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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> wow, that is kind of cool. sandra: we'll discuss that on o-t. stay here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web and find us on tons of fun. "happening now" starts right now. we start with with president-elect donald trump talking tough on domest and i can foreign issues. these are our key can middle east ally, israel. i am jon scott. >> i am melissa france nis for jenna leely. the u.s. coming under fire for not condemning the u.n.ç resolution. and secretary of state kerry defending the move and blasting the netanyahu government. >> we have the latest reaction from jerusalem and begin with
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peter doocey in palm beach, florida where mr. trump is speaking out on the u.s. and israel and the american economy, peter? >> reporter: that's right, the president-elect said his administration will follow simple rules. buy american and hire american. that economic theme message dmam an instagram post and the sprint ceo pledged to bring 5000 çjob and one web, will create 3000 here. transition officials were not clear as to whether or not everyone of these jobs were new or part of the 50,000 jobs promised by the japanese company soft banks ceo a few weeks ago. the president spoke to reporters about russia last night as the obama administration prepares to punish russia for preparing for the america election.
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mr. trump said he doesn't get why they are talking about the election. >> i think we need to get on withç our lives. computer has complicated our lives. the age of computer make its it where no one knows what is going on. i am not sure we have the spirit -- i have not spoken with with the senator and i will be over a period of time. and officials, this morning on a conference call suggested that mr. trump's tone could change when it comes to punishing russia if evidence is made public directly linking moscow to improper activity. the president-elect said last night a few thingsútaat make it clear that he is still seething at the united nations for ganging up on our ally israel. he said the u.n. is something that causes more problems than
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they solve. >> we'll have more on that story. >> israel not backing down as the war of words intensifies between the obama administration and netanyahu government. and more team coverage with john hutti live in jerusalem, john? >> reporter: in his speech last night secretary of state kerry said the currentç coalition in israel and right wing in israel and driven by extreme elements. and todaynapali bennett said once president-elect trump enters the white house palestinian will be taken off of the agenda and advocated for are israeli sovereignty for the part of west bank and that is extreme opposite of what secretary kerry
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said last night. he denounced secretary kery and accused him to paying lip service. and israelis don't need to be lectured about peace from foreign leaders. kerry said the two- state solution is in jeopardy. and today a european union said the 28 nation eu joins the outgoing administration in defending the two- state solution. so far today, we haven't heard anything more from theç prime minister's office. and as you can imagine it dominated the headlines here. and i want to show you something. this is one of the daily papers. you can see president-elect trump and kerry on and the
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headlines reads two americas. >> very interesting. thank you for that report. >> the presidential transition hitting a rough patch. raising concern cans that the white house could be causing a problem forç president-elect trump. this as mr. trump is accused of inserting himself on policy issues before he takes the oath of office. and we'll get assessment from experts, a nitta mcbride is an assistant to former president bush. and joe trippi is a former campaign manager for howard dean and welcome to both of you. >> thank you. donald trump has been tweeting competing messages, anitta said the transition is going well and president2obama's team is not helpful. what do you make of those
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competing ideas? >> i think there is a lot going on behind the scenes that indicate that the transition is going very well and the landing team from the trump transition is working effectivey on the transition. but it is not a surprise, of course, donald trump when he may be provoked on something that he doesn't think is fair will respond. he is an effective messenger of his ownç message. not happy with something he will say it. >> the president's team is not happy about what donald trump is tweeting about. is that harmful to the office, do you think? >> no, look. first of all, it's not the first time donald trump tweeted something and next day or gone in the opposite direction or said something in a press avail
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that was different than what was tweeted. two thingses are going on here. these two men both have opposed policies on a lot of issues. president obama is still theç president of the united states and he will use every minute he has. he's not giving up the office until january 20th or 21st. he and trump are going to differ on policy. and the tweets have to do with the policy differences. from a transition it like it is making it smooth as possible. it seems to it be going pretty well. >> the tweet about 5000 jobs stay nothing america as a result of well, donald trump is essentially takingç credit for it, anita, that rubs the administration the wrong way, but does he have a point?
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>> of course, he has a point. his campaign was about economy and jobs. he's new to it being a politician and communicating the message of bringing jobs back, he's communicating that to the american people. but he's not new to being a businessman. he speaks the language that american ceo's are speaking and understands the pressures of being competitive in america. and the pressure and the challenges, to turn a çprofit d to be legally responsible to share holders and he knows what it means to credit jobs in this economy and of course, he will talk about that. that's what the american people who voted for him want him to do. >> joe, the obama's administration said we created jobs, too? >> well, that sort of makes the point. first of all, the new 5000 jobs were announcement that happened
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week and months ago. but trump can making the claim, that's fine. i just sat through eight years, we all did of the obama administration, month after month announcing positive job growth. you know 180225000 jobs for a record number of straight months they did that and still a lot of people didn't feel the economy was changing, and so, you know, you can make the announcementes, and now trump's policy will tell the tale. if he gets the four percent growth he's promising, everything will be great and it doesn't matter the announcement. if it is down in the territory >> business statistic that i think that bears mentioning here are and my friend melissa
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francis, you have to have 125000 jobs each month to keep up with population growth. >> you have to create a business environment to allow that to happen. as businessman to businessman and ceo to ceo, they expect donald trump to correct because he understands the challenges to it american business and be profitable and hire workers. >> you got a resounding ye. >> thank you both. >> thank you. the president designating two national monuments in utah and nevada covering a million and half acres of land. republican law makers call it more government overreach by the
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obama administration. kevinç is live in honolulu, the is a bit of a hornest's nest. >> 553,000 acre. land and federal water and setting it aside. it is a good move for protection and presivation. it is a ginormous. is that a word? ginormous federal overreach of land and water. we'll share the pictures. utah and nevada in the cross hairs in this circumstance. ç 1.35 million acre in utah and situating of nevada desert. let me share just a little bit of what president obama is saying about the latest decision. following years of various proposals to protect the area
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and proposal from tribal governments in and around utah, monuments will protect areas that all stake holders agree are worthy of protection. will congress try to scale back the land? ç the president used the antiquities' act. we are not sure if congress has legal footage or the appetite to do so. jason chaffetz said this about the move bite president. after years of painstaking negotiations, utah had a comprehensive bipartisan solution to it protect the bear and provide a solution. instead the president's midnight proclamation dizz regarded economic development and ç
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multiuse provisions for a balanced compromise. >> i want to share this with you. senator mike levy tweeted an arrogant act lie a lame duck president p will not stand. it will go down in the history that did more to set aside land and water for environmental purposes. whether or not congress takes a shot at that we'll have to wait and see under the trump administration. >> kevin cork, thankç you for that. new investigations in the deadly berlin terror attack. what we are learning about the suspect. and the u.s. expected to it slap sanctions on russia for the alleged hacking on election. it doesn't mean russia was in the tank for donald trump.
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the real gift isn't what's inside the box... it's what's inside the person who opens it. give ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can reveal their ethnic origins. order now at >> a fox news alert they were investigateth anis a hmri. he was accuse canned of collecting a sylum speaker benefits in two german town and that investigation was shelved
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because his wheres about were not known. he died in a shootout with with italian police. >> the white house could announce new sanctions in russia next week over the moscow interferrance. president-elect trump expressed doubts about that the move. he told reporters it is time to get on with our lives. a former intelligence officer is a senior fellow in the program on national security in the foreign policy research institute. and most offous audience probably knows because they have seen you on before. you have special insight in to the russians, you were approached and the russians attempted to recruit you as a spy and instead you went to our government and became a double agent. am i saying that right? >> i spent four years working
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under cover for the fbi and the russians believed they recruited me as a spy. that gave me an insight of the how the russian function and i really believe that the russians may have stolen upon information, but that doesn't mean they inspector bed -- in bed to get donald trump elected. >> they may have been involved in the hacking but not to elect donald trump but it was to it hurt hillary clinton? >> it is important to understand while the cold war ended for us, it never did for russia since the break up of the russians, the run russians want to get back to the at this time world stage. they viewed the u.s. as the road look for doing so. and spying as the intelligence community call its collecting is
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something they do with vigor. i am not sure prized they are spying on him hill and republicans as well. they are legitimate targetses. >> what was the purpose to get the information with wikileaks or chaos or prove they have an influence. if not to it help donald trump, what was the motivation? >> that is a great question and it is more basic than that. it is the fact that russia wants to embarrass us. when you have former soviet union countries that become democracy. they want to go to those countries say, america is not the shining city on a hill. democracy for them is not clean and something that is beneficial. we have seen russians use propaganda from shooting down
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malaysian and ukraine? propaganda is something they do. it is just to embarrass us and that was successful. >> one point you made to the producers, it took them two years to gain the trust to ask you to steal specific files for them, it is hard for you to believe that they would become or trust donald trump that quickly? maybe they have had connection going back further than two years? >> it is a wonderful point. i was a 28-year-old nobody when i was doing this. and the rush are -- russians approached me and took them two years to it muster the confidence and believe me to commit espionage. and the e-mails that were released were gathered in 2015 and they asking someone to have a quid pro quo and you do this
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for us? that is unbelievable based on the russian trade craft and my experience. and the idea of relationship going further back goes against the facts. the intelligence community came out and said russia was probably behind the theft. but they are careful not to say that the motivation was to get donald trump elected. and frankly we as americans do us a disservice to it delegitimize the leksz. it plays in the russian hands and we are have to be careful with that. >> thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> update to the jonbenet ramsey murder case. the little beauty queen was found dead in her home the day after christmas. her older brother burke who was a child at the time is taking
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♪ >> some new information on the still unsolved murder of johnson ramsey. this is 20 years to the day since the little beauty queen's
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body was found inside of her family's home in boilered, colorado. a recent documentary raised the theory that her brother burke, who was nine years old in the time killed his sister in a fit of rage and his parents covered up the murder. burke filed a defamation lawsuit against cbs and the production company claiming he was exposed to it public hatred and contempt and ridicule. and joining us on the phone the award, winning journalist of we have your daughter, unsolved murder of jonbenet ramsey. >> paula, cbs put this together as a documentary and didn't dos in house investigative of teams. they hired an outside company to
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put this thing together and that company is part of the lawsuit. what can you tell us about why they did it that way? >> john, i don't know. i was in negotiations with 48 hours to cooperate with them on my book for two hour special with them when they were called off because their cbs side was going to do it with with another production company. that's all i know. >> they really went over the line in the recreations that they put together for this documentary. their theory or a theory that was put forward as i mentioned in the lead in was that burke, who was nine years old at the time, got angry with his sister from stealing pine apple and hit her with a flashlight. here's how they portrayed it on
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the documentary. >> roundabout there. are you ready? >> okay. it was taken off here. this is going to peel it back and you can see how it's broken. it is very similar to the type of break that we saw on jonbenet. >> so they suspect that her older brother hit her with with a flashlight and thereby kill canned her. you have studied the case extensively. what can you tell us about the wound to the eight. >> it was eight and can half inch and a portion of her skull was caved in. and the autopsy lists to causes of death. affixiation and the blow to the head had. there are several theories that
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are running around that the autopsy contradicts and they interviewed the coroner who performed that autopsy. he said he put down two causes of death and he could not tell which came first. those who believe that a blow to the head happen long before being strangled that is disagreeing with the coroner. and this leads away from burke. when her stomach contents it was cherry, grape and pine apple, not just pine apple and pine apple is a key in a lot of tv specials to here's why the attack on jonbenet happened. she tried to take some pine
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apple. that is not true to portions of the boulder police report ares that i looked at. and in the evaluation of the child and confidential interview that burke went through with human services. this is upon mandatory in every state and their conclusion with him from the interview, it is clear that burke was not a witness to it jonbenet's death. and finally in, right after the case, there were a lot of rumors about burke on entertainment radio and talk shows, and enough so that boulder police chief then and the boulder district attorney said burke was not a suspect. so that's the type of information that i have that points away from burke. i don't have any that points to him. it doesn't mean that there is any. but i don't have it. >> he was asked about it
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directly when he appeared on a dr. phil talk show. and could he have causeded her death. >> there is people who say it is not possible of a nine-year-old. i know i did not do it? >> did you do going to harm your sister jonbenet? >> no. >> did you murder your sister jonbenet? no. >> the thing that people found off putting is that he's smiling when he says that and people say that is weird. do you have insight in that? >> i've talked to burke only twice and the first time was in 2010 and i remarked to him, your smile is very much like your mothers and he was pleased about that. and he said thanks, i will be smile a lot because i smile when
10:31 am
i am nervous. i don't know burke well and i met him again in 2011 and that's all i know about the smile. >> from the lawsuit, the charge from lin wood, the attorney who is representing burke. he said cbs perpetrated a fraud on the public instead of a documentary baseded by a new team of experts, the case of jonbenet ramsey was a fictional crime show. one of the expertses they relied on is james kholer. what can you tell us about james kholer? >> he was not among the original investigators on the case. the case started in 1996. in 2004, he was hired by the boulder district attorney's office to be the point person on
10:32 am
investigations and he was there from 2004 to 2006. and according to the documentation, he has no homicide experience. i dealt with him briefly when he was in boulder because the case was not ongoing, still active but not ongoing. and he had presented to boilered district attorney and investigator and the da, a presentation that said that burke had killed his sister and then he wrote a book about it. he left the da's office and wrote a book about it. i know the lawsuit alleges that the format for the documentary was based on his book. >> well, the police certainly bungled much of that investigation and this documentary didn't help public interesting of the case.
10:33 am
paula woodward, the author of "we have your daughter". thank you, paula. >> thank you, jon. >> we'll be back with more "happening now" in a moment.
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>> obama seems to be doing, i was trying to figure out the right language so i don't get fined bite fcc. what is said about hillary clinton and her campaign and drawing that contrast and he's
10:36 am
done to israel and benjamin netanyahu, there are people that he's had political difficulties with and by the way, republican members of the house and senate. people who he's disagreed with. he's gone to great pains to draw a contrast between the things he sayses and the things they have done in a way that makes me think he's trying to settle scores before he leaves. particular that is not presidential. i would have expected more from him. >> president obama accused of spending his final weeks in office in a and president-elect trump. and talk about it with malcolm, a community activist. and noel is a republican strategist and republican congressional candidate with
10:37 am
floridae's 18th district. welcome to you. >> malcolm. we mentioned you are a fan of hillary clinton. are you offended by what president obama had had to say about her lack luster campaign? >> fwook the initial point is still the president of the united states until january 20th. and it seems that the trump team are the ones who don't know that. he's doing the job that voters elected him twice to do. and like anybody that runs for office. you go to it thinking you can win and so with a pen percent approval rating and history of success, of course, you know, he says that he can beat donald trump. and hillary clinton cleaned his clock and donald trump is getting nervous that the training wheels of the transition are about to it come
10:38 am
off and he's not ready for the president of the united states. i believe that strongly now. >> noel. your thinking is that donald trump, that is where the sparks are flying right now. barak obama became on a apology tour and now ended his presidency with a tarnished legacy. you you know as far as israel. this i really can't believe he's left it to be the last and final thing he does to go out. he promised a smooth transition and it will not be anything of the sort and not only a slap in the face to israel, john. but he's insulted hillary, by
10:39 am
say figure he were running for a third term. he would have won. this is a slap in the face. and the only thing that came out of this, a lot of democrat and republicans are on the same side as regard to israel. i would like to it respond. first thing that noel said. he came in to office bowing to foreign leaders. that is hilarious seeing how donald trump is bending over back wards for vladimar put and i know russia and in terms of the u.n. and in terms of israel and what the secretary of state did a 40 year commit toment it a two- state solution and the fact that the president-elect doesn't have a good grasp of the settlements or policy is concerning to a lot of us.
10:40 am
with his cabinet and foreign defense team has instituted a team that is not ready to deal with the dangerous world that we face. is sis is on the rope. we have one president the at a time and it is important that the president-elect start acting like it. that's the most unpresidential thing. and it seems that he's prepared to be a distractor in chief and distract that he has no proposal. >> let me get nicole in here. i am sorry noel. i am combining your name. it is worth remembering at the
10:41 am
time barak obama took office he was a state senator and two years of importance special the state senate. >> you are right. i disagree strongly with my opponent. the way the obama administration left israel. that is our strongest ally not only is disrespectful, but we have to look back on how obama played more faf on theism to iran. and look at unmarked plane giving all of the money and unmarked bags to iran and all of the sudden we have released hostages. they are not popular with how the american people see it and that's why donald trump resonated and i think that obama is leaving a horrible foreign policy that donald trump will come in and have to repair and i think it is unbelievable.
10:42 am
>> three weeks left of the bum bull administration and we'll see if the sparks keep flying. thank you so much. and million people get ready to it pack in to times square. and rick is at the cross roads of the world. they are getting ready out there? >> reporter: the nypd starts prep for new year's eve as the ball drops on the last new year's eve and adapt to the changing threat and environment in our world. for the first time there will be 65 sand trucks to block and create a barrier around times square that attackers could not penetrate. there will be other broker
10:43 am
vehicles around times square and 7000 police officer to protect the 1- 2 million revellers expected to celebrate new years here. and other location. there will be plain clothes officer and sniper and helicopters in the air and police boats on the water. and the nypd as we have seen it is remarkably good at this and i asked the commissioner if he's worried about any officer letting their guard down. how dew guard this is something they do every year. and 4th of july, new year's eve. the tree lighting. this is where everybody has to be on their time tow toes.
10:44 am
this. placency not at an event >> reporter: it is not expected to rain on saturday night. can you watch the ball drop right here on fox news channel. >> i think that is the best ongz. when we come back we'll have new information on cancer break throughs, we'll be right back. you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar.
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>> right now medical science making a progress in break
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throughs and new break throughs and extending lives. the drug boosting the immune system and helping it fight cancer and my next guest is associate director for the drug development program. and thank you so much for joining us. between the next 1 or 2 years it will be the cause of death. how come. >> in the past we used xhemo therapy that kills cancer sales. and now we harness the body's own immune system that potentially is less tox and i can more effective against the cancer. >> how does that work exactly? >> we have different ways to
10:48 am
boost the immune system. cancer cells, the immune system should attack them. but they make a shield against the immune system and we learned how to takedown that shield and that attack bes the cancer itself. >> are there specific types of cancer it works best or treatments that you have seen that show program? >> fda approval for lung cancer melanoma and other diseases such as that and in the last couple of days, a new time of immune no therapy we take the t- cells out and engineer them to it fight the cancer in the person's body and reinfuse them and we saw exciting news about a type of brain cancer where a patient received the infusion of the t- cells back in and had had a great response to the cancer from the immune therapy. >> you look at it two ways. it is attacking cancer once it
10:49 am
is there. and what are being made to prevent it. >> lots of research for simple things. people who use aspirin and there was a study that was done that people under the age of 50 start a baby aspirin after they speak to their doctors. we'll prevent and treat heart disease. and save the u.s. 690 billion in health care case. >> beyond immune no therapy what else is showing promise. >> targeted theories. and we s can look at therapies that attack different mutations in the tumor's gene.
10:50 am
we are looking back in the year that went biechlt were there disappointmentes that god wast . there was things that looked promising. >> with the amino therapy, only 25% to 30% are responding. so what about those who are not responding. we might be able to make a difference so other patients respond as well. >> thank you, you have so much great information, i hope you'll come back. >> charities seek outside fundraising in the holiday season, but your donation doesn't always go where you think it is does. an look from fox news, ahead.
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hi, everyone. we're awaiting word on what kind of actions the white house will take against russia for the hacking of the election. >> calls by lawmakers to defund the united nations, just how much money do we put in the u.n. every year and is it worth is t? >> and floating warehouses, what would that look like? we have images and more on america's news headquarters,
10:54 am
join us. december is the biggest fundraising month of the year for charities as it puts people in a giving mood. but all of the money doesn't always make it to those who need help. william? >> whether you are promised by compassion or taxes, only give when you're ready. how much goes to the charity? not as much as you hope. >> telemarketers are raising money for charities where sometimes they get little or nothing of what you gave. >> to test that, we examined the california registry of charitable trusts. a listing of many national
10:55 am
campaigns in hundreds of cases. they raised thousands, but got little back, some lost money. example, two campaigns at the cove flint house raised a combined $66,000, but the campaign cost $209,000. that year, 24% of charities took home less than 20 cents on the dollar, and 21% lost money all together. >> it is our standard for reasonable. >> over the last three years, only 22% of all charities met that standard, keeping 65% and paying the fundraiser 35%. >> so the campaigns that we referenced were designed to attract supporters, not raise
10:56 am
money. but since ending the program, john, the bottom shrine give to charities that you know. >> good advice. >> what does it look like when the sir discuss comes to town for the pope? that's next in the final 30. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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that's right, there was lots of clowning around at the vatican. that's because the circus was in town. >> acrobats, the weekly audience at the vatican. part of getting in on the fun, several popes in the past from blasted circus performers. >> that looks like fun. >> i'm kind of wondering what is under there. >> that would be intimidating. >> you enjoy a good circus? >> your kids are a little too old. >> yeah, but i like them.
11:00 am
>> thank you for joining us. >> "america's news headquarters" starting now. we start with a fox news alert. we await word of possible new sanctions against russia. sanctions camed to punish moscow and possibly president vladimir putin himself for hacking. our white house correspondent kevin cork is traveling with the president today, he is in honolulu with the latest. when will we know about possible retaliation? >> that's a great question. i will give you a little inside baseball. they are e usually saying they're working on it


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