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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 29, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> thank you for joining us. >> "america's news headquarters" starting now. we start with a fox news alert. we await word of possible new sanctions against russia. sanctions camed to punish moscow and possibly president vladimir putin himself for hacking. our white house correspondent kevin cork is traveling with the president today, he is in honolulu with the latest. when will we know about possible retaliation? >> that's a great question. i will give you a little inside baseball. they are e usually saying they're working on it, nothing
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it percolating. it is fakes a long time to get back to me, something could be imminent at that time. i don't expect anything to break within the hour, of course that could all change. they are blaming vladimir putin for the leaks. they're saying he is the guy that had to be behind this. the feeling is among the 17 intelligence agencies here in the states that that had an impact on the u.s. election. critics are saying this is just political grandstanding. this idea of sanctions going out the door. >> zero. we have a new sheriff in town and his name is donald j. trump. obama is trying to go out with
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hyperbo hyperbole. after eight years of vladimir putin kicking him around and embarrassing this nation, he is now trying to go out with high personly, that's all. >> so to his point, the president will be out of office in just a couple weeks. but democrats will say he is on the job until the 20th. we know they are coming at some point. >> so what are republican lawmakers saying about the possible sanctions and the criticism that they are trying to force them into a tough relationship with russia. >> they're saying that's true. we know that is what they're trying to do. if for some reason they make the sapgss and he wants to continue with them, it makes him look
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like a puppet, right? they're wondering what they may be able to do strully for undoing anything that the president does. even that is politically collaging for the zop, because we all want to know if it this is something that we want to have happen in the future. we don't know what outward look will be like and the inward look. sanctions of the outward man fes station of a punishment. what happens on the cyber end? >> while you were giving that tournament, we got news that the u.s. may will close to closing to russian compounds in the united states and in new york. the second piece of information is that we could set to expel russian diplomates from the
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united states. kevin, if you could check your sources. >> i can tell you really quickly before we quo, much watching this before as it comes in. what i'm getting from my white house sources, it is consistent of what they're talking about. it could happen, they're planning this, they're letting you create the tea leaves, but it has not happened yet. i will let you know if they will make an announcement in the next few minutes. >> just one possible way to punish the russians for those actions. >> president-elect trump reacting to secretary of state john kerry's rebuke of israel. hi, everyone, that already strained relationship between israel and the obama
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administration may be close to the breaking point after the speech condemning settlements in the west bank and calling benjamin netanyahu's government, extreme. rich edison joins us live from the state department with what israelis and palestinians are now saying today. >> good afternoon, shortly after secretary of state john kerry spoke, he says he doesn't need to be lectures on peace by foreign leaders, saying he focused way too much on criticizing israel. >> how can you make peace with someone who rejects your veteran existence. this conflict is and always has been about the right to exist. >> the settlement chump is one
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of only many immedments to peace. they did say they were were glorifying terrorists. the prime minister said the u.n. was also bind that resolution. not just abstaining and letting it go through, but coordinating and work straiting it. as for the palestinians, they cake without a response to all of this. ready to celebrate peace negotiations while israel halts their construction. >> the decision to abstain is getting bipartisan criticism. some accusing president obama of turning his back on an ally. >> we join the crowd, beating up
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on israel, and it is really disingenuous. we knew what it meant, and israel relies on us to block all of these resolutions against them because they can't get a fair shake. >> that was elliott angle earlier this morning. a democrat from maryland, o joining me, sean tufy is a member of the trump executive transition committee, thank you for joining us. we have seen that criticism coming down. what can the administration now to better repair our relationship with israel. >> well, listen, i think it is clear that both sides have been joined at the hip on this issue. we traditionally stand with israel. i think it is the acts that we take in congress that shows again we support israel and
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peace. this comes back to what is obama trying to accomplish and the u.n. trying to accomplish. they're trying to get to a place of peace and to focus on is raily settlements, it is not the real problem. the problem is the fact that the palestinians won't come to the negotiating table to sit down with israel, and number two they will not recognize a jewish state. you can have the two sit down and talk about what do the land lines look like. israel said we will talk about that, we'll negotiate that, until the palestinians come to the table. >> the palestinians now say if they stop building, they will come to the table and talk about peace. since you're a sitle member of congress that is constantly talking with the new administration coming in, what is their play to make sure they
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will be going to be all right. >> i think is heartenning for them to see republicans and democrats come together and standing with israel. but the palestinians, if they would just come to the table to negotiate, that happened several years ago. in the hopes that the pal skinians would come to the table. they did not come to goergt at the table. i think if you have peace, it's not coming from the united states or the u.n., it will come from from those who are negotiating and talking and coming up with a resolution pb it is a government thats israel.
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>> i'm just wondering going forward, are they willing to stop any resolutions, if they could make that pledge or couldn't could, until both parties are willing to cooperate. >> we do, one of my favorite, why pay for the bill when they're anti-israel. maybe we need to remove our funding from the u.n. >> would you support that? >> i want to sigh the bill first, but it is something i can support, but it is something i want to look at. >> there are now reports that the united states is expelling
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35 russian diplomats. and what i they had to do with our election here. what is your reaction to that. listen, heather, this is not about russia's impact on an election. they say we want to do an investigation. but what this wreaks of is politics from barack obama. his initiatives and priorities run the ballot, and he lost in a huge way last november. so now he is trying to divert attention away from that loss, trying to blame the russians and fake news. trying to find every scapegoat
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for what went wrong in the last election, and this is about legacy for more than russians. if you want an impact with sanctions on russia, let the new administration do it. don't do is as you're walking out the door. >> the world watches and waits. the cease fire does not have u.s. involvement. and donald trump promising actions for veterans.
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welcome back, it is now quarter past the hour. a short while ago we brought you breaking news about sanctions against russia. we're going to check in with kevin cork who is traveling with the president. we're getting reaction now from the white house about a report that 35 russian diplomats could
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be getting kicked out of the united states. >> it is broader than that. we want to be careful with the idea of removing diplomating staff from a nation. we heard about harassment of diplomats abroad. this is all part and parcel to a larger issue accusing the russian government of cyber hacking. i have ordered a number of actions against those who are harassing officials. . we have issued actions to the russian government and the necessary and appropriate response to harm the international norms of behavior. i won't read it all to you, but
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it talks in great length about some of the ideas of russians that were behind the cyberer attacks of the u.s. election for 2016, and as we have been confirming, that means a number of russian diplomats will be moving on from american facilities here in america including one in new york and one in maryland that will be shuttered. we'll keep following the story for you as i continue to hear from senior administration officials. >> do we know what kind of facilities these are. you mentioned new york and maryland, are they weekend camps they sometimes have, or sort of concentrate late type buildings? >> you're right on the money. these annexes are not utilized on a daily basis, but they can be. people who have not seen the examples, they are for high
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level dig any stairs that come into town, but they're major facilities. it sends a very clear message that cyber attacks, especially those that impact the infrastructure, will be tolerated. >> i understand it may be premature, but since we do have you, the people who are intended to be kicked out. do we know if they have any involvement with the hacking? >> great question. i have been in constant consultation. not to say that is the case, but i can tail you on conversations they had they are surprised they feel that way. >> okay, kevin, we'll check in with you as news warrants. thanks for that great reporting that broke this hour. a flurry of activity as the
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trump transition team takes power just 22 days from now. we have a update that officials gave him today about the transition. what can you tell snus. >> heather, the last update we got is while the obama had m min -- administration was ready to punish diplomats, officials said anyone still focused on hacking, they think, is just trying to delegitimatize mr. trump's win. things may be changing. there was also some follow up to the phone call that president obama placed down here. officials say they were talking
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about inaugural activities. as for today's schedule, it is just on campus for meetings with senior staffers. >> we heard about a public-private relationship of sorts. >> yeah, the public-private option would blow the system up. they said some veterans have injuries that are best treated using the infrastructure at the current va hospitals, some of the vets love the va, and some want the ability to go to a doctor they choose. it's not an easy solution, it's a bigically cased department that needs a lot of attention
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and innovation. that revelation came after the president-elect met with people from hospital groups, and we got some information this morning about why no one is nop nated to be the next va secretary yet. the president-elect wants to make sure that he picks the right person to make some of tho those. that is certainly what our veterans deserve. peter doocy, thank you for joining us today. your new years eve forecast is coming up next. and regardless of the
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weather, the nypd says they're ready with extraordinary assets. that is what the nypd has perfected.
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a cease fire is set to take place in hours from now. an estimated 60 thousand rebel fighters. russia says the u.s. is welcome to join the peace talks once president-elect donald trump takes office. they're calling it a positive development and saying there is no military solution to the nearly sixth year crisis. they hope a cease fire will hold so a syrian led transition toward a united and peaceful government can begin. we hope it helps. >> so what will the weather be like? hi, rick, how with we looking?
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>> the storm in the northeast will all be out of here by the time we get from saturday night to sunday. times square, 38, not bad. a little above average, and we should be dry. not looking bad at all. we have a storm out there right now. western mass, vermont, maine. all of the accumulation will be across the interior sections. also across the interior spine here. rain and storms moving through overnight. we have heavy rain and snow across the interior sections. this is the future radar. mostly across new hampshire and
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maine. most of the storm is gone. the windy conditions tomorrow will be really extreme and will likely cause big impacts across the airports in the northeast. it gets really going overnight across parts of coastal areas of maine. the worst of that strengthening storm will be across far eastern maine and up into parts of canada. we will certainly have a breezy day for the day tomorrow. temperature wise, here we go. we have not been super cold for the last week and a half. look at what happens here all the way to new years eve, everybody looking pretty good temperature wise, but watch new years day and into monday, the cold air returns across parts of the west. a new batch of cold air coming in across the lower 48. take a look at this, 63 in
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louisville. >> springlike temperatures there. >> we'll just be inside watching football anyway. >> we're getting breaking news in from the white house at this hour. the obama administration just announcing new sanctions against russia, among them giving the boot to 35 russian operatives currently in the united states. plus, we'll have this. a new way to get your online order sent by airmail. could a flying warehouse deliver your package in a matter of minutes?
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a fox news alert on a very busy news day. the obama administration keeping their word on punishing russia for cyberhacking. 35 russian operatives have been told to leave the united states. two state department russian compounds are being shut down tomorrow. they're releasing declassified investigation on russian civilian and military intelligence. let's talk with guy benson, a
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political editor of and also the former executive director of the progressive caucus. let's start with you, brad. what do you think about this idea that the administration is now issuing the sanctions against the russians. >> i want to thank president obama and the administration and for taking the necessary steps. we have been saying all along with the stated and normal ways in which intelligence is conducted around the world. do i believe it is appropriate. >> it sounds like a big deal,
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expelling 35 diplomats and closing down two compounds. it's where they go on the weekend if they want a cushy place to lay their heads. is the point to handcuff the trump administration. >> i don't think so. i believe it is appropriate for the current president to take action. the russians did not hack the election, but they tried to influence it. that is not acceptable. no american so be subjected to that. i'm not sure it is a very strong response. it's a big move publicly, there is pr here, but i just saw our colleague here who is a liberal democrat called the move by the administration weak saying it didn't go after putin or the inner circle. not exactly tough, tough stuff. >> we're just getting in this investigation, it may be incomplete at this time, but one of the things we heard about was
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the potential that the u.s. could cyberattack russia or go after vladimir putin and his finances. what do you think about that idea? should we have done something stronger instead? >> laets be -- let's be clear here, it did not stop them from interfering with our election, but it is hurting them and it is hurting putin. that is one of the reasons he did this. the fact this is being don in concert with that, i would say this is in fact a escalation, and do i believe there is room for more and we should be doing more. secretary of state john kerry's speech on that issue yesterday
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got sharp reaction on capitol hill and around the world as well. >> this current coalition is the most right-wing in israeli history with an agenda driven by the most extreme elements. they are committed to settlements more than any in israel's history. and they're leaning towards one state. >> as a democrat i want to come back to you on this. a lot of americans were taken aback by the u.n. vote and secretary kerry's speech. if we can put it back on the screen. he only mentioned hamas four times, occupation by the israe i israelis 14 times, settlements
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42 times. ? i'm not just going to speak as a democrat, but also as a jewish american with a deep abiding commitment to the state of israel. i believe that when john kerry spoke, it was truth to power. >> truth to power? you believe that hamas is a mill assistant grouch and not a terror group? >> i believe that when best friends have a fight, it is our duty to speak truthfully and honestly about that. >> so it's your truth in your opinion that hamas is a mill assistant group? >> the truth is their a terrorist group, but the settlement policy of the current administration under netanyahu is a disaster for world peace and american security and for israelis. >> do you believe this is a
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disaster for world peace? >> no, the disaster for world peace is the palestinians and hamas refusing to recognize them as a jewish state. kerry was there talking about the right-wing, hardlined act in history. they have within vindicated. . this is a bizarre obsession. in gaza ten or 11 years ago, what did israel get in response for that good faith gesture? they got hamas in gaza. >> we'll have to leave it there, guy benson, brad bowman, thank you for coming in to talk about
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israel and russia, thank you. it's a bird, a plane, a floating warehouse. amazon getting a patent for a air shift that releases drones. nicole is live on the floor of the new york stock exchange to explain this. >> the wave of the future for everyone that loves amazon and amazon products. turns througho turns out this will be a mothership. it will be 45,000 feet in the air, an airborn fulfillment center, and these are the lingos we use, airborne fulfillment center. they will leave from this big mothership with your goods and bring them right to you. what else happens on this? shuttles to smaller air shifts to ferry goods back and forth to the mother ship if will help
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them to continue to be the bohemeth that it is. it can go lower to a stadium. if you're at the super bowl, and you want a team shirt, you can order on amazon will deliver your order to you. >> you're not wrong. there is a lot of concern about what itcan happen with all of this. this week we're at 4.32%.
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a year ago 4.15%. and 1909, 10. -- 1990, 10.3%. so these are incremental rises. these are still very low rates, the experts say you get in, you lock it in, these are still low rates, and they're prices have been on the rise. supply is thin and demand is high. can't raise the prices too much or you won't have anyone buying your home nicole, i appreciate it. >> the brother of the murdered child beauty queen jonbenet
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ramsey is suing. ♪ getting older shouldn't mean giving up all the things she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation. oh, that smells so good.
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aw, and it tastes good, too. we can provide the right care, right at home.
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i'm john scott on "the fox news desk." we're following the response to russia for interfering with the election. we'll have more on the white house's moves. and president obama is in a bit of a power struggle with his successor. what does that mean for the transition? insight on that coming up when i fill in on "shepherd smith reporting." >> new developments in the jonbenet ramsey case. burke ramsey is now suing cbs. he says the special about the
11:45 am
investigation falsely portrayed evidence and accused him of her murder. burke ramsey spoke to dr. phil on his tv show. >> for a long time the media basically made our lives crazy. it is hard to miss the cameras and news trucks in your front yard. we would go to the super market sometimes and there would be a tabloid with my picture or someone's picture on the front. >> i'm very skeptical of the media. >> he was just 9 years old when his little sister was killed. he stayed silent for all of the years. the new lawsuit claims "cbs perpetrated a fraud upon the public-instead of being a documentary based on a new investigation by a so-called
11:46 am
team of experts, the case of jonbenet ramsey was based on a storyline scripted and self published and commercially unsuccessful book, foreign faction. let's bring in jennifer brandt and eric guster. eric, does burke ramsey have a case? >> absolutely not. >> why not? >> he has to prove he did not commit a murder. he may have a claim against cbs, but this is the issue. he has to prove that he is not the murderer. any time you have a defamation case, a defamation lawsuit, you have to prove they lied. anyone can file a lawsuit for anyone saying anything about this, but the burden is on you for you to determine if this person is lying and i'm going to prove it. >> do you agree with what he is saying?
11:47 am
i think the case does turn on truth. but it is also a question of whether or not burke is a public figure. he has been out in the press. he has gotten notarity for his involvement in the case. just being part of the family, and the fact that he gave an interview. that is another issue. the third issue is what was stated was that of an opinion. an opinion is also a defense in a defamation case. >> but part of what goes into the defamation case is a willing disregard for the truth. part of the truth is that he was exonerated, at least his lawsuit says, by bolder police and a district attorney, exonerated before, burning, and after the investigation. does that make cbs's claims a lie? >> heck no.
11:48 am
oj was commexonerated by a juryt who thinks he is innocent in the police did not find him at fault does not necessarily mean that he is innocent of the case. >> jennifer, hold on i want to show folks a clip of the cbs piece and get your reaction. let's take a look here. >> because there is so much controversy about whether or not a child is actually capable of creating the defecting skull, we thought it would be good if we brought in a child about ten years old. >> are you ready? >> yep. >> let's take it off here. we'll peel this back, and you can see thousand is broken, very dollar to the type of break we saw on jonbenet.
11:49 am
>> that boy was brought in to play the role of burke right there. what do you think of that? >> again it goes to the issue of opinion. if someone thought about what could have possibly happened. they didn't outright accuse him. and the host repeacedly asked a question. so even a small child, a young child could have made this kind of injury on jonbenet ramsey. >> yes, certainly, and that is why burke filed a lawsuit. but we don't know what the truth is and who committed this murder. it doesn't mean they don't
11:50 am
settle, it doesn't mean there won't be money coming out of this. >> do you think they will settle? >> it was not done by cbs or 28 hours, it was done by an outside production will settle. this will make their programming minute more wanted by the public. this young man is a public figure. he has done speaker -- interviews on dr. phil. >> hey has done one public interview and was thrust into the spot light at eight anytime because his little sister was murdered. >> he was a public figure. he went on one of the top ten shows in america, told his version and everybody has been interested -- >> we have to leave it there, thank you so much for joining us. a fox news alert. the white house issued a series of actions in response to russian mill -- mitt militia
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>> the obama administration issuing a series of sanctions again russia.
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paul ryan released a statement, writing this: russia does not share america's interests. in fact it has consistently fought to undermine them. instilling instability around the world. this is an appropriate way to end eight years of -- the administration's ineffective foreign policy has left america weaker. rich ed son is live at the state department. what are they saying about house speaker paul ryan's response. >> reporter: what the state department is saying is it component is announcing that 35 russian diplomats in the united states have to leave the u.s. within 72 hours. part of that response to what the obama administration has charged with russian hacking and russian attemptedden influence
11:55 am
into the presidential election, and these operatives were work -- the state department says it wasn't only for the hacking or alleged interference but has to do with a number of other types of steps the rockier government -- russian come has taken. the state department cites the russian government has harassed u.s. officials there have been arbitrary police stops, physical assaults. the russian state division included some personal information about americans can, that the state depth says puts u.s. diplomats at risk. so when countries have an argument or officials are alaskaing in a certain manner within your country, you quick -- kick them out. so now we wait for a response from the russian government --
11:56 am
>> as you say that we just word that the house of parliament referred to this, the united states' response is, quote, the death throes of political corpses. i guess pay teen me obama -- they mean the obama administration, rich edson, the the latest from the state department. we'll be right back. i was working in the yard, my chest started hurting
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and i thought, well, you need to go to the doctor. i was told that is was cancer, and i called cancer treatment centers of america. dr. nader explained that they can pinpoint the treatment. once we identified that there was this genetic abnormality in her tumor, we were able to place her on very specific therapy. our individualized care model gives each lung patient specific treatment options with innovative procedures that are changing the way we fight lung cancer. we have excellent technology that allow us to perform very specialized procedures for patients who have lung disease. to learn more about these targeted therapies and advanced procedures for lung cancer, as well as the experienced physicians who deliver them, go to when he showed me the cat scans, i was so amazed.
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with this treatment, she had a dramatic response. call or go to cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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welcome back. time for headlines. the wreckage of a texas army national guard helicopter that crashed yesterday has now been removed from the quarter. the two soldiers onboard were killed. a buffalo school board is voting right now on whether the cochairman of president-elect trumps should leave the board. the man who invented red solo cup. he has 84 years old. fans are atlanticing to the
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atlanta zoo to see the new pandas. >> president obama announcing retribution against russian. why president-elect donald trump says, let's just move on. third year was especially deadly for american police officers. coming um in who gave their lives. >> and the actress debbie reynolds dying one day after the death of carrie fisher. that and more to come.


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