >> even when hatred burns hottest, even when the tug of tribalism is at it most primal, we must resist the urge to turn inward. we must resist the urge to demonize those who are different. >> president-elect donald trump responded with a tweet this morning saying, quote:
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doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory president o statements and road blocks. thought it was going to be a smooth transition, not, unquote. the question now is president obama obstructing a smooth presidential transition? joining us now from washington with reaction matthew miller a former justice department spokesman in the obama administration and brad blakeman a republican strategist. start with you, the smooth transition of power in the presidential level is what distinguishes democracies from banana republics. very important yet president obama wants to be putting a road block into the smooth transition. >> i would disagree with that if you look at what the president said yesterday, it's in keeping with everything he said throughout his political career that we are at our strongest as a nation when we work together. when we put aside our political differences and when we don't demon nice each other. and in fact those are the types of remarks have you heard from presidents of both parties really throughout our history. i think the fact that donald trump saw those statements and felt that they were an attack on him.
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a plea that we don't demon. >> what was that reference. >> i think it was a reference to americans. a plea from the president to every american to not demonize each other and to try to work together. i think the fact that trump sees that as an attack on him really says about trump and kind of politic that's practices than it does about president obama. >> brad, do you agree with matt that this was not a thinly veiled shot. >> no. >> it doesn't look that thinly veiled and basically over the last couple of weeks we have heard president obama take a few shots at president-elect donald trump, including i would have beat him if i ran again? >> sure, this is calculated at delegitimizing the free and fair election that donald trump won. barack obama cannot come to terms with the fact that a rebuke of hillary was a rebuke of him. 8 years of failed policy. the president went on the road to plead with people to vote for hillary because it would be a reflection on him and he can't accept it donald trump has been working every day for a
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smooth transition of power. barack obama has not. he has not done it we have seen it with israel instead of winding down policy, he is ginning up bad policy. trying to rule from the grave when donald trump takes office. it's unfair to the country. it's unfair to the new president. >> what about it, matt, president obama has 23 days left in office. he seems to be still continuing with policy initiatives. >> of course he is. he was elected to a form of four years. not three years and 11 months. until january 20th when he is floppinger the president it's his obligation to carry out policies he sees fit. he has continued to do with international and continue to do it with domestic policies. >> contradict with the policies donald trump will want to -- makes sense to policy initiatives. president-elect trump wants to reverse some of these policies or take the country in a new direction when he is president.
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president obama still has the obligation to carry as he sees fit. it's natural that he would do it. and i expect him to continue to do it between now and january 20th. what is this about? is this about obama legacy? >> it's about income entering the incoming president. it's tying his hands and embarrassing this president. donald trump is not giving is being given the ability to start his presidency without having to undo more of obama's feckless policy and also we have to remind this. obama's first transition period is a smooth transition of government that should be taking up all his time but it's not. and he is sending also a message to others who are supposed to be working on a smooth transition that let's not do what we should be doing for donald trump. let him fend for himself when he takes office. because if you believe what matt says that a smooth transition isn't necessary because obama's policies trump that.
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>> it is. it's the only thing that separates us from lesser democracies as i said earlier. >> let me ask you. this i'm going to posit this. i think president obama is diverting from what his legacy will be right now as it is right now he will oversee the morality destruction of the democrat party. so if he puts up all these initiatives, the u.n. resolution, the sanctions against russia, maybe we will forget that the democrats are basically falling apart over the last 8 years. >> i don't think that's what he is overseeing. obviously we lost this election. it happens. we're going to go back and work and try to learn some lessons and come back stronger. i did want to address what brad said about the transition. even the trump transition had said that at an operational level the obama administration has worked very hard to brief their successors on policy, to hand over things smoothly. that's happening. there is one side that continues to cross the line. it, in fact, is the trump -- the trump transition which is delving into foreign
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policy which is he actually not the president. that responsibility still lies with president obama. >> all right. brad, i think president obama got his clock cleaned. i think the democrats did. but so does lindsey graham. listen to what he had to say on putin, russia and owe bombma. listen. >> when it comes to obama putin, putin has cleaned his clock. and in terms of obama taking action, i don't think it will do any good. the bottom line is you need to hit russia in a sustained fashion. so if obama tries to do something going out the door that's not sustained, then you send the wrong signal. if i were president trump, i would call president obama and say don't start something that you can't finish. let trump and the new congress do this. >> okay now, brad, what we are talking about is president obama this morning promised to administer sanctions. well, actually this morning he said it was going to be punishment to russia. we waited all day and this afternoon we hear there will be some sort of stepped up sanctions against russia. again, 23 days left before
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he leaves office. sanctioning russia, your thoughts? >> this is crazy. it's another bogus line in the sand and by the way putin is laughing sleeve. you have the lamest of duck presidents who he has had no relationship with and as lindsey graham properly pointed out cleaned his clock the last eight years. you think anything that this guy does is going to have any effect on russia? by the way it's up to the new congress and the new president to deal with russia effectively. starting a new relationship from strength not weakness. that's exactly the weak point that obama is putting in trump's lap. >> do you think president putin is, i don't know, do you think is he nervous put his shirt on and got off the shores. i'm going to get sanctions slapped on me by president obama who has 23 days left in office? >> let's see what the sanctions look like. here is the problem that we face right now. >> so, what can they do? if the sanctions it doesn't matter anyway. >> we don't know yet whether they are toothless or not. they might sanction putin himself.
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in accounts outside of russia. >> do you think, here is the -- standing here on the factor tonight, at 8:07 or so. and say that president obama is going to sanction vladimir putin directly? >> i don't think we know. i think we will find out tomorrow. it might be him. it might be people close to him. we do know that sanctions in the past putin has reacted very strongly to them. here's the problem. the reason president obama has to do this is we cannot trust president trump when he takes office to punish russia. he encouraged vladimir putin. >> have to elect him. that's the point. that doesn't mean that everything he did was above board. he encouraged vladimir putin to hack into the clinton campaign's emails. the russian government did that and released those emails. you now have a president who has been elected with the help of a foreign government, a foreign dictator and. >> matt, how do you help? come on. this is the left talking point. >> he helped by hacking in to the clinton campaign's emails by turning those emails over to weeks.
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>> to discover truth. >> i'm glad to see that you support a foreign government. >> i don't, i don't. but you are not -- but, matt, you're not concerned with the truth. let's say the russians did uncover on hillary clinton that we would have never known but for their actions. i'm not suggesting they did the right thing. i'm not suggesting they did it at all. >> i have got to go -- hot debate and matthew, we are waiting to see some evidence. matthew and brad, thank you very much. when we come right back, a huge economic announcement from donald trump today. is it good for business? we'll debate it directly ahead. (avo) did you know two areas of your brain can make it hard to lose weight? contrave is an fda-approved weight-loss medicine that may help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... (woman) i'm so hungry. (avo) to reduce hunger. and your reward system... (woman) ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings.
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does that mean they have to grow apart from their friends,s older or from the things they love to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals - and most of all, staying engaged - in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome, are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home. >> in the impact segment tonight, president-elect donald trump took a few questions from the press late today and made the following announcement about jobs. >> so we just had some very good news because of what's happening and the spirit and the hope, i was just called by the head people at sprint, and they're going to be bringing 5,000 jobs back
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to the united states from other countries, they're bringing them back to the united states. >> and another company called one web is also planning to hire 3,000 people. the president-elect also mentioned that he spoke with president obama today in what he described as a, quote, nice conversation. now as you mentioned earlier, the two leaders seem to be in a bit of a feud. while we are not privy to that conversation, at least we know they are on speaking terms. joining us now from st. louis with reaction recommendation ed martin and republican strategist and author of "the conservative case for trump" and here in new york green democratic strategist. hang in there ed for one second. adam, carrier, ford, ibn, sprint, japanese investments, jobs, it's all good right. >> america is great. i want to make news on the factor if that's okay. the organization i run will be creating some jobs in 2017. go to our website bold
5:13 pm and apply. announcement number two it had nothing to do with donald trump. we are we need people to for us. same thing applies for sprint. >> you heard it there. because of what they call hope sprint has decided to stay here. ed, your thoughts on all these people these corporations decided to keep all these jobs in america. >> look, eric, i'm just exhausted from winning. too much winning. i can't believe it. no, look, i think what adam is saying actually, what he said in making his announcement, economics is psychology. people have to believe that people things are getting better. what trump has been a master at. heading toward it. very exciting. looking up going wow, really good things happening. i'm glad obama and him buried the hatchet. keep going. >> how do you push back on
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these companies. ibm says 25,000 jobs keep here they are saying because of the business environment. business friendly environment, lower taxes for corporations and regulations. these are things we about v. been lacking for the better part of 30 years by the way democrat and republican presidents. >> i wouldn't push back on the companies. we are proud to create jobs in 2017 it's not because we feel good about jobs, trust me. bring it down to 15% and promise to make business a more friendly business environment, you are not going to at least attribute some of these jobs to that? >> here is what i predict. i predict we will see a pattern of things that look like job growth actually being massive corporate give aways. carrier is a perfect example. 700 jobs. $700,000 a year. i guarantee you those are not $100,000 a year jobs. >> i will let ed take. this when you take more of your own money, is that a give away?
5:15 pm
explain that. >> eric, here, economics is very simple. it's leadership in economics. it's optimism and certainty. what the people and businesses are looking at is the republican house and senate and a president ha that are going as you said give certainty. you have less regulations and optimism, leadership is optimism. president obama actually showed this. he talked about hope and change answered got an office and did none of it i mean adam is just plain wrong. the fact is. this jobs are being created because. >> $600,000 to create a $60,000 job. that's not job creation. >> when you save on your own taxes that is not giving anyone any money. you are noe you a load to keep your own money and use that money to hire people. >> no, that was mike pence saying hey taxpayers i'm going to give your money to this giant corporation that will create less jobs and. >> it would have been cheaper for the state of indiana. >> ed, that is nuts. that is carrier being allowed to keep more of
5:16 pm
their own. >> should g.e. pay zero taxes. >> guess what if they did fully employed. >> one more thing, adam. let me say this. putting corporations on the hot seats. some of these corporations don't want the heat for being anti-american or appearing to be appear at this american. by the way that's pretty good leadership on the left or at least democrat used to like when people fought nor american jobs. that's what trump is doing. plenty of corporations don't like trump saying no more open borders. no more trade deals that advantage multinationals. that's what he is doing. good for workers. >> i only have two minutes and i want to get to this. i think this isvel very, very relevant. donald trump loves to make deals. on jobs staying in america. the one that really is sticking with me is this boeing deal. all right? so boeing says it's going to cost you $4 billion for two airplanes, donald trump says no way and they say you know what? you are right. cut you back by a billion dollars. that's a drop in the bucket to the federal budget. a drop in the budget. do you know what he did?
5:17 pm
he gave notice to every american corporation. everyone selling into america. >> exactly. >> you are all on notice. >> exactly. in the old days, the patsy was the government. they rolled over. the owe do it with american jobs and american businesses. it's a mind set that's different. government is not in charge of rolling over and giving the money. the leaders are in charge of making things better for america and for american jobs. it's incredibly exciting and catching. >> got to be happy. more jobs, cheaper -- you're a taxpayer. you are going to love this. >> i think having corporations in the hot seat and genuinely holding them accountable is a good thing. that's why we shouldn't be rolling back wall street reform and giving our wall street bankers. he has appointed multiple wall street bankers. you are telling me republican voter went into the voting booth and voted for more wall street bankers to be in control of our economy, no. >> you sound like a typical
5:18 pm
democrat. i hope this doesn't work i hope president trump his issues aren't working. >> i hope he actually holds corporations accountable and sticks up for working families that's not what we see with a lot of his appointments. >> i have to leave it right there. >> oh, man. >> guys i have got to go. hard break. tensions escalate between obama administration and israel after a speech by secretary of state john kerry. we have details and governor mike huckabee will weigh in on the subject when we come right back. ♪ ♪ obama, bottom obama. obama, obama administration. obama administration obama administration oden obama administration obama administration obama administration obama administration obama administration obama administration obama administration obama administration obama administration obama administration obama
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>> in the "unresolved problem segment" tonight the frayed relationship between the obama administration and the united states closest allies israel. less than a week after the u.s. on stained from voting on a resolution to condemn israel, secretary of state john kerry defended the action and argued that a two state solution is the only path to peace in the middle east. >> we reject the criticism that this vote abandons israel. on the contrary, it is not this resolution that is isolating israel, it is the permanent policy of settlement construction that risks making peace
5:22 pm
impossible. now virtually every country in the world other than israel opposes settlements. >> almost immediately after kerry's speech the prime minister of israel slammed it as anti-israel. >> now i must express my deep disappointment with the speech today of john kerry. a speech that was almost as unbalanced as the anti-israel resolution passed at the u.n. last week. in a speech ostensibly about peace between israelis and palestinians, secretary kerry paid lip service to the unremitting campaign of terrorism that has been waged by the palestinians against the jewish state for nearly a century. what he did was to spend most of his speech blaming israel for the lack of peace by passionately condemning a policy of enabling jews to live in their historic
5:23 pm
homeland and in their eternal capital jerusalem. >> joining us now from little rock, arkansas, former republican presidential candidate governor mike huckabee. it feels like this is one last shot obama taking at b.b. netanyahu on his way out. it also feels like revenge to me. it feels like do you remember when netanyahu came out in favor of donald trump? it feels like this is hey, i got you now. this is my last shot at you right here. >> let's be remindful that it was obama's people that did everything they could and spend millions of dollars to try to defeat netanyahu and involved themselves in a foreign election when he was up for re-election. yes, it's personal. but, eric, a lot is on the line. when john kerry made that ridiculous speech today, he bloviated for what seemed like an eternal amount of time. i thought, you know, that it made a castro speech look like a tweet in comparison. but the sad thing is he kept talking about the two state solution and how israel needed to give up something.
5:24 pm
i don't think a lot of people fully understand the complexity of this. i'm going to quickly show you this little map. all that green, those are arab-muslim countries. you can't even see it but there is a tiny little red dot right there. that's israel. now, israel has 1,640th of the land mass of all those muslim countries. in john kerry's fantasies, israel is supposed to give up land and give it to people who could get it from those who have 640 times the amount of land that israel has. explain why that makes sense. >> this is important, governor, i'm sorry. this is important because in negotiations the palestinians have trying to negotiate with israelis. the u.n. with basically the backing of the united states says look at what we have here. we have a resolution sanctioning israel. that gives the palestinians currency to negotiate. does it not? >> it not only gives them currency it gives them validity on the terrorism
5:25 pm
that they have sponsored and celebrated. they pay people a monthly salary if they kill a jew. they name streets after people who kill jews. they do not include on their maps israel. any form of israel because they don't believe it should exist. israel has offered -- back in 1995 ehud barak offered basically 95%aeli land to get peace with arafat. arafat turned it down. the palestinians don't want peace. they want to destroy israel. goltamier said it best in 1982 there will be palestinian peace when palestinian mothers love their own children more than they hate jewish children. eric, this is not going to be resolved. there is no such thing as a two-state solution if the second state is laying on top of the land that has been the land of the jews since the time of abraham 4,000 years ago. >> prime minister netanyahu today, today said that the palestinian government paid anyone who murdered jews a
5:26 pm
salary. the thought of emboldening these people at the negotiating table it just blows my mind. >> well, it should blow everybody's mind. it's one of the reasons that this resolution was so totally out of line. and for john kerry to defend it and for him not to try to stand against it and veto it is a betrayal of our ally. look, israel is the only democracy between africa and asia. it's the only country that gives women total full rights as men have. why doesn't john kerry put a little pressure on the nations that subjugate women to a lack of education, won't let them drive. look at the differences here. >> help me figure this out. i have a lot of jewish friends. "the washington post" did a piece few days ago 70% of jews vote democratic. given what you know and given what's going on right now, why would a jew vote a democrat if this is their policy? >> well, it's one of the great ponderables of the
5:27 pm
world. i can't understand why they would. a lot of people jewish are maybeeth likely jewish. they are not observant. they are more liberal than they are jew. i think that's unfortunate. if anybody has been to israel. i will be there all next week. here is the one thing you can understand. the israelis have gone out of their way over and again to try to create peace but when people start talking insane words of saying we will divide up jerusalem. you can't do that, eric. one quick thing to make clear: protect the holly sites of jews, christians and muslims. you can maim me one muslim country that welcomes christians to build and protect churches. no, you can't because there isn't one. to say that the so-called palestinians which by the way they didn't exist until 1962 when arafat coined the term, took it away from what had been everybody who lived
5:28 pm
in that area was a palestinian. >> they took it. >> and created this group of people. >> they deemed it their own, kind of what china is doing to south china sea. >> exactly. >> before we go about a minute or. so the u.n., we fund -- the united states funds u.n. >> the regular budget we account for 22 percent. $600 million in 2016. this is a peace keeping budget we have been talking about $2.5 million as well. $8 billion at the u.s. funds the u.n. initiatives. should we cut that back. >> we should eliminate it, i will tell you something, we ought to take that money that's going to the u.n. and make it available to veterans who have served under the u.s. flag benefits they need. we are getting zero benefits. we are getting embarrassed by the actions of the u.n. that's money that ought to be spent on american servicemen and service women and i hope donald trump makes it one of the first acts of his presidency. >> guess what we have a nice
5:29 pm
pete's piece of real estate on the east river of new york city as well if we do that governor mike huckabee, thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. reaction to governor huckabee. plus donald trump praised and pounded for how he uses twitter. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm trace gallagher more heartache today for the actress of carrie fisher. reports in los angeles fisher's mom has been hospitalized for what's being described as medical emergency. the oscar performer is 84. this comes just one day after reynolds' daughter, "star wars" actress carrie fisher died in los angeles four days after suffering a possible heart attack. fisher was 60 years old. three earthquakes shook a remote region of western nevada today and the leading expert says they were big enough to causes a much as $1 billion in damage if they
5:32 pm
had been centered beneath a big city. two of the tremors registered magnitudes of 5.7. the epicenter was just 90 miles south of reno. no injuries or major damage reported. from los angeles, i'm trace gallagher, now back to the o'reilly factor. ♪ ♪ >> continuing now with reaction to the growing tension between the observed oba administration and israel. senator coons a democrat sit on the foreign relations committee. senator let's get reaction to the previous segment and john kerry's speech today regarding israel. your thoughts? >> well, eric, i generally respect how hard secretary kerry has worked over the last four years to try and pursue peace in the middle east and in other places around the world to try and stand up to russian aggression in ukraine and trying to find a solution in
5:33 pm
syria. but i really question the timing and the purpose of today's speech. i do think that obama should have directed his ambassador to veto the resolution at the united nations last friday and while i think secretary kerry has worked tirelessly to try to make progress in israeli-palestinian negotiations, the speech that he gave today really was a reflection on a peace process that came to an end two years ago. and i'm not sure that it made any real progress in bringing israelis and palestinians together. >> that should be the only pursuance, right, bring -- find a solution to the problem in the region and this doesn't -- this feels like it's dividing the region rather than bringing them together. >> i have some real concerns about that. i did hear secretary kerry to principally be saying that he is gravely concerned that the pro-prospects for a two-state solution are rapidly diminishing. and that actions taken by abbas and the palestinian authority and by prime
5:34 pm
minister netanyahu make it harder and harder for a two-state solution to be realized. and i support that american presidents going back decades to ronald reagan have supported a two state solution and since oslo it's been out view as a nation that wield block any efforts by the palestinians at the united nations to seek recognition. and, instead, push both parties to negotiate directly. the sorts of complex and difficult final status issues that secretary spoke about today. senator kerry spoke about today. >> senator, donald trump tweeted he basically referencing this whole issue with the resolution and the u.s. absolving not choosing not to veto the resolution. he said don't worry january 20th is coming soon. your thoughts on donald trump undoing everything president obama and john kerry are doing right now. >> well, i think part of what donald trump won the election is millions of americans like his free will wheeling unscripted throw
5:35 pm
away the playbook style. i recognize his undisciplined 3:00 a.m. tweets on all sorts of topics shake things up and makes him a different sort of leader. but as we get closer to inauguration day, i think we're running into some real problems. we only have one president at a time. and i would hope that donald trump in the remaining three weeks of the obama presidency would focus on his transition and not insert himself in to so many challenges around the world. on his first day as president he is going to be handed a whole lot of challenges, north korea's nuclear program to russian's aggression in ukraine and syria, why he needs to stir the pot on things like taiwan and. >> there are lot of people, a lot of voters who voted president-elect donald trump into office who disagree with a lot of things they are hearing on iran, on the u.n. sanctioning of israel. on sanctioning russia, in fact, with 23 days left
5:36 pm
before the end of the presidency. so donald trump, my guess is that he is saying hey, don't worry, relax, we can undo a lot of these initiatives. >> and it's clear that he does intend to undo much of obama's legacy and that's created tension between them that's erupted in recent tweets back and forth. my larger point, eric, i question how donald trump is going to conduct himself as president. is he going to be shooting out 3:00 a.m. tweets. >> what's wrong with the tweets, senator? what's wrong with the tweets? i personally like the fact that -- the idea that i can get succinct thoughts in a couple of lines, 140 characters and see where the man stands on issues? >> i know a lot of the americans like that sort of bluntness and directness. let's take a very recent example. he raised the question of whether we shouldn't strengthen and expand our nuclear arsenal. and potentially renew the arms race. the nuclear arms race with russia. he sent that out in a tweet. but then his spokesperson sort of walked it back and
5:37 pm
said that's not exactly what he said and then he reasserted it later the same day and that he got a response from putin and a response from the chinese. he is going to be handed so many crises on his first day as president that i don't know why he needs to, in my view, send off unguided tweets that then change the alcohol focus of our news for an entire day. >> you don't want to see him tweeting from the potus account, twitter account? >> well, president obama tweets regularly. i think it's fine for a president to tweet. my concern is that he is doing it directly, personally, without consulting the leaders of the defense department, state department, the intelligence community. and my hunch is it's going to make it hard for his administration to have a disciplined focus on confronting the very real security challenges we all face. >> unorthodox for sure. going to leave it right there. senator coons thank you very much. direct l.a. head, a young voice in the conservative universe goes face-to-face
5:38 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the factor flashback segment tonight, one of the country's newest conservative voices is really beginning to make her mark. her name is tomi lahren. she is 24 years old and works at the blaze. she recently entered the no spin zone with bill. >> first of all, how did you hook up with glenn beck's the blaze? >> well, bill, i went viral a while back and i think it caught the attention of mr. glenn beck and the blaze. and we had a great network here, we have a lot of diverse voices as you well know. he saw me and thought i had a little bit of potential and fire. so here i am. >> so you were at the
5:41 pm
university of nevada, los las vegas, right? >> yes, sir. >> and while you were there you were doing political committecommentary onthe intern. >> i was doing round table show called the scramble and hosted it and produced it as well. i started at a very young age. i got my first talk show when i was 21 years old out of san diego, another independent network called one american news. i wanted an internship. after the blaze denied my internship, actually, bill, and then here about a year and a half later i ended up right here at the blaze and now they have to pay me. >> it's all internet driven when i was coming up and at your age i was at boston university and went to scranton, pennsylvania and worked at a regular television station and moved up to dallas and denver and back to new york. you went immediately to the net, did commentary. you're not a reporter. you're a commentator, correct? conservative commentator. >> right. i have used the internet to
5:42 pm
my advantage. i feel you can reach out directly to your viewers there. you know, the mainstream media doesn't necessarily foster conservative voices and give it a platform like it deserves outside of fox news and the blaze. sometimes have you got to go directly online. that's what i have been able to do either they love me or hate me they are watching me. >> how did you become a conservative you? are from south dakota. that's a conservative state. were you raised in a family of conservatives? >> a family of conservatives but more so than that, just a family of hard working americans. i grew up knowing that if i wanted to achieve something in life, i was going to have to do it myself. i was going to have to pull myself up by my boot straps and go get it. that to me lends itself to the conservative world view and school of thought. more hard working than just growing up in a red state. >> how old were you when you started to formulate an apolitical opinion. >> i don't know, when did i start talking? >> you were always political? your parents political people? always in that. >> my parents are conservative but not necessarily political. i like the art of debate.
5:43 pm
i like the art of conversation. i also like to pick apart the mainstream media because i think that in large part they cater to the coast there is a large se large sectif middle america. large as evidenced by elections just starting to be heard getting louder. >> why do you think so many people your age are on the left? >> well, first of all, they go to liberal institutions as we have seen time and time again. that's where the indoctrination begins. it really doesn't matter what you experience in childhood whether your parents are liberal or conservative. did you go to a public university and you're gonna be indoctrinated one way or the other. i went to unlv i witnessed that and experienced that a lot of people take that narrative that the left feeds us as well that conservatives, republicans are bigoted cold hearted and racist. so they want nothing to do with this party or this world view but that's because the liberals have control of the narrative. >> so you believe that the younger generation when they get to college are kind of brain washed.
5:44 pm
i don't know why they would accept that though. you know, look, when i went to college it was the vietnam era. there are were a lot of lefts there they tried to brain watch. i'm going to think for myself. finally you got with this guy trevor noah. you know this is the daily show. he took over for jon stuart. i was a guest on stuart's program on a number of occasions. you know that noah's going to try to mock you and his audience is there to support him. does that bother you at all? >> no. because someone has to have the guts to do it. i knew walking in that i was going to be walking into a crowd of people that were going to boo me and jeer me. >> i didn't think you came off bad. i thought you made your points fairly articulately. >> i have never looked down on someone because of their skin color. true diversity is diversity of thought not color. i don't see color. [crowd gasps] [ laughter ] >> you don't see color? so, what do you do at traffic lights. [ laughter ] >> so does it bother you
5:45 pm
personally that he is not going to give you a fair shake? >> no, not at all. because you can't expect them to play fair. you get a little bit louder and expect your voice to be heard. >> i don't expect any liberal show or comedy show or anything from the mainstream media to be fair. i have already accepted that as i'm sure you know as well. they are not going to be fair they are going to label you to high heaven but keep going. >> i expect -- i know they are not well, look, did you a nice job and you are an interesting person. and we appreciate you coming on tonight very much. >> thanks so much, bill. >> and bill would also like to thank you for making his power house history book "killing the rising sun" the biggest selling adult book of the year. also bill's kid's book "give please a chance" is number one in it category. if you go to bill o' and become a premium member, can you get any one of bill's books absolutely free. and my book, "wake up america" is a great read as we wrap 2016 just ask president-elect donald trump he wrote a nice quote for the back cover as did mr. bill o'reilly as well.
5:46 pm
still to come, property life up. san francisco shows signs of urban decay. are liberal policies turning the city by the bay into a dangerous and disturbing place? we will debate it in a moment.
5:47 pm
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5:49 pm
>> in the back of the book segment tonight, liberal cities on the ropes, yesterday we told you about the wave of murderous fine violence in chicago. today there are new reports that san francisco is wrestling with the growing property crime problem. fox news correspondent claudia cowan reported on that problem last spring. >> along with cable cars and iconic land marks, san francisco is now becoming known for homelessness. >> it's dirty. >> tent camps and street crime. >> there is a ton of drug use out in the open. >> amy landers car has been broken in to twice this year. >> what happened the second time this window was completely shattered. there was glass everywhere. >> according to fbi data, san francisco has the highest property crime rate of the nation's top 50 cities with about half the cases being smash and grabs. police chief greg sur it isn't that the police are turning a blind eye to the
5:50 pm
petty crime and aggressive and homeless population, it's a shortage of cops, which he hopes to remedy by hiring 200 more by next year. >> and so with that we are hopefully get a handle on this and see where to remedy by hiring more this year. but others blame the city's politicians, legal do gooders and a city full of residents willing to accept the deterioration on the streets in the name of political correctness. >> i hope the people of san francisco are finally starting to understand what has been created here by a very small group of lunatic politicians who still control a majority of that board of supervisors. it's disgraceful. >> reporter: san francisco has a long history of tolerance that has turned it into a magnet to the homeless and the mentally ill. but tolerance has a price, as more people here are starting to realize. >> if you knew how many people stopped our cops on the streets and said how did it get like
5:51 pm
this? what is this? why are people urinating on the streets. >> reporter: none of san francisco's 11 board members would talk to us about the issue. with one walking off before i could ask a single question. they can ignore us, but they're facing angrier voters. there's a sharp rice in people saying that the city is headed in the wrong direction. >> that's what they're going to say about san francisco is that you have a high rate of property theft and vandalism. >> reporter: a town learning the hard way, you reap what you sew. >> joining us now in salt lake city, where we pulled him away from his family vacation, civil rights attorney and former member of the san francisco police commission. so we're seeing an explosion in the homeless population, it's creating things that are terrible. i'm looking at -- there's public
5:52 pm
urination, there's literally websites saying stay away from this street, it's very dirty. why is san francisco sliding into this abyss? >> first of all, these are petty crimes. violent crimes in s have actually flat lined, they haven't gone up. but we have had a slight increase in petty crime. we have gone through some criminal -- we had property 47 which realigned some of the criminal penalties that have put it from the state jurisdiction that have taken felonies and made them into misdemeanors. >> what went from a felony to a misdemeanor, what type of crimes? >> it's lower level crimes, so we're talking about these type of crimes you're talking about. >> smash and grab, steal something out of a car? what about the tolerance, the tolerance is a magnet for
5:53 pm
homelessness. >> the reason why we're having this problem is also because of the realignment that's happened over the last four years, the governor's office and the state legislature which has essentially realigned the jurisdiction of state prisoners to municipalities and that's about 550,000 state prisoners have been pushed to the municipalities. so we're seeing a lot of these petty people coming into the cities, that were originally within the jurisdiction of the state. and we have also had on the federal level we had the u.s. supreme court ordered that our prison release about 40,000 prisoners and that's also happened over the past four or five years. so it really is a minor miracle, that our mayor and our chief of police who we saw in that earlier piece has been able to keep the violent crimes down. >> what about the most glaring thoughts when you think of san francisco, one of the most prominent sanctuary cities is
5:54 pm
this driving the crime? >> sanctuary cities, we don't find that immigrants that are committing crimes on a per capita basis, which is true across the country. we're the hub of innovation and we're also the hub of innovation for policy. we do have the policy like the needle exchange, which we started a few decades ago which was really to prevent the spread of aids and other fatal illnesses. >> and that assists in more drug use when you do that. i tell you, one of the most wealthy cities in the country per capita, not only on home values but incomes, and you still have this problem. it just feels like if you want to solve the problem, you're going to have to spend a whole
5:55 pm
lot more of your taxpayers' money. >> as you saw in the previous piece, with our chief of police, greg sure, we only have 2,100 police officers, whereas manhattan has 31,000 police officers. that's a very big difference. >> i think you just nailed it, you have to up the police force, they got their hands full. still to come, tributes for the actress carrie fisher continue to pour in, we'll continue to react to that and remember her legacy, that's moments away.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
we're live from the heart of times square, bringing celebration all around the country, cheering from the people. the biggest musical performances.
5:58 pm
and your favorite fox personalities. kimberly and eric host live. and so much more. in new year's eve, our must-see coverage here on the fox news channel. as tributes continue to pour in for the actress and writer carrie fisher, there are reports that her mother, movie star debbie reynolds has been taken to the hospital with a stroke. as for fisher, she was a writer, an advocate for the mentality ill, and her portrayal in the "star wars" films for which so many will remember her. >> the way she projected herself, there was just a strength within her. girls have somebody to look up to. >> i remember dressing up as her
5:59 pm
for halloween when i was a kid. >> people posting pictures of their daughters dressed up as princess leah. fisher was mentioned in 3.1 million tweets. >> debbie reynolds tweeted, thank you to everyone who has embraced my beautiful daughter. >> mark hammell, she played such a critical role in my professional and personal life and both would have been far emptier without her. >> she was witty and funny, she wrote like a dream. she was a fantastic actress. >> hundreds of fans lining up to see that white gown, that slave bikini, remembering the actress who made the princess so memorable. >> she's a hero and she'll be
6:00 pm
remembered as such. >> that's it for us tonight, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly, remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, america's top diplomat delivering some harsh words to our most critical ally in the middle east. setting up a diplomatic showdown of historic proportions, less than four weeks until the current administration heads for the exits. welcome to the kelly file. i'm sandra smith in for megin kelley. secretary of state john kerry launched into a blistering speech following the u.n. vote on israeli settlements. launching into his own pointed


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